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That day started like any other first day of preschool for Julie. She greeted the returning children as well as the newcomers. Parents milled around the room to see what new things Julie had set up for the children to do. As she was speaking to one concerned parent, she noticed a tall man standing in the doorway, with a large Stetson in his hand. Wrapped around his leg, was a small girl in a pretty green dress and saddle shoes. She seemed to be terrified at what she was seeing.

After assuring the parent that only all natural foods are given at snack time, she headed in the direction of the man, who by now surely had the blood flow cut off to his foot.

“Hello, I’m Miss Julie,” she said, as the little girl hid her head behind his leg.

“Hi, I’m Mike Walters. This is my niece, Heather Somers,” he replied in a Texas accent and a large smile behind his mustache.

The smile had an effect on Julie. She smiled back, turning three shades of red. She shook her shoulder length, curly brown hair off her shoulders and leaned down to look at the frightened little girl.

“Hello, Heather. Don’t be afraid. There are lots of thing to like about being here. Do you like to paint?”

Heather looked out from his leg with one eye. She nodded her head and then hid again.

“Do you like to use crayons? How about listening to stories? We have cookies. Good ones too.” Said Julie, in her ‘come on, give it a try’ voice.

Heather peaked out again, looked at her uncle and held her hand out to Julie.

“My niece and her husband were killed this summer in a car accident. My sister died last year, so I’m the only family she has. I inherited my niece’s home, so I moved up here to raise Heather. Michigan is just a might bit different than Texas. I’ll leave her in your skilled hands, Miss Julie,” he said, looking down at his niece.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Walters. Heather and I are going to get along just fine,” she said as Heather started to move around the room looking at all the interesting things.

“Thank you very much. I’ll be back around 4:30,” he said with that same smile.

“See you then,” said Julie, as she suddenly felt that the room was getting a little warm.

The day progressed as any other first day. There were a couple of arguments on ownership, (That’s mine! No, it’s mine!), somebody was ‘looking’ at somebody, and a missing lunch.

Later in the afternoon, Julie found herself watching the clock, in anticipation of seeing Mike again. Close to 4:30, she had her aid watch the children just long enough for her to go to the bathroom and touch up her make up and comb her hair.

Parents began to show for their little ones. Julie had to clarify a few things to the parents as some of the kids told them that they got a ‘time out’. The whole time she was answering the questions, her eyes were glued to the doorway, waiting for Mike. She looked at the clock. 4:40. Most of the kids were gone. Heather was playing with some blocks over at the window. Finally, the last kid left and she found herself alone with Heather.

“So, how did you like your first day?” Julie asked.

“I had fun. I think I’ll come back tomorrow,” answered Heather.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, honey,” said a voice from the door. “Sorry about being late, Miss Julie. My truck just decided to play dead,” Mike drawled, as Heather ran over and gave his leg a big squeeze.

“That’s alright, Mr. Walters. I’m usually her till five or so anyway,” Julie said, knowing that she was blushing badly, and felt the room heating up again.

As heather gathered her things, Julie noticed a few things about Mike that she hadn’t in the morning. He appeared to be in his late 40’s, with curly brown hair, and blue eyes. He was tall but not thin. His hands were large and strong. His face had a wind worn look to it, as if he made his living outdoors. He wore a red flannel shirt, and well-worn blue jeans that covered his boots.

“Mr. Walters, do you and Heather need a ride home?” Julie asked before she realized what she was saying.

“Well, I have a cab waiting, outside.” He replied.

“Please can we ride with Miss Julie, uncle Mike?” begged Heather.

“It’s two against one, Mr. Walters. I’ll be ready in a minute,” said Julie as she wondered what the heck she was trying to do.

Mike dismissed the cab, and they piled into Julie’s blue Blazer with Heather in the back. Mike gave her some directions, and off they went. She asked Mike a few questions as small talk and found in the course of conversation, he was 49, unattached, and a life long bachelor. He was born and raised outside Houston, and owned a horse farm. He had made several wise investments in the .com industry over the last few years, and cashed out just before the bubble burst. Between that, the horse farm, and the insurance money from his niece to raise Heather, he pretty much had all the bases covered. He now spent most of his time taking care of Heather and working around the home and yard.

Julie explained that she was 27, was not married, (she failed to mention Scot, her boyfriend), and had no children. She had lived in Michigan right off the lake all her life, and loved it there. She had been teaching preschool since she finished college six years before.

As she was receiving the directions to his house, she noticed that they were getting out to the edge of town. When they finally arrived, she noticed a lovely little two-story house with a white picket fence, a meticulously cared for lawn, and a swing set in a large back yard that ended with a small creek and woods beyond.

As she pulled into the driveway behind an old red pickup with it’s hood up, she realized that she was feeling sad that the conversation was ending, and that Mike would no longer be sitting next to her.

“Thank you kindly, Miss Julie,” he said as he closed the door and placed his Stetson on his head. “If you ever need the favor returned, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Bye, Miss Julie, see you tomorrow,” yelled Heather, as she ran up to the front door.

“I’ll see you in the morning, Mr. Walters,” said Julie, as she put the car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway.

While driving home, she found herself not wanting to wait till the morning to see him. She tried to shake the feeling off. She already had a boyfriend and he was a good guy. Why was she reacting to this man like this? She decided to get it out of her head, before she saw her boyfriend, that night.

Mondays were pizza and sex night. When Scot would come home from work, he always would bring a pie from Anthony’s down the street. After eating and filling in each other about their day, they would watch a little TV and then retire to the bedroom to fulfill the ‘sex’ portion of the night.

That evening, she found herself not wanting to prolong things. They ate and then skipped the TV and went right to the bedroom. They undressed and she indicated that he should lay back.

She took hold of his semi-erect cock and gave it a few short pulls to bring it to full attention. Then she simply put her mouth over him and started to jerk him with one hand kneed his balls with the other. With her head bobbing and her hand jerking, it didn’t take Scot long. He started to moan. She pulled her head off and continued to jack him. Soon he was spurting his seed as Julie pumped him dry.

“Well, that was a little faster than usual,” he said.

“My turn,” said Julie as she rolled over on her back.

“In a hurry, are we?” he asked.

“Get cracking’,” she replied, pointing down below.

Scot followed orders and started to do what he knew Julie liked.

She closed her eyes and tried to think about Scot, but kept finding his face replaced by the middle-aged Texan, with the wonderful smile and big powerful hands. Finally she stopped fighting it and let her mind just wander.

As Scot was working his magic on her womanhood, she pictured Mike in bed with her, holding and caressing her, and whispering in her ear that everything was going to be all right. In her fantasy, he holds her tight and tells her to cum.

It caught Scot off guard as she suddenly gasped, let out a yelp, grabbed his head, and ground his face into her womanhood. It was one of the most intense orgasms she had had in some time. She laid there and let the glow last as long as possible.

“Mumph, mumph, mumph.”

She wondered what the noise was as she slowly came back to reality.

“Mumph, mumph, mumph!”

She looked down and realized that she still had a firm grasp of Scot’s ears and hair.

“Mumph, mumph,.. gotta breathe!” he said as she released him.

That night she slept with Mike on her mind.

The next day, Mike dropped Heather off, and left before Julie could talk to him. At 4:30, the parents were picking up the children and this time, Mike was on time. She motioned for him to wait as the last of the children left.

“Were you able to get your truck running, Mr. Walters?” she asked, as she crossed the room to him.

“I’m afraid the old gal has seen better days. Time to put her out to pasture. I picked out a new one, today and it’ll be ready tomorrow,” he replied.

Julie looked right into his eyes and asked, “Can I drive you home again, today?”

Heather started jumping up and down, excitedly.

“I don’t want to continue being an imposition on you, Miss, Julie,” he said, hat in hand.

“It is no imposition at all. Let me finish up and I’ll be right out,” she said, as her day suddenly got brighter.

As they walked to her car, Mike said, “I really want to thank you, Miss Julie, both for the ride and for helping Heather to cheer up. She’s been mighty quiet and sad since her parents died.”

“I’m glad I could help,” she said as she opened the doors.

As they began the journey to Heather’s house, Mike said, “Heather, I want you to draw a real nice picture for Miss Julie when we get home. She’s been real nice to us.”

“You can just call me Julie, Mr. Walters.”

“Okay, Julie. Please call me Mike. Heather, make sure you still call her Miss Julie.” He said over his shoulder.

“Okay,” she said.

After a few minutes of silence, Mike said, “Julie, how would you like to join Heather and me for some ‘Texas Stew’? It’s been simmering all day and should be just about right by now.”

Heather started clapping and cheering in the back seat.

“Mike, I don’t really think I should interfere with Heather and your dinner.”

“You wouldn’t be bothering us at all. I made more than enough and it would be nice to have someone to have an adult conversation with, for a change. That is unless you fell uneasy about it,” he said as he turned to look at her.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” she thought. “I should never have taken him home in the first place. What do I tell Scot?” She looked over at him. “Damn,” she thought as she looked into those baby blue eyes.

Knowing exactly what she may be getting herself into, she said, “I’d be happy to join you.”

“Yeah!” came the response from the back.

Another large smile behind the mustache formed in Mike’s face.

Julie glanced over to Mike and felt her legs get weak. “God, I wish he wouldn’t do that when I’m driving.”

Soon they arrived at Mike’s house. Heather took Julie for a tour, as Mike prepared the rest of dinner. She showed her the swings where she got a skinned knee, a tree where squirrels live, and the creek where she got her new shoes wet.

As they approached the house, Julie could smell something wonderful in the air. Home cooking.

“I hope you’re about ready,” said Mike, as Heather started a tour of the inside.

“My stomach went off outside just smelling this,” said Julie as she was led away by Heather.

A couple of minutes later, Mike said, “Alright, ladies. Soup’s on!”

Heather led Julie to the dining room. There was a large rectangular oak table that was set perfectly, complete with lit candles.

“I know it’s a little fancy for a simple meal, but we don’t get much company here,” said Mike as he pulled a chair out for Julie and then Heather. He poured some pink wine in two fine glasses, leaving the bottle on the table, and a glass of milk in the third for Heather.

First up was a huge bowl of salad that had everything but the kitchen sink in it. It was served with 4 different dressings in their own serving bowls. There were French, Ranch, 1000 island, and Italian.

“God, Mike, I could make a meal out of this,” exclaimed Julie.

“Don’t do that!” He said. “If you like it, please take some home with you.”

After a dent was made in the salad, he cleared that table and returned with a bowl of chicken noodle soup for Heather and two crock type bowls of soup for Julie and him. They were steaming hot.

“My goodness. This is ‘Texas stew’?” she asked.

“No, that’s French onion soup. You melt the cheese on top in the oven.” He replied, blowing on his soup.

Figuring that this might just be dressed up soup mix, she gave it a taste. This was the real thing, and it was every bit as good as the kind you get at a good restaurant.

“If you don’t like it, there’s more noodle soup out there,” said Mike, as he stood and motioned to take it away.

“No!” said Julie as she came to the defense of her bowl.

Mike chuckled and sat back down. They made some small talk about the weather and his horses and then it was time for the main course. Julie wasn’t sure if she could handle any more.

First he came out with a hot loaf of Italian bread, freshly sliced, and butter. Then when her returned, he had three crock bowls of bubbling stew that was steaming hot. He went back to the kitchen and returned with a Dutch oven, still half full of stew.

Heather was already blowing on her bowl when Mike sat down. “I really hope you like this, Julie,” said Mike. “It takes two days to make it right,” he said proudly.

This was what she smelled when she was outside. It was thick, rich and had tons of vegetables in it beside the beef. It was both smooth, and spicy. It was delicious.

After dinner he served some coffee for himself and green tea for Julie. Looking at her watch, she said, “ I better be going. Thank you for a wonderful dinner.”

“Glad you could be here. Maybe we can do it again,” he said as he gave her another one of those smiles.

“Please dear God, get me out of here before I can’t make myself leave,” she prayed.

Heather and Mike walked her to her Explorer and said final goodbyes. She drove home wondering how she was going to explain being late.

Julie lucked out. On the answering machine was a message from Scot explaining that he was going to be delayed and he was going to get something to eat at work. She breathed a sigh of relief and got herself dressed for bed. As she sat on the sofa waiting for Scot, she turned on a love story on the TV. When the love scene came on, she realized that she had begun fingering herself. She closed her eyes and listen to the couple on the TV making their love sounds, while she thought of Mike and used both hands on herself. Soon, her hands were working at warp speed and a low moan turned into a loud wail as she nearly fell off the couch with the intensity of her orgasm. Outside, the dog barked and whimpered, wanting to make sure she was okay. Just then she heard a car door. She was barley able to pull herself together, went the door opened and Scot walked in.

“Hi, honey. Sorry I was so late,” he said.

The following week, Mike asked Julie over to dinner on Friday night. He had received some prime rib from a friend in Houston that owed him a favor.

“You’ve never eaten ‘till you have genuine Texas Longhorn Prime rib,” he said.

Julie knew that Scot was going hunting with some buddies that weekend and wouldn’t be home till Sunday night. She wrestled with her feelings for a minute. She didn’t want to string Mike along and yet didn’t want to send him away.

He smiled at her.

“Sure.” She said in answer to the smile.

That Friday she drove alone to his house. He was outback with Heather raking up some leaves.

“I built that Bar-Be-Cue myself this week,” he said pointing to a large brick and mortar structure. “We’re going to christen it with that prime rib roast.”

“Isn’t it a little cold to Bar-be-cue?” Julie asked?

“No, I built it for all year round use,” he answered.

Soon the roast was on the spit and veggies were cooking on skewers.

Dinnertime came. It was probably one of the best meals she ever had. He was right. Texas beef was the best.

After dinner they talked and played board games with Heather (who mysteriously always won) and heated themselves by a beautiful fire.

At 9:00 it was time for Heather to go to bed. She said goodnight to Julie and Mike carried her up to bed.

While he was upstairs, Julie knew the time was coming when she was going to have to make a decision. Leave soon before he got the wrong idea or stay and accept the inevitable.

Thinking of Scot, she knew she had to leave. She was about to say so up the steps when he started down and looked at her with those baby blue eyes and that hypnotic smile.

“I think that I….,” she started to say and fell silent.

“What’s that Julie?” he said as he finished coming down the stairs.

She crossed the room, threw her arms around him and locked her lips on his.

Surprised by that, and it took a second for him to recover. He then wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss in earnest.

After they broke off the kiss, Mike said, “You know young lady, I’m old enough to be your father.”

“I know. That’s why I’m so attracted to you,” she said as she started another passionate kiss.

Mike considered this and asked, “So your attracted to me because of my age or because of the person I am?”

“Both,” she answered between kisses.

This time when the kiss broke, she grabbed his hand and walked him up the stairs to his bedroom.

She undressed him and then herself.

He was in good shape for 49. He had a lot of body hair that had not yet started to turn gray. He also had an 8 inch monster that was quietly waiting to come alive.

She was medium height with natural brown wavy hair above and neatly trimmed below. She was curvy, cute, and had perky tits.

“Is this right to be doing this with my great-nieces teacher?” he asked.

“Do you want to ask her?” Julie joked. “I didn’t think so.”

They lay on the bed kissing and caressing each other. His strong hands, although calloused with hard work, were skilled in pleasing a woman. Her hands were tracing his back, butt and legs as far as she could reach. He moved to her neck with soft kisses and then down to her breasts. Julie was getting so hot, she thought she would explode.

His hand glided down to between her legs. She opened them to allow his touch. He no sooner caressed her womanhood, when an animal groan came from deep in her throat and she shuttered, and clamped her legs together on his hand.

When she relaxed her body, Mike covered her mouth with his. After the kiss, he brushed her shoulder length hair out of her face and kissed her gently on the cheek. He laid her back on her back and moved himself between her legs.

Mike was totally different than Scot. While Scot knew how to make her cum quickly, Mike knew how to make it special. He teased, tickled, licked, fast, slow, up, down, and side-to-side. His tongue was inside her the first time she came and he thought he was going to lose it. The contractions were that strong. He didn’t give up. He stayed there until she had cum 4 times and she couldn’t take it anymore.

He finally lay back down next to her. Julie was out of breath and trying to regain control. When her head cleared, she ran her hand down to his cock and realized he was still soft. She ran her fingers over him and played with him until the serpent came to life. When she had him good and ready, she climbed between his legs and stared at awe at the 11-inch weapon bobbing there.

She gently stroked him as she licked and sucked his balls. That caused a groan to come from him. Then she looked that monster eye to eye and slipped it into her mouth. He was as hard as a rock. She swirled her tongue, and bobbed her head. She kneaded his balls. Scot would have been a goner at this point, but Mike just seemed to be enjoying himself.

He reached down and pulled her head off his cock and pulled her up to him. He kissed her and slid out from under her. He positioned her on her knees and attempted to enter her from behind. She reached back to help guide him and at the same time wondered if she was going to be able to handle that thing.

He slid his cock into her and held that position for a few seconds as he felt her contractions. She came as soon as he was in.

At first, he started a slow and easy pace as he reached around and kneaded her swaying breasts. Soon he picked up the pace and was beginning to slap his balls harder against her. She came again with a bit of a cry and a sigh.

He withdrew from her and turned her on her back. He reached his arms under her knees and pulled then up. She guided him again and this time he pounded the hell out of her.

This was more than she could take and remain quiet.

“Ahhhhh, Godddddddddd, Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she cried as he continued to slam her hard.

With a scream and her grabbing him to stop, she experienced the most violent and intense orgasm of her life. He released her legs and used the missionary position.

He started a normal rhythm as he looked at her and smiled. She returned the smile and they watched each other for a few minutes. Soon she was getting close again and had to close her eyes as another orgasm ripped through her body and he felt the strong contractions below. After a minute he rolled off her.

“That was incredible,” she said as she reached down to his cock. “Haven’t you cum yet?”

“Nope,” he answered.

“Is there something wrong?” she asked, concerned.

“No, not at all. I just like to make sure that the lady is well taken care of,” he drawled.

“Mission accomplished, Mike.” She said with sigh. “What can I do to please you?”

“This is going to sound stupid to you, but I got hooked on this when I was a teenager in Texas going to drive-in movies. The easiest way for a girl to shut down a horny teenager is to give him a hand job. There were a few girls I dated that were very good at it. It’s been my thing ever since. I’m not asking you to, I’m just telling you because you asked.”

“A hand job?” Julie thought. She hadn’t done that since 12th grade. “Well, if that’s what he likes, that’s easy enough to do,” she figured.

“Is there any particular way you want to do this,” she asked.

“Just lay beside me so I can hold you and look at you, while you do it. There is no need for anything else.”

She situated herself next to him and started to play with his cock. He played with her boobs and looked into her eyes and smiled. She slid her hand up and down its length and tickled the head on each pass. She could tell by his moans and hip movements what he liked and how fast he wanted her to go. All the wile, she watched his face, enjoying the control she had on him. She would get him close and back off several times, much to his dismay. Finally after making him wait for over 20 minutes she decided it was time.

“Are you ready?” she whispered?

“Yes,” he said, barley audible.

She leaned close to him, looking him right in the eye and intensified her grip on him, as she stroked him from top to bottom. She felt the contractions start on his cock and suddenly it seemed as if it was raining. Spurt after spurt of spunk was emptying from his balls, flying high into the air, only to fall on Julie and Mike like a cloud burst.

Julie got a kick out of controlling his orgasm and filed it in the back of her mind for Scot.

The next morning, Heather had no idea that Julie had spent the night. To her, Miss Julie just stopped by for breakfast.

Julie returned home by Sunday evening. The rest of her stay with Mike had been just as wonderful as Friday night. She had a glow about her that hadn’t been there since she first met Scot. When he came home that night, he was very tired. He said hello, took a shower and went to bed. This gave Julie time to think about what she had done that weekend.

She knew she loved Scot. He was both good for her and to her. Together, they made a good living and owned a nice house. They did do things together, when their schedules allowed, and they seemed to both enjoy the same things. Still, she knew she was in love with Mike. He was polite, funny, loved kids, and was a great cook. Plus, no one had made love to her like he had over this weekend. When she was with him, all the problems of the world seemed to disappear. It was the same kind of feeling you got as a small child when daddy held you close so nothing could hurt you.

“I refuse to ruin things with Scot,” she said to herself. “I’m going to tell Mike the truth and see how he takes it.”

There was no school on Monday, due to a federal holiday. Julie had the whole day to think about how she was going to make it up to Scot, even though he was completely in the dark.

At 6:30, Scot came home with a pizza and a 2-liter of diet Coke. They ate and discussed the day. Julie told him that she had a video that she wanted him to watch in the bedroom. Scot had no problem with that.

Scot stripped to his underwear, and laid down on the bed, as Julie got ready in the bathroom. When she came out, she had a red-hot sheer nightie on, that left nothing to the imagination. She was carrying something in her hand. She sat on the bed next to him.

“We are going to play a game,” she said, matter of factley. “It will be played based on my rules. No deviation.” She said as she wrapped a leather strap around his wrist and tied it to the bedpost. “You have to be a good boy, or you’ll have to pay a penalty. I’m sure you don’t want that,” she continued as she tied the other wrist.

Moving down to his feet she said, “I’ve made a video just for you,” said Julie as the first foot was secured. “You must control yourself during the video, or there will be no reward,” she said as she started on the second foot. “It’s not as easy as you think, because I’m not going to play fair.” She said as she tested the bindings for circulation as well as being secure.

She kneeled between his legs and took him in her mouth. She was gentle and slow with her movements. Soon he was hard as steal. She continued loving his cock with her mouth until she started to notice all the warning signs. She stopped, climbed off the bed, stood up, and took his cock in her hand. She could tell he was close with all the twitching and the purple color of the head.

“We are about to start the game. You must watch the video. You may not close your eyes, or you lose. You may not cum before the video is over, or you lose. If you lose, you’ll stay tied up until morning and sleep by yourself with the video repeating over and over. If you’re a good boy, and do as you’re told, I’ll finish you off and let you cum in my mouth. After that I’ll be your love slave for the night, if you have anything left. No sense in asking if your ready, it seems that you are,” she said as she squeezed his engorged man meat.

She reached over and turned on the tape. It was a video of their bedroom, shot from the foot of the bed toward the headboard. Julie came into view wearing the same nightie. Judging from the illumination on the tape, it shot in mid afternoon. She laid down on the bed with her upper body propped up and raised her knees and spread her legs.

“Here we go, Scot,” said Julie on the tape.

Scot couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Julie was reaching down to her pussy, and was beginning to finger herself. She was giving herself a two handed wank.

Meanwhile, the here and now Julie, was starting to wank Scot, keeping a sharp eye on him. He tensed and she stopped. On the TV, Julie was moaning softly. A few more pumps. The head of his cock was purple and the hole was opening and closing as if it were trying to talk. On the TV, Julie inserted three fingers of one hand. Three more pumps. “Uhhg,” came from Scot. His breathing was getting harder. Julie checked to see if Scot was watching her wail away on her pussy on the TV. He was, and seemed mesmerized. Julie used her fingertips to trace around the head. The hole puckered in response. Three more pumps. “Shit,” he said through clenched teeth.

“You’re doing quite well, but you haven’t won yet,” she said, giving three more pumps.

On the TV, Julie’s hips were starting to rise up and down to the tempo of her hands.

Julie started to tickle and tease his cock. His breathing was very erratic. His moans were almost continuous.

Three more pumps. Four huge ropes of spunk shot up in the air and landed on his chest. Many less energetic landed on his abdomen and her hand.

“Aw, you didn’t make it,” pouted Julie, as TV Julie let out a wail and came on tape for posterity.

She stopped the tape, set the machine on auto replay, and left the bedroom. As she closed the door, she heard him say, “Julie, wait. Wait!”

That night, Julie decided that she would keep her affair with Mike secret, if he would agree to it. Otherwise she would have to end it.

Mike invited Julie out at a 5 star restaurant that coming Thursday. Having never been to one, she accepted. She told Scot that she had a seminar to attend and had forgotten about it. She brought a dress with her to school, and changed after the children had left. Mike wanted to pick her up, but for discretions sake, she drove herself.

She entered the lobby and found Mike sitting at the waiting bar.

“Where’s Heather,” she asked.

“The lady next door had her grandchildren over today and Heather wanted to stay and play with them. I thought that might be best,” he drawled.

“Mr. Walters, your table is ready,” said the hostess.

“Perfect timing,” he said.

They were led to the far corner of the room. It had a beautiful mahogany table with floor length laced tablecloth, a vase of fresh flowers, and a small candelabra. They both sat with their backs to the wall.

The waiter came and they ordered wine. The wine guy came and went thru all the motions of putting on a show to open and pour it. They were left alone to consider the menu.

“Mike, I have something thing to talk to you about,” she began. “I haven’t been truthful. I live with a guy. I love him very much and I don’t want to lose him. If you want to end this, I’ll understand, but I would much rather not.”

Mike leaned back in the mahogany chair and sighed. He looked at her with the eyes that daddies give to little girls when they have been very bad. Julie had a lump come up in her throat.

Then that smile broke out on that face behind the moustache. “I was wondering when you were going to get around to telling me about him,” he said.

“You mean you knew?”

“Sure. You told your class that your boyfriend was going hunting. Heather told me. Why do you think I invited you over to my house for dinner in the first place? I’m glad you’re not planning on giving him up. I’m a confirmed bachelor. Getting involved in discreet affairs is our lifeblood. No ends to tie up. I have to say, you are the prettiest affair I didn’t have to end,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

Julie was thoroughly relieved. She let out a huge breathe of air, which she immediately drew back in as she noticed a hand traveling up under her dress to her crotch. Mike studied the menu as if nothing were happening under the table. He had worked his was past the pantyhose and was already twiddling her womanhood for all it was worth. She too attempted to ac t as if nothing was happening.

“Mike,” she whispered. “Someone will see”

He ignored that and intensified his twiddling. She stared at her menu, not reading a thing.

“Mike, please stop. Ohhhhhhhh. Please? Ohhhhhhhhh, God.”

“I think I’ll try the sirloin,” said Mike.

Julie sunk a little lower in her seat and hid her face with the menu. Just then, the waiter returned. “Have you decided what you would like?” he asked.

“I have, but the lady is still thinking about it,” Mike answered as he continued on her womanhood, unrelenting.

“You, ohhh.. are unnnh, sooo, bad!” she managed to get out.

She let go of the menu with one hand, covered her mouth, and began to shake and tremble as the public orgasm raged through her system. when she calmed down, she wiped her eyes with a $10.00 napkin, and repositioned herself on her seat as she sniffled the last remnants of the orgasm away.

“You are going to pay, mister,” she said with a wicked look on her face.

She looked over the menu, this time able to see it. The waiter returned and they ordered.

After a quick glance around the room, She reached under the table, unzipped him and freed him to the fresh air. She started to jack him. She was very careful to make it look like she was just sitting there like anyone else with one hand in her lap. She used only her wrist. He was soon hard and she went to town on him. He tried to talk a few times but the words got caught in his throat. She got him close and kept him that way, while keeping an eye out for the food. As the waiter approached the table with the tray, she used her leg to lift the tablecloth and finished Mike off. She felt several strong convulsions on his cock and knew that he just shot 4 or 5 mighty ropes of spunk. The waiter placed the dinner on the table and she let the tablecloth fall back in place. As the waiter walked away, they both noticed a large splatter of spunk on the waiter’s pant leg.

Mike turned pale and Julie started to laugh.

“Better hope he thinks that salad dressing,” she chuckled.

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