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Cary and Lilith

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“Tabitha is such a bitch!!! I hate her so much!” Lilith vented to her best friend, as they walked together.

“Cheer up Lilith, she can’t be that horrendous. But then again, I don’t work with her…” Cary laughed and tossed her golden head. She sucked on the lollipop in her hand.

“Yeah yeah, not all of us are rich you know.” Lilith muttered. She stung a little bit from what Cary had said. Cary never understood anything because she was a wealthy little brat. She had parents that could do more than provide for her, unlike Lilith whose parents could barely get by as it was. She knew that paying for university next year would be horrible, and she didn’t know how she would scrounge up enough cash to pay for it all.

Car’s tinkling laughter broke through her thoughts. “Yes, it is nice being rich. No worries at all.” Lilith glared at her but she didn’t seem to notice. Finally they arrived at Cary’s house. They were spending Friday night together watching satellite television and eating junk food.

“Mum?? Dad!? Anybody home??” Cary walked through the hall and into the kitchen with Lilith trailing behind. “Huh? What’s this? ‘On business trip. Will be back on Sunday, don’t wreck the house. Love mum and dad.’ I guess they went on a business trip to somewhere and won’t be home this weekend. Oh well. Make yourself comfortable, I’ll grab the food.” Cary tossed the note she had found back onto the kitchen counter and headed to the pantry.

Lilith went into the lounge. Immediately she was hit with a twinge of jealousy over the nice things that Cary could afford. She would never be able to buy stuff like this, never in a million years. There was an 80 inch television with surround sound. They had the plushest and most fashionable furniture. The carpet was soft and thick. The room’s decorating was fantastic. Lilith stifled another pang of jealousy and tossed her bag and jacket onto the floor next to the couch.

She grabbed the controller from the coffee table and turned on the television. She pressed the guide button and list of everything that was on any channel appeared on the screen. “God, they have every channel, don’t they! Geez…who needs to watch this much television!” Lilith perused the guide. A movie caught her eye.

“Sensations? What the hell is that? Meh, might as well see.” Lilith flicked to the channel. The movie seemed to have started already. A girl pranced on screen in what looked like her room. She was dressed in a short, skimpy slip that didn’t seem to cover anything. She seemed to be feeling herself up, running her hands all over her body and between her legs. Suddenly she fell back onto her bed and tore her slip off, revealing a very well endowed body. Lilith’s eyes widened. “Is this porn?!” The girl on the screen had large bouncy breasts and flawless skin. Her long legs were spread wide open and the camera seemed to be zooming in on a creamy pale hand that was fondling a smooth, gleaming pink pussy.

“God, this is porn.” Lilith muttered. She moved to change the channel with the control. Cary’s hand pushed hers down.

“Don’t. I want to see this.” Her voice was slightly husky and breathless. “I’ve never seen porn before. We might as well see it now, no one will catch us.” Lilith turned and looked at her as she climbed over the back of the couch and sat down beside her. Lilith hadn’t even heard her come in. Cary was staring straight at the television screen – she seemed to be enjoying it. Cary’s face had flushed a little and her eyes sparkled.

“I’d rather watch something else. Let me change the channel.” Lilith changed the channel to a cartoon. “Yup! Definitely better.”

“What the hell! I was watching the movie!” Cary turned and shoved her none too gently.

“Hey, watch it! I’m not watching it! It’s porn, you can watch it some other time!” Lilith stubbornly clung to the controller keeping it out of Cary’s reach. “I’m watching the cartoon!”

“No! This is my house, give me the controller, dammit!” Cary tried to snatch it out of her hand. Lilith leaned back and dangled it just out of Cary’s reach. Cary’s eyes blazed in anger. Lilith smirked. Suddenly pain seared her cheek. Tears formed in her eyes. Cary had slapped her!! Lilith looked at her in shock. The controller had slipped from Lilith’s hand and landed unharmed on the carpet. Cary looked triumphant.

Lilith held a cool hand to her stinging cheek. “What did you do that for?” She asked through clenched teeth. “I was just teasing you!”

“Just get me the controller. This IS my house after all.” Cary had a superior tone in her voice. Lilith must have mistaken it.

“I know it’s your house, but you said we were to watch television. And you can’t just slap people if you want something!!!” Lilith felt frustrated as well as incensed. Cary was such a bitch!!!

“Yes I can. And I’ll do it again if you don’t do as I say! Now change it back! Stupid bitch…” Cary sat there and glared at Lilith, clearly expecting her to be obedient. Lilith knew that Cary hadn’t meant for her to hear the last part of her sentence, but she had heard it none the less. She was outraged.

“Oh…that is IT!! If you want porn…I’ll GIVE YOU PORN!!” Lilith leaned over and slapped Cary’s face, then smirked as Cary’s head snapped to the side. She clearly hadn’t expected that. While Cary was momentarily stunned, Lilith tore off Cary’s silk camisole. Cary could afford another one. This one probably didn’t matter at all to her. Shocked, Cary now sat in a lacy pink bra. It was really quite a nice bra and it accentuated her breasts well. Cary’s prominent mounds strained against the lacy fabric, as if trying to escape from the binding prison. Their creamy colour and smooth texture seemed to enhance as Cary’s chest heaved and flushed slightly.

“What the fuck bitch!!! That was my shirt! What do you think you are doing? Who do you think you are! You can’t treat me like this! I can-” SMACK!!! Lilith backhanded Cary whilst in the middle of her tirade.

“Shut up. You wanted porn. This is your porn.” Lilith was getting slightly turned on by this. Lilith was thrilled at the feeling of superiority and power that came from ordering Cary around – it spurred her to continue. Cary’s legs were tucked underneath her, Lilith yanked on them so that they were spread along the length of the couch, on either side of Lilith. Cary fell back against the arm of the couch. This gave Lilith access to what was underneath that expensive skirt.

“Auugh!!! What the hell!!!” Lilith slapped Cary harder across the cheek.

“I told you to shut up, I’ve giving you what you wanted.” Cary tried to shove her away but Lilith roughly shoved Cary back and slapped her twice. Lilith ordered her to stop moving and gave Cary such a threatening look, she didn’t dare to not comply. Lilith smiled in deep satisfaction, then reached over and fondled those gorgeous breasts in the lace bra. Cary gasped, and fidgeted slightly.

Lilith reached behind Cary, and undid the clasp, then slid off the pretty bra, exposing impeccably smooth and creamy mounds. The pinkish-red nipples were soft and warm. Lilith hungrily viewed them. She palmed both breasts and started to squeeze them, making sure to rasp her palms across the sensitive nipples. Cary fidgeted and tried to move her chest out of Lilith’s grasp, without openly seeming to do so and failing miserably at it. Lilith viciously squeezed Cary’s breasts then slapped one. Cary’s eyes squeezed shut and she whimpered, which Lilith mistook for pain but was actually pleasure.

Cary’s nipples were quickly becoming hard as Lilith fondled them. Lilith, not being as big as Cary, found the luscious velvety skin and sensitive nipples fascinating. She laughed horribly as she hard Cary stifle a moan when her nail had scraped against a turgid nipple. She pinched and rolled the nipple between her finger, watching Cary’s face as her brow furrowed and her pretty red mouth opened slightly. Lilith was becoming more turned on by Cary’s reactions to her touches.

Lilith could feel her sticky panties clinging to her warm mounds as she continued to feel Cary’s breasts up. Lilith leaned over and squeezed one of Cary’s breast, pushing the nipple into further prominence, then licked it, coating it in her warm saliva. Cary’s body twitched slightly as she stifled another moan, while Lilith’s mouth nibbled away at her nipple and her tongue rasped and danced around it.

Suddenly, Lilith pulled away and lightly slapped the breast she was sucking on. Cary’s eyes flew open and her hands clenched into fists. Her teeth also clenched but she didn’t say a word, knowing that she would get hit if she did.

Lilith grinned maliciously. “That’s right, you can’t do shit about it, can you?” Lilith slapped her other tit. Cary jerked slightly but didn’t say a word, her breathing quickened a bit. “Slut…you liked that didn’t you?” Lilith slapped Cary’s tits gently, enjoying the way they swayed and hit each other. Cary moaned. “Oh, you liked being hit!! You are such a slut. So disgusting!” Lilith laughed darkly and gave Cary’s breasts another groping.

Lilith stopped and looked at the skirt Cary was wearing. It was a nice black skirt that went down to mid-thigh on Cary. They showed off her gorgeous long, smooth legs. Lilith placed her hands on Cary’s knees, lightly rubbing them. Cary shivered slightly, watching with apprehension as Lilith’s hands slowly travelled up her legs. Cary was breathing slightly heavily. Lilith’s hands finally reached the hem of Cary’s skirt.

Lilith’s hands paused, as if she was contemplating whether or not to continue onward. Lilith grinned and slowly began to push the hem of Cary’s skirt up. Her hands were spread on the tops of Cary’s thighs, slowly moving the short skirt upwards. Suddenly Cary’s hand shot out and stopped Lilith’s progression 3 inches from her burning pussy.

Lilith slowly looked up at Cary. Her eyes had a dangerously cold look in them. Cary didn’t flinch and glared back. “What do you think you are doing?” The words languidly came out of Lilith’s mouth.

“I refuse to let you go further. Let go you bitch.” Cary’s voice wasn’t as strong as Lilith’s, there seemed to be a hint of a tremor in them, but she firmly stood her ground.

As Cary was looking at Lilith, she was completely unprepared for what happened next. Since only one of Cary’s hands had reached out to stop Lilith’s progression, Lilith’s other hand had been free to do as it pleased. After Cary had stopped speaking, Lilith had taken her free hand off her Cary’s thigh and pushed it straight against her target – Cary’s sopping pussy.

Cary let out a squeal of surprise and her attempt to stop Lilith faltered. Lilith took advantage of this and shoved Cary’s skirt up and over her hips, revealing her Lilith’s hand pressed tightly up against her wet crotch. Cary had on a flimsy pair of pink lace thong panties that matched her bra covering a completely smooth mound. Lilith’s hand was pressed against the tiny pink triangle covering Cary’s hot pouting pussy.

Cary began to moan softly and closed her eyes as Lilith ran her fingers up and down the length of Cary’s pussy through the panties, pressing the panties in and splitting her labia apart. Lilith’s fingers encountered Cary’s clit and began to rub it through the soaking wet panties. Cary mewed and tried to clench her legs together, but Lilith’s body prevented it. Lilith continued to rub Cary’s little nub, pushing and pulling on it, watching as Cary’s body writhed and juices continued to soak the panty and spread throughout the rest of the fabric, making them cling to Cary’s sweet and vulnerable pussy.

Lilith moved away from Cary’s clit and continued on to her steaming slit. She pushed at the panties, her finger and the panties sinking into her tight hole. Cary’s moaning became louder as she began to play with her own tits. Lilith’s own pussy clenched as her pussy juices flooded her own pair of panties. She could feel the warm, wet panties clinging to her steaming cunt as she played with Cary.

To appease her sudden desire to see Cary’s pussy, she grabbed the sides of Cary’s panties and pulled up slowly, becoming even more aroused as the thong tightened and moved into her crevasse. The fabric bunched together and the narrow strip slipped between her labia. Cary cried out softly, clearly enjoying the way the rough fabric rubbed against her wet snatch. When Lilith felt that the fabric could not be pulled up further, she stopped and admired the view. Cary’s thong was pulled snug into her pouting cunt, exposing the pink pussy lips. With her pussy defined so well by the wet thong, Lilith could see Cary’s swollen sensitive nub.

Lilith could hardly contain herself. She tore off her tank top and shorts, leaving just her panties and bra. She could see and feel her hard nipples through the sheer fabric of her bra. She looked down at her cotton panties and gasped – her juices had made them almost transparent, especially the crotch area, where it clung to her pussy, emphasizing its pouting lips.

Lilith quickly grabbed and shoved a pillow under Cary’s hips. Lilith pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and began to play with her smooth dripping pussy, then leaned over and dove into Cary’s semi exposed cunt. Lilith tried to open her mouth as wide as possible to take in as much of Cary’s pussy as she could. She licked and sucked through parts of the panties that were still covering something. She sucked on the clit through the lacy fabric for a few moments before following the line of fabric down between the cunt lips and lapping at the gleaming juices there.

Cary was groaning and practically mauling her breasts as Lilith’s tongue danced along her steaming snatch. Lilith’s tongue slid down between her pussy lips where the thongs had been pulled up into. A loud moan escaped from Cary’s mouth as Lilith’s tongue pushed the strip of underwear to the side and slid her burning hot tongue into her pussy.

Lilith began to tongue fuck Cary and eat her out, nibbling on soft flesh every once in awhile, while her own pussy was being played with by her own hands. Lilith’s tongue and mouth ravaged Cary’s cunt, eating and sucking it, her tongue jabbing deep into her body, lapping up juices that continually spilled out of that delicious hot pussy.

Cary’s body was gleaming with sweat as she was pleasured by her best friend’s mouth. She couldn’t believe how good she was. Her pussy was on fire. Her breasts jiggled as her chest heaved with pants. Soon, one hand was at her clit, doubling her pleasure as Lilith tongue fucked her like mad.

Lilith’s own pussy was dripping and juices trickled down her thighs. Her wet panties had been pulled between her smooth ass to accommodate her frantic hands on her pussy. The panties pulled and rubbed against her ass, increasing her pleasure, as she finger fucked her tight hot pussy with three fingers, and rubbed her clit.

Cary juices were smeared all over Lilith’s face, but it seemed that Lilith couldn’t get enough of Cary’s smoldering cunt. Lilith’s hot tongue was rasping and pushing through Cary’s tight cunt, licking her inner walls and brushing against the edges of her g-spot, causing her to writhe in pleasure. Cary’s wet hand worked her clit, slowly pushing her towards her first orgasm. Suctioning and squelching sounds filled the air as Lilith’s fingers and tongue assaulted her own pussy and Cary’s pussy – bringing herself and Cary closer and closer to oragasm.

Cary’s hand soon left her breast and was on the back of Lilith’s head, forcing her tongue in deeper and harder. Lilith face was mashed into Cary’s pussy and she reveled in the taste, her tongue stabbing deeper into her. Cary’s hips began to lift and gyrate, as she humped Lilith’s face, the tongue sliding deeper in. Cary’s panting deepened as her heated pussy seemed to burn hotter under Lilith’s ministrations, juices pouring out of her.

Lilith’s own pussy was scorching as she finger fucked herself. She wanted to feel her pussy stuffed to the max. She groaned into Cary’s pussy as she played with her clit and inserted a fourth finger into her pussy. Her over stuffed cunt felt so good. Cary’s moans and panting served to turn her on even more, making her pussy overflow with juices that continued to spill out with each thrust of her fingers.

“Aiiyee…oh yess…aiii…hannnhh…annnhhh…unnnnnnhhhhh…” Cary’s voice was throaty and brimming with pleasure as she ground her cunt into Lilith’s mouth. Her fingers tweaked and yanked on her clit, increasing her pleasure.

“Annh….ummmhhh…” Lilith’s moans were muffled by Cary’s juicy wet cunt. Her own fingers were working her pouting, dripping cunt. Four fingers rammed deeply into her, stuffing her pussy full, while another hand feverishly rubbed her clit. She was slamming her body onto her fingers, fucking and riding them. She could feel her orgasm building higher and stronger.

Cary’s body was bucking wildly as her fingers furiously rubbed her swollen red clit and she humped her sopping cunt against Lilith’s face, almost drowning her in the copious fluids. Sweat and juices mingled on both girls, as they fought to reach orgasm. Lilith’s fingers were tearing deeply into her body, stuffing her steaming snatch as her juices poured out of her, wetting her panties, trailing down her creamy thighs to puddle on the couch.

Lilith slammed her face against Cary’s bucking cunt, while her own body jerked on her fingers. She wriggled her tongue inside Cary furiously. She could hear Cary cry out as her body gave one last heave into the air before her pussy started spasming around Lilith’s tongue. Juices flowed out of Cary and Lilith tried to lap it all up. Her entire face was shining with fluids, either from sweat or Cary’s cunt, she didn’t know. She continued to fuck Cary with her tongue while she orgasmed, her howls echoing through the house as her body quaked.

“Aiiyyyyyeee….annnh….annh…annnh……unh…. ANNNNNHHHHHH!!!!!!” Cary continued to scream as wave after wave of orgasm rolled through her body like waves of fire. Her entire body felt like it was tingling with electricity, she could feel juices puddling around her ass.

“MMmfffff….unnnnnffffff…” Lilith’s cries were muffled by Cary’s still twitching pussy. Feeling and hearing Cary orgasm had pushed her over the edge. Her own pussy spasmed around her fingers shoved deep inside, her body bucked and shook as her orgasm slammed into her. Her body continued to thrash around as she pushed her fingers in deeper, her juices dripping all over the place.

They both gasped for air, pussies drenched in juices, their bodies glistening. Lilith licked her lips, still tasting Cary’s sweet pussy and moaned. She had never orgasmed like that in her life. She looked up at Cary, her eyes were still closed and she seemed to still be recovering. Lilith grinned and sat up – she had fallen on her stomach during her orgasm. She withdrew her hand from her aching pussy and licked a finger. She tasted almost as good as Cary.

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