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Just Joshing

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“7:10am! Damn! “, I said to myself as I stood in front of Apartment 3D. I had been knocking on the door and pushing the buzzer for ten minutes. No answer! I had just tried using my cel-phone to call Josh’s number; it rang and rang. No answer there either!

“What th’Hell!” I was supposed to pick up the new guy, Josh, to make a 10:00am sales call on a customer a hundred miles away and, with rush hour traffic being what it is, three hours would be hardly enough leeway to make it on time.

I turned to go back down the steps resolved to take off and make the sales call alone. After all, I was the senior sales guy and Josh was the trainee. I could do the job just fine all by myself and Josh could explain his dereliction to the boss all by himself. Around the corner of the stairway came Josh dressed in running gear, his t-shirt stuffed into the front of his speedos, breathing hard, and glistening with sweat.

“Hey, Dirk!”, he rasped as he galloped up the stairs. “Sorry about the time. Good run today. Got carried away. Went 10K instead of 5K. Whew!” He leaned down, unknotted the lace on his running shoe and slid his door key off and unlocked his apartment door. He looked over his shoulder and said, “C’mon in. I’ll grab a shower and we can get on our way. I’m quick. No Prob!”

I had met Josh only twice before, both times in business clothes—well, business casual. In our line of work, khaki slacks and a knit shirt were acceptable attire both around the office and with most of our customers. I could tell then that he was fit but seeing him now in his running gear I could see he was in great shape–one heck of a lot better shape than I was. We were both about 5’9” but Josh weighed in at about 160lbs as compared to my 190lbs.

“Plant it on the couch, chief! There’s coffee in the kitchen, if you want some. I’ll just be a couple of minutes.” all of this as he disappeared into the one and only bedroom.

I walked into the kitchen, found a cup and poured myself some coffee. But as I was walking back toward the couch I saw something that almost made me spill the whole cup of coffee. Josh was walking from the bedroom down a short hallway toward the bathroom carrying a bath towel but otherwise he was stark naked.

I had only a glimpse but it only took an instant for me to take in the entire scene. Josh was indeed in good shape and moved with a swimmer’s grace. I could see he had smooth skin, a healthy tan, and nicely formed muscles without being over developed, and hardly an ounce of fat that I could see. Oh, and one other thing, the towel he was carrying didn’t cover up his cock, which looked to me to be about five inches long—FLACCID!

He disappeared into the bathroom as I sat down on the couch. I was breathless with that familiar electric feeling in my body. I am glad Josh couldn’t see me because I knew I was blushing and, more than that, I could feel my own cock begin to stir as that delicious feeling progressively saturated my body. I just had to do something.

I got up and walked over to the bathroom door. I could feel my heart pounding and I felt my legs wobble a little as I said, “Hey Josh, I gotta pee. Do you mind if I do it now or should I wait?”

His voice came back to me over the sound of the running water, “Go right ahead. It’s O.K. with me. Besides, this is an all male bathroom!”

As I went into the bathroom I could see Josh through the semi-opaque shower curtain standing in the tub/shower letting the water run over his head. I positioned myself in front of the toilet, unzipped my pants, and freed up my cock. But there was no way I was going to be able to pee even if I had really needed to. My cock was getting harder by the second.

“Hey Josh. Make sure to scrub behind your ears and the back of your neck! That’s what my mother used to say to me all the time.”

With a chuckle he responded, “Ears? Neck? No problem! But I need a scrub brush or something for my back.” The chuckle was louder and sharper as he said the last–almost breathless, I imagined.

“Anything I can do to help? That’s what managers are for, buddy; making sure the new sales guys are presentable!” I laughed back hoping it would sound like good natured kidding but deep inside me was the desire that it might be taken as a come-on.

“Hmmmmm.” That was all he said, “Hmmmmm.”

I had to take a chance. This was just too good of a situation. Besides, my cock was now so hard that I would have to do something with it anyway before Josh got out of the shower. If I was wrong, I could always plead a prostate problem coupled with misplaced locker room jocularity. Or I’d say, “Just ‘Joshing!’” I’d think of something.

It took me exactly five seconds to peel off my polo shirt, kick off my shoes and socks, and strip off both my slacks and underwear in one smooth motion. Stark naked, I slowly pulled back the shower curtain. “Anything to help a rookie!” I announced ,teasing with a forced bravado.

Josh did a quarter turn as the curtain went back and I could see a smile on his face and also see his soapy right hand stroking his erect cock. Oooh! His cock was magnificent—all nine hard inches.

“You work on that, pal. Let me do you back.” I said as I slipped into the shower behind him. I reached for the bar of soap in the wall tray I couldn’t contain the smile on my face either.

I began to get wet from the spray splashing over Josh’s shoulders and used that to lather up my hands. I began to soap up his back starting at his neck and working my way down between his shoulder blades and then to the small of his back using a circular rhythmic motion that kneaded his muscles along the way. Then I began to soap up his waist and butt moving my hands around to his front massaging his flat taut abdomen. As I leaned against his body reaching around to his front, I could feel my cock straighten and prod his body. And I could feel the voltage of that electric feeling begin to surge.

I replaced his hands around his cock with mine. He leaned his hands against the front wall of the shower as my arms surrounded his waist and I began to stroke his cock. I could feel his body quiver every so slightly as I alternated hands stroking his firm, slick penis. His “Hmmmm” began to turn to an “Ahhhh”.

I stopped stroking and with my hands on his waist firmly turned him to face me. His face was tilted up, his eyes were closed, and his tummy was flexing and relaxing in the same rhythm that I had been using to stroke him.

I knelt down and rinsed the soapy lather off his cock watching the clear water reveal a perfectly formed, shiny, tumid phallus. I took his member in one and cupped his scrotum with the other. I opened my mouth and gently enveloped the circumcised head of his penis with my lips. As large as his cock was, I found that I was able to easily put into my mouth firmly pressing it further and further across my tongue to the back of my throat. I closed my lips around his cock and began to develop suction that caused my tongue to rub along the underside of his penis. I felt him swell a little and then relax as I moved my mouth back and forth over his hardness. I couldn’t quite get all of his cock into my mouth but I could just about feel his pubic hair tickle my nose as the shower water ran down his stomach and over his cock.

Back and forth I moved taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I could feel the head of his penis press the back of my throat as he thrust his hips forward in rhythm with me. Back and forth, in and out; back and forth, in and out. At one point, his cock almost slipped out of mouth but I saved it and buried him deeper into me. I could feel the slickness of his pre-cum as it began to lubricate my tongue and I could feel the stimulation of salty semen on my tongue as he began to come.

But I stopped for an instant and just held his cock in my mouth, not moving at all, being very still. I could sense the tension in him, the quivering of his tummy, the sharp intake of breath, the pressure of his hands on my shoulders. And then I took him as deep as I could, forcing his cock all the way to the back of my mouth, against my soft palate, against my uvula as I suppressed my gag reflex.

And did he come? Oh! Yes! He came and came and came. It flooded my throat and my mouth and began to seep out of me lips onto my chin. I held his throbbing cock in my mouth as it went through its serial paroxysms, each one less than the last until it stopped pulsing entirely. And then I felt his hands on my shoulders relax and I could sense the tension go out of his legs and tummy. I heard a long deep, deep sigh and a whisper, “Oh! Man!” he murmured with passionate but gentle relief.

I swallowed again and then backed his now softening penis out of my mouth making sure I captured every drop of cum that remained on it. As he leaned back, I moved my fingers to my chin and captured the overflowed semen that had settled there and spooned it into my mouth.

I looked up and could see his face again. He was ecstatic; his cheeks were flushed, eyes were shining and his smile was incandescent. I hope I looked the same.

“Hey, buddy! You really got something going for you there.” Josh said, as he regained his breath.

I tried to be unassuming by just giving him a simple “Thank you”, but he laughed and said, “No, man. Look at that!” pointing between my legs. Now my cock isn’t exactly tiny. It isn’t as big as Josh’s, but damn near, and it was still hard.

Sucking him off had been so satisfying that I had entirely forgotten about my own hard-on. But there it was: my cock was red, swollen and shiny and, now that I had time to think about it, a little painful.

“Let’s see what we can do with that one, my friend.” Josh leaned forward, raised me up to my feet and then knelt in front of me to work on my cock.

He wolfed down my erection hungrily, getting it even harder and more sensitive. I began to feel the stirrings in me when he stopped.

“I got a better idea.” he said as he grabbed the bar of soap. “Here, use this.”

Then he turned around facing the front of the shower again, leaning over a little with his firm butt facing me. I got the picture. I lathered up his fanny and then began to minister to his crack applying more and more lather to make it evermore slippery. My hand moved deeper and deeper until I found his tight little asshole. Then I lathered up my hand again and began to probe his anus, first with one finger and then, as one finger slipped in and out more easily, I began to use two fingers. I could feel his sphincter relax as his asshole expanded and became more lubricated.

My two fingers were moving easily in and out of his asshole so I knew it was time. I took my hand away and then used both hands to spread his butt cheeks. I could see that sweet spot perfectly and aimed my hard shiny rod at it.

Now my cock is bigger around than my two fingers so it took some pressure to get past the remaining tightness of his sphincter but once I had my cock was inserted his ass was smooth and slippery as any pussy that I can remember. He gasped but a very little as I entered him and tensed his glutes. Both of those reactions made me even hornier.

My cock slid in and out of his ass like a piston, so deep on the up stroke that my balls slapped against the back of his balls and so far out on the down stroke that the head of my penis almost cleared his asshole. But the tightness of his ass held my prick there to repeat another stroke, and another, and another…..

I could hear him now, his sighs becoming louder and deeper turning into a gentle grunting cadence. But I could tell those weren’t sounds of pain but sounds of pleasure: deep, deep pleasure. And that passion transmitted to me, as I pumped in and out harder and faster and deeper.

I was at the point that I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to come so badly but I couldn’t. His tight asshole was grasping my cock a little tighter with each stroke applying that exquisite painful-pleasure that precedes an orgasm.

Then, finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt my cock swell and throb as I pulled his ass toward me and held him to me as I came. I could feel my come spurting into his ass as I pressed the cheeks of his ass against my abdomen. And I knew he could feel it too; not only my cock pumping my semen into his ass but the spasming of my tummy and legs against his body as my cock shot its wad into him.

I couldn’t help myself from crying out in delight and relief as my orgasm heightened and then abated. I turned absolutely limp with the delirious afterglow of that spectacular orgasm.

We didn’t say much as we finished up the shower, washing each other down with cooler water, scrubbing away at all the cracks and crannies to cleanse them of the remnants of our passion. Nor did we say much as we toweled each other off, luxuriating in the near ecstasy of the sensation of the rough terrycloth on our over stimulated nerve endings. That was almost as good as the sex itself—-almost, but not quite.

As I was getting my clothes on, I looked at my watch. “Jesus Christ!!” I yelped. “Look at the time! Goddammit, it is already 9:15 and we have to be 100 miles from here by 10:00 O’clock!!” My sales manager persona was kicking back in—big time.

“Don’t worry, Pard”, Josh laughed. “Once we are in the car, I will call them from my cel-phone and tell them we are going to be late. They will understand when I explain that we had a ‘blow-out’!!” Then began to laugh even harder, “After all, we ARE salesmen, aren’t WE?”

Josh and I are still working together. We make it a point with my boss to insist that is good for production that I accompany Josh on all of his road trips. We ARE Salesmen, after ALL!!

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