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Julie’s Christmas Bang

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A few months had passed since the night Julie had been raped and forced to have sex with her son, Lance. The two of them spent considerable time following her birthday barely talking. Both embarrassed by what had transpired. And both knowing that they had been sexually fulfilled by the experience.

Finally Julie was able to talk to her son about it. She explained that, in a brief moment of lust, and while under the influence of alcohol, she had been willing to have sex with the three men who had attacked them, but that she had reconsidered before going through with it.

Lance assured her that he understood. And agreed that they would keep the incident a secret between them.

But Lance felt betrayed by his mother. He could not believe that she had brought this upon them by willingly considering committing adultery on is father. He had promised to keep this a secret, but wanted somehow to find a way to punish his mother for her treachery.

But revenge was not the only thoughts Lance had about his mother. He could not help but notice her every time she passed by in a tight top. Her 42 double D breast jiggled even with the best of bras, and the sight of them reminded him of seeing his mother on the floor with those men.

Then he would remember how well she had sucked his cock. And how good it had felt plunging his dick inside her pussy. And he could not help but become aroused by the memories.

He was between girlfriends, so he found himself masturbating at night thinking about his mother. And plotting revenge for her desires to cheat on his father.

He wanted to have sex with her again. But had to find a way to do it that would not get him into trouble should his dad ever find out.

Then, just before Christmas an idea came to mind. He would just have to make sure that they were forced to have sex again.

Lance thought about going out and finding the men who had raped his mother that night. But he thought that they would never trust him. So he turned instead to some friends from his high school days.

Greg and Chuck had gone to school with until they were expelled during their junior year. The two boys were cousins and had a reputation for being wild and out of control. After high school they spent six months in jail for breaking and entering, then moved to the next town when they were released and now worked in construction.

Lance remembered some of the stories of the two of them tag teaming a girl every now and then, whether she had wanted to or not, and he remembered how they had reacted once when they saw his mother.

He guessed that it wouldn’t be hard to get them to agree to his plan. Especially if they were assured that they would never face the cops for it.

Lance was able to locate them and the three went out drinking one night and agreed to a plan where they would break in and rape his mother, and force him to fuck her as well.

They planned for Christmas Eve to be the night. Lance and his mother were going to a friend’s Christmas Eve party and he knew that his mother would have a few drinks knowing that Lance would be there to drive her home. And having her a little tipsy would make everything work to his advantage. While they were gone Chuck and Greg would be able to break into the basement without being discovered and could wait until Lance and Julie arrived home.

Lance could barely contain his erection as he unlocked the door and held it for his mother. It was nearly midnight and Lance was certain that Greg and Chuck would be waiting downstairs.

“I’m going to go to bed.” He told his mom and went upstairs.
He waited in his bed, listening to his mother moving about the upstairs. Julie was feeling the effects of a few mixed drinks but was not drunk. Lance heard the find his buddies waiting in the basement.

“She’s in the shower, as soon as she’s in bed come up and grab her.” He said, reminding them of his plan before rushing back to his own room.

Julie finished her shower, put on a pair of panties and her robe and went into her bedroom. There she took off her robe, turned off the lights and climbed into bed.

She wasn’t sure how long she had slept. She awoke to find two men attacking her. Julie screamed and tried to get up, but they were already on both sides of her. Before she could react they had her rolled over and secured her hands behind her back with a heavy-duty cable tie.

Then Lance rushed into the room to the rescue.

“Get away from her!” He shouted, rushing the two men. Julie’s face was buried in the pillow but she heard a brief struggle followed by a thud. When she turned her head she saw that one of the men had knocked Lance to the floor and was now securing his hands the same way as she was bound.

“Please, don’t hurt us.” She begged, realizing how exposed she was when Greg rolled her over.

“Don’t worry, if you cooperate with us you won’t get hurt.” Greg told her.

“Yeah.” Chuck said as he stood. “We heard about the fun you had last week and decided that we wanted to see if you were as good as they say.”

Julie guessed that these two men must have been friends with the guys who had fucked her last weekend.

“Fine, fuck me and get it over with.” She spat.

“Oh, we will. But we want to watch you fuck your son first.”

“Fuck, not again.” Lance said, doing his best to hide his desire.”

“No!” Julie insisted.

Greg grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up. “You don’t have a choice.” He said, dragging her off the bed.

Julie was forced to kneel between Lance’s legs. “Use your tongue to get his cock out of his fly.” Chuck ordered.

Julie blushed, leaning forward until her face fell into Lance’s lap. She probed the opening in his boxers with her tongue, eventually finding his dick. It sprang into action immediately. Julie used her tongue to guide it until it popped out of the opening into full view.

“Suck it!” Chuck insisted.

Julie opened her mouth and began sucking her son’s cock. She pulled away quickly when a flash of light filled the room. She turned to see Greg holding a camera. They had just taken a picture of her sucking her son’s cock.

“He’s hard enough to fuck now.” Greg said.

The two men helped her up onto her knees and guided her over Lance’s waist so that she now straddled his erect cock. She lowered herself until her pussy met his shaft.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered as she began working her pussy along his cock until she was able to get the head of his prick up into the folds of her lips. She then worked her hips until his cock began sliding inside her.

Lance fought back the desire to moan with delight as his cock slipped into his mother’s cunt. He had enjoyed fucking her last weekend. But that was after three other men had fucked her. Now, as he had planned, he got to slip inside her tight pussy before anyone else. And enjoy the fullness of it first before sharing her with his buddies.

Julie began riding her son’s cock. Then the lights flashed again as Greg took more pictures of her on top of her son.

Lance wanted to thrust up into his mother’s tight cunt. But he forced himself to remain still, enjoying that his mother had to do all the work in order to make him cum inside her.

He watched his mom’s tits bounce as she fucked him. His eyes lowered to catch the sight of her hairy snatch riding his hard cock, then back to her tits. Finally he could hold back no longer. He was going to cum inside his mother’s pussy. Lance looked his mom straight in the eyes and moaned softly as his cock erupted. His legs quivered and he thrust uncontrollably as he spewed his cum as Julie’s cunt milked her son.

“Jesus, that’s hot!” Chuck said, “don’t stop until you cum on his cock!”

Julie knew that she had no choice and continued riding Lance’s prick. She was not surprised that he stayed hard inside her. But what did surprise her was how her cunt was welcoming her son’s shaft. Her swollen clit met the base of his cock with each downward thrust, and her body was responding to the stimulation. Julie knew that she would soon climax atop her son. Worse, she was beginning to welcome the approaching orgasm.

“God forgive me.” Julie whispered as her climax began. She welcomed the sensation as Lance’s cock made her orgasm. Julie thrust her hips up and down on her son trying to enjoy her body’s reaction without acknowledging that it was being brought on by Lance’s dick inside her.

“Our turn!” Greg said, pulling on Julie’s arm to make her stand. Her cunt slid off Lance’s glistening cock as her body still trembled from the just ended orgasm. She noticed that both men were now naked, having disrobed while watching her fuck Lance, and their cocks were fully erect and ready for her.

“Get on your knees.” He ordered. She shamefully knelt on the floor waiting to see what was next. The humiliation of being forced to fuck her son, and climax while doing so, was made worse by the fact that her pussy was ready to be filled again, no matter that she wanted nothing to do with these two men.

“Suck my cock.” Greg ordered, stepping before her.

Julie opened her mouth, allowing the stranger to push his tool between her lips. He grabbed her head and fucked her face, pushing his cock into her throat.

She felt the second man kneeling between her legs behind her. Julie wanted to resist as he pulled her hips up and guided his cock between her legs. But she knew that resistance would be useless. Besides, she wanted to feel his cock inside her if only to take away the memory of her son’s.

Chuck rammed his dick into Julie’s pussy, causing her to grunt as he savagely began thrusting inside her.

Both men fucked her from opposite ends as Julie knelt between them unable to do anything but take their cocks as they repeatedly stabbed her.

Lance watched as his mother was being fucked in the mouth and pussy by his two buddies. Her large breast swung back and forth as the two rapidly thrusting cocks impaled her. He felt his own cock stirring once more at the sight of his mother’s rape.

“Oh shit, yes!” Chuck bellowed as his cock erupted inside Julie’s cunt. He slammed the older woman as hard and fast as he could while emptying his balls into her.

As Chuck finished cumming in her pussy Julie could feel Greg’s cock swelling even more inside her mouth. She tasted the precum dribbling out of his cock, then felt the first wave of his semen as it blasted into her mouth, coating her throat and tongue as he came in her mouth. Julie reluctantly gulped down his cum as his cock continued to spew into her.

When Greg pulled his cock from her mouth, Julie leaned forward, resting her torso on the floor, praying that the two men would leave.

“Would you look at that,” She heard Chuck say, “The boy has a hardon from watching us fuck his mother.”

Julie was aghast. She was not necessarily surprised that Lance would have become erect again, though the thought of it did disappoint her. But what was worse was that she realized this meant that her rapist were going to humiliate her further by having her fuck, or suck, her son again

“Untie him.” Greg said.

Julie turned her head to see the two men untying Lance and leading him over to where she knelt.

“Please, don’t make him fuck me again.” Julie pleaded.

Both men just laughed at her. “Oh he’s going to fuck you all right,” one of the said, “But this time we want to watch him fuck your ass.”

“No!” Julie cried out.

Greg knelt beside her, fondling her melons as he did so. “Listen, lady. My brother here likes to go both ways. So either you tell your son to fuck your ass or he gets his ass fucked by my brother.”

Julie did not want to go through this. But the thought of Lance being anally raped by another man was something she couldn’t bear. “Go ahead, Lance. Screw my butt.”

“Not like that, bitch.” Greg spat, “Beg him to fuck your ass!”

Julie swallowed once then said, “Please, fuck my ass.”

Lance relished the sound of his mother’s voice begging him to fuck her ass. He had told his partners in crime that he had only two requirements tonight: That he get to be the first to fuck his mother’s pussy and that he be ‘forced’ to fuck her ass.

Lance had long desired to try anal sex but none of his girlfriends had permitted him to do so. He knew also that his mother was an anal virgin. He had overheard her talking to a friend once about how she detested the idea of anal sex and would never permit anyone to do that to her. So Lance figured that not only would he be completing his own fantasy, but also he would be giving his mother the ultimate degradation as punishment for her planned adultery.

He dropped to his knees behind her, slowly guiding his stiff prick between her butt cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” He lied as he pressed the head of his cock against her tight puckered hole.

Julie groaned as her son’s prick pressed into her rectum. She fought back a cry of pain as his cock burst through her anal ring, pushing into what had previously been uncharted territory for any man. And the thought that it was her son’s cock doing the invading only made it worse.

“Oh God…” Julie moaned, both at the sensation of Lance’s cock filling her rear, but also as more flashes made her realize that this was being documented on film.

Lance pressed his dick to the hilt inside his mother’s ass before beginning to fuck her. The sensation of his mother’s tight asshole surrounding his cock was absolutely wonderful. He began pumping her butt, ignoring her whimpering as he rammed his cock inside her over and over again.

Julie knelt before her son, taking his stabbing thrusts in her ass. She realized that Lance would be unable to resist the lustful feelings that his cock would be experiencing and could only blame herself for instigating this the first time.

Lance’s pace increased, oblivious to the possible pain he might be causing his mother. All he could think about was cumming in her tight asshole. Greg and Chuck cheered him on, continuing to take pictures as he rammed Julie’s bum.

“Ohhhh…” Lance moaned as his balls began to grow tight.

Julie heard her son’s voice and knew that his orgasm was near. She braced herself as Lance’s thrust became even more savage.

Lance’s seed began spilling out of his cock, giving him the most intense orgasm he could imagine. He held his mother’s hips tightly as he continued to pound her ass, making sure to drain every drop of his cum inside her before slowly pulling out.

Julie exhaled loudly as her son’s cock pulled free of her ass. The sudden vacuum like sensation made her feel as if she would shit herself when his prick popped free.

“I want that ass next.” Chuck said as Lance pulled away from his mother.

“Let’s get her at the same time.” Greg added.

“No, please don’t.” Julie begged, understanding at once what they had in mind.

Ignoring her protest the two men grabbed Julie and pulled her to the center of the room. Greg dropped to the floor on his back as Chuck forced her atop him. Greg’s cock sank into Julie’s twat as she was lowered onto his lap.

Next Julie felt Chuck’s cock pressing between her asscheeks.

“Noooo!” She called out as he pressed into her ass.

Now Julie was impaled on both men’s pricks. She felt their cocks pressing together on opposite sides of her insides as they began thrusting into her. Julie had never felt so completely stuffed before.

Lance sat against the couch watching as his two buddies sandwiched his mother. His cock began to stir once more from the view.

“Get over here and shove that thing in your momma’s mouth.” Chuck cried out seeing Lance’s erection.

Lance got up and walked over to the trio. Stepping over Greg he put his cock in his mother’s face.

Julie opened her mouth and began sucking on her son’s cock.

Without warning Julie’s body had betrayed her. She was suddenly transformed from victim to horny slut as the cocks in her pussy and ass made her insides begin to boil. She realized that as her son had fucked her ass her body had begun slowly responding. Now she wanted to cum again. She eagerly sucked Lance’s cock as her body responded to the cocks fucking her cunt and ass.

Lance could not believe the transformation he was witnessing as his mom greedily worked his rod with her mouth. He grabbed her hair in his fist and began fucking her face keeping in time with her actions.

“Damn if she ain’t loving this!” Chuck called out as he pounded Julie’s ass, reaching around to fondle her tits as he did so.

Julie could feel her climax approaching rapidly. She did not want to cum for these men, but the desire was too strong and she could not force herself to deny the pleasure growing between her legs.

Julie’s moans were muffled by her son’s cock, but there was no denying that she was climaxing. Her body trembled with delight as she orgasmed to the twin fucking she was receiving.

“Oh shit, yes!” Greg called out beneath her as he too began cuming. His cock erupted inside Julie’s pussy but she continued to ride him as she climaxed.

Chuck banged away at her ass and soon followed his brother in orgasm, emptying his balls into Julie’s ass.

Chuck pulled free, but Julie continued to ride Greg as she sucked her son. Her orgasm had subsided but she could already feel another one approaching.

Chuck jumped to his feet and grabbed the camera and began taking pictures of Julie willingly sucking her son off while fucking Greg.

Julie ignored the flashes and continued slamming her hips up and down on Greg’s cock, doing her best to milk her son’s rod.

She heard Lance moan just as she felt his semen spilling into her mouth. She gulped it down as her body began to orgasm a third time.

Once completed, Julie rolled off Greg onto her side.

The two brothers got up and began dressing.

“Damn, your momma sure is a good fuck.” Greg said.

Chuck agreed. “And don’t forget that we have pictures, so if the two of you decide to call the cops the whole town will see you fucking and sucking your son. And those last few pictures sure do show you enjoying it.”

With that the two men rushed out of the house leaving Lance and Julie alone.

Lance rushed to his mother’s side and untied her wrists. “What should we do?” He asked.

“Nothing,” Julie said as she got up. “Those pictures will ruin us if they get out. And if your father finds out he’ll eventually learn that I caused the whole thing by planning to cheat on him with their friends.”

Lance knew that he had succeeded. If his mother wasn’t going to do anything this time then he had her where he wanted her. He could easily arrange for future visits from Greg and Chuck and she would never say word. Hell, he thought, she would end up enjoying it before the night was through just as these last two times. His cock twitched at the prospect, and he almost took his mother one more time. But he liked it better this way, making her think that he was an unwilling participant while they both enjoyed fucking each other. No, there will be plenty of opportunities to fuck her again in the very near future…

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