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Katie Surprises Herself

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Katie was kneeling on the floor because her legs were too weak to stand. She was completely naked, and covered with sweat. Every hair on her body tingled, though they were soaked, the hair on her head drenched with sweat, her trim bush glistening and dripping with her own juices. In every direction she looked, there was a big, hard cock being stroked by its owner, five of them in all.

It was like a dream, but she was awake. “How did it get this crazy?” she wondered to herself. Then she reached out for the biggest, hardest cock of the five, and yanked it hard toward her open mouth…

It all started so innocently a few weeks before. Katie was 17, just a couple of weeks from her 18th birthday. She and her friends used to pick up the local “alternative” newspaper, and joke around as they read through the ads. The girls in the ads always seemed so nasty and gross, and the guys were just desperate-sounding. They always made for a lot of laughs. Katie usually just kind of let the other girls talk, as she wasn’t really experienced, she had only had sex a couple of times with her ex-boyfriend, Jim, and he wasn’t exactly adventurous. But this time, one of the ads intrigued her:


Small group of college males seek young amateur females, 18-22, to strip at our weekly poker party. No experience necessary, just be willing to have fun with it, and give us a good show. Job pays $500 plus tips.

Email Rob at to discuss further.”

Katie read the ad out loud. “Wow, 500 bucks just to strip for college guys?” she said, “Maybe I should call!” Her friends all busted out laughing.

“You?” screamed Marnie, “Perfect, nice little Katie, stripping! Like THAT will ever happen!”

Katie pouted. “I am not perfect and nice,” she said, “I can be a bad girl too!”

Of course this resulted in even more laughter, Jessie even screaming, “You probably even cover up when you look in the mirror!” That hurt.

“Just because I don’t dress like a slut like you guys doesn’t mean I’m not sexy,” Katie thought. “Yeah, well maybe you don’t know me very well,” she said, matter-of-factly, “I’ve done lots of bad things you don’t know about.” That wasn’t really true, but they were being so mean. She ripped out the ad, folded it, and placed it neatly in her pocket. The girls went on, making fun of more ads, and didn’t mention it again.

Katie was getting undressed for bed that night, and she felt something in her pocket. She took it out, and it was the ad from earlier. She read it again, and again, and again. “What do Jess and Marnie know,” she thought, “I could strip if I wanted to.” She looked in her mirror, at her long silky blonde hair, at her athletic little body. She had nice firm little tits, and a great ass, if she did say so herself. Her tummy and legs were tight and tanned from long hours of soccer and the tanning beds at the gym; she tanned nude, though nobody knew. She thought of it, her slowly peeling off her clothes in front of a bunch of hot college guys, their eyes drinking in every inch of her naked body, their cocks bulging in their pants as she revealed her young sex. She felt a tingle at the thought, and slipped a hand in her panties. Her tight pussy was soaked just thinking about it. She climbed in to bed, and fiddled with her wet little button, until she fell asleep, dreaming about college boys and their great big cocks…

It was Katie’s 18th birthday, and she sat at her computer, with the well-worn ad on the keyboard. “You’re legal now,” she thought, “time to put up or shut up.” She went back to the image in her head, the one she had been falling asleep to for weeks, the one that instantly made her dizzy and wet, and started typing the email:


Subject: Party

Hi Rob,

My name is Kerri, and I am 18 years old. I read your ad a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if you are still looking for entertainment for your party. I have never done anything like this before, but I’d be willing to do my best, if you are still willing to pay $500.

I’ve attached a picture. Please respond if you are interested.


Katie attached a picture of herself in a tight tank top and shorts, with a black line over her eyes. Between that and the false name, she figured she could stay anonymous. She took a deep breath, and hit SEND.

Almost immediately, she received an email back. Rob said that yes, he was interested, and that they were having a party this Friday night. He left his phone number to call and discuss things further. Nobody else was home, so she called the number, and a friendly-sounding boy answered. She introduced herself as Kerri, so Rob started to explain things. The party was 5 poker buddies at his apartment, and the job was simple, just show up, wear anything you want, give a good strip show, and get paid $500. They would provide their own music, and she’d be welcome to hang around and have food and drinks afterward. She would get the $500 as long as she got to topless for them, but if she went full nude, or offered anything extra, she could make more in tips. She asked about the “extras”, and Rob explained that things were pretty flexible there, but other girls would touch themselves, use toys, give lap dnaces, allow touching, and other things. It was pretty clear that by “other things” he meant sexual favors. Then he said that some girls went home with over $1000. Katie told him that she’d do it, so Rob gave her directions to his apartment, and they said goodbye until seven o’clock Friday.

Katie rang the doorbell at the address she had on the directions. It was a nice neighborhood near the local college, and the address was a house with three floors, an apartment on each. She noticed lots of college girls and guys walking by, and felt like every one of them was staring at her, and knew what she was there for. She had on a longish wool coat, so nobody could see the tiny vinyl skirt, tight schoolgirl shirt, and thigh-high stockings she wore underneath. She changed at the student center bathroom, so nobody she knew would see her dressed like that, and brought sweats in her backpack, as her family and friends thought she was going to the gym, like every other early Friday night.

The door opened, and an extremely cute boy opened the door. “Rob?” she asked.

“Yes, you must be Kerri,” he answered, extending his hand, and she shook it. “Your picture did not do you justice, Kerri,” he stated, and she just giggled. He let her in, and led her down a hallway.

“The poker party is here in the Living Room,” he said, as they reached the end of the hall. “Guys, this is Kerri, she will be our entertainment tonight,” Rob announced. Katie looked around and saw 4 more Ultra-Hot college guys sitting on couches, munching pizza and sipping beers. They all smiled as they gave her a quick once over, and said hello. Rob pointed Kerri toward a small bathroom across the hall from the Living Room, and said she could get ready in there, and come out whenever she was ready.

She went in, and removed her coat, and hung it on a hook on the door. She looked at herself in the mirror, at her heavier than usual makeup, at her tight, mostly unbuttoned blouse, with a little bit of her lacy pink bra peeking out, and her bare midriff where the blouse was tied in the front. She turned to make sure her ass was covered by the tiny black skirt; it was, but barely. Then she reached in to her bag and pulled out a pair of pink spiked heels (her fuck-me pumps, she always joked), and a perfume bottle. She sprayed a little on her neck, and her upper chest, then reached down and sprayed a little under her skirt on her matching pink panties. Taking a deep breath , Katie stepped into her fuck-me pumps, pushed up her firm little breasts a bit, and opened the door.

As she stepped out, all five sets of eyes immediately swung to her. Rob reached for a remote, and turned on some music on the stereo, something bassy that she didn’t recognize. The couches ran the sides of the living room in a sort of “U”, so she stepped into the middle of them, and started to swing her hips to the beat. Not an eye left her body for a moment. As she moved her hips, her tight vinyl skirt rode up, exposing the tops of her stockings. She started to roll the left stocking down, and one of the boys held up a $5 bill, and motioned to her. She strutted over to him, straddled his leg, and put her left foot on the couch. She took his hand, and led it to her stocking, and let him slowly roll it off. Leaning forward, she took the bill in her teeth, and slipped it into her blouse pocket.

Katie then turned her back on that side of the room, and bent at the waist, causing him skirt to hike up, and expose the bottom of her ass, and a peek of pink thong. She rolled the other stocking down to her toes, then stood up and kicked it across the room, where Rob caught it. She danced over to Rob, and guided his hands to the zippers on the sides of her skirt. he pulled, and she let the skirt fall, and pool on the floor at her feet. As she stepped out of it, Rob slipped $5 into the waistband of her tiny pink lace thong. She turned away, and wiggled her tight, tan ass inches from his face, then gave it a slap as she walked away.

“This is easier than I thought,” she mused to herself as she started to untie her blouse. “These guys are all hot, and totally behaving themselves, plus I’m starting to like this.” She smiled as she pulled hard on the blouse, and the 2 buttons that were fastened popped off, and her breasts, clad in their pink lace bra, bounced free. This brought whistles from the guys, and she laughed and smiled. She started to play with the waistband of her thong, and noticed that all eyes were on the tiny triangle of pink covering her crotch, so she slid the panties down her hips a bit, and a tiny bit of blond silkiness peeked from above the triangle. One of the other boys waved another bill in the air, so she walked over, leaving the panties in that position. He stared right at her crotch as he slid the bill, a $10 this time, into her waistband. She took his hands, and guided them to the tiny sides, and started to lead them down, slowly. As he peeled off her panties, she felt cool air hit her hot pussy, and she shivered. She sat hard down onto his lap, and bounced there, feeling him hardening underneath her.

She stood up once she saw more money being waved on the other side of the room. “Let’s see your tits, hon,” this boy said, waving another $10. She leaned forward, giving the rest of the guys a great view of her pussy from behind, and told him to unfasten her bra. He did, and she stood up and let it slide down off her shoulders, exposing her puffy, hard nipples. Katie pinched both nipples, and squeezed her boobs together to grab his money, like she saw in the movies. The bill fell, as she wasn’t that big up top, and she laughed. “Can I touch them?” her current suitor asked.

A wave of confidence hit her, and she sat on his lap, and said “For $20 you can kiss them.” As he handed her a $20, she leaned forward so that her tits were right in his face, he lapped and suckled at her nipple, and she felt a burning start inside her. Katie thanked him, gave his crotch a squeeze, and stepped back to the center of the room.

The burning got hotter, and she felt her pussy starting to get wet. She lay back on the floor, and started to rub her fingers over her beautiful pink pussy lips. She really did have a pretty pussy, Katie thought. It was all she could do to keep her hands off of the puffy pink lips every time she saw them. Now, she pulled them open with her fingers, exposing the tight pink within. This brought more reaction from the boys, and she saw some of them tossing more money her way. She dipped a finger inside, then started drawing circles over her hard little clit. “Oh, God,” she thought, “this feels so good. Having all these guys watching me is so hot!” Faster and faster she went, he whole body starting to shake. She loved to masturbate, but with everyone watching, she couldn’t control herself. She noticed the boys had gotten quiet, but she kept working her fingers in and out, round and round her clit. She closed her eyes as it got too much, and wave after wave of orgasm hit her. Her juices flowed, rushing over her fingers, and her whole body shuddered. She was drenched with sweat when she opened her eyes, and climbed to her knees. She couldn’t stand, not yet, not after that orgasm. As she looked around, she realized she was surrounded by the 5 boys, all with their cocks in their hands. “How did it get this crazy?” she wondered to herself. Yet, it was exhilarating, and she felt so sexy, so alive. She reached out and grabbed the biggest cock she saw, and engulfed it with her mouth. As she sucked noisily, she grabbed the cocks on either side with her hands, and started pumping.

She peered up over the cock in her mouth, and saw that Rob was attached to it. He smiled down at her as she slid him deep into her moth, then back out. She let him pop out, and licked at his balls. They were shaved clean, and looked huge. All the while she stroked the cocks to her left and right. Rob grabbed his cock, and guided it back into her mouth. He held her head and guided her up and down over his shaft. She almost gagged a couple of times, but kept at it, as it just felt good.

She felt someone starting to touch her ass, then raise it up a bit. Then she felt a big hard cock ram into her from behind. She had never had anything that big in her young pussy before, and she moaned in pleasureful pain. Almost instantly, she was starting to orgasm again, and her lips clamped hard on Rob’s dick. She also started pumping faster on the other two cocks in her hands. She saw the fifth, unoccupied cock come into her vision next to Rob, and she started to alternate sucking them both. Soon after that, Rob started to groan some, saying he was going to cum. That got the two cocks in her hand shaking too. She slid back forward on her knees, and the cock behind her popped out. She swore she heard a pop as it came out. She knelt between the 4 cocks in front of her with her mouth open, like she saw in a magazine her ex-boyfriend had.

Rob was the first to go. He grunted loudly, and a large stream of cum shot right onto Katies right cheek, splashing loudly as it spattered over her face. He continued to shoot, over her toungue, across her chin, dribbling over her tits. After that it was as if the floodgates opened, cocks started cumming everywhere she looked, hitting her in the eye, on her hair, her nick, her tits, her stomach, and lots of it in her mouth. She let the cum drip off her tongue onto her tits, again, like she saw in the magazine, even though she sort of liked how it tasted. Then she licked her lips and smiled. The guys, their cocks spent and softening, all cheered wildly, and tossed more money at her. She gathered it all in, and thanked them all as she picked up her clothes, still naked, and covered in cum.

Katie stood on wobbly legs, and walked to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face and upper body were covered in sticky, thick cum. It was in her hair, her nose, her eyelashes, and pooled between her breasts. Her makeup was all smudged, she was soaked in sweat, and her pussy felt stretched and sore. Surprising herself, she started laughing. She hadn’t had so much fun in years. She scooped up a fingerful of cum from her breast, and sucked it down. It tasted like sexy, salty freedom to her. She turned on the shower and stepped in to wash off the rest of the spunk, and fingered herself to yet another orgasm under the steamy water.

As she left the apartment, and walked away, now clad in sweats and her coat, thoughts raced through her head abnout what she had just done. She thought about how slutty she acted, and how she let it go so far. Then she looked in her purse, saw the $1200 in cash, and smiled. “I guess maybe I am a slut after all,” she thought…

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James wrote

Why did she not stay and let them eat her pussy – she would have made a lot more then $1200.