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Joann At The Office

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After a nearly 48 hours of non-stop sex, I barely had the strength to get home. Looking back on it, I’m amazed it didn’t kill me. How about that as a cause of death? Too much fucking. If you’ve got to go…well, I’ll spare you the cliché.

When I learned the secretary at the radio station I work for had been stealing money from the owner, I saw my chance. I’d wanted to fuck her sweet Mexican body since the first time I’d met Joann three years earlier.

The threat of losing her job and going to prison got me into Joann’s pussy. The threat of telling her husband what she did to keep me quiet kept me there. In the week I had known about this, I took advantage every time I could. That included an entire weekend of fucking Joann senseless. With her husband out of town on business, I made her come to my place to be my sex slave. The weekend culminated with taking Joann back to her place and fucking her in her own bed. I honestly don’t know where I found the energy to keep pumping her the way I did. By the time I got back home, I was so exhausted I just collapsed and slept for 14 hours straight.

When I got to the station the next day Joann looked as fantastic as ever. I started thinking about how else I could fuck her, but I had her in just about every way you could think of. I needed something new.

It was payday and all the part timers were coming in to pick up their checks. I noticed that each guy that came in took a moment to eye Joann up and down. Two of them in particular looked at Joann like they would have worked free for a year just for the chance to fuck the hell out of her. That’s when I realized I should let someone else join the party. Joann had become fairly comfortable with being my whore and it was time to put a little fear back into her.

Everything came together quickly. The two guys (kids, really) that seemed to want Joann the most both worked for the AM station in our company and they both were scheduled to work that night. David was 18 and Alan was 17. Along with knowing they desperately wanted to fuck Joann, I also knew they’d be the easiest to control. While I wanted to let somebody else in on the fun, I didn’t want to run the risk of too many people finding out. Since they were just kids I knew I could keep them quiet. It also helped that no one except them and the Program Director of the AM station ever went into the studio. The PD would be gone for the day by the time David and Alan came in, so they’d be the only people in that studio. It was the perfect place for Joann to be fucked; they’d never be disturbed. I went home at lunch and grabbed my video camera. When the coast was clear, I set up the camera in the AM studio where no one would see it and it could get a shot of the entire studio.

They both arrived early and went into the studio after a few lustful glances at Joann. That’s when I went to work. I followed them into the studio and said, “Hi guys. I know that technically you don’t work for me, but I’m still management. I just wanted to apologize about the company not being able to pass out Christmas bonuses last month. Things have be a little rough for us financially of late, but I think I have a way to make it up to you.” They were only half listening to me until I mentioned a way to make it up to them. Suddenly, they were very attentive. Getting free stuff always gets people’s attention. “The reason we couldn’t give out bonuses is because we found out that someone was embezzling from the company. Turns out Joann was robbing us blind. I’m the only one who knows that she’s the one stealing. I was going to turn her in, but then I realized if I held it over her head I could make her my whore.” Alan, who was very shy, blushed and looked down at his shoes, but David was a little more confident and he never looked away from me. The company didn’t even know the money was missing so there was no way Joann’s embezzling affected the bonuses. But it was a plausible story. I needed a plausible story to get them angry. I wanted them to punish Joann. The real reason there weren’t any bonuses this year was because the owner was a cheap bastard that got cheaper every year. “Here’s where you guys come in. I couldn’t help but notice how you drool over Joann of late. I thought you might like your bonus in the form of Joann’s body.”

Alan’s blush deepened, but David’s eyes widened as he asked, “You mean we can fuck Joann? She’d want to do that?”

I laughed, “It doesn’t matter what she wants. She’s a whore. She’ll do as I tell her. But just so we’re clear, this is a one-time offer. You fuck her tonight and you never tell anyone about this. And I mean no one. Not your best friend, not your brother, no one. Don’t even mention it to me. Once this night is over, it never happened. If you ever say anything about this, I have you fired and I can also make it very difficult for you to get another job.” I probably couldn’t make it that difficult, but they’re kids. What the hell do they know? A little fear goes a long way. “This bitch stole money that would have been your bonus. She needs to be punished. Are you in?”

David blurted out, “Damn right I’m in!” Alan was still blushing, but you could almost see his heart pounding in his chest. He nodded.

“Good. Once everyone else leaves, I’ll send her in. I won’t tell her what’s coming, I’ll let you surprise her.” I left the studio and walked over to Joann’s desk. She was standing away from the desk talking with our General Manager. It gave me a chance to admire Joann’s body. She was wearing a big dark brown sweater that hid her wonderful tits, but the short charcoal gray skirt and black stockings more than made up for it.

When her conversation ended she turned back towards her desk. She hesitated for a moment looking at me warily before she walked to her desk and sat down. She was probably wondering what lewd act I’d make her do next. She said quietly, “I just want to go home tonight. Please just let me leave.”

“Sorry, honey. Better call hubby and tell him you’ll be late. I have plans for you tonight.”

Joann sagged in her chair. “He’s over in San Francisco on business until Wednesday.”

“Then you have plenty of time, don’t you? Just wait here until everyone leaves.” It wasn’t long before the last few stragglers left for the night. Once the last one left, I went back to Joann. “Before I forget, David and Alan want to talk to you. They’re in the AM studio.”

She slowly got up and headed for the studio, all the while keeping an eye on me. I stood near the door so I could watch what was going on. Joann smiled as she walked through the door. “Hello boys. What’s up?” She turned to look at Alan and saw he was nearly beet red. Her smile turned into a little laugh. “Alan? Are you O.K.?”

Alan didn’t say anything, so David jumped in, “He’s just thinking about fucking you.”

Joann looked angrier than I’d ever seen her. She hissed, “Don’t you ever say anything like that again. Don’t even think it you little bastard!”

She would have shouted more at him, but David jumped up and slapped her hard. “Shut up, cunt! We know what you did. You stole money that would have been our Christmas bonus.”

“I did what?! You stupid child! Get the fuck away from me!”

“Child?!” David thundered, “Child?! You fucking cunt!”

He grabbed Joann by the throat and slammed her against the wall. I had to step into the studio and slow him down. “No bruises, no scratches. You can fuck her until she passes out, but you can’t beat her. Understood?”

David let go of her and backed away. Joann looked at me with disgust, “You put them up to this? You son of a bitch!”

“I told you I had plans for you tonight. Besides, you live to be fucked. You crave all the cock you can get and now you’ll be getting two. It’s going to be a great night for you.” I turned to Alan, “Come over here and get a fistful of her ass.”

As I held her facing me, Alan clamped on to her big round ass with both hands. Joann whimpered before managing to say to me, “Please don’t let them do this.”

I looked into those brown eyes beginning to fill with tears and almost took pity on her. Almost. I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry, baby. They’re just kids. It’ll be over soon. I’ll make it up you tomorrow with the kind of fucking you’re used to.” Then I addressed David and Alan. “Remember, no bruises, no scratches. And she gets pretty loud when she’s being fucked so keep her in the studio. Don’t want anyone to hear her. Enjoy your bonus, boys, I’m going home.”

The last thing I saw before the studio door closed was Alan, with his hands stilled attached to Joann’s ass, starting to drag her to the back of the studio. Joann looked at me pleadingly, but I don’t think she saw me smile at her plight because David stepped in front of her and jammed his tongue down her throat. I heard Joann gasp and choke just before the door shut.

The hours I spent at home waiting for them to finish with Joann seemed to go on forever. I finally went back to the station around midnight, knowing everyone would be gone. I collected my camera and the videocassette and headed back home to watch Joann be abused.

At home, I popped the tape in the VCR and settled back to enjoy the show. I fast-forwarded to the part where I left the studio. David had his tongue down Joann’s throat and Alan still had that death grip on her ass. When David released her for a moment, Joann began begging. “Please don’t do this! I’ll give you money, just please don’t rape me! Please, God, don’t hurt me!”

David sneered at her, “Hurt you? Alan and me won’t hurt you. We’re just gonna fuck you. Cunts always liked to be fucked.”

“Please don’t call me that.”

David ignored her, “Take off the sweater, cunt. Let’s see what you got.”

Joann was shaking visibly, but she knew better than to try to fight back. She slowly pulled the sweater up over her head and dropped it to the floor. She stood shivering in the cold studio clad only in her bra, charcoal gray skirt, black stockings and heels. Joann wanted to cross her arms in front of herself to ward off the leering eyes, but again she knew that would only make things more difficult for her. She just closed her eyes and concentrated on not crying.

David, with mouth agape, stared at Joann. It seemed as if all that luscious brown flesh was almost too much to contemplate. Alan had finally released his grip on her ass. He looked like he was shaking more that Joann, but that didn’t stop him from turning her around to face him. You could hear Alan let out a raged breath as he got his first look at her breasts. In a shaky voice, Alan said, “You’re so pretty. Can I cum in you?” His comment was simultaneously innocent and lewd. Well, he was only 17. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected sophistication. I laughed so hard I had to rewind the tape to see Joann’s reaction.

Before Joann could say anything, David regained his composure. He quickly unfastened her bra and tossed it on top of her previously discarded sweater. The cold air hit her nipples, making harden immediately. David rested his chin on her left shoulder as he reached around and mauled her breasts with both hands. He had trouble control the excitement in his voice. “Shit, girlie. You’re what, almost twice our age and still have such a hot body? I bet you can teach us some things. Is it true Mexican girls are always a great fuck? Will you be a great fuck for us?”

After a short pause, Joann managed a meek, “Yes.”

David turned Joann back around so he could kiss her. “Mmm…sweet lips. I bet those lips are great at sucking dick.” Joann glared at him, eyes full of hate. He looked at Alan, “Dude, take off her skirt.”

Alan fumbled with her zipper for a moment before he unzipped the skirt and slid it down her legs. Joann jumped as he crouched behind her and ran his tongue across her ass. Only inches away from her ass, Alan announced, “I want her ass.”

David chuckled, “It’s yours. Her pussy is mine. She wants me in her pussy. You can see it in her eyes. Look at me, girlie.” Joann lifted her head and met his gaze. “If he’s gonna be in your ass, you better blow him. Otherwise he’ll just try to stuff it in there dry and he’ll tear you in half.” Joann nodded slowly. “You want her to suck you, dude?”

After the loudest gulp I’ve ever heard (this kid was breaking me up) Alan offered up a breathless, “Uh-huh.”

Joann turned to face Alan and she sank to her knees. She stared at his cock for such a long time, I was wondering if she was thinking about punching him in the sack and trying to get past David. But finally she opened her mouth and engulfed his cock. Alan moaned his appreciation. Joann started sucking like a pro, but Alan couldn’t contain himself. He clasped her head with both hands and began to hammer his cock down her throat. Joann gagged as he continued his assault on her mouth.

Laughing, David said, “Damn, buddy! Take it easy! You’re gonna break her nose.” Alan slowed his pace, but he didn’t release his grip on her head. “O.K., that’s enough.” David took a hold of Joann’s long black hair and pulled her off Alan’s cock. “Time for you to start bouncing on my dick, girlie. Take off your panties. Leave the stockings and heels on. Very sexy.”

Joann stumbled to her feet to find David, sans pants, on the floor motioning for her to straddle him. After removing her panties, she hovered over him. He reached up and pulled her down on all fours. David’s raging hard-on was now poised to enter her moistening pussy.

“Look at that!” David cried, “You’re wet! You really do want a fucking.” With that, he buried his cock into her pussy with one quick thrust. Joann screeched at the force of the intrusion. He attacked her breasts with equal gusto, alternately trying to jam them into his mouth and tugging on her nipples with his teeth.

Her long scream eventually turned into a low moan. The part of Joann the enjoyed being controlled was taking over. She started riding him in earnest, her thrusting hips meeting his thrusting cock with a loud slap of skin at an increasing pace. The look of hatred and disgust that filled her eyes earlier was being replaced with pure lust.

Alan, who seemed to be mesmerized by the site before him, finally snapped back to himself and knelt behind Joann, lining up his cock with her asshole. Without a word, he yanked her cheeks apart and slammed his cock into her full force. Joann bellowed and her hands went failing forward. She collapsed on top of David with a grunt. She struggled to her elbows as Alan started sawing his cock in and out of her ass. I figured Alan would be so excited, he wouldn’t last more than five seconds, but he surprised me by finding a steady rhythm. He just kept pounding her ass.

Joann was bouncing between David and Alan like a rag doll, until she suddenly stiffened. She began a howl that started as a low rumble, went quickly to a high-pitched squeal and then to silence. Her mouth was wide open, but not a single sound came out. At that point she shook so violently it looked like a convulsion. Both David and Alan hung on for dear life. Joann shook for what seemed like an eternity. A few times, a squeak came out of her mouth, but mostly she remained silent with her mouth wide open. Slowly the orgasm subsided and she began breathing again with deep, ragged breaths. Once again, she collapsed on top of David.

I took a moment to stand and applaud as I watched the tape. Not only was that the most incredible orgasm I’d ever seen, David and Alan had somehow managed not to blow their wads. David panted, “She’s having fun, Alan. I want to hear scream again. Ready, girlie?”

Joann was still desperately trying to catch her breath. She could only spit out a few words at a time. “No…I can’t…take…more.” But it was too late. Alan was already furiously thumping her ass. David had to pick up his pace to try to match Alan’s. An exhausted Joann was again flopping around like a rag doll. Alan came first, announcing with it a cry. Joann was next and her second orgasm was as shattering as the first. Her body shook like it was taking 20,000 volts. This time the screams included a choking sound, like she couldn’t get her breath. She probably couldn’t. It seemed pretty obvious that she had never experienced anything close to this.

Finally, it was David turn. He grabbed her hips and with one last thrust he shrieked, “Here it comes, girlie!” Joann continued to buck wildly, now screaming unintelligibly. She actually bucked Alan off her. Since he was done anyway, he didn’t seem to mind. He just stayed slumped against the wall, eyes fixed on Joann. David’s cries of ecstasy slowed as he shot the last of his cum into her. Joann was coming down from her earth shattering orgasm and was now perched on top of David gasping for air. Her weight shifted slightly and she crumpled to the floor, completely spent. David was the only one who could speak, “Shit, girlie. I was right. Mexican girls are great fucks. Hey, Alan. You think Karina would be this good?”

That stopped me cold. Karina was an 18-year-old Mexican girl that worked for the company as an intern. She mostly did busy work for Joann. As good as Joann looked, Karina was better. I never even entertained the thought of screwing her, though. She was the sweetest, nicest girl I’d ever met. She was so innocent, your first that thought would be to protect her, not fuck her. Now all I could think about was finding a way to make her my slave. Maybe get Karina and Joann together? Hmm…something to consider. But I had something more pressing to consider. I was sporting a hard-on that wouldn’t be properly taken care of by jacking off. Joann gave it to me, so she was going to have to relieve me. I’ll tell you about how she did it next time.

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