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Kim’s Boss

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I watched as my wife applied the finishing touches to her lipstick and then turned to me.

“Right, I’m ready now, can you give me a lift?”

We headed downstairs and out to my car. It was then just a fifteen minute drive to the restaurant where Kim was meeting her boss. She worked as assistant credit controller at an engineering firm and her boss was moving to a new job in Scotland.

There had already been an evening out with various of the work staff, but Steve intended tonight as a thank you to Kim for all her help during the four years they had worked together.

If you’re already jumping to conclusions about the nature of their relationship then forget it. Kim was a virgin when I met her and although she was now 36 and no longer a naïve eighteen year old, she was still rather conservative and I had no reason to doubt that she had been faithful to me (as indeed I had to her).

In fact I often wished she would be more adventurous. She did like sex, no question of that, but she was rather inhibited and anything other than plain vanilla sex was greeted with a degree of suspicion.

After we had been married for several years I initiated a conversation about sexual fantasies and that in turn led to me suggesting that we try swapping with another couple. Kim immediately vetoed that and when I said that a threesome with another man might be interesting she was shocked and said no.

Kim had said that there wasn’t anything she fantasised about, but several months later we went to the movies and saw The Accused. It includes a rape scene which I found very harsh and said as much to Kim afterwards. To my surprise my shy, conservative wife said that it had turned her on. Naturally I questioned her about this and she rather haltingly confessed that she did occasionally fantasise about being taken very forcefully by a dark handsome stranger. It wasn’t exactly rape she said, but her suspiciously feeble protests would be brushed aside as the stranger took his pleasure. She insisted that it was just a fantasy and that she had no interest in the reality (and I’m sure that was the case), but nevertheless it was an intriguing development.

I think that’s what really sparked my interest in watching while Kim had sex with another man. I’d had vague ideas about it floating around in the back of my mind for a while, but after Kim’s confession those thoughts became much more focused and I began to see it as a possibility, rather than an unachievable fantasy.

The subject was mentioned from time to time and Kim came to accept that it was a definite turn-on for me. Nevertheless she made it clear that while she wasn’t averse to it as a bit of fantasy pillow talk, she wasn’t interested in turning it into reality.

So that was the background to tonight and as we drove to the restaurant I think we were both aware that during the fifteen years of our marriage this was the closest we had ever been to Kim going out on a date with another man.

I was sure Kim was conscious of it because she seemed rather nervous and chatted a bit more brightly than she would normally have done. Perhaps that reflected a level of excitement about tonight, and if it did that was fine by me.

I should perhaps add that I’m forty two, so six years older than Kim, while Steve is thirty-nine. I’ve met him a few times and he’s a very pleasant, likeable guy. I know he thinks very highly of Kim, not least because she’s very conscientious and good at her job. However Steve has been divorced for at least six years and I was sure there must have been times when he looked at this beautiful woman who was working for him and wondered what it would be like to go to bed with her.

It would be surprising if he didn’t because Kim was very attractive. Her looks were much better than average – a beautiful face, long dark curly hair and a lovely figure with superb 36D breasts.

So I was delivering my wife to another man for something that whilst perfectly respectable, did have more than a hint of a “date” about it. There was no question that Kim had dressed the part. Not that she looked even remotely slutty; she’d chosen a very smart blouse and skirt, but for underwear she’d picked a lacy black bra and pants set and some lace-topped stockings which I had bought her and which were only used on special occasions.

We arrived at the restaurant just as the taxi which had brought Steve was leaving. So we shook hands and I was able to have a brief word with him. I repeated what I’d already said to Kim that if he wanted to avoid the hassle of a taxi home then the spare room at our house was available. He thanked me for that and said it probably wouldn’t be necessary, but he would bear it in mind.

I gave Kim a peck on the cheek and she confirmed that she would ring later when she wanted picking up. Driving home I couldn’t help thinking back to Kim sat at her dressing table smoothing her stockings into place with that wonderful sensuous motion which women often use. What was it about stockings that was such a turn-on? There really is nothing better than sliding your hand across the sheen of silky stockings, onto soft warm flesh and finally a welcoming pair of damp panties.

Would Steve get the opportunity to discover that Kim was wearing stockings? I very much doubted it, but there was a definite pleasure in mulling over the possibility of it happening. Let’s face it they were effectively on a date, they were away from their normal work surroundings and dressed in a way that recognised that. The novelty of the situation was bound to register quite strongly with both of them.

Steve would have to be brain-dead not to be aware that he was dining with a very attractive, very bedworthy woman. That much was obvious; I found it more intriguing to consider my wife’s behaviour. Without going over the top she had prepared herself quite carefully for tonight; if she was single and it had been a straightforward date then her preparation probably wouldn’t have been any different.

Was she sat now enjoying a bit of mild flirtatiousness between herself and Steve, aware perhaps of an unmistakeable moist arousal between her legs?

I must admit I spent a fairly restless evening surfing between different TV channels and never able to concentrate on anything for very long. Eventually the phone rang and Kim asked if I could pick them up.

“Steve would like to take us up on that offer of a bed for tonight. Are you sure that’s OK with you?” I was happy to assure her that it was fine by me.

Driving to the restaurant I had to remind myself not to read too much into this. It might sound very hopeful to me, but equally I could be reading far too much into what was simply a matter of convenience.

When I got to the restaurant Kim and Steve came out almost immediately. I held the rear passenger door open hoping they would get in together, but that point was lost on Kim who told Steve to go in the front and she would go in the back. If that was a minor setback the obvious plus point was that they had clearly had a good evening. There was nothing specific, but you couldn’t miss the happy, relaxed atmosphere that surrounded them.

The drive home passed fairly quickly. I followed the conversation carefully listening for any hints of attraction between them, but couldn’t really detect anything. However it was obvious that Kim had had a bit more to drink than normal. Not that she was drunk, but she did seem a little “over-relaxed”. I found out that she had had a glass of wine whilst waiting in the bar area, then they had ordered a bottle of wine with the meal and Kim had drunk most of it.

I reckoned that was probably an ideal amount, enough for her to shed some of her inhibitions, but not so much that she became ill (which I had seen just once before).

Once we were home I opened a bottle of wine and we sat down in the lounge and had a very relaxed conversation. I’d made sure the main lights were off and had left on a fibre-optic lamp whose changing colours gave the room a soft, warm light.

There was some chat about Steve’s move and the huge distance between Kent where we were now and his new job in Glasgow, but all the time I was looking for an opportunity to steer the conversation into more intimate areas. I did wonder if I could slip in some mention about Kim wearing stockings, but a suitable opportunity never seemed to arise and it seemed clumsy to just blurt it out.

In the end I realised the obvious thing was to put some music on. So I picked out one of Kim’s favourite CDs with a slow, sexy number which I know she loves. True to form when that track came on it immediately had her attention. Neither Kim nor I are anything much as dancers, but she does have a weakness for shuffling round to a smoochy number.

So I asked her to dance and with only a brief hesitation we started shuffling round the floor together. I didn’t wait too long before suggesting that Kim ought to have a dance with Steve.

“Have a go with Steve, it might be the last opportunity you get” was how I put it. The ambiguity of my words wasn’t lost on Kim because our eyes met briefly and there seemed to be a flicker of recognition about the situation I was trying to coax her into.

Anyway it was now Steve’s turn to shuffle round with her and he chose not to take any risks, placing his hands on her hips while she put hers loosely round his back. My mouth felt strangely dry and I could feel my heart beating much faster than normal, but I managed to make the words sound reasonably casual.

“You can kiss her if you like – it might be the last opportunity you get.” Steve looked at me quite sharply and I simply winked in reply. There was a moment’s puzzlement and then he smiled. He was probably unsure exactly what I had in mind, but clearly he was happy to find out. He leaned in towards Kim and kissed her briefly, but firmly on the lips, then he leaned in and kissed her again, this time a proper, longer kiss.

Kim had stopped shuffling round and stood there rather stiffly, not responding to his kiss, but not doing anything to stop or even discourage him. I thought that was distinctly hopeful. The kissing continued and Kim was starting to respond, but I felt that if this was going to develop in the way I wanted then I would have to provide some encouragement.

I moved in behind Kim and began nuzzling at the back of her neck. That surprised her and she made an attempt to break off from kissing Steve, but he pulled her back to him. My next step was to start fondling her backside. She stiffened when I did that, but fortunately there was nothing more. Her legs were slightly parted so I took the opportunity to aim my caresses more centrally and Kim must have realised that was a clear signal of my intention to target her pussy. It should have been clear that wasn’t going to be just a kiss and a cuddle, it was going to be much more intimate.

Having her skirt in the way was a nuisance, so I slid my hand inside and pushed it between her legs. Her panties were very damp and my intention to begin by caressing her through her knickers was swiftly overtaken by a more basic desire. I pulled her knickers aside and slid a finger into her pouting slit.

She broke off from kissing Steve and gasped no. Suddenly there was a lot of movement. Kim was trying to wriggle free, Steve was attempting to carry on kissing her and I was trying to pen her in from the rear.

My hands slid round to the front and I managed to get a couple of buttons on her blouse undone before she realised what I was doing.

“No, no, stop it, that’s enough,” she wailed, but I pushed and fumbled and another button popped open. Her blouse gaped and Steve must have had a clear view of her breasts enclosed in the flimsy lace of her bra. Her hands pushed mine away, but I came back more determined and held her arms tight against her side.

“Undo her blouse,” I told Steve and he hastily fumbled with the few remaining buttons until her blouse was fully open. His hands went straight to her breasts and he squeezed and fondled them. He pulled one bra cup down, lowered his head and began to suck on her nipple.

“Steve, don’t,” Kim demanded wriggling and pushing. All three of us staggered backwards against one of the chairs. I couldn’t stop myself falling onto the chair, but pulled Kim back with me; it was all very messy and in another couple of seconds we were on the floor.

It was relatively simple for me to move behind Kim, pin her arms down and keep her trapped on her back.

“No, Steve, no,” she pleaded, but I just nodded to him and he pushed her skirt up round her waist. A pair of skimpy black panties and some beautiful lace-topped stockings were now on display.

“Rip them off,” I urged him. Steve grabbed hold of one side with both hands, Kim made a last attempt to stop him, but there was a harsh tearing sound. Then he switched to the other side, another tearing sound and Kim’s torn panties were tossed carelessly aside.

Kneeling between Kim’s spread thighs Steve unzipped his trousers, hurriedly pulled his undies down, allowing an impressively erect cock to spring into view. There were no preliminaries, he moved between Kim’s legs as I continued to hold her down. Then he thrust forward and Kim cried out as after fifteen years of marriage her pussy finally yielded to another man’s cock.

“Oh God Kim you are so juicy,” he groaned. Kim grimaced and gasped as he drove into her. I relaxed my grip on her shoulders, moved back and sat on the settee.

It was surprisingly difficult to accept the reality of the scene in front of me. My wife laid there, her hair and clothes dishevelled, a bra cup hanging down to reveal one of her breasts and of course her boss between her legs ramming his cock in and out of her married pussy.

“You can’t believe how much I’ve wanted to do this,” said Steve. “The number of times I’ve dreamt about it, fantasised about fucking you.”

“What – you mean you’ve always fancied me.”

“Oh God yes. That last day at work was murder, I just wanted to push you face down across my desk, rip your knickers off and ravish you.”

I got the definite impression that Kim was surprised and excited by that. Her body began to move against his, it was no longer a case of Kim laid there submissive and immobile, now they became two bodies moving as one. The feeling obviously got to Steve because he said he was going to cum.

“Is it OK if I cum inside you,” he gasped. Kim hesitated, so I stepped in.

“Yes, she’s safe, fill her cunt with your sperm.” The pace of their fucking increased and then they were both gasping and groaning. Kim shuddering her way through an almighty orgasm, Steve groaning as a final brutal thrust took him deep into Kim’s core and he emptied his seed into her welcoming cunt. That was it, the decisive moment, my wife’s faithful pussy finally receiving a load of sperm from another man.

The deed was done and Steve lay gasping on top of my wife. I had often wondered what the reality would feel like because let’s be honest these things often can’t live up to your fantasies. I must admit there was a residual feeling of disappointment – this shy perfect girl could never be the same again. There was no going back, another man’s cock had slid between her cunt lips and pumped burst after burst of sperm into her.

It’s odd that even though Kim was thirty-six I felt that night marked the end of her youth. She was no longer a shy, faithful wife, she was now an experienced woman.

I began to undress. In my fantasies after the other man had fucked her it had then been my turn to have her. Did I still want to do that? To follow where another man had been. Yes I did, it was my duty and privilege to add another load of sperm to the store inside her pussy.

As soon as I was naked Steve moved to one side. Kim lay unmoving, both her breasts were exposed now and her skirt formed a thin belt of material round her waist. But of course most of my attention was focused on her lower half. Somewhat to my surprise she made no attempt to close her legs, but lay there in a careless, almost challenging pose. A trickle of sperm was escaping from her pussy and running down the crack of her backside. Her cunt lips had been spread by the passage of her lover’s cock and her bush glistened with the love honey which had eased the entry to her lush slit.

Nothing was said as I moved above Kim. She was stationary, almost motionless with a serious expression on her face. In a sense the decisive action had already occurred – another man’s prick had entered the temple she had faithfully preserved for her husband.

However what was about to take place seemed at least as important as what had already occurred and judging by Kim’s earnest expression her feelings were similar. There was certainly no sense that me fucking her was secondary or an anti-climax. Our eyes were locked on each other, nothing was said, but there was an intensity of contact which neither of us could break.

My balls were heavy with their load and my cock was generating a heat and sensitivity which I had never felt before. I took a deep breath, aware of just how excited I was. A minor adjustment and my cock was resting against her cunt lips. Very slowly and very gently I penetrated her. I wanted to prolong the moment, to savour the feeling. Her cunt felt different there was no question of that – she was very wet, but the passage of Steve’s cock had opened and spread Kim’s pussy.

As my cock disappeared slowly into Kim her head fell gently backwards and a long, drawn-out sigh escaped into the room. Our fucking was incredibly gentle, quite unlike any previous occasion. There was no thrusting, no ramming it into her, it was almost like we were moving in slow motion.

Even so the pressure was incredible and I realised that holding back was impossible. I kissed Kim deeply, passionately, my mouth clamped down hard on hers as my cock jerked and jerked inside her firing several bursts of sperm to add to the load Steve had left in her cunt.

We clung to each other and as my cock began the inevitable retreat I knew I would have to move, but was unsure what was going to happen next. Steve made the decision for me, he picked his jacket up, said a quiet goodnight and left the room.

Kim and I followed him soon afterwards. Neither of us seemed to know what to say, I asked her if she was OK and she simply said yes. In bed I leaned across and kissed her goodnight, the warmth and openness with which she returned my kiss was quite a relief. I wanted to talk to her, to ask how it had felt, but sensed this wasn’t the right time, perhaps in the morning I thought.

If I expected to stay awake thinking about what had just happened then I was wrong. I feel asleep fairly quickly and woke to find the bedroom curtains illuminated by the morning sun. Kim was asleep alongside me and I had time to assess the events of last night.

Yes I had forced Kim to let Steve have sex with her, but if she had wanted to stop us I was sure she would have made it very clear. She’s five foot six and her regular visits to the gym mean she is relatively strong for a woman. Clearly two men could overpower her, but not without much more of a struggle than had taken place. I was sure she wasn’t upset with me – that last kiss had been far too warm and loving to be interpreted any other way.

If I’d left it up to Kim last night then I don’t think anything would have happened. She’s not one to initiate events. I know she prefers a submissive role and likes the man to take a lead. Well I’d certainly taken charge last night and it had definitely worked.

I thought back and had a vivid mental picture of Kim laid there on our lounge floor her legs spread and Steve groaning as he pumped sperm into her pussy. My cock was like an iron bar and I had an overwhelming desire to fuck the beautiful woman asleep next to me.

Would she be up for more sex this morning? Hopefully she would, in fact the old cliché about striking while the iron’s hot came to mind.

I only had to wait another few minutes and then Kim woke. She took a minute or two to come round and then asked me whether we were going to get up. I must admit that although I spoke in a casual manner my heart was pounding away when I suggested that she ought to go wake Steve. She seemed puzzled by that.

“Why should I wake him? He’s a guest, isn’t he allowed to sleep in?”

“Normally yes, but I’m sure he’d love to see you.”

“To see me? You mean…?”

“I want you to go through ask him what he would like for breakfast, but you have to go into his bedroom naked.”

I’ll cut a long story short by saying that she insisted she wouldn’t do it, whilst I was equally insistent that she must. In the end she stalked off to the en-suite. She used the loo, but then washed quickly and brushed her teeth. I decided that there must be a reason for ensuring that her breath was fresh, so I ambushed her when she came out and marched her to our bedroom door.

I told her to go to Steve and to be sure to leave his bedroom door open. Close to tears she headed along the corridor, but kept looking back at me. I realised she felt very self-conscious being watched by me, so I went back into our bedroom.

I stood and waited and could hear words being spoken, though it was impossible to tell what was being said. I retraced my steps and stood by the doorway. It was almost silent. I strained to listen and heard a couple of vague noises which could have been anything. But then after a couple of minutes there was an unmistakeable sound – the gasp of a woman whose pussy has just surrendered to the rigid arrogance of an erect cock. The creaking noises made it clear that the bed was taking a pounding. Then there was some conversation followed by a distinct change in the noises. I moved cautiously along the corridor and peered through the crack between the door and the frame.

Steve was laid on his back with Kim squatting above him, she had her back to me and as she pivoted lower the impressive girth of his engorged member sank deep into her cunt. She then raised herself up until most of his cock was visible before sinking back down again.

I watched fascinated as his cock disappeared in and out of my wife. Even in the dim light his shaft glistened with love juices – Kim was obviously in full flow, her pussy producing an abundance of fuck honey. I wondered what she felt like having an unfamiliar cock slide in and out of her pussy.

Of course in that position Kim’s thighs were doing all the work and after a couple of minutes she asked to switch. They rolled over with supple energy and my wife spread her legs. Steve mounted her, but my view of her face was blocked so I couldn’t see her reaction when his prick slid back into her, but there was no mistaking her sharp intake of breath and the gasp of pleasure.

“Oh God you’ve got a sweet cunt,” Steve gasped.

“And you’ve got a very nice cock.”

“And where is my cock.”

“It’s in my pussy and it’s giving it a good fucking.” This dirty talk obviously encouraged Steve because the strength and tempo of his thrusts increased. I had a clear view of his cock ramming into her, his tight balls poised to release another load inside her.

Kim began to gasp and moan and I realised she was about to cum, her legs were held above Steve’s back and they began to tremble and shake as an orgasm overwhelmed her. This encouraged Steve and the fervour with which he ploughed into her increased. Then suddenly he pushed his shoulders up, locked his arms and gave a ferocious groan, like a tree being torn from its roots. His body was clenched in a rigid pose and I realised that almost the only part of him moving was his cock, deep inside my wife’s body, pumping sperm into her lustful pussy.

When Steve levered himself upright I had a clear view of Kim’s face and there was a look of almost contorted anguish on it. Her hair was hopelessly dishevelled, her eyes were screwed tight, but her mouth was open wide, orgasmic gasps escaping her as she milked the last drops of semen from Steve’s cock.

Steve held that upright pose for a little longer then collapsed on top of her. My cock was throbbing and I knew that a couple of strokes would take me over the top, but I struggled to control myself and returned to our bedroom.

I don’t know how long I waited, it felt like quite a while but probably wasn’t. I heard sounds then Kim came into the bedroom. She paused in the doorway and there was a moment where our eyes met and we both acknowledged what had just taken place. Her face was flushed and in a self-conscious gesture one hand half covered her pussy, while the other moved towards her breasts. It was almost as if she was trying to hide her nakedness. As far as I was concerned it just drew attention to the fact that a few minutes ago another man had been sucking and licking her breasts and an unfamiliar cock had pumped sperm into her married pussy.

I threw the covers back and she slid into the bed. She spread her legs and I knelt between them. Her cunt lips were gaping from the passage of her lover’s cock and there was a trickle of sperm running down her slit. I leaned forward and my cock slid easily into her. I was pretty hyped up and saw no reason to hold back, Kim had been fucked twice last night and again this morning so I thought she might well appreciate it if I came quickly.

That was no problem – her lush pussy drew me in and it wasn’t long before I groaned and my cock jerked, sperm pumping into her and mixing with the load Steve had left a few minutes earlier. I eased myself off her and we lay together.

I asked her what happened in Steve’s bedroom and she explained that she went in and Steve was already awake. He might not have been awake long because he didn’t react immediately, but just stared at her.

“Then he drew back the bed covers in an obvious invitation. He was naked and I couldn’t help it, my eyes were drawn to his cock. It had been inside me last night, but I hadn’t really seen it. The only cock I’ve ever seen is yours, so I was curious to see what Steve’s was like. The weird thing was that it was semi-erect and growing visibly while I looked at it. The knowledge that this big, solid masculine thing was growing because of me was a huge turn-on, and I was very aware that it was soon going to be inside me.

Anyway I got in the bed and Steve moved between my legs. There were no preliminaries, we were both very excited, so he slid his cock into me and fucked me.”

“Did he make you cum?”


“And he came didn’t he?”

“Yes he came, but it felt very different. When you come you tend to give one final huge thrust and then come. Steve kept thrusting all the time, it felt like there was a thrust for each burst of semen he fired into me, and there were quite a few, he seemed to cum for a long time.”

That description had got me pretty aroused, but I knew it wasn’t the time for more sex. Kim and I got dressed and went downstairs and Steve appeared soon afterwards. I must admit the atmosphere at breakfast was a bit awkward. None of us knew how to acknowledge the intimacy which had taken place and that made us all very self-conscious.

Perhaps that was why Steve left relatively soon after breakfast. I offered him a lift to the station and Kim came out to the car to see him off. Our neighbour was out messing with his car, but the brief hug and peck on the cheek which was exchanged between Kim and Steve gave no clue about the events of last night and this morning.

As we stood exchanging a few final words I noticed our neighbour looking at Kim in a slightly odd way. I checked her out and suddenly realised that a dark stain was spreading accusingly across the crutch of the green canvas trousers she was wearing. She always wipes herself after sex, but sperm can take a while to leak out and this time there must have been so much inside her that it had soaked through her knickers and trousers.

Anyway I couldn’t really say anything about it, so Steve and I left for the station. Obviously we did chat in the car, but nothing very specific was said. Steve thanked me for having him and said he hoped it would be OK if he got in touch and let us know his new address once he was settled in Glasgow. I said that would be fine.

When I got back home Kim was emerging from the shower. She’d realised the leak that had occurred and was pretty mortified about what conclusions our neighbour might have drawn, but I told her it really didn’t matter. He could think what he liked, but he didn’t know what had taken place. In a way it was rather funny – Kim stood there, seemingly perfectly respectable, but with two men’s sperm leaking from her pussy.

Anyway I was going to tell her that Steve had asked if he could get in touch and I’d said that was fine. I wondered what her reaction would be to that.

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