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Jessica’s First Time

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“Man, it’s hot in here,” I thought, as I entered the shower room after my heavy post-christmas workout. I was surprised to see it empty, as it was usually full of naked women, cooling off after their sessions in the gym. I’m not a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes I find myself staring at their hot bodies, wondering what it would be like to touch them, taste them.

I winced as the cool water hit my bare skin, running in a river between my fairly large but firm breasts. I’m only nineteen so they’re still wonderfully pert. I grabbed my shower gel and squeezed a generous amount onto my hands, before massaging it into my skin. It felt so good to cool off and as I soaped my pussy I felt it start to get wet. Looking around me once more I saw that I was still alone, so continued to rub my aching cunt slowly. My other hand wandered lazily to my breasts and began to gently pull at my nipples. This drove me wild and I realised it wouldn’t be long until I came.

Just as I was about to be sucked into an intense orgasm I heard footsteps and quickly pulled my hands away from my pussy and breasts. I was worried that whoever it was would see my swollen cunt lips and hard nipples so I turned to face the wall until I’d calmed down a bit. I was so hot now and I needed to cum really bad. I heard a shower get switched on behind me and couldn’t resist having a peek to see who was there.

When I saw the girl I nearly had an orgasm right there and then! She was stunning! She couldn’t have been a day older than eighteen but her body screamed of sexual awareness. She had long, perfectly straight auburn hair, as opposed to my wavy blonde locks and her startling green eyes were a contrast to my baby blues. Her breasts were perfectly formed and pert, with pink nipples that were becoming harder as the shower spray hit them. I followed her hands longingly with my eyes as they roamed her soapy body, heading down towards her shaven pussy. Her long legs parted to give her hands access, and I’m sure I heard her moan as she began to wash her sexy cunt.

Suddenly I realised I was staring and turned back to face the wall. The sight of this girl had made me even hornier now and I knew that I just had to cum or I’d explode! I was about to turn off the shower and head for the locker room when I heard a gentle whimper behind me. I turned quickly to see the girl, eyes closed, blatantly fingering her own cunt. Her head was tipped back, her full lips were parted and one hand was buried between her open legs, moving quickly leaving no question as to what it was doing there. I gasped audibly and her eyes flew open and her cheeks coloured a dusky pink.

“Gosh, I’m sorry!” She exclaimed breathlessly. “I don’t know what came over me!” I was so stunned it took me a second to reply.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I’m feeling pretty horny myself. You looked really hot doing that, you know,” I added shyly.

“You think so?” She asked.

“Oh, yes. You got me really wet you naughty thing!” I giggled nervously.

“Really? I don’t believe you!” She shook her head. “Let me feel you and see if you’re telling the truth,”

I couldn’t believe it – she was flirting with me! “Umm, OK,” I was so desperate to cum that I’d have agreed to anything right then.

She stepped towards me and joined me under the running water. “I’m Mary, by the way,”

“I’m Jessica, ohhhhhhhhh, god,” Mary’s hand slipped between my legs as I spoke, probing my vagina gently. My wetness covered her fingers as she slipped two inside me.

“Wow, you are wet!” Mary whispered against my ear, sending shivers along my spine. Her slender fingers moved quicker now, and her thumb brushed my clitoris. I cried out as I had an earth-shattering orgasm, and my juices spilled onto her hand.

“Oh, god Mary, that was amazing,” But Mary’s hand stayed put, her thumb still torturing my swollen clitoris, her fingers still deep inside me.

Her lips found mine and I melted against her. I couldn’t quite believe I’d felt – was still feeling – such pleasure at the hands of another woman. I moaned against her lips as we kissed, that thumb sending wave after wave of sensation through my body. The shower sprayed my body, caressing my skin. She dropped her head to my titties and began to suckle one of my nipples, running her tongue round and round, teeth nibbling gently until I gasped her name and ground my pussy harder against her hand. Her thumb drew little circles around my clitoris, driving me out of my mind.

“Oh, Mary, Mary! I’m going to cum again you little bitch!” The words spilled from my mouth as my clitoris throbbed and pulsed. My stomach quivered violently and my knees buckled as the most powerful orgasm of my life powered through my body. My heart pounded in my ears and I dropped to the shower floor gasping for breath.

“Jessica, are you OK?” Mary seemed concerned.

“I’m OK. God, you really know how to turn me on, Mary!” I looked up at her, and realised my face was level with her pussy. I could smell her musky aroma and see her slick inner lips protruding slightly.

Without saying another word I parted her glistening lips with my trembling fingers and gazed at her inviting cunt. I swallowed nervously, and watched as a droplet of her juice slid down her inner thigh before getting washed away by the shower water. I poked my tongue out and ran it slowly along her slit from back to front, tasting her intoxicating flavour. As my tongue touched her clit I felt her shudder and knew she was enjoying it as much as I was. I licked around her clitoris, delighting in the moans I could hear coming from Mary’s lips. Her fingers tangled in my hair as she pushed my face harder against her dripping cunt. I covered her clit with my mouth and sucked on it, grazing my teeth against it.

“Oh, Jessica, yes!” Mary cried, “I’m cumming! Oh, yes!” I pushed two fingers into her warm hole as she cried out and I felt her pussy contract around them. Her body convulsed and warm, sticky fluid covered my face as I continued to lick her. The water was spraying right on my head as I licked and fucked her with my fingers, but I didn’t care – it was turning me on so much to know that I was making this incredibly sexy young girl cum. As I ran my tongue along her groove drinking up her gooey juices, I couldn’t help fingering myself. I pinched my own clitoris as I flicked my tongue over hers and as she got nearer to her second orgasm I thrust two, then three and then four fingers hard up my slimy cunt. My vagina gripped my hand as I came again, sending Mary over her own peak of pleasure.

“Jessica, wow, that really is an incredible tongue you’ve got there!” Mary was breathless as she spoke.

“I really enjoyed that Mary, you taste divine. In fact that taste is still making me horny. What are you doing to me?! I’ve never been with a woman before and now suddenly I’m insatiable!”

“Well, why don’t you let me taste you? After all it’s only fair of me to return the favour,” She winked sexily at me, and I felt my clitoris throb as I gazed at those pouting lips of hers.

We were now laying on the shower floor, not caring about the water tumbling down on us. Mary straddled my tummy facing away from me so I had a lovely view of her ass and pussy from behind as she lowered her face to my cunt. I groaned loudly as Mary’s tongue slithered along my inner thigh towards my aching wetness. Her fingers parted my swollen lips and exposed my clit. She took it into her mouth, rolling it softly between her lips and I shuddered involuntarily as sensations I’d never experienced before swept over me. Her mouth was so gentle, yet firm and erotic. I was staring mesmerised at the rear view of this amazing woman, and for a second I wondered what it would be like if I pushed one of my fingers into her ass hole. As if she’d read my mind, Mary reached behind her and dipped her finger inside her sopping wet hole. Then she trailed the juice back to her littler ass hole and massaged it gently.

“Mary that looks so good. Push your finger inside for me. Let me see you finger fuck your own ass hole,” I couldn’t believe those words left my mouth, but they did, and Mary was more than willing to oblige. I watched as she pushed against the tight muscles until they gave in and her finger sank right inside. “Oh, Mary, that’s so sexy baby,” I could feel another orgasm approaching, and by the way her juices were oozing out of her I could tell that Mary wouldn’t take much more either, so I pushed three fingers into her tight pussy and fucked her hard with them while she continued to lick me.

“Jessica! Yes, fuck me really hard with your hot fingers! Oh, fuck yes, yes!!” I pounded her cunt with my hand as she fingered her own ass hole and she came hard. Her sex juice spurted from her as she climaxed, and landed on my willing lips. As I licked the musky droplets off, I felt myself start to cum. “Mary, I’m gonna cum! Put your finger up my ass! Please! Fuck my ass Mary!” I climaxed intensely as she pushed her finger up my ass. I’d never dreamt of doing anything like this before, but man, it was good! She licked my clit until it stopped pulsating, and then turned to kiss my lips. We were both exhausted by this time, so we thought we’d better go and get dressed. Mary said she went to the gym every Thursday morning so she’s keep an eye out for me.

“Umm, Mary, I have a confession.” I said.

“What’s that?”

“I was fingering my own pussy before you turned up. That’s why I was so horny,”

“I know,” she replied. “I was watching from outside,”

I blushed and looked away.

“There must have been something in the water today,” Mary giggled.

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