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Krystal’s Family Values

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Hello. This may sound strange, maybe even a bit false but I swear it’s true, I am carrying a lot of guilt. Every so often it plays on my mind. So, through you, the readers, I intend to unburden myself. You see, for years, well more or less since my divorce, well lets put it this way, over the past four years I’ve become steadily attracted to my son-in-law, Graham. Culminating with us fucking. It started out as one of my teases, but things went a lot further than I originally intended. All the teasing and flirting came to a head a year ago.

After my husband and I sadly divorced, and it was sad. It was nothing nasty or violent that caused the rift between us. He just grew old. Meaning that after the exciting marriage we’d had, as in a practically open one, he wanted to settle down and live a life of normality. It wasn’t for me and after quietly talking and lots of crying from us both, it was decided to separate and if we were happy with that to go on and divorce. It upset our two children more than us. Well I suppose it always does. Although they were adults at the time, you’d of thought we’d done something so unforgiving we both should have been hung.

Anyway enough about that side of things. It’s suffice to say that we parted as friends and for a while were occasional lovers. That ended too on mutual agreement as he’d become close with someone who he considered special in his life and I didn’t want to stand in his way. As for me, I carried on, on my own and created a life of which I’m really happy in and content.

So, where was I. After the divorce and my husband moved out, things were a little difficult at first. Not only the manly things that needed doing around the house, but general things that normally happen among family. Years later I sat my daughter Sandy and son Paul down, only to find that they’d found their loyalties divided. I must confess to being angry with them both. After all, they were both adults. Sandy was 36 and Paul 33. They behaved like children. Still, we’re good now and I suppose that’s all that matters.

It was during this difficult period that Graham used to come around and see if I was ok. Sandy and Graham had been married for 17 years. Sandy had been a young bride but had married with our love and consent. Graham was and is still a very handsome man. Wealthy in his own right and has always and still does, take good care of my daughter and their son.

Graham was 37 at this time, I, of course was 58 and although I thought that he was a very handsome man, I’d never had thought about him in any way that could be deemed as sexual. I’d never flirted or been in any state of undress in his presence. As the weeks wore on though, things began to change between us. Slowly, my thoughts of Graham became confused. I began to look forward to his visits and was disappointed when he didn’t arrive. I was even disappointed when he did come, but brought my grandson Phillip.

I found myself thinking about him in ways that I never had before. The fact that he was handsome and rugged had never come into the equation before. He was my daughter’s husband and that was that. The thing was though. I rarely saw her. She would never accompany him. Always sending him with some excuse. I felt sorry for him. It wasn’t his fault his wife was acting childish. It’s because of this that I personally started feeling closer to him and although we’ve never spoken about it, I believe he felt it too.

I must admit, here and now, I think I was the first one to make a sexual innuendo to him. Although very subtly. When I wasn’t rebuffed it was like a green light to carry on. It was like a red rag to a bull. I kept them subtle and it wasn’t too long before he was making them back.

The sexual tension in the house when he was there was incredible. We were always touching each other for no reason. My fingers would linger for longer than they needed to on his arm. He was at first a bit nervous around me but he never once pulled away.

As the months wore on I’d wear more provocative clothes. Nothing too revealing, just enough to let him catch a glimpse of cleavage, a peek at my stocking tops or naked thigh and even a shot at my knickers if the feeling took him. If I was feeling particularly brazen, I wouldn’t wear any or maybe even a thong. At this time of the game, I wasn’t to sure of myself as far as Graham was concerned. He might of just been humouring an old lady.

I became sure when he turned up on his own one evening and I hadn’t long had a shower. I was sat in my kitchen with a towel around my head and in my fairly short, black bathrobe. I was actually getting ready to go out. I had my make-up spread out before me and I was applying my nail varnish when he walked in.

“Evening Krystal. How are you today?” he said. I was a little disappointed when his eyes stayed firmly on my face.

“Hi Graham. I’m good thank you. On your own again I see. What’s wrong with her this time? No don’t answer that love. I hate the fact that she makes you lie to me. I wish she’d grow up. She hasn’t been a child for a long time.”

Graham looked at me and then at the floor. I had never mentioned the turmoil that was going on between my daughter and myself before and I think it left him confused. He wanted, I believe, to be his true self. To stay loyal to his wife, but also he knew what she was doing was hurtful and was upsetting to myself and his son. I felt for him. I stood up and walked towards him as I said,

“It’s alright honey. It’s not your fault. She’s always been stubborn, but she’ll come round in the end.”

I took him into my arms and waited for him to speak. It wasn’t forth coming, so I released him and went back to my stool and carried on with my nails.

“There’s water in the kettle love, help yourself.”

“Thanks Krystal, I could do with one. You on your way out?”

I went on to tell him my plans. It wasn’t any secret, I didn’t even have a date as such. I told him about meeting Sally later and we were going for a meal after I’d popped in work and surprised the shift that was on. I’d had a report from a secret source that things weren’t as they should be with this shift and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. As I went on to what was supposed to be going on in my home, I was doing my mascara and I happened to glimpse Graham in the mirror transfixed on my legs. There I had him. I’d finally caught him. He was stood to the side of me had had a perfect view of my crossed legs up to mid-thigh. I resisted all temptation to pull my robe up higher, but I felt a warm tingle all over knowing that he was watching me. As you know by now, I love this part as much as sex.

“So what about you love, any plans for you tonight?” I asked and he finally took his eyes of my legs.

“No, not really. I’m supposed to be meeting Frank in “Collins Bar” in the high street but I don’t think I’ll bother.

I looked up at him quickly and again I caught him, but this time he wasn’t on my legs, he was staring at my cleavage. But something else struck me then from this one statement. He’d obviously lied to Sally. I think she didn’t know he was here. She, I believed, actually thought he was down the pub, but he had come here to see me. This was very interesting. I wasn’t being naïve when I thought this. After all, he’s my son-in-law, I really didn’t want him running back to Sally saying that I’d tried to seduce him. I didn’t think that was the case, but better to be safe then sorry.

Grahams voice brought me out of my pondering, “If your going to be drinking tonight, would you like me to ferry you around until you meet up with Sally? I don’t mind. It’ll just mean that you’ll have to get a taxi home from the restaurant.”

I looked up into his eyes as I thought about his offer. I knew that the game had taken another step forward. If I accepted his offer the game will have taken another couple as well. I didn’t give it much thought before I responded with, “Thank you love. That would be terrific. I was going to get taxi’s but this would be wonderful. I’m going to be a little while yet though, are you sure your alright waiting? It takes a little time to transform this old bird.”

“Oh come on Krystal, your hardly old. You a very beautiful mature woman.” he commented. I lapped it up. It wasn’t that I wasn’t used to compliments, I am. It was more of a case of another clue to his feelings.

“Why thank you Graham, that’s very sweet of you. I hope Sandy knows how lucky she is.”

Before he could answer I made to stand up telling him I had to dry my hair and get some clothes on. I had the distinct feeling that he was disappointed. Smiling to myself I headed for my bedroom. I quickly blow dried my hair and went to the wardrobe, pulling out some more clothes. I’d already set my clothes out for the evening on the bed. But having Graham chauffeuring me around had brought out the friskiness in me and I wanted so badly to send him home with a big hard-on. Trouble was I couldn’t decide what to wear. I didn’t want to appear like a slut, but I wanted him to notice me and enjoy what he saw. I opted for the modelling mode. I’d try on a few outfits and let him give his comments and of course, I could gauge his reactions to each one.

I called out to him and asked if he would mind helping me choose an outfit for the night. He called back “sure”, so I explained what I was going to do, also telling him how grateful I was, it had been my husbands job to tell me if what I was wearing was appropriate. In actual fact he had no idea. As long as he could see legs and tits then I was dress to suit. Well, that’s how he used to be. As I said things changed.

I had an assortment of clothes laid out on my bed. I started quite tame and chose a knee length pencil skirt with a white blouse, with of course the customary heels. I felt I looked quite fetching, although I knew I could look a lot better. I called out that I was on my way and walked back down the stairs into the kitchen.

“Well, what do you think?” I said as I spun round giving him a good look at my arse.

“Errr……….yeah…. Nnnnnnot bad.” he stammered. I gave him a big toothy grin and headed back to the bedroom.” Lets see what he thinks of this outfit” I thought as I picked up a black halter top and a black skirt that was mere inches away from being classed as a mini-skirt. I was changed so quickly I surprised myself. Looking at myself in the full length mirror, I was sure I knew how he was going to react. To help matters along, I pulled and teased my already turned on nipples until you couldn’t help but notice them poking through my top. In time to come, I’d would wear some sheer stockings with this skirt, so that when I bent over slightly or crossed my legs he’d be able to see the tops. But that was too much for now.

I slowly walked down the stairs, trying to build as much anticipation as I could. I’m sure just the sound of my heels clicking on the wooden flooring was enough to stir his loins. I walked into the kitchen and I heard a faint gasp.

“Well, what do you think of this one?.”

“God Krystal……………. You look absolutely stunning.” he responded.

I turned around and watched his reflection in the glass cabinet across the room.

“Are you sure this looks alright Graham? Your not just saying that because your getting bored are you?” I asked him as I ran my hand up the back of my thigh, ever so slightly pulling my hem up further up, nearly exposing my bum cheek.

Still facing the cabinet, I watched fascinated as I saw what I’d been waiting for. He quickly reached down in his jeans and adjusted himself. Good. Without knowing it, he’d chosen what I was going to wear. I was so pleased, because I knew that when I sat down in the car he would be able to see all my legs and a great amount of my tits.

“That’s it then love. I’ll wear this. I’ll just go to the loo and grab my coat and I’m ready. Tell you what, why don’t you go and warm the car up and I’ll lock up? I wont be a minute.” I turned and walk away as he said that he’d see me in a minute. I could feel his eyes watching and mentally undressing me as I headed for the toilet. I had no need to pee, but I really did need to wipe my pussy juices away. My flimsy knickers were saturated. This was so exciting. There’s nothing better for a woman then turning men on.

Minutes later I stepped out the door and saw Graham dutifully sat in his car watching my every move. I hadn’t put my coat on. I had no intention of doing so. Not until I got to the home. Even then I would take it off as I got back into the car.

Graham, as expected, got out of the car to open the door. He took my coat and held my elbow as I got in. Of course I made out to struggle a little and in the process give him a good long look at my inner upper thigh. I think he got his first glimpse of my wet knickers then.

He must of thought that as he walked around the back of the car and it being dark, I wouldn’t see him pulling his hard cock around. But I’m not daft and I swung my head round and watched his every movement. As he got into the car, his cock was so hard he couldn’t hide it no matter what he did. By the time he’d got in, I’d made some slight adjustment to my attire. My hem was slightly higher than it should have been and I’d manage to pull my neckline down and push my large breasts up. I might as well of been naked. It’s suffice to say that this caused quite a stir in Graham’s behaviour. It’s really hard for a man to drive when he’s got, 1, someone sat beside him, half naked and appears to be flaunting herself at him, and 2, he’s also trying to cover up a full raging hard-on without being seen.

Anyway, I’ve gone on a bit longer than I intended about how things got started between Graham and I. the only thing left to say was after the visit to the retirement home I got back into the car and carried on with my relentless teasing as he drove to meet Sally. By the time I arrived I’d made myself so horny I just had to get laid tonight. It had been on the tip of my tongue to make it more than obvious that I wouldn’t turn him down if he fancied a good fuck session, but I suppose I wasn’t still 100% about what was going on. I made do with leaning over and placing my hand right next to his throbbing cock and kissing him goodbye and thank you.

I, of course told Sally when I met up with her about my evening. Her opinion was that if he turned up again tomorrow, then had no qualms about me being his mother-in-law and he’d obviously enjoyed what had gone on. I had had to agree.

Two hours later, after a meal where the talk centered around what ways to tease Graham, we’d made ourselves so horny that we caught a taxi back to my house and Sally and I saw to ourselves and each other with my assortment of dildo’s and my nice long strap-on.

Graham turned up again the next night as we’d both been pretty certain he would. From then on, he would come at least 3 times a week. I would always make sure I was in a state of undress. I looked forward to his coming round and letting him go back home with his customary hard cock.

Things changed as I said about a year ago. I’d asked him, through Sandy, if he could come round on Sunday and help me do some stuff in the garden. I actually asked them all to come, but as per norm, Sandy had something else for her and Phillip to do and it was too late to change their plans, but she kindly gave me the use of Grahams muscles and duly dropped him off at 11 that Sunday morning. Sandy said she’d be back a few hours later to give him a ride if he’d finished, if not he’d have to find his own way home.

He stepped into my home and as he passed me his arm brushed my boob and sent shivers all through me. I don’t know how or why it was happening to me. It wasn’t as if I didn’t lead a very full and satisfying sex life. I was in no way frustrated or unfulfilled in any way. Maybe it was the taboo of the subject. Yes, he was and still is a cock on legs and yes, I’m always cock hungry, but he’s still my son-in-law. I tried to rationalise it by saying that we weren’t doing anything wrong. Nothing had actually happened. It had in fact never been mentioned. Nothing had ever been said. He turn up, I tease him the whole time he was there and then he’d go home. Once or twice he didn’t make it home before he had had to relieve himself in my bathroom. In case your wondering how I know this, I listened at the door. I know perfectly well the sound of men wanking. He had also long passed the stage of where he tried to cover his hard-on up.

I made him a cup of coffee and went upstairs to change into some gardening clothes. I wore one of my ex-husbands lumberjack shirts, tied at the waist, braless with a few buttons undone. The tightest shorts I could find. The only thing I was upset about was that I couldn’t wear heels. We really did have work to do so I made do with an old pair of trainers. Making sure my shorts were pulled right into my crack I went back downstairs giving him plenty of time to look at my arse as I stirred my own coffee.

I sat next to him at the breakfast bar and we discussed what we had to do today. I could never get used to the way his eyes would undress me. It was a strange look. Nothing lecherous or depraved. It made you feel kind of special.

We set to in the back garden and we achieved a lot. Although it felt like most of the time was spent watching each others bodies. Three hours later I called a halt. It was now 3 o’clock and the sun was starting to get uncomfortable. We went inside and I got us both a beer. I don’t mind telling you, as I watched him gulp his drink down in one swallow I stared at his throbbing cock and I decided then and there I wanted it in my mouth today. I wanted to feel that cock in my throat. As he brought the bottle down I suggested we had a quick shower. He could use the one in the bathroom, I had my en-suite to use. He followed me up the stairs, very closely and I felt him watch me as I entered my room. I neglected to fully shut my door, giving him the opportunity to peek in if he wanted and by now I was sure about what he wanted.

In seconds I realised I hadn’t heard the bathroom door close, so slightly moving my head towards the door I was able to see him in my peripheral vision. He was watching me, as I thought he would, through the crack in the door. I removed my shirt and enjoyed the thought of him watching as I massaged them both in my hands giving my already erect nipples a good pinch. I then stood up and bending so my bum was in his direction, pulled my tight shorts down. I heard a faint grunt as he realised I’d had no knickers or thong on. I ran both my hands over my bum letting my long nailed fingers run into my arse crack and went for my shower.

Whist showering I tried to plan how this was going to happen. I couldn’t. For once I didn’t know how to. I didn’t feel unsure of myself, more like uncertain, if there is such a difference. I stepped out of the shower and after towelling myself off and making myself respectable, by that I mean make-up, I put on a short robe and heeled slippers and made my way downstairs. As I came down the stairs, I could hear the kettle on and cups being moved about. When I reached the kitchen, there was Graham, shirtless with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He was such a manly sight. My pussy throbbed at the sight of him. I needed him badly.

“Sit down Krystal. I’ll make the coffee.”

“That would be lovely dear.”

I sat at the breakfast bar making sure my robe only covered the vital parts. For the amount I was revealing I could have been naked. He turned around to bring the coffees over and stopped dead in his tracks. He let his eyes roam all over my body as he did I watched the growing cock lying beneath his towel. By the time our eyes met, he was fully erect and his towel was poking out obscenely in front of him.

I stood up and walked towards him. No words were said or needed. I pulled his towel away and had my first look at his uncircumcised dick. It was about 9″ long and very fat. Pre-cum was oozing out his helmet and made my mouth water. I love to suck cock and I was certainly going to enjoy sucking this one. All thoughts of Sandy had long since gone and therefore I had no guilt.

I grasped his thick tool in my right and ran my left hand through the damp hair on his chest. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed, his bottom lip was clenched between his teeth and his breathing had become ragged.

I sank to my knees so his dribbling cock was face level and gently rubbed his wet helmet wit my finger. As I pulled it away strands of cum hung between us and I quickly lapped it up. I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently pulling me towards him. His cock touched my lips and I parted them to allow my man hungry tongue to swirl around him. I couldn’t keep that up for long. It felt like all the teasing that had gone on before had finally culminated in this. I sunk my mouth over his cock and sucked fiercely. I truly wanted to suck the cum from him. My left hand cradled his heavy balls, whilst I gently sunk my long nails into his bum, all the time sucking his seed from his body.

He started to thrust into my face and I could feel him in the back of my throat. Soon after that, I felt his balls shift and tighten and he grabbed my head in both hands and seconds later a torrent of cum blasted into my mouth making me gag. I managed to swallow it ready for the next blast. So much cum shot into me. He must of been saving it up.

Releasing me from his grasp, he held on to the worktop trying to remain upright. I carried on making love to his still hard cock. This surprised me. It didn’t even go to semi-soft. I felt him pulling me to stand up. As I did, he pulled my robe from my shoulders and looked at my bare boobs for the first time.

“Oh fuck Krystal. For years I’ve thought of these tits. So fucking big….. I was beginning to think you were just a cock teaser.”

“Oh honey……. I am…. Sometimes though I do give in.. especially when they’ve stuck it out as long as you have….. Are you going to fuck me with this fat cock?”

I was still riveted by his pulsating cock in my hand. I just wanted it inside me stretching my cunt walls and fucking the life out of me. He had other ideas though and proceeded to make love with my tits with his mouth. That’s the only way I can describe it. My breasts were covered with his saliva and after he’d finished sucking on my nipples, they were sticking out like stop buttons.

“Come on love…. I need that fat cock in me….. NOW!!!!” I yelled at him. My juices were now and had been ever since I started sucking him off, running down my legs. I needed to be fucked and fucked hard.

I pulled him behind me as I rushed to the front room. I was desperate. I didn’t care how it made me look. I just had to have this cock in me. I didn’t even care which one. I’d teased this cock for years and had been patient. I hadn’t actually intended fucking Graham when this first started, but things change and I couldn’t think of anything else now.

In the lounge, Graham tried to take control. Too late for that, I was getting what I wanted no matter what happened now. I went to lay down on the rug I have in the middle of the room, but Graham told me to turn over.

“You’ve been teasing me for fucking years with your short skirts and flashing your bum in my face, not forgetting those huge tits of yours…. Now I’m gonna fuck you so fucking hard.”

I was mildly shocked at his language. I’m no prude as you’ve probably guessed by now, but in all the time I’d known Graham, I’d never heard him swear. Not even mildly. But what a turn-on. I just love a man who talks dirty whist he’s fucking me. Dirtier the better.

I felt the nudge of his cock as it spread my wet cunt lips apart. I was so ready for him, I seemed to open up on my own. I’m not sure if he was being gentle or just taking his time for his own gratification, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to let it stay that way. I needed a good fucking and I needed it now. On top of that, both our ears were in tune with our surroundings. We were both aware that Sandy would be arriving at any time to pick him up.

Graham cock was now fully imbedded and I pushed my bum into him trying to get more. I was behaving like wanton slut and acting like I hadn’t had a cock in years.

“That’s it baby…….. Fuck my pussy….. Pump me with that rock hard cock.” I groaned into the rug my face was buried in.

That did the trick. Graham took long steady deep strokes and hammered my cunt until I could feel the first wave of my orgasm deep in my bowels. My pussy was so wet with our combined juices that it squelched with each pounding stroke. His big strong hands were grasping my arse cheeks and pulling them apart. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that he was thinking about shoving his cock up my arse. Just the thought of that sent me over the edge. My juice ejaculated from my cunt lips that were wrapped around Grahams cock like they’d always been there, making his whole groin region saturated.

“Don’t stop honey….. Keep fucking me……….. Ggggggggoooooooooooodddd….. this is so good…… I want more………… Do you want to fuck my bum Graham? ….. Is that why you keep looking at my other hole?….. You can if you want to you know…. I love my bum being fucked.”

I lifted my head to look at him and he looked like all his Christmases had come at once. He’d been dreaming of this for at least 3 years that I’d been playing with him. Maybe even longer. I’ve never asked.

He used first one finger then to take cum from my wet cunt to lube up my arse-hole and I could feel his hand shaking as he did this. I was tempted to try and calm him down, but knowing he was this excited was pleasing to me, also I had the feeling that once he got his cock into the object of so many of his secret fantasies, he wouldn’t last too long and we didn’t have too much time for niceties. If we came out of this unscathed, without any regrets, then we could make it nice next time. But for now it was pure lust. I only wanted his cum. I didn’t want him to leave without depositing a load in either one of my holes. Both would have been better, I knew there was no time for that though.

I could by now, feel his balls banging against my cunt and I reached down between my legs and gently sunk my nails into his swinging ball bag. This made him give his cock an incredible lurch. It’s amazing, with a little encouragement, men can always find another inch or two.

“Fuck Krystal…… you are so fucking horny,” he shouted to me, “I cant believe I’m actually fucking your incredible arse……. After all these years of wanting to, I’m finally doing it.”

I was right, in mere minutes I felt his big cock grow even fatter and with an almighty lunge his balls slapped against my cunt lips and he shot his cum into me. I screamed as I felt his jizm splash my anal walls and a quick finger on my clit brought me off in an earth shattering climax. I prayed silently that this wouldn’t be our one and only time.

Luckily for me it wasn’t. We stayed lovers for about 6 months. Even now, we’ll sometimes get together. I think the guilt finally got to the both of us. Sandy and I became something closer to mother and daughter then we were and it became increasingly difficult to find time for us to be alone. Not that I have any regrets mind you, I don’t. He was and still is an incredible lover and when the need arises he never hesitates to come round and fill both my holes with his thick cock. As I say, it doesn’t happen to often now. I have many other lovers of both men and women to keep me more than satisfied, but sometimes you want to be fucked as only one particular lover can and that’s when I call him.

I shudder at the thought now of what might of happened if Sandy had came in and caught her big titted, highly sexed mother, naked on the floor, with her arse up in the air, being fucked royally in the arse by her son-in-law. Fortunately, she never discovered or even suspected anything. Graham toned down his visits until he only called round once a month, just to make sure I’m ok. We never fuck on these visits. Only if I call him and that’s the way I like it.

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