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Kristi Gets Curious

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Warning: This work of fiction contains scenes of women having sex together, without men. If this offends you, do not read it! People who complain to the authors here about the content of their stories are, IMNSHO, just like people who move next to the airport and then complain about the noise… Constructive criticism is always welcome, but closed-minded rants have no place here.

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Kristi Hansen was excited. It had been a crazy year for her, and she was excited to be starting back to school. She was older than most of her fellow students, but she was typically more eager to learn than most of them because she wanted to be there.

Kristi is 32 years old, and recently divorced. She is very tall, 5’11”, with a mane of red curls that frames a gorgeous face with big green eyes, a slender body with small but well-rounded breasts, a tight ass and that yummy “peaches and cream” complexion that so many redheads have. All in all, an extremely sexy woman.

She had moved to California ten years earlier with her then-new husband, Steve, who had gotten a great job with a startup company in Silicon Valley right out of college. In the midst of the Internet boom, the company was doing great, and Steve’s stock options made them rich, at least on paper. Kristi was working as a financial analyst for a different company, using her accounting degree. They decided to wait to have kids; Steve thought that a few more good years and they might be able to retire off his stock.

Her world seemed wonderful: a loving husband, a good job, lots of money. Then came the fateful day in the laundry room when she found an empty condom wrapper in Steve’s pants pocket. They didn’t ever use them, since Kristi was on the Pill and they had both tested negatively for HIV. When Kristi asked him about it, he offered some lame excuse. She began to think back to all those nights he had been “working late.” There had been several times when he didn’t answer the phone at his desk and hadn’t mentioned her message when he got home.

She confronted him, and he admitted he had been having an affair with his secretary. Kristi had met the girl more than once, and her strongest impression had been how provocatively she dressed and acted. Kristi moved out the next day and filed for divorce. As a part of the settlement, she got half of his stock options, which she immediately cashed in. She used some of the money to buy herself a cute little house in a nice neighborhood, and began to rebuild her life. She only had a few friends here, but she loved the area and didn’t want to leave.

Then to Kristi’s delight, karma came back and bit Steve in the ass. Shortly after the divorce was final, the “Internet boom” turned into the “Internet bomb.” His company folded, and his options were worthless as anything except wallpaper. He had to take a different job with a smaller company at a much lower salary, with no stock options. And of course, his slutty secretary/girl friend dumped him when he was no longer rich.

Kristi didn’t really need to work, but she kept her same job because they would pay for her Master’s degree. And now Kristi was starting her first night of grad school. As she expected, she was the oldest person in both of her classes. She enjoyed meeting her fellow students, but most of the guys were only interested in looking at her body. Besides, they were just KIDS!

One girl she got to know fairly well was Melissa. At 26, she also was older than many of the other students, so Kristi and Melissa felt a kinship that way. Plus Melissa was really sweet, with a great sense of humor, not to mention very cute. Melissa is a tiny thing, 5’1″ and slender, with shoulder length brown hair, sparkly brown eyes and a very tight body that is the result of many hours of aerobics and mountain bike riding. Melissa and Kristi started studying together, and found they enjoyed each other’s company a lot.

Melissa was in a similar situation as Kristi. She had had the same boy friend for a long time, when she had discovered that he was cheating on her. She had dumped him immediately, and had been single ever since.

They frequently got together to study on the weekends. One gorgeous spring Saturday, they were at Kristi’s, on her patio enjoying the sun, and both of them were dressed casually. Melissa was in a little tank top, and a mini skirt and sandals. Kristi was wearing a big loose t-shirt and baggy shorts. They had been studying all afternoon, and when they decided to knock off, Kristi asked Melissa if she would stay and make dinner with her. Melissa had no plans for the evening, so she was more than happy to spend more time with the sexy redhead.

While they cooked, they drank wine and talked about many things. At one point, Melissa mentioned that she thought Angelina Jolie was very hot, and that she admired her for being public with her bisexuality. Kristi had always considered herself straight, although when she was younger she had often wondered what it might be like to kiss another girl. Melissa is actively bi, which she announced to Kristi after they had finished their second bottle of wine.

“Actively bi? What exactly does that mean?” Kristi asked.

“I’m not sure, I guess. I like the expression, though. I know I enjoy sex with both men and women. My problem lately has been that all the guys are worthless out of bed, and not all that good IN bed…”

Kristi laughed. “I hear ya, girl! So do you have a regular girl friend now, Melissa?”

“No, I don’t. A couple of times, I have gone home with a woman after we met at a club, but those were really nothing more than just hot sex. I would love to find something more permanent than that. I miss having someone to share my day with, to snuggle up with on the couch, you know?” Melissa looked at Kristi.

“I know exactly what you mean, Melissa… That’s been the hardest part, being alone after almost 10 years with the same person. But I sure don’t want to be hurt like that again… I was so totally crushed to think that Steve would find anyone more attractive than me, especially his sleazy secretary.” Kristi’s eyes got a little misty, and Melissa put her hand on her friend’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, Kristi… That part of your life is over and you are definitely better off without Steve. If it hadn’t been her, it would have been someone else eventually. Besides, every morning when you wake up in this cute house you should thank him and laugh at him… Your life right now has to be better than his!”

“That’s a great way to look at it, Liss, I love your attitude…” Kristi hugged the shorter girl close.

“I try to keep a positive attitude, nothing good will come from feeling sorry for yourself. When I found out Rob was cheating, I was utterly crushed too, but it didn’t take much thought to realize that HE had the problem, not me. And that it was HIS loss, not mine!”

“You go, girl! Men can be such pigs sometimes… What were those two thinking, cheating on two attractive, intelligent women like ourselves?” Kristi laughed.

“Hey, you forgot ‘sexy as hell’!” Melissa piped in.

Kristi laughed out loud. “Yeah. Why would those guys cheat on two attractive, intelligent, sexy-as-hell women like us?”

“Ummmm… Because they are pigs?”

Kristi laughed again. “Melissa, I am SOOOO glad we became friends… I hope you know how much you mean to me, how you have helped me get back on with my life.”

“I’m always glad to help an attractive, intelligent, sexy-as-hell woman!”

“Is that what you really thought of me, Melissa? All those things? Even before you knew me?”

“Well, I didn’t know about the ‘intelligent’ part back then, but you are much more than that to me now. You are a kind, caring woman who has done a remarkable job of rebuilding a life that was shattered. I admire you a lot and I am glad to count you as my friend…”

“Thank you, Melissa, that’s so sweet. At least Steve and I didn’t have kids. That would have made it so much more difficult…” Kristi leaned over and hugged Melissa again. She held the younger woman tight, glad that she had found such a good friend.

Melissa leaned back a little and looked into Kristi’s eyes. She gulped, and asked “How about you, Kristi? Have you ever been with a woman?”

“Ummmm… No, I haven’t. I thought about it a few times when I was younger, but the right situation never came up. Then I met Steve and got married, and it became a non-issue.”

“Well, how about now? Have you thought about it since you got rid of Steve?”

In fact, Kristi has had those exact thoughts. Many times. Since she has been alone, she finds herself aroused and needing release far more often than when she was married. Or maybe, it’s just that she never allowed herself to feel that way with Steve. Whatever the reason, lately she finds that she masturbates at least once a day, and many times she has fantasized about a beautiful woman between her legs, licking her to an explosive climax.

Kristi had been a little shocked at Melissa’s earlier disclosure that she was bisexual. She had always assumed that “girls who like girls” were all butches, real “truck driver” types. The idea that a sexy woman like Melissa could be bisexual came as a big surprise to her. It also got her mind racing, and she realized that a couple of times, that the anonymous “beautiful face between her legs” in Kristi’s fantasies could have been Melissa’s…

“Well, as a matter of fact, I have. And I have to say, the idea of being with a beautiful woman intrigues me. I just wouldn’t know where to look to find one, though, and I have no desire to be with a ‘truck driver’, you know?”

Melissa laughed. “Yeah, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I feel the same way, I want a gorgeous woman with a soft smooth body. If I want big muscles I could find a guy…”

Kristi smiled, “As if you would have any problem finding someone. You are such a hottie, you must get ‘hit on’ all the time!”

“Yeah, I do, but most of the time it’s guys with only one thing on their mind. And it ISN’T my best interest, you know?”

Kristi laughed again, “Yeah, me too. I get so tired of it, especially at school. All those 22 year olds think they are such hot shit!”

“Totally… Well, maybe we can each find a girl friend and not have to worry about it.”

“God, I’ve never really looked at it like that. I’ve wondered about sex with a girl, but the idea of a girl friend… Now that’s a little bit scary!”

“Why is that, Kristi? Is it really more scary than finding another man?”

“Well, actually, yes it is. My parents are deeply religious, and I don’t know how they would take it if I brought a girl friend home. I take that back, I DO know how they react, and it would not be pretty.”

“That’s too bad… Neither of my parents knows I am bi, yet, either. My dad would be cool with it, I am sure, but my mom… Shit, she still asks about Rob, even though I have told her several times what happened and that it was OVER months ago. I don’t know what she would think if I brought a girl friend home for the holidays!”

Melissa smiled at Kristi. “But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I mean, we haven’t met anyone yet!”

Kristi smiled back and said, “You’re right…”, but in her mind she thought, “But maybe I have…”

Kristi turned to face Melissa. They were sitting at either end of Kristi’s couch. Kristi took a deep breath, then said, “So Melissa… Tell me what it’s like to be with a woman…”

Melissa looked Kristi deep in her sexy green eyes. “You sure you want to go there?”

“Yes, Melissa, I do. I want to learn. I want to know what it feels like, I’ve heard it’s wonderful, and I’ve been fantasizing about it for such a long time…”

“I felt the same way, anxious to experience it… But that first time, God, I was SOOOO nervous…” Kristi understood completely, she was feeling pretty nervous herself. But it was a good nervous, since she knew that Melissa would never hurt her.

Melissa went on. “The woman I was with was older, and very experienced. She took her time, and we spent what seemed like hours just kissing and caressing each other. Then she touched me and made me feel things I had NEVER felt with a guy… When it came time for me to make love to her, she told me to just do to her what I liked having done to me. I did, and it worked out GREAT!”

Kristi thought, “Hmmmm… I can do THAT!”

Then Melissa said, “But honestly, Kristi, I have always been better at demonstrating than explaining. May I kiss you? That’s probably the easiest way to show you!”

“Are you sure, Melissa? Do you really want to? Do you find me attractive? Aren’t I too old for you?”

Melissa stared seriuosly at the taller woman. “Kristi, I’ve been fantasizing about being with you since that first night of class, before I even knew your name… And ‘too old’? No chance, darling, you are an incredibly sexy woman.”

Kristi is a little shocked at Melissa’s new revelation, but also excited by it.

Melissa slid over next to Kristi, then took the older woman’s hand in hers. “First, baby, you put your arms around me… Like this.” Melissa put Kristi’s arm around her shoulders, and rested her head on the other woman’s shoulder. Then she took Kristi’s other hand and put it on her hip. Finally, Melissa turned her face to the taller woman and reached up to stroke her cheek.

When Melissa leaned in to Kristi, the redhead found herself light-headed. As their lips brushed, very gently at first, Kristi’s lips parted by themselves and she exhaled, giving a soft sigh. The next kiss was more urgent, as Melissa’s lips met hers solidly. Kristi was incredibly turned on by how soft it was, and when she felt Melissa’s mouth opening, hers followed. When Kristi felt the tip of Melissa’s tongue exploring her lower lip, she slid hers out to meet it.

When their tongues met, Kristi could not help it. She moaned into Melissa’s mouth, and soon the two women were kissing passionately, mouths wide open, tongues swirling together furiously. Melissa slipped her hand under Kristi’s t-shirt and cupped her breast through her bra. When Melissa’s fingers rolled her nipple, Kristi swooned. The feeling of a soft hand exploring her body was so incredible…

Melissa broke the kiss and looked deep into Kristi’s eyes. “I guess you like it, don’t you?” she asked with a grin.

Kristi’s answer was to lean forward and kiss Melissa again. Their tongues were dancing wildly together. Melissa took Kristi’s hand off her hip and slid it under her top. Kristi stroked Melissa’s smooth stomach, loving her first touch of another woman’s body. As Kristi’s hand moved upward, Melissa was caressing the older woman. When Kristi cupped Melissa’s breast in her hand, she couldn’t believe how soft it was. She knew how she loved to tease her own breasts, but this was so much better!

The two women were moaning softly as they kissed. Melissa broke the kiss, then climbed into Kristi’s lap, straddling the taller woman’s waist. Melissa slipped her arms around Kristi’s neck and pressed her body into the redhead. Kristi cupped Melissa’s ass in her hands, sliding her hands under the little brunette’s mini skirt and running her hands along Melissa’s ass cheeks, around her thong. Kristi could feel that Melissa was quite wet, too.

They kissed, so passionately… Kristi felt herself getting flushed, her face, her chest… She could also feel herself getting very wet, far more than she ever had from a “first kiss” with a guy. And it excited her to think that Melissa was feeling the same way, that she could get a sexy woman like Melissa turned on.

Melissa reached under Kristi’s shirt and raised it, breaking the kiss to lift it over her head. She then reached down and undid the front clasp of Kristi’s bra, so her breasts swung free. Melissa cupped one in her hand. Kristi was completely blown away at how wonderful Melissa’s soft hands felt as they explored her body. No fumbling men here, just one woman touching another, the way she liked to be touched herself.

Kristi slipped Melissa’s top off, and removed her bra. Melissa moaned softly at Kristi’s touch, and arched her back, pressing her breasts forward. Kristi leaned in and took Melissa’s hard nipple between her lips, savoring the first feel of another woman’s breast in her mouth. Melissa moaned again and put her hands on Kristi’s head. She was stroking the older woman’s long red hair, running her fingers through it.

Kristi was sucking and licking Melissa’s erect nipples, moving back and forth between the two. The redhead had Melissa’s breast in one hand, her other hand was playing with the younger woman’s ass. Kristi couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Melissa’s soft smooth body next to hers…

Melissa broke the kiss to whisper, “Shall we go someplace more comfortable, baby? I need to stretch out next to you, just kiss you and hold you for hours…”

Kristi reluctantly lifted her head from Melissa’s breast and smiled. “Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful…”

The two women untangled themselves, then Kristi took Melissa’s hand and led her to her bedroom. Melissa pressed her body close to Kristi’s as they walked, and Kristi could feel the shorter girl’s erect nipple pressing against her stomach, teasing the smooth skin. Melissa brought Kristi’s hand to her mouth and kissed each finger in turn, sucking them gently one at a time.

Kristi turned the bed down, then sat on the edge of the bed. Melissa stepped between Kristi’s legs, and put her arms around the redhead’s neck. Kristi slipped her arms around Melissa’s waist and pulled the shorter girl in close.

Melissa looked deep into Kristi’s eyes and said, “Now, darling, I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with… If it ever doesn’t feel right, just say so. Okay, baby?”

Kristi nodded, and wrapped her long legs around Melissa’s. The two women started kissing again, and the feeling of their erect nipples rubbing together was a huge turnon to Kristi. She loved how Melissa’s skin felt in her hands, how wonderful it was to feel all the soft skin against her own.

Kristi slipped her hands back under Melissa’s skirt and cupped her tight ass again. Melissa moaned softly then leaned forward, pushing Kristi back onto the bed. The shorter girl climbed onto the bed between Kristi’s open thighs and pressed her hips into the taller woman’s.

Kristi’s hands were still cupping Melissa’s ass cheeks, pulling the younger girl’s hips tight against her own. The two women were kissing passionately, mouths wide open, tongues exploring deep into the other. Melissa was grinding her hips into Kristi, and the redhead was arching her hips up against Melissa’s thrusts.

Melissa straightened up, then reached down to the waistband of Kristi’s shorts. The redhead smiled, then lifted her hips up so that Melissa could slide her shorts off. Melissa slipped her fingers inside, and hooked them in the waistband of Kristi’s bikini panties. Melissa pulled everything down and off, so the yummy redhead was now spread out naked underneath her.

Melissa could tell that Kristi was a true redhead, her bush had been trimmed short, but it was the same beautiful shade of red as the hair on her head. She could smell Kristi’s arousal, and see that the older woman’s pussy lips were swollen and red. Melissa thought to herself, “I can’t WAIT to get a taste of that…”

Melissa leaned forward again, and took Kristi’s erect nipple in her teeth. She started sucking and chewing on the hard nub, and was rewarded with a gasp from the sexy redhead. Melissa was still grinding her hips into Kristi’s, but her skirt had ridden up so that now it was Melissa’s thong-clad mound rubbing against Kristi’s nude pussy.

Kristi had her long legs wrapped around Melissa’s thighs, fucking back against the shorter girl, and Kristi couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt as the two women were grinding their pussies together. Kristi slipped one of her long fingers inside Melissa’s thong, and was delighted to find the younger girl’s panties were sopping wet.

Melissa stretched her neck up and kissed Kristi again. Then she began to lick her way down the older woman’s stomach. Kristi had one hand in Melissa’s hair, running her fingers through the short brown curls. Melissa ran her tongue down the valley between Kristi’s breasts, then took one breast in each hand. She squeezed and pinched the fleshy globes, and alternating sucking and chewing on both of the redhead’s hard nipples. Kristi was moaning and panting, she could not remember ever being this turned on, amazed that Melissa had not even touched her between the legs yet..

Melissa licked and kissed her way down Kristi’s flat stomach. The redhead had her hands in Melissa’s hair, trying to gently push her face down to where Kristi needed it. Melissa looked up at Kristi, and smiled, then darted her tongue in and out of Kristi’s navel. The redhead moaned softly, then again gently pushed the younger girl’s face downward.

Melissa smiled to herself, and slid her hand between Kristi’s thighs. She found the older woman was absolutely drenched, her juices were flowing out of her pussy and down between her ass cheeks. There was already a large wet spot on the sheet under Kristi’s hips.

Melissa raised her head, then said, “Up baby… Slide up a little…”

Kristi dutifully flexed her leg muscles then pushed herself further up onto the bed. Melissa crawled forward so she was on her knees between the redhead’s wide open thighs. Now, Melissa could smell the arousal in Kristi’s pussy clearly. The smell was intoxicating, and she stopped her head right above Kristi’s mound to breathe deeply.

“God, Kristi, you smell heavenly… I can’t wait to taste you!”

“My ex-husband used to say I stunk down there, and he refused to lick me, even though I told him I love that… One more reason I’m glad he’s gone, I guess!”

Melissa gently spread Kristi’s lips with her fingers. She started between the redhead’s ass cheeks, then licked the length of her slit, ending up by giving her obviously aroused clit several light flicks. Kristi moaned, and arched her hips upward, trying to force Melissa’s face harder against her inflamed pussy.

Melissa stretched her tongue out, and shoved it as deep inside Kristi as she could reach. Melissa darted her tongue in and out, fucking the older woman with her tongue. Melissa’s nose was against Kristi’s clit, and she was moving her face back and forth, teasing the red head’s clit as she tongue-fucked her.

Kristi gasped, and her hips began to move on their own. Arching forward and back, trying to get more of Melissa’s face inside her, wanting more of the exquisite sensations the younger girl was giving her.

Melissa reached down with one hand and spread Kristi’s lips wider, then took the redhead’s engorged clit in her mouth. Kristi moaned loudly, and pressed upward with her hips. Melissa pressed a fingertip against Kristi’s puffy lips, and gently worked it forward inside the older woman. After it was good and wet, Melissa slid her finger into Kristi, and was amazed that it slid in to its base in one stroke.

“Ohhhhhh… God, Melissa, yessssss…” Kristi moaned as Melissa started sucking the older woman’s clit and sliding her finger in and out. “Fuck me, Melissa… Ohhhhh… Oh God, how I’ve wanted this…”

Melissa was working her finger in and out, fucking Kristi and sucking her clit. Melissa slid a second finger into the older woman’s pussy, and it, too, slid in easily to its base. Kristi moaned, “Oh, yes…. More, baby, more!” Kristi had both her hands in Melissa’s hair now, clutching tightly and pulling her pretty face tight against her pussy.

Melissa began to really fuck Kristi with her fingers, moving them in and out and twisting them. The redhead’s hips were a blur as she fucked herself into Melissa’s hand and mouth. She could sense that Kristi was getting close to cumming, so she took the redhead’s clit between her teeth and fluttered her tongue across it with fast, light strokes. Melissa crossed her fingers deep inside Kristi, and reached up to find her G-spot.

As Melissa tickled that special spot deep inside her, Kristi’s body stiffened, and she screamed, “OH, FUCK!!!!”

Melissa stretched her fingers out even further, then clamped down on Kristi’s clit and sucked hard. The older woman arched her hips, then a flood of her juices came pouring out of her pussy. Melissa gently removed her fingers then took Kristi’s entire pussy in her mouth, sucking the lips, running her tongue inside. Melissa didn’t want to miss a single drop of Kristi’s sweet juices, and she didn’t. The younger girl’s face was glistening with Kristi’s cum as she continued to lick and suck the older woman’s pussy, worshipping at her altar.

Melissa licked Kristi through several huge orgasms, and lots of smaller ones. When Kristi finally fell back on the bed, exhausted, Melissa’s face and hair were covered in the older woman’s juices. Kristi gently pulled Melissa up to her, and they kissed tenderly.

“Is that what I taste like?” Kristi asked. She could easily taste herself on Melissa’s face, lips and tongue.

“Yeah, baby, that’s you… and sweet it is!” Melissa smiled.

“Mmmmmm, yummy… Melissa, I want to taste you, next!”

“Okay, baby, but relax a minute first, catch your breath…” Melissa snuggled in close to Kristi, with one arm around her neck and the other across the older woman’s breasts. Melissa lay her head on Kristi’s chest, and the redhead stroked the younger girl’s hair.

“That was amazing, Melissa… I have wanted that for SOOOO long, but it was even better than I had hoped!”

Melissa stretched her head up and kissed Kristi gently. “Thank you… I’m glad you liked your first time!”

“Like it? I LOVED it, and I hope it’s not over… It’s your turn, now, baby!”

“Promises, promises…” Melissa said playfully.

Kristi rolled over so she was on top of the shorter girl. She was surprised to see that Melissa was still wearing her skirt and panties, although the skirt was up around her waist and her thong had been pushed to the side.

Kristi reached down and removed Melissa’s thong. “You won’t be needing THIS anytime soon!” she laughed. She brought it to her nose and inhaled deeply, loving the scent. Kristi was amazed at how wet Melissa’s thong was, but secretly pleased that she could get a sexy girl like her so turned on. Kristi tossed Melissa’s panties on the floor, then slid her skirt off as well, so that both of them were now nude on the bed.

Kristi was surprised to find that Melissa was shaved, except for a thin strip of light brown hair right above her slit. Her bare pussy glistened with her juices. Kristi stretched her fingers out and rubbed her hand across Melissa’s mound. The younger girl moaned softly and opened her legs wider.

Kristi gently ran her finger down Melissa’s slit, then took a second finger and tenderly spread the younger girl’s lips. She could see that Melissa’s pussy was puffy and red, and her juices were running out and down the crack of her ass.

Kristi leaned in close to Melissa, and whispered, “I love how you’ve shaved, do you keep it like that all the time? I LOVE how it looks!”

Melissa smiled and said, “Me, too… And I also love how it feels when someone is playing with it or licking it!”

Kristi said, “Okay, you talked me into it…” She leaned forward and began to kiss Melissa deeply, as her middle finger slid deep into the younger girl’s dripping pussy. Melissa moaned, and arched her hips up against Kristi’s hand.

The redhead was amazed at how hot and how tight Melissa’s pussy was. Kristi began fucking Melissa with long, slow strokes, remembering how she liked to do herself. Her long, slim finger reached deep inside Melissa, then she would slowly bring it out and up, across the younger girl’s erect clit.

Melissa was moaning and thrusting with her hips, fucking back against Kristi’s hand. The redhead loved this feeling, Melissa’s soft body next to hers, the oh-so-passionate girl-girl kisses, and sliding her finger in and out of the younger girl’s shaved pussy. Kristi knew that from now on she would always have girl friends, whether or not she went back to men.

Kristi broke the kiss, and leaned down. She took Melissa’s erect nipple between her teeth, and started gently chewing and sucking on it. Her finger was still busy, sliding in and out of the younger girl’s wetness. Melissa gasped, then moaned softly, “Yesssss… God, Kristi, are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Never before, but always from now on…” Kristi whispered back.

“Mmmmmmm… Good, glad to know you like this as much as I do…”

Kristi returned to Melissa’s puffy nipples, sucking and biting them, moving back and forth between them. Her hand was busy between Melissa’s spread thighs, slamming a finger deep into her, then pulling it out and teasing her clit with it. Melissa had her hips completely off the bed and was swivelling them, forcing Kristi’s long fingers deeper inside her.

“More, baby, more…” Melissa moaned.

Kristi took the cue and carefully slipped a second finger in, alongside the first. After it got covered with Melissa’s juices, it too was sliding in to its full depth easily. Kristi was surprised that a tiny girl like Melissa could take both fingers like this, but she knew how good her own fingers felt inside herself so she kept going.

Melissa’s hand was in Kristi’s hair, running her fingers through the red curls. Kristi kept sucking Melissa’s hard nipples, and her fingers were making slurping noises as she fucked Melissa, hard and fast. Melissa was making little moans, pants really, in rhythm with Kristi’s fingers. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh…”

Kristi looked up, and Melissa had her eyes closed and her mouth open, and her tongue was darting in and out. Kristi couldn’t resist, and reached her head up. She stretched her tongue out, and when Melissa’s popped out, it touched Kristi’s. The younger woman’s eyes opened wide, then she smiled and leaned forward. The two women kissed deeply, as Kristi’s fingers were still busy between Melissa’s legs.

Melissa arched her hips harder against the redhead’s hand. There was no other way to describe it, she was fucking herself on Kristi’s fingers. Kristi moved her thumb to Melissa’s clit and started to flick it back and forth rapidly, fast light strokes that drove the younger girl crazy. Melissa clutched Kristi’s hair and pulled her close, sucking hard on the older woman’s tongue.

Melissa’s tiny body was thrashing all over the bed, when she screamed and her body went rigid. Then her hips were thrusting up and back, bouncing far off the bed and driving Kristi’s long fingers deep inside. Kristi could feel Melissa spasming around her fingers, and she was amazed at the amount of fluids that were pouring out of the smaller girl’s shaved pussy. Kristi took her hand and rubbed Melissa’s juices all over her smooth mound.

Melissa was moaning and panting, as she kept fucking herself on Kristi’s fingers. Kristi brought her fingers to her mouth, and tasted the sweet juices. She could no longer resist, and had to taste her. Kristi spun around so she was kneeling between Melissa’s thighs.

She spread Melissa’s lips wide with her hand, then paused to look. This was her first close-up view of another woman’s pussy, but she was positive it would not be her last! It was beautiful, puffy and red, obviously very aroused, the shaved mound glistening with her juices. The fact that she herself was the reason this sexy girl was all wet was a huge turnon for Kristi.

She leaned her head forward and tentatively licked Melissa, running her tongue along the wet slit then up and across the younger girl’s distended clit. Melissa moaned at the touch, and pushed up with her hips. Kristi ran her tongue all over Melissa’s mound, then gently sucked on her lips. The smell and the taste were intoxicating, Kristi felt her head spinning a little but loved the feeling.

Kristi swished her tongue all round the base of Melissa’s clit, then batted it. She took the hard little nub between her lips, and gently sucked on it. Melissa’s hands were in Kristi’s hair, holding the older woman’s face between her thighs.

Kristi slid her tongue deep inside Melissa, and sucked on her clit. Melissa was arching her hips forward, wanting to feel Kristi all over her, as deep in her as she could. Kristi was darting her tongue in and out of Melissa’s wet pussy, fucking the younger girl with it. Melissa had her hands in Kristi’s hair, pulling the redhead’s face tight against her.

Kristi kept licking and sucking, and Melissa kept cumming and cumming… Finally, the little brunette collapsed back onto the bed and gently pushed Kristi’s head away from her pussy. “No more, baby… Gotta stop for now…”

Krsiti crawled up so she was lying next to Melissa. The redhead was covered in Melissa’s juices, her cheeks, her nose, her chin, her hair…

The smaller girl slipped her arms around Kristi’s neck, and the two women kissed tenderly as Kristi held the younger girl close, relishing the feel of their soft skin together, all smooth and slippery from the exertion of their lovemaking. The two women spent much of the night making love together, until they finally fell asleep, exhausted, in each other’s arms.

When Melissa finally left the following morning, they promised each other that they would get together again, soon. Kristi was floating on a cloud, and knew that she had opened the door to a wonderful new part of her life… She knew that whether or not she was ever again with a man, she would always have women lovers… And if “he” didn’t like it, that was too bad!

x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o

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