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Joann The Stripper

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For nearly two months, I’d been living just about every man’s dream. I’d been fucking a woman (the secretary at the radio station I work for) without ever having to meet her family, listen to her problems or any other annoying crap. It started when I discovered that our secretary, Joann, was embezzling from the company. To keep me quiet, we reached an agreement. To keep her lovely ass out of prison, she spread her legs for me whenever I wanted.

I thought I’d get bored with her after a few weeks and just let the embezzling matter die. But she turned out to be such an amazing fuck I can’t leave her alone. I’ve always had a weakness for Mexican women and Joann is the best I’ve seen. Dark skin, dark eyes, slightly wavy brunette hair that falls past her shoulders. Damn. I can’t resist her. Since I started fucking her, I’ve done just about everything I can think of. Anal, oral, double penetration, three-way with another girl and quite a few other things. But one thing I’d never done was put her on display for a large group of guys. That was about to change.

There were no good strip clubs in the town where we live, but just a couple of hours away is a place that’s fantastic. One of the things that makes it so good is amateur night. Usually amateur night in most clubs is horror show. You see girls that should be paid to put clothes on, not take them off. But this club was different. Somehow they managed to attract some of the best looking girls you’ve ever seen. Most of then were as good as the regular dancers. I was convinced that Joann would not only be just as good as any girl there, but she’d win amateur night. Early in our “relationship” I had Joann dress in her high school cheerleader outfit and dance for me. I had to pore a bottle of wine down her throat to loosen her up, but once she downed the wine she put on an amazing show. She moved like stripping was second nature. It made me wonder if she had stripped professionally. I had to see what she could do on stage and this club was the perfect place.

When I walked into the station the morning I planned to take her to the club, she knew almost immediately I was going to make her do something big. I gave her my best solicitous grin and said, “Good morning Joann. You look magnificent this morning. How are you?”

You could almost hear the alarm bells sounding in her head as she looked at me warily. “I’m fine. What do you want?”

“I want a lot, Joann. But let’s start by going to my office to tell you what we’ll be doing tonight.”

Joann rose slowly from her chair, keeping an eye on me as if she expected me to pounce on her at any moment. She turned and headed for my office. I followed closely, admiring how her blue skirt clung tightly to her ass. Joann had always been a friendly, happy outgoing person. Most people said she had a “spark.” Even though Joann was insistent that she hated me and what I was doing to her, there was no denying she actually loved it. That “spark” that people referred to was even more noticeable since I started fucking her. Her eyes seemed brighter, her ass had a little extra waggle in it as she walked and she smiled even more than she used to. I was treating her like a whore and she thrived on it. You’ve got to love a woman like that.

I steered her to the couch in my office. I sat next to her so I could run my hands up and down her luscious frame. After a moment of unapologetic groping, I said “There’s a club a couple of hours from here that we’ll be going to tonight. I’ve seen you move like a stripper before, but tonight you can do it on stage. Go home at lunch and get your best “fuck me” outfit. I’m sure you have some incredible lingerie or some sort of costume guaranteed to induce a hard on. That’s what you’ll wear on stage.”

Joann stared at me blankly. Knowing she didn’t have a choice, she said, “I’ll find something.” After a short pause she asked, “How long are you going to keep doing this? Why can’t you leave me alone?”

“We’ve been over this again and again, Joann.” I was getting annoyed. “Your pussy is too good to leave alone. You don’t want that anyway. You need my cock as much as I need your pussy. Now be a good girl and blow me before you go back to work.”

She looked startled. “I have a lot of work to do. I don’t have time.” She stood up to leave, but I grabbed her arm.

“You don’t have time?!” I laughed. “Maybe you’ve forgotten you don’t have a choice. But since you seem to think you do, I’ll give you a choice to make. You can get on your knees and blow me or you can take off all your clothes and let me at your pussy. Of course, I’ll pull out and blow my load all over your breasts. It’s your choice, Joann. Which is it?”

Anger rose in her cheeks for a moment, but Joann dutifully sank to her knees and went to work. She pulled down my pants and boxers to reveal my raging hard on. Apparently Joann really did have a lot of work to do because she wasted no time in swallowing my cock. She attacked it with such fervor I thought she might bite it off. Her warm wet mouth enveloped the entire length of my shaft. As her head bobbed up and down, I wondered where she had become such an expert cocksucker. She was in her mid 30’s and had been married for a few years. She dated the guy she married for a few years before that. She didn’t learn from him because he seemed unimaginative. My guess was that in college (maybe high school, too) she fucked everybody. And I mean everybody. You don’t get to be as good as Joann without lots of practice. And trust me, Joann is good. She continued slobbering away at my cock. I could see she was becoming frustrated that I hadn’t cum yet. She redoubled her efforts. Her tongue worked faster, her moans became louder. She finally realized I wasn’t going to cum until she gave me what I wanted.

Joann sat back on her heels. While stroking my cock with one hand, she began massaging my balls with the other. She looked up at me, smiled and said in a sweet little girl voice, “Don’t you want to cum in my mouth? Let me taste your cum. Come on, baby. Fuck my face.”

That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock down her throat. It was only a matter of seconds after hips lips fastened themselves to my cock that I started cumming. I pushed myself deep into her mouth causing her to gag. I slammed my hips repeatedly into her face, but somehow she managed to swallow every drop without choking to death. I let go of Joann and she sank back onto her heels. Her hair was tousled, her full lips glistened with my cum and she looked a bit dazed from the onslaught. In other words, she looked fantastic. Without a word, she stood, smoothed her hair, skirt and white stockings then went back to her desk. God, it was good to have your own personal whore. I could hardly wait to see her on stage tonight.

The rest of the day passed with excruciating slowness. There were a few commercials to produce, but it was mostly paperwork the rest of the time. Ah, the joy of affidavits and sales contracts. But finally quitting time arrived and Joann and I were on our way. Joann had little trouble meeting my demands of late. Her husband was out of town more and more. I was starting to think he wasn’t really on business, he was just holed up somewhere banging some bitch. Didn’t matter to me, but if you had Joann waiting at home, why would you want some other piece of ass?

On the way to the club Joann and I talked about various things, but she grew quieter as we got closer to the club. By the time we reached the parking lot, she was completely silent. The club was already packed though it was only 7:30. After our eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, we walked to the bar to sign up. Every eye seemed to follow Joann to the bar. Even the bartender, who sees gorgeous women everyday, smiled approvingly at Joann. She was still tense, but she seemed to be loosening up a bit. Joann was completely aware of how good she looked and she loved the attention from her new admirers. I had the feeling she was going to give them a show they’d be talking about for a long time.

We made our way to a small table off to one side and ordered a couple of drinks. That would be the fastest way to loosen her up the rest of the way. Amateur night didn’t start until 9 so we had about an hour and a half to kill. The regular dancers filled the four stages in club. I watched Joann study their moves. She seemed to be memorizing every step, ass shake and teasing move they made.

Her eyes came to rest on a girl the DJ had introduced as Jessie. She wasn’t particularly a great dancer, but her body held your attention. Thick dark brown hair that went halfway down her back, big brown eyes, full pouty lips, large breasts, big, thick legs and a massive succulent ass. Jessie was a big girl, like Anna Nicole Smith. Anna as a playmate, not the disgusting tub of goo you see on E! I think Joann wanted her as much as I did.

“She’s spectacular, Joann. Which do you want first? My cock or her pussy?”

Joann finally looked away. She said flatly, “I’m not interested in anyone here. I’m only here because of your sick fantasies.”

“Wow. That was almost convincing Joann. But I saw your nipples get hard while you watched her. I can’t blame you. I’m already trying to think of a way to get her to join us. I want a shot at that pussy, too.” Joann actually blushed at my comments.

By the time Jessie worked her way around all four stages it was after eight and getting close to the time for the amateurs to get ready. I got Jessie’s attention and she came over, sitting across from us at the table.

Jessie spoke to Joann before I could say anything. “Wow! I don’t think you should be here for amateur night. You look too good for that. You should be a regular.”

Joann gave her a sheepish grin. “Thanks, but amateur night is enough for me. I’m not anywhere near as good as you.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. I bet you’ll be amazing. You’ll win easily.” Jessie then turned to me. “You two married?”

“No.” I replied. “Just good friends. Real good friends.”

Jessie laughed, “I’ll bet. If she’ll let you bring her here, don’t ever let go of her.” Turning back to Joann she said, “It’s almost time to get ready. Would you like a little help from a…uh…well ‘pro’ sounds a little ugly. How about someone who has a bit more experience?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” Joann practically jumped to her feet.

Jessie gave me a lecherous look as she said, “Fantasize about us while we’re gone. If you’re a good boy, maybe you can tell us your fantasy later.” With a giggle, they were gone. They disappeared into the dressing rooms in the back. I was left with hard on that was on the verge of splitting my pants.

I passed the time waiting for Joann to take the stage by staring lustfully at the last few regular dancers before amateur night started. Girls named Ashley, Taylor and Paige rounded out the regulars. Each one had a luscious body I desperately wanted to fuck. But after seeing Joann and Jessie walk off together, I would have wanted to fuck almost any woman I saw.

Amateur night began with a petite blonde that was cute, but now I was only interested in Joann. The blonde was followed by a girl with jet-black hair and an ass that didn’t quit. Nice, but not Joann. The big assed girl gave way to another blonde. Nice tits and a great smile, but I was becoming impatient. Where was Joann? As the blonde danced, Joann finally emerged from the dressing room. I couldn’t get a good look at what she was wearing before she stepped out of my sight to give the DJ a CD. When she stepped out of the DJ booth, my heart nearly exploded. I’ve fucked Joann in a dozen different ways, dressed her in incredibly hot outfits, but right now she had never looked better. She wore a black suspender thong that barely contained her breasts. Each breast spilled out from both sides of the suspender thong. She wore white anklet socks with a lace fringe and black pumps that had a blinding shine. In between the suspender thong and the heels was brown skin. Joann’s skin was luminous, her brunette hair was perfect, her dark eyes flashed. She never looked better and she knew it. It took all the will power I had to keep myself from running over to her and fucking her right there.

The place was packed and loud but when Joann took the stage, a hush fell over the crowd for a moment. It was as if every guy in the club couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Suddenly the noise returned louder than before. The stage Joann was on had been nearly filled before she took it, but now it was packed with guys three deep in some spots. There were so many guys around the stage, I could hardly see Joann. Jessie saw my predicament and motioned me to the DJ booth. The booth was raised enough to see the stage clearly. I stood between Jessie and the DJ as Joann began to dance. She started slowly, just swaying to the music. That’s when the money began flying. Bills were tossed on the stage, thrown at her, waved in the air in hopes she’d come closer. Emboldened by the money and the boisterous crowd, Joann moved to the nearest poll and doing a handstand, wrapped her legs around the poll. She lifted herself up by her legs until her hands grasped the top of the poll near the ceiling. She proceeded to slide down the poll, one breast on each side, her hands pushing them together around the poll. The crowd got wilder as she reached the bottom, rolled over and slithered on her hands and knees to the end of the stage where fistfuls on dollars were being waved. Joann didn’t stop until her nose was practically pressing against the crotch of the guy closest to the stage. She paused briefly as if inspecting the bulge in his pants, then flipped herself onto her back and spread her legs as wide as she could. Money cascaded onto her body. Rolling over once more on all fours, she turned 90 degrees. One side of the stage could stare into her incandescent eyes or watch her breasts sway seductively just out of reach. The other side watched her shake her ass violently to the music. All I could think of when I saw that ass vibrate was the old Duke Ellington piece, “Must Be Jelly Cause Jam Don’t Shake Like That.” When Joann was finished, the crowd roared its approval. The act was repeated, with slight variations, on the other three stages. By the time she was done, she had so much money, another girl had to help gather it all up and carry it offstage.

There were a couple of girls that followed Joann, but they didn’t stand a chance. Most of the crowd followed Joann from stage to stage. I actually felt so bad for the other girls, I went to the stage and tipped them the best I could. As Joann left the last stage I instructed her to leave the suspender thong on because she’d be giving me a private dance very soon. The rest of the night there was a blur. All I wanted to see was the end of the contest so Joann could claim her $150 prize money and so we could get the hell out of there. I had never so desperately needed to fuck Joann as I did right then.

When the contest finally ended, Joann emerged from the dressing room wearing a baggy sweatshirt and jeans. She was named the winner (what a shock!), collected her money and we headed for the door. We had to push our way through much of the crowd who was urging her to stay and dance again. Once we were outside, Joann started shaking. She had this wild-eyed look like she couldn’t believe what she had just done. But the proof was right there in the money stuffed into her purse. I hustled her to my car where she sat and stared at the money. I told her, “I’ll bet you never thought being my whore would be so profitable.” Her smile wavered slightly at the sound of the word ‘whore’, but she nodded her agreement. “Let’s find some quiet place quickly. I need to rip your pussy apart. And you need to thank me for getting you that money.” She just kept staring at the cash.

I drove only a few blocks away to a vacant office park. I didn’t have the patience to find a hotel; I needed her now. Joann looked up as the car came to stop. “Where are we?”

“The place where you’re about to get the most hellacious fucking of your life.” I leaped out the car and raced around to the passenger side, practically dragging Joann out of the car. She stumbled, nearly falling, but I caught her before she bounced off the pavement. “Get out of that sweatshirt. And put on those anklets and heels. I want to see my perfect whore.” She slowly took of the sweatshirt and slid out of her jeans then put on the anklets and heels. She looked so fucking good, cum was nearly dribbling down my leg. Standing her on the sidewalk in front of the car, I turned on the radio and leaned on the hood of the car. “You’ll get your fucking after you dance for me.”

Joann stood there shivering in the cool night air. The excitement of stripping seemed to be wearing off. Now she looked like she just wanted to go home. She mumbled, “It’s cold.”

“Well then dancing should warm you up a bit, shouldn’t it? And don’t forget that my cock will be warming you up in a few minutes. Now shake for me.”

Joann started moving with the music, hips swaying and ass shaking. The performance was good, but nowhere near as good as the club. She smiled weakly and repeated, “I’m cold.”

“Alright,” I sighed. “The pounding I’m going to give you should keep you warm. I stood up, grabbed her arm and flung her onto the hood of the car. She landed on her back with a thud, knocking the air out of her for a moment. Joann stared up at me. She was still a little wound up from the club and wanted to be fucked, but I think she was expecting me to take her to a hotel, not bang her on the hood of my car in some parking lot. “Ready to start screaming, pretty girl? Be a good girl and tell me how much you need it.”

She quivered a bit before saying, “I need to fucked. All those men at the club wanted to fuck me, but only you can make me scream. Please fuck my pussy. Give me your cum.”

Pants around my ankles, I was on her in a flash. I pulled the suspender thong off her shoulders, exposing her magnificent breasts. I used my teeth to tug at one nipple, then the other. A finger slipped into her pussy, causing Joann to squeal. I stifled it with my mouth, letting my tongue explore her warm wet mouth. My other hand mauled her pliant breasts. She squirmed underneath me, pressing her hips against my fingers. Not being able to hold back any longer, I slammed my cock into her moist pussy. Joann screeched at the intrusion. I continued hammering her and leaned just inches away from her face. “Let me hear you, Joann. I want to listen to my noisy whore.”

She suddenly seemed to give in to her desperate need for a fucking. She wrapped her legs around the small of my back and began shrieking. Her cries echoed of the buildings in the office park. She was so loud, they probably heard her a few blocks away at the club. The howls continually grew louder as my cock continued to sink deeper into her folds. I doubted she was cold anymore, judging by the thin sheen sweat of glistening on her body. Joann grasped my shoulders with both hands, laid her head back on the hood and let out one long high-pitched shriek as she shuddered uncontrollably when the orgasm hit her. I watched her eyes glaze over as the shaking and shrieking slowly subsided. But I hadn’t cum yet. I wasn’t done with Joann’s luscious body.

As she tried to regain her breath, I slipped out of her sopping wet pussy and flipped her over. Her breasts smashed against the hood of the car. Without warning, I plunged my cock forcefully into her ass. Joann shot of the hood like she had been shocked. Her arms were ramrod straight, holding her body above the hood of my car. She threw her head back and bellowed. It was some sort of guttural, almost non-human sound that managed to make me even harder. She was weak from the orgasm just moments earlier and couldn’t hold herself up off the car for long. Her arms gave way and she collapsed onto the hood in a heap. As my cock continued its assault on her ass, I slid a couple of fingers into her pussy sending shockwaves through her body. She quickly began to tremble violently; the screams were building as well. With my free hand, I gathered up a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, so I could growl in her ear. “Come on, baby. One more loud scream for me. And tell me how much you love being my whore.”

She didn’t need to be told twice. She shrieked, “Oh, Christ! I need your cock! I’m your good girl! Fuck your whore!” She was about to shout something else when the orgasm hit. She shook so violently, I had to lay on her with all my weight. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came in her ass in what seemed like a never-ending stream. Joann’s orgasm didn’t subside; it seemed to intensify. She kept shaking so hard she bucked me off her. I had to grab a fender to keep from hitting the pavement. I struggled to my feet to watch Joann finally start to come down. The shaking slowed and the shrieks were being replaced by deep uneven breaths. Her hair was tangled, her body gleaming with sweat and cum had been splashed her ass when she bucked me off. God, did she look amazing.

I think that was my favorite experience with Joann. But there are many more to tell you about. There was the time I made Joann force herself on our young intern, Karina. There was the time I fucked Joann on the air. Quite a few, actually. I’ll pick one and tell it to you next time.

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