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Just Like Riding A Bike

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I had the radio turned up louder than I had done in a long time and was singing along to the music as I drove. The beautiful fall scenery passing by the outside of my car had begun to look more and more familiar with each passing mile. I knew that within a few minutes I would be back to a place and a time where I had not been in years.

Fourteen years ago I had finished school at the nearby sprawling campus. I had worked hard and played even harder. Part of it was the times, the 60’s called out for fun and experimentation and I had been quick to follow that call. The knock about gang of other students I hung out with had comprised the core theatre arts group at the college. We had enjoyed our own company a great deal and perhaps the place we had enjoyed ourselves the most was the lake cabin I was headed too. I had not seen it in all that time since I had gone immediately to Work after college. Ten years ago I had met and married my husband after a whirlwind 30 day courtship. The arrival of our three children and the frequent movements that accompanied the family of a career military officer had kept me away the rest of the time.

Five months earlier my husband had been transferred to Korea, where dependants were not allowed. We had long ago purchased a home near our first duty station, agreeably close to where I had grown up and my parents still lived. The kids and I had moved there since it meant I could still be independent and yet have my parents close to assist if I needed help. I had settled into a routine of child care and social interaction with the neighbors and my church. The days seemed the same, although happily punctuated by a stream of letters and an occasional phone call from Korea. Then I had received a different phone call out of the blue one afternoon.

“Paul…is that really you?” I exclaimed. “How in the world are you and how ever did you track me down?”

Paul was one of my old friends from those wild college years. A couple years older than I, he had gone into the Air Force and I had lost touch with me. He explained he was back attending classes to finally finish his degree. He had a paying position with the school as a light/sound technician in the theatre program. And he was living at his parents lake house.

“Found you through the alumni directory, Pat. Been trying to round some of the old gang to get together in two weekends up here during the annual town celebration days. Hang out together, remember old times and meet the kids who have taken our places here. I found you were only about 5 hours away. Come up and bring your husband. My gosh, you know we’ve never met him. And you can still find your way here I know. Its just like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget”

I explained that my husband was overseas and that I really didn’t think I would want to come up all by myself. Paul said he understood, but still gave me his phone number and told me to call if I was able to arrange things.

I would have put in completely out of my mind except that evening my husband called. During the usual “what’s-new” part of our talk I mentioned the reunion. To my surprise he immediately began urging me to go.

“Pat you haven’t been out of the house all by yourself in I don’t know when. I think this would be a great chance for you to get away and relax and be with your old friends. You know your parents would love to keep the kids. I wish I could go with you. Please, go and have fun. Don’t get carried away kissing old boyfriends though!” he laughed “Or making new ones.”

With that it seemed like the days drug by till the Friday morning I loaded up the car, stopped at my parents house to leave the children, and headed out on the road. Now I made the last few turns and followed the old rutted dirt road that ended at the water next to the lake house. I got out of the car and looked. Still lovely water on two sides, the house was two stories of wood with a wonderful full length covered porch in front. Paul came out of the door and waved me in.

If the past two weeks had drag, the next few hours flew. I met old friends and was introduced to new ones. We had been such a tight knit crowd that it seemed everyone in the group had married another of the group, except me. Paul had a new girlfriend, one of the current students. But I had fun. We had music and drinks and I danced with all my old friends. My best friend Sharon had married Bill, the leader of our “pack”. We compared pictures and stories of our kids. Once though, we both looked at the door to one of the two downstairs bedrooms, then at each other and burst out laughing. Part of our experimentations in the 60’s had included the two of us discovering another side of ourselves one afternoon. After finding how much we both enjoyed other girls that day we had not been loath to share the experience with other female friends. Well, that was all behind us now.

As the evening grew late most of my old friends began to leave. They either lived near or had decided to stay in one of the nearby motels. Paul had offered me the use of the spare bedroom downstairs and I had accepted. During the evening I had decided to get as comfortable as the current bunch was. I had gone into my room, carefully checked that the old spy knothole was stopped up, and changed clothes. I slipped on jeans and an old t-shirt. After a moment I took the t-shirt off and recklessly took off my bra before putting the shirt back on. Barefoot I rejoined the group.

As in by gone days there was alcohol in large quantities. I took care to drink sparingly. There was lots of music and dancing too. I had always enjoyed dancing so I danced with first with Paul then with some of the guys. I was even flattered by the one young man who made a perfectly polite pass at me. I turned him down of course but it was nice to think I was still attractive in spite of being 15 years older than most of them.

As the night grew late, people drifted off, often two by two, to the upstairs bedrooms. Finally Paul and his girlfriend wished me goodnight and went to bed. There being a little bit of chill in the October night air Paul had built a fire earlier. Now it had burned down but the flames still leaped a bit and it looked lovely. I settled myself in front of it, leaned back against the couch there and closed my eyes.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” came a female voice almost next to me. As I started the voice continued, “Oh gosh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!”

I opened my eyes and sat up abruptly. I looked and saw of one the current grad students standing there, two glasses of wine in her hands. It took me just a moment to recall her name.

“Hi Susan, ” I said “I’m afraid I was sort of drifting away there.”

She smiled at me, showing dimples. “Just as I spoke I realized you were sort of in a world of your own. But the words were already coming out and it was too late to stop them.” She laughed softy, “I seem to always be leaping and looking latter.”

“Please sit down Susan”, I belatedly said, realizing she was still standing there. I moved over a bit on the pile of pillows I had made on the front of the old couch.

She made herself comfortable next to me and passed me one of the wine glasses. I took it and looked her over. Remembering she was a grad student I thought she was about 22 or 23. She was an inch shorter than my 5″ 7″ and certainly had a more generous figure. She had straight brown hair that fell halfway down her back and dark brown eyes in the middle of a face that hinted at her weight. She was pretty but when she smiled her face lit up the whole area.

“You really disappointed Scott you know”, she said. “He was really hoping you would say yes.”

It took me a moment to think of whom Scott was. He was the guy who had made the pass at me.

“He’s very nice”, I smiled, “But at least ten years too late.”

She laughed at that and we settled down to become friends. Over the very nice glass of wine she had brought we talked about the school and the theater group and theatre arts in general. We discussed all kinds of likes and dislikes. She told me about her boyfriend who had graduated and was working in the next state and I told her about my children and my husband. During that time we refilled our glasses twice. By the time we had finished getting acquainted the fire had burned down to coals. We were now almost touching on our pile of pillows. She was on her side with her hand brushing the top of my shoulder.

“I had wondered”, she said.

“About what Sue,” I answered.

“I noticed you watching everyone leave. Every time a couple went you looked sad just for a minute. Now I know why. It must be very lonely waiting.”

I thought that was so nice and perceptive of her. I reached up with my hand and took her hand by my shoulder.

“Thanks for noticing,” I told her. “And thank you for driving that loneliness right out of mind for now.”

“You’re welcome,” she squeezed my hand. I squeezed back. Then she leaned the few inches closer to me she needed to and kissed me.

Her lips were soft and cool on mine. My eyes closed again for just a moment. Just the tip of her tongue touched the slight space between my lips. Different emotions flooded me; surprise, anxiety, guilt at the pleasure of her kiss and a longing for it to continue.

After only a few moments I felt her lips leave mine. Opening my eyes I looked into hers. I saw some of the same emotions in her eyes as she searched mine for something. Whatever she was looking for was there because she kissed me again.

This time her mouth opened as her lips met mine. Her tongue traced my lips then slipped into my mouth as I moaned slightly and parted my lips to admit her. Her tongue stroked mine, making me shiver a bit. Deeper it sought, curling to the back of my teeth and exploring me. Then her free hand brushed against my breast. First her fingers , wakening my nipple under the t-shirt to a hardness it had not been in months. Then the palm of her hand as she caressed it and cupped it, gently holding it. And with that I felt my desire for her ignite and build faster than the fire had burned.

She pulled away and I found she was beside me sitting back on her knees. She crossed her arms and began to pull her shirt over her head. As it rose her breasts spilled free. Much larger than my own 34B they were about 36d. They were soft and billowy and were tipped by very large brown aureole. Her nipples were already stiffening, as much from the excitement of the moment as the cooler air now rushing over them.

As her shirt covered her face on its way up I acted. Without conscious thought I caught her crossed hands in mine, preventing her from getting her t-shirt over her head and thus trapping her. At the same time I gently but hurriedly pushed her over till her back touched the floor and her legs came out from under her. My eager lips sought her right breast. They closed over the nipple and I drew as much of her into my mouth as I could. My free hand cupped her left breast, gently squeezing it. My forefinger began to stroke her nipple over and over again. Sucking hard on her other breast I felt my own nipples harden and moisture begin to form between my legs.

Sue moaned and twisted against my hand trapping her in her shirt. As I continued to kiss and touch her breasts I relented. She finished pulling her shirt off. Her hands then tugged my shirt over my head and she pulled me back down to kiss me again. As our kiss continued to deepen I felt her hands move down my back and over my butt. She squeezed my cheeks thru my jeans again and again. at the same time moving her upper body so as to mash her nipples against mine. My own hand slide down her side to the junction of her legs. I rubbed her thru her jeans and then moved my hand again to the snap and zipper.

As I opened the front of her jeans she rolled me over onto my back. Raising her body her hands worked to unzip and remove my own jeans. I lifted my hips to allow her to do so. I caught her panties in my fingers and drew them down over her legs. She finished pulling mine down and we both kicked to free ourselves from the last pieces of clothing.

Now that we were both nude I took a moment to gaze at her. Her body was fuller than mine, with luscious curves that reflected the dying fire in a mixture of ivory limbs and shadowy secrets. Her leg parted mine and she slid full against me again. I felt her thigh become moist almost instantly from where her leg touched between mine. As she moved to me I moved to her, my own leg up and beginning to rock against her with mounting passion.

In a sudden moment of stillness our mouths parted and our eyes locked. In silent agreement I turned my body until we faced each others’ wet sexes. I bent my head to her slick folds and lowered my self to her mouth. I planted one kiss on her womanhood, deeply inhaling the aroma of her arousal. Then I began to swirl my tongue over her swollen lips, tasting her sweetness. I parted her slit with the tip of my tongue and began to drag it up and down her, penetrating deeper and deeper into her with each movement of my head. No matter that I had not made love to another woman in years, what I wanted … no … needed to do came back to me as though it was only yesterday I had done this.

As I loved my sweet young grad student her own mouth worked its magic on me. She sucked my own puffy lips in, chewing on them with their lips. The flood of juices that immediately followed this she licked up as fast as it seemed they appeared. Her tongue reached deep into me. Her hands played and stroked my butt even as I fondled her own wonderful smooth cheeks. My own tongue attempted to search our every part of her innermost places, licking and sucking her wonderful pussy.

I felt one shock run through her body. As if it transmitted to me I began to feel myself tremble with the onrush of my own release. My hips began to buck and push against her face. She responded by pulling me tightly to her mouth, making it as though I was riding her tongue. Suddenly one hand moved and a long slender finger plunged without warning into my ass. That last touch was all it took. As I spasmed I muffled my scream of passion by burying my own face deep in her. My lips locked on her hard unhooded clit and the first touch sent her over the edge.

We clung to one another in the same position for a few minutes. Finally I calmed enough to turn myself back around and clutch her to me. Out lips met again in a calming kiss that let us relax while at the same time tasting each others’ sweet nectar. I clung to her for one long moment. The we both froze as we heard the bathroom door only yards away close. Either Paul or his girlfriend was up. In almost comical haste we gathered our clothes. I took her hand and on tip-toe led her to my bedroom. With the door closed safely behind us I was able to take her in my arms again and fall backwards to the bed with my mouth locked on hers and our passion building again.

The next morning I was happy to awake in someone’s arms again for the first time in months. We managed to spend the day together, slipping back to the house when all the others had gone into town for the celebration. In the warm Indian summer sun we swam in the lake together nude. We kissed and clung to each other’s smooth cool bodies under the dock. We became so turned on we made love on that dock in full view of any one on the lake. That night we slipped away early to be under the stars on a blanket together. I brought her to repeated orgasms using my fingers as I licked and then tongued her sweet rosebud. For the first time in her life Sue experienced the feel of a tongue driving deep into her ass. I was in heaven, remembering the wonderful times I had done that before.

In the morning I loaded up my car. It was time to return to my other life. Sue and I kissed one more time, looking at each other, knowing that we would not see each other again. But I knew that sweet time with her would remain with me, reminding me that my time of separation would not be endless nor needed to be completely alone. I waved one last time and turned the radio up again. I laughed thinking of Paul’s words. Yes, some things are just like riding a bike, you never forget them. And on top of it all, I had not kissed any boyfriends at all, exactly as I was asked. I shifted into drive and started home.

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