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Julie Learns Her Place

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Julie Davidson arrived back at her apartment block just after midnight. She paid the taxi driver and stomped towards the entrance door. She was in a foul mood. The 41-year-old divorcee had been looking forward to this night out all week. It was a rare chance to get out, dress up and enjoy herself. She had been out with her friends Louise and Pamela and after a few drinks they had all started flirting with guys, to her horror both she and Louise had ended up going after the same guy and he had brushed Julie off with a comment about not dating older women while Louise had her tongue in his ear!

That had been too much for the raven haired, short tempered Julie and she stormed away, hailed a taxi and went home alone and angry. The fucking nerve of Louise, wait ’til she saw her again!

And so it was in this bad temper that she entered her building, far earlier than she had wished and steam still literally coming from her ears as she just refused to calm down.

Normally she would take the lift up to her top floor apartment but as she entered the lobby she saw it was already up there and after a moment’s wait she decided to stomp her way up the stairs. After about ten steps she realised the stupidity of doing it in her high heels but through sheer bloody mindedness she continued, cursing under her breath with every step.

It was a smart, new building in the city and each floor had two large, expensive apartments. Julie liked living there except for one thing – Allison, the woman who owned the other flat on the top floor. Allison was the same age as Julie, but (in Julie’s mind anyway) she looked older, fatter and uglier. Whereas Julie had long, dark, shiny locks, Allison had a short dark haircut with cheap highlights. Also whereas Julie spoke in a posh, cultured, educated voice Allison’s voice was a rough, Scottish accent that swore far too often for Julie’s liking. For long enough Julie had wondered how such a ‘creature’ could afford to live in the same apartment block that she paid for. But over time Julie had seen enough male visitors to Allison’s flat to form a very real suspicion that she was up to no good behind that door, drugs maybe, prostitution probably, something decidedly dodgy anyway.

The two women had never been friends. They had put up with each other, studiously ignored each other and, when they thought the other not looking cast vicious glances at each other. Both thought they were alpha females and would never get on. Their relationship had gotten worse just over a month ago when Allison had been playing music way to loud during the day. Julie had been off her work sick and had been feeling bad anyway but the constant booming noise had been too much and she had stormed across the shared landing to rattle on her neighbours door. It had not been answered quickly and when it was Allison’s head was all that was visible. She had snapped at Julie, Julie snapped back demanding the music be put down before storming back to her own sick bed. Whether the music was turned down or not Julie could not tell but from that point the two of them had embarked on a petty feud of complaints back and forth that did nothing but anger and irritate both.

Tired and still angry Julie made it up the last flight of steps and was greeted by the sight of Allison seeing a man out of her apartment. Neither saw Julie and she stepped in against the wall and listened.

The man was softly spoken and very well dressed.

“Thanks you Mistress Allison, well worth the payment. Again sorry to ask for a session at such a late hour but it just so happened I had the chance. Here, please take this as an extra token of my appreciation.”

Julie peered round to see the man hand Allison a note of some description. And only then did it dawn on Julie that Allison was not wearing ‘conventional’ clothing. The fat bitch was in a black PVC top and short, her fat tits falling out of it. She had on thigh high boots and elbow boots.

“Fuck’s sake” hissed Julie under her breath as the truth dawned on her slightly inebriated mind.

The man then got in the elevator and the doors pinged closed and it was at that point with Allison just turning back to go into her flat that Julie burst forward and shouted.

“I fucking knew it! You’re a whore! A fucking whore!”

Julie was drunk and aggressive, a bad combination. Her normal ability to bite her tongue was gone and she was saying exactly what she was thinking and actin without thought. Allison whirled around at the sharp voice behind her and faced the raging bitch before calmly stating.

“Did you want something?”

Julie was out of control and got right up in Allison’s face, pointing and poking her finger at her.

“Yeah! You out of there! You’ve no fucking right to live there! You don’t belong! I always wondered how you managed to afford this place and now I know! You’re a whore! You….aaaaaargh!”

Julie broke off as Allison casually reached her hand back and slapped her neighbour across the face. It unbalanced Julie and before she knew what was happening Allison had taken a firm grip of her hair and was dragging her into her apartment!

Julie was too stunned to react as her neighbour dragged her forcibly into her flat then slammed the door shut. They were both about the same height, five foot five but Allison had a good few pounds on Julie, though both boasted impressive breasts and were, rightly proud of their racks. Allison was virtually dragging Julie behind her by the hair until she dumped her in a bedroom that lay just off the main hall.

Staggered, Julie took in her surroundings and was taken aback as she looked at various whips and floggers on the wall, a cage in the corner of the room, a rack like contraption and a cross clearly for tying people to.

“What the fuck….”

She got no further as Allison’s large hand engulfed her mouth and muffled it. Allison leaned in close and spat her words out.

“I’ve had enough of you you stuck up bitch. It’s about time you learned your place. On your knees and kiss my boots!”

Julie looked up at her attacker with incredulity and shook her head.

“You’re mad, no way, I’m getting….”

She tried to crawl away but Allison’s fingers hooked into her hair and jerked her back and forced Julie’s head right down at her boots. Julie tried to respond but whether through shock or alcohol she was lacking in strength and power and was easily manhandled by the larger woman. Allison pushed her head down there and rubbed Julie’s face across the toes of her boots.

“You’ll do that gratefully when I’m finished with you.”

Julie managed to get her head up and spat out.

“Fuck you!”

That just made Allison laugh and she pulled over a wooden chair and sat on it and hauled Julie up and over her knee. Julie struggled and wriggled and couldn’t figure out what was happening until she froze as she felt her neighbour hoist up the hem of her short skirt and expose her creamy white ass cheeks.

“I can see you need a good, hard lesson in respect bitch. So you tell me when you’ve learned your lesson and are willing to kiss those boots of your own accord!”

Wit that Allison began to spank Julie’s ass firmly, each blow bringing a red palm print to her ass. After thirty of so and the smacks echoing through the room Julie cried out.

“OK! Ok! I’ll do it! Please stop!”

Allison halted her spanking and used Julie’s hair to jerk her head around to face her.

“Try anything slut and you will regret it, understand?”


That earned Julie another hard spank on her tender ass.

“Yes Mistress Allison. That is how you will address me from now on, understand?”

Julie was confused and scared and even a little aroused. She could not comprehend how she had been so easily dominated by her neighbour and just wanted to get out of there right then. She would have given anything to be safely in her own bed.

“Yes Mistress Allison.”

Nodding Allison pushed Julie’s body off her knees and she landed with a thump at her feet. Julie couldn’t believe she was doing it but she scrambled forward and began to tentatively lick the tops of Allison’s fetish boots. Allison observed her coolly, occasionally using her free foot to swat at Julie’s head and body, pushing her over, unbalancing her contemptuously.

“OK enough! Get up and get undressed. Let’s see what you’re so proud of bitch!”

Julie stared at her as if she had gone mad. It was a dumb move as it earned her another cuff around the head from Allison’s hand.

“Fuck’s sake! Are you as stupid as you look bitch? I gave you an order and you had better damn well do it or so help me god I will tie you to that cross over there and whip the living hell from you!”

That did the trick and Julie scrambled, drunkenly to her feet and hurriedly stripped off her expensive top and skirt and paused only a moment in her sexy lingerie before a harsh glare from Allison saw her peel that off too. Her shoes had gone in the earlier struggle and she suddenly felt very small as she stood, naked and uncomfortable as her hated neighbour stared at her and examined her. She felt like a cow at a cattle market as the PVC clad Mistress scrutinised Julie’s body, first with her eyes then her hands. She held Julie’s jaw and moved it to look at her profile, then her hands grabbed Julie’s tits and weighed them up.

“Proud of these are you?”

“No Mistress Allison.”

“Ha! Don’t give me that shit! I’ve seen you parade yourself around here with those things literally hanging out. Think you’re something special, don’t you? Yes, you fucking do! Well they’re nothing special, let me tell you. Now go and lean over the bench, time to see exactly what you can take.”

Julie did not like the sound of that at all, yet she still did as Allison told her and padded over to the far side of the room and stretched herself gingerly over a wooden bench with a leather top. From behind she heard rustling and a loud click. Unable to resist she looked over her shoulder and was horrified by what she saw. Allison’s PVC shorts now had a plastic cock jutting out of them pointing straight at Julie!

Julie made to voice her disapproval and resistance but the bigger woman moved swiftly and was on her in an instant. Leaning hard on her back, pining her down. Her hand snaked forward and again cupped over Julie’s mouth to silence her.

“Shut up you snobby tart. You went out looking for a fuck tonight, didn’t you? Well now you’re going to get one!”

Julie whimpered into the hand then jumped as she felt a finger tracing the outline of her shaven cunt.

“See? You’re soaking wet bitch! You want this!”

Julie shook her head but it was an action that held no real conviction. Allison removed her hand from Julie’s mouth and reached down to grab something, when it came up it held an orange ball gag that she stuffed in Julie’s mouth then tied it expertly behind her shaking head.

“Don’t want you waking the neighbour you know. She’s a real miserable cow!”

And then Julie felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and with a sudden shock realised her fucking would not be what she expected. Allison laughed at the frantic movements of her trapped neighbour and swatted her ass with her hand again.

“Keep still bitch. You didn’t think this was for your pleasure did you? No this is all about me having some fun. Now relax and take this in the ass slut!”

Allison speared her body forward and impaled Julie’s ass on the thick plastic dick. Julie shook and struggled but Allison’s weight and position held her in place and she slowly eased the strap on deeper and deeper until it was in all the way to Allison’s crotch. Then she slowly drew back before shoving herself in again. After several more thrusts Julie managed to break free but she was still on the cock so when she dropped to her knees Allison followed her down no fucking her like a dog on hands and knees. Eventually, Julie’s arms and legs gave out and she was lying on the carpet just being ass fucked with all Allison’s weight on her. Finally, Allison relented and with a humiliating ‘pop’ she pulled the plastic from Julie’s asshole. In an instant Allison had the gag undone and just as Julie gasped in a deep breath into her mouth Allison rammed the dildo, fresh from Julie’s ass, right into Julie’s mouth.

Julie’s protests went ignored.

“You always act like your shit don’t stink anyway bitch, so what are you bothered about, eh?”

It was humiliating and degrading to Julie but her will was broken and she just lay there and sucked the fake cock clean of her own bodily substances. When she was down Allison rolled her ‘guest’ onto her back and stood towering over her. Julie just lay there and watched as the other woman unbuckled the cock and then peeled of the PVC shorts to reveal a very, hairy, fat pussy. Julie wrinkled her nose in disgust, which really wasn’t a smart thing to do. Seconds later she watched in horror as Allison stood right over her then lowered herself down so that her knees pinned Julie’s arms to the ground and so that hairy pussy was just inches from Julie’s face. The sweaty smell was powerful and disgusting and Julie so wanted to be out from under there but realised she could do nothing.

“Not as neat as yours, is it? Not as well groomed? Not as clean? Well you can do something about that now bitch, get licking it!”

Julie had never been with another woman before, never even dreamed of it (and for sure if she had it would not have been this lump of a woman she detested!) but with no choice available but to do as she was instructed she extended her tongue and began to tentatively explore the hairy cave in front of her. As she did that, Allison began to rock backwards and forwards, pushing her pussy further and further into Julie’s face as she did and she also peeled off her top and began to play with her own fleshy breasts. This was complete sexual domination and ironically both women were getting off on it, though one rather less willingly than the other. Allison reached back to poke at Julie’s cunt with her fingers and they came away soaking which only served to turn her on even more. Allison was moaning now and both realised she was at the point of climax. She brushed away Julie’s tongue and used her own fingers to finish herself off, rubbing hard and fast on her clit until it exploded, firing globules of hot juice all over Julie’s face and into her eyes, nose and mouth.

Her body exhausted Allison just stayed there, kneeling over her neighbour, catching her breath. Julie for her part, just lay there, not fully able to comprehend all that had happened since she had returned. Then Allison leaned back and before Julie could react Allison started to piss on Julie! It took her seconds to react and in that time a fair amount of yellow liquid had flowed into Julie’s mouth. Once she did close her mouth Allison didn’t care, more than happy to piss all over her stuck up neighbour’s face. When she was finally done she stood and looked down at her subdued neighbour.

“On your knees bitch, your hour’s nearly up and I bet you want to cum don’t you?”

With piss dripping from her features Julie whimpered as she nodded that she did.

“Then you can go once you have made yourself cum! But you’d better be quick because I’m going to write what I think of you all over you until you do!”

This confused the hell out of Julie and she was slow to start playing with herself. Mistress Allison wasn’t slow though and she picked up a black marker pen, walked over to Julie and scrawled the word “SLUT” across Julie’s forehead. Then Julie got it and she started rubbing at her clit as hard as she could. Allison smiled and wrote “FAT BITCH” across Julie’s tits as her neighbour screwed her eyes shut and tried her hardest to force her climax. Julie smirked and wrote in huge letters the word “WHORE” across Julie’s stomach. Julie gasped and doubled her efforts and finally came just as Allison scrawled the words “CUM DUMP” on her cheek alongside an arrow pointing at her mouth.

Julie came in a flood and then flopped forward in a gasping, sweating heap on the floor as Allison picked up Julie’s handbag from her pile of clothes on the floor and rifled through it for her purse.

“Normally I charge two hundred for an hour but seeing you’re a neighbour I’ll accept a hundred.”

With ease Allison removed the notes from Julie’s purse, and then before handing it back she grabbed Julie’s house keys. Julie looked at her questioningly but soon forgot that as Allison grabbed her by her piss soaked hair and marched her out of her apartment on hands and knees. On the deserted landing Allison walked over to the stairway and held up Julie’s keys and deliberately dropped them down the central gap. Seconds later the noise of them landing on the bottom floor echosed through the stairway. Alliosn grinned at her naked, piss soaked, obscene graffiti covered neighbour and said.

“Better get going slut.”

Then turned on her heel and slammed her own door shut and very deliberately locked it. Julie stood dumbly on the landing for a moment then hurried away down the stairs to attempt to retrieve her keys….


Allison’s doorbell rang a eleven the next morning. She thought it might be the police. She had her story ready of how a drunken Julie had attacked her last night and a witness already lined up to back her up but when she answered the door it was just a very contrite looking Julie standing there. Wearing very conservative clothing and barely able to look Allison in the eye.

“Come for your slut clothes have you?” demanded an aggressive Allison.

“N-No Mistress Allison. A hundred for an hour you said, yes?”

And Allison gave a great big grin as the bitch from next door handed her five twenties and dropped to her knees and crawled in past her…

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