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Laid Down the ‘Laws’

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In the late sixties, “Garage Bands” were abundant. Our community was no exception. I had great rhythm in my head but was unable to make my hands play the necessary instruments. Light shows were also a great part of the total experience. With the beat going on in my head, I was a natural in controlling all the knobs and switches that would earn me the right to be “Part of the Band”.

In almost every area of town were Recreation Centers where they would hold and sponsor a “Battle of the Bands” contests. We played many of the venues and also toured surrounding towns and local schools for dances and the like. We didn’t really have what you’d call “Groupies”, that followed you from one gig to the other, although some chicks seemed to be at most places.

One girl comes to mind right off. Her name was Robin and she would be at all the “Battle of the Bands” a contest at Maxwell Recreation Center, which we entered every time. Several bands would be set up around the gymnasium, as many as 6. The lights would go out as the bands played. Only the light show from the bands would light up the gym. With the multicolored spotlights, strobe lights, kaleidoscopes, water projectors and other special effects we had created, seemed to mesmerize Robin. I would watch her from my chair behind the lighting control console next to the stage. She would be gently swaying as if in a trance. I would watch her and try to send a telepathic pulse to make her look my way.

Robin was tall, about 5′ 8″ with a slender build. Mini skirts and halter tops were the general dress for most of the girls of the time. Robin was no exception. Her skirts were always very short. So short in fact that the bottom of her asscheeks would show with almost any and every move she made. Her halters and crop tops were the type that would tie in the back and of course no bra was worn and her breasts were very firm. Guys would try to untie her top in hopes to see those pert breasts. As those boys would try their little games, she would push them away or slap at them. Between advances she would turn her attention back to the show. I put the strobe lights on during the organ and drum duet of “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf, which we extended for more impact. I leaned back in my chair and lit a cigarette. Sending my “Hey, Look over here.” waves her way. I was hopeful this time. Then our eyes met. With a big smile and a stir between my legs, I gave her a little wave. To my surprise, she smiled and with her arm bent at the elbow and her hand next to her breast, she wiggled her fingers in what I found to be a teasing wave back.

After our “Set” was over we waited to see if we would continue in the “Battle”. The next band started and we headed outside to cool down and have a smoke. Just before going out the door, I looked back inside and Robin was talking to hot looking chick that was also at Maxwell’s contests. Robin pointed towards the door and the girl looked my way and nodded. Robin started walking across the wooden gym floor. Those long legs carried her sensual frame with fluid motion. It was as if she were gliding instead of walking. I always knew angels glided.

I went on outside with the guys, pretending not to notice her coming my way. We stopped just outside and began discussing whether or not we would be called back and if we were, what songs to play. As Robin pushed open the inner doors, I saw that she was looking right at me. Excusing myself from the other guys, I slowly walked to the corner of the building. Robin pushed the outer doors open next to the guys and her gaze searched quickly for me. I made sure she saw me, as I went around the corner of the building. I knew that if she was really looking or coming for me that it would only be a couple of seconds till we met.

I leaned against the building. It was the darker side and was perfect for our first encounter. I took a deep breath and a long drag from my Marlboro. I heard a voice, soft and low, “Hello?” I turned my head and there she was, peering around the corner. She smiled and came on around in full view. I was actually stunned by her beauty.

Robin’s hair was straight and shoulder length. Cut in a shag. Her bangs were cut straight and touched her thin eyebrows. She had big round eyes, I couldn’t tell the color, due to the darkness but her eye make up was perfect. She wore no facial make up because her face was tanned and didn’t need any. Her luscious lips were full and painted bright red and as she smiled she revealed perfect white teeth.

“Hello,” I said. “My name is Bill and may I ask your name?”

“Robin,” she responded.

“How do you like our band?” trying to make conversation.

“You guys are really boss. My sister and I dig the way you do the lights. We always come when we see that you’re on the posters.”

“Yeah I’ve seen you here several times but I didn’t think you noticed me.” I said, kind of whiney.

“I watch you all the time. I was just afraid that you wouldn’t talk to me. I figured you already had a date here.” She responded.

“I never bring a chick with me because I hope that I will make a new friend. Would you be interested in hanging out with me by the stage and on breaks?” I asked.

Robin stepped closer, put her hands on my hips, lifted her head and kissed me. Her lips were moist and slippery. Our tongues toyed with one another’s and probed in and out. Breaking off, she asked, “Did that answer your question?”

“Yeah, may I have another?” I hoped she’d say yes. She pressed her body full onto me, pushing me against the wall. I felt her firm tits against me. Our legs were between one another’s and our pelvises rubbed together. Our making out lasted several minutes. Then, face-to-face our tongues circled and flicked and licked.

I asked, “Would you like to go over to the pits, or would you want to sit in my friends car?”

With a smile, she said, “It’s a pretty warm night, why don’t we go to the pits. Besides I like playing around outside.”

With no objection on my part, I took her hand and went to find my band members to see what was happening.

Robin went to the bathroom while I talked to the guys. We made it to the next round and had about 30 minutes until we were on again. This was perfect, I thought, as I saw Robin come out of the bathroom with the dark haired chick. They talked for a minute and looked my direction. Robin and the chick walked up to me and Robin introduced me. “Bill, this is my older sister, Patsy.”

“Hi,” I said.” Robin said you all are going to the pits.” Patsy queried.

“Well, you better be nice to her and not hurt her or I’ll have to kick your ass.”

“I promise. I’ll be the perfect gentleman.” I said sincerely.

“Good, now have fun.” Patsy said, smiling as she patted Robin’s firm ass. “We will, Bill guaranteed it.” Giggling Robin took my hand and off we went. The “Pits” was a place where kids rode their bikes and some kids had dirt bikes and motorcycles. The dirt bikers shared the mounds of soft dirt with the bicyclists. The rows and mounds were like the hills of dirt or gravel that you park on at a drive-in only taller. You would have to walk to the top of the mounds in order to see into the next valley. There were outcrops of bushes along the hills except where the bike trails were. Robin and I strolled along with our arms around our waists. Deeper into the pits we walked. Stopping occasionally between mounds to get us worked up by standing close and entwining our legs, making out with no regard of our surroundings. A large brushy area, very dense, appeared and we made our way to the secluded greenery. It evidently had been visited before, because there were a couple of large pieces of fairly new cardboard lying next to the bushes. Like the cardboard I knew I’d be laying or getting laid by those bushes.

We sat down with our arms about each other. Robin’s legs were together. Her knees bent and her feet flat on the ground. The short skirt covered very little. My eyes adjusted to the darkness quickly. Her slender legs were smooth and shapely. My hand glided easily from her ankle, up over her knee, and back down the underside of her silky thighs. I gently brushed my fingers across her panties. Robin’s hidden pussy was warm and wet. There was no conversation as we proceeded to quench our lustful desires. We made out heavily and greedily groped one another. Robin stood up; I thought she was going to leave.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“The only place I am going,” she paused and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the ground. Hooking her thumbs in the waist of her panties, she slid them over her tight buttocks. Wriggling from side to side, they fell atop the skirt. “Like I was saying,” she whispered, “The only place I am going is down on you.” My heart skipped a beat as she straddled me. Her neatly trimmed pussy hovered above my cock. The pants I wore that night were custom made. Very low cut hip huggers. Tight from my crotch to my knees and then flared out to giant bell-bottoms. Being as tight as they were and also a thin material, my cock had a hard time finding the space to get ready for her hot pussy. The crotch was so tight that you could easily see my cock expanding and the ridge around the head was clearly visible. Robin didn’t wait for my cock to burst out. Her hands expertly unsnapped my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped the 4-inch zipper.

I pulled my pants down over my ass and with the freedom from its confinements; my cock grew hard, instantaneously. Robin’s smooth body lay atop me. She gently rubbed against me with her firm tits. Kissing my neck softly her lips made their way down my body and with no hesitation, slipped my rigid cock between her lips. Her mouth and throat surrounding my pulsing member made me hump her face as if I were fucking her pussy. After only a couple of minutes I was about to shoot my load into her mouth. Robin withdrew her face from my crotch and without missing a stroke she straddled me and sank her hot snatch onto my stiff shaft. Almost immediately, Robin had her first orgasm. I could feel the wetness of her pussy increase and trickle onto my balls and thighs. She quivered and let out a moan as she ground her pubic mound hard against mine.

I continued to fuck her as if we had just begun. We rolled over, me on top. My arms holding my upper body up off her. I looked down at this angels face. Robin hooked her legs up around my waist.

“Harder, harder, harder, fuck me harder, bump my pussy hard, that’s it, ooohhhh yeah!” Robin came again with more ferocity than before. I felt my balls contract as I blasted a heavy load of cum into her.

We slowly humped as we both let our orgasms surge through our bodies. Savoring every feeling and sensation. Our sweaty bodies pressed together we rolled onto our sides. My cock still inside her, we softly made out. Between wet kisses, Robin whispered, “I’ve never been with a boy who didn’t cum before I did, in fact I usually don’t get to cum at all.”

“I try to do my best.” I replied.

“Will you come over sometime?” Robin asked, smiling.

“Yeah I’d like that.” Smiling back.

We got up and dressed, watching her every moment as she watched me and went back to the Rec. Center. My band played the next set and during the trophy presentation, Robin and her sister stood next tome. The third place band received their award. I had my arm around Robin’s shoulders. Her arm was around my waist. Her other hand was holding mine against her breast.

Suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my ass, and then it moved down to my inner thigh. I looked at Robin; she was looking up at the stage. The roaming hand moved slightly up and down and gently all around my ass and up between my legs. I looked at her sister and our eyes met. The girl smiled slightly and winked at me as she puckered her lips gently together and kissed the air sending her thoughts and actions directly at me. Not knowing how to react, seeing as how I had just fucked her sister, I just smiled and hoped Robin wouldn’t notice her sister molesting my ass and crotch.

We took second place that night and with that announcement, Robin turned to me and kissed me hard. Before leaving Robin gave me her address and phone number and told me to give her a call.

A few minutes later as I was packing up the equipment her awesome sister, with the roaming hands, handed me piece of paper. Written on it was her phone number and address. She said, almost demandingly, “Call and come over anytime during the day.” She gave me a short peck on the cheek and a quick squeeze of my ass and added, “Tomorrow would be good.”

” Alright, I’ll call about noon.” I said.

“That’ll be perfect.” Responding quickly.

She disappeared out the door. Tomorrow wouldn’t come quick enough for me.

After tossing and turning most of the night, the sun finally pierced the darkness. I watched the clock and tried to keep busy to help make the time pass a little quicker. Nothing seemed to help, 7, 8, 9 O’clock came and went. I was going to wait until 11 O’clock to make my call, but anticipation and expectations of what may occur overwhelmed me. I picked up the phone, glanced at the kitchen clock and started to dial the number that was scribbled on the crumpled paper. It was only 10 O’clock. Was I too early? Should I hang up? What am I going to say? My mind was racing. Suddenly the phone was answered. A sultry voice, sounding as if I had wakened her, greeted me.

“Hello?” the voice asked.

“Uh hi.” I stammered.

“Who is this?” The girl asked, sounding a little more awake now.

“This is Bill. I met you at Maxwell last night. I’m with the band. You know, I run the light show?” Trying to give her all the info I could. I wasn’t sure to whom I was speaking to. It could have been Robin, her sister or even their mother, for all I knew. The voice perked up and said, “Hi, I’m glad you called. Will you be able to come over?” I didn’t hesitate, “Yeah, what time is good for you?”

“Ummmm let me think. You did catch me in bed and I’m just waking up. So how about noonish?” She asked.

“I’ll be there.” I responded, not even knowing whom I was actually making a date with.

“I can hardly wait.” She sounded excited.

“Ok, I’ll be there around twelve.” I promised. The voice said “Bye” and the phone clicked to a dial tone. My heart was pounding as I put the receiver down in its cradle. YES! I exclaimed inside. I jumped into the shower and was ready to go in no time. Looking at the slip of crumpled paper, I studied the address and realized that they lived only 5 blocks away.

The clock on the wall chimed once telling me it was 11:30 am and I headed out.

I rode that five blocks on my bike in record time. I dumped my bike in the yard and hurried onto the porch. I was early and I hoped it wasn’t too early. A quick check of my appearance and I knocked on the door. There was no answer for a few minutes. At the same instant that I was about to knock again, the door swung open. Expecting to see the girl’s mother, I was pleasantly surprised to see Patsy.

“Hi, remember me?” I asked. Pushing open the screen door, Patsy stepped out with one foot on the porch and the other just inside. Her arm outstretched to hold the screen for me. The dark hair that framed her smooth, non-blemished face was shiny and flowed like silk. She was wearing some type of a robe. It was actually more like a smoking jacket. The jacket was short and I could see the satin smooth, tanned legs. The hem started at the intersection of her upper thighs and the beginning of her slightly revealed firm and golden buttocks. The short jacket was being held closed only by a rope like belt and it was not tied very tightly. In fact it was so loosely tied that it almost wasn’t tied at all. With her arm extended holding the door, as it was, made the jacket open at her shoulders. My eyes followed the opening down. Looking at the creamy skin and stopped at her bronze tanned breasts. The “V” shape of the lapels on the jacket was opened and the edges ran just on the edge of the darker circle around her nipples. I couldn’t stop the tingling that was developing in my pants. There was no telling home much time had passed or even how long I stared at her body. I heard Patsy’s voice, “Bill, why don’t you come on in.”

Taking my eyes away from her tits, I quickly scanned her exposed front again. Patsy’s tan was golden and perfect. Her very smooth and supple skin seemed to invite me to touch and caress it. The next thing I knew Patsy grasped the top of my hip huggers at the belt buckle and more or less pulled me inside, closing the door behind us. The living room was fairly dark. Patsy had the draperies closed most of the way. Allowing only a sliver of light to cut through the darkness. The house was very quiet. Patsy crossed in front of me. Turning on a lamp on the table next to the sofa. With the added light I was once again was able to admire her very hot body.

“Can I get you anything?” she asked.

“Anything?” I taunted as I sat down near the center of the sofa.

“Well, yes at least anything that I am able to give you.” Patsy answered.

“Hmm, let me see, I really like that jacket you are wearing. Do you think it would fit me?” I asked.

Without saying a word, Patsy stepped in right front of me. Her legs were slightly apart. She placed her feet on either side of mine.

“I don’t know.” She whispered as she slowly untied the loose-knotted belt. Patsy rolled her shoulders back as she opened the jacket allowing the garment to slide gently over them. Holding her arms straight down and slightly behind her, the jacket slid down and landed in a heap behind her.

Leaning forward and reaching for the jacket, I placed one hand on the side of her tender thigh. Immediately goose bumps appeared and covered her naked leg. My other hand reached down and behind her for the jacket, which put my face right at hip level. I could hardly believe this was happening. After all, I did fuck her sister Robin the night before. Never the less, here I was, my face 2 inches from Patsy’s neatly trimmed snatch. Instead of picking up the jacket, I started at Patsy’s ankle and lightly began to run my fingertips up her leg. Her legs were firm and extremely smooth. Gently stroking Patsy’s calves and my hands making their way upwards behind her knees. I traced the small triangular shape of her short, neatly cropped pubic area with my tongue. The scent of her womanhood combined with the suntan oil excited me. I caressed the back of her thighs. Patsy began slowly thrusting her hips back and forth as I grasped her tight ass with both hands. Spreading her legs further apart allowing me to put my tongue right at the opening of her now moist pussy.

“Lick me, lick my slit!” she moaned.

I pulled her snatch into my face and ran my tongue between her pussy lips. With my nose buried in her trimmed bush and my tongue licking between her legs and then circling her clit. I slowly slid my tongue between her now open pussy. Getting as much of her cunt juices as I could.

“I want to fuck you with my tongue.” I muttered from between her legs. As if we had been together many times before. We changed positions without say a word. Lying down on my back, resting my head on the arm of the couch. I watched Patsy as she straddled my head. With one foot on the floor and her knee on the arm of the sofa, next to my head she slowly lowered her snatch closer to my face. The pussy before me was probably the hottest and best-looking pussy I had ever seen. Where as I don’t turn down many chicks that want me to eat them out. Some pussies don’t look too appetizing but Patsy’s was the exception. It was the most appealing I had seen to this date. I could hardly wait for her to plant that cunt directly onto my face. I took my eyes away from her approaching vagina and looked up her smooth flat stomach and saw her rubbing and pinching her nipples. Our eyes met and she licked her lips and smiled.

“Are you ready to have me for a snack?” she asked in a hoarse whisper.

“I don’t want just a snack. I want to have a full course meal and dessert.” Replying from between her thighs.

“Oooo good, well here comes the first course.” She moaned. Even before her glistening cunt reach my lips, I felt the heat emanating from her crotch. I stuck my tongue out to meet her wet and hot pussy as it descended upon my mouth. With probing licks, I tongued her slit, opening her lips and making deep long strokes up and down. Patsy began telling me how she wanted me to eat her and I followed her instructions to the letter, every lick and suck. Moving back and forth and up and down, she humped my face. Her pussy soaking my chin, cheeks and pouring her juices into my mouth. Patsy’s pussy was delicious. With every movement she became wetter and wetter. Patsy’s moaning began to get louder and soon she reached down grasping my head with both hands. She pulled my face hard into her sopping pussy. I sucked and licked her and bit down on her clit, flicking the stiff bud with the tip of my tongue.

“Drink my juice. Ohhh yeahhh, Do me, Yes, Yes, YES, I’m gonna cum all over your face!” she said loudly. Without responding, as if I could with a mouthful and a face full of her horny cunt. I worked even harder and faster on making her reach the impending climax. Patsy’s whole body was wet and glistening with sweat. Looking up at her, she had her head thrown back, mouth open licking her lips as though she herself was eating her pussy. Wriggling about wildly, a bead of sweat formed between her tits and as it traveled down it collected others as it ran down her slick body. I ran my hands up her back and then to her tits, pressing them together and pinching her nipples.

“EAT ME, YES, Bite my clit you nasty fucker.” She yelled. I obliged her and at that instant the flood of her orgasm soaked my nose, cheeks and chin. Gulping and lapping as fast as I could, I drank as much as she let loose. As soon as the flow slowed, Patsy relaxed a little but held her position on my face. Continuing to lick her gently, I circled her clit and nibbled on it. Within just a minute or two she had another climax. Not as large as the last but still a satisfying one none the less. Figuring that was my desert I lapped and sucked the remaining juices from her as she slowly humped my super soaked face.

Patsy lifted herself from me and knelt down beside the sofa. I groaned and licked my lips,” You taste so good, I could stay between your thighs all day.”

“MMmm, you ate my pussy like no one ever has and I would let you live between my legs if it were possible.” She said with a big smile. Patsy gently ran her tongue up my neck, which was still wet with her cunt juices and licked all around my lips before plunging her slippery tongue deep into my mouth. We moaned together as we made out. Our kiss broke off and Patsy said, “Robin should be home at anytime, so I better clean us up and get dressed before she gets here.” Patsy must have anticipated or planned our encounter because a damp towel appeared from beside the couch and she gently wiped my face and neck, then rocked back on her heels and wiped the inside of her thighs and then her beautiful pussy. I will never forget that sight. I sat up on the sofa and lit a cigarette as she stood up.

“You have a very hot body.” I told her. She bent over at the waist placing her hands on her knees. Pressing her tits together with her arms she looked at me and said, “Well, you can have it at anytime and at anyplace you want. Just say when and where and I’ll be there naked and ready for you to do me again and again.” She turned and wiggled her bare ass at me and disappeared down the hall and into a room.

Not a minute later the living room was flooded with light. I quickly looked towards the front door. A familiar voice came from the silhouette that was framed in the bright daytime light. It was Robin. “Well hello Bill.” She said as if she was glad to see me. “Hi.” I replied. “You told me to come see you. So I called and Patsy told me to come over. I hope you wanted me to.

“How long have you been here?” Robin asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, probably 30 to 45 minutes.” I responded as I shifted on the sofa and gazed at the tall slender and sexy beauty before me.

“Is Patsy here?” Robin asked as she sat down beside me. With her thigh touching mine I answered pointing down the hall, “Yes, she’s back there somewhere.”

Being a hot and humid midsummers day, Robin’s moist skin glistened in the bright light. Her perfume mingled perfectly with the slight scent of perspiration. I was becoming more aroused by the minute. Robin took my hand and placed it on her tight young thigh. We gazed into one another’s eyes. She had big beautiful greenish blue eyes accented by light blue eye shadow and long eyelashes, enhanced by mascara. She smiled and asked, “Did Patsy keep you entertained while you waited for me to get home?” Cautiously I answered,” Yes, she knows how to, uh, make a person feel right at home.”

“Let’s get comfortable.” Robin suggested. I agreed, as we shuffled on the couch and lay down on our sides facing each other. Snuggling closer, we pressed our bodies together. Beginning with little light kisses our lust took over. Robin was scantily clad due to the hot day. A halter-top that tied in back, a pair of blue jean cut offs that was missing the top button. They were so short that they exposed the area where her ass cheeks and legs meet. Only a small section of material connected the front with the back between her legs. I was lying on the inside and Robin nearest the edge of the sofa. Robin was getting hotter by the second. My tongue made its way from her succulent lips and mouth to her petite ear. Circling around, my wet, probing tongue must have hit the right spot. As I licked from her ear lobed to the backside of her ear and the soft skin where the ear and head meet, Robin squirmed and moaned. The horny girl in my arms raised her leg and slid her hand down my back. Without pausing her slender fingers slid past the belt line of my pants and grasped my buttocks. With a squeeze she pulled my hips and now bulging crotch into hers. My cock was rock hard and pressed solidly against her pubic mound. We slowly humped and ground ourselves together. I reached back and untied the strings holding her halter on. Pushing it up in front setting her breasts free. Robin lifted my t-shirt up and over my head. Our bare skin felt so good together. I could feel her nipples against mine. Looking past her, I caught a glimpse of a figure in the hallway.

Of course I knew who was there. My mind didn’t wander far from the way Robin was making me feel, but I couldn’t help but think of my recent encounter with Patsy.

My cock stiffened so hard it almost was painful as Robin pressed herself harder against me. We kissed passionately. I felt my pants being unfastened. The zipper going down and were being pulled down past my hips and my stiff cock. My couch partner began moaning loudly as my now exposed cock touched her bare stomach. Between heavy kissing and slurping tongue wrestling she whispered, “Oh yes, I want you, now.” I felt some activity going on between our bodies. It was the same as I felt when my pants were being stripped off me. Robin’s shorts were being pulled down over her smooth hips and silky thighs and ass. I opened my eyes and found that the person was her own nasty sister. Robin dug her nails into my back as she helped Patsy by kicking her shorts off her foot. My rigid shafts grinding against Robin’s neatly trimmed pussy mound our lust intensified. I looked over Robin’s shoulder and saw Patsy sitting on the floor in front of the sofa.

She hadn’t gotten dressed as she said she was going to. Dressed only in a mans long-sleeved dress shirt. Unbuttoned all the way down and open enough to show most of her luscious tits. Her nipples were hard and made the shirt protrude outward. Patsy was watching us intently, her lips parted and her tongue circling around her soft lips. Our eyes met and with a smile the scantily clad vixen mouthed silently, “Do her.” I smiled and flicked my tongue in and around Robin’s ear while staring into her sisters’ eyes. Nodding slightly Patsy again mouthed, “Do her.” I winked at her as I felt Robin’s fingernails begin to slowly stroke my buttocks and thigh. Still watching Patsy, Robin and I continued to grind our pelvises. Patsy got up on her knees and was now running her fingernails on both her naked sister and me. Robin’s reaction to her sisters caressing made her gyrate her hips and hump my cock harder. I glanced down to watch Patsy. Scratching and feeling Robin’s satiny skin from her knees up her muscular thighs and slowly over her tight ass.

Not stopping there she continued up her side following every curve and as her nails crossed the side of Robin’s breast, Robin moaned and rolled slightly back, allowing her nipple to have better access to the roving fingernails of Patsy. At the same time Patsy was stroking my thighs and ass with her other hand. She leaned forward and our lips met. We exchanged tongues just above Robin’s neck and the side of her head. Our noisy tonguing prompted Robin to turn her head to see Patsy and me making out heavily. With our mouths apart and our tongue dancing in mid air. With an approving moan Robin joined in the tongue wrestling. Still running her hand up and down the side of her delicious sister, Patsy reached between my thighs and wrapped her fingers around my cock. I backed my hips away from Robin’s allowing Patsy to put my pulsing pole against the wet pussy between her sisters’ legs. Now with my cock being pressed onto the steamy cunt by Patsy made Robin work her hips so that she could get the full length of my dick sliding on her pussy. Hot juices covered my member and Patsy’s fingers. Which she would let go of my cock just long enough to put her wet fingers up to our three way kiss. We all eagerly licked and sucked the pussy juice covered fingers. She would then go for more to treat all of us again and again. On one trip down to collect the sweet nectar from between our legs, Patsy guided the head of my cock into her sisters dripping cunt. Still with her fingers around my cock she pushed it in further and further, letting go just long enough for me to bury my length into Robin. Making her gasp and moan, as she would grind her clit hard against my pubic bone. Patsy cupped my balls while Robin’s pussy clamped itself around my buried cock. Patsy whispered to Robin, “Come on sis, cum all over his fucking cock. I want to see your cunt sauces cover his balls.”

Robin pressed her hips harder against me, then she withdrew a couple of inches and banged back hard. She kept on backing off and slamming hard as her sister rubbed my pussy soaked cock on the outstroke and caressed my buttocks and my balls. Smearing Robin’s pussy juices onto all of us. She would rub some on her own tits, making them glisten in the light. Our fucking heated up with the encouragement from Patsy.

“Give it to us Robin. We want you to soak us with your pussy juice.” I agreed saying, “Oh yeah, give it to us. Fuck me with that tight pussy. It feels so fucking good being deep in your fucking wet cunt.”

“Come on you nasty fucking slut. CUM NOW! Cum all over that raging hot cock of Bill’s. You know you love his cock. You said last night that you were going to take all he’s got, and make him cum hard in you. You know you’re a Nympho, so come on you fucking cunt. Cum for us, now.” Patsy coached.

“Oh God, here it comes. Get ready, get ready.” Robin screamed. “Oh fuck, I love your fucking cock Oh yes, yes, yes.” Robin came with a loud piercing scream and she began to shudder. Grabbing and holding me tight her pussy released. Her cum was hot as it flowed out over my cock and soaked my balls and ran over my ass. I felt it trickle down my ass. Our thrusts slowed, she ground her sopping pussy against me. My own climax was about to explode into her. When I suddenly felt fingers probing between my thighs and Robin’s pussy. Hot breath brushed my tightening balls. A very talented tongue licked the sweet juices from my thighs and balls. Making my cum begin to rush its way up my shaft. I tried to hold it in for a second or two so that it would really squirt out hard and fast. The first blast went into Robin’s hot pussy and in a split second Robin’s dripping pussy slid off my ejaculating cock and hovered just above the exploding head. A hand grasped the pulsing cockmeat and held it pointing straight up, directly at the cunt above it. Cum continued to spew from my cock, but now there was someone intercepting the hot cum. Patsy was catching my load with her tongue and between swallows she as well as Robin and I watched the sticky, hot cum hit the open and dripping cunt. Patsy slid her head between the cum catching pussy lips and began to lap my cum and Robin’s cunt cum from the steamy box. Patsy told us to lie on the floor, so we did. We lay side by side as Patsy licked us both clean.

There was no denying that Robin and Patsy had explored and enjoyed each other’s fine attributes as they were growing up. I felt very fortunate to be chosen (so to speak) to add to their fun and sexual excitement and not to mention my own new chapter in my dairy of lust and sexual fulfillments. We all stood up in the middle of the room naked. We engaged in a three-way make out while our legs entwined and pressing our bodies as tightly together as we could. Tits against sweaty tits with all nipples erect and rubbing together. My cock got its second wind and was now sticking between their luscious bodies. The two pussies bumping together and my cock just below. The grinding action brought us all to a quick orgasm. With all genitals letting go and cumming, we hugged tightly and felt the flow of combined juices drip and trickle down our thighs and legs. Still in the three-way tongue kiss we slowed to a grinding stop. We all reached down between each others dripping crotches and with our juices mingled and cum covered fingers we giggled and licked one another’s fingers.

The afternoon had been a long and it was now time to go. Robin and Patsy dressed me taking time to play and fondle themselves and me in the process. Escorted me to the door. Still completely naked they put their arms around each other. Their gorgeous bodies pressed together. They reached out for me and pulled me into them. We all kissed again with exploring tongues. Patsy whispered, “Well, Robin, I think you made a good choice for a boyfriend.”

“Yes,” Robin agreed, “And I bet he will let me or you or we fuck and suck each other again and again.”

“I’d love that. How about you Bill?” Patsy asked, looking at me like she was ready to go again right then. I believe they would have too.

“Damn right. All you have to do is call me. And the same goes for them too. All they had to do was call. And they did and I did too.

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