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It Takes Two, But Three’s Better

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“So what do you think then?” my wife asked me.

“I’m not sure. I’m don’t think I’m entirely happy with the thought of another man screwing the woman I love.” I replied.

We were cuddling in bed having just had one of the oddest conversations in our married life so far. Cassie, my wife of the last 4 years, had initiated a discussion about fantasies by asking me if I had any unfulfilled ones.

Of course I did, but it seems she had an ulterior motive in asking, namely to reveal hers. Cassie, I had just discovered, had a burning desire for a threesome. As it happens, so do I, and being bi, I’m not too fussed whether it’s a girl or a guy, but somehow I thought another guy would be pleasuring me not my wife. It was clear from what Cassie said that she fancied a different cock to mine but wanted me to be present, and preferably participatory.

“Aw, c’mon Steve, you already know you weren’t the first. Wouldn’t you just love to see a hard cock pounding me the way you do? And if this works out, we might try a few other things…”

She rested her head on my chest and looked up into my eyes, pulling that expression that just melts me every time. I suppose you’d call them ‘puppy eyes’. It’s her near foolproof way of getting what she wants. That and the fact that her hand had found it’s way to my stiffening dick and was working it’s magic on me.

“I guess. I just don’t know how we’d find someone.” I responded.

“Just leave that to me, sweetheart. I’ve got an idea or two.” And with that she disappeared under the covers and commenced taking me to heaven with her talented mouth. One thing I admitted to myself, whoever joined us would definitely be in for a good time…

It was about a week later when Cassie came home from work, all smiles and with a playful look in her eye that meant she’d been up to something. It’s the look she has when she spreads her legs before me and puts on her most intimate show, while I masturbate gently. God, I love it when she does that for me, plays with her pussy and brings herself to climax. We tend to do that during the time that she’s on. I’ve never been one for making love whilst my wife has her period, it’s a real turn off for me.

“We have a guest for dinner tonight, love.” I knew what was coming. “You know Carl from work?” I did, we’d met at her works Christmas party. A nice guy but I remember thinking that he couldn’t take his eyes off Cassie.

“Oh right. What time?” I asked her.

“About 8 O’clock. He’s bringing the wine.”

“Is this what I think it is? Have you arranged what we spoke about the other night?”

“It might be. It depends on you and him. As far as he knows, it’s just dinner, but if you’re willing then we might proceed to the bedroom.”

“How do you even know he’s interested?”

“Well, I have it on good authority…”

“That’ll be Kate, then.” I interjected. Kate was Cassie’s best friend at work and I know they talked about everything.

“OK then, I have it on Kate’s authority that he’s told a few of the guys that he’d love to bend me over the copier and take me from behind. But he’s got integrity and wouldn’t take up with a married woman.”

“But not enough to stop ogling them at Christmas parties. And excuse me, you are still going to be married when he arrives.”

“Yeh, but you’ll be there too so that might be OK.”

She started to take me through the plan. The pretext for his coming was a business idea she wanted to run past him. Carl was to arrive, I’d take his coat as she showed him round the house. Cassie intended to go pantie free, and as she entered the kitchen drop something, bend down to pick it up and give Carl an eyeful of her pussy. Meanwhile, I was supposed to register if he reacted. Thereafter, we’d play it by ear. Chances are, we might not even get as far as dinner.

At about five to eight, Carl arrived. The plan went into action and I took his coat. Cassie did the tour and led him to the kitchen. As she entered, she picked up the oven glove to ‘check the dinner’ and dropped it. She bent down provocatively to pick it up exposing her already moist lips.

“Smells good.” Carl said as he turned to me, thereby completly missing the show put on entirely for his benefit. “Who’s the cook, you or your wife.”

“Cassie’s the real chef, although I can throw a mean chinese meal together given half a chance.” I responded trying hard not to smirk at Cassie’s frustration.

Well, I can tell you that trying not to laugh was the theme of the night for me, as throughout dinner all of Cassie’s attempts to entice a reaction out of Carl failed utterly, and everything she did, he seemed not to notice. She’d pulled every trick I knew she had in her arsenal and a few I didn’t know of. Every time she flashed a little breast or pussy, he was looking the other way. Every suggestive comment went unheard. Every attempt to guide the conversation to sex fell flat as Carl kept returning to the subject of work. I was resisting the urge to guffaw with laughter as she got more and more frustrated.

Dinner came to an end and I helped her clear the dishes. Carl followed us out with his now empty wine glass.

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom before I get going. It’s been a really nice evening.” Carl said as he handed Cassie his glass before exiting towards the downstairs toilet.

“Nice guy. He can come for dinner again.” I said to her through my sniggers as we loaded the dishwasher.

“Fat lot of fucking help you’ve been. Sitting there grinning like a fucking idiot. He’ll think you’re simple.” she snapped back. ‘Tetchy’, I thought.

“What did you expect me to do? Fish his cock out and say, ‘I say darling, this one’s a whopper. Fancy hopping on and riding his old fella to kingdom come?'” She glared an icy stare. “Look babe, it’s obviously not meant to be. He’s not picking up any signals. You couldn’t have been much more direct”

“We’ll fuckin’ see about that!” she retorted, slamming the dishwasher shut and storming out of the kitchen just as Carl emerged from the loo. “Carl, how would you fancy fucking me right now?” she asked an astonished Carl. For that matter, my jaw hit the floor too. Now that was direct!

Carl didn’t respond but looked in my direction. I just shrugged.

“The thing is Carl, I fancy you something rotten. I have for ages, and I’d like you to fuck the living daylights out of me. You and Steve together.”

Carl stammered “What.. but..”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes'” Cassie said, grabbed Carl by the back of the head and stuck her tongue down his throat, while grabbing his crotch. She broke off the kiss (more like an attempt to devour him) and practically dragged him into the living room.

I felt some sort of explanation was in order as I joined them.

“Carl, this isn’t my idea, honestly! Cassie has a fantasy about a threesome and has selected you. Something to do with you saying you wanted to screw her over the photocopier.” I said. Carl turned scarlet. “It’s your call. I’m fine either way.”

Carl answered by kissing my wife properly and slowly letting his hand find it’s way up her skirt to her pussy. I had to admit, I was turned on, and I could see that Carl was too, his bulge gave him away.

“Fuck! No panties!” Carl said, his first coherent words for a while.

“Finally, you notice,” Cassie laughed as she spread her legs wider, “I’ve been trying to get you to see all night.” she continued as Carl slipped a digit inside her moist cunt.

“Shall we adjourn upstairs? It’s more comfortable up there.” I asked.

We headed up the stairs and entered our bedroom. This felt weird. We were about to share our private chamber with someone else.

“Look, Carl, a few rules first.” Cassie said as she removed her clothing. “1. If I say no to anything, that’s final, OK?”

“Sure.” Carl replied.

“Also, I’ll probably tell you what I want you to do. 2. If Steve leaves the room at any point, we stop and wait for him to return. I won’t do this without him here. Agreed?”


“3. You must wear a condom when you fuck me. Steve won’t but that’s different, he’s my husband.”

Carl was removing his clothing as he nodded.

“Great. Now hurry up and get naked. I want to see what I’ve been waiting for all night.” Cassie was completely naked by now, the nipples on her gorgeous breasts standing to attention, and the moisture on her pussy glistening.

Carl removed the last item of clothing, his boxers, and his erection sprung free. I freely admit I was surprised. Carl had a bigger dick than I expected. Quite long, about 8 inches, and thicker than my own. It was also handsome, and looking across at Cassie I saw she was nearly drooling. For that matter so was I. I’d have loved to get my mouth around it myself, but this was Cassie’s show.

“C’mere!” She drawled, grasping at Carl’s rigid penis. “I’m gonna suck the life out of ya!”

She took the head of Carl’s rod into her mouth, and speaking from experience, I’m sure she ran her tongue around the underside of the helmet. In fact, I saw the look on Carl’s face and I recognized the bliss that I felt and I knew that was exactly what she was doing. Carl moaned softly as she slowly worked her way down the shaft, taking more & more of his length into her warm, wet mouth and he began to breathe more shallowly. At about halfway down she started rising back up to the top of his cock, & on reaching the end of his tool, completely removed it from her mouth, pursing her lips so that he ended by kissing it. It was all one smooth action & it turned me on seeing her do to him what usually put me on cloud 9. She turned her head to one side & began making her way down the shaft towards his ball sac. Then, she worked her way back up to the top, changed to the other side & did the same.

I was transfixed, and I must say jealous of both of them. I wanted to be either in this scene, the sucker or the recipient. It was then I realized I was fully clothed. I quickly shed my garments, fortuitously going commando myself that day, and made my way to the bed, my own 7 and a half inch dick stiff and leading the way. Cassie was oblivious to me whilst giving Carl the mother of all blowjobs as I climbed on behind her. She was used to me fucking her, but Carl would be a bit bigger. I thought it would be a good idea to loosen her a little to take Carl’s boner. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips, the way she likes.

“Yes, Steve, fuck me while I suck this monster.” Cassie panted, before planting her mouth over Carl’s cock again, this time taking as much as she could without gagging.

I slid the head of my penis into her well lubricated cunt and drove the shaft home up her canal. I heard a muffled scream of delight as she pushed back onto my cock, all the way sucking Carl for all she was worth. My darling wife was being fucked in both ends and was clearly loving it. For the record, I was loving it too. She was right, this was definitely worth the effort she’d put in. I was fucking her slow and sensual and could feel her vagina muscles gripping my cock as the shaft moved in and out as smooth as a piston.

I looked up to see Carl with his eyes shut tight, and I just knew he was trying desperately hard not to cum. My wife, when she sets her mind on it, can give a blowjob unlike anyone else I’ve ever known. I smiled, knowing what Carl was experiencing when a shout broke forth.

“Fuuuuck! Shit, I’m gonna cum.” Carl cried and tried to pull his swollen member from Cassie’s mouth. She was having none of it, gripping his butt with one hand and pulling him even closer, finally succeeding in deep throating him. She’d said she intended to suck the life from him and she meant it. I was amazed, Cassie never swallows, but there was something about that night that had turned her into a savage animal and she held him there as his body convulsed, shooting his semen into her mouth. I could see his body jerk as he shot his load. Seven, eight, nine times he must have spurted. Cassie gamely tried to take it all but to no avail, it was too much for her.

When he’d finished jerking, she pulled herself off my rod and removed his softening dick from her mouth, cum running down her chin. She turned to face me like that and I almost shot my own load, the love of my life looked that sexy. She turned to Carl.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked rhetorically, pushing the cum back into her mouth with her finger. Carl just nodded and looked drained. “You just lie back there and recover, I’m not done with you yet.” Carl did as he was told and flopped back against the pillows. “My hubby and I will get you hard again soon.”

My heart skipped a beat. What did she mean? Did she want me to play with his cock as well? She must have read my face or something as she whispered to me “Not yet sweetheart, not yet…”

She lay back, spreadeagled on the bed, her recently vacated cunt in full view of the exhausted Carl.

“Come and kiss my sex, darling.” I did as she instructed, kissing her pouting lips. “No dear, Carl needs to see. Lick me from above.”

The only way I could do that comfortably was to straddle her face and lower mine down to her crotch. This was extremely good for me as it meant she could suck my cock too.

“Mmmm. I love the taste of my pussy on you.” I knew she did. The taste of her juices always gets her hotter. I kissed her pussy lips again and I could feel Carl’s eyes burning down upon us. I spread her lips apart and licked the cavity that my cock had only just been filling. Her clitoris peeked out from the folds and I circled it with my tongue. Knowing what gets her off, I kept nibbling it with my teeth and licking it while I eased two fingers into her cunt. She was wet beyond belief and leaking pussy juice like I’d never known her. A mere minute or two into my ministrations and I felt her pull my cock from her mouth and cry loudly. Her orgasm was on it’s way. I renewed my licking of her pussy as Carl reached forward, pulled my hand away and pushed three of his own fingers into her sopping cunt. I looked up to see that his erection had returned. That would please Cassie.

What happened next shocked me, but delighted me. Carl was getting bold. He removed his fingers, shuffled forward and placed the tip of his cock head at the entrance to my wife’s tunnel. Just barely touching, but not entering her. My wife was well into her orgasm and didn’t notice me stop the cunnilingus. I looked up at Carl, who grinned and nodded. I chanced my arm, and in one long stroke, licked from my wife’s clitoris, along her pussy folds and over the top of Carl’s rock hard member. I looked up at him again to make sure I hadn’t overstepped the mark. He smiled at me, nodded again and pulled away. I mouthed ‘next time?’ at him. He mouthed ‘Oh yeh!’ back at me.

I climbed off my panting wife and kissed her.

“He’s ready, love. That’s if you are.” I told her.

“One second,” she gasped. “I need to get myself together”.

Carl and I looked at each other while she composed herself, flicking tongues at each other and grinning. The next time was gonna be amazing.

“Right. Carl, on your back. I need that big thing of yours up my cunt now.” Cassie had clearly recovered. ‘First things first though.” She reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a condom. She tore open the pack and placed the end over Carl’s hard on. “I only hope this doesn’t split.” she said as she rolled it down his shaft.

Taking a deep breath she straddled Carl. He held his cock upright, guiding it to her cunt, and once in position, she slowly inched her way down it.

“Fucking hell!! It’s huge. Jeeze!” I was again watching with rapt attention, seeing my beautiful wife impaled on Carl’s magnificent rod. Again I felt jealous of my wife. It had been years since I’d been fucked, but maybe that would change, provided Cassie didn’t mind. I moved around the bed and presented my dick to my wife’s mouth. She took it in with glee, sucking at the head in the special way she does. Unbeknownst to her, I could feel Carl beneath her nuzzling and licking my scrotum before making his way a little further back to lick my asshole. I was enjoying the sensation when my wife stopped sucking me.

“Darling, I want you to do it.” she said a little cryptically.


“It! What I won’t do.”

“You’ll have to tell me.” I knew what she wanted. She’d refused often enough, despite the fact I knew she’d done it before, and now, she’d have to ask, almost beg me to.

“Fuck me ‘there’.”

“You mean your ass?”

“Yes. Fuck my ass. Shove your cock up my asshole. I want to feel both of you.”

On one hand, I felt like I wanted her to beg but on the other hand, this was anal sex. I got off the bed and walked behind her. Her ass exposed whilst Carl continued pounding her cunt was very erotic. I took the tube of KY Jelly we kept in the bedside drawer and squirted some over my cock. I took a little and placed it on her sphincter. The coldness of the jelly caused her to tense a little. I worked a finger inside to prepare before the plunge. Then, I climbed on the bed behind her and positioned myself at the entrance to her most secret opening. I kissed her back and told her to relax before I pushed the head in. Immediately I felt her grip my rod hard, and I sensed a little pain.

“Relax, Cass love, I won’t hurt you.”

“Keep going, darling, I’m OK.” she replied

I slowly pushed the shaft into her anus until I was ball deep. I could feel Carl still thrusting into her pussy and could clearly feel the pressure of his cock head pushing against my shaft through the thin internal parts keeping us apart. For a moment, I wished Cassie wasn’t there, but it was just a moment.

I started sliding my cock in and out of her ass and before long, Carl and I had got into a nice rhythm between us that was driving Cass wild.

“Fuckin’ Yes.” She screamed. “Fuck me. Both of you. Fuck me till you cum. Don’t stop. Yes.” Was this really my wife screaming and behaving like a whore. I loved it! I started to fuck her harder in her anus while Carl increased the pounding of her cunt, both of us seemingly trying to tear through the membrane to let our dicks meet.

It couldn’t last. The intensity was way too much. I only hoped I came after she did. I got my wish, just as I was on the cusp, heading to the point of no return.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!!!!” Cassie yelled as she came with a force that was entirely new to me. Her sphincter gripped my cock extra tight forcing me to relinquish control. I bucked one last time I shot my seed deep into her rectum. I felt like I was cumming gallons, like it wouldn’t stop. At the same time, I felt Carl in her vagina jerk hard and spill his second load into the rubber separating him from my wife’s cervix and cunt.

Once my spurts had finished I pulled out of my wife’s ass. She was red faced, and drenched in perspiration. Almost immediately, my load began to leak from her anus, down over her pussy and onto Carl’s sheathed cock. Cassie rolled off Carl cock and lay back exhausted again. I sat cross legged facing them both as Carl rolled the cum filled rubber off his softening penis and placed it into the waste paper bin by the bed.

“Well love, was that everything you expected?” I asked.

“Everything and more. Can we do this again?” She replied.

“Definitely.” I said, just as Carl also replied “Yes, please.”

Cassie laughed. “Oh yes indeed.” Then she turned to Carl, kissed him and said, “Y’know Carl, my sweetheart over there is bi, maybe next time…”

I cut her off, and replied, “He knows already,” and reaching over and cupping his balls and soft cock I continued, “and the next time is going to be a whole lot more fun for all of us….”

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