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Jasmine’s Long Distance Jollies

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Jasmine couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so desirable.

It had been at least 6 or 7 years since her husband had shown any sort of affection, and both of the short-lived affairs she had engaged in, had done nothing to quell the longing within her.

She was a 44 year old woman who had started to believe that by accepting the twin positions of wife and mother, she no longer had the right to be looked upon as a sexual being.

Marriage and motherhood had thrown a veil over her which made her invisible to prospective admirers, but it had not stopped that inner voice which at first had whispered,

“I need to be held and loved”.

As time passed and her frustration increased, that voice seemed to grow louder until the initial whisper had turned into a scream of,

“somebody please fuck me!” She had to laugh now when she thought of how loud that cry for attention must have been, because not only had someone responded to it but it had carried across an entire ocean and had brought her to where she now found herself, naked in a Florida hotel room with a married man’s cock in her mouth and his wife’s tongue in her pussy!

Even in the midst of this surreal scene she couldn’t help but think back to how all this had come about.

A few years earlier, Jasmine had made a number of decisions which were to have a major influence on the direction her life would take from that point on. One of those decisions involved her faith in God and the other her faith in humanity.

Like so many others before her, she had experienced all the usual trials and tribulations of a young woman growing up, and having lost her virginity at an early age, she suffered periods of self doubt which caused a brief flirtation with the idea of suicide. Thankfully, she somehow got through that period of her life but not totally unscathed. A number of emotional scars remained which she carried into adulthood.

When she eventually married and became a mother, it was difficult to predict anything other than a happy loving future for her and her family. However as time progressed, the initial passion she shared with her husband began to fade and was replaced with a brother/sister relationship, where her husband satisfied his needs using alcohol and she struggled to cope with her own needs and desires which were being neglected.

She eventually reached her breaking point and looked elsewhere for affection and excitement. She started communicating with a guy through a dating website and eventually agreed to meet with him.

This relationship however had not been created by a Hollywood scriptwriter, so their clandestine meetings were restricted to backseat blowjobs while parked in a local cemetery. Fear of being caught added to the adrenaline rush and although both felt a certain amount of guilt, they agreed that they were simply using one another to satisfy unfulfilled needs.

A steamy night in an hotel room was filled with passion and lust and years of longing were forgotten as her lover drove his hard cock into her dripping pussy. Jasmine had yearned for love and attention but most of all she wanted pure unadulterated raw sex. She loved to give what she called “mind-blowing BJ’s”, and her new lover was only too happy to be on the receiving end of a number of these specialities.

Unfortunately, as is true of so many things which burn brightly, they have a limited lifespan and Jasmine was devastated when her lover could no longer ignore guilty feelings regarding his own marriage. He had to put an end to their short relationship and devote his time and energy to repairing his union with his wife.

Although short, their relationship had left a lasting legacy because as well as the great sense of loss and anger that Jasmine now felt, she also began to consider another aspect of her life which her lover had rekindled – her Christian faith.

Jasmine’s relationship with God had developed over the years almost as a mirror image of her marriage, except in this case she knew that God was the one waiting for her to pay attention to him. He had never neglected her in the way her husband had and recent discussions with her lover about his own Christian beliefs had reminded her of this.

She was once again feeling abandoned and alone and the spectre of suicide raised its ugly head once more. She had suffered numerous health problems over the years and endless tests, visits to hospital and various procedures all added to the great weight now pressing down on her.

Reaching out in desperation, she found sanctuary in her faith and gradually began to see light at the end of a very long tunnel. She could not however, ignore the fact that her basic animal desires, once again had no outlet. No matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to block out that inner voice demanding that someone, somewhere would take her in their arms, caress her breasts and taste the joys of her welcoming pussy. That conflict between her revitalised faith and the longing to be fucked would add to her woes for many months.

Her previous success in meeting someone through a website encouraged her to make another attempt and she began to exchange messages with a couple of guys. However, as one of these men lived on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland, she resigned herself to chatting with him as a friend but was surprised by how openly and honestly she was able to discuss all her dreams and desires with her new friend. The distance between them allowed them to develop their friendship and say whatever they wanted without the pressure of meeting.

This particular guy was also having difficulties in his marriage but in a different way. Like Jasmine, his wife had a number of health issues and as a result their sex life was non-existent.

Don and Jasmine found that they had quite a bit in common and over the next few months exchanged instant messages, e-mails and then pictures. Don was enjoying the new experience of having an online friend who was prepared to listen to his problems as well as sharing so much intimate detail about her own life. He had never been tempted to cheat on his wife and was determined that he would never put himself in that position but he had to admit a growing connection between himself and Jasmine.

He had ventured into online chatting as a way of escaping the constant frustration he was feeling due to the lack of sexual activity with his wife. He still loved her deeply but needed an outlet for his frustration. Looking at porn and submitting erotic stories to a website had helped but what he really needed was someone to talk to.

In a way he needed to have his ego massaged because after almost 20 years of marriage and 15 of those years with little or no physical contact, he had begun to question his manhood. Jasmine wanted to be treated as a woman and Don wanted someone to see him as a man, so in a way it was an ideal relationship even if it was destined to remain a virtual one.

Meanwhile Jasmine was also exchanging messages with a second guy closer to home and she was finding it difficult to decide whether to meet with him or not. That inner conflict about the rights and wrongs of the situation was still raging until eventually she could take it no longer and filled with a new determination, arranged a rendezvous.

As with her previous lover, they met in his vehicle and while they could have pretended that they were both happy to just sit and talk, they were both adult enough to know that they had gone beyond that stage and after a short chat Jasmine found herself with a long thick cock in her mouth. Nothing gave her more pleasure than being able to get a guy off that way but unfortunately on that occasion, he was not able to return the favour due to time restrictions.

During this period, Jasmine ventured into a couple of new areas which she had never explored before. Don’s admission that he had written erotic stories led her to the website where he had submitted them and after reading his stories, quickly found herself becoming obsessed with the thousands of other submissions she found there.

Hardly a day went by without her reading a number of stories, mostly about mature women to which she could relate but she also took an interest in stories involving group sex. She wondered what it would be like to have two guys pleasuring her at once and she even thought about the possibility of experiencing another woman.

As Jasmine read through the vast number of stories, she would subconsciously allow her free hand to find its way into her panties and before long she would be rubbing her clit furiously while imagining herself in some of these situations. She would insert a couple of fingers in her pussy and pretend that it was some guys cock, maybe even Don’s which she had seen in one of the pictures he had sent her.

The other new thing she tried was shaving her pussy which she knew that her new lover wanted her to do. The act of shaving was arousing enough but the thought of having a tongue exploring her new smooth cunt had her dripping with anticipation.

Although she was still frustrated at not being fucked on a regular basis, the attention she was receiving not only from Don and this other guy but from a third guy who she now enjoyed chatting to, was boosting her self-belief. She no longer had any reason to feel alone, and although she didn’t know it at the time, things were about to take a very interesting turn.

During an online chat with Don one evening, Jasmine was feeling extremely horny and as they casually discussed sending each other some more intimate photos, Jasmine bemoaned the fact that they were so far apart and hinted at what she could do if they were in the same room together. They joked about involving Don’s wife in a threesome and unknowing to either of them, planted the seeds of an idea which would grow and mature over the next few months.

In an attempt to improve their failing sex life, Don and his wife May decided to spice things up a little by taking some naked pictures of each other. Don had already taken some of himself previously without May’s knowledge and had shared these with Jasmine. Up to this moment, May was not aware of Jasmine’s existence at all.

For reasons unknown to even himself, Don decided one day to send some of these intimate pictures of his wife to Jasmine. She was shocked to receive them but at the same time intrigued. Her continued obsession with reading the erotic stories had left her much more open minded about possible liaisons and looking at close-ups of May’s juicy cunt were arousing new feelings of desire within her. She began masturbating while imagining herself licking and teasing that beautiful clit with the same skill that made her blowjobs so good.

As she traced her finger around her own clit she dreamed of May’s fingers touching her in the same way. As she continued to rub and stimulate herself she had a sudden image of both herself and May naked together with Don looking on while stroking his cock. It was all too much for her and she moaned loudly as she came, her body drenched in sweat and shaking with pleasure.

She admitted to Don about her feelings and Don in turn confessed to having the same mental images as he had jerked off the previous night.

Numerous e-mail, message and photo exchanges later and the inevitable happened. May was searching online while booking a vacation in Florida, and found a file on the computer where Don stored all the pictures they had taken of one another.

Without thinking, she opened the file just to look back on some of their earlier attempts and was surprised that there seemed to be a lot more pictures than she remembered taking, or posing for.

On further examination she was shocked to find some of Don that she knew she hadn’t taken and also a separate folder containing images of Jasmine. She had to confront Don about what exactly was going on. She knew that her poor health meant that intercourse with Don was extremely painful and she was just as frustrated as he was about their lack of intimacy. Oral sex was an option but it too had certain restrictions.

She suffered from a delicate bone problem which meant she could dislocate almost any bone or joint in her body with the slightest knock. So even giving a blowjob could be painful and receiving oral was pleasurable only up to the moment she began to climax and her body would automatically tense, bringing a sudden and uncomfortable end to their activity.

She therefore decided to think carefully about her conversation with Don that evening and not just start making blind accusations. They had been married a long time and had never kept secrets from one another. When Don arrived home later that day, May brought up the subject of the pictures and asked who the other lady was and why she was sending him pictures of her tits and pussy.

Don told her about his attempts to relieve his frustration and about his stories which May was not aware of either, and swore to her that he had no intention of cheating on her. He admitted that by sending pictures of himself to Jasmine that he would understand if May thought of that as a form of cheating but when he went on to tell her about Jasmine’s reaction to the pictures of her, May’s breath stopped for an instant and her head began to spin.

“You sent her my pictures?”she asked.

Don could only nod his head as he waited for May to start screaming, but was surprised when her next question was,

“Did she like them?”

Don told her that not only had Jasmine liked her pictures but she was dreaming of a threesome with both of them. May was completely out of her comfort zone here because although she wished that she could be more sexual than she was, and she loved her husband and wanted to see him happy, she had never given any consideration to introducing someone else into their relationship. That was a no go area as far as she was concerned. So why were her panties soaking wet and why did she feel dizzy?

She had never been adventurous where sex was concerned. She was not a prude but she and Don had both been virgins on their wedding night.

“My God Don, she has seen those photographs of me in all those intimate poses and she has been fantasising about us…about me?”

May was confused because Don was nodding and she believed that he was telling the truth, but to have another woman looking at her in that way was beyond her understanding. She should have been disgusted but she knew that the burning sensation in the pit of her stomach and the tingling between her legs had nothing to do with feelings of revulsion. This wasn’t right, she was a mature married woman and mother of three and sex had slipped well down her list of priorities in recent years, because of so many painful experiences.

As the days and weeks passed, Don didn’t speak about any of this with May, deciding instead to let her reach her own conclusions. He continued to communicate with Jasmine and when he informed her of his discussion with his wife, she was keen to know about May’s reaction. Don told her that he wasn’t exactly sure how she had taken the news because there had been no further discussion on the subject.

A few months later and Don and May were making final arrangements for their vacation in Florida. They had been there a number of times before but this would be the first time without the kids. On their previous visits they had rented a villa but this time out they decided to stay in an hotel outside Orlando.

Jasmine knew they would be in Orlando for those two weeks, and in one of her e-mails she joked with Don about meeting up with them, but had never intended her comment to be anything more than a joke.

Don, however, saw this as an opportunity to approach the subject with May because although he wasn’t entirely sure of his wife’s true feelings about his ongoing communication with Jasmine, he felt that he knew May well enough to know when she was holding something back. All he could do was hope that his instinct was right and that the woman he had spent so much of his life with, had genuinely been turned on by their conversation all those months ago. He had suspected at the time that May might have more to say on the subject if she was pressed.

Therefore he told her of Jasmine’s joke about acting on her fantasy and meeting with them while they were in Orlando. May’s would have been lying if she had said she was surprised or shocked because she knew it was only a matter of time before the subject arose again.

She could have used all sorts of excuses for the way she was feeling. She had thought of it quite a bit since the earlier conversation. At first she put it down to wanting to keep her husband happy and allowing him what he had been denied for so long because of her condition, and then she had tried to convince herself that she was at an age where she could be less concerned about other people’s opinions. The truth was however that she was curious.

She was curious to know what it would be like to explore uncharted waters by watching her husband fucking another woman, have that other woman touch and taste her and most of all to have the opportunity to taste her first pussy. She was well aware of her own physical limitations and she was not going to allow those problems to control her any more.

“Fuck it”, she said

“I am pissed off having to say no to everything, so let’s just do it! Nobody will know and we won’t be hurting anyone.”

That was how Jasmine’s years of longing and despair were swept away and as she lay on her back in that Florida hotel room with Don straddling her while she sucked his cock, May was indeed experiencing her first pussy.

Of course it was new territory to all three of them and even after the arrangements had been made and Jasmine had made her excuses to her husband about getting away for a few days, it had not all been plain sailing.

Each of them still had doubts which they had not shared with either of the other parties involved. They all knew that it would almost certainly be a one-off and they would never be in a position to repeat the experience. Jasmine didn’t know how she was going to feel when it was all over. Would she go back to feeling lonely and unappreciated?

May thought about how it might affect her relationship with Don, while her husband had more practical matters to think about. After all he was no porn star and he had not been blessed with an enormous cock. His fairly average 5 inches had never given him any cause for concern before but now he was expected to fulfil every man’s dream and satisfy two women at the same time. Could he perform?

Jasmine arrived at the Hotel where Don and May were staying, just over 48 hours after they themselves had checked in. She hadn’t found it easy to get away from home and in the end had to settle for a two day trip, which didn’t leave much time for formalities.

Although Jasmine and Don had been exchanging messages etc for a couple of years by this stage, they were still technically strangers and when they all met for the first time, there were a few awkward silences as they enquired about each other’s journey and commented on the weather and other trivial matters.

Although they were guests in the same hotel, the two rooms were at opposite sides of the complex so they met initially in the bar, but after an hour, Jasmine decided that as she had only just arrived she needed to return to her room to freshen up. When she told the other two that she would return as soon as possible, Don assumed that this would give him and his wife the opportunity to discuss events so far and whether or not they were going to continue. May had other ideas though.

They were all a long way from home, and they would have little enough time as it was, so May invited Jasmine to come up to their room and freshen up there. Of the three, May had initially been the one who had the most doubts, but now they had crossed some invisible barrier and she had decided to take the initiative.

Once they reached the room they were at a loss as to what should happen next, until Jasmine decided that May’s invitation was a strong enough indication that she was willing to carry on, so walking into the bathroom, Jasmine turned on the shower and began to strip.

She had removed her blouse and was peeling off her shorts when she turned to see May watching her from the door. Silently, May pulled her tee-shirt over her head and then she paused to watch again as Jasmine unclasped her bra and allowed her beautiful breasts to fall free. May removed her own bra baring her tits and without stopping pushed her short skirt and panties off in one movement. Jasmine reached for her own panties and then changed her mind when Don entered the room. She smiled at him and took two steps towards him to allow him to remove her remaining underwear instead.

Don looked at his wife who nodded, and then he reached out and grasping the waistband of Jasmine’s panties, pulled them all the way down and off, to reveal that smooth hairless pussy that he had only seen in pictures before now.

The two women stepped together into the shower and in the few seconds it took Don to get undressed they had begun to caress each other’s naked form under the running water. Don was finding it difficult to hold it together. He was shaking with anticipation and he knew that he would cum at any second. It all seemed so unreal to him, but he wasn’t complaining and as both women held out a hand to him, he stepped into the cubicle beside them.

The shower had not been made for three people, so it was a tight squeeze, but that also meant that they found themselves pressed together and everywhere they reached they found naked flesh. Don kissed his wife before doing likewise to Jasmine and then as he had predicted, he ruined his chances of ever getting a starring role in a porn movie by shooting his load when both women locked lips in a passionate kiss.

Still wet, they left the enclosed shower cubicle and made their way back to the bedroom where Don decided that if he was to be of any benefit to either lady that evening, then he needed to draw back a little and allow them to explore one another’s bodies.

Jasmine and May lay side by side on the bed and Jasmine reached out and caressed May’s breasts which were much smaller than her own, but just as sensitive. May for her part, returned the favour and for the first time in either of their lives, they were being aroused by a member of their own sex.

While Don had been the only other person to touch May’s tits, Jasmine had slightly more experience but never with a woman. She was just as nervous but had no doubt that she had made the right decision by coming here.

May could contain herself no longer and allowed her hands to trace down across Jasmine’s tummy to that inviting area between her legs. Jasmine’s pussy was calling out to be touched and caressed and she rolled onto her back and spread her legs to give her new lover easier access. May’s fingers found her way to the folds of another woman’s pussy for the very first time and it was as if she had gotten an electric shock. She traced her middle finger over the clitoris and when Jasmine arched her back in pleasure, May began to rub that sensitive little nub and was rewarded with moans of pleasure from Jasmine.

As he watched from the sidelines, Don felt himself getting hard again and it took all his willpower not to start stroking his cock, because he didn’t want to waste it. He was so nervous that he had to sit down and all he could think of was that this couldn’t be happening to him. These things never happened to him, but still, there she was, his beautiful wife, naked in bed with another beautiful woman and all he could do was hope that he wasn’t about to wake up any time soon from this dream.

It couldn’t be a dream, could it? A few seconds later as he climbed on the bed and reached out towards the two naked forms before him, that question was answered. It was real!

Jasmine and May moved apart to allow him to lie between them, and May reached out and wrapped her hand around her husband’s stiffness. Jasmine meanwhile took the opportunity to press her lips against Don’s and her tongue found its way into his mouth. May knew that her husband was still being cautious about his actions because he wasn’t sure of her reaction even at this stage, so she took Jasmine’s hand and placed in on Don’s cock and then she walked around the bed and making sure that she was in a comfortable position she leaned in and breathing heavily with excitement, she kissed the outer lips of Jasmine’s pussy.

The taste and smell was intoxicating and was completely unlike kissing her husband’s penis. She continued to gently kiss and tease and then worked her tongue into that same area where her fingers had been just a few moments earlier. It all seemed so unreal but at the same time May realised that she was doing these things without thinking.

She had always been the sort of person who found reasons not to do things and would continuously make excuses, even before her body had decided to put its own limitations on her actions. Right now though, as surreal as this scenario was, it felt so right and so natural that May realised that part of her problem had always been a fear of pain and of getting hurt, and that maybe if she had allowed herself to relax and go with the flow, then she could have experienced many more nights of pleasure before now.

As she continued her oral stimulation she found herself thinking,

“I am licking a fucking pussy, a smooth wet horny pussy and I am loving it!”

Jasmine had no idea what either of her two partners were thinking but she knew that right now she wanted Don’s cock in her mouth. Up to that point the only sound any of them had made were moans of pleasure. None of them had spoken just in case it broke the spell, but Jasmine pulled back from kissing Don and said,

“Move up a little so than I can suck that beautiful dick.”

Don was only too happy to oblige, and he slid further up the bed and gasped in ecstasy when Jasmine’s lips enveloped his tool.

That was the moment when any insecurities or uncertainties Jasmine had been feeling were washed away. She had given lots of blowjobs before but never while she was having her pussy licked. She was in Heaven and she knew that no matter what happened over the coming days, weeks or months, she would always look back at this evening and remember it as the first step in her new life.

She had gone through difficult times and over the years’, her husband’s lack of attention had resulted in her forgetting one very important thing about herself. One thing which she now knew with certainty to be true!

Not only was she a woman but she was a beautiful sexy desirable woman and if her husband couldn’t see that or chose to ignore it, that was his problem. These two friends from so far away had answered her call and with each passing moment and each touch of May’s hand or tongue on her cunt and each jerk of Don’s rigid cock in her mouth, she was drawing further away from her old image of herself and closer to how she really wanted to be.

There were no athletes in that room that night and no stamina records were going to be broken but new ground had been broken. While Don had a number of opportunities to fuck both women that night, they all knew their limitations so when they had explored all the foreplay options and Don, with May’s blessing and assistance, eventually got to fuck Jasmine for the first time, it was in a warm passionate and loving manner.

There were no earth trembling gymnastics, just the sound of Jasmine in the throes of pleasure as Don’s gentle but effective penetration brought her to orgasm. It wouldn’t be her last over the next couple of days but it was the most intense as years of pent-up frustration were released just as her pussy released its heavenly juices.

They spent as much time that evening just holding one another and entwined together as they did actually having sex but it was in those quiet moments that they realised that life would never be the same again.

Don had no doubt now about his ability to please a woman, and all those years of thinking he had failed as a man were now history and he could only see a bright future for himself and May.

He had been watching his wife that evening and she was like a new person, like one who had just been released from confinement, some of which had been self inflicted. He had also experienced another woman for the first time ever and it had been more than just a quick shag. It had really meant something to him that this woman with whom he had been sharing such a long distance relationship had willingly surrendered herself to him. It made their friendship complete.

May in turn had seen her husband throw off the heavy burden he had carried around for so long and she knew that she loved him as much as ever and her realisation that she had taken control of her own body and would never allow it to control her again was as earth shattering as any orgasmic reaction that night.

Jasmine had yearned for this for so long and she knew that it had exceeded her expectations.

Reality was still waiting on her at home but she could face it with a new determination and optimism. She knew now who she truly was and just like May’s self-discovery that night, Jasmine would be returning home a new woman, one who would not be settling for second best any longer.

It had been a major step for her to travel to Orlando that day but it had all been worthwhile.

Jasmine couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so desirable.

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