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It all started when I read a story in Literotica and sent email to the author to tell him how much my roommate and I had enjoyed it. I had no idea then that my wildest fantasy was going to come true!

Let me tell you a little about myself first. I’m 25, never been married and no children. I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall, 115 pounds, with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. I love sports and working out, so I’m in really good shape. I’ve been told that I could be a model if I wanted to.

I’ve always been sort of an adventuresome spirit, always looking for something new to experience, and I’ve never found a guy who could keep up with me in that respect.

Oh, I’ve had my share of boyfriends, and I know my way around the male anatomy, but I’ve just never found ‘mister right’ – yet. Maybe I’m just too picky, I don’t know, but I want my mate and I to share the same intellectual level, and I haven’t found anyone who I could ‘connect with’. My roommate, Kelly, on the other hand, is a gorgeous blue-eyed blond, two inches taller than me and thinner, very intelligent, and could very well be considered my alter ego. She’s quiet and conservative, never wanting to make waves or ’cause a spectacle’ as she says. I’m the ‘in your face’ person, she’s the shy one. Maybe that’s why we get along so well, because we’re opposites, of sorts.

When I saw the story in Literotica about Kelly, (same name as my roommate) I had to show it to her. Ha ha, it was “a bit too threatening for her sensibilities,” she said, but I loved it! (I knew she’d be shocked!) The author and I emailed back and forth a few times, Over a period of several months, we found that we shared most of the same fantasies, like light bondage and spanking, and the idea of being blindfolded. He told me to just call him ‘Sky’. I told him more about myself, (the name of the city I live in, but not my last name) We found that we shared most of the same ideals, the same hopes and dreams, the same ideas about what’s important and what’s not, the same wants and needs.

The only problem was that he’s twice my age! Despite the age difference, though, I felt that we communicated on a level that I had never been able to reach with anyone before. He knew my heart and soul, and I his. I was totally comfortable sharing my deepest secrets and desires with him, and after a while I knew in my heart that he had a gentle spirit, and that I could trust him. We both knew that a romantic relationship between us could never work, so we avoided telephone or face to face contact. We stayed strictly with ‘electronic media’-email. Then came the email that changed my life.

Since he knew I was off work the weekend, his email said simply, “Check into the Regency Hotel at 2pm Saturday. Then he gave a pay phone number for me to call at 2:05, and I was simply to say my room number and hang up. He said for me to bring 3 vanilla candles, a box of condoms, a tube of K-Y, something really nice to change into, and a blindfold. I was to light the candles – one on each bedside table, and one in the bathroom. All the lights were to be out, and the curtains closed. Then I was to answer a knock at the door promptly at 2:30, wearing only the robe, panties, and blindfold. I was to make no attempt to see him, nor was I to say a word. He said not to email him before then, that he’d see me there. His last words – “trust me”.

I was in shock. “OH my God,” I thought. How could I ever go through with it? Yes, it made me wet just to think about it, this was my chance to make all my fantasies come true, but I was scared, not knowing for sure what would happen. I thought back over all the emails we had sent to each other, the things I had told him I wanted (in my fantasies) and the things he had said, both in emails and in his story in Literotica. I had to do it. After thinking about all that had been said, I did trust him. And of course it was wildly erotic to think about having wild sex with a stranger (that I sort of knew) and never seeing him! I knew he would not let anything bad happen to me, and I began to feel safe and started to anticipate our meeting!

When Kelly came in, I showed her the email. She went totally ballistic! She said, “Kimi, you are absolutely crazy if you do this!” “This guy’s probably some wacko serial killer and he’s gonna hack you up into pieces and feed you to his Rotweilers. You can’t possibly be serious!! Tell me you’re kidding! This is NOT funny, Kimi, now stop it!”

“I already knew exactly what you’d say, Kelly!” I said, laughing, “and it’s not what you think. I really do know this guy, at least I know as much as I need to. I know he’s really a kind, gentle man, and I trust him, I really do.”

“Here,” I said, “I’ll tell you what. If it will make you feel better, you keep a printout of this email, and give it to the cops if I don’t come back, ok? I’ll be fine, really. I’m sure of it.”

Kelly never really agreed, but she stopped complaining so much. She knew I was going to do it anyway, and she reluctantly accepted it.

I spent Friday evening after work getting ready. I already had the vanilla candles, so I went by the store and bought the other stuff, and put it all in a little overnight bag, along with some assorted long scarves, and a peacock feather.

I spent all Saturday morning in the bathroom, taking a long bath, covering myself with lotion, and making sure I was as perfect as I could be. It was all I could do not to play with myself; I was so ‘ready’ for this. Kelly and I had a nice lunch together at Subway, and she wanted to know how long she should wait before sending the bloodhounds after me. I told her at least a few hours, that I had no idea what he had planned for me.

She said, “Yeah, I know, that’s the problem! Who knows WHAT he might have planned!” She shook her head, saying, “I hope you know what you’re doing, Kimi. Be careful, ok?” I reached across the table, placing my hand on hers, and said, “I’ll be fine, Kelly, don’t worry, really.” We went back to our apartment together, and I got my stuff together.

The hotel was about a half hour away, so I left in time to get there early. I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of traffic downtown on a Saturday afternoon, but I wasn’t taking any chances. The Regency is more of an ‘upscale’ hotel. It’s an older building, but has been recently remodeled with a more modern theme. The lobby was very plush – a huge gold plated revolving door, and polished marble floors. Definitely a first-class hotel! A small ‘sidewalk’ caf‚ was located just off the lobby, and there were only a few people sitting there. A low cast iron fence surrounded the caf‚ area, and the chairs and tables were of the same design. The caf‚ was located outside the front door of what looked like a ‘fancy western style’ restaurant, called Bandoleros. I set my bag down next to me at the front desk, and the guy behind the counter was very helpful, and got me signed right in. As soon as I got my electronic key I took my small bag straight to my room.

A million thoughts ran through my head as I walked down the hallway toward room 2417. Once inside, I switched on the light, then peeked out the curtains to a spectacular view of the city. I remembered the phone call I had to make. What time is it? “Oh, God, it’s only ten till two!” I switched on the TV to the weather channel, but couldn’t pay any attention to it. I thought about running. Yes, I can leave right now, there’s still time. But wait, no, I really want to do this! He’s alright, he’s really a gentle man, I know he is. I took a deep breath and said to myself, “Stop this, Kimi, just settle down and get ready for the most incredible experience of your life!”

As soon as the clock said five after two, I made the call. I heard only a click, no hello, and I thought I could hear some music in the background. As instructed, I said only “twenty-four seventeen” and hung up.

“There, I’ve done it!” I thought. “I’m committed, there’s no backing out now!” I proceeded to get myself ready. I set out the candles and a lighter, along with the condoms and KY on the bedside stand. I made sure the peacock feather was strategically placed where he would find it on the table. I took my ‘really nice’ dress out of the bag and hung it up in the closet. I had chosen my slinky black ‘party’ dress, just below mid-thigh, with short sleeves, and a low cut back. Then I took my bag into the bathroom to get ready. Once I stripped down to my black silk thong panties and put on the robe, I stood in front of the mirror and made sure I looked as perfect as I could.

I was actually sweating! I couldn’t remember being so nervous in my entire life. I sat on the bed and waited, blankly staring at the television. I went over and over in my mind all the things I had said to him in emails, trying to get an idea of what to expect, wondering exactly what he would actually do with me today. At two twenty five, I shut off the TV and lit the candles. I then shut off the lights, and put on the blindfold as I stood just inside the door. My hand on the door handle, I waited.

It seemed like forever! I jumped when I finally heard a knock at the door. It was like it broke me out of a trance. Thinking, “Well, this is it, Kimi!” I turned the handle and pulled the door open. I was so nervous I was shaking.

“Please turn around, Kimi” I heard a man’s voice say, then his hands were on both my arms and guided me toward the center of the room. “Do not speak,” he said. I stood, hands at my sides, and thought I could hear the sound of a bag being set down on the floor, then a zipper.

His voice was soft and gentle as he spoke again, this time from behind me. “Kimi, please remove the robe, then cross your wrists behind your back” I untied the robe and shrugged my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, then I held my wrists crossed behind my back. I felt soft fur encircle my wrists, one at a time, then I heard Velcro being fastened. I could no longer move my arms.

“Don’t move,” he said. Then silence. My senses were going wild. I heard and felt him pick up the robe, which had fallen to the floor behind me. Then nothing. I could smell his scent, but couldn’t place exactly what kind of cologne it was. Maybe some Old Spice, I thought. I couldn’t be sure. I tried not to think that I was standing nearly naked in a locked hotel room with a man I’ve never even seen before, but every little bit of air that wafted against my naked skin reminded me of that fact.

What was that? Did something just touch my nipples or not? Then I felt his breath on my neck, and I could feel the warmth of him in front of me. I could feel myself trembling; I felt a bead of sweat rolling down the small of my back and into the crack of my ass.

Then his voice, whispering this time, and I felt his warm breath in my right ear, “Kimi, please try to relax. I promise you will enjoy this very much. You already know the code word – the one from my story – ‘marshmallow’. Use it anytime if you feel overwhelmed and want out. I’m going to pleasure you, Kimi, I’m going to do all of those things you’ve only dreamed of, the things you’ve fantasized about and masturbated just thinking about. I’m going to make you cum, Kimi, more than you ever dreamed possible.”

Then he whispered, “Trust me, Kimi.”

Then his tongue licked inside my ear. He began softly kissing my face, my eyes, my cheeks, then softly brushed my lips with his. It was all I could do to hold still. I wanted so much to press myself against him and fuck him right now! I stood still, trying not to move as his kisses covered every inch of my skin. He was now planting soft kisses around my shoulders, moving ever lower, finally to the slope of my breasts. He took my right hand in his and raised it to his lips, kissing each of my fingers, then taking them one by one between his lips and sucking on it. This slow teasing was driving me crazy! I wanted so much for him to throw me down and give me a good fucking. His kisses then trailed to my palm, then my wrist, and slowly up my arm, again to my shoulder. He kissed his way across the slope of my breasts, then gave my left hand and arm the same treatment.

“This is going to take forever!” I thought, as he worked his way back up my left arm. But it was making me so very wet, I couldn’t tell if that was sweat or pussy juice (or both) running down the inside of my thighs. His kisses were now circling my breasts, slowly, concentrically moving around each nipple, closer and closer, but never touching them. I wanted so much to reach around and pull his face against my breasts! I needed him to touch my nipples! He didn’t.

Instead, his kisses moved lower and lower down my belly, until I felt his tongue pushing into my navel. I felt his hands on my ass, pulling me against his face, as he kissed all around by belly, licking my soft skin down to the waistband of the thong panties, his tongue tracing my skin next to the elastic.

He stopped! I could feel him getting up, then his voice in my ear again, “Kimi, turn around, and I’ll help you get on your knees on the bed,” as his hands guided me to turn and move toward the bed. He steadied me as I climbed onto the bed, up on my knees now. From behind me, he said, “Now I want you to bend over at the waist, keep your butt high in the air, and your face on the bed. Spread your knees a little, there, that’s it. Here’s a pillow for your head”

Now I really felt vulnerable with my ass up in the air, and my arms behind my back, sticking straight up. I turned my head to one side, and rested my face against the soft pillow he had placed there for me.

His hands took over now. I felt his hands first on my ankles, softly caressing, and moving slowly up my calves to my knees. Then up the back of my thighs, all the way to my ass and lower back. His hands were covering every square inch of my skin, and it was making me hot! I thought I could feel his breath on my silk-covered pussy, but I wasn’t sure. His fingers gently reached for the elastic waistband at the small of my back, and pulled it slowly and teasingly down over my ass cheeks, pulling the thong out of the crack of my ass in the process. As the silk peeled away from my wet pussy, I felt the cool air caressing my very hot, very wet lips. He peeled the panties halfway down my thighs and stopped. Again, silence.

***** Note to Laurel – I’d like this to be the end of section one, please ******

I heard it first.

“Whoosh!” Sharp stinging pain hit my left ass cheek. “Ahhhh!!” I yelled out as I jumped involuntarily from the shock, the pain nearly taking my breath away. I lurched forward, trying to escape the pain, and then I felt a hand on my ass, holding me in position. The pain was burning into my ass and I felt tears, but I tried to be silent and hold still.

“Holy shit, what have I got myself into!” I thought, wondering just how far he was going to take this. We had talked a lot about spanking, and he knew it was a serious fantasy of mine, but even I wasn’t sure just how far I wanted to go with it.

“I can stand it,” I told myself, “If it doesn’t get any worse than this, I can stand it,” – as the burning pain filled my consciousness.

“Whoosh!” and a second sharp stinging pain hit my right ass cheek. The stinging hot pain burned into both sides of my ass now, and I cried hard into the pillow. I felt his hands move my ass back into position.

Then silence. I couldn’t tell how long, all I could feel was the burning spread over my ass, the pain consumed me, and I lost my orientation momentarily. Suddenly, I felt a cool sensation on my ass, which brought my senses back to my present situation, and it took a while for me to realize it was probably his tongue licking my stinging welts. The next sensation I had was the wonderful scent of the vanilla candles, which I hadn’t noticed before. Then it felt like his hands were caressing my ass, and I could feel coolness at the same time. Maybe he’s applying some kind of soothing cream, I thought.

Now I was SURE I felt his breath on my pussy! His hands caressed and soothed my burning ass cheeks, as I felt his tongue flick my pussy lightly. He ran his tongue up and down my slit, barely touching me, then again just a tiny bit harder. I was so glad I’d shaved yesterday! The slick, wet feeling was incredible! Then his tongue parted my pussy lips and slid inside me, again moving up and down, brushing against my clit, and this time tracing all the way to my tight little asshole, then back down my slit again, to slide deeper inside me. The lingering pain burning into my ass only served to amplify the wonderful feelings he was giving me, and I felt a huge orgasm welling up inside me as his tongue slipped inside me and wiggled around. “Mmmmnnn, OH, GOD!!” I yelled out as I came on his tongue. He didn’t stop or even slow down. He kept slipping his tongue in and out of my pussy, sliding it up and down at the same time as I came over and over again.

I could feel my pussy juice running down my thighs now, as my pussy spasmed on his tongue and he continued to lick me. I had never been eaten so well in my entire life, and I couldn’t remember having such a strong and fulfilling orgasm. Just as the waves of orgasm began to subside, his licking picked up in intensity, then he would home in on my clit, and I could feel another one start in. It actually did feel like it started at my toes and moved up my body, crashing into me over and over as his wonderful tongue continued laving my hot wet pussy.

I can’t believe this! I thought, “I’ve cum more in the last five minutes than I have in the last five years!” I finally crashed to the bed exhausted, still throbbing from the exquisite pleasure.

I lay on my belly; arms still captured behind my back. Then I felt him releasing my arms from the restraints, and he moved my arms above me and nudged me to roll over onto my back. I lay there still catching my breath when I felt him take my left wrist and then something smooth and soft was around it, then he pulled my arm up and away from my body. He had tied it to the bedpost. I heard him walk around to the other side, and then he took my right wrist and did the same with it.

“This isn’t so bad,” I thought, “I can still move my feet.”

I felt him pick up my left foot then, and raise it up off the bed. I felt wetness on my toes, as he took each one between his lips and sucked on it. He licked and kissed my foot, slowly moving up my ankle, and kissed his way slowly up my left calf. When he reached my knee, he raised my leg straight up in the air, and planted little kisses on the back of my knee. “God, he’s driving my crazy!” I thought. I could feel myself getting even wetter, anticipating his mouth moving further up my thigh.

He kissed around my thigh, with it still high in the air, gradually moving closer and closer to my molten core. He was kissing my hip now, moving slowly under my leg toward my inner thigh, and then he slowly lowered my leg, laying my thigh outspread against the bed as he kissed closer and closer to my pussy. He moved upward, to the front of my thigh, then up my belly, skirting around my pussy!

His tongue was in my belly button then, pushing it around, kissing it, and suddenly, he stopped! I felt his weight shifting on the bed, and he picked up my right foot! He began the same routine with it as he had the left one, slowly kissing and licking his way up my leg. Closer, closer to my pussy, then avoiding it to move on to my belly!

He left both my legs spread wide, as I felt his weight against my thighs while he kissed his way up my belly to my breasts. His kisses and little licks moved up my left side, all the way up the lower side of my left arm to my hand! Then he kissed his way down the upper part of my left arm, and across my chest along the swell of my breasts. Up the upper part of my right arm then, to suck on the fingers of my right hand, then down the lower side of my right arm, again down my side to my belly.

Then he started up the center of my belly, and soon was kissing and licking up the valley between my breasts. “YES!” I thought, hoping he would give my nipples some attention soon. And he did, moving his lips along the rise of my breasts, then slowly brushing over one nipple, then the other, then back again taking the first one between his lips and gently sucking it inside his mouth. His tongue on my nipple felt like an electric current passed through it! I could feel my pussy juices running down my ass.

He kissed his way over to my right nipple then, and the same wonderful sensations hit me all over again as he licked and sucked my nipple into his mouth. I wanted so much to press his head against my breast, to hold him tight against me, and I felt so helpless not being able to move my arms.

He released my nipple, and I felt him shifting up to reach my left wrist. He untied the restraint, then moved to release my right arm also. Even though my arms were free now, I was afraid to move them, not knowing what he wanted me to do next. I lay still.

I felt it first on my forehead. Just a light tickling sensation. Then over my cheeks, down to my breasts, up both arms and down again. It was all I could do to hold still! It was that damn peacock feather I had to bring. I felt it going down my belly then, and along the top of my left leg, and then over and up my right leg. Then nothing. Suddenly, it was on my left nipple – no, the right one. Now both at the same time, no, maybe not. Then it was gone again.

He moved down to kiss my belly once again, slowly moving higher and higher, between my breasts, kissing and licking all the way up my neck. I was so ready for him to fuck me, I couldn’t wait! I wanted him inside me so badly that my pussy was throbbing in anticipation!

As he moved up my body, he reached to take both my hands in his, interlocking our fingers, and pressing my hands against the bed next to my shoulders. My thighs spread voluntarily as his legs brushed against them, and then I felt his hard cock barely touching my pussy. As he held himself up on his arms, I felt his warm breath on my face, then his lips touched mine, softly at first, and as I opened my lips to him, his kiss became more intense. His tongue thrust into my mouth at the same time his cock thrust into my pussy, and he began fucking my pussy and my mouth at the same time, stroke for stroke, tongue and cock. I raised my head to press my lips hard against his, at the same time I pushed my pussy up each time his cock backed away. My feet were flat on the bed, and I used my legs for leverage to push myself up hard against him as his hard cock fucked me.

The feeling of his hard cock filling me was more exquisite than I had ever dreamed it would be. I felt every inch of his hot, steel-hard flesh sliding into every soft centimeter of my smooth, wet pussy, stretching and filling me completely.

In the empty blackness, I envisioned every lover I had ever had and every beautiful man I have ever fantasized about, (a total of five men) each of them fucking me, one beautiful stroke at a time. I have never felt so wantonly erotic as I did at that moment. His cock slowly moved deep inside me, then slowly back out, over and over again, as my fantasy became my entire world for that moment in time. Fucking became my entire reason for existing; there was nothing else.

I began to cum all over again, writhing and bucking and pushing my pussy up against his hard cock each time he withdrew. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me as he slowly fucked me.

I heard his voice, softly whispering very close to my face, “Kimi, open your eyes, look at me, Kimi.”

At that moment I realized that he had removed my blindfold and that I had been holding my eyes closed. I slowly opened them. ~Sky~, I thought. When I first saw his face bathed in candlelight – his soft gentle eyes, his well-trimmed, slightly graying hair, his ruggedly handsome features, my feelings of happiness and joy were more intense than I could remember ever feeling before. So this is ~Sky~. He was the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. But it was his eyes – his eyes were looking directly into my soul, and I felt naked before him! (Yes, I know, I actually WAS naked, but this man was seeing my SOUL naked – not just my body) Our eyes locked together in the candlelight as his cock continued the slow, steady movements in and out of my pussy. A huge wave of pure ecstasy built up and washed over me, consuming me, as if dashing me against the shore over and over and over until I collapsed, totally exhausted.

My entire body was covered with sweat as I lay there spent, gasping in deep breaths, panting. He supported himself on his elbows above me, still joined to my by his hard cock, my legs splayed wide apart on the bed. He smiled at me and my heart melted. Never in my life had I felt so happy and fulfilled.

He smiled, “Nice to meet, you, Kimi” he said softly.

We laughed, and I beamed back at him, “Nice to meet you, too! I can’t say that I’ve ever met a man this way before.”

He replied, “Well, I would hope not!” cocking his head with a grin.

I couldn’t believe that I was carrying on a rather casual conversation and laughing with a man I’d just ‘officially’ met a few seconds ago, and his cock is still inside me, having just fucked my brains out. All my fantasies were coming true!

He asked, “And how are we doing so far, Kimi? Are things going as you expected?” with a sly grin.

“Oh, yes!” I answered, “This has been much better than my wildest dreams,” as I beamed up at him.

“Then we must continue!” he said, “we’ll talk a little later, but now I’d like you to bend over the back of that chair right there,” indicating the stuffed arm chair at the round table by the window.

He raised himself up, pulling his still hard cock (with condom) from my pussy in the process, and helped me to stand. I felt my hot pussy juice leaking down my thighs. He discarded the filled latex in the trashcan.

I went over and stood behind the chair. The back of it was flat and well padded, and about belly high on me. I bent over and put my head in the cushion, which lifted my feet off the floor, my arms hanging over the chair arms. He brought the silk scarves, and tied my wrists to the front chair legs.

As he stood up, he gave me a little kiss, and said only, “enjoy, sweet one!” as he disappeared behind the chair.

I had no idea what he was going to do, but I knew what I wanted. I had told him about my fantasy of having my ass violated, and I hoped that was about to happen. As I waited in the candlelit room, I clenched and relaxed my ass cheeks in anticipation. My pussy was just beginning to slow the throbbing from the orgasms I’d just had, and after my experience with this man so far, I was looking forward to whatever might ‘cum’ next.

He spoke softly from directly behind me, “Now, Kimi, I’d like you to try to relax as best you can, and try not to fight it. You know how you can stop this at any time if you need to. I’ll understand, please don’t worry about that. I just want to give you all the pleasure you have always fantasized about, ok?”

I answered, “Yes, please just do it now! Oh, I want this so bad! Please!”

“What do you want me to do, Kimi?” he asked, teasing me.

“You know! I want you to fuck my ass, PLEASE fuck my ass, Please!” I answered, pleading.

“Very well, then.” Was his reply, as I felt his hands on my ass, and a finger smearing lube around my asshole. Next I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my pussy, sliding up and down the wet folds at the same time a finger was sliding wetly into my asshole. I felt the finger probing, wiggling around, then after a few minutes it became more comfortable, and a second one was forcing its way inside my ass, stretching me like never before. It hurt a little, but I was determined to go through with this, and I wasn’t about to complain. I felt his cock slowly slide upward, as he slowly pulled his fingers out of my ass. Next I felt his blunt cock against my tight hole, and the pressure of it pushing gently against me. Now both of his hands were on my hips, and the pressure against my ass increased, until I felt my asshole relax a bit and his cockhead slipped just inside my tight hole for the first time.

He stopped, and bent over to whisper, “You doing ok, Kimi?”

I answered, breathlessly,”Oh GOD yes!! Please fuck my ass!”

He began slowly stroking, just a tiny bit each time, and slowly worked his cock further inside my ass. I have never felt so filled in my life as I was at that moment. It was different from having my pussy filled. Not better, not worse, just different. But it felt so good! Erotic and taboo and incredibly satisfying! When his cock was finally buried deep inside my ass and I felt his balls bouncing against my pussy and his belly pushing against my ass cheeks, I felt myself getting even hotter and wetter than I already was.

He stroked full length into me, and I raised my head up yelling out, “OH YES!!! FUCK MY HOT ASS!! FUCK MY ASS HARD!! OH, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!” I could feel another orgasm building in my wet pussy. Then his hands gripped my shoulders, and he bent over me, thrusting hard and deep inside my ass, faster and faster.

I wanted so much to reach my pussy and help this orgasm along, and maybe the feeling of helplessness actually added to the intensity, I don’t know.

The next thing I knew, I exploded in an orgasm so hard and strong I couldn’t help but yell out,”OH MY GODDDDDD!!!”

As I felt my pussy spasm and quake, I heard him moan, and then his cock was shooting his hot load inside my ass, and I could feel the heat of it as squirt after squirt filled me. It was everything in my fantasy and more! I felt my pussy spasming in time with his cock throbbing inside my ass. I collapsed into the chair, trying to catch my breath, panting. His hands held my hips tight against him; his cock trapped deep inside my ass, as we slowly began to recover.

***** Note to Laurel – if you please, I’d like this to be the end of the second section ******

After a few minutes, both our breathing returned closer to normal. He slowly pulled his now-soft cock out of my ass, and I watched out of the corner of my eye as he tossed the filled condom into the trashcan. He reached down to untie my arms, and helped me stand up. We embraced as we stood, fitting together perfectly, his arms wrapping around me protectively, pulling me tight against him; both of us bathed in the candlelight.

I looked up into his eyes, and he kissed me. It was a soft, sensual kiss, warm and deep, reaching to my toes. It went on forever, neither of us wanting it to end. I was filled with emotion, and as we broke the kiss, I whispered to him,”thank you….thank you,” our eyes locked together. I finally moved back, saying, “I think it’s my turn, now,” as I dropped to my knees, smiling up at him.

He grinned down at me, and his now-limp cock was only inches from my face. I reached out to cup his balls in my left hand, as my right hand took his cock gently in my fingers, holding it up to my lips. My tongue reached out to flick the tip, as I looked up into his eyes. He moaned. Then I moved closer, as my lips wetly closed over it, and I gently sucked it in. Swirling my tongue over the tip, I sucked more of it inside my mouth, and his hands moved to rest on my shoulders, only his fingertips touching me.

I worked my lips and tongue over his cock, alternately licking and sucking as I saw it growing before my eyes. After just a few minutes, it was standing out strong and proud, and the hardness of it felt so hot inside my mouth! I wanted to give him the blowjob of the century, one he would never forget, and tried my best to get all of it in my mouth, all the way into my throat. I’d never done deep throat before, and didn’t think I would be capable of ignoring my gag reflex, but this was different, and I found that I actually could relax my throat and soon began to take him deeper.

When I felt like gagging, I simply backed off a little, then took his cock right back in deeper. I was immensely proud of myself when I finally had his cock head in my throat, if only for a moment. I began to take long slow strokes, sliding him out to my lips, then sucking his length all the way back into my throat, my tongue laving over the bottom ridge all the way. Sometimes I would stop with just the head inside my lips, and swirl my tongue around the tip of it, then take it slowly all the way inside my mouth and into my throat once again. All the while, my left hand was lifting and caressing his balls, as my right hand on his ass pulled him closer to me.

I heard him say,”Kimi, my GOD girl, you’re about to make me cum!”

Just a few seconds later, I felt him tensing, and his hard cock began to shoot hot cum inside my mouth. I swallowed all of it, enjoying the taste of it very much. Slightly salty, yet sweet too. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted. I wanted more. I continued to suck and lick his cock even after he finished and there was no more cum in him, until finally it softened and I moved back a few inches.

I smiled up into his eyes and whispered,”I love the taste of your cum!”

He pulled me to my feet, and again, we embraced, and he kissed me! I couldn’t believe it! No one had ever done that before! As we moved to the bed to lie down together, I said to him,”How can you do that? No one has ever kissed me after I sucked them!”

As we settled comfortably, facing each other, he answered,”Kimi, that’s just one more facet of sharing intimacy with someone. You and I have just been more intimate than many people ever know, and, to me anyway, it’s a natural thing to do.”

That made a lot of sense to me, and I said,”I guess I’ve never met anyone who was so ‘in touch’ with sensuality, with reality. Most of the men I’ve been with were around my age, and not anywhere near as emotionally mature as I am. You’re the first man I’ve met who is actually comfortable with true ‘intimacy’.”

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked, as I snuggled into his embrace, our bodies fitting together perfectly, and he nuzzled comfortably into my neck.

“Sure, ask me anything,” he replied.

“Well, I was wondering what made you decide to send that email, and the way you did it, wow! I mean, I’m glad you did, and I’m really happy to be here with you, but why now?” I asked, quizically.

He thought for a moment before answering, “Kimi, we had written back and forth for months, and it seemed to me that we had reached a, uh, ‘plateau’, if you will, and I thought it was a natural next step for us to meet in person. We both know that we can never be ‘lovers’, but there is no reason we can’t be very, very intimate friends! And of course, at the same time, we have a chance to satisfy your deepest fantasies.”

“Does that answer your question, my sweet?” he asked.

“Um, yes, it does, thank you!” I replied.

We talked. For the next hour or so, we talked. We just lay there together, talking about anything and everything. We talked comfortably and easily, as friends who have known each other since forever would talk. In that time, my feelings of being comfortable with him grew even stronger. We talked about all the different kinds of intimacy – physical, intellectual, spiritual, aesthetic, and we decided, laughing, that we had just shared them all!

Finally, we saw that it was five o’clock, and decided that we were both hungry. He asked if he could take me to dinner downstairs at Bandoleros, to which I quickly agreed. He picked up the phone and called downstairs to make a reservation for us at six.

“Time to hit the shower, then!” he said, slapping my ass playfully as we untangled, and got off the bed.

“OW!” I yelled, grinning, “that’s still a little sore!”

“I guess I’ll just have to kiss your ass and make it better, won’t I,” he said playfully. And he did.

After we were in the shower together, we soaped each other up, and turned all around under the spray to rinse all the soap off. While I was facing the shower, he got down behind me and began to kiss my ass, one delicious kiss at a time, until he had covered every inch at least twice.

He stood back up, embracing me from behind, and I turned over my shoulder, saying, in my best uppity English accent,”Why, thank you, kind sir! My ‘arse’ is feeling much better now!”

As I spoke, his hands were caressing my ass, then moved upward and forward to my belly, and further to my breasts. As the hot water stung me, I felt his cock nestled in the crack of my ass, while his fingers were sliding slowly over my hard nipples. First one finger, then the next, and the next, and back again, never ending. I felt my nipples become hard nubs from his attention, and his cock became more and more pronounced between my ass cheeks.

I reached back between us and wrapped my hand around his cock, saying,” and what do you propose to do with this?” as his hands caressed me, his chin on my shoulder.

“Uh, I suppose nothing right now, my sweet, we have to get dressed very soon. But later…” he whispered in my ear.

I let go of him and we finished rinsing off, then spent the next half-hour getting dressed. I wanted to look really good for him, and I think I pulled it off, with the black dress and nude stockings really showing off my legs.

He had brought a nice pair of khakis, a denim shirt, and a sport jacket, and looked totally ravishing! He put the room key in his pocket, and we went arm in arm to the elevator.

We got to the restaurant right at six, and the maitre’d led us to a cozy booth, which looked out through a little porthole-like window to the lobby. I was leaning over to check out the view, and suddenly said, “Oh my God!” as I saw Kelly standing at the front desk!

“What are you talking about?” He asked, and I told him that my roommate Kelly was standing right over there at the front desk.

“I can’t believe she’s here!” I said.

“Do you think she’d join us for dinner?” he asked. “That is, if you don’t mind, my sweet, I’d love it if she’d dine with us! Please, go ask her!” he encouraged me with a grin.

I slid out of the booth and hurried out to the lobby. The guy behind the desk was on the phone, probably calling our room as Kelly waited, nervously looking around.

I walked up beside her and said,”Well, aren’t you the little sleuth!” with a huge grin. She turned and saw me, a look of relief lighting up her face, and we hugged.

“Oh, Kimi, I’m so happy to see you!” she gushed. “Are you alright?”

I backed up a bit and asked,”don’t I look alright?” my hands pointing out my dress. “We were just in Bandoleros about to have dinner, and we would love it if you’d join us!”

“Oh my God,” she said. “He’s here, now? Oh, I’m so embarrassed! I couldn’t! I really have to go!” as she started to turn for the entrance.

“No, Kelly, wait! I really want you to meet him! He is the one who asked if you’d join us for dinner. It’s ok, really it is! Please say you will!” I begged.

“Are you sure?” she asked. I nodded in the affirmative. “Ok, I will. I should probably meet this guy anyway, huh,” she said.

Kelly told the guy behind the counter, “I’ve found her, thanks anyway,” pointing to me. He nodded, knowingly, as he hung up the phone, and we turned and walked toward the restaurant. Kelly was wearing a nice outfit, pants and a blouse with a jacket. It didn’t surprise me that she would be this dressed up just to go looking for me. She never went out in public any other way.

As we walked through the caf‚ area on our way to the restaurant, I noticed the music. It was the exact same thing I’d heard on the phone earlier! Sky must have been one of the people sitting here at the caf‚ when I came in! I hadn’t even noticed what anyone looked like, I had been so nervous. There, on the wall just across the hall was a pay phone. I smiled. Now I knew. He had watched me come in, and waited right here for that very phone to ring.

I led Kelly over to our booth to introduce her to Sky. He saw us coming, and stood, smiling. As Kelly approached, he held out his hand, and gracefully took her hand in his and brushed his lips over the back of her hand as I introduced them.

“A pleasure to meet you, Kelly,” he said to her, as he offered her a seat across the booth from him.

She smiled, obviously impressed with his manners, and said just “thank you” as she slid into the booth. I didn’t want her to feel like she was all alone, so I slid in next to her, and Sky took his seat in the middle opposite us.

He reassured Kelly, saying, “Kelly, I am really glad I got to meet you today! This is truly an unexpected pleasure for me,” as he smiled at her. “I’m glad you’re here,” he said.

I piped in, saying, “Oh she just came downtown to rescue me, that’s all!” as I laughed. I knew just how far I could go with embarrassing her, and I was pushing the limit.

Kelly blushed red, and we all laughed. She gave me one of those ‘you’ll pay for that’ looks.

Sky said to both of us, “Now, really, it isn’t very often I get to meet TWO lovely ladies in one day!” Then he turned to Kelly, saying, “And I’m still glad you stopped by, whatever your purpose!” Kelly smiled.

Our waiter showed up then, and Sky ordered us champagne and appetizers. Kelly seemed more comfortable now, and she and I regaled Sky with ‘roommate’ stories while we enjoyed a really nice meal, and finished off two bottles of champagne between the three of us.

About two hours later, as we were finishing desert, the conversation became a bit more adventurous, and Kelly was getting pretty loosened up. She looked at Sky and asked teasingly, “And just what have you two been up to all afternoon?”

Sky just chuckled, and replied, “Kelly, have you ever been blindfolded? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be helpless and at the mercy of the person you’re with? Surely you’ve tried that, haven’t you?”

Kelly grinned, saying, “Uh, actually, no, I’ve never tried that with anyone. But I have thought about it…once!” “Ok, maybe twice,” she quickly added, grinning.

Sky looked at me, as if to get my approval, and then reached across the table, taking Kelly’s hand, and said, “Listen, Kelly, why don’t you come up to the room with us, and you can try on a blindfold, just to see how it feels. I assure you that you can remain fully clothed, and you’ll be perfectly safe. How about it, say you will, please?”

Kelly looked over at me, questioningly, and I nodded in encouragement, knowing she would never really consider doing such a thing. Actually, I was remembering her ‘rotweiler’ comment from a few days ago. I was thinking, “there’s no way in hell she’s going up there!”

I was shocked when she said; “Ok, let’s go, but only for a few minutes, alright?” She must have been more drunk than I thought. I never dreamed she’d agree!

Just then the waiter brought our check, and Sky pressed a handful of bills in his palm, whispering something to him at the same time. We all slid out of the booth, and made our way toward the elevator. Kelly and I were holding on to Sky for support. He seemed to be the most stable of the bunch, not showing nearly the effect from the champagne as we girls were.

In the elevator, he put a protective arm around both of us, and we walked down the hall to our room that way. I was glad now that we had straightened up the room before we left, and as Sky opened the door, the single light I had left on cast a glow from the bedside table.

“Candles,” I said, “we must have candles!” and went to light them, turning off the small lamp.

Sky said, “Now, Kelly, I’d like you to stand right here,” as he placed her at the foot of the bed, “and please don’t be afraid. Nothing is going to happen that you don’t want to happen. Go ahead and kick off your shoes, and get comfortable. We’re just going to let you experience the blindfold for a minute, ok?”

“Ok, I’m ready!” Kelly said, as she tried to stand up straight. Sky got the blindfold and placed it over her eyes, making sure the straps were comfortable.

“Now, Kelly,” he said, “are you doing ok so far? How does it feel to be in total darkness?”

“Uh, ok I guess, so far,” Kelly replied, obviously unsure. “This is really weird, not being able to see anything, all I have to go by is the sound of your voice.”

“That’s right, Kelly, you have to trust the one you’re with for this to work. And do you feel like you’re in good hands now?” Sky asked her.

“Sure!” was her reply. She smiled.

“Kelly, I want you to just stand still for a moment, and we’ll play a little sensory game, ok?” Sky said, as he began to walk around her in a circle. “Does this make you feel dizzy? Is it hard to tell if you’re moving or I’m moving,” he asked as he circled her.

“Wow, yes, I am getting dizzy. I know I’m not moving my feet, but it still feels like I’m turning around in a circle! This is weird!” Kelly responded.

“Ok, I’ll stop now,” Sky said as he stood in front of her. “Let’s test your sense of touch now, ok, Kelly?” he asked.

“Uh, sure,” she replied, a little apprehensively.

“Now, here’s how it works,” Sky explained, “first Kimi is going to touch you, then I will do the same. Then we’ll both do it again, only the second time you have to guess which one is which. Do you think you can do that, Kelly?” he asked.

“Sure, I think so,” Kelly replied, grinning.

Sky motioned for me to stand in front of her, and he took a place behind her. He reached and gripped her left shoulder firmly, then let go and nodded for me to do the same to her right shoulder.

He said, “Now, Kelly, the next time, you have to tell us who is touching you, ok?”

Sky motioned for me to touch her left shoulder now, and she correctly guessed it was me. Next I touched her right shoulder, and once again, she guessed correctly. Then Sky moved around next to me, and softly touched her belly. Kelly sucked her belly in, saying, “Hey, Kimi, that’s no fair!” and smiling.

Then Sky put a hand firmly on her right hip, and she said, “Ah, THAT was you, Sky,” laughing.

Sky moved directly in front of Kelly and softly licked his tongue across her lips, which made her jump back with a start. She said, “I couldn’t tell who that was!” Then Sky motioned for me to do the same thing, and she had the same reaction. He whispered in my ear for me to kiss her on the lips, which I did, but only briefly. Then he did the same, and she knew it was him.

A knock at the door interrupted our game, and Sky said, “Don’t move, Kelly, I’ll be right back!” I stood beside her while Sky went to answer the door.

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It was the bellman, delivering another two bottles of champagne in buckets of ice on a cute little cart. There were three champagne glasses. Sky whispered something to the kid, and then loudly said, “Thank you,” closing the door. But the bellman quietly stayed in the room.

Sky brought him silently over to us, telling Kelly it was time to resume our game. He motioned for the bellman to place his hand on Kelly’s belly, which he carefully did.

Kelly said, “Oh, that’s got to be you again, Kimi!” and Sky and I both laughed. The bellman slowly moved his hand, caressing her belly. He grinned from ear to ear, obviously very much enjoying his chance to touch this gorgeous blond without her knowledge, even if it was through her silky blouse.

“Mmm, Kimi, that feels good!” Kelly said, moaning softly, “but it’s getting really warm in here, can I take off my jacket?”

“We’ll take care of that for you, Kelly,” Sky said, from her right side. She raised her arms, and he and I both helped her out of her jacket. I folded it and laid it across a chair. She apparently hadn’t caught on that there was an extra hand on her belly. The champagne, I thought.

The bellman continued his clandestine ‘exploration’ of Kelly’s belly, gradually moving his caresses in a wider circle, from just above her waistband to just below her breasts. I watched, mesmerized by the idea that Kelly would let a total stranger touch her like that. He was a hunk, too! Probably a few years younger than Kelly and I, but very well built and handsome! I was still surprised that she’d agreed to be here with Sky and I, but if she knew another guy was in the room, she would freak out. She’s really drunk, I thought.

Sky went over to the cart, opening a bottle, and asked Kelly if she was ready for a glass.

“Oh, yes!” she replied quickly, “It’s really getting warm in here, I need something cool!”

Sky brought her glass to her, slipping it into her hand. As the bellman slowly caressed her belly, she took a big sip of champagne.

I saw Sky move over to adjust the thermostat on the wall, then he came back and asked Kelly, “Listen, would you feel more comfortable if we helped you take off your blouse? It is getting warmer in here, and, after all, we’re all friends, now, right? You’ll still have your bra on, so it’ll be fine, ok? You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess that would be ok, I wouldn’t mind that,” Kelly said.

Sky nodded to the bellman to start unbuttoning her blouse, which he gladly started doing. When he quickly reached for the second one, Sky made motions with his hands for the bellman to go more slowly.

Kelly took another sip as her blouse slowly opened, button by button. The bellman looked like a kid in a candy store, a huge grin on his face as he slowly undressed the unsuspecting Kelly. When he got to the bottom button, he carefully pulled the front of her blouse out of her pants to get to the last two buttons. Sky and I both watched as he carefully peeled the blouse over her shoulders, revealing her white lace bra, and Sky said, “Here, let me hold your drink for you” as the bellman slid the arms down and off.

The bellman tossed the blouse to the chair with her jacket, and went back to caressing Kelly’s flat belly, now exploring even further, to her sides, and down along the naked skin above her waistband.

“Oh, Kimi, that really feels good!” she said softly. The bellman took that as encouragement, and stood in front of Kelly, moving his caressing hands even further around to her back. His eyes, though, were locked on her huge breasts struggling for release from her bra.

Sky put Kelly’s drink back in her hand after he refilled it, and asked her, “Kelly, how would you feel about two people touching you at the same time? Would you be comfortable with that, do you think?”

Kelly smiled, “I think that would be nice, as long as we don’t go too far, ok?” she replied.

He nodded for me to join the bellman. I stood behind her, and touched her shoulders softly, slowly moving just the fingers of my hands down her arms, and back, then slowly over her shoulder blades, and down, skipping over her bra strap to her lower back.

“Kelly moaned, “That really feels good, a little harder please! My back is so tense, a little massage would be great!”

I pressed more firmly, beginning to work the kinks out of her back, as the bellman explored further, up her sides, along the bottom edge of her bra, and down, slipping his fingers just under her waistband now.

Kelly took another sip of champagne, sighing softly. Sky stood next to me, saying to Kelly, “Uh, this bra strap is really in the way here, would you mind very much if we just unfasten it? After all, we’re all friends here, right, Kelly? You can keep your bra on; it’ll just be unfastened. Would that be ok?”

“Uh, sure, fine!” she moaned. I adeptly unfastened Kelly’s bra strap, and pulled the back of it apart, leaving the straps hanging loose over her shoulders. “Hey, listen, I’m still pretty warm here, would it be ok if I just take off my pants? You guys promise not to peek!” she giggled.

The bellman heard that and placed his hands together, mouthing the words, ‘thank you!’ to the ceiling, and smiled from ear to ear.

“Kelly, you just stand still, and we’ll take care of that for you, ok Hon?” Sky said, as he motioned for the bellman to unfasten Kelly’s pants. The poor guy fumbled as he tried to find the fastener. He finally got it apart, then slowly slid the zipper down, his hand coming precariously close to Kelly’s pussy.

She let out a breath. “Whew,” she sighed. The bellman slid the cloth down Kelly’s long slim thighs, pushing the material past her knees, then letting it drop to the floor. She raised first one foot, then the other, as he moved her pants away. He just sat there on his knees, staring at her pussy, which was covered only by the thin silk of her white lace panties. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone look happier than that bellman! He was infatuated!

Sky bent down to whisper something in his ear. The bellman finally began touching Kelly’s feet, caressing her ankles, very slowly moving his caresses higher, watching for her reaction. I continued her back massage, gradually pushing her bra straps further toward her arms, to give me more room to work.

Kelly sighed, “Ahh, yes, that’s much better! It’s really getting hot in here, isn’t it, guys?” as she took another sip of champagne.

I don’t know how Kelly was feeling about this, but I have to admit it was turning me on! I’m no lesbian, but I have thought about what it would be like to touch Kelly like this. OK, ok, I have actually masturbated while thinking about Kelly and I together! But only a few times…

Kelly took another sip, saying, “Hey, you guys! I can’t tell who’s who anymore! But that’s ok, it doesn’t matter, does it! We’re all friends, right!” as she giggled. “Just don’t stop, I’m enjoying all this attention!”

Sky smiled knowingly as he watched the bellman and I touching my roommate. He nodded, “That’s right, Kelly, we’re all friends!” he said from behind her, grinning. “Hey, listen, Kelly, you’d probably be more comfortable if you would lie back on the bed, wouldn’t you? Would that be ok? Here, we’ll help you get comfortable,” Sky said as he began to guide Kelly backwards toward the bed.

“Uh, sure, I think so,” Kelly slurred, “starting to get a little dizzy anyway,” she said with a giggle.

As Sky and the bellman helped pull her up to the center of the bed, Kelly limply tried to help. Sky took the champagne glass out of her hand, placing it on the table. I found myself getting more and more excited about this scene – my gorgeous blond roommate lying in the middle of the bed in only her panties, and her bra laying loosely over her breasts. The blindfold still in place, her long blond hair spread over the bed above her head, arms spread wide, and her legs straight, slightly spread apart. She lay back and quietly smiled.

Sky motioned for the bellman to continue massaging her feet and legs, and for me to begin working on her arms and belly.

“Oh, that feels so good, you guys! Keep it up, I’m getting pretty mellow here, and you’re making me feel relaxed. I’m really glad I came by looking for you, Kimi!” Kelly said, smiling.

The bellman was caressing her upper thighs by now; kneading and pressing her trim muscled flesh, slowly moving higher and higher. I took a position on my knees at Kelly’s side, leaning over her to work the muscles in her upper arms and then worked my way down to her belly.

“Here, Kelly, raise up your arms, let me get this out of the way,” I said, pulling on her bra.

I was hoping she’d comply without thinking, and was only a little surprised when she raised both arms without protest.

The bellman (and Sky) watched intently as I lifted the cups from her firm breasts, pulled the straps up and over her arms, then tossed Kelly’s bra over to the chair. Sky and I smiled at each other as I exposed my roommate’s breasts for his viewing pleasure. Kelly’s nipples were standing out about a half-inch now; her breasts about the size of a small melon, standing firmly away from her chest. I began massaging closer and closer to them both, my hands working in circles along her upper belly, barely brushing against the bottoms of her breasts.

The bellman was moving in on his target as well, his thumbs now kneading Kelly’s inner thighs, fingers spread around to her hips. Kelly moaned softly, rolling her head from side to side, obviously enjoying the attention. Sky watched silently, nodding in appreciation as my hands slowly moved onto Kelly’s breasts. As my hands caressed in circles, brushing up and over her breasts, I slowly slid my fingers over her hard nipples, slowly, one finger at a time, watching Kelly moan with each contact. Sky moved closer, kneeling on Kelly’s right side, and motioned for me to use only one hand, while he reached out to match my motions. Sky and I then massaged Kelly’s breasts in unison, as the bellman was softly brushing his fingers over Kelly’s panty-covered pussy.

Now Kelly’s hands began to gather handfuls of the sheets to either side, and she thrust her breasts upward, and began to rock her pelvis in time with the bellman’s caresses. Sky nodded to the bellman, who then slipped his fingers into the waistband of Kelly’s panties and began to slide them over her hips. Kelly assisted by raising her butt off the bed as the bellman slipped the white lace down her long slim thighs, exposing her naked pussy to all of us. Sky and I never stopped our dual attack on her breasts, and while the bellman was lifting the panties off Kelly’s feet, we both bent over and touched our tongues to her nipples, just a light flick at first.

As Sky and I both closed our lips over Kelly’s nipples, the bellman was wasting no time in licking his way up Kelly’s inner thighs, his eyes intent on her moist pussy lips. Kelly had only a thin mat of wispy golden blond pussy hair. We sucked her nipples while the bellman’s extended tongue touched Kelly’s lips, and she screamed out, “OH MY GODDDDD!” as she clawed the sheets. He slid his tongue up and down her slit, licking only the outside of her pussy lips, as Sky and I sucked on her nipples. We both continued to caress her breasts while sucking her nipples into our mouths, carefully keeping our teeth covered.

The bellman responded to her ecstatic cries, sliding his tongue between her pussy lips, thrusting inside and sliding it up and down her slit. Kelly bucked up against his face, pushing her pussy hard against his mouth as she moaned over and over. He sucked her clit between his lips and flicked his tongue over it, and Kelly exploded, arching her entire body upward as she cried out, “OH OH OH GOD I’M CUMMMMINGGGGGG!!”

Sky and I never let up on Kelly’s breasts, sucking and now lightly biting at her nipples as we massaged her breasts. Kelly’s hands were pulling at the bedsheets, her body arched completely off the bed, only her feet and the back of her head touching as she thrust herself against the bellman’s face. His hands reached under her thighs and pulled her ass against him as he pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, fucking her with it as rapidly as he could.

With a loud “OOHHH,” Kelly collapsed to the bed, her gorgeous body drenched in sweat, as she gasped for breath. Sky nodded and we both raised up away from her to give her a chance to recover. The bellman slid to the floor, a smile on his face along with copious amounts of Kelly’s pussy juice.

Sky whispered something to the bellman, who then began to remove his clothes. Sky then whispered to me to move between Kelly’s legs as the bellman climbed onto the bed and straddled her chest, his knees on either side, and leaned forward with his hands against the wall, guiding his hard cock to Kelly’s mouth. Not only was this guy a hunk, he was hung! That thing had to be a good nine inches, and looked hard as a rock! She was just beginning to get her breath back, and I began licking her inner thighs, quickly moving upward as the bellman lowered his cock to touch her open lips.

I watched in awe as Kelly’s tongue came out to lick his cock, inviting him to press it deeper into her mouth! As he slowly fed her more of his cock, I moved in on her wet, fragrant pussy. I had dreamed of doing this, but never thought I would actually have a chance! Her wet pussy was actually gapped open, the inner lips a hot pink, glistening with her moisture. As my hands caressed Kelly’s inner thighs, I brushed my lips over her fine pussy hair. The bellman’s cock was deep inside Kelly’s mouth, and she appeared to be raising her head so she could suck more of it in.

I thought, “it’s now or never!” as I thrust out my tongue and grazed it between Kelly’s hot pink pussy lips. Her pussy tasted heavenly; even sweeter than my own, and I licked the length of her wet lips. My tongue worked up and down her slit, then circled around her clit, then down to push deep inside her. She began to writhe and moan on the bellman’s cock, pushing her pussy up against my face as she grasped handfuls of the sheets.

I felt Sky standing behind me, pushing against my thighs, and felt him slide my dress up over my hips and pull my panties down to my knees. I worked on Kelly’s clit as I felt Sky’s cock pushing against my wet pussy lips, pressing slowly inside me from behind. He was teasing me, just letting the tip touch my lips, barely inside, pulling back as I thrust my pussy toward him. I could only move so far, not wanting my mouth to leave Kelly’s pussy, and I was getting frustrated!

Kelly moved her hands to cup the bellman’s muscular ass as she sucked him, or rather he fucked her face, and I wrapped my lips around Kelly’s clit, sucking it inside my mouth as Sky shoved his cock deep inside my from behind. I moaned on Kelly’s clit, “mmnnn,” as Kelly moaned on the bellman’s cock, “nnngg,” and Sky moaned out, “ahhhh!”

Every time Sky thrust deep into my pussy from behind, I thrust my tongue deep inside Kelly’s pussy, and the bellman thrust his cock deep into Kelly’s throat. About the time that I felt Kelly’s legs tense up and Sky’s grip on my hips tightened, I felt a huge orgasm coming from deep inside my pussy, beginning to drive through me. I felt Sky’s hot cum shoot into my pussy as Kelly’s delicious pussy juice coated my face, and the bellman’s cum filled Kelly’s mouth and I could see some of it leaking around her wet lips, running down her cheeks.

I licked Kelly’s pussy until she finally collapsed against the bed, and she kept sucking and licking the bellman’s cock until it finally plopped out of her mouth, clean and wet. Sky had bent over me, his condom-covered cock imbedded deep inside my pussy as he filled me, and finally began to soften and pull out. When the bellman climbed off the bed, Sky whispered something to him, and he got dressed and quietly let himself out, still grinning.

Sky and I both removed the rest of our clothes, and collapsed on either side of Kelly, who could barely speak, “That was fantastic. You guys are incredible,” she mumbled.

Kelly, still blindfolded, lay there smiling as Sky and I both snuggled against her. The three of us drifted off to an exhausted sleep.

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