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Julia’s Desire

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Julia and I had been together for a few years. Besides being intimate with each other, we were also best friends. We had tried all the usual sexual stuff – missionary, her on top, riding her from the back, oral, and so on. We also had fantasised about other things, threesomes, and gang bangs, but never quite mustered up the courage to take these things through beyond some play acting with each other.

We had both become very busy with our work lives and did not have much time to be with each other. She and I both worked late and were not able to give much attention to the other. This normally would lead to a couple splitting up, but it ended up being a great thing. I got to live out my biggest fantasy and we now have the best sex life in the world. The following is what led to this new life for both of us.

I had come home from a long day and week at work. All the lights in the house were off, which was surprising since I knew that Julia had been home for a few hours and that is was Friday. I went back to the bedroom and found Julia asleep in bed. This was also surprising because she is usually awake to greet me if I get home after her. I just thought that she had had a long day and was exhausted when she got home. I was pretty tired too, so I decided that I would just go to bed with her.

I pulled back the covers and admired the beautiful body that Julia had. She was lying on her back with her legs slightly spread. I climbed into bed and snuggled up next to her, she murmured quietly in what I presumed was acknowledgment of my arrival. Being a typical male, I got aroused feeling her naked flesh and I started to lightly caress her.

Eventually my hand passed over her thighs and brushed against her mound. She was soaking wet. I guessed that maybe she was awake and was just enjoying the message, but she was still passed out. I thought “what the heck” and decided that I would go down on her and maybe wake her up through pleasure. My face made it’s way down to her pussy. I started to lick up the side of one of her lips. I circled my tongue up and then down over her clit until my tongue was in her pussy. I stopped for minute realizing that something seemed different. She tasted great and had a deep musk scent to her pussy, but the only time that she smelled and tasted this great was after we had made love. Someone else had fucked my girlfriend!

At first I was upset and felt hurt. I realised though that I actually enjoyed going down on her after another man had fucked her, this had been one of the fantasies we had talked about in the past so I was really turned on. I became aroused again and put my face right back to her bush. I worked my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. After a few minutes of this, her hips began to move, so she really was awake now. I felt her hands grab the back of my head and bring my face more into her crotch. Julia began moaning and had a great orgasm. She quickly pulled me up to her face and began to kiss me deeply. My dick quickly found her hole and I began to hump wildly.

I was having the time of my life. Julia’s lover’s semen was being shared between our mouths and my dick was being lubricated where another man had recently been. After a couple minutes of this I could not hold back any longer and shot my hot cum into her already full pussy. This had to have been one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had. I pulled out of Julia and rolled off of her. I was truly physically exhausted. Julia moved closer to me and into my arms. We both fell asleep feeling great.

The next day I woke up and found that Julia was not there. I started to think about what happened the night before and how to react if it was brought up. Even though Julia and I shared the threesome fantasies and even used fake cocks on each other, I was not sure how she’d react to how turned on I was about another man’s cock being inside of her. I decided to just let things come out however they might and not worry about it.

I got up and went to the kitchen. Julia was standing there in her silk robe. She smiled and came over and hugged me. Julia told me how great I was and that she had really enjoyed me the night before. I wondered if she knew that I knew she had slept with someone else. Did she love last night because of me accepting her fucking another man or just because I had been good in bed? She answered my question without me even having to ask and completely shocked me!

“Darling, I want you to know that I love you and always will. I just hope you can accept that I need to fuck to feel good about myself, and if you and I are to busy to make love, then I will find someone else to keep me satisfied in the bedroom. I don’t want to break up or anything, I just want more sex. Obviously you knew that I had been with someone else before you last night. I even saw the broken condom and wrapper lying on the ground when I woke up. It was a real turn-on having you lick my pussy after another man had cum in me. I hope you don’t mind if we can do it more often. I think you would like Brad. He is Australian, he’s absolutely huge and he is bi. I know you had messed around some when you were younger with guys and had experimented, so I guessed that if you were cool with it, we could all have each other in the bedroom.”

My jaw just flopped open, I tried to speak but nothing came out, after a short pause Julia continued

“I was surprised, but it turned me on having Brad tell me about getting his dick sucked by other men and fucking them in the arse. I think you would like to suck him too.”

I was absolutely stunned, as I finally found my voice. Hearing Julia talk like this was unheard of! First off, I told her about experimenting over five years ago when we were just friends. I hadn’t been done anything with a guy in over 10 years! I didn’t see the condom or the wrapper the night before! I just stood there not knowing what to say. She came back over, hugged me, and said, “Brad has a 10 inch cock and it is incredible.” Julia gave me a peck on the cheek and went to the bathroom to take a shower. What she said was like a drive by shooting. How was I going to respond to what was said? I sat down and began to think about everything. Was I ready for this kind of relationship? Could I handle her being with another guy? Could I handle her wanting me to suck another man’s cock or possibly have me fuck her lover in the arse?!?!

Julia was out of the shower and getting dressed. I went up behind her and hugged her. I asked if this was really what she wanted. She said that it was and that Brad had made her realise how kinky she could become. Right then I decided and told her that I loved her. “Julia, I love you with all my heart. If you want to try this, we can. I will do anything for you and help to make us better.” I loved Julia too much to not do this for her, and anyway the more I thought about the more it turned me on. She hugged me and told me that she wanted Brad to come over tonight so that we could live out this fantasy while it was still hot and not let it drift like in the past.

It was about 8pm when the doorbell rang. I felt like a teenage virgin I was so nervous. I had no idea what to expect. Julia answered the door in a slinky sundress that clung to her body. Brad came through the door. I realised why she had chosen Brad. He was built, had blond hair, and was extremely cute. Julia grabbed him and gave him a deep kiss. She led him over to me and I shook Brad’s hand feeling a little awkward. Julia left to go get us some drinks. When she came back, Brad looked at me and said, “I hope that you’re OK with everything. Julia is extremely sexy and she is a great fuck.” I nearly dropped my drink. Brad went off to take a shower as he had just got back from work (he was a barman at a local pub).

After Brad had showered and changed, we all talked for a while to ease the tension, well my tension really, and actually got along. After a few drinks we were all getting pretty toasted and were beginning to lose our inhibitions. “Babe, I can’t wait for you to see how big Brad’s dick is.” At this point she leaned over to Brad and kissed him deep. Her hands made their way down to his pants and she began to unbutton them. In the mean time, Brad had pulled off Julia’s sundress. She did not have any underwear on, so there was not a lot of work for Brad to do. Julia got on her knees and pulled Brad’s pants and boxers off. Brad’s cock sprung up and I was shocked. He was huge! Remember that I had not been with a man in over 10 years and even I was ready to wrap my mouth around that monster!

Julia motioned for me to come over next to her. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down next to her. She smiled and gave me a big deep kiss. Then she smiled at me again. I watched as she moved further between Brad’s legs up to the edge of the couch. It did not take her mouth long to find Brad’s huge head. Julia started to suck him. She was slowly going up and down on him. She grabbed my hand again and moved it to Brad’s balls. It was all coming back to me and I knew what to do. I began to message Brad’s balls while Julia sucked on him. I made my other hand useful and started to feel Julia’s already wet pussy. After a few minutes of us caressing each other, Julia stopped sucking on him and gave me another big kiss.

She motioned for me to move between Brad’s legs. I was still extremely nervous, as I had not done this for a long time. I licked up one side of Brad’s massive shaft. My lips found his cock-head and I worked his manhood into my waiting mouth. The smooth feel of his knob and the faint taste of his pre-cum really had me going, I started to pump my mouth up and down on Brad’s cock suck and slurping as I did so.

Julia was now massaging me and really enjoying what was going on. “Fuck his mouth sweetie. I want my boyfriend to feel your cum go down his throat.” I still could not believe how many new things I was finding out about Julia. She really liked watching two guys get it on. Julia kept stroking me while my mouth was still working away on Brad. Julia knew many things that I liked and decided to pleasure me as much as possible too. She moved behind me and placed one hand on my cock and began jerking up and down. She licked a finger on her other hand and coated it with her saliva. She moved this finger to my anus and began to work it in. She started pumping her finger in and out of my bum in rhythm with me going up and down on her lover’s pole. After a few minutes of this both Brad and myself were getting close to cumming. “Come on you guys. I want to see my two boys cum. Suck hard on that dick while I fuck you in the arse!” Brad grabbed the back of my head and pushed me further and further down his shaft. Julia began fucking me faster with her finger while stroking me harder. Brad announced that he was going to cum. I felt Brad’s dick swell and he began spewing his hot cum in my mouth. I felt it coating the back of my throat. He continued to shoot his cum in my mouth when I started to swell to.

Julia saw what was about to happen and immediately turned around, lay on her back, and moved between my legs. She grabbed my cock and put it into her mouth. I started shooting stream after stream of cum into Julia’s warm mouth. We were all locked together by our mouths. I pulled off of Brad’s cock and pulled my dick out of Julia’s mouth. Julia pulled me close to her and we gave each other a huge kiss mixing Brad’s and my cum in our mouths. This was the hottest thing I had ever done in my life! I wanted more and Julia had already planned it out.

After relaxing for a while and a few more drinks the talk got even better. Julia sat down next to me and whispered in my ear “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen or done earlier. I hope you are ready to have his monster in your arse, because that’s what’s coming.” I turned towards her and gave her a long deep kiss. “I want Brad to fuck me in the arse right now…”

Julia pulled Brad up off of the couch and coaxed him towards the bedroom. I was in tow and getting aroused knowing what was about to happen. Julia lay down on the bed and pulled Brad down on top of her. They embraced each other and started some heavy kissing. We were all still naked. I was getting turned on and moved closer to them, watching as Brad sucked on her tits. I started to wank my cock and Julia looked up at me and smiled. She didn’t need any further stimulation, as she was already soaked from the earlier activities. She pulled Brad up to her face and kissed him deeply again. She wrapped her legs around his back. He moved the tip of his cock against her pussy and slowly started to push in. She was moaning in pleasure. It was incredible watching his huge dick push it’s way inside of my girlfriend. I got behind them and had a great view of Brad stretching her pussy wide.

They began to get into rhythm and I did with my hand. I got on the bed and started messaging Brad’s balls as they slammed up against Julia’s snatch. I could tell that he enjoyed the extra stimulation. I brought my face up to his arse and began licking his arsehole. He would push back against me every now and then. I had only done this with women and one other man. He thankfully was clean, so I got to be kinkier than I normally would had been. Julia started to groan and I could tell that his huge cock was putting her over the top. She started bucking wildly and had probably the biggest orgasm I’ve ever seen her have. After she finished, Brad pulled his lubricated cock out of her and turned towards me.

He didn’t have to worry; I wanted his dick badly. I moved straight in and started to suck as hard as I could. Julia pulled my mouth away and said, “I have something else planned for you.” Julia had me lay on my back and got into a 69 position with me. We gave each other oral for a while until Brad moved up behind her. His dick moved my face out of the way and he slid back into Julia. I started licking his balls as he moved in out of my girlfriend. This was a fantasy that Julia and I had shared many times before, my tongue moved up Brad’s dick to lick the top of Julia’s pussy and her clit. The sight and smell of the mingled juices as Brad steadily pumped his cock in and out was out of this world, as my tongue licked its way up and down this feast of cock and cunt, my fingers moved to caress Brad’s taut ball sack.

Everything was starting to become a blur as they fucked very hard. I could tell that he was now close to cumming. I was too. After a few deep thrusts Brad started to drop his load deep in Julia, I could see the spasms in his urethra along the back of his cock. She was screaming around my cock and sucking hard. She had another orgasm as Brad filled her pussy. I could see his cum gathering around the edges of Julia’s pussy lips. She continued to suck me and after a minute Brad pulled out of her. His cum started gushing out of her right onto my face. I opened my mouth and tried to catch every drop. This was such a turn on that in no time I was cumming in Julia’s mouth again. She collapsed on top of me and then rolled off.

We all relaxed for a bit and just talked. Eventually we were all worked up again. All three of us were touching each other. I would normally be too tired after all of this action by this point, but this was just a great new discovery. We all were enjoying each other so much. I rolled onto Julia and began kissing her. Brad got up off of the bed and went to the bathroom. I wanted to fuck Julia, but she told me to wait. She told me that it was time for me to get stretched by Brad’s cock just like her. I was extremely excited when she said this. She sat up and pulled my face towards her crotch. She told me to get ready. At this point Brad came back from the bathroom.

I got on all fours with my arse sticking up in the air in anticipation of Brad’s 10-inch cock. My face was buried in Julia’s fur, licking like a madman. Julia had planned this and was going to get what she wanted. Brad pulled out a tube of KY from his pocket of his shorts lying on the floor. I could hear him moving around behind me and saw that he was taking off his boxers. Julia directed him to the cabinet next to our bed, I could hear him rummage through the draws, I knew he was selecting from our collection of vibrators and fake cocks. It sent a shiver down my spine and up my cock as I heard Julia say, “Yes that one and the black one”

Brad moved behind and ran his hands over my proffered arse, his fingers started to explore my puckered ring, and his other hand cupped my balls and then stroked my cock – it had seldom been harder. I felt his finger slip into me and gently work in and out and the explore me, I twitched and nearly came when he touched my prostate, but he was only teasing me. Soon one finger became two as I loosened up, I felt a sudden rush of cold air as his fingers withdrew to be replace by something larger, but not large enough to be his cock. I continued to lick Julia’s pussy, though, to be honest not with my full attention.

Julia started to give a running commentary on just what Brad was doing to me, the steady flow of juices from her steaming love hole told that this was turning her on almost as much as it was me. I jumped again as the thing in my arse started to hum, confirming it was a vibrator, as Brad pumped it and out, occasionally dipping down to my prostate, it was all I could do not to come. The warm buzz was then replace with a cold shock of a new implement, the coldness made me draw breath, even though through Julia’s commentary I knew that her favourite black heavily veined dildo was being readied to stretch me even further. Brad eased it into me and gave my cock a pump; I could feel the lube on his hands as it slipped up and down my throbbing cock. The mixture of the sensations of touch plus my imagination of what this looked like from his view point added to Julia’s graphic description was close to sending me over the edge.

Julia’s voice was croaking with sexual tension as she described Brad put some lube on the top of his cock with his other hand jerked down his shaft to coat it thoroughly. He got on the bed and moved towards my arse. The black plastic cock withdrew slowly each of the ribbed veins giving me a buzz as it slipped passed my distended ring, he put his lubed cock at the beginning of my crack and moved down teasing me with his girth. He made me long to feel him as he teased up and down. Finally, he put the tip of his monster up against my hole.

I pushed out with my arse dying to feel his manhood push inside of me. He lined his dick up with my arsehole, grabbed onto my hips, and slowly started to push in. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever had. The head of his cock slowly worked its way inside of me. Brad finally got his massive head into my arse and then he stopped and kept it there to tease me even more. He was making me a “woman in heat” and he knew it. I was pushing back begging for him to stick it in deeper, but he just kept it there taking his time.

Julia wanted to enjoy this moment too and brought my face down hard to her wet musty pussy that still had Brad’s juices inside of it. She knew that I was jealous of Brad’s big cock and that she had gone to him for it. She kept grinding her wet hole into my face telling me “this is what a man with a real cock does to a woman’s pussy.” I kept licking as she pushed me onto her cunt. She leaned over and pulled Brad’s head towards her face and they began kissing deep.

While she was doing this she pulled Brad in closer, which had the effect of making his cock move deeper into my arse. She enjoyed seeing Brad’s cock slip deeper in me and asked “are you enjoying Brad’s huge cock going into you just like it went in my pussy?” Julia wanted to see Brad fuck me hard now and moved my face out of the way and pushed me down on my stomach. She told Brad to pull me down so that I could feel how wet she was watching her lover get to fuck her boyfriend. Brad pulled me off the side of the bed so that I was still on my knees, but lying with my stomach flat on the bed.

Brad was able to stand and keep his cock in me. Julia moved over me and I could feel that her cunt was wet as it brushed across my back. She again kissed Brad deep. I could now feel her hands on my arse. She started stretching me apart. Brad did not need any explanation and started to move his cock deeper into my arse. He had only about 5 inches in when he started to move in and out of me. Julia told Brad that she wanted him to fuck me hard and to see him stick his huge dick deep into my arse.

Brad pulled his cock slowly out of my body. He grabbed the lube that he had used before and coated himself again. Julia kept my arse pulled apart so that my “pussy” would be open and waiting for Brad. Brad positioned himself behind me again and this time he did not tease. He stuck the head of his cock in and with one push stuck his whole 10-inch member all the way up me. I could feel his pubic hair pushed hard against my arse. I was in shock, but at the same time in heaven. It hurt, but I was so turned on that it quickly turned to ecstasy. I could tell that Julia was very excited seeing Brad deep in me and she told Brad to “fuck him harder in his arse!”

Julia loved watching her lover move in and out of me. Julia kept encouraging him saying “that’s it, pump him hard! Put your big dick deep inside of him!” Brad was now moving in and out faster and with a lot more force. While he was doing this, Julia kept sticking her tongue in and out of his mouth. Brad was going in a much faster rhythm and I could tell that he was enjoying the fact the he was getting to fuck Julia’s boyfriend’s arse. His pumping was getting harder and deeper and I could tell that he was going to cum soon. Julia said “Brad, I want you to cum deep in his arse!” This was setting me off and I noticed that my own dick was pulsing with each pump of Brad’s dick. Brad pulled out very far and then would slam his cock back into me. My own cock was now dripping with pre-cum and I loved the feeling of Brad’s huge dick in my arse.

Brad started to hump my arse harder and I could hear him breathing hard. Julia jumped off of me and got behind Brad. She reached between his legs and started to caress his balls. Julia breathed in Brad’s ear that she wanted to feel his cum go from him into my arse. Brad started fucking me harder and squeezed my hips tight. The feeling of my tight arse with Julia’s hand messaging his balls was putting him over the edge. Brad started to moan that he was close to cumming. Julia pushed up against his back and it almost seemed that she was trying to push him even harder into me. Brad slammed into my arse quick and hard and I felt the most incredible feeling in my arse.

The head of Brad’s dick was beginning to swell. Brad started to grunt loudly and Julia kept pulling on his balls screaming at Brad to “fuck him and cum deep into his arse!” Brad slammed into me a few more times. The last time he slammed into my arse, he buried his cock all the way in. That’s when I felt his hot cum flowing into my arse. All my insides were getting coated and something happened to me that I will never forget. My dick was pulsing and I started to drop the biggest load of cum in my life all over the floor. Brad kept pumping his cock inside of me and turned his head to stick his tongue back in Julia’s mouth. Brad kept pumping for a few more seconds and then left his dick buried deep in me. Julia still held onto Brad’s balls satisfied that she felt her lover’s cum go into her boyfriend. Brad and I had both lost our breath. I was enjoying the feeling of Brad being locked inside of me keeping my bum filled. My arsehole was griping his shaft begging his cock to stay inside forever. After a minute I could feel Brad’s cock beginning to go soft and he slowly started to pull out of me.

Julia grabbed him by the hand and took him to the shower, the whole time kissing him deeply. I knew that he was going to get laid again shortly. I was so tired that I just lay there bent over the bed. I felt Brad’s cum dripping out of my arse and realised what all girls go through after a good fucking. I was turned on once again knowing that Julia would be fucking many more men and that I would be there to be her and her lover’s companion in bed.

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