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As always, I’d like to thank Dr. Bob for his fine insights in editing this story. LeftyLoo always gives his support, too. This is a little story of seduction and the surprising places that love can be found. Please enjoy.


It was a Friday just like any other Friday. I went to work and spent all day every day staring at my computer screen.

I am a CPA with a tax law degree and my days are filled with tiny numbers filling computer screens. The tiny numbers belonged to other people doing whatever they did. What they usually did was screw up my meticulously planned and executed budgets, forecasts and conclusions. When they did, as they always did, I sighed and fixed it with more meticulously planned and executed budgets, forecasts and conclusions. While my job paid extremely well, at times it got to be repetitive, frustrating and boring. While it was each of those things at different times, all three rarely coincided on the same day. Today was a significant coincidence day. A major client had gone off the deep end and spent something with at least two commas and six zeroes on a ridiculously oversized yacht that he thought could be a tax write-off and/or be chargeable to his corporation. The repetitive and boring part was poring through the tax codes and his business bylaws trying to find, what I already knew to be, a nonexistent loophole for this jackass. Of course, I never displayed my disdain for his idiotic behavior, hence the frustration. Several times today, I went to the ladies room, pulled a handkerchief out of my purse, stuffed it into my mouth and screamed into it. The respite from the buildup of the anger and frustration, each time, was welcome, but all too brief.

My boss was sympathetic, but she said to exhaust all possibilities before telling the jackass that what he wanted couldn’t be done. Sometime well after five she came into my office and laid a compassionate hand on my shoulder and told me to go home. “Cassandra,” she said, “it’ll be here on Monday. Go home, take a long hot bath, have a glass of wine and forget it for the weekend. You’ll never find it tonight, anyway.”

I sighed, “Thanks Margaret, I think I will.” She patted me on the shoulder and left my office.

I shut down my computer, packed up my briefcase, my laptop and all of my other stuff and headed toward the door. Margaret was turning out lights, so I helped her, then she locked up and we rode down to the parking garage together. She sympathetically patted me on the shoulder once more before I climbed in my car, drove home and parked next to my apartment building. After gathering my things, I walked to the building and rode the elevator up to my floor. When I got out, there was a girl in front of the apartment next to mine, struggling with grocery bags, a laptop case and keys, with everything seeming in immediate danger of falling to the floor. She seemed to be stuck so I rushed to her side.

As I set down my things, I asked, “What can I do?”

She looked up and smiled at me gratefully, “Could you grab my keys and open the door?”

I took them and opened the door. She rushed in and dropped everything on the dining room table. When her shoulders sagged in relief I giggled to myself and thought, ‘Been there done that’. I picked up my things and stood at the door. I hadn’t paid really any attention to her until she turned around. I saw that she was tiny; maybe five foot one or two, slender with long, thick, shiny, blue-black hair with random streaks of lavender running through it, combed tightly to her head and pulled into a high, tight ponytail. I found the streaks to be very appealing and disturbingly sexy. The ponytail flipped up at the end and swung and bobbed cutely behind her. She was Asian and very pretty. She wore a black London Fog trench coat that she had tied loosely with the belt. Hers looked a whole lot better on her than my matching grey one did on me. Of course, on mine, the buttons were all buttoned and my belt was done up properly, so the difference in appearance was probably in presentation. I was stiff and proper and she was anything but.

She pulled off her coat and draped it casually over the back of a chair. She was stunning in a black, form hugging, long-sleeved, knee length knit sweater dress. The neckline was a loose turtleneck that left just her pretty little face, her hands and little else uncovered. Her feet and legs were covered with soft, black leather boots with a two inch heel that came to just below her knees, leaving about two inches of black stocking covered leg showing. Overall, it was a breathtaking presentation. She stood by the chair for a moment steadying herself as she pulled off the boots. As she stood without the boots, I realized that she was five feet tall at the most, tinier than I first thought. I felt like an Amazon next to her.

She finished with her boots, and after pulling the tie out of her hair and shaking it out, walked up to me and stuck out her hand, “Thank you so much, I’m Mashita Reiko. Please call me Reiko.” Now that we were calm, I noticed her accent and it startled me. Maybe it was a little bit of stereotyping rearing it’s ugly head in me, but the last thing I expected was a southern drawl. I giggled, the unexpected accent throwing me off.

She tilted her head and grinned, “It’s the accent, isn’t it?”

I reddened and nodded.

“My father was one of the first executives to come over from Japan when Toyota bought land in Kentucky for the auto plant there.” She said smiling, “I was born and raised in Georgetown, along with my three brothers. We all have dual Japanese and American citizenship because my parents wanted us to be part of this country and culture. They were both raised very progressively and don’t follow the more restrictive parts of the Japanese culture very closely… actually, they don’t follow any of it at all. They tried very hard to make us part of the community and now my brothers and me sound very much like what we are: natives of Georgetown, Kentucky.” She grinned, “It drives my parents’ nuts.”

She was still standing there with her hand out to be shaken and when I realized it I reddened again. I took her small hand in mine and shook it. “I’m sorry, I’ve been so rude; my name is Cassandra Davis.”

Reiko came closer to me, pulled me down to her and kissed me softly on the lips, startling me once again. It surprised me that she kissed me, but what stunned me was that it felt so good. Her lips were soft and sweet and her touch was feather light. It was a brief kiss, but it was full of wonder for me. I felt my heart flutter and suddenly found myself short of breath. I didn’t close my eyes, but she did and then when she opened them as we parted, I saw the deep richness of her dark brown eyes. She smiled a little when she saw me staring. Pausing, as if to consider what she would do, she closed her eyes and leaned back in to kiss me again. I closed my eyes and allowed her to kiss me again. Her lips touched mine with the tenderness of an angel’s kiss and I melted a little with the longer, yet still too brief, kiss. She pulled away slightly and opened her eyes. I sensed her looking at me and opened mine, too. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was dizzy, breathless. The smile was still in her eyes and I decided that I liked it, I liked it a lot. I closed my eyes again and leaned forward. I lost my balance, stumbling a little because she wasn’t there, she had withdrawn. I was confused for she was still holding my hand in hers from our handshake.

I opened my eyes and saw that she had stepped back a half-step, creating some space. Evidently, she read my disappointment and said, softly, sympathetically, “Come, sit with me.” She drew me to the couch.

I put my stuff down, sat with her and she took both of my hands in hers. She looked into my eyes and asked something that I totally didn’t expect, “Do you prefer Cassandra or Cassie?”

In my completely fluid, elegant, Ivy League educated conversational style, I responded eloquently, “Huh?”

She smiled softly and repeated patiently, “Do you prefer Cassandra or Cassie?”

I regained a measure of my composure. “Uh, Cass or Cassandra, Cassie reminds me too much of my childhood.”

She smiled sympathetically. “Teasing?”

I sighed, the memories still too fresh and painful. “Yes, I was always tall for my age, and consequently, clumsy and graceless. To hide my embarrassment I became a real smart-ass.”

She smiled again, tipping her head to the side, “Sassy-Cassie?”

I blushed, “Uh, yeah.” I had no idea why I was telling this girl any of this. I don’t share personal stuff… especially with strangers. Personal stuff got you hurt.

She smiled gently and reached up and touched my face. “Well, I don’t know about the smart-ass part, but you’ve certainly outgrown the awkward part.” Her grin took on a devilish crook and she cocked her head again. “You’re always gonna be tall, but the rest of your body has caught up. You’re graceful and gorgeous and I’ll bet with that strawberry blonde hair and those beautiful freckles there’s more than a little Irish in your family history.”

I blushed again, unable to respond.

She giggled, reached up and gently caressed my face again, “Those little blushes are just breathtaking; I’m sure men are just beating down your door.”

I could feel my blush deepen. “No, not really, I don’t date much. I don’t do well with boys…um, men. I was embarrassed by my lack of coordination and the fact that until we were in high school, I was taller than ninety percent of the boys in my class. I was five eleven in the sixth grade when most of the boys were still around five feet. Of course, I’m still five eleven; this is all the taller I’ve ever gotten.” I giggled nervously, “Thank God! Anyway, I threw myself into my schoolwork and books. Kids hated me because of my grades and the fact that I screwed up the curve.” I hesitated, thinking again that I shouldn’t be pouring my heart out to this stranger, but I couldn’t seem to stop. “I stayed away from other kids as much as I could. My mom tried to get me involved in other things and sometimes I actually tried to participate, but the kids were always so mean to me.”

Reiko scooted around, then knelt next to me on the couch and hugged me. “You poor baby, did it get better in college?” Her cheek rested against mine and felt soft and cool and nice.

I sighed, “A little. At least boys looked at me differently.”

I felt her smile against my cheek. “I’ll bet they did. You’re tall and willowy and have a killer body.”

Her compliments seemed a little strange, but they did make me feel good, although I was blushing furiously, it made my face feel as though it were on fire. I smiled nervously, feeling a little better about myself, “Yeah, but I didn’t and still don’t know how to talk to boys, ummm, men. I always end up embarrassing myself. Dates don’t go very well.”

She hugged me tighter and I let my arms go around her. I was completely confused. I had never told anyone about this…any of this, not even my mom. But for some reason Reiko felt safe. She squirmed a little in my arms and I tried to let go but she didn’t let me. She pulled my head into her shoulder.

“No,” she whispered, “let me hold you…you need someone to make you feel loved.”

Her kind, soft words helped me relax; my face in her shoulder. It was remarkable, this beautiful stranger made me feel more loved and comfortable in the last few minutes than at any time in my life. She squirmed some more, fiddling with her dress and suddenly she was in my lap. I looked down and she was straddling me, her knees bent in a kneeling position. I was stunned to see that she had pulled her dress up around her waist, exposing her panties and the lacy tops of her thigh high stockings. I couldn’t keep myself from staring at the tiny black panties, the smooth skin of her bare thighs between the sexy stockings and the silky panties. I saw the groove of her womanhood in the silky panties and idly thought that I didn’t see any evidence of hair. The more I looked, the more I told myself to stop, but I was mesmerized. After what seemed an eternity, I felt her fingers on my chin, urging my face up. As I looked at her, I found myself having difficulty breathing. I could feel that my blush had deepened. I was confused, other girls didn’t appeal to me, didn’t affect me, but somehow Reiko was different. She was kind, she was sympathetic and though I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I thought she was amazingly beautiful and sexy. She was soft and smooth and as I breathed I realized she smelled incredible. She leaned forward just a little bit and stopped. I think she was trying to gauge my reaction. My eyes fluttered as I leaned toward her. She closed the gap and her lips brushed mine. The light contact was like an electric shock and it caused me to take a deep shuddering breath. Reiko pulled back a little and looked into my eyes before drawing me into her arms again and gently hugging me to her body. Her body felt soft and firm against mine. I was in heaven but still totally confused. She leaned back, and when I felt her fingers at my chest I jerked away. I looked down and was embarrassed that I had overreacted very badly. She was merely unbuttoning my coat. She pushed it off of my shoulders and helped me pull my arms free.

I blushed, the heat flickering on my face. I hung my head and Reiko lifted my chin. “I’m so sorry,” I whispered, “I-I didn’t realize what you were doing.”

She put her finger over my lips. “Shhh, you were just startled.”

Honestly, what I did next, I did without thinking. Her finger was there and it smelled as good as the rest of her. I kissed it. I looked Reiko in the eyes and just kissed it. It made me smile because she was momentarily surprised by my kiss.

“Oh!” she squeaked.

“Was that okay?” I whispered against her finger, worried.

She smiled warmly, “Oh, yes. It was surprising, that’s all.”

I smiled, happy with her answer and kissed it again. “I like the way your finger smells and how soft it is. It feels nice to kiss it.” I giggled and kissed it again.

She cupped my face and gently pulled us together, whispering, “Then you should love this.”

Her lips met mine again and again the softness of her lips and the gentleness of her touch reverberated through me to my soul. Chills ran from my scalp to my toes and all of the tiny hairs on my body stood, causing my body to feel like one gigantic nerve ending. She rained tiny kisses over my face, her hands holding my head so gently that I felt as though I was being truly loved for the first time in my life. It felt so good, I felt so good that tears began spilling from my eyes. I took another shuddering breath as Reiko began kissing the tears from my cheeks. I raised my face, seeking her lips with mine. In the short time that we had been together I had begun to crave the feel of her lips on mine. I had never felt like this in my life, let alone feeling something like this so quickly and for a woman, no less. She met my lips with hers and I sighed softly. Her lips left mine and I whimpered; I didn’t want her to leave me.

I could hear the smile in her soft southern accent, “Not to worry, I’m not leaving you, Sweet One, I’m just exploring, will that be all right with you?”

I had no words for her, just a soft moan of assent. Her lips found mine again, briefly before she departed, going exploring. She moved to my cheek, lips brushing gently along the skin, barely making contact. I shivered again, her soft lips exciting me to an extent I didn’t think possible. Then, I started thinking about the fact that Reiko was a woman and I began to freak out. Panicked, I tried to pull back from her when she stopped and released me immediately.

She sat back, concern reflected in her eyes, “What’s wrong, Cassandra?”

“I, I, I…” I faltered. I couldn’t explain; I was torn… torn between feeling that this was all wrong and wanting her soft touch to return. As I sat there, my face buried in my hands, I felt her gentle touch on my chin, tenderly urging me to raise it. I resisted at first, but the softness of her hands, the kindness in her voice and the compassion in her touch compelled me to raise my head. Her soft brown eyes searched mine, solicitously assuring herself that I was okay.

“Cassandra, I don’t want to hurt you,” she murmured. “I want to make you feel good; I want you to feel loved like you never have before, to make you happy. Please let me do that for you.”

I held my breath; it was as though she was reading my mind. She somehow knew how she made me feel. Even though I was confused and unsure of what I wanted, I didn’t want to give up how she made me feel. I had felt more alive in the last few minutes than I think I had ever felt. I wasn’t completely sure what she wanted from me, though I suspected what it was and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. But, I wasn’t ready to give up how she made me feel…not yet. Uncharacteristically, I made up my mind; I’d go with this feeling, for now. I’d deal with whatever happened, later, right now I wanted her kisses, her lips on mine and wherever else she wanted them to be.

I leaned into her and kissed her, it wasn’t as sexy as her kisses, but it was as passionate as I could make it. I could tell it startled her by the way she stiffened, but she quickly recovered and returned my passion. I know I was awkward, but this felt good, right…maybe even perfect. Her lips were soft but insistent, and as awkward and inexperienced as I was, it felt as though she really knew what she was doing. She left my lips again, exploring my cheek, and then sliding to my neck. Just as before, my heart began to race and my breath and heart rate quickened. Even though I was unsure and maybe even a little bit frightened, I let her continue; my desire to experience her lips further overwhelmed my anxiety. She leaned away and I tried not to let my disappointment show. I don’t know whether I succeeded or not.

My white silk blouse tied at the collar, leaving a large bow tie. I gasped when I felt Reiko’s fingers toying with the bow, almost hesitantly fingering it. Then her fingers seemed to slip away just as her lips found my neck again. I sighed in lust, but also in disappointment, I realized that I wanted her to tug on the bow. I wanted her to get to my collarbone…and maybe further and then I pretty much stopped thinking. The soft brush of her lips on the tender skin had me dazzled and focusing on their gentle, but steady descent down my neck. I gasped again as I realized her fingers were back at the silk bow and now were tugging on it.

My immediate instinct was to grab her hand, make her stop, but a baser, more primal instinct was to allow what was happening to continue, and I did. Her kisses felt so good that my hand, which had begun to flutter, settled down to my side. I felt wonderful kisses, Reiko’s gentle kisses, sliding down my neck. My mind had come back to me a little and I was a little in awe of her and the way she made me feel. Suddenly, I realized that I felt her lips in the scoop of my neck, in the soft, sensitive little hollow. The bow was undone, as were a couple of buttons. I had been so focused on the silkiness of her lips that I completely missed the undoing. My head lolled back as Reiko continued to kiss along my collarbone, pausing to give the hollow a furtive lick. My stomach lurched at the touch of her tongue; it was so unexpected, but so very welcome.

My hands, which had been lying idly on the couch, rose as though with a mind of their own, to caress her thighs. When I felt the borderline between her silken skin and the lace of her stockings I lifted my head to look at my hands. I couldn’t believe that I was caressing the thighs of a woman, just inches from her vagina. Reiko sat back and watched me watching my hands. I glanced up at her and was startled to see her watching me. I jerked my hands away and she gently caught them.

Looking into my eyes, she whispered, “If you don’t mind, I really, really liked the way that felt.” She put my hands back on her thighs and said, “Please don’t stop.”

I hesitated, but didn’t remove my hands. I looked at them for a moment before looking up into Reiko’s sparkling eyes. The expressive dark brown orbs seemed to be pleading with me, yet were shy, nervous. The shyness was unexpected and appealing. I took pity on her and started moving my hands… but that wasn’t the only reason. As much as Reiko really liked my touch, I really, really liked the feel of the soft, smooth, skin of her thighs under my hands. I blushed, thinking of what I was doing and was about to do.

Reiko wasn’t looking at my face; she was still watching my hands. I leaned up and for the first time in my life, I initiated a soft, intimate, romantic kiss with a woman. When I had kissed her earlier it was hard, and aggressive, this was not. Her lips were soft and smooth, but were completely relaxed when I met them and felt even softer than before. She hadn’t expected me and withdrew sharply, surprised. I giggled, thrilled that I had surprised her. She looked at me, blinking rapidly.

Then she grinned, “You minx!” She quickly pressed her lips to mine, leaning forward sharply.

Her movement caused her hips to shift forward, bringing her vagina abruptly into contact with my outstretched fingers. She gasped into my mouth and then thrust her vagina down hard on my fingers. I didn’t know what to do; my forefinger and middle finger were buried to the second joint in another woman’s vagina, albeit shielded by her silky, black, moist panties. My brain was stunned, but on some level, I recognized that her panties were warm and wet and I liked the way it felt being inside of her. I liked the kisses, but this was too much and I pulled back, quickly removing my hand and turning my head.

Reiko recognized that things were moving too fast and she sat up, shifting her hips back. “Ohhh, I’m sorry, Cassandra. I’ve scared you, are you okay?” She hugged me, gently holding me in her arms.

I sat stiffly, allowing Reiko to hold me. I didn’t want to like the way it felt, but I did. I didn’t want to want to touch her, but I did. I didn’t want to raise my arms to hold her, but I did. I especially didn’t want to kiss her but I did. I wanted to kiss her so badly, that I leaned away from her, causing her to tremble with sadness. I could see the sadness in her eyes turn to joy as I leaned back in and gently pressed my lips to hers.

Reiko was very gentle with me; I assumed she was afraid to scare me again. She kissed me slowly, softly. But the yearning for her lips was quickly building within me. I wanted to feel her tender kisses on my neck and…I could hardly believe what I was thinking, my breasts. I lightly placed my hands on either side of her head and pulled her lips from mine. I saw the slightly panicked expression in her eyes. I had already fallen in love with her eyes. They were so expressive. So I leaned in and kissed each of them before gently pressing her head down and into my neck. I heard a tiny squeal of excitement as her head bobbed up and she kissed me hard.

She pulled away and looked at me, “I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw you. I love your tight, firm ass.” She giggled as she saw my eyes widen. “I know you try to hide under those conservative suits, and loose jeans, but I can tell your butt is to die for. And I love your full breasts.” She giggled again. “I can tell about those, too. Your suits are finely tailored to minimize them, but your tee shirts aren’t. I’m guessing a C, am I right?”

I could feel my face burning as I began to redden.

“Bingo!” She snickered. My face felt like it was on fire, I knew I was flame red.

She leaned in and kissed my burning cheeks. “Awww, I’m sorry. I’m just teasing, I’m trying to get you to relax, loosen up.”

I took a deep breath and looked into those expressive, deep pools of brown. “This is me relaxed. It took everything I had to pull your lips to my neck. Just take yes for an answer, would you please.”

She blinked, staring at me, and then suddenly burst out in laughter. My heart skipped a beat at the sound of her joyous, unrestrained delight. I had found another thing about Reiko that I loved. She kissed me quickly several times, all while still snickering. “You are too, too funny!”

She didn’t actually get totally serious then, she still had a small smile on her face, but she did get more serious. After one last long, soft, body squirm inducing kiss, Reiko started at my ear again and proceeded to slowly work her way down my neck. Did I say slowly? Her pace was excruciating, barely moving at times. Her kisses and licks seemingly intended to induce the maximum amount of writhe to my body. I don’t know how she kept her lips in contact with my skin. Once I had accepted what I was feeling, my body reveled in the exquisite soft touches and licks it was experiencing for the first time. I alternated between trying to get away, not because I was frightened, but because the pleasure was so great, I was becoming overwhelmed and trying to absorb her lips into my skin. Reiko had not touched my vagina, but I was experiencing a tingling and wetness down there that was new and very exciting.

Along with the tingling and wetness I felt tenseness in my body that I had never felt before and I didn’t understand. It didn’t feel like stress, it was pleasurable, but it was building. Reiko’s lips had not yet reached my collarbone again, yet I felt like I was about to burst. I tried to focus on her lips, hoping that ignoring the throbbing warmth between my legs would make it dissipate, but it just intensified. The density of the throbbing became deeper and harder and now I was having trouble breathing. In the midst of all of this, it occurred to me that I was lying flat on my back with my skirt hiked up around my waist and somehow Reiko was nestled between my legs. The thought was only fleeting because Reiko lifted up her head, looked into my eyes and thrust her vagina against mine. All coherent thought disappeared as the most devastating sensation I had ever experienced raced through my body. I was riding wave after mounting wave of pleasure as it ravaged my body. The tingling that had been in my vagina had burst forth and was enveloping my body. It didn’t seem to want to subside, sustaining the intensity; seemingly forever. The roaring in my ears, the colors before my eyes and the tingling of my skin was conspiring to bring me more pleasure than I had thought possible. My body was balanced between my shoulders and feet on the couch, my senses on fire, Reiko riding me, when it suddenly all went black.

I began to realize that Reiko was gently kissing me and speaking softly to me. I opened my eyes and looked into her eyes, which seemed very concerned. “Wh-what was that?” I murmured.

She smiled, quite obviously relieved, her expressive eyes twinkling. “What was what?”

I smiled timidly, knowing I was being teased. “That amazing feeling, what was that?”

Suddenly, the smile fell from her face. “You really don’t know?”

The seriousness that Reiko exuded made me nervous. “No.”

“Oh my god!” She threw her arms around me and started crying. “I can’t believe you don’t recognize an orgasm, that’s so sad!”

I felt myself start to turn red, I knew I was blushing. I was embarrassed but I was also confused. “I get that it’s sad that I didn’t know an orgasm, but why are you crying?”

She sniffled, her face buried in my chest. “Because you have been denied for so long. I cannot believe that nobody has ever taken the time or cared enough to show you.” Her breath hitched in her chest as she sobbed again.

I sat, just holding her. I thought about how she was making me feel and I smiled. I especially liked how she had made me feel a few minutes ago. I started to get warm and tingly again. I remembered the twinkle in Reiko’s eyes when she made me blush. Even blushing she made me feel special. Special. That was the perfect word, Reiko made me feel special. My own mother didn’t even do that. Reiko was special because she made me feel special; I needed her to know that.

I wrapped my arms around her tightly and whispered in her ear, “Maybe I was waiting for someone special to show me. Maybe I was waiting for you, my tiny southern belle.” I kissed the top of her head and hugged her, holding her as tightly as I could. She froze, I could feel it. I had really fucked up; she would think I was a head case and push me from her apartment, screaming. I let go of her and started to wiggle out from under her.

She held tighter, and murmured, “Where ya goin’? I like holding you.”

My head was now spinning. “I, I, I…” I couldn’t finish my thought; I was more confused than before.

Reiko kissed the valley between my breasts and all coherent thought was again gone. All I registered was her smooth, soft lips and the tip of her tongue.

She picked her head up and looked at me. The twinkle was back in her eyes and she giggled, “You were saying?”

I just looked at her. I hesitated and then said, “I don’t know.”

Reiko sat up and pulled her dress over her head. My mouth went dry and I stared at her tiny, perfect body. Her black, silky, lacy bra encased her tiny breasts and as she moved, her chocolate drop nipples peeked in and out from behind the lace. As I stared, Reiko took my hands and pulled me up to sit on the couch again. I was a little dazed as she pulled my jacket off and started unbuttoning the cuffs on my blouse. I tried to focus on something other than Reiko’s breasts, but I couldn’t manage to tear my eyes away. Every time a nipple peeked out, my heart beat faster. The roaring was back in my ears. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the couch in my bra with my skirt scrunched around my waist.

I looked down and started giggling. I must look ridiculous, because I most certainly thought I did. I still had my shoes on, my dark gray pantyhose with my granny-panties and my skirt around my waist. But, I was naked from the waist up except for my plain, sturdy white bra.

Reiko grinned, “What’s so funny?”

I continued to giggle, “Look at me! I am!”

She sat back and I could tell she was trying not to laugh, but failing miserably. In trying to suppress her laughter she snorted and that was all it took for both of us. We lost it and collapsed onto each other. We eventually calmed down and still snickering, I began to realize that Reiko’s skin was soft, smooth and warm against my own. Suddenly, I couldn’t remember what was so funny. I leaned down and kissed her shoulder. Then I kissed it again before sitting back and kissing her chest. I was fascinated by her breasts and kissed down her chest to the valley between them. I moved to the left and found the edge of the little breast and the softer skin caused me to moan. Reiko started squirming around and her bra loosened and slipped to her elbows. I sat back and just looked, I had never seen another woman’s breasts this close and I can’t adequately describe how they made me feel. When I sat up, Reiko slipped her bra the rest of the way off and tossed it to the floor. I stared at her perfect little round boobs and nipples. I watched as my hands reached up and cupped her tiny breasts, my breath catching in my throat. I slowly pulled my hands away and realized that I had just touched a woman’s breast for the first time.

I wanted to think about it, so I started to lean in again and Reiko stopped me. She kissed me softly and said, “Would you like to get more comfortable? If you’re okay with this, maybe we could move to my room.” She kissed me again to encourage me.

I giggled, “If you’re trying to get me to move, you’re using the wrong tactics. I’m just as content to sit here and kiss you.”

But she slid back and off of my lap. “I’m not going to let you get comfortable, I want you to come into my bedroom.” She stood up and took my hands in hers.

I heard the word bedroom and I started to freak. I knew that’s what she was going to say, but hearing it out loud made it real. I froze and refused to move when she tugged on my hand. She immediately realized what had happened, but she had obviously decided that she wasn’t going to allow me to refuse.

“Come on!” She said with a smile, “You cannot refuse to move! You already made me take ‘yes’ for an answer…and I have. You cannot take it back now!”

That made me smile and I got up. She grinned and got up on her tiptoes and kissed me.

“That’s your reward!” She giggled, gently took my hand in hers again, turned and started toward her room.

I giggled when my skirt fell down around my legs. I thought, ‘I’m really doing this.’ Then I realized, ‘I’m not scared, I want this and it’s really exciting me.’ I reached up and took Reiko’s hand in both of mine. She glanced back at me and smiled when she saw the excitement on my face.

She whispered, “I knew you would like this.” I just smiled in return.

I was transfixed by her little bottom swaying back and forth as we made our way into her bedroom. The tiny black panties combined with the sexy black thigh highs displayed her butt and legs to perfection. I watched the subtle but sexy motion as we walked and didn’t look up until we stopped in her room. I think I will always remember that walk and the vision of tiny, sexy Reiko before me.

My breath was taken away when we stopped and I looked up. She had claimed that her parents had not participated in the traditional Japanese lifestyle, but her room was filled with hand-painted screens, a platform bed, and exquisite, delicate artwork.

She turned to look at me and blushed a little when she saw the expression on my face. She said in a rush, “I know these are traditional Japanese furnishings and I said my parents weren’t raised in the traditional Japanese culture. But, this stuff was my grandma’s, and I always loved it. I didn’t mean to be misleading.” She stood with her head bowed, still holding my hand.

I lifted her chin with my fingers, “I think the bedroom is beautiful and I think it’s great that you have your grandma’s furniture. I feel like I know you a little better.”

She threw her arms around me, pulled me down to her and whispered, “Thank you.”

She stepped away and drew me over to the platform bed. I started to get nervous again and she could sense it. She hugged me and said, “Don’t be nervous, I’m not going to do anything to hurt you, I’m going to make you feel wonderful.”

Reiko knelt on the floor and lifted my foot. I realized that I still had my shoes on.

“I cannot believe that we were sitting there making out…what?” Reiko was frowning at me and I stopped.

“Making out? What’re we…twelve?” Then she looked up at me and immediately started apologizing. “I’m so, so sorry, I didn’t think…”

I smiled, “Don’t worry, that’s not the first or the last time I’ve been called out for my occasionally adolescent language. It’s really not a big deal. Anyway, what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted…” I stuck my tongue out at her and she looked shocked for a moment before she giggled. “I cannot believe I sat there the whole time with my shoes on.”

She giggled, “What I can’t believe is that you managed to sit there with your feet so firmly planted on the floor. I had to fight to get your skirt pulled up.” She giggled again, “Your Mom must have taught you well how to keep your knees together and feet firmly planted on the floor. Even though I got between your legs, your feet never left the ground.”

Once again, I blushed.

She got my shoes off, stood and hugged me. “I think it’s so cute when you blush, I hope you never stop.”

That only made me blush more deeply.

She giggled, “You know, I can feel when you blush. Your skin gets so hot.”

Again, a deeper shade of what now must be purple.

She leaned in and kissed me gently between my breasts and I sighed as I felt her lips. The tip of her tongue flickered out and caressed the tender, soft skin of my breast. The sigh caught in my throat as I enjoyed her lips and tongue. When she pulled back I realized that she had unsnapped my bra and was pulling it off. My hands immediately left my sides and covered my breasts. I thought, ‘I want this but, I’m gonna be naked! It’s wrong; nobody’s ever seen me naked!’

Reiko leaned in and kissed the back of my hands. “Cassandra,” she said gently, “it’s okay, nobody other than you and me is going to know that I saw you naked. But believe me; I want to see you naked. And from the little I saw before you covered up, you have nothing for which you should be ashamed. You should be very proud, because they are gorgeous.” How did she keep doing that? It was like she was reading my mind.

She got on her tiptoes again and kissed me gently on the lips, and I sighed. Every time I felt her lips, it made me crave them a little more and each time I did, I shivered. She kissed the back of my hands and held them gently. Reiko did not try to pull my hands away, she just held them.

I took a deep breath and let my hands fall, taking Reiko’s with them. “Oh my god, Cassandra, they are even more beautiful than I thought! I love the color of your nipples! The deep rose color is exquisite,” then she giggled, “and by the state of them, I think you like being naked.”

My blush was back and from the heat of my skin, even more furious than before. “What do you mean?”

Reiko started giggling. “I don’t think they could get any harder if they tried!” She tiptoed up to kiss me gently, to show she was just teasing, then scooted around to my back as she sank to her knees. She found the clasp at my waist; undid it and let the skirt fall to the floor. Suddenly, there I was, topless, clad in nothing but my panty hose and granny panties. Reiko wasn’t about to let me think about this and was already tugging at the waistbands of both of my remaining garments. Actually, I was relieved that both were going, because I was a little embarrassed at how wet my panties had become. Honestly, I should have known that my wetness would not have gone unnoticed.

As soon as my panty hose and panties were unceremoniously discarded, Reiko was on her knees in front of me. I was trembling, maybe in fear, maybe in excitement…maybe both and I couldn’t look at her. Suddenly, it got quiet, and it got very serious. Reiko was on her knees staring at my sparsely covered vagina and then she gently touched the hair, sending a shiver down my spine. I couldn’t look, but I had to. I opened my eyes in time to see Reiko rub her fingers together before popping one in her mouth.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, “sweet and tangy, just like I imagined.”

I felt a little faint. My knees buckled and I started to sway when Reiko jumped to her feet and helped me into her bed. She knelt beside me and started to pull off her silky bikini panties. I stopped her. I was embarrassed, but I wanted to do it. In the few minutes since I had first seen them, I had wanted to see what was under them.

“Can I do it?” I whispered, half hoping she couldn’t hear me.

“Ohhhh god,” she moaned, “please do.” Then she snuggled up beside me and gave me the sweetest kiss, before laying back and letting me do what I wanted.

I slipped my fingers under the waistband. I paused, feeling the silky material. I grinned up ay her, “These look and feel really sexy.”

For the first time, she blushed. “Thank you.”

I kissed her tummy and she squirmed a little, “Oooooh…”

I sat up then because I wanted to clearly see what was under those tiny, black, silky panties. I hooked my fingers under the top of the waistband again and began to pull them down. Slowly, the pale skin hidden beneath the black silk was revealed until I saw the top of the tiny slit. I grinned to myself because I also saw the shiny evidence of her arousal. At least I wasn’t alone. I tugged a little harder, trying to speed up the reveal, but I noticed that her legs were held tightly together. I glanced up at her and she had an impish grin on her face.

I stopped with her panties barely past her hips and asked, “Don’t you want this?”

She giggled, “Yes, but I don’t want to seem too easy!”

I just shook my head and laughed, “I think we’re waaaay past that…”

“Heyyy…” she giggled and then raised her butt and spread her legs a little.

I pulled on the sexy panties and they started to slide down but my finger hooked in the top of one of the silk stockings and it started to slide down. I stopped pulling on the panties and pulled the stocking back up. I soothed it out and patted her thigh, feeling the sleek surface of the silk hose beneath my fingertips. I paused for a few seconds indulging in the pure decadence of this moment, before remembering my task.

“Do you like my stockings?” Reiko whispered, startling me. “You want to leave them on?”

I nodded while still watching my fingers. “I really like the way they feel.” I whispered.

She giggled softly, “Then I’ll bet you’ll love the way they feel over your shoulders or wrapped around your hips!”

I froze for a moment and just stared at her. She just giggled some more.

I finally started moving my hands again. I pulled the panties the rest of the way off and tossed them to the side, eager to see my first vagina up close. It was beautiful; almost chaste. I looked closely but could not see even one stray hair. I hesitantly reached up and ran my fingers alongside her hairless slit, causing her to shiver, which made me smile. It was literally as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It was also slick with her excitement, which also made me smile.

I still had my fingers sliding around, not touching her slit when I looked up at her, “How do you keep it so smooth? I like the way this feels.”

She squirmed, “Ohhh God, I love the way that feels!”

Startled, I jerked my hand away. She picked her head up, “No, no, no, don’t stop, I mean it, I love that.” I giggled and then I resumed gently stroking her skin.

“I had it lasered off. I really didn’t like that way my pubic hair looked, so I got it done.” She explained as she panted a little.

“Was it just once?” I asked. Then I realized what I was asking about and blushed furiously. “Sorry, I’m being too nosy.”

She laughed, “Don’t worry about it. No, it was not just once. With the Brazilian Rain Forest I had going down there…” She stopped when she realized what she had said, turned bright red, snorted and started laughing.

I was confused; I didn’t understand what was funny.

“Brazilian? Pubic hair?” She choked out.

I was a little slow and suddenly I realized what was funny and started laughing.

“See?” She said after containing herself. “Ahhh…” she breathed, because I hadn’t quit rubbing. She took a deep breath, “Anyway, I had so much hair and it was so thick, it took four trips, six months and nearly a thousand dollars before the hair completely stopped growing back. The tech said she had never had anyone need to come back more than three times.”

Reiko suddenly reversed positions on me and was kneeling between my legs. I am honestly not sure how that even happened. She ran her fingers through my hair and it caused me to shiver. “But, you may not even need to go twice. Your hair is so fine; I’ll bet the laser kills it all on the first try. Maybe I’m a little weird, but I’d really like to see you with a bald pussy, even though your red hair is killer sexy.”

I blushed again and that was before she unexpectedly leaned down and kissed my vagina. “Oh!” I exclaimed, startled. Then I giggled, “I didn’t expect you to kiss my vagina without a little warning.”

Reiko sat up and had a funny look on her face. I began to realize that she was struggling not to laugh.

I frowned, “What’s so funny?”

I barely heard her as she squeaked, “N-nothing.”

“It’s not nothing,” I said, “what is it?”

She held on for a few seconds before she completely lost it, collapsing in laughter onto my stomach. I was getting more than a little pissed. I covered up my breasts and started to squirm out from under her. She collected herself, sat up and grabbed my hips, still kneeling between my legs, not letting me loose.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured. “I couldn’t help it. Vagina? Who are we? Miss Manners?”

I was getting just a little indignant. “That’s what I was raised to call it. What do you call it?”

She smiled, “A pussy, a cunt, a twat…do you need more?”

I was shocked, I wasn’t accustomed to that kind of bold, frank language and I didn’t know how to take it. I froze, lying there with my mouth hanging open. As I thought about it I started to giggle.

She allowed a little grin, “What…”

“My prudish behavior sometimes gets the best of me,” I said softly, “I’m sorry. I know I use the word fuck a lot, but I hear my Mom’s voice in my head whenever I start to speak about, about…lady parts.”

Reiko grinned more widely and dipped her head for a kiss, soft and gentle. I really did love the way her mouth fit mine. It felt so perfect. I allowed my lips to part and her tongue didn’t jam its way in, it floated to my lips and delicately explored. Every time she touched my lips with hers, my breath was taken away. I reflected once again how much I enjoyed the feeling of her silky lips against mine.

She slipped away from my mouth; I was disappointed, but also looking forward to what she would do next. But then I got a little worried. She got an evil grin and, leaving her eyes locked on mine, leaned down and kissed my…pussy. That’s the first time I ever thought of it that way and it just sounded right. I looked back at her, briefly. My eyes fluttered closed as her tongue slipped from her lips and found my wet slit. My head flopped back on the bed as my eyes rolled back in my head and I thought I was going to pass out as her tongue lightly traced along my pussy lips. This was the first time a tongue had touched my private parts…okay, pussy, I couldn’t believe the pure pleasure that was rushing through my body. Reiko was merely flicking her tongue along the edges of my lips. Her tongue flicked my clit, (oh my god, the feelings that little flick caused) and then slipped into the depths of my pussy. Her tongue delved into my slickness and I could feel her, and hear her, pulling my juices from my pussy. Reiko slipped up to my face and kissed me, her tongue, soaking with my juices, slipping between my lips. I started to pull away, knowing that my mouth was filling with my own flavor. But Reiko had different ideas. She held the back of my head firmly in place and explored every inch of my mouth. I stopped fighting her and merely accepted her probing exploration at first. Then, as my fluids coated the inside of my mouth, I began to realize that I liked, no loved, the flavor and texture of my own secretions. I started actively seeking the nectar that Reiko was sharing with me. I heard her squeal with excitement when she realized what I was doing. Reiko left my mouth, to the sounds of my protestations to dive back into my pussy. Those protestations turned to squealing as her fingers joined her tongue in drawing more of my molten essence out.

Reiko’s surprisingly long tongue slithered inside of me and the incredible sensations radiated out from my pussy. Once again I felt the pleasurable pressure building in my body, but instead of fighting it or trying to ignore it, I welcomed it. Reiko must have felt the tension rising and backed off, I whined because the pleasure was not as great and I wanted it back. After withdrawing completely, I whimpered harder, louder and I heard her giggle as she slithered up my body. Her nipples dragged across mine and a sharp spark of pleasure jumped to my brain and I let a yelp of pleasure escape my lips. Lips that were immediately covered by Reiko’s lips, covered in my juices. Immediately, I stopped yelping and after being kissed long and hard, started sighing as I cleaned my juices from outside and inside of her mouth.

Reiko abandoned my mouth and headed down my body again. She paused at my breasts long enough to nip at each of my nipples, causing me to yelp, twice, and smack her head each time. She just snickered and continued on her way. This time when she got there, she kissed my pussy and delicately started licking the edges of my lips. The tickling sensation in my pussy started building the tension, that I now knew and anticipated as an orgasm, but she wasn’t content to tease me with her tongue. She slipped a finger inside of me and even though she had the tiniest fingers, it felt like she had a banana up there. I held my breath for a moment and then realized, this felt good, very good, almost as good as her tongue. It occurred to me that I may never find anything that feels as good as Reiko’s tongue.

Reiko was slowly pumping her finger in and out and delicately licking the edges of my lips. The tingling was deepening and my hips had begun thrusting to meet her finger. I was a little in awe of that. I didn’t know I knew how to do that. She stopped for a moment and pulled my knees up off of the bed. Her tongue immediately found my pussy again, concentrating on what I assumed by the bright, intense feeling was my clit. Then her finger found the bottom of my pussy and started digging a little. I felt my juices starting to run down to my butt and I started squirming in addition to the thrusting. Her finger left my pussy and trailed down to my slick little butthole. I squeezed my butt cheeks shut at the unexpected invasion, squealing in protest. I dropped my knees back to the bed.

Reiko stopped everything and slid up my body, her hips nestled between mine. I was distracted momentarily from what just happened by just how amazing her body felt against mine. Her lips found mine and I was even more distracted by the soft pressure and the gentle slipping of her tongue. I sighed and wrapped my arms around her.

Reiko withdrew from my lips, just far enough to be able to speak. “Cassandra?” She questioned softly, “Do you trust me?”

I hesitated before nodding slowly.

She kissed me again, causing me to melt a little, before speaking. “Then believe me when I say I would never hurt you. If you allow me to do this, it will only add to your pleasure. Will you let me?”

I hesitated longer before nodding slowly, again.

Reiko smiled and sighed before kissing me again. “Thank you for honoring me with your trust. I will try not to disappoint you.” She kissed me slowly, deeply before departing again.

As she was kissing her way down, I raised my knees and spread my legs further. I heard her giggle. She slipped between my thighs and found my clit again and I sighed in appreciation. For the longest time, she concentrated on tickling my clit with the tip of her tongue. She didn’t go near my butt, at first. I relaxed completely thinking that she wouldn’t. The tickling of her tongue was taking me higher and higher, nearer to an orgasm and I had forgotten her finger. Then suddenly, there it was, gently rimming my anus and the added stimulation was enough to drive me over the edge into the second orgasm of my life. Reiko wasn’t content to let me have it and let it subside. She kept her tongue on my clit, licking furiously away and incredibly, I felt the rising tide of another one. She pulled her finger away and slipped it into my pussy and the tide came crashing to the shore. I was panting and trying to push her head away and she kept at it and moved her finger from my pussy to my butt. Here came another one and suddenly there was nothing.

As I slowly opened my eyes Reiko was anxiously dabbing my face with a washcloth. “Cassandra? Cassandra, are you alight?” Reiko breathed, “Please god let her be alright, we’ve just found each other.”

Reiko saw that my eyes were open and threw herself on me. “I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry…”

I just giggled tiredly, “Sorry for what? The most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me? It was fucking awesome! Can we do that again sometime?”

She started kissing me all over my face and when she got to my lips, I stopped her. We kissed long and deeply, until I started drifting off.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, “so sleepy.”

Reiko soothed me, “That’s okay Sweet One, sleep and I’ll hold you.”

I felt her arms wrap around me and I felt safe, warm and loved, really, really loved. I also realized as I drifted off that I felt more content than I had in a very long time.


I woke up slowly, coming to consciousness feeling very, very good. I didn’t open my eyes right away. I simply luxuriated in the warmth of the bed and a feeling of absolute comfort and contentment. My environment felt familiar, yet somehow new and I wasn’t quite ready to give that up. I wiggled my toes and then stretched, feeling decadent in not jumping out of bed to get ready for work, yet. Maybe I didn’t have to go to work today; I couldn’t remember what day it was. I opened my eyes to look at my phone and rolled to the right to look at the nightstand where I put it every night.

My eyes swept the room as I rolled and I realized that I wasn’t in my bedroom. I was startled to come to this realization, but not as startled as I was when I discovered that not only was I not alone, I was in bed with a another woman. Her head was turned from me so that I couldn’t see her face, but I knew who she was the instant I saw her hair. It was so black it was almost blue, thick and shiny and even in bed, it lay perfectly on her head. The thing that absolutely gave her away was the streaks of lavender running through her flowing locks. I thought they were sexy the first time I saw them and there was nothing about them that changed my mind.

Even as I realized that I was in bed with my new neighbor Reiko, my mind filled with images of kisses. Sweet, wonderful, soft kisses; kisses that overwhelmed my soul. I gasped and closed my eyes as the powerful memories of those kisses made me tingle all over. More than that, I could feel myself getting wet from the powerful images in my brain. More visions filled me now, Reiko kneeling naked before me, her naked breasts tiny and perfect and mouthwatering. Her Hershey Kiss nipples erect and begging to be suckled. My memory shifted down her perfect, tiny body to the bare, succulent slit between her legs. That thought startled me again, ‘Mouthwatering? Succulent? Where the fuck did that come from?’

It dawned on me that I had my eyes squeezed shut; my hands balled into fists and the blissful feeling from moments ago had dissipated. I opened my eyes and Reiko had turned her head and was smiling sweetly at me, her eyes twinkling. I had no idea why, but her smile and her eyes did things to my heart and more remarkably to my stomach and my vagina. The wetness from a moment ago increased tenfold.

Her clear, sweet voice rang in my ears, “Good morning sweet Cassandra, how do you feel?”

I started to answer; I even opened my mouth, but then snapped it shut. I had no fucking idea how I felt. I shifted in the bed a little, felt the smooth sheets cool on my skin and another realization dawned on me. I was naked. My hands were under the sheets and I touched my hip to be sure. ‘Yep, naked.’

Reiko’s hand touched mine and I allowed her to entwine her fingers with mine. My body flushed again, it obviously remembered things that I didn’t. My heart was pounding, but I knew it wasn’t in fear or trepidation, it was pounding with desire and excitement. Closed my eyes and tried to remember what had happened, but all I got were these little flashes of Reiko kissing me, Reiko hugging me and Reiko’s head between my thighs. ‘Oh my God, what happened?’ I squeezed my eyes shut again and suddenly it all came flooding back, all of it. Better yet, I remembered how Reiko made me feel and I began to smile. I opened my eyes and I saw that my smile was reflected in hers. I scooted over and rubbed my nose on hers in a little Eskimo kiss.

“Hi,” I whispered.

Her grin got bigger, “Hi!” she answered.

I leaned in to kiss her and she turned her head away. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I need to go to the bathroom and then brush my teeth.”

I smiled, “Okay.”

“You can brush your teeth, too.” She smiled, “I have an extra toothbrush.”

The implications of that struck me a little weird and I frowned a little. She picked up on that.

“Look, sweetie,” she said, not looking at me, “There’s a reason that I have an extra toothbrush and it has nothing to do with me sleeping around.”

She did it again, reading my mind.

“I have a confession to make and I’d like for you to hear me out.” She was still not looking at me.

I hugged her, “Okay.”

She pulled away and looked at me, “I don’t want you to think that I’m some kind of slut or worse, a predator. I normally don’t come on this hard to anybody. I’m normally very reluctant to make contact with a new person…I’ve been hurt, too.” She snorted a short harsh laugh, “Try being a Japanese girl in Georgetown Kentucky, for Chrissake!”

I couldn’t help it, I had to giggle.

She smiled, sat up and kissed the end of my nose. “I have seen you fairly frequently in the last couple of months. You’re always alone, always buttoned up and perfect and always looking sad.” She blushed and dropped her eyes again. “I set up our meeting yesterday afternoon.”

I was stunned, “You did? How did you do that?”

“I watched out the window in the elevator lobby. Did you know your parking space is directly in line with my window?” She blushed more deeply. “You were a little late last night.”

I smiled, “Yeah, I have a problem to which I haven’t been able to find a solution.” I paused, thinking for a moment, “How did you know I was late?”

I had to giggle again, her blushing had gotten to critical mass, and she was nearly purple.

“Since I moved in and first noticed you…” She mumbled under her breath, “God, you are so beautiful…”, and then continued, “I realized that you normally got home about ten minutes after me. I would rush home every night to make sure that I could watch you get out of your car and walk to the building.” Her voice had dropped to a whisper in her embarrassment.

This time, I leaned forward and kissed her nose. “Again, how did you set this up?”

“Last night, I got all of my stuff together and watched for you.” She giggled, “You were late and I was worried that you had a date and weren’t coming home…I’m so glad I was wrong. Anyway, when I saw you get out of your car, I grabbed all of the stuff and waited outside my door. When the elevator dinged, I got down into position and waited for you to walk out. I just hoped there wouldn’t be a gallant guy on the elevator with you.”

I laughed, “Okay, so you were stalking me. But, why didn’t you just approach me?”

“I don’t really know; it just didn’t feel right.” She mumbled dropping her head.

I thought about it and realized that it was sweet, her going to so much trouble to meet me. I lifted her chin, much like she had done to me earlier and kissed her. “Okay.”

She pulled back, “So we’re okay?”

I kissed her again, “Mmmm-hmmm…” I hesitated, “But I don’t know what I’m doing…I don’t know if I can do this, but I like you, I like how this feels. Please teach me, help me, be patient with me. I want to try…I want you to…I love the feel of your lips on my lips…” The heat in my skin let me know I was blushing furiously, “…and other places. I especially want to try to do to you what you did to me.” I could feel my blush deepening and I looked away.

“Sweet One,” she said as she scooted to the side of the bed, “I’ll let you do anything you want,” she slipped out of bed and walked in the direction of the bathroom, “in a minute, but first I really gotta go!” I started laughing as she disappeared into the bathroom.

After a few minutes, I heard the toilet flush and the shower start. I was a little confused as I thought Reiko was coming back to bed. She stuck her head out of the bathroom door and asked, “You comin’?”

“Huh?” I responded.

“I thought you might like getting all slippery in the shower with me.” She said brightly. Her enthusiasm seemed to wane as I didn’t immediately respond. “Oh, I’m sorry…I thought…”

“No, no, no,” I stammered, “don’t misunderstand; you just took me completely off guard…” I said while scrambling out of bed. “I never thought about showering with a girl outside of gym class.” Then I grinned, “But I’m all for showering with you.”

She brightened again immediately and giggled while turning around and heading into the bathroom. I was on her heels as quickly as I could. As I stepped into the bathroom Reiko slipped into the shower. I started to follow her when I realized that I needed to go.

I called out as I sat on the commode, “Reiko, I really gotta go.”

I heard her giggle, “Okay, but please, please don’t flush until we’re done. Okay? Please?”

I finished and laughed as I seriously thought about flushing, but decided it was much too early in our relationship to pull something so mean. I froze as the thought ran through my mind. ‘Relationship? Relationship??!?! What. The. Fuck? What was I thinking?’

Reiko heard the laugh and giggled nervously, “You’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking, are you?”

My mind was so far past the brief thought about flushing that I thought, ‘How the fuck does she know what I’m thinking…again?’

She continued, “You’re not thinking about flushing, are you?”

‘Oh, that.’ I thought. “No…well maybe a little, but I decided it was too mean.” I said as I slipped into the shower, too.

Reiko immediately embraced me in a warm hug. “I don’t believe there’s a mean bone in your body.” She said, pressing her lips into the skin between my breasts. I melted a little with the feeling of her soft skin against mine.

When we came up for air, I giggled, “I think you’d be surprised…”

“Sure, Sweet One.” She murmured.

I protested, “Well I did, until…” I stopped, realizing that I was about to reveal what I was thinking about a relationship. I was appalled at my carelessness and tried to pull away.

“Stop…stop, stop!” Reiko said, holding me as I struggled to get away. She was surprisingly strong for someone so tiny. “Until what?”

I stopped struggling. It wasn’t doing much good anyway. I sighed and squeezed my eyes shut as tears started trickling down my cheeks. I hoped the shower would hide them, but Reiko saw them anyway, or she read my mind again.

“Why are you crying?” Her soft whisper startled me as she had drawn me close, without my realization, and her lips were near my ear.

I drew in a deep breath, my chest hitching as a sob caught there. My eyes were still closed as I said, “I, I …” I stopped took another deep breath, steadying my nerves. “I was going to say that I thought about flushing until I realized that it was too early in our relationship to do anything so mean.” I stopped as I heard her gasp. ‘Oh well,’ I thought, ‘It was probably too good to be true anyway.’ I started to pull away, assuming Reiko would think I was nuts.

Reiko pulled me back and into one of her wonderful soft kisses. She gently pulled her lips away and looked deeply into my eyes, “I want it to be true. I want for us to really, truly have a relationship. Are you teasing me, or do you really believe that?” It was then I noticed that her eyes were filled with tears.

“Reiko? Reiko, what’s wrong?” I whispered.

“Tell me,” she rasped, “tell me now…do you believe we can have a relationship?”

I lifted her face to mine, “I think that I told you that I believe that we already have one.” I kissed her again. She grabbed my head and fiercely returned my kiss.

I melted into her lips as I had been doing for much of the last twelve hours. Her tiny body felt so amazing against mine, it gave me chills. Then I realized that the chills were more than my reaction to Reiko. The hot water had run out and it was suddenly freezing in the shower.

Reiko stood quietly leaning against me and holding me tight. “Uhhh, Reiko…”

“Um-hm?” She responded.

“Do you feel how cold the water is?” I was now shivering.

“Huh?” Reiko said and raised her head from my chest, apparently just realizing how cold it had become. She started shivering. “It’s cold in here!”

“Ya think?” I giggled.

“Huh?” She repeated, starting to get out of the shower. She stopped and smacked me on my butt. “Bitch!” She giggled.

Reiko grabbed a couple of big fluffy towels and we wrapped ourselves up in them. We went into the bedroom and Reiko flopped on the bed. I crawled up next to Reiko and lay down. I looked at her smiled, reached out and gently rubbed her arm.

“Reiko, I, um, I…” I faltered, trying to tell her what I wanted.

“What, sweetie?” Reiko smiled into my eyes. “What do you want?”

“I…I w-w-want t-t-to l-l-lick y-y-you.” I stammered. “I-I-I w-w-want t-to m-make you feel like you made me f-feel. B-but I don’t know what to do.” I finished in a rush.

Reiko sat up, pushed me down onto my back and pulled my towel off. She pulled hers off and threw them both onto the floor.

She leaned in, kissed my mound and I protested. “Noooo, I want to do you.”

She smiled, “Relax sweetie, you’re going to do me.” She reversed position with her head at my feet. Just before she threw her leg over my head she said, “Just do to me, what I do to you and I guarantee I’ll like it a lot.”

She lowered her lips to the center of my womanhood and the sensation was so intense that I briefly forgot that I was supposed to be mimicking her. After about a minute of enjoying her lips on my nether lips and not returning the favor, she dipped her hips and her very wet pussy collided with my mouth.

“Oh!” I said.

She took another lick which sent a shiver through me and said, “You said you wanted to do this, right?”

I lifted my head and took a long lick from her clit to her perineum, causing her to shiver and moan. “Yes, I did and yes, I will.” I licked again and again, beginning to realize that Reiko’s reactions were the best part of licking her pussy.

Reiko’s flavor surprised me. I didn’t have any idea what to expect, but I guess that clean and fresh was something I hadn’t considered. I know we had just showered, but I instinctively knew that this was the real Reiko. I loved it and took another long swipe. I was rewarded with a shiver and moan that were just as exciting to me. Reiko’s tongue was not still and the quick, flicking motion on my clit caused me to stop and hold my breath.

“Oh, goddd…” I gasped and Reiko giggled sexily.

“I thought you would like that…” I heard and it was slightly muffled. She did it again and I was amazed to feel the beginnings of a swelling orgasm. Evidently, Reiko felt it also and she redoubled her efforts to hurry it along. I had a hard time catching my breath.

“Noooo, I want to do you.” I repeated.

She giggled again, “Then you’d better get to it or I’m gonna beat you to the punch.”

‘Okay’, I thought, ‘you asked for it.’ I dove right in and flicked her clit as fast as I could, it wasn’t as fast as her tongue, but I guess it did the job.

I heard from up above me, “Oh shit, oh shit, ohhhh shiiittt!!!” and I was rewarded with a big, slippery torrent of Reiko’s girl come. I enjoyed that so much, I just kept at it and had to grab Reiko’s ass to keep her still enough to keep my tongue on her clit.

My fingers slipped between her cheeks and she pulled her face away from my pussy, “Oh god!” I just filed that away for later and kept after her pussy. About a minute later she moaned deeply and I felt the twitching in her pussy go into overdrive and was rewarded with another giant surge of girl come. Reiko collapsed on me and I was extraordinarily proud of myself. My first time licking pussy and I had made Reiko come twice before she made me come once. I was convinced that licking pussy was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

I slid out from under Reiko and drew her into my arms, snuggling up with her, luxuriating in the feel of her skin against mine. I loved how she fit so perfectly in my arms, like we had been designed to fit together like a puzzle. We lay there quietly, Reiko sleeping softly. I must have dozed off too; I started when I felt Reiko shift in my arms.

I opened my eyes and Reiko’s rich, expressive, dark brown eyes were smiling into mine. “Are you sure you haven’t done that before?”

I giggled, “Hmmm, let me think. Have I ever buried my face in the smooth, soft pussy of a woman that I met less than twenty four hours ago? Oh, and have I ever had real, live sex before? Have I ever felt like my heart belongs to said perfect stranger? No, no and no.” Reiko’s eyes widened. “Have I ever been happier in my life?” I leaned in and kissed her softly. “No, I have not.”

I pulled back and looked into her eyes. They were filled with tears and smiling. “I haven’t either,” she whispered.


That was five years ago. We’ve been together ever since. I moved in with Reiko about six months after that first weekend together. Then about a year later we bought a condo together. We’ve discussed getting married, several times, but for whatever reason it hasn’t felt just right.

My mom was stunned when I took Reiko home with me a couple of months later and told her that I was in love. Things did not go well at first. She told me that I was welcome to visit, but I was not to bring that…well, I won’t repeat the terrible, hurtful things she said. I told her that was fine, but I was leaving and I wouldn’t be back, and oh, she needn’t bother calling me. If she couldn’t accept the woman that I loved, then she didn’t need me in her life either. I grabbed Reiko, kissed her, grabbed her hand and stormed out of the house. Reiko was hanging on to me, stunned.

My mother didn’t take me seriously until I hung up on her the first ten or twelve times she called. After several months of this, she finally emailed me and begged me to talk to her, that she had thought about things and didn’t want to lose me. I wrote back and told her that, for now, I would just answer her emails but we wouldn’t talk on the phone. We began writing and she asked a lot of questions about our relationship. She slowly realized that I was truly happy for the first time in my life and that Reiko was the one who was responsible for that. She apologized to me and I told her that I wasn’t the one to whom she owed an apology. She didn’t answer and I figured the progress that we had made was gone.

The doorbell rang about an hour later and when I opened the door, I was surprised to see that it was Mom. She asked if Reiko was here and if she could speak to her privately. I went and got Reiko and I was scared, but Reiko said it would be okay. They were in our office with the door closed for over an hour. When they came out, they were both crying and came and hugged me. To this day, Reiko just gives me an enigmatic smile and says nothing when I ask her what was said. Mom just snaps and tells me it’s none of my damn business. I guess that’s true, because since then Mom treats Reiko like she’s her own daughter. I am not about to risk the peaceful calm by prying.

Reiko’s Mom and Dad literally rolled their eyes and sighed. That was it. Her brothers asked if they could watch us make love and then ran from the room, laughing, Reiko hot on their tails. They came back, contrite, and apologized. I have no idea what she did to them. I was accepted as a daughter from that first day. Our families are so different.


Occasionally, when I come home, Reiko is at the front door struggling with packages. She knows that I know that it’s all a setup, but I think it’s adorable and sweet and romantic. Then, we generally spend the weekend naked and in bed, just like that first weekend.

This past Friday, I told Margaret that it was our fifth anniversary and I wanted to do something special for Reiko. Margaret grinned and told me to go for it. I faked going to work and then came home after Reiko had left. I thoroughly cleaned the condo and then got myself cleaned up and went out.

Before this, I had never had the courage to get my pussy lasered, even though Reiko begged me to do it time and again. I will give Reiko props, she was right, I really liked the way it felt. I was getting seriously turned on, just from my panties rubbing on the smooth skin. This would take some getting used to.

I went to my next destination, made my purchase and then went home. I showered again, dressed in work clothes, except for sexy lingerie, and waited. When it was time for Reiko to be home, I put on my gray London Fog, went to the front door with some bags and my briefcase. I saw her car turn the corner and struggled with the bags, my briefcase. She jumped out of the car and we played out our love story, this time with me as the seductress.

Reiko was delighted with my trip to the spa and we had some of the best sex we’ve ever had. The next morning, when we awoke I slipped out of bed and got the little box out of where I had hidden it in my drawer. I knelt next to the bed and she started stirring. Her soulful brown eyes stared into mine.

“What are you doing Sweet One?” She whispered.

I whispered back, “I got something for you.”

She grinned, “What is it?”

I held it up and opened the little box, “I love you Mashita Reiko and I don’t want to risk another minute without you being mine and mine alone and mine forever. Please marry me.”

Her eyes filled with tears and then she scrambled out of bed and went to her dresser. She rooted around in her lingerie drawer and pulled out a similar box to mine. She raced back and knelt beside me.

She giggled, “Ditto,” and placed her ring on my finger before letting me put mine on hers. She dove into my arms and we kissed each other over and over while rolling around on the floor.

I pulled away, kissing her quickly before I said, “You do realize that’s how this all started, don’t you? Your kisses. That’s the one thing I can never resist, your soft, smooth lips.”

She giggled, “I know!” and kissed me again.


After all of the problems at the beginning, my Mom is thrilled to be part of planning a big wedding. She keeps bringing suggestions about wedding dresses and ceremonies and the reception. Her personal list is at about five hundred people. We are trying to pare it down to people we actually know.

That’s my story…our story. Reiko has proof read everything and approves.

She did have one suggestion. She thought our readers might be curious what happened to the jackass with the big ass yacht. I didn’t find any loopholes for him, so he had to pay for it himself. He was seriously pissed. Oh, well.

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