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Julie’s Surprise

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The vibrator hummed strongly as it parted Julie’s swollen lips. “God, that feels great,” she thought. Another climax washed over her and shook her from her painted toe nails right up to her bottled blonde hair.

“Just a little longer” she smiled and held the plastic vibrating tube tightly against her clit. This time, the climax shook her and her entire bed. Peace washed over her face as she turned the vibrator off. Closing her eyes, she drifted back to sleep.

Though it was early in the morning, Julie had been awake most of the night having sensual phone sex with her husband, Ted, currently in the Philippines. The phones sex was nice, but didn’t bring her to climax. Even so, she pretended it did, to help her husband Chuck climax. This was their ritual for the past 3 weeks. It would have to do for 3 more weeks!

The vibrator beside her was certainly helpful. She climaxed, often multiple times, but still she missed the feel of a real live cock deep inside her. Since she had none, she had tried a banana and a small cucumber, but they just didn’t have that same feeling. It was driving her crazy. It caused her to look at just about every guy and wonder how it might feel between her legs!

There was the paper boy. His young muscular frame certainly intrigued her. Julie was sure that she could seduce him in about 10 seconds. “Hey kid, wanna jump in the sack with me?.” He’d be on her like a jack rabbit. It would feel good, but it would also be all over the neighbor hood. Even though she had caught him looking down her blouse, he was only nice fantasy material, not the real deal.

Julie drifted off and much too soon, she was awakened by the sound of knocking at the front door. She tossed the vibrator into the nightstand and quickly slipped into her robe and strode down the stairs to the door. Peeking out, she saw Mike. He lived down the street. Unfortunately, he was a harmless, divorced pest. Even before Ted left for his trip, Mike would make innuendos and suggestive comments about how he’d take care of “every little thing” that came up. Julie opened the door.

“Hey Julie, just stopped by to make sure everything is going ok” He peeked at Julie’s robe opening, begging it to fall open. He was practically drooling . . . and it disgusted Julie.

“Everything is fine” she replied somewhat coolly. She then decided a little flirting wouldn’t kill her and it would be fun to send him packing and still horny as hell! Julie leaned forward. Then she felt her heavy breasts press against the terrycloth robe and it opened enough to give Mike a good shot of cleavage. She smiled “I’m just fine, I’ve got all that I need.” She ran her hand down the edge of the robe and pushed her knee out below the wrap at her waist showing most of her thigh. Julie took a peek at Mike’s crotch. Yep, full bulge, but it was obvious that he had a full tent erection that easily fit in the confines of his pants! “Tiny little Mike” she thought.

“I need to get dressed, dear” she whispered, “maybe I give you a call later when I need something.” Then she shut the door and said “fat chance.”

Back upstairs, she checked the clock and realized that she really did have to get to the store. She turned on the shower and stripped her robe off. Funny, the water remained cold, though normally, it was hot by now. Julie gave it a few more minutes and still it was stone cold. She cursed Ted for being away. He always knew what to do with these damn household emergencies! Trotting down the stairs she rewrapped he robe and headed for the basement. Standing in front of the hot water heater, she was totally at a loss.

“There is NO way, I’m calling that pig, Mike” she said aloud and headed back upstairs to think. Julie hated being a “helpless female.”

Looking out across the street, she saw Mr. Roberts. He was a retired school teacher and widowed within the last year or two.

“Mr. Roberts,” she called out the door to him. He was getting his mail and looked up. He might have been 70 or even 75, but he had none of those “old man” habits, like shaking or limping. “Can you help me for a minute?” He crossed the street and headed up the driveway.

Julie explained the situation and he headed down the stairs. There was rustling about and some clicking. Julie sat on the couch and heard Mr. Roberts come up the stairs. “Just a blown fuse” he said looking at the fuse in his hand. He looked up and saw Julie on the couch and tried to look away. Her legs crossed and bare from her tender toes to her tanned thighs.

“When will I have hot water?” she asked blandly.

“Give it 1/2 hour or so and it will be fine.” He smiled and headed to the front door.

Julie got up from the couch and followed him to the door. “Don’t go yet” she heard herself say. “How about some coffee. There must be some way to repay you.” All the words came out, and he gladly followed her to the kitchen. There she moved about making coffee. He watched every move. He was nice, polite and personable. Just a nice old man. Maybe, she could give him a thrill. He was easily 35 years her senior. His hands, thick and somewhat bent at odd angles from arthritis. Yes, she could give him a thrill and it would probably make his year! The coffee finished dripping and she served him a cup. She bent over in front of him to clean up some drops on the floor. Her breasts were fully exposed to his view and he adjusted his glasses. She ushered him into the den where they would be more comfortable.

She sat next to him and continued her tease. He told her about all sorts of nonsense and she pretended to listen to each word. Meanwhile, she made sure that her robe opened more and more. She was sure her left nipple was exposed and from the way he kept adjusting his glasses, he was chewing through the bait. Finally, she stood up. She smiled and just dropped the robe. Mr. Roberts’ jaw dropped too.

“Mr. Roberts, Do you like the way I’ve decide to repay you?” she smiled.

“Please call me, Jim” his voice croaked.

“Jim, would you like to touch?” She was mildly overweight but fortunately, most of it was in her breasts. Jim ran his hand along the outside of her thigh. He wasn’t sure how much longer this younger woman would tolerate his touch. He wanted to make it last. His fingers reached her buttocks and he hefted her ass-cheek gently with his fingers. He watched as she closed her eyes and swayed back and forth gently. Soon, Jim had both his hands roving her thighs, reaching up to her hairy crotch. She parted her legs and let his fingers enter. First one digit, then two. He tickled her anus, but focused on her clit. It was stiff. He hadn’t forgotten how to do this.

He longed to suck the melons in front of him. Her pink nipples were beginning to protrude and Jim licked his lips. Julie’s skin seemed so taught in front of him. He concentrated on her swollen clit with his right hand and reached up with his left to her hanging breast. He pulled her to him by teasing her clit and soon, Julie felt a warm sucking on her breast.

Julie was surprised at how good all this felt. It really must have been a long 3 weeks as this old man from across the street was giving her a great hand job. She thought about how she would pleasure him. That is, of course, if he can still get it up. First, she would give him a quick hand job and get him to the brink. Then, she would rub her tits on his cock and let him come on her. That would really thrill him, she thought. No way was a shriveled old cock getting in side of her! It would be bad enough to look at it.

Then a wave took over her body and she squeezed her eyes tight. He continued to work her clit and occasionally inserted a finger or two between her lips. Julie drew in her breath sharply and then couldn’t help herself. A gush squirted from her cunt all over Jim’s hand. Her body shook in climax and more juices flowed onto Jim’s fingers. Her knees went weak and Jim lowered her to the rug.

“That’s never happened before” Julie muttered. Jim moved between Julie’s legs and removed his pants. “No intercourse,” she said weakly. “I’ll give you a hand job or a blow job.”

“Your hand won’t fit around my cock, darling” he grinned. Julie bolted upright and stared down at Jim’s old cock . . . which was the thickest, longest cock she had ever seen. It looked like a baseball bat trying to enter her!

Jim kneeled between Julie’s legs and pushed the purple head into Julie’s soaked pussy. She gasped.

Julie grabbed hold of Jim’s arms as he moved his hips forward and the head popped past her lips.

“Lay back, dear, you’ll enjoy it better that way” Jim softly pushed her onto her back.

Julie arched her back and felt her legs wrap instinctively around his waist and urge him on. “What the fuck am I doing?” she thought and then another inch would squeeze in and blind all thought of rebellion. His hips took up a steady rhythm and his cock was soon buried deep with her. Her breasts bounced back and forth beneath him in the same rhythm.

Julie’s head swayed side to side as another climax took over her conscious being. Her legs wrapped around his bony butt and pulled his cock deeper inside her. Her fingers made fists and she squeezed her cunt tight around his massive member. His climax started with a twitch in his toes and shot up his legs and back like a lightening bolt. His balls contracted and shot gobs of cum deep within her.

Julie continued to buck for several moments as Jim pulled out of her. He was pretty proud of himself for satisfying this young thirty-something neighbor. He stood up and quickly Julie had her hand on his melting cock. With a wicked smile, she took his deflating penis in her mouth and sucked all the cum off.

“I hope something else breaks tomorrow morning” she said with a smile watching him as he tucked his shirt into his pants.

“Call me even if something breaks tonight” he chuckled.

She stood up and put on her robe and walked him to the door. “Thank you, I needed that.” she smiled.

“Not more than me. Thank YOU” and then he headed out the door to get ready for his day.

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