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Jamie’s New Experience

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Jamie couldn’t believe how she had gotten herself into this situation. The situation being that she was on all fours, licking the asshole of a tight-bodied Asian girl, while she was receiving the fucking of her life from a gorgeous Latina. It felt like that girl was going to split her in half with the strap-on that she was plowing into Jamie’s sloppy wet cunt.

“C’mon and eat that asshole, you filthy bitch!” the Asian girl Lee taunted. The humiliation only served to make Jamie’s pussy wetter, which was quite the feat, considering her juices were already starting to drip along the top of her thighs.

SMACK! The Puerto Rican girl delivered a stinging slap to Jamie’s ass with her right hand as her left held on to Jamie’s blonde ponytail and tugged.

“You’re a sweet little fuck-toy, you know that baby?” That was Dominica. “You just keep licking ass, you slut.” SMACK!

In light of the vigorous fucking she was receiving, the long strokes of the dildo, sliding in and out of her pussy, the musky smell and taste of Lee’s asshole, and the sight of herself in the bedroom mirror, her body slick with sweat, and her nipples tight and erect, it was all too much for Jamie. She could not control herself as she shuddered with orgasm. It was a sensation that seemed to start at the top of her thighs and pulsed in waves up to her throat. She had never before been so completely sexually owned as she had just now. She felt ashamed that she derived so much pleasure from being these girls’ sexual plaything. It was new territory for her to say the least, and as she redoubled her efforts on Lee’s pink bud, she reflected on how she came to be in this position.

Jamie had graduated from college with a teaching degree. A young fresh-faced blonde, looking to make good in her career, she always had an independent streak. Given this independence, it was an easy choice to begin her career in a high school in a low-income area, where committing to a 2-year position would earn her some forgiveness of her student loans. All in all, it wasn’t bad. The school had a lousy reputation, but Jamie went about the job of educating and made the best of it. The biggest change was in her social life. In college, Jamie was always doing something, and not a weekend went by when she didn’t have a date lined up. Her style was a bit preppy, and she still dressed that way. She was a natural beauty and always secretly reveled in the attention that the guys gave her.

But here, in her apartment complex… nothing. No attention, no dates, not even any new friends, really. Then one evening she was in the hall going into her place with a bag of groceries, when the door across from her opened up, and two women emerged, laughing.

The Latina girl was about 5’4″, shorter than Jamie’s 5’8″. The Asian girl was shorter still at about five feet, and slim. In contrast, the Puerto Rican girl could best be described as “thick”. She was strongly built, and Jamie’s initial reaction was that she was some sort of personal trainer. Jamie noticed a beautiful face, and smooth flat abs that were visible under the girl’s belly shirt. Jamie felt a little self-conscious. Usually, she could be confident that she was one of the best looking women in the room, if not the best. She immediately resolved to find a gym.

“What are you, a social worker or something?” the Latina asked. Jamie noticed that her teeth were white, even and straight.

“N-no, I teach at the high school.” Jamie stammered.

“Howdy, teach.” the Asian girl, said. Jamie noticed that her smile was just as beautiful as her friends. “We live right across the hall from you. I’m Lee, and this is Dominica.”

“It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Jamie. I’ve been here a few weeks, and this is the first time I’ve seen you two.” The teacher offered.

Lee looked at Dom and said, “Well, we keep odd hours, but I’m sure we’ll bump into you again.” The comment about the odd hours must have been funny because both girls started laughing as they walked down the hall. Jamie appraised the girls in their tight low-rise jeans, and figured that they must both be about her age. Certainly, they weren’t any older.

Things continued much as they had until a particular Tuesday night. Jamie was in sweats, grading papers when she got a knock on her door.

“Hello again, teach.” Lee sparkled. “We thought we would stop by and say hello.” Jamie saw that Lee and Dom each had a six-pack in their hands.

“Oh great, party girls.” Jamie thought to herself, but she invited them in nonetheless. Again, she felt frumpy. While the girls were dressed down, their tight t-shirts barely covered their lean stomachs, and their lounge pants seemed to accentuate the curves of their toned asses. Jamie sighed to herself and decided that living across the hall from these girls was going to give her serious body image problems.

“I haven’t seen you guys in a while.” She offered.

“Well, we work nights.” Dominica said.

“Both at the same place?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah,” Lee spoke, “we dance at ‘Intrigue’. It’s a club in town. We’re strippers.”

“Well, you both have the looks for it. I’m starting to feel self conscious.” Jamie said, and rather coolly she thought. She was taken aback that these girls danced naked in public. Even more vexing to her was the fact that they lived across the hall.

“You aren’t freaked out that we strip, are you?” Dom asked. “I would understand it if you were. Most people aren’t really cool with it.

In truth, Jamie was freaked out by it. “Not at all.” She bluffed. “Give me a little credit. I’m not some backward rube. You’re both adults and I wouldn’t want to judge your choices.” Right after she said that, Jamie felt she could believe that sentiment. Maybe. Regardless, the tension that had built up when the girls reveled their jobs dissipated a bit.

“That’s so cool. When Lee and I met you in the hall, we both thought you looked like you were really nice. I guess you can judge a book by its cover.” Dom said.

With that, the girls started drinking a few beers and talking girl-talk. A couple of hours later, Jamie looked at the time. “Oh my gosh!” she said, “I have school tomorrow. Can we pick this up some other time?” She said, meaning it truthfully.

“Sure, we’ll get out of your hair, teach.” Lee said. As the girls got to the door, they leaned into Jamie and each gave her a brief peck on the lips. Jamie thought to herself that the girls both smelled terrific. She hoped she’d just met a couple of new friends. With that, she stripped off her sweats, set her alarm, and crawled underneath her covers.

The girls settled into a routine where they would bring a sixer over to Jamie’s about once a week, always on a weekday, as weekends were money time at the club. Jamie found herself looking forward to the company and quickly grew fond of her neighbors. Jamie also noted that these girls were worlds apart from her college friends, not only in their thinking, but also in their attitudes.

Jamie noticed that Lee and Dom were very confident. This was something that Jamie attributed to their dancing. Certainly. The girls were confident with their bodies. Lounge pants and tight t-shirts were the order of the day during the girl’s visits, but sometimes Lee or Dom would wear shorts. This particular Thursday, both wore shorts, and frankly, Jamie was a bit flustered at the girl’s choice. The shorts themselves looked like tight running shorts, with the added feature of having most of the girls’ cheeks hanging out of the bottom. Jamie was wearing lounge pants, but felt like she was dressed in a three-piece suit compared to what the girls had on.

“Cest la vie.” She thought to herself, as she chatted with her friends. This was a capital night because Jamie had the following day off, and was able to “hen it up” with the girls, and even drink a couple more than she usually did.

Jamie had gotten used to the idea of the girls as strippers, and was always asking them questions about their work. “Is it scary?” “Do the guys get boners?” “How much do you make?” “What do you have to do for the money?”

By now, the girls were well into their beers when the last question came up. “Lap dances are where the money is at.” Lee offered.

“Only if you’re good at them.” Dom teased.

“Fuck you, bitch. You know I give the best damn lap dance in that club.” Lee shot back, laughing.

By this time Jamie was laughing as well. She always got a kick out of her foul-mouthed friends “colorful” language.

“Whore, please. My lap dances are legendary. Just ask anyone.” Dom spat back, feeling playful.

“No, we won’t ask anyone. We’ll ask teach.” Lee said.

“Oh no you don’t. You’re not sticking me into the middle of this!” Jamie giggled.

“Why not? It’s perfect. You always wanted to know what we do, and now you can be our judge.” Dom decided. She crossed the room to the iPod dock and queued up an R&B song. Dom then lowered the lights and informed Lee that since she laid down the challenge, she could go first.

Jamie was a bit stunned. She didn’t seem to have a say in this. Dom sat in an overstuffed chair by the couch and watched as Lee climbed into Jamie’s lap. Jamie could feel Lee’s muscular thighs on either side of hers. What struck her immediately was the heat from Lee’s body. That, and the sudden intimate physical contact, sent Jamie’s head swimming. It was when Lee began to push her bubble ass into the young blonde’s crotch, that Jamie began to panic and moved to get up. Lee sensed her movement, and turned around and pushed Jamie farther down into the couch. She reached behind the teacher’s head, grabbed a fistful of blonde locks, and whispered, “Stay right there, bitch.” Jamie was worried, because it seemed that things started to progress from playful, to something a little more serious. She was also worried because her body immediately responded to Lee’s rough treatment. Lee was straddling Jamie, facing her and looking deep into her eyes. Their lips were almost touching and Jamie could feel the beautiful Asian girls hot breath on her own mouth as Lee continued to grind her crotch into Jamie’s. Lee grabbed the young preppy teacher’s hands and placed them on her shorts-covered ass cheeks. To Jamie, up until then, nothing had ever felt as sexy.

Her face now close to Jamie’s ear, Lee continued to whisper, “That’s right, you dirty bitch. You like grabbing other girls asses, don’t you?”

Jamie was lost in ecstasy when Dominica clapped her hands and shouted, “Time!” Lee gave Jamie an oddly chaste kiss on the cheek and got up laughing.

“Good.” Lee said, “If I stayed on her any longer, that nasty girl would have fallen in love with me.” With that, Dom started in. She didn’t immediately touch Jamie. Instead, she danced in front of her letting the sexed-up educator get an eyeful as the Latina peeled off her t-shirt exposing her muscled torso and bra. Dom’s erect nipples threatened to poke through the silky material of her brassiere and Jamie was transfixed. Dom faced her and straddled her. The teacher instinctively started to grind her crotch into the Puerto Rican, having been teased by Lee and looking for a release.

“Fuck, this bitch is humping me!” Dominica said more to herself than to anyone else. Dom looked at the blonde and commanded, “Touch me.” It was all the instruction that Jamie needed. She explored the Latina’s smooth, toned body with her hands as Dom planted baby kisses on her neck and ears while whispering, “You dirty slut. We’ve got men in the club that don’t get ass turned on as you are right now. You like pretty girls, you nasty bitch?”

At this point, Dom’s verbal abuse, and the closeness and warmth of her body were driving Jamie into a frenzy. The young teacher was openly dry humping the athletic brunette with abandon when Lee shouted, “Time’s up!”

Dom leaped off the couch and turned up the lights a bit. Jamie’s heart was racing and she was panting and trying to collect herself when Dom pointed to the blonde’s crotch and yelled triumphantly, “Ha, look at that wet spot on this slut.”

“Yeah, a wet spot that I’m responsible for! That bitch was going like Niagara Falls before you even jumped on.” Lee countered, no ready to concede the contest just yet.

Jamie clasped her thighs shut at the mention of the huge wet spot on the front of her lounge pants. She was beyond embarrassed. The two girls were exposing her for a slut, and treating her like an object. She sat silently as the two scantily clad girls preened over their prowess. She observed that Lee had developed a small wet spot herself, and Dom’s nipples were so hard that they looked painful, as one peeked it’s way past her bra. The stripper’s conversation turned from mild argument to hushed sidebar, and this change in tone seemed to present itself to Jamie as a good time to compose herself. She moved to get up, and Lee said, “Stay right there. We’re not done.”

Without any thought or argument. Jamie complied. Part of her was intimidated. These girls were a lot more forceful than the sorority sisters she used to hang out with, and she was a little afraid of what might happen if she disagreed. But another part of her was curious. She had never been so turned on. Not ever. She was usually pretty reserved, but within the time span of two songs, she was dry humping someone in her living room. She wanted to know what they were going to do to her.

Now the two strippers were talking as if Jamie as if she wasn’t there. “I know that I give a good lap dance, but that bitch was way fucking horny.” Lee put in.

“No shit. She was humping the fuck out of me.” Dom added.

“Well what should we do? We shouldn’t leave her like this, she’s fucking pathetic.” Lee sneered.

“I’ll take care of her, but she’s going to have to ask for it.” Dom volunteered.

“What if I want some? She’s not the only one who’s all worked up.” Lee whined. “I mean look at her sweet little mouth. This bitch is making me fucking hot.”

“Okay, take her first, and then I get her.” Dom agreed.

Jamie was stunned. Without asking, her neighbors had just decided that they would take turns fucking her. Her brain told her that she wasn’t gay. That she wasn’t going to have sex with either of these women, but no word of protest made it past her lips as Lee grabbed her by the wrist and walked her into the young teacher’s bedroom.

Lee shut the door and pushed Jamie up against it. The petite Asian brought her five-foot frame up against the blonde, and for only the second time since she was on her lap, addressed her directly. In a low tone, Lee asked, “You liked touching my ass, didn’t you slut?”

Jamie said nothing, then slowly nodded.

“Answer me, bitch!” Lee ordered.

“Yes. I liked touching your ass.” Jamie replied meekly. To hear herself say that out loud to Lee was both a shock and a turn-on to Jamie.

“Get naked, bitch.” Lee said.

Jamie thought about refusing. Things were happening too fast, but as she looked into the pretty girl’s eyes, she lost her resolve, and was instead consumed by lust, by the need to satisfy her aching pussy. She quickly did as she was told, stripping off her clothes. She was breathing heavily and her skin was flushed as Lee began to appraise her body. Jamie was aware of the fact that the last time she was naked in front of another woman was in the dorm showers at college, but it was nothing like this. Here she was being inspected. Lee pinched Jamie’s nipples and smacked her ass a few times. This contact only served to arouse the young teacher.

“Bend over!” Lee barked.

Jamie did as she was told and was immediately exposed. Her sex was aroused and puffy, and Jamie was equal parts embarrassed and turned on. Lee was caressing Jamie’s body and speaking softly.

“Do you like having another woman touch you like this? God! You’re such a hot slut. You love being spread like that, don’t you? When I met you in the hallway, I would have never guessed that you were a fucking queer, but look at you now, naked, bent-over, and letting a girl put her hands all over your body?”

Jamie wanted to protest, to tell Lee that she wasn’t gay, but the fact that every time Lee traced her hands up and down Jamie’s body, from her shoulders to the back of her thighs, a jolt ran through the young blonde that went straight to the girl’s pussy. So it’s understandable that it was difficult to muster an argument from where she was standing.

The mix of degrading talk, and gentle rubbing was heaven to Jamie. She couldn’t believe she was in her bedroom being fondled and verbally abused by another female. Just when she thought that Lee’s soft hands were as great as anything could feel the dancer started to plant soft kisses on Jamie’s shoulders and back, causing the teacher to moan.

“Spread your cute little ass cheeks, teach.” Lee ordered. Jamie was eager to comply, and received a critique for her troubles.

“You nasty fuck! You’ve got hair on your asshole. We’ll have to get you a brazilian when we get your bush waxed. You’re going to be completely smooth down there for me girl. You’re going to have to be, because when I dress you up in naughty clothes, I don’t want your ugly cunt hairs fucking everything up.”

All this was whispered to Jamie in the room. The thought of being shaved, waxed and dressed by Lee, coupled with the intimacy of the situation and her erotic humiliation had Jamie whimpering in agreement. She was getting off on being compliant to another female. Yet all of this excitement was only anticipation. Jamie felt that if Lee came anywhere near here pussy, she would orgasm so fiercely that she would probably faint.

“Undress me, slowly.” Lee told Jamie. It turned out to be a short task. Jamie peeled Lee’s t-shirt up over her head, and got her first look at the Asian’s breasts. Jamie estimated them to be about a 34b with soft puffy pinkish nipples, which she expected to be darker. Her breasts hung out in space over her flat tummy, and Jamie was again consumed with desire. She then eased down the stripper’s shorts and was treated to the sight of a completely shaved pussy. It was a puffy mound and while it was engorged, the lips were not yet visible.

“Now I see why men pay her to get naked. Christ, I would sign over my paycheck to her.” Jamie thought.

Jamie wasn’t permitted to admire the smooth pussy for long. Lee pulled her to eye level by grabbing on to her hair. She stared into the blonde’s eyes and Jamie was struck by the eroticism of standing naked with another woman. A woman who was treating her as a complete sex object. Lee leaned in and began to kiss Jamie, her tongue snaking its way into the taller girl’s mouth. They stood, making out, their naked bodies pressed against one another. Jamie had never kissed another woman. Not even at the weekend frat parties where the practice had become routine. The sensations were almost too much to bear, and Jamie began to grind her sex against Lee’s upper thigh.

“Hold on, whore.” Lee said smiling. “You need to make sure I’m happy first.” She had a mischievous look on her face.

Pulling Jamie over to the bed. Lee lay down and commanded Jamie to continue making out with her. Before long, and with Lee’s subtle direction, Jamie had worked her way from Lee’s lips and neck, to her nipples, stomach, and finally her pussy. She was coaxed along at every step if Lee thought she was lingering too long at any one place. Jamie hungrily eyed the Asian’s bare pussy. The smell was so erotic, that Jamie began to grind her pussy into the bedspread.

“You filthy dyke!” Lee said with glee. “You probably can’t wait to get your little dyke tongue into this snatch.”

She was teasing Jamie because in truth, Lee was as turned on as the blonde. Unfortunately, this was lost on Jamie whose sexual frenzy threatened to reach a crescendo at the ministrations of the beautiful stripper. Jamie looked, from between the girl’s thighs, into her eyes, and pleading asked to suck the girl’s pussy.

“Do it, slut.” Lee replied. With that, the young blonde got her first taste of women’s vag. What she lacked in technique, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. Her tongue bathed Lee’s cunt, finally settling on the stripper’s erect clit. Lee, writhing in the bed, stiffened as her orgasm hit her. Her hands grabbed handfuls of Jamie’s hair as the declared the young teacher was, a dirty lesbo slut, a fucking filthy pussy licker, and finally, a gorgeous little slut. Her chest rose and fell quickly, and after a few minutes Lee’s tremors subsided. As she regained her composure, she grabbed Jamie’s hair and laid her on her back. Still gripping her hair, she used her free hand to stroke the blonde’s pussy. Leaning in she French kissed Jamie, then gaining a few inches of separation between their lips, Lee drooled saliva into the former sorority girl’s mouth, which Jamie in turn took and swallowed.

“Oh my god, that was so fucking hot!” Lee said.

Jamie had never felt as sexy or as dirty as she did at that moment. She felt like she never really had sex before now. It was like she was just biding her time until some beautiful woman could come along and debase her and turn her into a fuck-toy. A small part of her brain processed that these were new and powerful emotions for her that would need to be assessed, but it was just a passing thought as Jamie was once again swept up in the moment. She was pushing her limits and she could hardly understand how she had gotten from point A to point B. This morning she was primly teaching a class full of students, and now she was naked, in bed with an incredibly hot stripper who was treating her like a slut. The girl was spitting in her mouth and pulling on her hair as she finger-fucked her. The thought pushed her over the edge. Jamie shook as her pussy gushed fluid all over the bedspread, and her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. As she was coming down from her orgasm, Lee sucked on the teacher’s erect nipple, and strummed Jamie’s clit sending her into another mind-blowing orgasm.

“P-please, hold on. My god.” Jamie stammered. Lee laughed. She enjoyed manipulating this hot teacher.

Lee reasoned that Dominica, waiting patiently in the next room was going to be pissed. Jamie was all fucked out right now, and looked like she could sleep for about twelve hours straight. Just one more thing.

“Dress me.” Lee ordered. Jamie looked confused, and then after a minute, docilely got up on wobbly legs and as if in a daze collected Lee’s shorts from the floor and got down on one knee and held them open for Lee. Lee felt another sexual flush as Jamie complied. Lee put a hand on the blonde’s shoulder to steady herself and stepped through the little shorts. Jamie rose from the floor with Lee’s shirt. Lee held her arms over her head as Jamie pulled her to down over Lee’s tits. Lee sized up Jamie. She looked out of it. Fuck drunk for lack of a better term. She cupped Jamie’s face and planted a soulful kiss on the blonde’s lips.

“Get some sleep, teach. Funs over for tonight. I’ll go break the news to Dom.”

Now it was Jamie who planted a lingering kiss on the Asian. “Thank you. I want you to know that what ever you want to do to me, whenever you want to do it is fine.”

Without explaining herself, Jamie crawled into bed. Lee looked at her for a long moment before stepping out.

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