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Joe and Lisa’s Vacation

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Lisa came running into the house yelling for me to come here to see what she had received at work today. I was out back so I replied that I would be there in a minute and asked what all the excitement was about. When I found her in the living room she was a bundle of nerves and overly excided as her nipples were busting out against her blouse.

“What’s up Lisa?”

“Joe wait till you see what is in this envelope!”

Lisa ripped open the envelope and produced a voucher for an all expense paid vacation for two people to a resort in Mexico. I had never seen the name before so I asked her what she knew about the place and how this all came about.

She explained that Jen had called her into the office to speak to her about her resent performance, and that the owners decided on this gift. My resent memory reminded me that Deb and Pete owned the place and this was little thanks for everything that had transpired recently. Knowing those two I had my suspicions as to what kind of resort this actually was and what type of people frequented it.

“Lisa, does this have a date on it?”

“All it says to do is call this number when vacation dates are finalized and we will receive the package in the mail.”

“Joe isn’t this exciting?”

I smiled and told her we were very lucky as she jumped up into my arms and I kissed her. Lisa had wrapper her arms and legs around me as she mashed her tits and groin against me while driving her tongue down my throat. My hands were holding Lisa’s ass and I took the opportunity to slide each one up under her skirt and play with her naked cheeks.

“Hey baby, there’s no panties covering this stuff.”

“I got so excited at work that I had to remove them.”

‘Too bad Jen didn’t know.” I said.

“Well she actually removed them right after I told her about the contents and asked when I could have some time off. It must have been that apparent how excited I was because she said I need something to calm me down.”

I put Lisa gently down on the couch, knelt between her legs and started kissing my way up to her pussy getting a major hard on knowing that Jen had eaten this beautiful pussy a little while ago.

“Tell me what she did while I eat you out.”

Jen noticed my nipples were busting my bra and I was rocking side to side as I read the information out loud to her so she seized the moment; caught me off guard when she told me I needed something to calm me down. She stepped forward to me looked me in the eyes and said that it was lunch time and that I was going to be the main course. I smiled at her as we kissed and she slid her hand up to my tits to play with them and rubbed my nipples with her fingers. I had chills up and down my spine and said that someone could catch us like this. She reached down pressed an intercom button and told her receptionist that she was doing my annual review and that we would not be disturbed as she pointed toward her couch on her way to quietly lock her door.

I stood by the couch as Jen turned from the door while unbuttoning her top. She removed her skirt and stood facing me dressed in her bra, panties, stockings and heels. I was starting to get excited and reached for my buttons and removed my blouse and bra as she pointed to my skirt and that hit the rug in record time as Jen stared at my wet panties and commented that she was going to eat them off me. We embraced again and I unclasped her bra and her tits fell free. I worked my hands and mouth down to her tits and nipples and gave them the loving attention they deserved as she pulled her panties off. She pushed me onto the couch and knelt before me looked into my eyes and told me she was going to make my asshole pucker from the inside toward my pussy. She started kissing my thighs before she sucked the wetness from my panties as they came sliding down my legs and were tossed. Her expert tongue found my lips which she parted while flicking out on my clit before she sucked in my clit and pressed her lips against it and hummed like hell. I had never had a feeling like that before and in no time the vibration got to me and I exploded all over her face. She was like a wild woman licking and lapping everything and everywhere! I had to push her away for fear she would eat me, literally!

I was doing the same exact thing to Lisa she was describing to me as she could hold it no more and came all over me as I sucked gently and took my time lapping up every last drop. I kissed my way up to Lisa’s tits and inhaled her nipples which drove her crazy seeing they were sensitive as hell right now. She grabbed my head and pushed me away with a wild and crazy look in her eyes.

“I’m not done with my lunch story, lover.” Lisa shouted.

“Oh, there’s more.”

I told Jen I had to use her washroom and while I was there I found some vaganal lube and thought I would be able to find a good use for it. I returned to find Jen lying on her couch so I knelt down to kiss her and told her she was in for the thrill of a life time. She smiled as I worked my way down to her tits, belly button and finally her pussy. I carefully removed her panties and licked her pussy a few times to get her reaction. She shuttered so I knew she was ready but not expecting what I had in mind. I squirted the lube on my fingers and worked an extra squirt in her pussy as I started to slowly finger fuck her one finger at a time. As I inserted the third finger and worked her clit a little I asked she liked it and she said it felt great. I pushed another finger in and waited for her rejection but her hips came off the couch as I pushed a little faster. I took the final step as I folded my thumb and slid my fist inside her slopping wet pussy and watched her face for signs of pain or anguish. She was panting like crazy and her eyes were rolling all over so I pushed up a little more and I was all the way in up to my wrist so I rotated my hand found the area that Karen had told me about and stuffed Jen’s panties into her mouth so that the office wouldn’t hear her screams as she had one orgasm after another. Jen went fucking nuts! I slowly removed my hand and fingers so she could come back to earth. After she totally recovered she asked me where I learned that to which I only smiled.

“God damn, Lisa I’ve got a fucking hard on like you can’t believe after listening to that.”

“Baby, you just take your clothes off and mommy will take care of that for you.”

I was naked in a flash as Lisa smiled at me with those beautiful eyes and asked how I wanted it.

“Your choice.” I smiled.

“Fuck me Baby.”

She took a big wad of spit slid it into her pussy as I did the same to my cock and with one swift motion I was buried inside her and pumping away as fast as I could. The lunch story had me so excited I knew I wouldn’t last long and sure enough I thrust on last time and came like a fire hose with load after load shooting into Lisa’s pussy. Lisa kissed my neck tongued my ear and asked me if I would eat her out while she sucked the juices off of my cock. After that adventure she had told me about I was ready for anything as I slowly removed my cock from her and turned around in a sixty nine position so that we could do our thing to each other. I ran my tongue into her pussy as I parted her lips with my fingers and sucked out my cum and her juice, swallowed a big load and continued until she was empty and my cock was dry and had been milked dry.

I fired up the computer and found the web site for the resort that was listed on the voucher and my suspicions were confirmed as I read the information stating that this was a nude resort that catered to couples of alternative life styles.

Deb and Pete must have visited this property before and thought that we would fit in or have a shock once we arrived and found out what this was about. I showed Lisa the information and asked what she thought about going to this “den of iniquity” to which she laughed and told me to look up all the information on swinging couples that I could find. I used up at least three days of free time seeking information that I printed for us to check out before we settled on going so that we could at least know the “rules of engagement” before we stepped on the property.

We set up our schedule and called the telephone number that was listed for us and we were all set for our adventure. The day of departure finally arrived and off we went for a short flight to Mexico where we were met by a hot looking Mexican woman, whisked through customs to our awaiting vehicle, which she drove, and were soon standing a the front desk of the resort. She had explained on the way that the lobby and dinning areas required a cover up but the rest of the grounds were totally nude with clothing not even an option. Hats, sandals, and sneakers were the only exception. Off to our room we went to find a luxurious suite overlooking the ocean with doors that opened to a walk that went to the pool area or the beach.

We unpacked our carry on got undressed gathered some sun tan lotion and glasses and headed off to the pool area where the bar was located. We must have had a sign that said fresh meat because everyone around took notice or stared at us as we made our way to some lounge chairs. As soon as we stopped a waiter appeared with towels and asked if we would like a cocktail or some other refreshment. I spread the towels out and Lisa started to rub lotion over her body as I looked around to check things out and see who was still staring when I noticed this couple directly across from us grinning from ear to ear. I pretended not to notice as Lisa asked me to apply some lotion to her back before she stretched out on the chair. I lathered up my hands as I massaged in the stuff on her back before I reached around and did her tits unexpectedly to get some kind of reaction from Lisa and our admirers.

Lisa didn’t move at all and asked what was going on as I told her about the couple across the way and their grins. She noted them and asked if I was ready for some lotion and she did my entire body while I was standing there saving my cock and balls for last as to make sure our on lookers would get a small show. Just as we sat down the waiter arrived with our drinks and told us to make sure we put enough lotion on so we wouldn’t be sorry the next morning. After some sun and a couple more cool ones we slid in the pool, which was very refreshing, to cool our bodies off when we approached by the other couple.

“You two new to the resort?” they asked.

“We just got here today.”

“No. Have you ever been here before?”

“Our first trip.” I responded.

“This is our fourth time.’ they stated.

“You new to the lifestyle?” She asked.

“I guess you could say we’re familiar with the opportunities.” Lisa smiled.

They introduced themselves as Jack and Diane from Florida and that they would like to meet us some time if we didn’t think they were pushing on us. Lisa and I looked at each other and told them the present time would be fine if it wasn’t too forward of us. We all laughed as the four of us took a walk to our room to see what this was going to lead to. On the way we passed an outdoor shower where we all jumped in to wash the lotion off and get to feel each others body parts. Hands were everywhere as I know I felt Jacks hands on my cock more than once and Diane had stabbed her perky little tits into my back. We stood in the sun and a soft breeze and we were dry in a few minutes so we walked into our room.

Lisa told Diane that she had never fucked anyone in front of me before so this would be something new to us. Diane asked if I had done anything in front of Lisa to which I said yes.

Jack was staring at Lisa all the while just waiting to get his hands and mouth on her jugs as his cock was just about erect and looking for some action. Lisa looked down at his cock which was about eight inches long and about three inches thick, let out a low sigh and walked over to Jack and dropped to her knees in front of him. She was spellbound by his cock as she reached up with both hands and started to massage it and his very big ball sack. Lisa slowly pumped his shaft and leaned forward to lick it and suck on his balls before she opened her mouth and sucked on his huge purple head. She had a difficult time but managed to finally get most of it in her mouth before she started to bob up and down its entire length working up a rhythm while working his balls with her hands.

Diane was getting very worked up over this show and went over to Jack to kiss him and tell him he was going to enjoy Lisa’s big tits and that she wanted to watch his cock ride in and out of Lisa’s pussy. She knelt down next to Lisa and started to play with her tits while letting a free hand travel down to Lisa’s pussy to prepare it for Jack’s cock.

“Lisa honey why don’t you get up on the bed so Jack and I can fuck you properly.”

Lisa let the cock slide out of her mouth and she got on her back on the bed as Diane told Jack to position himself between her legs and she would guide his cock into Lisa’s pussy. Jack did as he was told as Diane put a big wad of spit on her hand and massaged it into Lisa’s cunt and Jack’s cock before she guided it slowly to the opening of Lisa’s pussy. Diane was getting off pretty good on being the producer and director of this fuck scene as Jack pushed forward and slid in inch by inch. I was watching Lisa’s face as she was in ecstasy as he filled her up with his cock. Jack leaned forward and started to massage Lisa’s tits and began licking and sucking away on every part of them before he attacked her nipples. I was in awe as I had never seen a cock in her pussy before especially from this angle as her body seemed to swallow it in as he slowly pumped away. Jack was having a great time with her nipples and was pumping away at a faster speed as Lisa wrapped her legs around his ass for deeper penetration and harder thrusts as she was getting close to reaching an orgasm.

Diane sensed what was happening and told Jack that Lisa was ready for him to fill her with his cum as she disappeared under his ass and started to suck on his balls and lick his shaft when it came back on each thrust. After a minute or two of this Lisa and Jack both came at the same time as Jack was pumping and panting wildly as he filled her pussy with spurt after spurt of cum.

Diane came up from under Jack, smiled at me and asked how I enjoyed the show. I said it was quite amazing watching the pleasure my wife was receiving and even more watching that cock slide into her pussy. Diane spied my hard on and said she would like to taste my cum if I would eat her out at the same time to which I was more than happy to oblige as she suggested I lay on my back so she could drop her pussy on my face.

I positioned myself as Diane had requested as she swung up on the bed lowered herself on my face and laid down so she suck my cock. I started licking and nibbling on her lips and pussy as she tongued my shaft and head. I separated her pussy lips and dipped two fingers in and proceeded to fuck her and wait for some response as to her acceptance. The moan on my cock told me I was going in the right direction so I popped in another two and started sucking on her clit as I finger fucked her. Diane was in heaven as she was devouring my cock bobbing up and down, licking my shaft, sucking my balls fingering my asshole, moaning like a whore in heat, while Lisa was whispering in her ear about the pleasant surprise she was about to receive. I laid my tongue on her clit and dragged it hard across as I moaned I was cumming and to swallow it all as I shot my first load followed twenty seconds apart by load two and three. Diane couldn’t believe the amount of cum that was shooting down her throat as she had just finished the first load when I gushed the next and next. Lisa kept telling her to swallow quickly because more was to follow. She swallowed it all, cleaned my cock off, milked out the rest, gave my balls a great tongue bath, planted a big wet kiss on Lisa and fell off to one side with a dazed look on her face.

Diane smiled at Lisa then at me, gave the head of my cock a glorious French kiss shook her head and whispered “Thank you Lord.”

We all visited the outdoor shower on the way back and headed for the swim up bar at the ocean side pool where we met some other couples and exchanged conversations. One couple in their mid fifties seemed especially charming as we talked about many things which eventually led to the swinging lifestyle. We learned that they had been swinging for about twenty years and it seemed to keep their love life alive with that special passion. They introduced themselves as Loretta and Ray from Texas. She was a picture of health with a well defined body that sported two perfectly round tits, a flat stomach which led to a bald pussy that looked very eatable. Her ass was in perfect shape for the rest of her body which all was supported by two gorgeous legs. This woman either worked out each day or had spent a lot of money on constructive surgery! Ron was in great shape also with all the hair removed from his body with a golden tan that amplified his blonde hair. These two looked like a poster product for good health!

After a few cocktails they asked if we would like to join them for diner that evening around 7:00PM to which we said that would be a splendid idea.

Lisa had a thin wrap and I threw on a shirt with a pair of shorts to dine in as we were seated with L and Ron for a gourmet meal with some great wine. After desert they asked if we would be interested in a hot tub soak outside on their patio.

“Hot tub?’ I asked.

“We have a suite and it has a hot tub outside our bedroom” L responded.

“We would love to, just tell us how to get there and we’ll show in fifteen minutes” Lisa said.

Once back at our room the clothes came off, a trip to the bathroom, and down the walk around the corner, through a gate and we were there. Soft lighting made it look so tranquil that I seemed to be in a trance with shadows dancing everywhere caused by the candles burning around the patio. L told us to climb in and rest our weary bones as she produced a joint lit it up and offered it around the tub. Lisa took a small drag, coughed her lungs out, passed it along and in a few minutes we were all as mellow as could be.

Ron asked if we were swingers to which I responded that we knew of the lifestyle but had encounters with friends and didn’t straight out swap. He understood the situation and asked if anyone would like something to drink or maybe someone would enjoy giving him a blow job. Everyone was so stoned that the words weren’t shocking or didn’t faze us so L told him to sit up on the edge and she would take care of things. Lisa said she would do the honors seeing we were guests and she didn’t mind swallowing some cum.

Lisa made her way over to where Ron was sitting, slid up between his open legs, dragged her tits across his cock a few times before she kissed her way to his mouth where they stayed locked in a passionate kiss for a couple of minutes. Lisa released their kiss and seemed to be grinding her tits into Ron’s cock as to fuck them with which left a smile of enjoyment on his face. She worked her tongue down to his throbbing cock and swallowed it to the base, worked up and down the shaft a few times before she grabbed it with her hand to stroke it, lick it, worship it, and make Ron crazy with desire as he was starting to fuck her mouth. Lisa sensed her commanding position and let it pop out of her mouth and started to work on his balls with her mouth sucking each one before she took both in and gently swirled them around shot her tongue out to rake it across his remaining sack. Ron was in pure bliss and L watched in awe as Lisa had total control of her husband and told him she was going to suck the cum out of his dick so hard his asshole was going to pucker. The words were no sooner said than Ron tensed up ready to orgasm when Lisa brought her mouth down around the head of his dick clamped down and began to suck like crazy as he was gasping for air with the sensation Lisa was producing.

L had come over to me, wrapped herself in my arms, turned to face Lisa and Ron so I could play with tits and nipples, and commented she had never seen Ron in such a state of ecstasy in their time together.

Lisa continued her sucking motion and had another little surprise when she slipped a couple of fingers in his ass which lit him up like a torch as wave after wave of cum was being sucked out of his cock by Lisa’s expert technique. When Ron was finished or should I say when Lisa was done with him he slid back into the tub to regain his faculties and comment to her on what was the most unbelievable experience he ever had to which Lisa smiled and told him thanks.

I had leaned forward to L to ask if she had any special things that she was good at to which she asked if I liked the idea of fucking her in the ass while she ate out Lisa.

“We’ll just have to ask her.’ I replied.

“Lisa honey, L wants to eat your pussy while I fuck her up the ass. You think that we can accommodate her?”

“Joe, I noticed that nice ass a while ago and thought it would be prime for fucking so make good use of it and I would love to have my clit tongued by her.”

L suggested we dry off and make our way into the bedroom to a more comfortable setting, so off we went. I asked L if she had any KY or any other form of lube to help us make this more enjoyable. She produced KY and Lisa grabbed it from me and asked if she could do the honors for me while I got L worked up for our twosome adventure. I started playing with L’s tits and nipples while we kissing and Lisa was kissing her thighs and pussy area before she wandered to her asshole and flicked her tongue into it which made L jump a little and then settle down. Lisa knew the time was right and applied the lube to her fingers and L then slid two fingers in her ass and started to work it for me. I looked down at this picture smiled to myself and lubricated my cock for the penetration as Lisa scooted around to the front of L so she could start eating her. L opened Lisa’s pussy with her fingers to unfold her clit area which she expertly stared nibbling and sucking on which caused Lisa to moan so I placed the head of my cock against L’s asshole and she slid back on it in one motion and I was buried up against those beautiful cheeks. I began a nice rhythm that L helped with as she sucked and tongued Lisa to a very quick orgasm and never missed a stroke on my cock. L continued to eat Lisa and I bucked a little faster really starting to enjoy this great ass when she told me to give some attention to her pussy which my fingers and thumb were happy to oblige. After a few minutes L was bucking up a storm, Lisa was moaning with pleasure, and I was getting ready to deposit a big load of hot cum in L’s ass: when we all got off at the same time. The bed was making some interesting sounds as Lisa screamed she was cuuming, I dropped my usual three blasts in L’s ass and she moaned like a cow in heat as my fingers were working hard on her clit. It was a beautiful thing going on!!

We exchanged after sex pleasantries with Ron and L and they said that any time we wanted to do this again that it would be their pleasure to play with us. We said our goodbyes and made our way back to our room for some rest.

The next few days Lisa and I mostly stayed to ourselves while talking to some of the other couples about various places they lived and other resorts they frequented. One afternoon while we on the beach, which was usually deserted, Lisa became a little playful right after the beverage waiter had left. We were in lounge chairs with no one around and Lisa had spotted my semi erect cock and asked what was up with that. I replied that the sun, fresh air, and alcohol had an erotic effect on my now ragging hard on. She reached over and started to stroke my now throbbing cock with her expert hand and stated that she wanted to see how high I could shoot! Well she brought me to the edge of orgasm at least ten times by squeezing off my vein before she would let me cum. I told her the back pressure was intense and was making my balls ache like hell at which she told me this time around she would go the whole route. Like the expert she is she started pumping at a gradual pace until she knew I was close and sped up like an engine piston until I let out a scream I was cumming and blew out a giant load that shot out and up at least two feet as she continued to pump like crazy and cleaned me out totally. Cum was everywhere and she licked it all up showed me what was in her mouth swallowed hard and took a sip of her drink to down it with. I love my wife!!!!

We stayed on the beach for at least five more drinks when decided that it was time for a shower and a decision on where to eat that night. As we started to head out we both realized how drunk we had become so the shower was a welcome relief and seemed to sober us up for the moment. When we arrived at our room we decided to lay down for a nap which lasted about six hours too long as it was about two in the morning and we needed food. We got up and strolled down to the beach grill and found it was closed but the cooler was unlocked where we found fresh fruit, sandwiches, and some cooler drinks. After our fill we headed back to our room, as it was pretty quiet around the grounds, I spotted a dull light coming from the tree grove across the shower area. I told Lisa we should head over and check this out. We quietly approached and found a hot tub secluded in amongst the trees and it was occupied by the lovely Mexican woman who greeted us upon our arrival.

She spotted us as we entered the area and welcomed us to join her so we slipped in and introduced ourselves to her and she replied her name was Maria and that she was the manager’s wife. They lived on the other side of the property but she snuck out late to use some of the facilities as not to bother the guests or get caught up in the love activities. Lisa asked if they were participants and she said it wasn’t appropriate for them to get involved with the clients but she fantasized about some of the goings on. As they talked I became more aware of her sensual body and when she stood up to move over to her water bottle I saw a vision of beauty from her dark Latin eyes down across to her beautifully sculptured tits, flat stomach, shaved pussy, firm ass, and shapely legs. This woman was one hot tamale!!

Lisa commented on her radiant beauty and gorgeous body which brought a smile and comment on Lisa’s flattery. Lisa asked her what kind of fantasy she had the most which brought a blush to Maria’s face as she said making love to another woman. Lisa asked if she had ever done anything out of her marriage before to which she replied that her husband didn’t know about any of her fantasies. Maria was now caught between our looks of inquiry and our thoughts of lust for her as Lisa’s smile and my hard on gave us away. She stood again to excuse herself as Lisa asked if we had embarrassed her or hurt her feelings and she replied she was in a situation she didn’t know how to handle. Lisa put her hand out to her which she took and softly pulled her over to where she was seated and explained to Maria that feelings for other women or men besides her husband were natural and that she was with friends now and that if she wished to leave it was OK with us. (Not really because I knew we both wanted her)

Maria relaxed as Lisa’s reassurance had calmed her to where she laid her head on Lisa’s shoulder and thanked her for understanding. I noticed both women were now sporting some pretty erect nipples as Maria gazed at my hard on and asked Lisa how many times a day we either fucked or sucked each other off.

Lisa told her that it depended on the mood or timing and that some times we invited guests to share our sex lives with us and that she was welcomed to join us if she so wished.

Maria was very relaxed now and had moved a hand up to cup one of Lisa’s tits which she began to massage and found her erect nipple with her fingers. Lisa moved her head off her shoulder looked deep into Maria’s eyes and they kissed softly at first and then a more passionate embrace followed as I saw Maria sigh and totally relax which meant that Lisa was now in control of her body. Lisa followed with more kisses as she started to fondle Maria’s tits and nipples with hands and fingers which led to her trail of kisses to very erect nipples. She worked them over pretty good with her expert tongue and Maria was in another world as new feelings of ecstasy had a grip on her and Lisa was using her womanly feelings to loosen Maria up as she nibbled on her ear and asked if she would like to move into our room to be more comfortable. She told Lisa that it would be fine as she grabbed our hands and led us back to our bed where Lisa asked her if she would like to suck my cock while she ate her pussy.

She looked a little puzzled so Lisa told her to get on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed and we would take care of things from there. Maria did as she was told and Lisa slid under her reached up grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down to awaiting tongue and mouth. I wanted to watch for a while so I got behind that beautiful ass to watch Lisa work on her pussy which was sopping wet as she must have cum as soon as Lisa’s tongue found her clit. I ran my hands over her ass and leaned in to flick my tongue across her ass hole which made her moan and quiver so I continued for a couple of minutes until she had pulled Lisa down and was deeply involved in eating her pussy. I had a ragging hard on so I thought I’d make use of it right now and put a wad of spit on my cock got behind Maria and slid it into her wet pussy which was so fucking warm I thought it would burn my dick. She let a loud moan and slid back against it as she was doing all the work for me moving back and forth while clamping her pussy tightly around my cock. Lisa moved out and was talking to Maria about fucking my cock and making me cum in her telling her how hot she was and that I was going to fuck her mouth after I had filled her pussy.

This intensified Maria’s movements as she told Lisa she wanted my cock down her throat right now and was going to taste my cum! I pulled out; she spun around and proceeded to suck my cock like it was the last cock on earth. Her mouth was like a vacuum and her tongue like a snake slithering trough the grass. I exploded down her throat as she kept swallowing every blast I unloaded, all three times I came. Lisa licked her face clean of the few drops she couldn’t contain and planted a wet kiss on her lips to get the taste of my cum.

The look on Maria’s face said it all as she said she must return before her husband figured out she had left their residence.

We had to leave the next morning and wished we could stay longer but it was a free trip so complaining was fruitless!!

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