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Jason Does the Old Dyke

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You don’t have to have read Beach Stud to enjoy this one.

Jason scrolled down the screen, saw the current price of the shares he had been following and hit the buy button. They were just a tad over $1.05 and had dropped from $4.85 in a week. He bought 200,000 and knew that in less than a week, given the asset backing of the company, he would clear a quarter of mil, minimum.

Sighing he leant back in the chair and considered what he was going to do for the rest of the day. The beach was out, rainy and blowing. He could go down the pub and pick up some beach bunny for a shag or two, but their conversation was mind numbingly boring. Emnem this, Emnem that. Certainly not music. Boring repititious little prick. Still, his own parents had been ostracised by his grandparents over the Beatles and the Stones. How about the librarian? It had been a week since he had bounced her wonderfully bulging bod about the bed. Nah, she was away on some course or other. What about the old sheila from the prawn trawlers? He’d enjoyed a pre-dawn attempted emascalation by that horny bitch Sylvia the day before and she was now out for three days chasing a big school of prawns.

The door bell rang. Jason wondered who it could be. The house was fairly well secluded and the only female other than the cleaning lady who knew about its location was the librarian, and she was out of town.

Wearing only a pair of board shorts, Jason answered the door. It was Michelle who liked to be called Mickey, the prawn skipper’s girlfriend – short, dumpy and mean eyed with plain looks. Sylvia, the trawler owner was a big woman, easily 6 feet and somewhere in her late fifties. Mickey was a foot shorter and in her mid forties. She had dark curly hair cut short and fierce brown eyes. She had used a knife twice before; once on a delightful femme visitor to the town whom Sylvia had lusted after in the hotel bar one afternoon. And once on a big tough biker that had developed a letch for Sylvia after she flashed her magnificent tits once too often. Mickey had a knife scar on one corner of her mouth that gave her a permanent half smile. And she had got that in a prison fight. Tough cookie, Mickey, definitely not to be messed with – a pit bull terrier. Jason just knew she had found out about him and Sylvia.

“You’re Jason, aren’t you,” Mickey said in her quiet voice. A snow capped volcanoe.

“Yep. What can I do for you? Mickey isn’t it?”

“Is there any reason why I shouldn’t cut your balls off, that is if I can find them, and slice them up like radishes.” She glared at him, hands on her substantial hips, the front of her shapeless sweater heaving. Clearly agitated.

“Why would you want to do that, Mickey,” Jason replied looking completely unconcerned. He was at least fifteen inches taller and despite her bulky figure, had at least 60 pounds on her, and twenty years.

“I saw Sylvia after she got home yesterday morning. I could smell the sex on her even through the smell of prawns. I ripped her pants down and there was some dirty filthy man’s cum dried on her thighs. I got her down with my knee on her throat and opened up her traitorous cunt, and more of it spilled out.” She glared up at the handsome, dark tanned Jason. “While I had a knife at her tit, she told me everything, you bastard. How could you, you slimy prick? Everybody knows she’s mine and everybody knows what I’ve done to keep her.”

Jason folded his arms and leant against the door, completely unconcerned. “Gee, Mickey, I knew you had left a brand or two on her, I saw the hickeys on her tits. Marvellous tits, aren’t they? As for who fucked who – that’s entirely debatable cos she fucks like a mink.” Jason saw Mickey’s eyes narrow and knew what was coming. She may have had her hands on her hips but the knife had to be handy. He decided to bait her some more, and threw in the clincher. “Mind you, she did say that she needed a decent orgasm because she sure wasn’t getting it from you.”

The volcano erupted. The wicked looking fishermans knife, razor sharp on one side and serrated on the other flashed at Jason’s washboard stomach. With the speed of a striking snake, Jason grabbed her wrist and turned so the knife missed, and pulled her past him. Using his hip as leverage, he used her momentum to to twist and throw her onto her back. A split second later he had her on her front on the carpet, her knife hand twisted forcibly up behind her back. He sat heavily on her meaty thighs and applied brutal pressure to her wrist until the knife spilled free. Grabbing it, he flung it to the other side of the room. She moaned loudly and wriggled to escape, the fire of fight still running in her veins.

“Lay still, you crazy bitch. Betcha didn’t know about the black belt in Judo, did you?” he grunted. She continued to try to rise, and in doing so, rolled her large solid arse against his cock that amazingly started to harden. His blood was racing with adrenalin as well. He reached behind him and found the pack of cable ties he used for his garbage. Jason pulled one off, and grabbing her other hand, swiftly tied her two thumbs together. “Now settle down, Mickey, or I will hurt you, I promise.”

Mickey still wriggled about trying to dislodge him from her thighs. Jason cursed as his hardened cock became more rigid and he reached into his boardies to straighten it up. She could see him out of one eye, her cheek pressed to the carpet. “You fucking bastard. Let me up or I swear I’ll cut you to pieces.”

“Cut it out Mickey. You haven’t a hope. Why don’t you lie there like a good fat dyke and calm down. You won’t be using a knife on me ever. Actually, I’d better make sure you don’t have another one on you somewhere.”

“Don’t touch me you bastard, and get off me.”

Jason ignored her. She was wearing a bulky sweater that had ridden up over jeans. He leaned back and rubbed his hands all over her big arse, slowly and carefully. He reached under her and undid her top button and slid the zipper down. He tried to search between her legs but she ground her pelvis to the carpet. He sat up and worked her jeans down over her hips revealing a pair of exotic purple panties straining to hold her lush hips and arse. Putting his knee in her back, he worked them off her strong thighs, past dimpled knees and off over her trim ankles. She wore an anklet. He flipped her sandals off and turned to survey her pantie encrusted arse.

“My, what expensive underwear we have, Mickey, and very pretty too. Knowing you, you’ve probably got a cut throat razor up your twat. Hold still while I get these off.”

“Leave me alone, you filthy cunt!” she screeched, as she felt her underwear being pulled down her thighs and removed. “No useless man has ever touched me there. You do and you will pay for it.”

The twin pale moons of her arse were quite an erotic sight. Jason laughed at her, and smacked her right cheek hard leaving a big red hand print. “I’ve never been into S/M, but you could drive me to it. How about it, Mickey? A good whipping on your butt.” He whacked a matching hand print on the other cheek making her squirm some more.

“Stop wriggling you crazy lezzo bitch. You’re giving me a diamond splitter of a hard on. Let’s check what you’ve got up your snatch.” She turned her face to the carpet and moaned as his hand snuck under her paunchy tummy and forced it’s way down to her hairy mons. “Quite a mop of pussy fir, you have there, Mickey. Spread ‘em.” She clenched her thigh muscles together to deny his fingers entrance to her vagina.

Jason leaned up and forced a knee between her thighs while pulling quite a number of her pubes free. The sudden pain and the knee were enough. There wasn’t much of gap at the top of her thighs, but enough for him to use two fingers to part her pussy lips and the long middle finger of the other to enter her. She gasped and laid still, trying to tighten her cuntal muscles. The finger forced its way in further than any of her girlfriends had been and started to massage the mucus lined walls.

“I can’t find anything Mickey, but I’d better make sure.” Jason started to move his finger in and out and as her cunt started to moisten, slipped another one in. He twisted his hand so that he caressed her frontal wall, home of the alleged G spot. Whatever it was, it was a smooth lump and he massaged it rythmically and heard her begin to pant.

“Stop it, you bastard. That’s for girls only, you demented whore chaser.”

“Tsk, tsk, Mickey. I do believe you’re enjoying this, you dirty little dyke. And what’s this? Why, it’s an erect clit, you sex mad woman, you.” Driving the fingers of one hand in and out of her cunt more rapidly, feeling the pulsing maw of her cervix with his middle finger, Jason pinched, caressed and squeezed her prominent clit with the fingers of the other hand, his face buried between her shoulder blades, his rigid dick pressed into the crack of her naked arse. Unconsciously, her hips started to move up and down in time with his digital thrusts and she came, uncontrollably, hot female cum deluging his digits.

She moaned angrily. “Oh, you bastard, you bastard.” Over and over, sobbing quietly.

Jason slipped his drenched fingers out of her still pulsating cunt and licked them noisily to let her know what he was doing. “So juicy, Mickey. So sweet. I bet all the girls say that. I bet you give them a right shower of cunt juice, don’t you sweetheart. Oops, I haven’t checked to see if the razor is up your arse.”

“Well, it bloody well isn’t, you mindless deviate.”

“Tsk, tsk Mickey. Mindless deviate, eh? I’ll remember that. Mind you, I don’t really want to put my nice clean finger up your smelly arsehole. But, I’d better check that you don’t have a shiv taped to your tits.” Jason rolled the bulky sweater up her back. Her spine was indented but her waist was not. He grabbed a roll of lard and squeezed. “Mickey, Mickey, we need to work out a bit.” The cable tie was going to be a problem. He pushed the body of the sweater up and over her head until she lay on it, her smooth white back bare. Quickly, he untwisted the tie and then rapidly released the sweater from one arm, then the other before putting the tie back on her thumbs. He rolled her over on to her back, keeping control of her by using his strong thighs around her middle.

The sweater was left on the carpet and Jasons eyes flared as her massive, round tits came into view, rolling and swaying as they settled on her chest falling weightly to rest on her upper arms. They were glorious examples of womanhood. Big, full, creamy, topped with angry red nipples the size of strawberries. And shaped like them too. Conical, proud of her small areolae by an inch, red and angry. “Gee, Mickey, for a dirty dyke, you’ve got fabulous tits.” Jason was eyeing them and licking his lips. “I thought lezzos were supposed to be titless wonders with moustaches. One of my hands couldn’t hold one of these monsters, and look at those amazing nipples, you horny bitch. I bet a lot of the girls have sucked on those. Now me.”

“Ooohh, stop it you moron, you man. Stop it at once. Get off my tits, you big baby.”

Jason had swooped on her left breast, and gathering as much as he could in both hands, bent and sucked the prominently angry nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue back, over and around the roughened surface. He let go with one hand and reached for the other nipple, tweaking and rubbing, then swapping fingers for mouth, mouth for fingers.

Beneath him, eyes hot and angry, Mickey groaned as shafts of delight penetrated to her clit, steaming and unattended. “You bastard, you bastard,” she moaned over and over again as Jason’s roughened tongue wrenched unwilling tingles of delight from her. Unbidden, her cuntal walls clenched and she felt herself cum. Her tits had always been sensitive and the filthy dirty bastard had found her major trigger.

Jason surveyed the enormous ripe and now angry nipples. He had felt her shudder through another orgasm. He leaned back and thust a finger into her steamy cunt. “Two cums, you hot lusty bitch, and with a man too. You want to be careful Michelle, they’ll drum you out of the dykes den if they find out you’ve been having orgasms brought on by a mere male.” He laughed uproariously at his joke.

“Don’t call me Michelle, you miserable worm. Now get off me. You are going to pay, buddy, pay when I cut that useless dick off, I swear.”

“Useless is it? Mmm. It is about time it enjoyed itself. Starting with a tit fuck between those gorgeous melons of yours.” Jason reached forward and pulled her massive mammaries up to vertical revealing a deep creamy cleft. He hunched forward driving his huge angry cock into the waiting divide. His copious pre-cum and her sweat serving to lubricate it nicely. Jason started moving it slowly back and forth, revelling in the sexy soft tit flesh that massaged his rigid prong so beautifully.

“You know Michelle,” he grunted, “I’ve had a few tit fucks in my time. I’ve had a couple with Sylvia and a few old tarts about the place. Fucked a Swiss piece just last week while her old man looked on. Then I fucked her daughter. Shit she had really nice firm melons. But, hey, yours are the best so far. Shit, I can’t even get my cock out the end for you to suck, they’re that big. And I’m not small. Don’t you wish you could suck, darling?”

“My name’s Mickey, you slime. The last thing on earth I would want to do is put that repulsive thing in my mouth. Get yourself off, then get off me. I swear, I will cut it off, you rapist,” she growled. Actually, still tingling from the aftermath of her last orgasm, she was warming up to another. His hands were caressing her breasts and his fingers were tweaking her huge nipples. The feeling generated by the extremely hot cock flesh sliding slowly in and out of her cleavage was actually very nice. In fact very, very nice. She looked and could just see the huge purple head appear at the wrinkled top of her cleavage, the eye opening and closing, and leaking pearly drops of viscous fluid. In spite of herself, her cunt spasmed again.

“Came again, didn’t you Michelle, you horny cunt. I think you like this more than you’re letting on. I’m building up to a beauty and you get to have it all. How about I hose it all over your gorgeous tits? Or, all over your dirty dyke cunt?”

“Don’t you dare, you swine. Why don’t you suck it yourself, you arsehole. I don’t want the filthy stuff anywhere near me.”

Jason started to move faster and faster, punching into her bulging tits. “I know,” he said, “all over your ugly dial.” He dropped her tits and hunched forward towards her wide eyed angry face. “Cop a load of this.” Jason spunked a rope of semen straight at her forehead and watched it stripe down over one eye to her cheek as she tried to turn away at the last moment. He gripped the prepuce with the fingers of one hand and stemmed the flow. Grasping her cheeks, he forced her mouth open then directed more semen into her mouth, ignoring her gagging, while the slowing spurts turned to huge drops that he massaged out of his stem. He was panting hard. It was a wonderful orgasm, enriched by the sight of her hugely embarassed face covered with sperm and painted all over her tongue and lips. He grabbed her nose. “Swallow it, bitch, swallow, or you’ll never breathe again.”

She swallowed the huge deposit in her mouth and just prevented herself from gagging, there was so much of it. The salty tang was not actually unpleasant and she set about licking it off her lips and as much as she could from her cheek. Inexplicably, she wanted more. Shame she couldn’t lick it off her eye.

Jason slapped his half hard cock onto her lips. “Clean this off and don’t even think of biting.” He swiped it all around her mouth.

Amazingly, she did. Her agile tongue, veteran of thousands of pussy lickings, did somersaults all over his prick, seeking out every vestige of his spunk. Her mouth closed on his cock head and sucked out the remainder. Jason, his hand ready to strike, was thrilled with the highly sensitive sensation of her sucking and running her tongue around his helmet. His hairy balls were enjoyably nestled in her slimy cleavage and he was still coming down from his orgasm.

“Oooohhh, that’s very good, Michelle. I think I’ll let you suck my cock any time you like, you ugly horny bitch.”

A flush of tears filled her eyes. “You think I’m that ugly, do you? Tell me I’m an ugly, ugly cock sucking whore, go on you bastard.”

Jason leaned forward and wiped his cum from her forehead and out of her eye, then wiped it on her lips. Unconsciously, she licked his finger and her lips.

“Nah, not really, not now. You’ve lost that mean look and your eyes are really quite nice. Tell me Michelle, haven’t you ever been with a man before?”

She blinked, and a tear rolled down her face. “I was raped by my grandfather, somebody I loved and trusted, when I was thirteen. That did me for men. Women are much nicer.” Suddenly, she glared at him. “But you raped me, you bastard, you did,” she said accusingly.

“Yeah, but you enjoyed it. Came all over the place. I”m going to have to get the carpet dry cleaned. I can see you really hated it.”

Michelle looked abashed. “Um, yeah. I guess so. I think you pushed the right buttons, but it was probably a one off. It will never happen again.” She sighed.

“Bullshit! I think you’re just naturally horny. Let’s up with you and we’ll have a shower,” Jason retorted. He stood and hauled her to her unsteady feet, her massive unfettered breasts rolling and swaying to rest half way down her paunchy stomach. She leaned against him as he reached behind her and undid the cable tie. Her hands dangled tingling pins and needles. Jason massaged her shoulders and upper arms and the tingling disappeared.

“Come on, into the shower with you.” He turned her and pushed her through some doors into a luxurious shower with a spa. Once in the shower, he grabbed a bar of soap, and, turning her away from him, soaped her shoulders and back down to the cheeks of her lush arse. He slipped his hands between her upper thighs, and gently rubbed his soap filled hand back a forth between her squidgy cunt lips. She leaned back against his hairy chest becoming aroused by the insistent rubbing. He switched to her front and gathered up her awesome breasts, soaping and slithering, under, around and over, feeling her nipples become engorged. He soaped under each armpit and then down to her bushy pubis. Jason was Mr. Slowhands and was enjoying himself immensely. So was his dick which had risen and was pushing into her arse cleft. While soaping her twat, he surreptiously diddled her suddenly erect clit and heard her sigh, her hands coming up to cup and massage her massive tits.

“You bastard, Jason,” she murmured. “I hate to admit it but you are turning me on. Teach me how to enjoy a fuck with a man, will you.” A pause. “Please,” grudgingly.

“You’re on. I guess I owe you for the way I roughed you up.”

They dried and he led her into his bedroom. “Bloody hell,” she exclaimed, “what a seduction palace this is.”

Jason was proud of his bedroom but rarely brought any women there preferring not to let many know where he lived. “Yeah, well feel privileged woman. Not even Sylvia has been here.” He gazed at her, looking for some sign of anger at the mention of the name.

Michelle gazed up at him. “I guess you think I’m a fool. I love the woman, and now you’ve made me confused. But then again, you haven’t fucked me yet and I still bet I won’t get off on it.”

“We’ll see. I’m going to suck your juicy big clit. But before I do, I want you to get me nice and hard.”

She got to her knees and took his rock hard shaft in her hands. “I don’t think it will get any harder.” She licked up the big vein underneath to the helmet with its very pronounced ridge.

“That’s right, darling, like a giant lollipop.” Jason held her head and urged her on. She licked up and down a few times then sucked the knob swirling her tongue into the eye and around the sensitive glans. Fondling his duck egg sized balls, she looked up at him to see if she was doing it right. She was. “You learn fast for a dyke whose never had a dick in her mouth before.”

“Don’t get carried away. It’s just like a giant clit. Now me,” she demanded lolling back on the bed.

Jason swiftly knelt and applied his educated tongue to her juicing slit, and quickly realised that it wouldn’t take much to get her to pop. Her outer lips were bulging and her inner lips were bright red and slippery. He reached for her strawberry sized nipples, pinched them hard and gently bit her clit. She went right off, moaning, “you bastard, you bastard, you bloody well got me off …… again!! I don’t believe it. Now fuck me!”

Jason couldn’t wait either. Swiftly he pushed her up the bed until her head was on the pillows, then pushed her raised knees apart and pushed between them. Unerringly, his huge cockhead found the entrance to heaven and slid in like a docking space station. She was hot and tight and gasped loudly as he hit bottom.

“Good grief!! It feels better than Sylvia’s dildo. It’s hot, so hot.”

Jason mashed his chest against her heaving breasts, and grasping her lush arse cheeks in his huge hands, commenced fucking her with powerful lengthy strokes, varying the depth, the angle and the speed. She had her arms around his neck, her ankles crossed behind his bum, moaning and grimacing with ecstasy.

“This is good, so fuuuuuucking good. More, oh more, you big cocked bastard. Give me mooooooorrrrre!!!”

Jason felt her inundate his driving prick and stopped shafting her, letting her soak. When the trembling died down, he whipped her over onto her knees, parted them and sank home into her pulsating maw. He reached under her and grabbed her dangling melons and used them to pull himself into her. Faster and faster he fucked his cock into her until she screeched his name and wailed. Faster and faster until he was hammering, feeling the spunk gather and shoot fiery bullets of cum deep into her depths.

He slumped on her back and she fell forward onto the pillows.

They rolled onto the backs and he slid his arm under neck. She nestled close and looked up at him. “You win. My name is Michelle and I do like cock – well, yours anyway. Don’t you tell anybody. A girl’s got to maintain a reputation around town. But, it’s going to be awfully difficult to give up Sylvia.”

“Hell, I’m not asking you to give up Sylvia. In fact, why don’t you and I give her a surprise when she gets back.”

Her eyes brightened. “Ooooh yes. What a great idea. In the meantime, how long before we can fuck again?”

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