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Kevin Meets Uncle Jim’s Friend

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I was lying on front, in bed, next to my Uncle Jimmy. We were both naked, as he had made love to me the night before. My ass was a little sore, and I could feel his cum all over and inside it, all dried up. He was up too, and he was stroking my back gently. He was hard, and I was too.

He looked at me, and then got up, and laid down on top of me. He placed his cock at the entrance of my ass, and pushed till he was all inside me – a place he had got a little accustomed to.

He started fucking me with gentle strokes. Now, teen boys are usually pretty horny all the time, and my youth showed itself as I squeezed my legs together, stiffened against the bed, and orgasmed. Uncle Jimmy sensed that, and pushed his cock deep inside me, as I rubbed myself against the bed, shuddered a couple of times, and came. He licked my neck as I spurted out the last of my seed on the sheets. As I relaxed, he resumed fucking me, and pinned my hands above my head.

Of course, I LOVE anal stimulation; I was hard again in no time. He was humping me at a rapid pace, and had his breathing had gotton erratic. I felt him push deep inside me, freeze in that position as he came inside me. He gave a spurt, then pushed in a little more, then gave another spurt, and pushed a little more, till he was all spent. He pushed in a last time, then fell on top of me.

He got off me, and laid down beside me. I turned, so that I was lying on my back too. He looked at me. I was still hard.

He moved forward and took my cock in his hand, and started stroking me. I laid back, and squeezed my legs together, as I orgasmed in his hand, and came.


I had gotton pretty dirty from my sexual encounter yesterday, in which my uncle Jimmy had taken my virginity. He had cum so many times in my ass that I had actually gotton used to feeling him inside me. I just loved it when he came inside me. It was the biggest turn on for me. I didn’t really know why, however. I wanted to have every drop of his love juice, and I wanted to satisfy each and every desire of his masculinity.

I got up, and went to take a shower. I had had an awakening – I saw my body in a very different way now. My body was now his domain; he could do whatever he liked to me, and whenever he liked to. He could make love to me as often and for as long as he wanted to. I was his new fuck toy, and I loved it.

I was a little big – boned, you could say, but now I loved myself even more. I was rather pleased that I could give him so much pleasure.

So, I shaved everywhere I could reach; I wanted to be smooth and shiny for him. It took me a lot of time to do that, but i did a pretty good job. I was pretty much hairless in all the places he would like me to be.

Uncle Jimmy had left in the afternoon, and came in late at night, and he had brought along a friend – Dr.David Cauldon, or Dave, as I found out later.

They sat up in Uncle Jimmy’s room, talking. it was close to 11 ‘o clock. I was hoping that Dr.Couldon would leave soon, and that Unclie Jimmy would come and make love to me.

As I was sitting in my room, lost in my fantasies, I heard Uncle Jimmy calling my name. I got up and went to his room. He was sitting in a corner on a chair, while Dr.Couldon was sitting on the king size bed in the middle of the room.

Dr. Couldon greeted me, and asked me how I was. I nodded, implying that I was, indeed fine.

“Kevin, Jim here tells me that you are a pretty good fuck …”

I was taken aback at his words, surprised more than anything else.

“Relax, boy, there’s nothing to worry about. Now, if this is uncomfortable for you, we can stop here. But, I wanted to ask you some questions, innocent little questions they are too – if you won’t mind me doing so.”

I looked at Uncle Jimmy. He was pretty calm, and motioned me to calm down myself. My surprise had melted away, and desire suddenly indulged itself. Dr.Couldon was a little younger than Uncle Jimmy, very modestly built as compared to him too, but he had a beard, and sharp, keen features that commanded respect, and if I may say so without sounding too blatant, admiration.

I nodded that I was comfortable, and a little excited too.

“Was it good for you?”

I looked at Uncle Jimmy and smiled.

“It definitely was”, I replied.

“You like it when he fucks you? You like it when he cums inside you?”

I was looking directly into Dr.Cauldon, or Dave’s, eyes now, and he into mine.

We knew what we were going to do.

“Take off your clothes, and let me see you.”

I unzipped my jeans, and let them fall to the floor. I took off my T, and then my boxers. I was standing naked in front of them.

I felt a little self – conscious, as they were staring at me with bulging eyes, and I was hairless. Then I saw both their bulges growing, and I began to grow hard.

Dave beckoned me to come to him, and I walked up to him. He was sitting on the side of the bed, and I was standing next to him, naked, and hard.

He reached out and put his hand on my chest. He then glided his hand to my belly, and down to my cock, and took it in his hand. I was very excited, and put my hand on his shoulder. He put his other hand on my back, and glided i down to my butt. He then slid his hand into my butt crack, and inserted a finger up my ass, deep into me.

I gasped, as he started stroking me with his other hand. I squeezed my legs together, and pushed against his hand, and orgamsed. he gripped my cock and pushed his hand against me, as I pushed back against his hand, put both my hands on his shoulder, and came.I trembled with each spurt, and after a couple of spurts went limp against him as he began to gently milk me with slow strokes. I gasped as I ejaculated in his hand, my pleasure multiplied with his precise strokes. On the last spurt he pushed his hand again on my cock as I stiffened against it, and came down my orgasm.

He till held me in his hand. He brought his face closer to my body, and licked my nipple, and circled with his tongue around it, and then licked to the center of my chest. He then licked up my to my neck. I had recovered a little bit from my cum, and I got back on my feet. He raised his hand, soaked with my cum, to my mouth, and I licked it clean. This was the first time I had tasted my own cum, and it had a weird, tangy taste.

Dr.Couldon stood up, and unzipped his pants. He slid them down, and down came his underwear. He was hard, and he had quite a girth. He wasn’t as big as Uncle Jimmy, however, but what he lacked in height he made up in width, and how! I almost wondered how I was going to fit him inside me, for of course he would want to cum inside me. I don’t know what it is with old men wanting to cum inside my ass, but they sure do like to; not that I have a problem with that, ’cause, well, deep down inside, and as well as on the surface, I am rather a bit of a man-slut, and I do love it when men unload themselves in the deep recesses of my body.

Well, then, so, He took off his tie and shirt. he was fully naked before me. He got on the bed, and settled himself in a squatting position almost on the center of the bed. He motioned me to come to him. I got on the bed, moved to the spot where he was, put one leg on each side of him, facing him, and with support from my hands, I slowly lowered myself on him until I felt his cock reach up to the opening of my ass.

Dr.Couldon put one hand on my waist, and guided me down towards his cock, and with his other hand, he gripped his cock, and prepared it for penetration. As my legs were placed far away from each other, I was stretched, and so it was a little easier for him to enter me. Slowly I settled down on top of him, and slowly I felt he head of his cock push against the entrance to my ass, and then enter me. Inch by inch I felt him fill me up, until he was fully inserted in me.

He was sitting more or less in a squatted position, and I was almost sitting in his lap, facing him, my legs on either side of his body, and his cock fully inserted inside my ass. This was a pretty intimate sexual position. I curled up my legs behind him, so that the back of my legs were touching his back, and put my arms around him. I looked into his eyes, and he looked into mine. He had one hand around me, and he ran his other hand down my face, my chest, and then put that around me too. He then moved his face a little closer to mine and kissed me. It was a deep, intimate and passionate kiss. We played with each others’ tongues, and ran our hands down each others’ body. He stopped, and then broke the kiss.

“Kevin, you are a very special boy. Do you want me to make love to you?”

Our eyes met, and I smiled.

“Yes, Mr.Couldon, I want you to make love to me.”

He moved a little forward and kissed my neck. He then put both his arms around my waist, and held me firmly in place as he stiffened against me, pushed his cock all the way into my ass, held it there for a moment, and then came. He shuddered as I felt his spurt hit some place deep inside me, and then shuddered again as he let out load after load of his love juice into me. As he pumped the last of his seed into my ass, he roughly licked the side of my neck, and then with his cock still inside me, he rolled me over to one side, so that I was now on my back, and he was lying between my legs, on top of me.

He gave a deep push into me, and then with drew his cock almost completely. Then he pushed into me again, and then moved back a little. He had cum a lot in me, and some of it was running down my ass, making me feel naughty. He started humping me slowly, and then quickly built up a pace. All the while, Uncle Jimmy was watching me. He had undressed himself, so that he was now completely naked, and the most hard I’ve ever seen him.

Dr.Couldon was now fucking me at a quick pace. His breathing was erratic, and he was getting sweaty. He looked into my eyes, and then kissed me. it was less like a kiss, and felt more like he was fucking my mouth with his tongue. He sucked on my tongue, explored the inner recesses of my mouth, and stuck his tongue down my throat.

He stopped for a moment, pumped again a couple of times, paused again, stopped kissing me, looked up and into my eyes, and then pushed his cock deep into me as far as it would go, and then came. I just laid there as he licked my neck, and made little thrusts into my ass as he came into me. Finally, he gave a last push in, and fell down on top of me.

He was virtually panting now. I kissed the top of his head, and ran my hands up and down his back. He got up a little, and slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. He had cum a lot the second time too. He must have been really excited; he probably had never fucked a nineteen year old hairless boy before. As his cock popped out of my ass, a lot of cum flew out with it. I gave out a little sigh. i too, was very, very excited. I had never been fucked so expertly by a man such as Dr.Couldon, and being watched by my dear Uncle Jimmy at the same time. I was rock hard. I needed to cum more badly than you can imagine, but I couldn’t just touch myself. The electricity in the air clearly indicated that they were the masters, and I was their sex slave, to be used by them as they pleased to do with me, and I would cum as and when they wanted me to cum.

Dr.Couldon got off of me and laid down on my side on his back. He was spent for the moment. Uncle Jimmy had been watching us for some time, and now it was his turn to get some.

He walked over to the bed, and the climbed on to it, and then crawled up to between my legs. I was staring at the ceiling, savoring the feeling you have when a man cums in you. He put his hand on my chest, and then slided it down to my belly. I raised my legs and pulled them closer to my body. He laid down between my legs, and placed his cock at the entrance of my ass, and then with an expert push, buried his cock all the way inside me. His cock was warm; it had a different feel as compared to Dr.Couldon’s cock – it felt familiar.

Uncle Jimmy was now all the up inside me. I lowered my legs and put them on the back of his. He held my hands and pinned them over my head. He looked into my eyes, and then kissed me. As he broke the kiss, he looked into my eyes again and smiled. You see, sex is even more fun when you do it with someone you love. That’s why it’s called “making love”.

I was hard too, and my cock was poking into his belly. We were just staring into each other’s eyes, when just the feel of him being there – the feel of him making love to me overwhelmed me completely, and I stiffened against him, and orgasmed. I kept staring into those big blue eyes of his, and shuddered as came all over our bellies. He firmly held me in position as I unloaded spurt after spurt of my cum, warm and sticky, between us. As I let out my final spurt, I fell back on the bed, and gave out a sigh of relief. He was still looking into my eyes, and I smiled a little, which made him smile too.

He must have been close too, and he gave a deep push into me, and came. I pulled him deeper into me with my legs as he pumped his seed into my belly. As he pushed in for the last time, he gave a quick and gentle kiss on my neck. For some moments, we just laid still, him inside me, savoring the afterglow of an ejaculation, getting ready to cum again. Then he pulled a little out, and started fucking me again.

Dr.Couldon was now on his side, and he was watching us intently. He was semi hard, and the idea that he would soon be cumming in me again gave me a tingle in my belly.

Uncle Jimmy had pinned my arms above my head, my legs on the back of his, and he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. Three ejaculations had taken place inside my ass, so it was now quite a warm and hospitable place for a cock to be, and there was plenty of lubrication. I felt dirty, and I LOVED IT!

Uncle Jimmy’s held his breath, made that face he always makes just before he cums, and then came in my ass. He pushed his cock as deep as he would go, and then came. I felt the warm rush of his cum inside my ass, and then he fell down on top of me. He gave me a kiss, relaxed for a few moments, and then pulled his cock out of ass, and laid down on my other side.

I was now lying on my back, and Dr.Couldon and Uncle Jimmy were lying on either side of me. Dr.Couldon was hard, and I knew what I had to do about that.

I got up, cum running down my ass, and put one leg over Dr.Couldon, and lowered myself on his cock. He held his cock in place as I sat down on top of him, and immersed his cock fully into my ass.

I put my hands on the bed on either side of him to get a good grip, and began to move up and down on his cock. I was going as fast as I could go. This was a nice position; it felt like I was fucking him. This position gave him much more penetration, and clearly he was enjoying it a lot more, too.

He had closed his eyes, and laid back as I fucked him. After a couple of minutes, he sort of arched his back, and I felt him cumming inside me. I kept on moving up and down on his cock, as if I was milking him, till he shuddered a little, indicating that he had had his run for the day, and I stopped, and just stayed on top of him for a few seconds, with him deep inside me, his pubic hair tickling my balls, letting him enjoy the depth of my body. I ran my hands up and down his chest and belly, feeling his finely toned muscles; feeling the warmth of his skin.

As I slowly got up, his cock popped out of my ass, and along with it came a flow of cum – his and Uncle Jimmy’s. I crawled up on the bed next to him, put my head on his shoulder, and put my arms around him. I felt him put his arm around me too. We just laid there like that for sometime, him with his eyes closed. Then he slowly opened them, looked at me, and smiled gently, almost appreciatively.

Uncle Jimmy, now, had now gotten aroused by our little show. I was lying on my side, and I felt him put his hand on my belly from behind, and then enter me. Dr.Couldon turned around and faced me, so that he was now lying on his side. He lowered his hand to my cock, and started masturbating me. With Uncle Jimmy inside me, and Dr.Couldon stroking me, I was driven over the edge, and I arched my back, stiffened against his hand, and orgasmed. Uncle Jimmy held me in place as I came In Dr.Couldon’s hand. Dr.Couldon milked me expertly as I came, and then fell back into Uncle Jimmy’s arms. Dr.Couldon was rather amused at my body’s reaction to his maneuvers, and he gave out a chuckle. Uncle Jimmy was tickled a little too, and seeing the good doctor laugh made him laugh too. And of course, as they say, laughter is infectious, and I was already overwhelmed with emotions, having just cum, and I giggled a little too. Dr.Couldon started stroking me again, this time a little faster, as Uncle jimmy, with his hand on my belly, held me. They were having a gay old time making me squirm, all the while pushing me to higher and higher levels of excitement.

I gripped Dr.Couldon’s shoulder as I stiffened against his hand again, and came. I shuddered as he kept on milking me till the last drop, and then stopped for a while, and then started stroking me again.

I had my eyes closed, my head thrown back, and my back arched, as Uncle Jimmy, with his cock inside me, held me. Both of them were quite pleased at the number of times I could cum, being a young boy of just 19, and they were giving me the fuck of a lifetime. I was now limp in the arms of Uncle Jimmy, moaning, and just enjoying the sensation. I orgasmed in his hand for a third time, and came.

I was panting now, and Dr.Couldon was quite pleased at his work.

“What say, can he repeat once more?” he asked Uncle Jimmy.

“He has cum five times already. The one who can make him cum now has to be a fucking genius.” he chuckled.

To my relief, Dr.Couldon replied with a sly grin, “We won’t know till we try”.

He started rubbing me once more. I shuddered a little, as I was too sensitive, but he kept on rubbing me, and I settled down after a couple of strokes.

Uncle Jimmy was doing his bit too. he ran his hand up and down my belly and chest, and he pumped his cock in and out of my ass a couple of times too. Then he did something he had never done before. He licked my armpit, and at the same time, pumped his cock into me.

This was certainly new for me. I felt the familiar tingle in my belly, stiffened against his hand, and came. I didn’t ejaculate much, but I did shudder a lot, and the cum was really pleasurable, too. Dr.Couldon rubbed me till I was too sensitive, and then stopped, and burst into a pale of laughter, into which we all joined in. Uncle Jimmy had been inside me for quite a while now, and he needed to cum. He pumped in and out of me a couple of times, and came; he had been excited too.

Dr.Couldon laid down on his back, and I fell on top of him. Uncle Jimmy pulled his cock out of me, and then fell down on top of me, with one leg thrown over me. I could feel his heartbeat calm down. I was a coming down from my six orgasms too, and enveloped in the warmth of two men who had just made love to me, I felt fuzzy and satisfied, and fell asleep, far more sated than I had ever been before.

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