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Just Like ‘Ol Times

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Alone. For the first time he could think of in a long time, Brian was alone. Since it was a long weekend his wife, Teresa, and their baby daughter had gone to visit relatives in Michigan. And Brian was alone.

He was in his late twenties and recently discharged from the Army after eight years of service. Army life was OK, but Brian didn’t want to make a career of it.

He decided to go back to college and get a business degree. The Army was helping him through school on a GI Bill so he could go full-time and work only part-time. Teresa was fully supportive.

Though alone in a college town with nothing to do, it never crossed Brian’s mind to cheat on Teresa. He was deeply in love with her and no other woman could compare to her in his heart or head. So, Brian had resigned himself to the idea of jerking off if he got too horny and just spending his time researching in the library and writing some papers that were coming due.

Then the phone rang. It was Brian’s cousin Tom, from the next state over, with big news. “Cuz, I’m getting married.”

“Wow, that’s terrific Tom. I’m really happy for you and Susan. She’s a great girl and she’ll be a great wife. When’s the big day?” Brian asked.

“Not until the Fall. I still have the whole summer as a bachelor” Tom said with a laugh, and then he asked Brian “Hey, I was thinking, would it be OK if I came and visited for the long weekend?”

Brian hesitated a bit. He really would like to see his cousin, but he needed to work on those papers. “Yeah, I have some work to do … but I can make time for my favorite cousin. C’mon over!.” With that, Brian hung up the phone and went to reheat some leftovers and do some reading for a paper he was writing.

Trying desperately to focus on his reading, his mind couldn’t help but drift to memories of Tom. Fond memories. Tom was a very good looking guy, only a year younger than Brian. They grew up together and were more like brothers than cousins. But more than that, they had grown to be best friends all through High School. Then Brian went off to the Army and Tom stayed in their hometown and got a job at the local steel mill and they drifted apart somewhat.

Brian’s thoughts wandered as to how he and Tom also became lovers. It started off with them just fooling around as adolescent boys will do. Jerking each other off, even sucking each other’s cocks from time to time. But it soon became more than just fooling around — at least for Brian anyway. He really enjoyed touching Tom’s body and being touched by him. He didn’t want to admit it, but if the truth were told, he was more attracted to a man’s body than to a woman’s. But in Brian’s world, to admit that he was gay would mean rejection from friends, family, and just about anyone who mattered to him.

So, all through High School, Brian and Tom were more than just cousins. They were best friends and lovers too. And as Brian thought of Tom visiting, he couldn’t help but wonder if Tom also remembered their past and longed for those times as deeply as he did.

“Snap out of it” Brian said to himself. He hated when “those” thoughts came into his head. The kind of thoughts that made him feel “gay.” He wasn’t gay. He was married and had a kid. He’d been a rough and tough soldier who fought in the first Gulf War. And yet, there were a few incidents in the Army before he married Teresa. A guy or two in his company just too good looking not to notice in the showers and who seemed to notice him. And one thing led to another after a few beers … Brian tried to shake those thoughts out of his head. He was not gay. He knew that!

That night, Brian went to sleep a very confused man. He loved his wife and was attracted to her. Yet his cock was rock hard and, as he laid in bed, the only images in his head were of Tom. He jerked off imagining Tom’s cock in his mouth …. and drifted off to sleep.

Tom arrived the next day and he was gorgeous as ever. About 5’10” with sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Life in the steel mill kept him very fit as Brian could see because Tom had been driving with his shirt off. Brian was a little jealous because college life, with the late night studying and munching, had made him get a little flabby. Brian watched Tom get out of the car and walked over and gave him a big bear hug “Man, it’s good to see you, Cuz … you’re looking great!”

Tom hugged Brian back and said “Great to be here, Cuz. And you don’t look as flabby as you said on the phone. You look pretty good for an old ex-soldier!” They both laughed at that.

“C’mon in Tom, I have some lunch ready for us” said Brian as he helped him with his bags. They caught up over some tuna sandwiches and chips. Brian asked about old school friends, where they were and what they were doing. Tom asked Brian about life in the Army and what it was like in Iraq. And, of course, they talked of Susan and the wedding. They laughed the afternoon away, downing a six pack of Killian’s Irish Red before they knew it.

“Hey Brian, I think I want to wash the road off. Where are the towels?”

“They’re under the sink in the bathroom … you go ahead, I’m gonna run to the liquor store and get some more beer. We’re out. I’ll be back in a flash.” And with that, Tom headed to the bathroom and Brian headed out the door.

**** As Tom stood under the warm water, his mind flooded with memories of Brian. They used to like to take showers together. He wondered if Brian would ever shower with him again. As he thought of this, he became aroused. His six and half inch cock was average, he knew. But when he thought of Brian it got harder than when he thought of anyone else – including Susan. He loved her. But Brian was his first love … and you never get over your first love. Tom’s hand wrapped around his cock and he began jerking off thinking of what it would be like to have Brian’s hand on his cock instead of his own. Before he knew it, streams of hot cum spewed from his hard cock.

“God … I’ve gotta stop thinking like this!” Tom said aloud as he turned off the tap and started to towel off his muscular body. He imagined that Brian never had thoughts like this. He was a war hero … a husband … a father … and probably never had attractions to men any longer. While Brian was away in the Army, Tom dated a few girls. But his attraction to men never went away. He would drive to a town a couple hours away and go to a gay bar from time to time. Tom loved to dance and there was no problem finding a guy to go home with once they saw Tom’s hot body on that dance floor. So, Tom had had many experiences with men while Brian was in the Army. But the sex was never as good with any of them as it was with Brian. There was a heart connection with Brian.

Then Tom met Susan and she seemed “just right” for him. Everyone told him so, anyway. She was pretty enough, and they had a lot in common. She would make a great wife and Tom felt he could be happy with her. After all, the attraction to men was just a “phase” he went through. Now it was time to grow up and leave that kid’s stuff behind and become a husband and father, just as expected.

With these thoughts lingering in his mind, he heard the door to the apartment open and Brian’s voice say “I’m back, Cuz …” Tom wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the steamy bathroom to see Brian standing there with a case of Killian’s and more junk food.

“Cool, more brew!” Tom said as he walked towards the living room where his bags were. The apartment was a one-bedroom place. Teresa had made up a corner in the living room as the “baby’s room” and there was a crib and toys there beside the couch and TV. “Small but homey” she always said.

Brian tried hard not to loose his breath as he looked at Tom’s hard, stll slightly wet body. He could see the contours of Tom’s sexy butt through the towel. As Tom walked towards the living room, Brain’s cock stirred in his jeans. And when Tom took off the towel to get dressed, it was all Brian could do not to look at his gorgeous cock and run over and wrap his lips around it. He decided he better put the beer in the fridge and cool off before his glances gave away what was going on in his mind. Tom got dressed in the living room and came to the kithchen wearing a white “wife-beater”and a pair of tight blue running shorts.

“So, Cuz, are you excited to finally be a married man?” Brian asked Tom.

“Yeah … Susan is a great girl. I think we’ll be happy together” replied Tom.

“Yes, she is. I hope you and Susan will be as happy as Teresa and I are. No marriage is perfect, but ours is as perfect as it can get, I think” offered Brian.

“I guess you’re right … no relationship is ever perfect” sighed Tom.

“Hey … why the long face?” asked Brain, “You’re not getting cold feet already, are you?”

Tom tried to laugh and said, “Me? never! … I guess I’m just being honest with myself, that’s all.”

“What do you mean?” quizzed Brian.

Tom thought how best to put it and decided to risk saying what he felt, “I guess I want to be honest with myself that being with a woman for the rest of my life, even a woman as wonderful as Susan, will always have something that’s missing for me.”

Brian was shocked to hear Tom admit something he felt but could never really admit to himself. Stuttering somewhat, he said “I … uh … know what you mean, Cuz …” and awkwardly asked “Want another beer?”

Hoping to have sufficiently diverted the discussion with the beer, Brian made his way to the fridge and got two bottles out, opened them, and offered one to Tom. “Thanks …” he said as he took a long sip. But Tom didn’t want to let the moment go and pressed Brian “Be honest … do you ever think about how we used to be, Brian? Did you miss me while you were in the Army?”

Now Brian’s mind was racing. He was being forced to think about things he didn’t want to think about … things too difficult to admit to himself, much less to another person. And what was Tom really asking? Miss him in what way? All these thoughts raced in Brian’s mind as an awkward silence filled the kitchen.

“Hey, Cuz … forget I asked” Tom said as he took another sip of beer. “I didn’t mean to put you on the spot or anything.”

Brian realized that this was one of those life-changing moments. A moment in time of brutal honesty. He could once again crawl back into himself and refuse to feel … refuse to be real … or he could take this opportunity to open up to someone he loved.

“Yes …. yes Tom, I missed you” was the sentence that tumbled hesitantly from Brian’s trembling lips. And with those words a tear trickled down Brian’s left cheek. The proverbial “genie” had been let out of the bottle.

Seeing that tear moved Tom deeply. Moving across the room he pulled Brian close to him and Brian melted into his cousin’s arms. There they stood silently for what seemed like an eternity. Nothing needed to be said. Not for the moment, anyway.

**** Brian and Tom made their way to the living room and sat on the couch together. Brian composed himself and said, “Sorry, your question took me off guard a little. I didn’t mean to get all emotional on you.”

“That’s OK, Brian … can you tell me what you were thinking?” asked Tom.

“Well, I guess I was thinking that I understand what you meant. Don’t get me wrong … I truly love Teresa and the baby, and am pretty happy. But there’s a part of me she can’t fulfill … ” said Brian as his voice trailed off.

“When I asked if you missed me … what exactly did you miss, Brian?” Tom asked.

“OK, time to be brutally honest with myself,” thought Brian … and staring into Tom’s blue eyes he said “I missed your companionship, Tom. I missed your touch. I missed taking showers together and embracing under the warm water. I missed the scent of your manhood as I took you into my mouth and the taste of your cum. And I missed the feel of you inside me … making me cum harder than anyone … ever.”

There, he’d said it …. and there was no going back. Tom sat next to him on the couch staring back into his brown eyes and said “Yeah, Brian … that’s what I missed too. And that’s why I came to see you this weekend. Because I can’t get married until I share that with you one last time.”

Brian moved closer to Tom and cupped his face with one of his hands. Then he leaned closer and kissed him. It was a simple kiss. But it sent shock waves up both of their spines. They both knew they had reached the point of no return. Neither wanted to turn back now, anyway.

Tom’s hands reached out and found Brian’s strong shoulders. He pulled Brian closer and they kissed each other more deeply. It took their breath away. Tom ran his hand down Brian’s chest and found his shirt buttons. Slowly, he unbuttoned each one until Brian’s bare chest was exposed. Slipping his hand inside the shirt he began feeling his smooth chest … it was just as he remembered. Tom carressed Brian’s hardening nipples and began kissing his neck while Brian removed his already unbuttoned shirt.

“I know you just got out of the shower … but I haven’t had mine today. Care to join me?” Brian asked in a husky voice.

“You know I do” replied Tom eagerly. As they got up from the couch to head to the bathroom, Brian could clearly see Tom’s hardening cock through his tight blue running shorts and he licked his lips in anticipation.

It didn’t take Tom long to get out of his wife-beater and shorts and get under the warm water of the shower once again. Brian took a little longer to get out of his jeans and lay some towels out for them. Entering the shower, he eased up behind Tom. What a beautful body Tom had! Broad shoulders and muscular back that narrowed to a trim waist … and the most gorgeous butt in the world.

Brian took some shower gel in his hand and lathered up. Beginning with his shoulders Brian massaged Tom’s back. As he did, Tom placed his hands on the shower wall in front of him and braced himself … slightly arching his back and jutting out that sexy ass.

Brian worked down past his cousin’s shoulders to his middle back – washing, massaging and carressing every inch. God, He loved touching Tom’s body!

Finally, he came to Tom’s butt. He got more shower gel on his hands and began lovingly caressing and feeling it’s firmness. Tom began to squirm with anticipation, especially as Brian’s fingers slid between his crack and brushed past his puckered anus. But Brian just teased and slid past between his legs and began washing Tom’s cum-filled balls.

“Mmmmm … these feel full” Brian said, as he carressed each ball, one at a time.

Breathily, Tom replied … “I’m so ready to cum. You’re going to have to take it slow if we want to make this last, lover.”

With that, Brian reached around and found Tom’s hard cock and gripped it firmly. Every muscle in Tom’s body tensed with electricity at that touch. It was exactly as he’d fantisized just an hour earlier. Brian began slowly working Tom’s cock up and down. It felt so good in his hand.

Brian turned Tom around to face him. They embraced as the warm water cascaded down their hard bodies. Tom pushed Brian back slightly and said “My turn to make sure every inch of you is nice and clean too, Cuz.”

Taking some of the shower gel in his hands, he began washing Brian’s chest. It was so smooth and still muscular from years of Army push-ups. Tom worked his way past Brian’s pecs and let his hands lower onto Brian’s abs. “Yeah, you could use a few set-ups, soldier” Tom said teasingly.

But then, Tom let his hands go lower and found what he was looking for … Brian’s rock-hard cock. Tom always marveled that he and Brian’s cock was almost exactly the same size but different. Brian’s cock had a bigger head than Tom’s and was more veiny. It was so suckable! “This guy still remembers how to stand at attention, doesn’t he? Tom asked Brian as he stroked his cock.

“Yeah … some things a soldier never forgets” Brian responded.

Tom could stand it no longer and lowered himself in front of Brian. He reached around and grabbed Brian’s firm ass with both hands and pulled Brian’s cock to his mouth. Tom was so hungry for Brian’s cock he nearly devoured it. He took all six inches greedily into his mouth.

Moaning with delight, Brian said “No one has ever given me a blowjob like you, Tom … that feels so great … I’ve missed this so much.”

This spurred Brian’s cousin to bob faster on his cock, sucking harder as he pulled away. Tom could begin to taste the pre-cum and imagined Brian filling his mouth with his sweet juice … which made him suck even harder and faster.

Pulling off, Tom said “I want you to cum in my mouth, Brian …” and returned to Brian’s engorged cock. Brian’s balls were growing tighter and tighter and he knew it would be any minute. He reached down and placed his hands on the back of Tom’s head and, without forcing him, guided him onto his cock. Brian was in heaven. It was just like old times.

“God, I’m cumming” exclaimed Brain as his knees buckled with pleasure. With those words, Tom bore down on Brian’s cock as wave after wave of hot cum filled his mouth. Tom swallowed every ounce, savoring it’s nutty-sweet taste. As the water streamed down Tom’s back he licked his cousin’s cock clean.

Standing up, he pulled Brian close so they would both be under the warm water. Embracing they kissed deeply and Brian could taste his own flavor on his lover’s lips. “Just like old times” said Tom.

“Just like old times” replied Brian with a smile, adding “And the night is not over yet!”


Drying off hurriedly, the still-wet cousins entered the bedroom. Tom noticed how Teresa had decorated the room in shades of blues with matching curtains, comforter, sheets and pillows. Brian walked over to the computer and slipped in a smooth jazz CD. As the music filled the room, the two cousins knew they had to make the most of this night together … this weekend. Because it would likely be the last for either of them.

Standing beside the bed, Tom and Brian embraced once again. “This feels so right, Tom” Brian sighed as he ran his hand down his cousin’s strong back. Unwrapping his cousin’s towel and allowing it to fall to the ground, Tom replied “It is right … it is.”

Brian returned the favor and pulled on Tom’s towel, releasing his hardening cock from it’s caccoon. Brian gently moved his cousin back towards the bed. Once Tom was lying down with his legs still dangling off the edge, Brian kneeled down between his muscular legs.

Beginning with Tom’s right leg, Brian began licking and kissing Tom’s inside thigh. Purposefully, he moved towards the object of his desire. As he neared Tom’s stiffening cock, he could smell the muskiness of his cousin’s manhood. “Mmmm … I love that smell. It’s been so long since I’ve smelled a man.” And with those words, Brian engulfed Tom’s luscious cock.

Tom’s body onced again tensed with electricity as Brian slowly sucked his cock. He was in heaven. He had dreamed of this so often, but now he and Brian were together again.

Brian licked up and down the shaft of Tom’s rod, occasionally taking one of Tom’s balls in to his mouth and gently pulling on them with his tongue. He knew that drove his cousin crazy. Brian was in heaven … and the only thought he had other than giving pleasure to his cousin was “This feels so right … so right.”

Not able to take much more, Tom pulled his cousin up and they kissed each other deeply. “Do you have any KY or vaseline around?” asked Tom. Smiling, Brian pulled open the drawer of his nightstand and produced some KY “warming gel.” Handing it to Tom he sheepishly said “Teresa likes this from time to time …”

Tom took charge. Rolling his cousin over onto his stomach, he dribbled the KY into the crack of Brain’s firm ass. Using one finger, he traced the crack down and began smearing the gel on Brian’s tight rosebud. It’d been years since Brian felt that sensation and it sent him through the roof with pleasure. Tom gently inserted one finger and began working it in and out slowly.

Groaning slightly, Brian said “Oh my God … that feels so good …” causing Tom to insert the second finger after adding more gel. Brian arched his back and put his ass further in the air, pushing back on Tom’s fingers as his kept working them slowly, in and out.

Applying an ample amount of gel on his achingly hard cock, Tom moved closer to Brian’s awaiting ass. Starting at the top of Brian’s crack and moving down, Tom’s cock searched for it’s target. As he pushed the head of his cock against Brian’s anus, Brian relaxed and allowed Tom to enter him slowly. “Mmmmm … ” Brian muffled into his pillow.

Tom inched in slowly and then stopped to allow Brian to adjust to having his cock inside. It had been so long since Brian had had a cock inside him. Within a few seconds, though, Brian was pushing back onto Tom’s rock-hard dick and taking every inch.

The CD Brian had put on was great “fucking music” … a steady backbeat with lots of bass. Tom began matching the rythym with his thrusts … slowly at first and then harder. He grabbed Brian’s hips and began giving it to his cousin, just like he remembered him liking it. Though both Tom and Brian were versatile, more often than not, Tom was top and Brian was bottom. It was just like old times and they were loving loving on each other again!

Brian pulled off Tom’s cock and rolled over onto his stomach. His cock was rock-hard again and Tom knew just what he wanted. Brian moved closer to the edge of the bed and Tom stood between his legs. He took Brain’s legs and put one foot on each of his broad shoulders and, after applying more gel on his cock, re-entered his cousin’s warm ass.

“Oh God … yes, Tom … fuck me hard!” said Brian … to an obliging Tom.

While thrusting deeply into his cousin, Tom found Brian’s cock and began stroking the lenth of his shaft … matching each of his thrusts with a stroke on his cousin’s cock.

“Yes … that’s the way I like it …” groaned Brian as Tom pleasured him with his big cock and his firm hand. As the music beat out a steady rythym, Tom came closer and closer to the point of orgasm. “Ahhh … I’m getting close … are you ready?” Tom asked his lover.

“Oh yeah … cum inside me … I wanna feel you cum inside …” Brian screamed. With one last thrust, Tom gave Brian every inch, massaging Brian’s prostate as Brian’s ass began clinching down on Tom’s cock. They were both cumming … together. Ropes and ropes of hot cum jetted out of Brian’s cock onto his chest and stomach. Tom tensed with pleasure as he filled Brian’s ass with his hot cum.

Exhausted, Brian’s legs fell to Tom’s side and Tom collapsed on top of his cousin. He could feel the warmth of the Brian’s cum between their bodies. Embracing once again, they found each other’s lips and kissed.

Looking deep into Tom’s blue eyes, Brian sighed “This feels so right … so right.”

“It is right, Brian. It’s always been alright.” offered Tom.

“Yeah … but you know and I know that no one back home could ever understand this … never accept this” replied Brian.

“I know. But that doesn’t mean it’s not right. It’s right for us. And I don’t want to lose this, Brian. I can’t lose you again.” Tom said firmly.

As these two men … these friends … these lovers … laid in each other’s arms, they wondered how they could ever be what everyone expected them to be and yet have what they truly wanted.

As they slowly drifted to sleep, Tom grinned and said “Just like ‘ol times, Cuz.”

“Yes, just like ‘ol times” replied Brian.

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