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Kim, Danny & Mark

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Kim kept busy gardening all morning so she wouldn’t be thinking about Danny coming home, Mark’s mammoth cock or even Janet’s sexy hosed body. She didn’t want to think about anything that would get her aroused. She was still feeling the effects of the wild sexual encounter she had yesterday evening, and her poor pussy was finally beginning to feel like its old self again.

She wanted to be ready to give Danny a mind blowing home coming so she had refrained from any kind of masturbation. Her mind began to wonder though, day dreaming about Danny’s chiseled body when she caught herself.

“Stop!” Kim said out loud.

She shook her head then looked at her watch. It was about 11 am; time to take a quick swim to cool off then get showered and dressed. Kim put away her gardening tools and stripped down to her bikini that barely covered the important parts of her voluptuous body. She swam a few laps then got out and dried off. She lingered in the shower longer than planned so she would have to rush to get dressed. Although hopefully she wouldn’t be dressed long once Danny showed up.

“What to wear?” she questioned as she stood before her closet naked.

Kim pulled out a denim mini skirt, holding it to her body. She then settled on a floral patterned tank top to go with it. She tossed the clothes on her bed and went to the dresser. Opening the drawer with the new pantyhose, she thumbed through the packages before removing a pair of bronze Wolfords.

“He’ll love these,” she said removing them from the packaging.

She ran the shimmering nylon against her cheek then over her breasts. Her nipples popped up immediately making her moan. Looking over her shoulder, the clock told her there wasn’t time to play. Kim sat on the edge of her bed and pulled the silky hose on her luscious legs. She adjusted the seams to hide beneath her toes before putting on the rest of her outfit. She brushed out her hair, touched up her make up, stepped into her 6″ clear slides then went down stairs to pour some wine. ‘I don’t think Janet would mind if Danny had a celebratory drink or two’ she thought to herself.

Kim carried the bottle of wine and an ice bucket out to the pool and set it under the large umbrella that stood between two of the chase lounges. She placed some fruit and the glasses on the small table and covered both the lounges with enormous soft cotton towels. She sat down on one of the lounges and called next door on her cordless phone. She had to leave a message on Janet’s answering machine for Danny as no one answered. ‘Janet and Mark must be ignoring the phone because their busy fucking,’ Kim thought, then she remembered Janet’s car was gone this morning and so was Mark’s truck. ‘She must be out shopping and Mark may have gone to pick up Danny from the campus,’ she now guessed. Her mind pondered the possibilities but each time she thought of Danny a warm feeling would explode in her pussy.

Kim swung her gleaming hosed legs onto the plush cotton towel covering the lounge and settled in to wait. The short skirt she wore rode up to above her mid thigh, exposing more of her nylon covered curves. She finished her first glass of wine and poured another. Her left hand rested on her silky thigh but it didn’t stay still for long. Thoughts of Danny and Mark sitting by her pool came flooding back. She remembered how tight Danny’s suit fit over his trim body and the bulge that she saw forming when Mark talked about herself and Janet. She wanted Danny so bad that day. She wanted them both.

She gasped as her finger circled her erect clit, tenting her expensive hose. Kim’s thumb and forefinger closed on her bulging bud at its base. She gently stroked up and down its half inch length like it was a miniature cock. Her body was trembling as she continued her delicate tugs. She placed her heeled feet on the concrete causing her legs to spread wider. Her right hand was under her tank top, pinching her nipple sending more delicious pleasure coursing through her. The cotton panel of her hose was soaked and the towel beneath her was filling with her juices as well. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out as she drew closer to a rapturous release.

“Holy Shit!” Danny whispered.

His words snapped Kim back to reality. She was startled to see him and Mark standing just feet away. She removed her hands from their current locations and tried to cover herself. She wasn’t sure why she felt embarrassed. She had fucked both of these young studs, so what made her feel self conscious? She stood up but teetering on her tall heels she nearly fell over the lounge as she went to hug Danny.

“I’m so glad to see you! Congratulations on your win!” Kim said holding him tight, “I’ve missed you so much!”

Her hard nipples poked into Danny’s chest like two large marbles glued on her massive tits. His hard cock was pressing into her upper thigh as well. Both young men had raging hard-ons after seeing Kim masturbating like that.

“So I can tell,” Danny replied with a chuckle, “Were you thinking of me just then or Mark? He tells me you got to try out his big dick.”

“How did you like it? You seem to be having trouble walking this morning?” Mark chimed in.

Both of them had their hands on Kim’s hosed legs. Mark was stroking her right thigh as Danny’s hand raised her skirt and moved over her left ass cheek. Kim straightened herself and pushed them back.

“You boys should know that it’s rude to ask a lady such things,” Kim said with a matronly tone, “And it’s not polite to sneak up on a lady unannounced…”

She gave them a second to absorb that then stepped forward, grabbing their hard cocks through their loose fitting swim suits.

“…but I’m a horny slut so I can tell you I was thinking about both of these beautiful cocks,” squeezing them for emphasis, “So are you gonna stand around like alter boys or show them to me?”

She kissed Danny first; stabbing her tongue into his mouth then turned to Mark and did the same thing before stepping back. She put her hands on her hips and waited. Mark and Danny looked at each other then back to Kim before dropping their towels then their shorts. The two young men stood before Kim with nothing on but their sandals. Kim’s pussy began to flow with her nectar. It was running down the inside of her thighs as her eyes devoured the youthful masculine bodies before her. Danny’s cock was fully erect and dripping pre cum onto the cement. Mark’s hadn’t reached its full potential yet but it was getting there fast. She could see they were scanning her legs from hem line to the tips of her nylon encased toes poking through her clear heels. She stepped close to them again and squatted down.

“Mmmmmm…You two look delicious,” she said taking their cocks in hand once again, “I’m gonna eat you up!”

Before either of them could respond, Kim took Danny’s throbbing member into her mouth as deep as it could go while pumping her fist up and down Mark’s now fully erect shaft. The two teens moaned in unison as she alternately sucked and stroke them both. A puddle of pussy juice was growing on the ground between Kim’s heels as she pleasured her two ‘boy toys’ without pause.

Kim stood while still stroking their rigid cocks. Her mind raced as she tried to get a grip on the situation. She hadn’t planned on both of them being here but she wasn’t going to let this opportunity escape her. She kissed them then released their rampant poles and removed her tank top, allowing her mammoth boobs to bounce free from their confinement. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall as well, kicking it aside. Mark and Danny positioned themselves at her sides as they each took a breast and sucked her painfully hard nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…That feels so good!” Kim purred.

Then she felt the heat of their throbbing cocks pressed against her upper thighs as they humped her shimmering legs. Danny’s free hand held her left thigh and Mark’s roamed over her round ass. In no time her pantyhose were covered in their slippery pre cum. Danny removed his mouth from her tit and kissed her deeply. Their tongues twisted and intertwined while his left hand released her breast and went to her dripping sex. She groaned and shuddered when his hand cupped her pussy. He pushed two fingers into her as far as her hose would allow while his thumb pressed against her aching clit. He managed to pierce the cotton panel then widen the hole with his fingers. Kim was about to protest his tearing of her $50 Wolfords right up until he plunged two fingers deep into her sopping pussy. That’s all it took to send her spiraling off into an orgasmic maelstrom. She clung to the young men as waves of pleasure crashed over her. Kim’s body shook violently with each rapturous tremor brought on by Danny’s touch. She did everything in her power not to scream and alert her neighbors of her activities, but her moans were growing louder with every passing moment.

Mark began to grind against Kim’s hip very hard and his fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass. Through the haze of her own orgasm she heard him grunt and could feel him shooting his hot cum on her leg and up her side. When he finished, Mark sat on the lounge Kim previously occupied. She turned toward Danny and hooked a leg around him, adding her thrusts to his. His breathing began to shorten and his movements became erratic. Kim knew he was about to cum, but rather than let him shoot his load on her hose she suddenly squatted and swallowed his throbbing dick. Kim wasn’t ready for his first geyser of semen and nearly choked. She was coughing as she removed his spasming cock from her mouth. He continued spraying his cum on her face and chest until she was finally able to recapture his cock between her full lips. She sucked on the mushroomed head, flicking her tongue around the crown. Her right hand pumped up and down his shaft while her left hand massaged his balls, urging them to give up more of his youthful seed.

“Holy Shit!” Danny said for the second time; his voice quaking as much as his body.

“That was a hell of a show!” Mark cheered.

He was clapping and whistling in approval when Kim stood back up. She turned to him and bowed; long strings of Danny’s cum hanging from her chin and tits. She turned back to Danny who still had tremors running through his body from Kim’s hand that was continuing to stroke his steely pole. Sweat poured from him and Kim decided to help him out.

“You are soooo HOT!” she said in a very sexy voice.

“You are too. That was incredible! I think…”

“I think you should cool off,” Kim commented cutting him off then pushed him backwards into the pool.

Mark jumped up and went to the pools’ edge to laugh at his friend. Kim moved close to him.

“Hey big boy, how about a kiss?”

Mark backed away, reluctant to have Danny’s sperm smeared on him if he was to kiss her.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you think I’m sexy anymore?” Kim followed him puckering her lips.

“No…It’s not that…I…” he stammered.

Kim shoved him into the pool with Danny. She retrieved a towel from the lounge and wiped off the cum coating her body and hose.

“When you boys dry off, join me inside,” she said collecting her clothes and headed to the house.

Danny and Mark watched her walk away; their eyes glued to her glossy legs. Her hips swayed seductively and her thighs rubbing together made that enticing hiss. When she reached the sliding glass door, Kim looked over her shoulder and gave them an alluring wink then ran her tongue around her plump lips before disappearing into the house. The two young men looked at one another then scrambled from the pool. They frantically dried themselves as they dashed toward the house. When they entered the kitchen, Kim was nowhere to be found.

“Be sure to shut the door before you come up,” Kim called from the top of the stairs.

Danny did as instructed then he and Mark made their way to Kim’s room where they could hear music playing. Kim met them at the entrance and took them by the hand, leading them to her bed. She had them sit and started to dance to the rhythm of the music.

“Danny thinks I’d make a good stripper. What do you think Mark?” Kim asked with her back to the boys and rolling her hips side to side.

“As long as you don’t take off anymore, I agree with him!” Mark replied as he stroked his cock slowly.

Kim turned, running her hands over her tits and down her glistening legs, “You don’t want me to take off my hose?”

“NO!” Danny and Mark shouted.

“Do you like these hose?”

They both nodded as if in a hypnotic trance while watching her every move.

“That’s good. I love these too. They’re so soft and silky…mmmmmmmm…they feel so good,” she said rubbing the velvety material.

Kim went to her dresser. Opening the top drawer, she pulled out two pairs of suntan colored crotch less pantyhose. She returned to her position in front of her little audience then tossed them each a pair.

“Put them on,” was her command then she went back to dancing suggestively.

Danny held up the hose looking between them and Kim, “Are you serious?” he asked.

“Trust me dude, she’s serious,” Mark answered already pulling his pair up his legs.

He skillfully maneuvered his cock and balls through the opening between his legs then adjusted the waist band on his hips. Danny looked at him in disbelief then back to Kim.

“What’s wrong Danny? You like to see me in hose,” she said moving beside Mark, “I want to see you in pantyhose too. Just look how sexy Mark is in these hose. Its making me so wet.”

Kim ran her hands over Mark’s nylon encased legs. She directed him to lie down on the bed then turned to Danny.

“I want to feel your strong legs in these hose rubbing against me as you fuck my pussy!” she whispered in his ear and stroking his thigh.

She climbed onto the bed between Mark’s legs and knelt there waiting to see what Danny would do. He finally relented and started to put on the pantyhose.

“That’s it baby. You get to have my pussy first as soon as you get those pantyhose on,” she said then turned to Mark, “I hope you don’t mind seconds?”

“Not at all.”

Kim slid her arms under his knees and lifted his legs. She leaned down and had him wrap his legs around her body. She took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking up and down his shaft. Mark moaned louder as Kim took him deep into her throat but she couldn’t get him all the way in. She was raising the intensity of his blow job when she felt Danny’s hand on her ass. She looked back to see him kneeling at the edge of the bed, rapidly jerking his cock.

“You look so hot in those pantyhose baby, now stick that big cock of yours in me,” Kim said then went back to sucking Mark off.

Danny moved closer, guiding the head of his swollen dick to Kim’s moist valley. When she felt his cock touch her wet lips, she closed her legs in to feel his hose covered legs. She locked her feet behind his knees, rubbing them back and forth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Kim moaned around Mark’s throbbing cock as Danny slid into her until his balls touched her clit.

Danny fucked her slowly, taking his time. He had to admit the feeling of her hose rubbing against his was very erotic and he wanted it to last as long as possible. Kim matched his thrusts to her sucking and all three of them were moaning louder and louder. Mark removed his legs from around Kim’s back and laid them on the bed against hers. He moved them back and forth as if he was walking up stairs to get that unique feel of nylon rubbing on nylon. Kim moaned louder. She was addicted to that feeling and the stimulation of her lover, or in this case lovers, wearing pantyhose with her. Add to that having a big hard cock in her pussy and a bigger cock in her mouth, it was no wonder she was the first to cum.

Kim bucket back into Danny with increasing force as she rode out her thunderous orgasm. He was slamming into her faster and faster as he drew near his own release. She finally had to remove Marks’ cock from her mouth so she could get enough air to keep from passing out, but she kept stroking his massive member with her hand. Her shrieks of lust became deafening as one orgasm blended into the next.

Danny’s fingers dug into her hips as he held himself deep in her clenching pussy. His body jerked and with each spasm he shot a stream of hot cum into Kim’s hungry sex. Kim groaned as Danny pumped his thick seed into her body which triggered another orgasm for her. Danny enjoyed the feel of her clasping pussy on his cock, milking him for all he had. He lay forward across her back for a few moments to catch his breath. When straightened up again he and Mark locked eyes.

“FIRE DRILL!” they shouted then high-fived each other.

Danny pulled out of Kim and rolled to his right, off the bed, as Mark slid from beneath Kim then moved behind her. Danny took Mark’s place under her offering his cum coated cock which she eagerly accepted. Mark stabbed his huge pole into Kim’s dripping pussy making a loud wet squishing sound.

“OH GOD YES!” Kim cried then went back to devouring Danny’s cock.

Mark fucked her hard and fast. His animalistic grunts were punctuated by the slapping of hosed covered flesh. Kim’s round ass jiggled in its nylon cocoon with each impact of Mark’s hips. She clamped down tight with her vaginal muscles like she was trying to stop him from moving inside her. This just made him fuck her harder. Kim’s head bobbed up and down on Danny’s cock sucking it clean of their combined juices. She could feel Mark’s monstrous cock swell just before he unleashed a torrent of his cum inside her. The force of his seed filling her up made her feel weak as a new orgasm took hold. She was struggling to stay focused and not go unconscious from the overwhelming stimulation she was receiving.

When Mark pulled his twitching cock from her pussy, the flood of juices soaked the sheets but she didn’t care. She felt so empty. She wanted to be filled again but she just didn’t have the energy, collapsing onto Danny. Mark lay down on the other side of the bed and Kim rolled off Danny to be between them. The trio relaxed for about half an hour. Kim massaged the guys’ cocks while their hands roamed over her body and hosed legs.

Later they all went down stairs where Kim made lunch during which Danny fucked her from behind when she was leaning over the sink. She didn’t let him get worked up enough to cum though.

They went out to the pool again and went swimming in nothing but pantyhose. Mark and Danny took turns teasing Kim by fingering her pussy or sucking her erect nipples. She tried to get back at them by wrapping her arms and legs around them from behind then stroke their cocks, but they turned the tables on her. When she attacked Danny, Mark came up behind her and slid his throbbing cock deep into her hot pussy. From then on they took turns holding her while the other would fuck her.

Kim loved every minute of their game but she didn’t let boys know that, at least not intentionally. Her frequent orgasms gave her away though. Danny and Mark emptied their balls in her during their lustful play, after which they all laid out to catch some rays and dry off.

Kim spent the rest of the evening with both of them. She couldn’t count how many times they fucked her or how many orgasms she had that night and she really didn’t care. All she knew is their hose were full of runs and covered in cum stains and she never felt more satisfied in all her life. The realization that summer was nearly over and both Danny and Mark would be back at school made her feel a bit sad. She would have to try to get together with Janet more frequently until their next break. That thought brought a smile to her face as she drifted off to sleep.

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