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Jessi & the Barristas

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There is a drive-thru coffee stand near where I live, and I get my morning coffee there nearly every day. It is owned by two girls, I think their parents got it for them so they would have a dose of “real life,” but they seem to do all right.

The two owners, Julie and Brooke, work most of the time, and a third girl, River, also works there. They are all right around 21 years old. Julie is tall (maybe 5’10”) and blonde, with a really sexy body, killer blue eyes and the greatest dimples. She is SOOOOO cute! Brooke is a little fireball, barely 5′ tall and slender, very pretty with dark brown hair to the middle of her back. Brooke is always “on,” a very high energy girl and she seems like a lot of fun. River is more quiet, she is the same height as me (5’5″) and slender, with shoulder length light brown hair. River is cute but doesn’t wear a lot of makeup at work, but I figured it was because she had to get up early.

When I’m getting my coffee, I’ll usually take a couple minutes to talk to them if there is no one in line behind me, and I enjoy talking with all of them. They all seem like nice girls, with their “heads screwed on straight”. We had threatened several times to get together away from there, but it had never happened. Until…

One Saturday morning I was there getting my coffee, heading out to join some friends for a bike ride. Julie and River were working that morning, and River told me that they were having a party that night, and asked if I would like to come. I didn’t have plans, so I said “Sure!” She gave me directions and the phone number and I promised to see them that evening.

When I was getting ready to go, I called so I could find out what sort of party, I mean, I didn’t want to be over- or under-dressed. I could hear music in the background, and Julie sounded excited when I identified myself. “Jessi! You’re coming, then?”

“Yeah, I’m coming, I just wanted to know how people are dressed…”

“Well, most people are in jeans or skirts. Nothing fancy, but not too casual either!”

“Okay, then, Julie… Tell me what you have on!”

“A denim mini skirt and a tank top.” That outfit sounded positively yummy on her, and I decided to wear something similar.

“Cool, I’ll see you in a little bit.”

“Bye, Jessi, hurry up! We all can’t wait to see what you’re like outside your car!”

I laughed and said, “Well, I want to meet you where I don’t have to look up at you through a window, too!”

I dressed cute but comfortable, in a little tank top and skirt with just a thong underneath. Sandals completed the outfit. I looked good, if I have to say so myself.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Jessica, but all my friends call me Jessi. I am 26, working as an accountant while I am going to grad school for my MBA in Finance. I have been single for the past year. I have been bisexual since my best friend seduced me when we were both 16, but that’s another story. My recent history with guys has not been good, and since I broke up with my last boy friend over a year ago, I have been exclusively with women.

When I arrived at the house that Julie and Brooke shared, the party was in full swing. It wasn’t too big, maybe 15 or 20 people. And only a couple of guys, which was very unusual. Most of the time at the “house parties” I’ve been to, it seems like guys always outnumber girls about 3 to 1.

Julie gave me a big hug, and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m so glad you could make it, Jessi.”

She led me by the hand into the house, and introduced me to most everyone there. I got something to drink and then found River outside on the patio, sitting by herself.

“Hi, River. Why are you out here, all alone? You should be inside, enjoying the party…”

River’s face brightened when she saw me, and she said, “Hey, Jessi! I’m so glad you came, I was worried you wouldn’t… That isn’t really my thing, too noisy.” She nodded her head toward the house. River was dressed similarly to me, she had on a shorty top and little mini skirt. If she had a bra on, it was a strapless, but I couldn’t see any lines.

I sat next to her and said, “Yeah, me too… At least there aren’t a bunch of loud drunk guys making idiots of themselves and bothering the single girls.”

River laughed. “Yeah, but that may come later… Julie is expecting more people than this…”

“Well, if it gets too bad, we’ll just have to hide out here until they go…”

River laughed again. I couldn’t remember ever hearing her laugh before, and it sounded great.

River and I spent a while just talking, about ourselves, about our lives, about our dreams, about boys… She is an intense young woman, going to school for pre-law, wanting to specialize in environmental law. We found we had a lot of interests in common, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her.

When I asked her about a boy friend, she said she “…just hadn’t found the right guy.” I agreed, saying that it was hard to find a guy that would treat his girl right and especially not cheat.

At that point Brooke popped out of the house. She gave me a nice hug, and asked, “Why are you guys hanging out here? The party is inside!”

I looked at River and we both laughed. “I asked her the same question about an hour ago…”

“Well, don’t be snobs, come inside!”

River and I stood up and followed Brooke back inside. There were a few more people than before, it seemed like it was all girls now, and many were dancing. I was kind of surprised to see several girl-girl couples dancing, and especially so when the music changed to a slow song and they stayed.

I asked River about it, and her answer was surprising, “Yeah, Julie and Brooke have a lot of gay friends. You knew that they are a couple, didn’t you?”

“No, River, I didn’t know that… But they definitely are cute together!” I looked over and saw them slow dancing together, Brooke had her arms around Julie’s neck and was pressing her body tightly into the taller girl’s.

“Yes, they are that… Jessi, will you dance with me?”

“Sure, River, I’d love to!”

We walked over next to Julie and Brooke, and I slipped my arms around River’s neck. She put her arms around my waist, and I rested my head on her shoulder. I could smell her perfume, and I whispered into her ear, “This is really nice…”

She didn’t say anything but her hands gently pulled my body tighter against hers. When River’s thigh moved between mine and pressed against my mound, I couldn’t help but moan softly into her ear. I could feel our breasts rubbing together as we danced, and I know she had to feel my erect nipples rubbing against hers.

When the song ended, I looked around and saw that many of the people had paired up and were sitting or standing together. It was almost completely girl-girl couples, and many of them were kissing. Two girls were leaning against the wall, kissing deeply. The taller of the two girls had her foot against the wall so that her thigh was between her partner’s, and the shorter girl was riding her partner’s leg, her feet off the floor. The taller girl had her hands cupping the other girl’s ass, moving her hips up and back so she was grinding the other girl’s mound into her thigh.

I turned to River and said, “God, that’s hot… Watching all these sexy girls together… Mmmmmmm…” Our faces were inches apart.

River said, “We thought you might go for girls… We haven’t seen you with a guy since you broke up with that last one, and then there was that redhead last summer…”

The previous summer, I had a short relationship with a woman I met in one of my classes. She was a little older, and even though she had been “curious” for a long time it was the first time she had ever done anything with another woman. We had a great time together and seemed to get along very well, but she broke it off after about a month when she decided she couldn’t handle how her family might react to her having a “girl friend”. We still talk once in a while, and there is a chance we could get back together. She is an incredible woman, but she just needs to accept who she is, and know that if they love her, that her family will accept her, too.

I smiled, “Smart girls!!! Is that why you asked me here tonight?”

River smiled and said, “No, it was actually much more selfish than that… I was hoping I could get to know you better…”

“Well, I guess your plan worked then, didn’t it?” I said with a smile. I leaned forward and our lips met. River pressed her body into mine, and when my mouth opened slightly, her tongue was sliding forward to meet mine. When the tips of our tongues touched, it was like an electric shock coursed through my body. I moaned and my mouth opened wide, and we were soon kissing passionately.

River’s hands moved from my hips to my ass, and I pressed my body into hers. My hand slid under her top, and I took her already-erect nipple between my fingers and rolled it. River moaned into my mouth and her hand slipped under my skirt and cupped my ass cheeks. She ran her finger under my thong, and I spread my legs wider to give her better access. I was grinding myself against her bare thigh, and I know she had to feel how wet my thong was.

The music stopped, and we broke our kiss. When I looked around, Julie and Brooke were sitting close together on the couch. Julie had her arm around Brooke’s shoulders, and the shorter girl was nuzzling Julie’s ear. Brooke’s hand was under Julie’s skirt, and the taller girl was cupping Brooke’s breast through her top. All around us, pairs of girls were kissing and touching each other. I could clearly smell aroused pussy everywhere, and the aroma was intoxicating.

River and I moved to the couch, and sat next to Julie and Brooke. River sat on my lap, with her arms around my neck, and we started kissing again. I put my hand back inside her top, and went back to teasing her nipple. Her hand was cupping my breast as well.

I’m not sure exactly how long, but we spent a long time kissing and teasing each other. During that time, most of the people left the party, but not without saying goodbye to Julie and Brooke. Most of the time, “saying goodbye” involved a long, sexy kiss between all the girls. Soon, it was just me and the three hostesses left.

“You’re staying, I hope!” River said to me, “I told my folks I would be staying here instead of coming home real late.”

“Yes, Jessi, stay! You and River make a really cute couple… Ohhhhhh…” said Julie. She and Brooke had returned to the couch, and Julie had one arm around Brooke’s shoulders and the other under her skirt. Brooke was licking and sucking Julie’s ear while her hand was teasing Julie’s nipple. Brooke had pushed Julie’s top up, so her breasts were exposed. Brooke was rolling Julie’s erect nipple between her fingers, pinching and twisting it.

Brooke turned and said, “Please stay… It will be fun!” and she patted the couch next to her.

I looked at River and smiled. “What do you think, doll? Should we join these sluts at play, or have our own party?”

River smiled back and pushed me down onto the couch, next to Julie. River climbed on top of me, straddling my hips. She slipped her arms around my neck and pressed her body into mine. We kissed again, and my hands went to her body. I cupped one breast in my hand and slipped my other hand under her skirt. I took one ass cheek in my hand, and she moaned softly into my mouth. I could feel that her panties were soaking wet, and when my finger slipped inside them, she moaned again and pushed back against my hand.

River had her hand under my top, pushing it upward. She kept lifting it upward, and I broke the kiss long enough to raise my arms so she could take it off. I was pulling her top up at the same time, and she yanked it off and tossed it away. She cooed softly, “I knew you had fantastic boobs, Jessi, we talk about them ALL the time!” Then she leaned back in to kiss me, our bare breasts rubbing together. Our hands were stroking each other’s bodies, her smooth skin against mine felt so incredible to me…

River broke the kiss then started licking her way along my chin line. Her hands were cupping my breasts, teasing my nipples as she kissed and nibbled along my collar bone then across my chest. My hand went to the back of her head, and I stroked her hair as she worked her way down.

I was moaning softly and pressing up with my hips, into River’s. She was grinding her hips into mine as she ran her tongue down the valley between my breasts. She flicked her tongue across my erect nipple, and I couldn’t help but moan. My hands were in her hair, stroking it, holding her close yet gently guiding her face downward to where we both needed it.

I heard a soft groan next to me, and I opened my eyes and turned my head toward Julie and Brooke. The shorter girl was on her knees between Julie’s open thighs, and Julie’s skirt was up around her waist. Brooke’s head was bobbing up and down as she licked Julie’s pussy. The blonde girl’s head was rolled back, she had her eyes closed and her mouth open. Julie’s tongue was darting in and out of her mouth, in rhythm with Brooke’s tongue.

I couldn’t help it, I reached for Julie and stroked her cheek. Her eyes flew open, then she smiled and leaned forward to kiss me. Our tongues danced together as River’s mouth closed on my erect nipple. I moaned softly into Julie’s mouth, and she ran her hand through my hair, pulling my face into hers.

River was wasting no time, licking her way down my stomach. She darted her tongue into my navel, flicking it in and out like she was eating a pussy. My hand was in River’s hair, guiding her face downward to where we both needed it. I felt her slide my thong to the side, and heard a soft “Ooooh! Shaved, I love it!” then felt River’s tongue run along my slit. I spread my legs wide, giving her more room.

Soon I felt River’s finger sliding inside my wet pussy, and her tongue dancing all over my clit. My hips were moving by themselves, arching up against her fingers inside me. Julie and I were kissing passionately, her tongue was darting in and out of my mouth. This was the most amazing feeling, being with three sexy girls… I had been with women before, but never three at once.

River’s fingers and tongue were all over my pussy. It was clear that she had done this before, and she had me close to cumming. My hips were pressing up into her face, and my hand was in her hair, pulling her face tight against my pussy. River’s fingers slid deep inside me, and I felt her find my g-spot and flick her fingers across it. I couldn’t help it, I erupted and my juices flowed out over her hand and face. She kept licking and fingering me, and my orgasm went on and on.

Finally I collapsed back against the couch, and lifted her face so we were looking at each other. “No more, baby, please stop…” She crawled up next to me, and we kissed. I could smell and taste my juices all over her face, and I wanted to give her the same pleasure she had given me.

Next to us, Julie was moaning and grinding her hips into Brooke’s face. The shorter girl had found a dildo and was sliding it in and out of Julie’s pussy as she sucked and licked her clit. I reached over and took Julie’s erect nipple between my fingers, pulling and twisting it. River reached over and did the same with Julie’s other nipple. I leaned over so my face was next to Julie’s, and started whispering into her ear, running my tongue around inside it.

“Such a sexy girl… Cum for us, Julie, cum for all of us… This is so hot, baby, being here with you and Brooke and River, I’ve wanted you for sooooo long…”

Julie was panting and arching her hips up against Brooke’s face. Her body stiffened and her breath came in staccato bursts, “Uhh-uhh-uhh-uhh…” as her spasms shook her body. Julie had her hand in Brooke’s hair, at first clamping the shorter girl’s face against her pussy, then as she relaxed, stroking Brooke’s hair.

Brooke raised her head and looked at me with a big smile. Her face was glistening with Julie’s juices, coating her lips and chin. She said, “Let’s all go to the bedroom, we can all get more comfortable there…”

We spent the rest of the night together, all four of us in that large bed. River and I see each other regularly now, and some times I go visit Julie and Brooke. Julie is such a hottie, I am crazy about her. But I won’t do anything to come between her and Brooke…

* * * * *

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