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It Was An Accident

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I couldn’t remember a time that the wrecker business had been this slow. The whole week that I was on call I had been able to sleep all night long, each night. This was very unusual since we are on the rotation list’s in our area for emergency call out. The day time operation hadn’t been much better and that was even more unusual.

I kind of figured that this Saturday night was going to be a little more active, but I had no idea it was going to be this active!

The phone rang at 2:35am. I slowly came out of a peaceful sleep and answered. It was an accident on Stateline Road. The driver was trapped in an overturned vehicle and the fire department was unable to use their equipment to free them. They would be waiting on me to raise the car to allow them access. This was one of those “haul your ass” runs.

I grabbed a Sprite, my cigarettes and my keys and hit the door. I live about 9 miles from the scene of the accident so I was moving along at a pretty quick pace. The phone rang again. The police department wanted to know what my estimated time of arrival was. I told them about three minutes. They said ok and that they would inform the on scene commander.

As I arrived, I noticed that standing over to the side of the road, talking to a police officer was one of the finest women I had ever laid eyes on. I swung around behind the overturned, crushed vehicle and jumped out. I ran back to the firefighters and asked what they wanted me to do. After I received my instructions, I attached my chains to the cars front bumper mounts and slowly lifted until the firefighter in charge signaled me to stop. I stopped and waited. As I was waiting, I noticed the women that was talking to the police officer was on the border of hysterics. I wondered if someone related to her was the one we were fighting to rescue.

I was too involved in watching the beautiful blond to notice that the firefighters had rescued the person trapped and that they were trying to signal me to go ahead with my recovery. The police officer that the blond was speaking with pointed toward the wrecked automobile and I glanced back to the firefighter. He came up and told me to put my tongue back in my head and recover the car. I laughed with him as I lowered the vehicle and got back in my truck to reposition myself for the recovery.

The car was turned back over and hooked up on my sling. I pulled the vehicle into the service station there next to us and got out my ticket book. I walked to the officer with the blond to find out the pertinent information. I was told the driver’s name, vehicle’s owner’s name and proceeded to fill out my ticket.

The blond asked me where the car was being taken to. My lucky day! The car was hers and the person inside was her brother. I told her and gave her one of my business cards. She thanked me and said she would be in touch with me in the morning. I told her if she had any immediate questions, that I would be at the shop for about an hour. She told me ok and thanked me again. I climbed back in the truck and headed for the impound yard.

As I was pulling into the yard, the phone rang. I answered, figuring it to be another impound or accident. I was pleasantly surprised to her the blonde’s voice. She said there was something of great value in the car and that could she please come get it. I told her I could remove it and put it inside for her if she wanted me too but she seemed to be very anxious. She insisted on coming to get it right away so I gold her that it would be alright. I would wait on her.

About twenty minutes had passed when a small car pulled into the lot. My lucky day, she was alone. She met me at the gate and I told her what all could be removed and what had to stay with the vehicle. She said she only needed one article and that the rest could stay. As she walked past me, I turned to walk with her. She asked me if she could go alone, that the article was personal. I told her for insurance reasons and for her safety, that I had to go with her. She didn’t seem to like the idea until she noticed the two dogs. I told her that they do bite after dark and that was the reason I had to walk with her. She hesitated. She was obviously trying to decide whether or not to proceed with her desire to remove this article. After some consideration on her part, she must have decided that it was worth the risk of allowing me to see this “article” because she asked me if I would turn her in. I was confused at first and I guess I looked confused because she explained that the article wasn’t exactly legal. I laughed and told her that a lot of stuff that comes through here isn’t legal and that a greater part of what I do isn’t legal as well. She laughed nervously and agreed.

As we approached the vehicle she asked if I could close my eyes and of course I told her no. She sighed with resignation and went to the door. I watched as she pushed a small button under the dash and then saw a small compartment open on the passenger side top part of the dash. She walked around the destroyed vehicle, since it was impossible to crawl through the wreckage, and reached in and took out a rather large bag of what appeared to be some sort of powder. My eyes almost bugged out. With the way she was acting and talking about illegal, I knew instantly what the substance was. I asked her if that was what I thought it was and she grinned a guilty grin and told me that if I was thinking cocaine, then yes it was what I thought it was. Instantly my libido kicked in. I knew then and there that I had to do something quickly because my dick was jumping up and down at the way her big bouncy tits looked in her over tight shirt.

I told her that the “article” was a little much to keep quiet about and that the street value must be very large. She sighed and told me yes, the street value of a full kilo of cocaine was very high in this area. I was growing very brave and decided to push to limits. I told her that there would be a cost involved in guaranteeing my silence. She looked at me with a question in her eyes. She asked if I was suggesting that she give me some of the cocaine and I told her no. She asked if I wanted money and again I told her no. She quickly understood what I was demanding and just as quickly told me to go to hell, that she wasn’t doing an sexual favors for me. I told her ok, but that it was to bad that I had already made note of the make and model along with the license plate number of the car she was driving. I also mentioned that since I had just hauled the vehicle involved in the accident and spoke with the police, that I had her name, address and phone number. All of a sudden it hit her just how much of a predicament she was in.

After a few minutes she asked what it was exactly that I wanted. I told her that I wanted to fuck her, eat her pussy and for her to blow me. Above and beyond all this, I told her that I just had to get my hands on those super nice looking titties. On top of all this, I wanted to video tape it. She reluctantly agreed to it all. I told her to come on into the small camper we keep beside the shop. I knew it had been a good idea to put that camper there.

I opened the door and allowed her to enter first. As she walked up the step, I reached between her legs and placed my hand on her pussy mound. She jumped at first but quickly settled down. She stopped half way up the step and allowed me to rub her pussy through her blue jeans. Now my cock was very hard and it was time to let him loose. I told her to go ahead and she finished climbing into the camper. She sat down on one of the stools by the table and just glared at me. It was obvious that she was pissed, but if I worked it just right, she would be happy by the time she left.

I walked over to her and grabbed both titties through her blouse. She just sighed. I reached down and started unbuttoning her shirt. As the last button came undone, her tits came into view. I was stunned. I had never seen tits this large that were this firm. Of course the bra might be the reason, so I told her to take the bra off. She reached behind her back and undid the clasps. The bra fell into her lap and that is when I knew that these tits were real and the motherfuckers were standing straight up at me. Her nipples were looking at me, just begging to be pinched and sucked on. I didn’t waist any time. My mouth went straight to the nipple on her left tit. I was rubbing her pussy through her pants and alternating sucking both nipples. She started to breath a little heavy and I knew then that I had her right where I wanted her.

As much as I hated to, I pulled away from her tits and told her that I had forgotten something. I told her to put her bra and blouse back on. She asked me why and I told her that part of what I wanted was the video tape of her stripping for me. I went to the small cabinet at the head of the bed and got out the tripod and VCR camera. I set it up at the foot of the bed and then, before pushing the play button, told her that when I pointed at her, she was to slowly removed her clothing.

I was dumbfounded at the sight of her body! She had the prettiest pussy and tits of any woman that I had ever seen. She must have decided that since it was going to happen anyway, she was going to enjoy herself because she was putting on quiet a show for the camera.

After all her clothing was on the floor and my dick was hard as a rock, I zoomed into where the bed was and where I would be punching that pussy. I went around to her and slowly began rubbing my cock on her nipples. I began rubbing my cock between her tits and each time my dick came above the top of her tits, she would stick out her tongue and lick the head. I had to stop or I knew I would cum to fast. I wanted this one to last and made up my mind that no matter what happened, I was going to have this woman many times this night.

As I moved around to get on the bed she asked if I wanted to do a line. I told her no, that I wasn’t interested in that. I told her to lay back, that I wanted to taste that beautiful pussy. I dropped to my knees between her legs and immediately shoved my whole face in her snatch. I spent the better part of the next hour slurping and eating her pussy. Her juices tasted like honey to my thirsty mouth.

She had cum so much by this time that she was on the verge of passing out. She asked if we could take a small break so she could get a drink and do another line, and of course I told her she could. I went to the camera and removed it from the tripod. I did a little scanning around and some close ups of her doing her line of coke. I zoom in as close as the camera would focus on her dripping wet pussy hole. That was driving me wild! I was ready to slam my rock hard cock inside that beautiful pussy.

I walked over to her and, with the camera still in hand, I zoomed in on her tits and gorgeous face. As I was filming this, I started rubbing my dick up and down her cleavage. I rubbed my dick all over her nipples, making them hard as little bullets. After a few minutes of filming this, she reached and took my balls in her hand and led them and my dick to her sweet mouth. Her mouth was so wet and warm that I almost shot my load right then and there. I was almost there when I decided that I wanted to film my cum on her face. I pulled my cock from her mouth and pushed her back. I grabbed my cock with my free hand and started jerking. My first shot hit her on the cheek, with my second shot hitting her on the forehead. She leaned up and started licking the cum off the end of my dick and slowly sucked me dry. After cleaning my cock up with her mouth, she laid back on the bed and pulled her legs up and apart. Her pussy was so puffed up with arousal that it didn’t take much time for my dick to swell up again. I leaned down and slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy. That was the tightest pussy I had been in. I pushed in and out for a few minutes, all along getting some great close up shot of her tits and my dick going in and out of her snatch.

I decided it was time to get my cock going full steam ahead and pulled out. I went and put the camera back on the tripod. I turned to her and told her to get ready because it was grunge fuck time. I grabbed her ankles and put them over my shoulders. With one hard shove, I jammed my dick all the way to the bottom of her wonderfully tight pussy. I started bouncing her pussy against me and shoving with all my weight. She was screaming for me to fuck her. Over and over she screamed at me to fuck her, fuck her. After about ten minutes, I felt my balls tighten up and knew it was time. I jammed in one last time and then filled her pussy hole full of my cum.

We lay there cooling off and catching our breath for what seemed like forever. Actually it was only about half an hour and if I could have, I would have went to sleep right there with her naked body next to mine. She was the one who decided it was time to call it to an end. She told me that she was glad now that I had black mailed her into fucking me. She said she was a very happy and well fucked bitch. I just laughed and told her that I would be glad to do her again anytime. At that she gave me her work phone number and cell phone. Then as an afterthought she gave me her pager number as well. She told me that the pager was for the “business” but that if I would put the last four of my phone number in when I called, she would know it was me. I told her ok, and explained when I was on call and when I was not. She said she would call me.

I played with her ass and run my fingers up and down between her pussy lips as she was putting her bra on. I stopped her and told her I needed one more suck on those perfect nipples before she closed it. She turned and leaned down. I sucked first one then the other. She laughed when I kept going and told me that if I didn’t stop that we would have to fuck again. I told her that would be alright with me, but she said she had to go. I continued to play with her perfect little heart shaped ass as she put her shirt on then she slid her panties on and pulled them up. I rubbed her ass through her panties until she pulled her jeans on. She turned around and saw that my dick was hard again. She told me she would have one for the road and dropped to her knees. She sucked my cock as hard and as fast as she could. She popped my cock out of her mouth and told me to fill her mouth with my sweet cream. She then slid my cock into her throat. After about three or four minutes, I obliged her request and told her I was cumming. She slipped my cock from throat and I started cumming on her tongue. She got up from her knees with her cheeks bulging. With a big gulp, she walked out the door. I walked out with her to close the gates. I walked her to her car and she turned and gave me a big hug.

I went back to the camper and cleaned up. I took the sheets and put them in the washer. I would just put them back on in the morning. I took the tape from the camera and put it in my back pack. I would be enjoying that tape for a long, long time. I put a new, blank tape in the camera and put all the equipment back where it belonged.

It was daylight when I got home. I fell into an exhausted sleep immediately. An hour later, the phone rang… there was an accident on Stateline road…

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