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Ivana Seeks Revenge

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Ivana felt like a prisoner being forced to lock her own cell doors as she slid the deadbolt on the restaurants doors into the cold steel jamb. She then plodded across the room and shut the blinds on the windows. The room grew darker and more like a dungeon as each blind was closed.

The manufacturer had intended the blinds to be used to keep the sun out of the room. Keeping outsiders from witnessing what was happening in the restaurant was an unintended benefit of the shades. Ivana could remember a time when blinds weren’t needed but that time seemed long ago.

The next items on her mental checklist were the lights. The safety lights flickered on as she turned off the overhead lighting. The yellowish glimmer from the bulbs mingled with the multicolored glow from the cafes video games to create a rainbow lit path which she followed to the safe that was hidden in the kitchen. She silently whispered a prayer that the safe would be empty as she crossed the kitchen floor.

Jack and Ivana were the only people that had a key to the safe and she never knew what surprise he had chosen for the night until she opened the safe. Ivana could leave if the safe were empty but if Jack had placed a package in safe early in the day then she had another more sinful job to complete that night. Her co-workers knew the real safe was in Jacks office and incorrectly assumed the kitchen safe was a decoy for any would be robbers. Her co-workers would have been astonished and a robber disappointed at the contents of the safe. Unfortunately for Ivana tonight the safe contained a single package which from the wrapping appeared to come from an exclusive and expensive boutique.

Ivana carried the package to the restroom where she opened it to discover the low cut white T-shirt and red shorts that Jack chosen for tonight’s escapades. She knew she didn’t need to check the outfit. As usual it would be new and correctly sized from the years of experience Jack had of buying outfits for her. She laid the contents of the package on the counter and slowly started to undress.

She admired herself in the mirror as she gradually removed the loose fitting conservative blue dress she wore for her job as the restaurants hostess. The rooms cool air hardened the nipples of her ski sloped beast as she removed her black lace bra. One hand traced the outline of her stomach made firm from daily work outs at the local gym as the fingers of her other hand tugged at the waistband of her matching lace panties. She slid the panties down her long ebony legs made muscular from countless miles of jogging and gracefully stepped out of them. She carefully folded her clothing and laid them on the counter. She didn’t worry about them being stolen. Only Jack and possibly a customer would be in the arcade this time of night and they would be more interested in the sexual escapades planned for the night than any clothing she had worn. She stared at the reflection of her nude body for a second before dressing herself with the outfit that had been chosen for her second job.

The skin tight shirt held her breast tightly together magnifying her ample cleavage while there exposed bottoms swung temptingly below the shirt. Unencumbered by a bra her dark areolas were clearly visible through the thin material. The shorts were cut high on her hips and left her tight ass cheeks exposed. Her naked pussy was plainly outlined by the tight shorts. Ivana admired herself one last time. She was pleased with the way the colors of her new outfit contrasted with her dark hair and skin. Jack definitely had taste she thought as she applied lipstick to her full and sensual lips.

Ivana’s back stiffened as she left the restroom and heard Jacks commanding voice on the intercom. “Ivana, come in here.” reverberated in her head and off the walls of the now empty arcade. “Hurry up your customer is waiting.”

She cringed at the sound of his voice and swore to the video games that stood as silent sentinels that one day she would no longer follow the demands of that hated voice, but for now she walked towards the office door dragging her feet, trying to delay for as long as she could what would happen there tonight.

“Customer” she snorted as she reached the office. “More like an old Jack rabbit that was incapable of having offspring no matter how many females he tried to impregnate.” She whispered under her breath as she opened the door.

Mr. Stammen office was larger than most restaurant offices with a plush leather couch and a matching recliner. His desk was made of mahogany with his Irish family crest inlaid in gold on the front. Built in bookshelves occupied two of the office walls while a third wall contained a massive flat screen television. The last wall was consumed by a one way mirror that looked out into the workplace.

“Ivana, this is umm, Mr. Jones.” Jack said from behind his desk. “He has heard of how hard you exert yourself and would an extensive demonstration of your work. I’m sure you will be able to satisfy him.” He said with a smirk on his face.

Ivana had lost count of the number of customers she had satisfied over the years. She turned gracefully and faced Mr. Jones. She noticed his small piggish eyes as he stared at her nipples that were jutting out from her ample breast. Drool seemed to form at the corners of his mouth as his eyes roamed downward to her long ebony legs which stretched out from her panty less shorts. “Very nice.” he growled.

At 5′ 7″, Mr. Jones was wearing a dirty uniform shirt and blue jeans. He appeared to be between 45 and 50 with a bald head and a beer belly that stretched well past his size 48 jeans. Why couldn’t the Mr. Jones of the world ever be in their 20’s and have athletic bodies? Ivana wondered as she approached him.

She flashed him a tooth filled smile as she gently caressed his calloused hands. “Glad to meet you Mr. Jones. I’m sure you we will be able to find something on the menu that will satisfy your cravings. We have this movie that demonstrates all of our appetizers. Perhaps we should start with that.” She said as she guided him to the couch her fingers accidently touching the crotch of his threadbare jeans.

Mr. Jones had a clear view of her breast as she placed her hands on her shoulder and playfully pushed him onto the couch. She pivoted momentarily exposing her pussy as she strutted towards the television. She sensed his eyes staring at her shorts as she bent over and slid a CD into the player. Ivana continued the facade as she smiled and walked back to the couch. Mr. Jones squirmed slightly when she sat down next to him and placed her hand gently on his knee.

“I will leave you two alone.” Jack said as he got up and walked towards the door. “I will see you in the morning and remember Ivana, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. ” He chuckled to Ivana as he left the office and headed out of the restaurant.

A slightly younger Jack dressed in slacks and a business shirt appeared on the screen along with younger Ivana who was wearing a knee length black dress that accentuated her athletic body. As the Ivana and Mr. Jones watched the movie the younger Ivana bent over the desk and hiked her dress around her waist exposing a pair of black lace panties. Jack was slowly unzipping his pants.

On the couch Ivana’s hand moved slowly up Mr. Jones’ trouser leg. Ivana stated into her customers’ eyes while her hands traced the outline of his placid cock though his trousers. Ivana had taught her mind to focus on anything but the present to help her get through these sessions with customers. Her mind began wondering over the past six years as the customers cock slowly responded to her touch.

Six years seemed like a lifetime to her. Back then she had been an eighteen year old naive virgin starting her first semester at the University of South Carolina’s school of medicine in Columbia South Carolina. Campus life was a tremendous change from the farming community of Cordova where she had been raised. Unlike Cordova, which closed its doors by six PM and didn’t reopen unit 7 AM., Columbia had an abundant night life both on and off campus.

Ivana’s extroverted personality had enabled her to make friends with most of the women in her dorm. The constant intimacy of the dorm reminded her of her 2 brothers and four sisters and she quickly settled into the normal freshman routine of studying during the weekdays and relaxing during the weekends.

Even with numerous scholarships, she found herself struggling to pay her bills. She had searched the want ads in the campus and local papers. She had applied for numerous jobs without success before she applied for one in Jacks’ restaurant. Her mind continued to focus on the past even as the customer pulled her to him and forced his hand under T-shirt. She sensed rather than felt her nipples harden as the customer roughly bit them though her shirt. Her eyes momentarily focused on television screen where Jack had his arms around her with his hands grasping her breast. She saw his hip motions as he rammed his manhood into her. Then her mind wondered back in time.

Ivana recalled the full page advertisement that had lead to her meeting Jack for the first time. The restaurant/video arcade combination had just recently been built and had advertised in the campus paper for a variety of positions. The restaurants advertisement had seemed to offer everything she needed in a job. It was close to campus, it was on the bus route, and it had flexible hours and very good pay. Ivana had worked in Cordova’s local high school hang out and was confident she could handle any of the positions the video arcade/restaurant would offer.

Ivana remembered the sunlight summer day when she had first gone to the restaurant to apply for a position. She had worn a dress similar to the conservative one she wore as a hostess and she remember how she had been impressed with the size of the restaurant from the moment she crossed the threshold. The dazzling colors of the carpet combined with the newness of everything from the video games to the mouse shaped trash containers had given her a strong desire to work there.

Ivana’ desire to work at the restaurant had intensified when she was introduced to Jack. Standing 6′ 2″ Jack was 200 pounds of physical fitness. His incredible blue eyes had seemed to penetrate her to a depth she had not known before. His wavy blonde hair begged her to be played with every strand.

Jacks closeness had caused her to loss her train of thought numerous times during the interview and Ivana’s confidence in her ability to obtain the job had lessened as the meeting had progressed. She had left the interview convinced she would not be hired. Unfortunately for her Jack called two weeks later and offered her the position of hostess which she hastily accepted.

Being the hostess worked perfectly into her busy class schedule. During the day she attended the university and at night she greeted parents and children to the restaurant. She was able to sneak in studying during slow periods and breaks.

All of her fellow employees were college age women and she quickly gained their respect. Ivana enjoyed the sounds of the restaurant. The children running and screaming through the restaurant were a constant distraction and a reminded her of how she and her siblings had acted while growing up. The sound effects from the various video machines combined with the aroma from the kitchen completed the home like atmosphere.

Ivana’s reminiscence continued even as the customer ripped her shirt off and tugged her shorts down. He used her torn shirt to tie her hands behind her. His calloused hands lifted her off the couch and he bent her over the desk. A younger Ivana would have fought and eventually would have screamed and cried but years of similar treatment had trained her body to automatically respond. Her legs spread waiting for the inevitable. Ivana forced her mind to keep remembering.

School and work went very well for the first year. Ivana’s grades were within the top percentage of her class and Jack continued to increase her responsibilities at the arcade, but then she had been informed that one of her largest scholarships would not be available and that tuition would be raised for the upcoming year. She remembered her depression at the thought of the possibility that she might have to leave school unless she could find a way cover the loss of the scholarship and the tuition increase.

She couldn’t afford to work longer hours without her school work suffering and even through Jacks single restaurant had grown into a chain of three cafes, she dare not ask for a raise. It was during this crisis that Ivana made the decision that had eventually let Jack manipulate her for the last six years.

It was professor Jargons that made the initial proposition that lead to Ivana’s downfall. Professor Jargons had seen Ivana at the restaurant several times when he brought his children there. One day after class he asked the terrible question.

“Ivana, I know a lot of older kids go to the restaurant or the arcade alone. Is there an age limit for unsupervised children?” He had innocently asked.

“Well we really prefer they be over sixteen and obviously we wouldn’t want a two year old to come alone.” She had chuckled. “But there isn’t really a set age limit. We tend let things slide as long as the kids behave and the other customers don’t complain. ”

“Well my two girls are only thirteen but they are well behaved. Normally I wouldn’t ask but I have an unexpected meeting tonight and I don’t have time to find a baby sitter. Could the girls come alone? If you could look out for them and buy them dinner I would truly appreciate it. It should only be for a few hours.” He had proposed this idea and had offered Ivana the equivalent of two nights pay for the short notice.

Ivana had agreed thinking this would be a good solution to her financial problems. She thought she would get her regular pay as the restaurants hostess while at the same time she would be paid for watching the children which was part of her hostess responsibilities anyway. She had thought no one would get hurt and she would finally stop worrying about bills. Considering the amount of compensation how could she have disagreed?

Ivana’s mind momentary returned to the present when the customers hand brutally slapped her butt. He continued to spank her naked ass as he unbelted his jeans. She watched over the edge of the desk as his jeans and boxers fell to the floor. Once his cock was free the customer began to tease her pussy with the tip of his manhood. How novel Ivana thought sarcastically as she noticed the younger Jack performing the same foreplay on the television. Her mind slipped back to the past as the customers cock began probing her womanhood.

The first baby sitting experiment had gone well. Professor Jargons’ daughters had arrived at the restaurant and introduced themselves to Ivana. Ivana had ordered dinner for the girls and then the children had spent the remainder of the night playing games. The professor arrived after his meeting was over and retrieved his daughters without Ivana’s coworkers realizing what had happened.

Taking care of the professors children once or twice a week became routine for Ivana and her side business grew as more professors asked her to do the same for their children. Ivana usually had at least three children she watched and ordered dinners for each night. Some of her coworkers might have wondered why she took special interest in certain children during the night but none were aware of the complete situation. The professors continued to pay her well for this service. Had Ivana left things continue this way, her life would have turned out differently. However, over time Ivana got greedy and stopped paying for the food that was ordered.

The food order deception had proven easy since part of Ivana’s additional responsibilities was reconciling the cash receipts with the food orders. Each night she would remove the children’s orders before balancing the books. She prepared bogus food bills for the professors and continued to collect for both the food and the babysitting chores. At least she had until that fateful night six years ago when she was finally caught.

Her last exam as a college senior had been harder and longer than she had anticipated. As a result she had gotten to the restaurant later than usual. She wondered what the children she should have been supervising were doing as she drove to the diner When she had finally arrived she had met Professor Esaak leaving the restaurant with his beast of a child.

“I hope we didn’t get you in trouble with your boss. I didn’t realize he didn’t know about the babysitting.” Professor Esaak had said as he walked past Ivana.

Ivana had almost fainted at those words. She had looked towards the office and saw Jack standing in the doorway. She could tell she had been caught by the expression on his face. He had beckoned her with his hand and she had walked in and closed the office door.

“Ivana Professor Esaak has just told me an amazing story.” Jack had said in the tone of voice he normally reserved for occasions when he had to let an employee go. “It appears for the last several years you have been operating a babysitting business while working in the restaurant. Since you weren’t here tonight Mr. Esaak was nice enough to ask me where his child was. You can imagine my surprise when he mentioned your activities. What do you have to say for yourself?”

She had wept as she confessed everything to Jack about what she had been doing. How she needed the money for college and how it had seemed be a great idea at the time. Professor Esaak was unaware of the theft from the restaurant, he had not mentioned the dinners but Ivana in her need to admit everything, confessed even the theft from the restaurant.

Ivana hadn’t asked how much Jack knew about the dinners. She hadn’t stopped to consider the difference in punishments for operating a babysitting business vs. stealing from the restaurant and so she confessed to him that she had been providing dinners to the children without paying for the food. Jack’s anger had grown as she revealed the full depth of her deception. He had been considering a minor punishment; maybe a few days off work, until l she admitted stealing food from the restaurant. When he heard that fact, he exploded.

Jack’s face had almost been purple when he screamed. “Ivana I can’t believe what you have done. How long did you think you would be able to get away with theft? I need time to calm down. I need time to think about what the right punishment should be. Go home and come to my office tomorrow at 7AM. I will let you know what I am going to do at that time.”

The thought of his screaming returned her mind to the existing customer. She could feel his hard cock swelling in her pussy. She could feel his coarse hands cupped around her breast as his fingers violently pinched her enraged nipples which were begging for release. Until now she had been unaware of the wetness between her legs or the streams of sweat pouring from her body. Unconsciously she had been meeting each of his thrust with her hips. Her legs were being bruised as his thrust forced her thighs against the edge of the desk. Her tied hands couldn’t brace against his power.

She clamped down with her muscles holding his cock inside of her. Squeezing his manhood tight until she knew she was in control. Then slowly she eased her muscles milking him. Tightening, easing, milking until the customer began to groan.

Her eyes caught sight of the couple on the television. Sweat was dripping off their bodies as Jacks cock fucked her pussy like a jack hammer against concrete. On the screen both Jack and Ivana began to groan. It’s been a long time since I moaned like that Ivana thought to herself as her mind returned to the past.

She had left the restaurant that night a little surprised that she hadn’t been fired. She spent a sleepless night considering all the possible punishments Jack might impose, but her imagination had never conceived nor considered what actually happened the following morning. Over time she had come to wish she had been fired. At least then she wouldn’t have suffered the torture of the past several years. If she had known what Jack had been thinking that night, she might have gone to the police herself.

The next morning Ivana had driven to the restaurant expecting to be terminated. That was hardly a punishment she had thought. After all she was expecting to graduate in the next month and she had little need for her current job. She would find a job in the medical profession and start living her dreams.

The restaurant normally opened at noon and remained open until nine. Jack usually arrived around ten and stayed till after midnight so Ivana had been surprised by Jacks demand for an early morning meeting but she wasn’t surprised to find him alone in his office. The stern look on his face had convinced her that she was about to be fired.

“Ivana, I spent a restless night considering what I should do to you. Should I fire you? Should I suspend for a period of time? Should I inform the police? I know you plan on graduating soon and I could ruin your life by informing the police of your actions. After all the theft was a crime and you have committed theft against the restaurant I own and love. However, if I went to the police, I might recoup some of the money but they could never help me recover from my personal loss of trust. I hope you spent the night considering what you have done.” He had said.

She had tried to talk but Jack had silenced with a hand motion.

“Have you thought of the crimes you have committed? The babysitting by itself is enough excuse for me to fire you but that wouldn’t pay for the money you stole in food.” He had said looking at down at her.

She had tried to speak once more. “I could repay…” but again he had silenced her with a look and a wave of his hand.

“I trusted you Ivana. I gave you a lot of responsibility and you have failed me.” He had said getting up from his desk and walking to the couch where she was sitting. “Do you realize that I could have you arrested for theft? The professors could testify that you gave them have receipts for the dinners and I would testify that those receipts are fraudulent. Have you thought of jail and all that you would loss? You would flunk out of school. It would be impossible for you to attend class while you were serving your sentence. You wouldn’t be able to get into another college or get a job with a criminal record. Have you thought of that? Have you thought about your tax returns? I’ll bet you didn’t report the income. The FBI will start looking once you have a state criminal record.”

Ivana had started to cry as Jack spoke her tears slowly sliding down her cheeks until they fell on the carpeted floor. He was right. There was no way out. If Jack reported her to the police she would never become a nurse. She would never have the career she had wanted since starting high school. She would never have the house or lifestyle she had dreamt of all her adult life. The more she thought of these loses the harder she had cried. Jack had seemed to be offering sympathy when he had reached over and started wiping her tears away

“I could have you arrested but I would get little satisfaction from that and I really have no need for the money. I spent the night thinking of other ways for you to repay me for your crime. “He said as his eyes steadily gazed into hers. “Would you rather repay me directly instead of going to jail?”

“Yes.” she had replied wondering what he had in mind.

“I’ve spent most of my life in this restaurant. I’m a business success but that has left little time for a woman in my life. “He had said as his face moved slowly towards hers.

I have spent several nights in this office watching you through the mirror as you moved through the place. “He had said in a husky voice” Your conservative dresses can’t hide your lovely body. I have fantasized about spending nights with you and now that you need my sympathy, I am going to turn that fantasy into reality.” He had said as their lips met for the first time.

Her customers groaning interrupted her thoughts. She could feel his hands grasping her hips, pulling him into her. She felt his cock as it exploded in her. She allowed a moan to escape her lips as she felt her cunt filling with his cum, but years of numerous sexual encounters with strange men had left her devoid of any true feelings. She looked over her shoulder with a counterfeit smile as she uttered another moan, after all customer satisfaction was guaranteed. Her sweaty body continued to offer pleasure to the customer as her mind returned to the dreadful night.

Ivana had passionately returned Jacks kiss. He is going to let me go she had thought before the reality of what he had said reached her mind.

“I’m the only other person besides you that knows about the situation. You can finish college and have some of what you have dreamt of all your life. Do you want that chance Ivana?” He had asked.

“Yes.” she had whispered in desperation. Yes she wanted her dream but she could not have foreseen the cost of having that dream.

“Then there are a few things you need to do for me.” He had said as their lips separated. Ivana had watched him as he strolled over to his desk. “First you need to sign this confession.” He had said as he removed a type written piece of paper from his desk and brought it to her. “Sign this and you can have your dreams back.” Jack had said knowing that his dreams not hers would be fulfilled.

She had believed what Jack said as she had read the confession though tear filled eyes. She had signed the paper with shaky hands hoping that her dreams would still be possible and that her life wouldn’t change, but that piece of paper had given him control over her for the last six years. That dreaded confession that would control the rest of her life.

“Is that it?” she had whispered with a raspy hopeful voice. “Aren’t you going to punish me in some way?”

Jack had locked that confession in his safe before answering Ivana’s question. “Yes, you need to repay me. ”

“I will.” Ivana had said before she heard the rest of Jacks demand.

“Jail would have repaid society. I want you to repay me in a very personal way. You will be mine and will do as I say or that confession will be mailed to the police. Do you understand?” Jack had said as he yanked her from the couch and pinned her arms behind her.

Ivana had tried struggling, she had tried screaming but there hadn’t been any one in the restaurant to hear her pleas for help.

She was startled back to reality as the customer shoved his cum soaked limp cock into her mouth.

“Suck me dry bitch.” The customer commanded.

Being a good bitch she could only follow his command. She gently scratched his balls with her fingernails as her lips closed over the tip of his cock. Slowly, oh so slowly she swallowed his shaft. She continued to remember that long ago night even as she sucked the juices off of the customers semi-rigid shaft.

She had been a virgin at the time and she still remembered the feeling of Jacks hands as he pulled her to him. She remembered his lips on hers as he forced their tongues to intertwine in French kiss. She would always remember his lips nibbling on her neck as his fingers slid under her bra and blouse to pinch her rock hard nipples.

He had gotten rougher as he tore her close offs. His teeth had bitten her nipples mercilessly as his hand slid into your virgin pussy. He had smiled when his fingers confirmed her virginity.

“Tonight you become a woman.” He had said as his cock slammed into her pussy.

The sweating and groaning as his hard cock penetrated her for the first of many times was a memory that was with her every night. He had filled her dripping pussy with his hot cum. He had forced her to suck him dry that first time. He had forced her cock down her throat so hard it had caused her to gag. She had tried to stop him but he was unrelenting.

Anyone one else would have called it rape. Jack thought of it as repayment for her theft. Ivana had been to hurt mentally and physically to call it anything.

This seen had repeated itself numerous times over the years. She had tried to leave him several times, but each time she had been stopped by the thought of him turning her confession over to the police. Every time she had come back to him.

“I hope I have satisfied you.” Ivana said as she looked up at the customer with his cum dripping from her mouth. Years of servitude had taught her that customers seemed to enjoy this look.

Mr. Jones gasped “Yes.” as he hurriedly dressed.

She didn’t bother dressing as she walked him through the empty restaurant with arms around his waist. Her long fingers brushed his cock with each step. This last little tease was another thing Jack had insisted on for each customer. At the door she stopped as he squeezed her breast one last time before scurrying from the arcade.

“Please cum again.” She said before closing the door behind him and heading back to the office.

Just as she had done on every occasion since Jack had forced her to become a sex toy he could use and abuse. She returned to the office and collapsed on the couch. She continued to remember other night s that had occurred over the past years as she cried herself to sleep.

She had applied for admission to graduate school and had been accepted. She had continued to work full time for Jack until obtaining her master’s degree. Then she had tried leaving Jack but the threat of confession forced her to accept a job with the local hospital while working part time at the arcade.

At Jacks insistence Ivana moved into a luxury apartment close to the arcade. Her career as a nurse flourished and most of her friends believed Ivana only continued to work part time at the restaurant out of loyalty to Jack. Only Ivana knew that she was a caged animal dependent upon Jack not to destroy her lifestyle. While jack allowed her nursing schedule to dictate her part time work schedule at the arcade she never knew which night she would be Jack’s toy and which night she would be allowed to go home alone.

At first the sex with Jack had been confined to the office and happened once or twice a week. Sometimes Jack was gentle and tender. He would take her to dinner and bring her flowers before returning to Jacks apartment or the arcade for another round of sex. On other occasions Jack would force himself on her just like the first night. She had grown accustomed to his desires and while she would never admit this to herself, she too was finding the regular dose of intercourse fulfilling. She slowly changed from a naive young girl into the sophisticated woman Jack had demanded she become.

Then Jack closed the arcade for two weeks while modifications and updates were made. The most obvious changes were new carpet throughout along with new drapes and machines. However Jack also had modifications made to his office along with hidden cameras and microphones in the various parts of the arcade. The last changes were not immediately obvious and were not noticed by Ivana or the other staff members. Jack had claimed the drapes and carpeting were for security and safety reasons but Ivana had her doubts. She had her doubts confirmed the very night the arcade had reopened.

After she had locked up that night, Jack walked up behind her and raped her. He had used her torn blouse as a gage to keep her screams from being heard. He had tied her spread eagle to a table and had brought out a variety of kitchen utensils. The spatula had served as a paddle. The holes in its plastic head making a whistling sound as his hand had whipped it through the air. Tears had spilled from her eyes when it landed on her tight round ass.

She had tried to struggle as he applied cream to her pubic hair before he had shaved her bald. She remembered both the gentleness of his hand and the harshness of the razor. Once she was bald he had used the whisk as his dildo. Twirling the whisk, he had stretched her pussy lips making her horny and wet before fucking her with his hard cock. That night she had learned the wonders of the combination of pain and ecstasy.

Jack noticed the pleasure that pain had brought to Ivana and over the next several months he had purchased various sexual aids. He had watched her model costumes from French maid outfits to edible panties and bras while he stood with cock in hand and satisfied his urges.

The more they experimented the more toys Jack would employ. He bought nipple clamps, dildos, vibrators, plugs, whips and handcuffs in his quest to fulfill his fantasies. He would stand in the middle of the restaurant naked with his cock in his hand as he commanded her to fuck herself with dildos and vibrator. She had found herself enjoying the encounters. Being watched as she did the taboo had excited her and made her wetter than even largest cock could do. On several occasions she had screamed with pleasure as Jacks cum dripped on the floor and her toy slid from her pussy.

Ivana had become accustomed to wearing the clamps under the conservative dresses and bras she wore as the hostess. The intense pain from the clamps would last until later that night when Jack would use his lips to remove the clamps from her enlarged nipples while his massive cock was thrusting its way into her pussy at the same time his hands were maneuvering a plug deeper into her ass.

They became even more daring as time passed. She became his toy. She became his trained puppy performing every trick he commanded by licking sucking or fucking various parts of the video games. She had been tied her to every machine and to every piece of equipment in the restaurant. She had been fucked by every knob on every machine. She often wondered what the parents would have done if they had known the stickiness on the machines wasn’t from a spilt drink but instead were the juices from her dripping pussy.

Jack also had found excitement in watching the taboo. He purchased expensive video equipment and it became routine for them to record their sexual adventures. Initially Ivana and Jack had used the videos as part of their foreplay, but since becoming a prostitute the videos had become routine part of satisfying the customers. Unbeknownst to Ivana they had also become a marketing tool for Jack to show to potential customers and for sale on the internet.

During her long hours at the hospital Ivana found herself wondering what the next experiment Jack would force her to perform. Often during her breaks she would sneak off to a closet to masturbate as she imagined what Jack would be doing the next time she worked for him. She had come to love being his sexual toy. She had enjoyed this attention until the night she became a prostitute. The night Jack had introduced her to her first customer.

Jack had spent and unusual amount of time in the restaurant that night. He had greeted more customers than usual and had been short tempered with several of his staff. Ivana had attributed his tension to the planned activities after closing. During the night she had become excited about the afterhours activities. If Jacks tension was any indication then the show for the night would be amazing or so Ivana had thought.

She had closed the restaurant that night and had almost sprinted to the safe wondering what that nights package would contain. Ivana had been a little disappointed at its content. A blindfold and a note were all she found when she had opened the package. The note instructed her to undress and come to the office and to put the blindfold on before entering. She stripped and did as commanded walking naked thought the arcade wondering why Jack would be so tense about seeing her nude. At the door she stopped and put the mask on before knocking.

The door had opened and Jacks hands, at least she thought they were Jacks, hand grasped her arms. The hands guided her gently back against a table. She had heard the clanging of chain links as she was chained spread eagle across the table top. Suddenly two sets of lips were sucking on her nipples. Sucking and biting. She screamed as her shocked mind adjusted to the idea that two men were teasing her body. She had continued to scream until a hard hand slapped her face.

“Shut up bitch.” Jack had demanded “or you know where you will end up.” The hand continued to slap her blindfolded face and ass until her screaming had subsided to a mere whimper.

Blindfolded and strapped down. Her whimpering persisted as one set of fingers began toying with her pussy while another set of hands continued playing with her breast. Pain had cut through her like a pair of scissors though rice paper when teeth began biting her nipples.

She had squirmed as one finger then another entered her cunt probing deeper and deeper. More fingers continued to be inserted until finally the whole hand was fisting her younger cunt. The fist continued stretching her lips wide until she almost passed out from pain.

The teeth began nibbling their way up her neck. The stranger’s hands grasped her head as their lips met and a tongue probed her mouth. She had been surprised by the fullness of the lips which was unusual for a man. Then she felt the stranger’s body as they mounted the table and spread their legs across her shoulders.

The fist has been removed and had she had felt the man’s hard cock as it had slipped into her sore and wet pussy. Hands grasped her ass and forced her hips to meet every thrust of the rigid penis. The man’s balls pounded against her skin even as she had the person astride her shoulders began pulling her head forward.

Her noise had twitched at a vaguely familiar scent and her mouth had opened preparing to suck the customers cock. Ivana was stunned when her lips met the wet pussy of woman instead of the hard cock of a man. Ivana had tried to twist her head away from the woman but the woman’s grasp on her head was to strong. Ivana had slowly surrendered as her tongue penetrated the woman’s pussy. Ivana’s head was slammed against the table as the woman began bucking from the licking her cunt was taking. Ivana had felt her pussy filling with Jacks hot cum even as her mouth was filling with the woman’s juices.

Ivana had thought the humiliation was over as she swallowed the last of the woman’s juices and she was unshackled from the chains. Instead she was bent over the table and as Jacked entered her ass the woman began sucking Ivana’s cum sucked pussy. Each of Jack’s lunges forced her cunt tighter against the woman’s face allowing the strangers tongue to deeply penetrate Ivana’s pussy. Ivana’s mind begged for release as her hips began to voluntarily match Jacks thrust. Ivana had heard Jacks grunting as he came for the second time that night.

Once more Ivana had been chained to the table as the two conspirators dressed. She had deduced that the customer had been satisfied from the tidbits of conversation she heard between Jack and the woman as Jack led the woman to the door. She had heard the door close and Jack returned to unchain her from the table.

“I don’t care if you enjoyed tonight or not. Every time I bring a customer you will satisfy them. You will do what they command or I will go to the police. Don’t ruin things. Now clean up before you leave.” Jack had said before leaving the arcade.

Ivana hadn’t tried to complain. She knew the confession gave Jack the trump card so she had removed all traces of Jacks and the woman’s cum from the table before crying herself to sleep on the couch for the first but not the last time.

Until that night with the woman Ivana had allowed herself to imagine that her and Jack were a couple in a unique relationship that one day would lead to marriage and the fulfillment of her childhood dreams of a loving husband and a home in the suburbs. After that night she knew she was nothing more than a whore and Jack was her pimp.

Initially there were weeks between customers with no unusual demands. In between customers Jacked had continued to force her to experiment with increasingly bizarre devices. Over time the customers became more frequent and were now averaging two a week. Sometimes the package contained a mask and sometimes it didn’t. Ivana became depressed and this depression deepened with each customer and each experiment. Eventually she became a mannequin following the actions of intercourse with no emotional attachment.

Ultimately she had considered suicide but the thought of the damage her death would cause to her family had always kept her from the act. Ivana knew she needed help. She needed a method of escaping and jail was becoming the preferred option.

Recently she had gone to an attorney to determine what her likely imprisonment would be. She hadn’t disclosed all that was happening during the interview with the lawyer but she had learned the statue of limitations for her crimes. She had learned that she would soon be free. The statue would end within the next month and she would be liberated from Jacks control.

Ivana slowly awakened from her memories. A smile formed on her lips as the thought of what Jacks reaction would be on the day she left. Maybe she would be the one going to the police but for now she needed to tidy the office and not let him know of her intentions.

As she began straightening the office Ivana noticed the center draw of the desk was slightly ajar. Jack must not have closed it tightly and her thighs pounding the front of the desk must have knocked it open Ivana thought to herself. During the years of servitude to Jack she had never seen inside of his desk and her instincts almost forced her to close the self lock drawer but fortunately for Ivana self preservation overpowered her instincts and instead of closing it she tugged on the handle.

Inside the draw were a key and a remote control. Ivana’s eyes quickly searched the room for what the key might open but spied nothing the key would fit. She picked up the remote and not knowing what to expect stated pressing buttons on the key pad.

Ivana dropped the remote as she spun around and watched the television retract into the ceiling. Behind the set were two doors and a small draw recessed into the wall. Recovering from her surprise she noticed the small keyholes in both the doors and the draw. She turned quickly and removed the key from the desk. She wasn’t sure what would be in the hidden cabinet but she knew two things. It must be either valuable or sensitive to be hidden and she had every intention of finding out what was so important.

Her hands trembled as Ivana walked to the cabinet and inserted the key into the draw. She pulled the handle as she twisted the key and gasped as draw slide quietly open revealing the dreaded confession and two thick notebooks. Tears flowed as she mouthed the word freedom. Her mind raced with the possibilities. By destroying the confession she could finally be free of Jack. She could leave Columbia and finally have freedom.

Her quivering fingers reached out and seized the paper. Instinctively she began to tear the edges before realizing that Jack would have made copies. Throwing the confession aside Ivana reached for the notebooks. Opening one she discovered a list of dates, and names followed by a number all of which was written in Jacks handwriting. The last notion was dated last night and read: Jonathan Reese 73. After several minutes of trying to decipher the numbers Ivana turned her attention to the second notebook.

Inside this book she found a similar list but instead of a name and a number she found a name followed by one or two dollar amounts. The last entry was for Jonathan Reese and $150. There was no denying what the entry meant. Jack was selling her body. She was a whore and he was her pimp. The only difference between Ivana and a street walker was the amount of money each slut received. The whore on the street got some of the money. Jack had never given her a dime. Ivana emitted a sound that only a wounded wild animal could understand and threw the notebook against the mirror hard enough to rattle the wall.

Obviously she knew what acts she had been forced to do but she had always thought the customers were just another bizarre fantasy of Jacks. She had believed that Jack was at home satisfying himself with the knowledge of what was happening in his office while her cunts and mouth were being filled with customers cum. She had never imagined he was profiting from her cunt. She wondered how much he had earned from her being fucked by these sleaze balls.

Ivana was consumed with the desire to destroy Jack. Images of him pleading for mercy and bleeding as she carved off his manhood raced through her mind as she paced around the office like a lion in a cage. Her eyes caught site of the hidden doors she still had not opened and she walked behind the desk and ripped the key from the draws lock wishing it was Jack heart she was holding instead of the key.

The same key slid effortlessly into the doors lock and Ivana opened them hesitantly. What else was she about to discover? What else had Jack done to her?

The opened doors revealed a row of electronic equipment and two rows of CD’s labeled from 1 thru 50. Ivana’s eyes surveyed the recording equipment wondering what purpose it served. It wasn’t the arcades normal security and surveillance camera recorder. She had changed those tapes numerous times and both the recorder and tape storage was in the utility closet. While she wasn’t a video expert Ivana guessed from the size of the equipment and the number of wires that the machine must be capable of supporting a dozen cameras. Her guess was close. The machine which was one of the surprises installed while the restaurant was being remodeled was supporting ten cameras.

“Let’ see what Jack’s been recording.” Ivana whispered to herself as she removed the disc from the recorder and took the disc labeled 50 from the shelf. She closed the locked the doors and the draw before taking the remote and lowering the TV back to its original position. Then she slid the nights tape into the player and sat on the couch to watch the action.

Jack appeared on the screen. He was seated behind his desk writing in the note books Ivana had retrieved from the hidden cabinet. Ivana watched as he completed his entry and then turned and placed them in the secret draw. He then walked out of office and the tape went blank until Jack walked back into the office accompanied by Mr. Reese AKA Mr. Jones AKA the customer. Motion sensitive camera very high tech Ivana thought. Of course Jack would have bought the latest gadget.

“I’ve been watching you girl tonight.” Mr. Jones was saying. “She seems pretty conservative. I’m not sure she is worth one hundred and fifty.”

“It’s not just her. You also have the run of the arcade and the use of any of my toys.” Jack said as he walked by the mirror and pressed a button that opened a compartment under the mirror revealing the various costumes and sexual toys Jack purchased. “She will do whatever you say. Tie or chain her to anything in the arcade. Whip or spank her if that is your desire. Be a slave master for the night. ”

Ivana watched Mr. Jones piggish eyes as he took money out of his billfold and handed it to Jack. They continued talking until Ivana appeared at the door. Ivana stopped the disc at that point. The memory of what had occurred in the office that night was still fresh in her mind. She didn’t need to watch it on disc.

It was well past 2:00 AM and Ivana had been up since 7:00AM the previous morning. Even though she should be exhausted she wasn’t. She knew that somewhere in that room either on that disc’s or in those notebooks was Ivana’s freedom. She walked across the room and replaced tonight’s disc with disc #50 and then sat back down on the couch.

This disc started the same as the previous with Jack behind his desk completing the notebooks. On the screen someone knocked at the door and Jack walked across the office to answer. Ivana caught her breath as she recognized the visitor.

“Welcome Mayor.” Jack said on the TV. “Everything you have requested is being furnished and I’m sure you will be pleased with the results especially the airplane ride.”

Mayor Sutton was from one of the most established political families in the south. He was seventy years old and had been in charge of Columbia for the past thirty years. His wavy white hair and handle bar mustache would be recognized by anybody from South Carolina’s .He was Jacks visitor and Ivana’s customer that night.

Ivana watched as Mayor Sutton removed his billfold and handed Jack what appeared to be a sizeable amount of money. The two men continued to talk about insignificant subjects until suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Ivana was surprised to see Mayor Sutton walk over and press the button below the mirror. Obviously he had been there before. While Jack was opening the door for Ivana the Mayor was busy selecting handcuffs a dildo and a whip from the available toys.

Ivana watched herself standing in the doorway naked except for the blindfold that covered her eyes. She stared at the screen as the Mayor cuffed her hands behind her back and then grasped her breast from behind and pushed her out the door. The screen went momentarily blank as the surveillance camera had switched from the office to one in the arcaded.

Ivana continued to gaze at the screen as the mayor escorted her to the flying bicycle. Watching the screen Ivana remembered that night. It was one of her early customers and it was the last night she had been able to have a true organism with a customer.

The flying bicycle was a game that had pedals and wheels like a normal bicycle but the pedals were attached to a chain that drove a large yellow propeller located above the game. The faster a person pedaled the higher the bike would rise off the ground. If you stopped pedaling the bike would settle back to the ground. An oversized red timer displayed the total amount of time the bike was airborne.

Ivana watched as the mayor strapped her into the bike and commanded her to start pedaling. The mayor had started whipping her until she was pedaling fast enough to keep the bike at its highest point. Then he had walked under the bike and inserted the dildo through a hole that had been cut into the games seat. Once through the seat the dildo penetrated Ivana’s pussy lips.

As the toy played with her pussy lips Ivana watched her facial expression. As her pedaling slowed the bike sank and the dildo penetrated deeper. With one hand the mayor was fucking her with the dildo while his other hand held the whip. Each time she slowed down the whip would crack against her bare ass and Ivana would pedal faster. The bike would rise and the dildo would slide out. Pedaling forced her to clamp her pussy lips tight swallowing the plaything and sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

On the couch Ivana began to finger herself as she watched herself being fucked by the dildo. Soon the real Ivana and the television version were dripping wet. Ivana rose from the couch for the first time in eons she wanted to cum and not by her fingers. She walked to the mirror and slid her fingers along the wall unit she found the switch. When the wall slid open she removed the same dildo and returned to the couch.

On the screen the screen the Mayor was standing with one hand held high holding the dildo while his other hand was stroking his hard on. Ivana was literally riding up and down on the shaft of the toy. On the couch Ivana began humping the dildo as she watched the couple on the screen. The two Ivana’s moaned as they climaxed while the mayors cum shot onto the floor of the arcade. The camera caught the time on the timer as 27 minutes. Ivana had tried to forget most of the time spent with customers but that night had been 27 minutes of pure pleasure.

Ivana picked up a notebook and scanned down the list of names until she found the Mayor. John Sutton 50 was the entry. She now understood the cross reference between the notebook and the disc number. She retrieved the other notebook and again scanned down the pages unit she found the Mayors name. John Sutton $1,000 $5,000 was the entry. Jack had made one thousand bucks from her night with the mayor but what did the five thousand mean.

Ivana kept scanning between the two notebooks trying to determine what the last dollar amount meant. Two city council members, a state senator and a local contractor were among the names listed in the books. Ivana not only was a slut she was a slut to some of the town’s most elite men. I wonder what their families and constituents would think about the activities at the restaurant Ivana pondered. Then suddenly she noticed two unusual entries. Jason Crawford $500 $5000 one time was one entry and Mike Welch $300 $100 weekly was the other entry. Ivana laughed as she finally understood. Jack not only was prostituting her he was taping and blackmailing the clients.

Ivana continued to laugh like a young child at a circus. She knew these disc and notebooks would give her not only her freedom but control over Jack. Just as she had not reported the income from the food and babysitting profession Jack could not have reported his income from prostitution and blackmail. Like Ivana Jack faced jail time if she went to the police with the evidence she now had. Just like Jack she wanted revenge for all the nights she had spent guaranteeing customer satisfaction at the arcade. She wanted vengeance for all the weird clients she had been forced to satisfy over the years.

Ivana contemplated taking the notebooks and the disc from the office but she realized Jack would likely watch the disc of last night’s activities when he first arrived at the office. If he came into the office and discovered the disc and notebooks missing then the element of surprise would be lost and surprise was Ivana’s best chance for revenge. She couldn’t afford for Jack to have time to plan his reaction to her knowledge of the hidden cabinet. She would have to leave the notebooks and disc but she could make copies of the notebooks and she was pretty certain the video equipment would make copies of the disc.

Once more she raised the TV and opened the cabinet. As she had hoped there were several empty discs and what appeared to be a high speed dubbing machine. She slid the mayor’s disc and an empty disc into the machine and hit the record button. She picked up the notebooks and walked over to Jacks Fax/Printer/Copier and began making copies of the handwritten evidence. Ivana finished copying both notebooks and selected disc within the hour and took the copies to the restroom.

Ivana returned the original notebooks and disc to the cabinet. She took the disc of the nights exploits and copied it up to the point where she had returned to the office after the customer had left the restaurant. She took one last look around the office to ensure everything was in the same location as it had been when the customer left.

She noticed the cheap wall clock and reset the time. Then she set the delay on the recorder for one minute before locking the hidden cabinet and lowering the television. She placed the key in Jacks desk and closed the drawer before walking out of the office and closing the door.

She paused long enough to ensure the camera was recording before reentering the office. Ivana completed cleaning the office like she had done after each customer. As she was dusting she accidently hit the clock knocking it to the floor and cracking its face.

“Fuck.” Ivana swore. “I will have to replace that piece of junk.” The ignorant camera recorded her actions like they had happen hours earlier. If Jack watched the complete disc nothing would appear unusual except for the damage to the clock.

Ivana returned to the restroom and quickly dressed before leaving the arcade with the copies tucked securely away in her large purse. The sunrise reminded her it was a new day and a new beginning for her. Ivana smiled and whistled as she removed the T-tops from her cherry red firebird. The fresh air whipped though her chocolate colored shoulder length hair as she sped down the highway.

Ivana’s dark brown eyes strayed from the roadway as her mind tried to develop a plan that would pay Jack back for his mistreatment. She noticed several shuttered business’s with for sale signs plastered on their storefronts as she sped toward her apartment. A smile teased the corner of her mouth as she formulated her strategy for the perfect revenge. Jack had taken her youth and innocence and in return she would take his most prized possession.

Ivana tried to keep from cackling at her idea as she used her cell phone to call in sick to the hospital. She didn’t have time for illness today. She would need all the time there was to finalize her plans and get the necessary items.

Ivana took a short hot shower at home before logging onto the internet. She searched for information on business ownership and then began the task of reading the tremendous amount of available data. Two hours later she had the forms she would need for the game she planned on playing that night.

Ivana then turned her attention to the copies of the notebook pages. She had recognized a few of the more prominent names on the list but a quick internet search of all the names led to a several more surprises. A number of local and state health and safety inspectors were on the list with no dollar amounts listed. It appeared that Jack had used her to insure his restaurants passed code.

Ivana stashed the disc and paperwork in her nightstand and then settled into her bed for a short nap before her trip to a specialized boutique she had driven by but never visited.

Ivana awoke from a sound sleep refreshed and happy. Like always she dressed conservatively for her hostess job. She ensured the forms she had printed from the net were in her purse and then she jumped into her car. Ivana whistled and laughed as she drove to the same adult toy shop where Jack made his purchases. Once there she parked in the back not wanting to take any chance on running into Jack or having her car noticed by Jack as he drove by on his way to work.

Until her experiences with Jack she had never known such shops existed and would never have envisioned wearing or using what she planned on buying today. Once inside the shop she looked for the perfect costume. Tonight she would be in charge and Jack should know that from the very beginning. The leather outfit she chose matched her dark skin color and clearly outlined her ass and breast. White fishnet stockings contrasted well with her legs. Eight inch spiked heels completed the outfit.

Ivana spent a few additional minutes searching the shop for accessories for her chosen outfit and for the ideal toys for Jack. As she passed the various devices for sexual enhancement she could remember times when customers had used them on her. She chose a set of spiked bracelets and a matching necklace as accessories for her costume. She picked out two more items for Jack in the BDSM section and then paid for her purchases with the company credit card.

Ivana managed to squeeze all of the surprises into her purse before driving to the arcade. Once there she hid the purse behind the counter as was her custom and began greeting the guest.

Her shift lasted for what seemed like an eternity. Every time she saw Jack she wondered if he had watched last night’s disc and had seen some mistake Ivana had made. Could he somehow know that she knew about the hidden cabinet? Each time they spoke she wondered if her actions or voice were giving a clue as to what she had discovered but Jacks actions didn’t indicate any change in their relationship.

Finally the shift was over and the last guest had left. Ivana began her typical routine of locking the doors and closing the drapes but nothing would be customary tonight. Ivana began to whistle at that thought as she carried her purse to the safe where she found the package that contained what Jack anticipated she would wear that night.

She carried the purse and package to the restroom. Undressing she marveled at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were sparkling with anticipation and her skin appeared to be ablaze with the fire of revenge which had been kindled by years of neglect. Jacks package contained the normal shorts and T-shirt both of which she tore to shreds before opening her purse.

Ivana teased her nipples to erection before slipping into the leather outfit and admiring her purchase. She applied expensive perfume and put the spiked accessories on. It had been year since she cared about Jacks desires but tonight she wanted him to want her. Tonight she wanted him to beg for what he would never have again. She removed the surprises for Jack from her purse and left the restroom.

Ivana strutted across the arcade like an alley cat that had just been named feline of the year. Instead of knocking timidly at the office door she shoved the door open and marched up to where Jack he was seated behind his desk.

“Ivana, What the? “Jack tried to exclaim as she walked around the desk.

“Do you like this Jack?” Ivana asked as her lips met his and her hand began stroking his cock through his trousers. The excitement in Jacks eyes answered her question.

She continued playing with his manhood even as she undressed him. Their lips parted and Ivana kissed his neck as she worked her way behind him. In his excitement Jack hadn’t noticed the surprises she had for him until it was too late.

Ivana brought the cat-of-nine tails crashing down against his back leaving welts where the leather whips met his skin. As he fell to the floor she wrapped the electronic dog collar around his neck.

“Listen bastard.” Ivana shrieked “Tonight you are my slave you will obey or you will be punished.”

Having recovered from the blow Jack reached for Ivana but instead of grabbing her hands he grabbed his own neck as he was jolted by the current flow from the dog collar. Jack screamed in pain and Ivana stood over him and laughed.

“That is the first lesson. No touching unless I say so.” Ivana smiled as her hands slid down her fishnet encased legs. “Remember how you own me? Remember how I have had to serve you for years. Tonight Jack I’m emancipated. “Ivana said as she pulled the desk draw open and removed the remote.

She saw fear in his eyes as the television slid silently into the ceiling and Ivana unlocked the hidden cabinet. She removed the CD that was currently being recorded and two of the fifty discs Jack had stored there. She opened the draw and removed the notebooks and her signed confession before lowering the screen back to its original position.

She turned and laid the paperwork on Jacks desk and then she slammed the desk draw against the night’s disc turning it into a worthless piece of plastic. Jack tried to sit up at the sound of the disc shattering and once more he fell to the floor cringing in pain as the collar shocked his neck.

“Sorry Jack. We wouldn’t want any evidence now would we?” Ivana laughed as she dangled the collars remote before his eyes. “Feel like some foreplay? Let’s watch these videos.”

Ivana grabbed Jack by his hair and dragged him screaming over to the couch. Then she calmly walked across the room and placed a disc in the player. The Mayor appeared on the screen and Ivana fast forwarded to where the Mayor was ejaculating as Ivana rode the bicycle.

“What do you think the voters or his wife would say if they knew the Mayor liked Jacking off at the arcade?” Ivana asked as she turned to Jack. “He paid you a thousand dollars to do this Jack and you have been black mailing him for five thousand ever since that night.”

“Do you remember the health inspector?” Ivana asked as she inserted another disc.

“You apparently let him fuck me for free. I guess there is more than one way to avoid a code violation.” Ivana hissed as a men dressed as Tinkerbelle appeared on the screen. The scene showed Ivana’s luscious lips wrapped around the inspectors cock as he was beating her with his wand. “Another fairy tale shot to hell.” Ivana whispered.

“Have you ever heard of the statute of limitations?” Ivana asked looking at Jack but the crazed look in her eyes kept him from answering. “It’s the maximum period of time, after certain events, that legal proceedings based on those events may be initiated. That time period has past for any crime I may have committed. However prostitution, slavery, black mail and bribery have a much longer limitation.” Ivana screamed as she ripped her confession apart.

Jack attempted to lung at Ivana but was repelled again as the collar sent volts of electricity racing through his veins but this time Ivana didn’t stop with just the collar. Instead she pranced across the room to the mirror and slid her finger along the sill unit she found the button. She grabbed a handful of toys as the door slid open.

Rushing back to Jack she brought the whip crashing across his exposed bare chest. He screamed as the leather straps left welts on his skin.

“Remember how you made me wear these?” She screamed as she attached clamps to his nipples and his balls.

“Read and sign this or I take my copies of these discs and those notebooks to the police. You will spend the rest of your life with Bubba your cell mate.” Ivana said as she handed Jack eight pieces of paper.

Jack grabbed at Ivana’s hand but she brought her spiked bracelet down on his knee drawing blood. Jack dropped her hand and looked at the paperwork. Two of the papers were a confession of his crimes while the other six were legal documents giving fifty percent of the profits from the restaurants to Ivana.

“You fucking bitch. I won’t sign my restaurant over to you.” Jack screamed.

Ivana brought the whip across his face as she pressed the remote for the collar. Jack screamed and collapsed back on the couch.

“It’s your call Jack.” Ivana sneered as she walked over to the phone and started dialing. Jacked heard the tone from the speaker phone as she pressed each button.

“Columbia police.” suddenly erupted from the speaker as Ivana raised her eyebrows and Jack began crying as he signed the papers.

“I’m sorry I must have misdialed.” Ivana calmly replied as she snatched the signed papers from Jacks hands and hung up the phone.

“Remember how you comforted me the day I signed my confession?” Ivana asked as she sat down on the couch next to Jack on slowly stroked his cock. “Remember how I was crying and you forced me to sign that paper?”

Even in his pain Jacks cock began to stiffen in her hand as he replied “Yes I remember.” His cock continued to harden with every stroke until he was almost ready to explode.

“Remember how good it felt to rape me?” Ivana exclaimed as she reached between her breasts for a cock ring that she quickly slipped onto Jacks member. “Keep your fucking hard on bastard.” She said getting up from the couch. “I own you now. Now you will do as I say or I will be the person visiting you in Jail. Do you understand? ”

“Yes.” he whispered dejectedly.

“You will sleep on that couch tonight just like I have done. That ring will keep your hard until I return in the morning. You will not pleasure yourself.” Ivana said pushing Jack back on the couch and walking to the office door.

“You’re going to be a wonderful slave and always remember Jack. Customer service is guaranteed.” Ivana said smiling as she walked out of the office a free woman.

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