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Knicker Chick

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It’s the feel, I think, more than the appearance. Yes I’m interested in how they look, but I am more interested in the touch. Sure, the cut, the style, how much is covered and how much is revealed are important, but nowhere near as much as the sensations I receive. I get so aroused by simply holding the garment in my hands that sometimes it’s nearly impossible for me to put it down.

The feel of the material on my fingertips does so much to me that often I have to masturbate to relieve the sexual tension sufficiently for me to get dressed.

Yes sexy lingerie is my thing, my interest and my fetish. I am a silk and lace addict, a lingerie junky, a knicker chick.

I spend hours in lingerie, or as I have noted they’re called in the US intimate apparel, departments. I buy loads, far more than I could ever wear to go out, but then I don’t need to go out for I have my own fashion shows. A marvellous evening for me is a bottle of dry white wine, a full length mirror in front and behind me and a pile of new undies to try on. That can make me masturbate several times in that evening.

I have a huge collection. Whilst I do have some pastel and dark coloured stuff, most is black or white, the basic colours, the colours that lingerie should be I think. I adore both. I can handle the occasional pale yellow, oyster or pink, now and then dark blue and perhaps burgundy, but not browns and greens, light blue, orange or red. Colour is important. I have a fairly pale skin, but as I have several sun holidays a year I usually have a tan and then the freckles on my chest, shoulders, back and boobs are very obvious. Black and white sets them and my tan off wonderfully.

Firstly bras. They are not as significant a fetish to me as panties, which are the pinnacle of a knicker chick’s fascination.

I don’t have big boobs and frankly I could easily dispense with wearing a bra, but they are sexy. I like them to be see-through, white or black of course and made of thin material similar to the nylon of stockings. The feel as I ease my boobs into the cups of such a bra is wonderful. The sensation as the material moulds itself to each mound excites me and the pressure on each boob as I do the clip up is delightful.

I tend to choose bras that dissect each breast quite acutely and, just about, cover each of my coral pink, not very large areola. I also like, but find uncomfortable, front fastening bras, although to stand in front of a lover and unclip the bra between my tits is a major turn on for both of us.

Dressing, I will sometimes put my bra on first. Naked apart from the black or white, see through bra that gives a modicum of support, but hides nothing I look at myself in the mirror. Naturally my nipples will have hardened and equally naturally they will make indentations in the gossamer thin cups. They will look good, appealing, attractive and inviting so that generally I’ll touch them, maybe even pinch them, that is such a fabulous feeling.

To help you paint a picture I guess I should describe myself.

I’m now coming up for twenty five, where the hell have the years gone since I left uni half way through my second year? I am often told I look young for my age and a couple of times I have been called a Lolita! I’m five feet four and a little bit and I’m a (natural) blonde, blue eyed babe. I am told I’m pretty. I have a neat figure that’s curvy in the right places, ‘tits and ass’ and flat where it should be, tummy and hips. I weigh around one hundred and twenty two pounds, about eight and a half stone in UK currency. My boobs are smallish, B cup usually and are pert and firm, they and my pink nipples are hugely sensitive.


“I think we’ll keep these on” DD, as I called David Deakins my English lecturer at university, said, referring to the white, French knickers I was wearing specially for him. Well for me as well of course; even back then when I was twenty I was becoming a knicker chick.

We’d been to the university ball, not together of course, that was frowned upon. But lecturers and students could dance together and we had managed just enough to get us through the evening until I could meet him at his flat and he could fuck me. We’d been doing that for a couple of months now, fucking that is, not dancing, mainly during the afternoons.

The ball finished at one and he opened the door of his flat to me at twenty past. I was wearing a high fronted, low backed, yellow dress and no bra. He was naked. We were both slightly and pleasantly drunk. We went straight to the bedroom with DD removing my dress by pulling it up and over my head on the way. I was only wearing the French knickers under the dress, no bra or tights or stockings. During the evening, I had enjoyed his body against mine and the way that his eyes had been drawn to my wobbling, bare tits under the thin material of the dress.

Standing by the bed we kissed. He caressed me. He gripped the cheeks of my bum through the silk of my knickers.

“Oh that feels lovely,” he whispered into my ear as he pressed his full erection against my silk covered tummy. I didn’t know whether he meant on his hands or cock, but I didn’t ask or care come to that for it felt lovely to me too.

He laid me on his bed, the one he shares with his bitch of a wife who lived in London, but came down most weekends. He sucked my nipples and I stroked his cock. We were getting ready to fuck. We kissed hard, deeply and long as we stroked and rubbed each other.

“Come on DD” I groaned as the need for satisfying the strong want became almost unbearable.

“What baby, what do you want?” He asked his hand inside my knickers at the back his finger fiddling inside the crease of my bum.

DD had introduced me to anal sex. Until him I had mainly been with boys, well they seemed like boys, not like him who was very much a man. A forty two year old married man, an experienced man, a man who had cheated on his wife since they were married, yes a man who was very sexually experienced.

His was the first finger that had penetrated my tight little bumhole. His was the first tongue that had licked me there and the first that had pushed the tip slightly inside me. And his was the first cock that had slid inside me. Yes he was the first man to fuck me up my arse.

“I need it DD, I want you” I replied as he pressed his finger right against the puckered, brownish skin surrounding my anal opening.


“No, no that, not now.”

“What then.”

“Fuck me, I need to be fucked.”

“You dirty little bitch” he whispered as he slid down a little so that the tip of his cock pressed against the gusset of my white, French knickers.

I got hold of the waist band and went to take them off.

“No” he said a little sharply grabbing my wrist. “I’m going to fuck you with your panties on.”

I felt him fiddling with the leg holes of the baggy silk knickers.

“What are you doing?”

“This” he replied sliding his cock inside my knickers so that it pressed into my stomach and the silk ran over the top of his cock. “Fuck that feels marvellous” he groaned.”

“It does” I said smiling. “The silk feels fantastic with or without a cock in it.”

He laughed and squirmed himself in the silk before again sliding downward, this time with the gusset of the panties now holding his balls. The head of his cock pressed against my lips. I opened my legs and raised my knees. He surged into me making me grunt, his stomach now pressed against mine with just the slither of silk between us. And then, with me still wearing my white, silk French knickers he fucked me.


I must have well over a hundred pairs of panties. Again most are black or white, but some are other colours although they don’t get worn that often, usually only when I have my personal model shows with just me, the mirrors and my underwear.

I have every style. Bikini, boy shorts, thongs, high-waisted, French, boxers, Y-fronts and cycling shorts. I have silk, satin, cotton, lace, rubber, PVC and net.

I adore lacy, silk panties and thongs, but it is a close run race with lacy shorts. Probably, though, thongs are currently what I wear most particularly with tight jeans, trousers or skirts for they do not create VPLs, which today’s fashion has declared unacceptable. I’m happy with that for I have, or so I’m told, a pretty good bum. It’s nicely rounded, but tight and pert and wobbles and wiggles suggestively under skirts and thin trousers.

I love detail on my panties. Edgings of lace, scalloped legs on French knickers, a combination of materials; satin, cotton and silk and lace and patches of see through net, usually over the pubic area. I can get excited at the briefness of a thong or the fullness of a pair of high-waisted panties, particularly when made from silk or satin, which means that more of my skin is stimulated by the lustrous material.

Thongs arouse me; just looking at them and feeling them, but particularly when wearing them I can be like a bitch on heat. The narrow gusset means that sometimes it slips between my lips leaving them exposed with the material stretched across my clit so that as I move I stimulate myself. The small patch at the front and the slithers of silk and elastic rearing up my tummy, round my waist with both sides meeting at the back to then plunge down to vanish between the orbs of my bum all sexually intrigue me. Just thinking of that gets me going and looking over my shoulder into a mirror makes me need to masturbate.


It was a few weeks later at the start of the summer vac in early July. I was at home and DD’s bitch of a wife was away on some business trip or the other. She has a high powered job in the Civil Service liaising with the EU, which means she made frequent trips to Brussels and Strasbourg. That was neat for it meant that he could also fuck me in their marital bed.

We’d been to a restaurant in Covent Garden and had walked to their small townhouse in Bloomsbury. We kissed in the hallway and went to the bedroom our arms round each other. We stood beside the bed kissing as we started undressing each other. He was naked before me, I like that feeling. I like being in my underwear or, preferably fully dressed with a naked lover, it adds something, it makes me feel good. I don’t know why, but it does.

He was wonderfully erect, but at just over forty men still do get rock hard, can keep like that for ages and can recover quickly. After that as they move further and further into their forties and then their fifties, regrettably that all changes. I have found that over the past few years as I have gone with a small succession of older men.

“Get on the bed” I said rather sternly.

With DD, I had recently found a slightly dominating manner in which occasionally I took control and led the way with our lovemaking; he seemed to like that. We’d discussed it a couple of times after we’d had sex.

“Yes I do have a slightly submissive manner” he explained going on to tell me that the bitch was quite dominating and liked to order him around when they had sex. I’d met her a few times when she came to university events and could see what he meant.

“No why does that not surprise me?” I smiled pulling my top up and over my head.

“Mmmm, nice bra” he purred.

“It’s AP.”

“What’s that?” He asked as I reached behind me and undid the clasp on the thin, white strap.

“You haven’t heard of it?” I asked very surprised as I peeled the diaphanous cups away from each of my boobs.


“It’s Agent Provocateur, a posh knicker and bra shop” I told him throwing the flimsy, incredibly expensive garment at him. He caught it and draped it over his thighs. “What’s she do?” I asked as I undid the zip on my jeans.

“When we have sex?”


“Just takes the lead, gets on top most of the time.”

“How often do you fuck her?” I asked pushing the tight jeans down my legs.

“Not often now” he said, probably lying.

“What since you’ve had me?” I said laughing as I stepped out of my jeans.

Our relationship was developing nicely. We were sort of in love, but we were both aware that there was no future. He was married with two teenage children and he was over twenty years older than me. I had for some time preferred older men and had been with several including one of my father’s friends when I was eighteen. I had no aspirations of anything with DD than an affair; as plain and simple as that. So the fact that he was still sleeping with the bitch worried me not one bit, after all if I wanted to I was free to fuck who I chose. But I didn’t. I don’t actually have the highest sex drive. I don’t have the nagging need for sex on a frequent basis. I can easily go weeks without a fuck, but then I have my undies fetish instead don’t I?

“Yeah something like that” he replied running my bra across his hard on. That gave me an idea.

I moved and stood right against the bed, just a foot or so away from him.

“Take my panties off” I ordered.

I was wearing a matching pair of white, AP panties. Nothing really special other than they were very tight and made from silk and they cosy forty quid. He reached out and rolled them down to my knees. Leaning forward he kissed my mound, his tongue slipping down a bit and finding my clit making my body jerk.

“Mmm nice, but later” I said moving away. Lay back and close your eyes” I told him slipping the panties off.

I lay beside him and ran the silk panties across his chest.

“Oh yes” he groaned grabbing hold of the silk.

“Nice?” I asked.

“Mmmm wonderful” he groaned as I pinched one of his nipples through the silk. I slid them up his chest and ran them over his face as he reached out and squeezed my boob.

“Can you smell me?” I asked him pressing the damp gusset against his nose and lips. He sucked it slightly inside his mouth as he muttered his reply.

“Yes Sammi I can smell your cunt.”

“Like it?”

“I love it, you know that” he went on as I slowly ran the lustrous material down his chest, past his waist and onto his stomach. I laid them on his erection.

“Oh fuck yes” he groaned.

I wrapped my panties round his cock and balls and rubbed him through the silk.


“It’s fucking marvellous” he croaked as I increased the speed of my rubbing. “Oh Sam, Sam” he went on as I quite firmly bit his nipple before kissing him and shoving my tongue into his mouth.

“What?” I asked knowing the answer before he spoke. I could feel his body tightening and his cock throbbing through the silk of my panties.

“You’ll make me cum unless you stop.”

It was unusual for DD to be ready to cum so quickly, but then what we were doing was rather unusual too.

“Do you want to?”

“Is it ok?”

“Yes. Do you want to cum in my panties?”


“Cum in Sammi’s knickers then.”

Back at the house I shared with four other girls an hour or so later, I tokk the stained, sticky knickers from my bag. ‘What a fucking waste of money’ I thought when I realised they couldn’t be saved.


I had finished school and was waiting to go to university, I was eighteen.

I had been invited to a posh wedding and had bought a long, ankle length, dark blue dress. It was low cut at both the front and back meaning that I couldn’t wear a bra, which didn’t bother me at all. It was very tight everywhere, particularly around my hips and bum. I was thinking that I might not bother with panties and go commando, that would for sure do away with any VPL, I smiled trying the dress on with nothing underneath.

The woman who had served me in Harvey Nichs had suggested I buy some stockings, something I had never worn.

“They’re very fashionable” she told me adding. “They’ll drive your boy friend wild.”

We both laughed. “I don’t have one of those.”

“Really, a good looker like you?”

“No they’re more hassle than they’re worth.”

She looked me direct in the eye and said softly. “Yes I agree.”

They way she looked at me made my heart pound. She was coming onto me I was sure.

I bought two pairs.

It was two days before the wedding and I was having a dress rehearsal; even then I used to have my little fashion parades although I hadn’t acknowledged my underwear fetish. I thought I just enjoyed looking at myself in a mirror and masturbating, not collecting, playing with and wearing erotic underwear.

I was naked in my bedroom; the house was empty. I got the two packets holding the pairs of holdup stockings. There was a sudden jerk inside my chest, my heart pounded a little and I felt a tingle in my boobs as I started undoing the cellophane envelopes; even the packaging was sexy. I undid the packet holding the seemed, black stockings that Pippa the sales lady had said were very sexy. I took them out and ran the sheer nylon through my fingers. Jesus that felt good. I rubbed the material between my thumbs and forefingers as my pulses started to race. Glancing down I saw my nipples had hardened and I felt that warmth spreading through my body. I don’t know what made me do it, but I softly rubbed the nylon across both of my breasts and nipples. The sensation was amazing and made me grunt, quite loudly. I looked in the mirror and saw the black of the lacy topped, seemed stockings contrasting so vividly with the whiteness of my body and breasts. I was panting. I got the other stocking and ran that across my thighs. I rubbed both on my body as, after glancing in the mirror again I fell backwards onto my bed. I squeezed my breasts through one stocking and then opening my legs I rubbed the other up and down my thighs going closer and closer to my pussy that felt so hot and I knew would be so wet.

I slid my hand in the stocking pulling it up to my elbow.

Then inevitably, for it seemed the perfect thing to do, I touched my pussy lips then my clit. The effect was like an electric shock. Pushing the nylon inside me and rubbing my clit and tits I quickly climaxed. I also ruined an expensive pair of stockings, but that was a small price to pay to feed my fetish.


I was rubbing my satin panties over DD’s cock and balls. Using them had become part of our sexual repertoire over the year or so we had been having sex; it added interest and we both enjoyed thematerial being brushed across our bodies.

I had left uni. I hated it and much to my parent’s annoyance I’d packed it in half way through the second year. I was pleased I had, but missed the regular sex with DD. Fortunately, during the long holidays he moved back to London and with the bitch at work or on business trips we could enjoy each other, often with me staying overnight at their house and being fucked numerous times in their bed.

“Shall I put them on?” I asked.

“I’ve only just taken them off” he replied.

I waited a moment as I slowly masturbated his cock with the satin of my panties. I pondered on whether I should say what I felt. Was it going too far, I wondered? I’m usually pretty ballsy and believe generally in saying what I think.

“I meant on you, shall I put my panties on you.”

With a shudder, he groaned. “Oh god Sammi?” He sounded upset.

“What is it?”


“Would you like them on you DD?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“What’s the matter then?”

“I feel embarrassed.”

Later he told me that when he was younger he had often worn his wife’s panties without her knowledge.

I slid them over his feet and up his legs. They were quite full, but not enough to cover all of his balls and cock. One of his balls hung out from the leg hole elastic and the bulbous end of his cock poked out of the waistband. I thought he looked hugely sexy.

“Nice?” I asked.

“It’s marvellous” he groaned rubbing his erection through the panties. “You ok with this?”

“I think it’s wonderful” I whispered as I licked the length of his cock through the satin. “Do you remember the first time we used my panties?” I asked him.

“Yes I fucked you as you were wearing them, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did” I replied sucking his satin panty covered ball into my mouth before adding. “Well now you can fuck me as you wear them can’t you?”


I have wanted to get a corset for ages, but haven’t got round to it and they are expensive. I have, though, got numerous teddies, waspies, camisoles and a waistier that I bought in Paris.

It’s dark blue with black lace and suspenders. It’s a littly leary, but then such underwear can be. I usually go for a more classic look with my panties and bras.

The waistier is about ten inches wide with six or so going above my waist and the rest beneath. It has two suspenders at the front and two at the side. My waist is fairly narrow at twenty three inches. The waistier pulls it in to twenty. That makes me more curvy for the narrowness of my ‘new’ waist emphasises the flare of my thirty five inch hips and thirty three inch B cup breasts.

It has hooks and eyes running from the lacy top to the serrated bottom. The feeling when I have wrapped it round me and struggled the hooks and eyes together is amazing. I feel restricted, almost as if I am tied up. That makes me feel enormously feminine and hugely sexy. In addition to the fabulous look of a corset, it’s that sensation, the being restricted feeling that makes me want to get one.


We’d met at a pub in the East End for a drink. The bitch was home and my mum was in so we had nowhere to go. Ok we could have gone to a hotel I guess, but it was a spur of a moment date. It was a warm evening and after a couple of glasses of wine we wandered hand in hand down towards the river, near Wapping. We found a small park and we walked into it, the pathway taking us away from the river. It was deserted. We found a little shelter with a bench running along the wall and went in.

Sitting on the bench, we kissed for ages. It was great and I soon I wanted more as I knew DD would.

He started caressing my breasts. Firstly his hand was outside my white tee shirt and light blue, vee necked, cotton sweater and then he slid it inside right onto my already very excited bare breasts. He rolled the tee and sweater up, pushed me back against the wooden back wall and kissed and sucked my nipples. His hand went between my knees and started sliding up my jeans covered thighs. I opened them a little. I slid my hand inside his tee, rolled that up and kissed his chest and bit his nipples; he likes being bitten quite hard. He was pressing me at the top of the jeans and then flipped the brass button undone. He slid the zip down. I didn’t stop him slipping his hand inside or pushing the jeans down a little so that he could get at my pussy.

I know it was a little crazy for anyone could have come along, but we could see down the path so the danger was limited to anybody walking across the grass from behind us.

I’d had sex outside twice before. Once with a Spanish waiter when I was on holiday with my parents in Ibiza and the other up against a tree in the back garden at a party. Both times I was fucked with people nearby. Although neither were very good fucks, I found it so exciting doing it in the open with people nearby. I was getting the same feelings as DD fingered me and sucked my tits in that park shed.

“We should stop” I whispered half-heartedly.

“Of course we should” he replied pushing two fingers into me and sucking hard on my nipple.

“But I assume we won’t” I smiled.

“No way.”

“So are you going to fuck me?” I asked.

“Yes I am right here and right now, stand up.”


“So I can bend you over and fuck you from behind.”

I stood up, my jeans slipping down to my knees. Looking at him I rolled my thong down so that was mid thigh. I was ready to be fucked.

It was dusk, but there was plenty enough light for us to see each other. He stood up, undid his belt and slid his zip down. I watched almost mesmerised as he slid his jeans down and I saw that he was wearing a pair of my panties.


I can, and do, spend ages in the lingerie departments in stores. I walk round trying to appear relaxed and nonchalant about the erotic underwear, but inside I am boiling up. As I look at the rows and rows of panties of all styles, colours and materials, the bras, the basques, even the slips and petticoats I find myself becoming aroused. As I feel the silks and laces and satins and rub the materials in my hands, sometimes in the summer surreptitiously running them up my arms across my chest and on my face, I feel as if I am going to cum. I am sure one of these days if I saw a man there when I am that state that I would invite him into the changing room to fuck me. God that would be the most massive turn on; to be fucked in a lingerie department surrounded by the objects of my fetish. Perhaps I should go back to Harvey Nichs and see Pippa.


Purposefully, I had dressed in underwear to be undressed in. I hadn’t seen DD for over a month and I was meeting him at a hotel near Stansted airport where were staying the night. I was wearing a black teddy with lacy topped black hold up stockings. The teddy was made from a fine lace, almost a net really. It was see-through with several irregular shaped darker patches two of which were strategically placed over my nipples. Hence, I showed lots of bare flesh, but that was shaded by the black lace that contrasted wonderfully with my skin. It had narrow spaghetti straps, was cut low across my boobs and high up my tummy so most of that was bare. It was trimmed with black lace around the neckline and along the bottom. I wasn’t wearing panties for my plan was for DD to undo the Velcro on the gusset and fuck me in the teddy. It made me feel good and I knew it would blow DD’s mind when he saw it.

“You look fucking amazing” he said when I opened the bedroom door wearing just the teddy and stockings, oh and a big smile and earrings!

“And you DD” I replied smiling and kissing him before shutting the door. “Always look amazing fucking, so you’d better get ready for that.

He was naked very quickly and hard before he even got his trousers off. I felt rather disappointed that he wasn’t wearing ladies panties, but then I had got several pairs in my bag. As he undressed his eyes seemed to be devouring me. They were certainly wandering all over my body taking in the lack of anything under the teddy, the jiggling of my tits as I poured us drinks and the wiggle and wobble of my nearly bare bum, the cheeks of which were dissected by the lacy edges of the teddy.

I went to my bag and bent over pointing my bum at him knowing he’d like that. I knew he would also like what I got out of the bag.

“Close your eyes, I bought you a present” I said when he was naked. “Turn round.”

“No dildos up the arse please” he said laughing.

“You should be so lucky” I retorted moving closely behind him, putting my hand round him and running it across his balls and up his cock. “How’s that?” I asked.

“Fucking brilliant.”

“Stay right there” I said moving round to the front of him and, resisting the temptation to take his cock that was only a few inches from my face into my, mouth I said. “Lift your left leg” he did. “Now your right” he did that too. I turned him round so he was facing the floor length mirror. “You can open your eyes now.”

“Oh Jesus Sammi” he groaned as he saw that he was wearing that pair of white silk, French knickers he’d fucked me in when we first started our panty games.

“Do they feel good?” I asked running my hand up the length of his silk covered erection.

“Oh yes, oh yes” he groaned also running his hands over the silk knickers.

I kissed the outline of his cock inside my knickers and stood up. He took me in his arms and thrusting his cock against me kissed me, hard and passionately. His hands slid down my back and cupped the cheeks of my bum. Pulling them apart he pushed his finger between them and inside the gusset of the teddy, right onto my bumhole.

“Mmmm” I murmured wiggling my bum for him, I knew he liked that.

Suddenly, he turned me round so I was facing the mirror. I thought that he was probably going to make me bend forward so that he could fuck me from behind, either vaginally or, more likely up my arse, while I was still wearing the teddy and stockings. I was wrong. Instead he pulled me to the floor and pushed me so I was sitting facing the mirror between his open legs. I could feel the coolness of the silk French knickers and his cock pressing on my back, I pressed myself back against it. He reached round me and cupped and squeezed my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples so they made dents in the lacy teddy with one of them almost poking through the mesh.

I squirmed my lower back against his cock, which seemed to be huge, presumably because I couldn’t see it. His hands were running up and down my chest squeezing and caressing my boobs both inside and outside the thin material. He pushed the thin straps down and pulled both of my tits out, but then put them back.

“They look fantastic in the black lace” he croaked as he slid his cock up and down my back several times.

I caught his eye in the mirror as we both looked at what he was doing to my body. I always find posing in front of a mirror, very exciting and that can be when I am modelling my gear, masturbating or, particularly when having sex. This was no exception.

His hands were on my stomach.

“Get hold of your tits” he said.

I willingly obliged loving the feeling of my own fingers, pinching, squeezing and caressing that so sensitive flesh.

In the mirror I watched his hands slide further down my body. They went further and further until they were on my mound. They pressed and stroked me through the thin, black lace as he parted my pink folds searching for my clit. He found it and rubbed me there as, at the same time he pressed his erection in the white silk, French knickers against my back.

“Oh yes David, yes” I groaned as he started sliding up and down my back in similar movement to when he fucks me. I pulled my tits from the teddy and roughly pinched and pulled my nipples; I so wanted to cum.

He fumbled his fingers inside the gusset of the teddy and pulled that tight so that pressed on my clit and went inside my lips. He pulled on that so that too was sort of fucking me. I was being stimulated everywhere: my breasts and nipples, my back, my clit and now my pussy. Naturally he made me cum, quick and fast.

“Jesus, that was fantastic” I said looking into his eyes in the mirror.

“Just a start Sam, more to come you know.”

“Mmmm wonderful” I muttered starting to get and turn round for I had thought I would now suck his cock.

“No stay there” he said pushing me back between his legs so that his cock again pressed into my back. We shared the lead in our sex and now it was his turn.

I looked at him in the mirror and saw that the black lace trimmed top of the teddy was still under my tits. My nipples were horrendously swollen and they ached so much I had to pinch them in an effort to relieve that want.

“That looks good Sam”

“It feels good too.”

“Pull your knees up.”

“Huh?” I asked slightly diverted by the lovely feelings I was giving myself by squeezing and pinching my nipples.

“Pull your feet up, raise you knees.”

“Like this?” I asked bringing my knees up so they nearly touched my chest.

“Nearly” DD replied putting his hands on my knees. “But like this is better” he went on pulling them apart as far as they would go.

I saw that where he had been pulling it, the teddy had slid between the lips of my pussy; they were glistening brightly against the black lace.

“Undo the teddy” he croaked.


“Between your legs.”

“Ok” I undid the fixing.

“Pull it up a bit.”

I did.

“More, show me everything, show me your lips and pussy” he groaned.

I pulled the black material up so it was bunched on my tummy and I was bare between my legs.

“Your cunt looks lovely” he whispered grabbing one of my tits and finding my clit.

I stared at myself. I looked wonderfully wanton and stunningly sordid. The black, lacy topped stockings, my opened legs, my bare tits with his hand on one and mine on the other. Your finger had opened my pink folds and I watched you slowly moving it against my clit that was clearly visible.

“Finger fuck yourself Sam” he grunted pressing himself harder against my back.

I ran my fingers along my lips. I was so wet, they were so warm and my cunt looked so big. I pushed two fingers inside me.

“Oh yes, go on Sam, get them up your cunt, fuck yourself.”

I loved hearing his filthy words and I redoubled my efforts on my breasts with one hand and up my cunt with the other.

Like that watching in the mirror, with me still in the black teddy he and I fingered my cunt and squeezed my tits until I had a gorgeous, long and very heavy orgasm.


My hands were trembling. I was shaking with nerves. I was full of concern and trepidation. I half wanted to know, but half was scared to find out. I held it in my fingers, I ran it between them, I brushed it across my face and downward to my excruciatingly hard nipples. I slid my finger in and pulled. It fell out and I picked it up. It was on white parchment paper, the typing was perfect and I sobbed with pleasure and excitement when I read.

Dear Ms Cannock,

I am delighted to inform you that following your recent series of interviews you have been successful with your application and I have been authorised to offer you the position of Sales Assistant in the Lingerie Department.

For and on behalf of Harvey Nicholls

Pippa Collinson

Senior Sales Partner

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