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Joann In Her Own Bed

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It had been an amazing weekend so far. The secretary at the radio station where I work is a Mexican babe that I’ve wanted to fuck since I started working there. When I discovered she was embezzling from the company, bingo! I’d found my way in. The past week has been non-stop sex. Joann hated being my whore at first, but now she loves it. She still doesn’t really admit it, but trust me, she can’t get enough.

I can’t resist Joann’s luscious body. She’s 5″ 6′ with soft brown skin, big brown eyes, slightly wavy brunette hair past her shoulders, full lips, 36C breasts, a tight torso, sleek legs and a big, fuckable ass. I defy anyone to look at her and not get hard. On Friday, I found out her husband was leaving town on business. That meant Joann would be spending the weekend with me. She protested, of course, but constant fucking I was giving her Friday night and all day Saturday made her enjoy the weekend.

With her husband coming back Sunday afternoon, I wanted to have one more memorable fuck with Joann. But I’d banged her in practically every room in my house and every way imaginable. So what was left? Then it finally occurred to me. Her house. Put her in her own bed and fuck the hell out of her!

Joann was eating breakfast in my kitchen wearing a simple blue shirt (opened a few buttons to show off her tits) and a very short back skirt with white stockings and matching pumps when I told her, “I’ve finally thought of how to end our weekend. Since you have to go home soon to get ready to pick up hubby from the airport, why not plug you there? I bet he’s never really given you a proper fucking in your bed, has he? Wouldn’t you like to know what it would be like to hammered like a whore in your own bedroom?”

She looked at me like I was insane. “I don’t care how much money I stole or how many videotapes you have of us, you’re not going to get into my bed. You can fuck me here, you can even fuck me at work, but not in my own home.”

I sighed. “Joann, you and I both know that in about an hour you’ll be in your bed, on your back, legs spread, and you’ll be begging, ‘Fuck me! Fuck me!’ You love being my bitch. So why the protests? Just get your things together and let’s go.”

That’s when Joann decided the best way to keep me out of her home was to get me to bang her here. She slowly rose from her chair and gave me a seductive look. She started to cross the room as she spoke. “Forget my place, baby. Why don’t you just take out that massive cock and let me make you happy right here.” She was now pressed up against me, with one hand gently massaging my crotch. She purred in my ear, “You’re so hard, honey. I don’t want you to have to wait. You know I’m your good girl. Let me take care of you right now. I want you inside me. Please give me your cum.”

I knew she was only trying to keep me out of her bed, but I played along for a few minutes. “That’s what I like to hear. You are my good girl, aren’t you? Now tell me, should I fuck your pussy or your ass?”

Joann had snaked her hand down the front of my pants and was playing with my balls. It was tough to keep from blowing my load right there. She moaned in my ear, “In my pussy, baby. I like to watch your face as you fuck me. Your eyes roam all over me and I can see how much you love my body. I like to wrap my legs around you and pull you deeper into me. I know that no one has ever fucked me as good as you and I think my pussy is the best you’ve ever had. So let’s be good to each other. Come on, baby. Fuck me.”

Hearing Joann talk like that wound me up pretty tight. It was going to be tough to wait to get to her place. Her little act worked on me, but what surprised me is that it worked on her, too. When she started talking, she was in control of her voice, but as she went on, her voice became a lustful growl. Her breathing was becoming short and choppy and she was starting to radiate heat. When she talked about wrapping her legs around me, she wasn’t acting anymore. Joann needed me to fuck her. She really did love being my whore. Of course, I was still going to fuck the hell out of her in her own bed, but I’d let her think she won for a little while.

I reached up her skirt and started playing with her pussy as I said, “My little whore really needs a fucking. Should I fuck you right here or should we go somewhere more comfortable?”

Joann squealed, “I don’t care. Just give me your cock!”

I fingered her a bit faster and commanded, “Beg me, slut.”

“Oh, God! Fuck me as hard as you can! Throw me on the floor and ride me until we pass out! My body belongs to you, fuck me!” Her voice was a breathless wail.

“You’ll get your fucking, Joann. But it’s gonna be in your bed. I need to take you there and rip you apart. Now go get your things.” I gave her a shove towards the bedroom and slapped her ass so hard she cried out in pain.

She spun around to face me and began to plead. “Please, don’t. I do absolutely anything you want. I’ll wear tighter skirts, higher heels, I’ll blow you every day at work. Just please let me keep my bed for me and my husband.”

Her pleas seemed genuine, but I didn’t care. The more she protested, the more I knew I had to have her in her own bed. “Well, first of all, you’ll already do absolutely anything I want. Secondly, I’m doing you a favor. It’s obvious you’ve never been properly fucked in that bed. Once I’m done with you, you’ll be able to think of me fucking you whenever your limp dick husband is on top of you.”

Her entire body sagged. “Why can’t you just…” Her voice trailed off and she turned to walk away.

I grabbed her from behind and slide a couple of fingers into her still wet box. She moaned and pushed her ass against my crotch. “Don’t worry, Joann. You know I’ll take care of you. Once I get you on your back, you’ll be screaming and begging for me to fuck you until you ache. When I’m done with your pussy, you’ll roll over and demand I pound your ass. You love my cock. You desperately need me to fuck you. You are my whore. And you want to be my whore.” As I spoke, I continued fingering her. It didn’t take long to bring her to climax, since she had been ready to fuck for a while. She threw her head back against my shoulder. I watched her eyes roll back and glaze over. Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps. She tensed, then shuddered uncontrollably as the orgasm shook her. “I know you want more, baby. So the faster you get your things, the faster we can get to your place and the faster I can start to give you the fucking your body deserves.” I pulled my fingers out of her and sucked her juices off them.

Joann didn’t say anything, she just rapidly gathered her clothes and headed for her car. Before she was out the door, she gave me one pensive look that said it all. It made me realize that she genuinely could no longer help herself. She needed my fucking just like a crack addict needs another score. I felt badly for her for a moment, but got over that fast. The thought of her sweet pussy working my cock took care of that.

She took her car and I followed in mine. The drive seemed interminable as my cock strained against my pants. After the longest twenty-five minutes of my life, we pulled up in front of Joann’s house. As she fumbled for the house key, I came up behind her. “Hurry up, Joann. I can’t wait much longer to get into you. If you don’t get that door open soon, I’ll have to fuck you here on your front lawn. I bet your neighbors would love that. The guys anyway. The women would probably be jealous. ‘Why does she get to be fucked like a whore? I want to be fucked like a whore!’ Would you like that, Joann?”

“Oh, God…just…it’s open. Get in.” She sounded defeated.

I closed the door behind us. “Nice place. You can give me the tour another time, though. Right now, I’ve got more pressing matters.” Joann gave a short yell of surprise as I picked her up. “Where’s your bedroom?” She pointed to the end of the hall.

I raced down the hall and we crashed through the doorway. Tossing her on the bed, I pounced on her. Off came her blouse, with buttons flying in every direction. Her bra was next. I paused briefly to admire Joann’s beauty. She still had on her skirt, stockings and heels, but was nude from the waist up. God, all that soft brown skin looked good. I hovered over her, enjoying the way her hair splayed across the pillow. She looked up at me with pleading eyes. Part of her pleading for me to stop, the other pleading for me to never stop. (Yeah, yeah. I know it sounds trite, but I swear that’s the way she looked at me.)

The only thing that stopped me from fucking her right then was that I hadn’t taken off my pants. In my haste to get her on the bed, I’d made a rookie mistake. I had to climb off Joann and get my pants off. But that gave her a chance to do something that surprised me. Even though I knew she wanted a fucking, she had put such a fight about me taking her here I thought she would fight me to the end. She didn’t. As I stood to remove my pants, Joann raised her skirt and spread her legs as wide as she could. I took a hold of her ankles, smiled and said, “God, I love a woman who’s not afraid to be a whore. Go ahead, Joann. Say what I want to hear.”

She gave me a slight smile and announced quietly, “Fuck me.”

With my pants finally off, I ran my hands from her ankles down her stockings to her hips. I grabbed them firmly and unceremoniously impaled her with my cock. Her eyes bulged out and she gasped at the force. I wanted to take my time and enjoy Joann slowly, but I was so wound up, that wasn’t likely to happen. I needed to fuck her as hard as I possibly could.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on her shoulders, pinning her to the bed. Placing my face just inches from hers, I hissed at her, “Brace yourself, slut. You’re about to get that fucking you asked for.”

Staying in that same position, I pulled out almost all the way and then slammed back into her with all my might. Joann screeched. Before she could recover, I did it again. And again. I was hammering her so hard we were actually bouncing off the bed with each thrust. It sounded like Joann was trying to say something, but she could only manage grunts and growls. Finally, she groaned out, “Harder.”

That stopped me for a second. Harder? She wanted it harder? That just made me even more frenzied. “You want it harder? O.K., bitch, here it comes.” I moved her legs in front of me so the backs of her knees were at my shoulders. With each thrust, I drove her entire body deep into the bed. Something was going to break soon. Either the bed or her back. “Is this what you wanted, whore?” I was shouting at her. “My bitch likes it rough. Let me hear you scream, slut. Scream for me.”

Joann was already wailing so loud I don’t know if she even heard me. Between wails, she gurgled the occasional, “yeah” or “fuck”, but that was all. She was being fucked so hard I was surprised she had the breath for anything.

As she continued to wail, I continued relentlessly hammering her pussy. We kept bouncing on the bed, with the headboard bang the wall and the bed creaking under our force until Joann tensed. She grabbed my forearms and looked at me intensely. Through clenched teeth she said in a throaty growl, “Cum. Give it to me.”

There was no way I could hold back any longer. As the orgasm overtook Joann, I shuddered as I came in her pussy. She wailed and her body thrashed underneath me, but she never took her dark eyes off me. Her stare made me cum longer. I’d never seen such an incredible look. She wanted everything I had and she wouldn’t stop until she’d gotten it.

Joann slid her legs off my shoulders and completely drained, I collapsed on top of her. I had just enough strength left to raise my head and say, “Christ, Joann. You’re a phenomenal whore. I knew you had never been given a good fucking in this bed. Now that I know you like it rough, I have some other things I’d like to try with you.” I kissed her sweet, soft lips. “Now I’m going to go home and choose what I’m going to do next with my whore.”

I got up and dressed quickly. Joann just lay on the bed exhausted. Her badly wrinkled skirt remained around her waist and her stockings had slid partially down her legs. Her brunette hair was tangled and her pussy was soaked with our juices. She may have been a mess, but she still looked so incredibly fuckable.

The weekend may have been over, but my control of Joann was really just beginning. I’ve made her do many things since then. Some she did willingly, others she fought against, but in the end she did them all. She’s my whore. She doesn’t have a choice. I’ll tell you more next time.

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