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It Was All Her Fault

Category: Gay Male
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It was all her fault. Really it was, I swear. I mean why else would I have ended up at the pornshop sucking cock and getting fucked through a gloryhole? It was her fault. Can’t you see that?? Ok, maybe I better start from the beginning.

I was on a business trip to Wheeling a few years back. Yea, Wheeling. Nail City. And about as exciting as a sack of nails. I was looking for some fun so I went to the strip club on the island in the middle of town. Well, somebody had complained and they had cracked down, no total nudity and alcohol at the same time.

Not much happening and I was getting more and more frustrated. One of the locals takes pity on me and tells me that if I go back up the mountain into Pennsyltucky, the strip clubs there not only have total nudity, but private rooms as well. I’m thinking hot diggity damn! So I make my way up the mountain and find a couple of clubs and bookstores at the first exit.

I get in, pay the cover, buy my $8 beer and make myself comfortable. I watch a couple of strippers, but nothing is really interesting me since I hate plastic tits. Then, she walks in. Yea, the her I’ve been talking about. Auburn hair down to her shoulders. Grey/green eyes. Trim figure but not bony. Perky tits. Oh yea, she was all that and a bag of chips. She walks right up to me and sticks her hand down my shirt and starts playing with my nipples. Oooh sweet Jesus. I was rock hard instantly. She keeps cooing in my ear and playing with my nipples begging me to buy her a drink. What can I do? I mean, the nipple treatment is driving me wild. So I buy her a $10 beer. She sits on my lap for a little bit. Teases me with glimpses of her tits. And every so often gives my nipples a squeeze or tongues my ear. I could start splitting rails pretty soon because I am so hard and horny. She is driving me wild. I mean any man would need release. All too soon though, she jumps up off my lap and says her set is next. I just stare and drool at that ass as she shimmys behind the curtain.

I buy another $8 beer and get some change and find myself a table by the runway. Here she comes. Amber. Yea, her fucking name was Amber. And she was smoking hot. She put on some moves that would make a dead man hard. I mean, you just knew how fantastic that pussy would feel wrapped around your cock. She did a couple of amazing moves right in front of me, sliding her thong aside and showing me her pussy and asshole. Oh man I wanted to bury my face in there and not come up for a week! I slip her some bills, fuck knows what or how many, and just watch the rest of her show in a fuck daze.

(I know, by now your asking, WTF? I thought this was a fucking gay story about sucking cock and taking it up the ass! Well, I’m getting there, but you gotta understand why it’s all her fault!!)

So by the time she finishes her set, I’m drooling all over myself and my underwear is soaked because my cock is spitting pre-cum. She comes back to me and tells that I can get a private room with her for $125. I just open up my wallet and let her take it. She leads me to the room, which I am still conscious enough to notice is guarded by the biggest fucking bouncer I have ever seen. It’s only after we are in the room and she is rubbing away on my crotch that she tells me I can touch anything and anywhere as long as I like BUT her clothes have to stay on. As if on cue, big bad and ugly sticks his head in to make sure I understand. Ok, ok, fine… whatever, at least I can touch. And oh man touch I do!! 

She has some fine perky tits with long hard nipples and she loves me feeling them up. I also am feeling her up through her thong, remembering the sight of that pussy and asshole from just minutes ago. Oh baby she is hot and she is rubbing on me just as much. Every so often big, bad and ugly sticks his head in to make sure I’m not doing what I shouldn’t. She nods at him and the curtains close again. Well, this goes on about 10 or 15 minutes and now I am so horny I’m amazed I haven’t shot off in my underwear. I’m begging her if there is someplace we can go, just for a few minutes. But she says she can’t go anywhere tonight until her shift is over at 3am. It’s only a little after 11 then, so I don’t think I can wait (or afford) to stay another 4 hours. She’s cooling down now. Not so much interested in keeping me at fever pitch. She finally lights a cigarette while I’m still trying to paw her and I get the message. It’s not going to be me slamming that beautatious booty tonight. But I am hornier than all fuck! What the hell am I going to do??

Well, I thank her. Give her a damn good tip, I mean she was gorgeous and I got to at least feel everything! Then I made my way back out to the car and start to drive back to the motel. I mean at least I can jerk off. And that’s when I saw the bookstore. Of course. What if they have booths? And what if the booths have gloryholes?? I mean, maybe I can even get my cock sucked. If nothing else, I can buy some good whack off material to take home. Besides, I am so fucking horny and it really is all her fault! Right??

I walk in. There is always a rush walking in to bookstores. I mean you are hit with the smell – cigarettes, sweat, cum, piss, disinfectant, latex, leather, lube and aromas. Then there is that fear that somehow you shouldn’t be here, looking at this stuff, wanting to get off and afraid someone might see you. Mmm oh yea, head rush as I walk in and orient myself. Take a couple of tours of the magazine and video racks so I don’t look so fucking desperate. Yea, right! And then I make my way around to the booths. The booths in the front room are not completely enclosed, just swinging bar doors on the outside and stools on the inside. No gloryholes here, but if you wanted you could still jack off. I wander around the rest of the store. And in the back room, bingo, the real deal. Completely enclosed booths with locking doors and did I see in that quick glimpse inside, YES, gloryholes!

Right now all those booths are filled. The red lights above signalling occupation. I make my way back out to the front and buy some tokens. At least I know I can jerk off and if I’m really lucky I might get my cock sucked. Oh Amber, you may have started something but I am damn sure gonna finish it!

I see someone come from the back room and I make my way there. I was too slow earlier and of course didn’t have any tokens. There is only one booth open. It’s between two booths and looks narrower than the rest. I don’t think anything about it, but slip inside, lock the door and start dropping tokens.

In the dim light of the monitor I can see that the booth is quite narrow. The bench stretches from side to side in the middle and there are two gloryholes – one on each side. I step over the bench and unzip my fly. I pull my briefs and pants down far enough to get my cock out and start stroking. Then I start flipping through channels to find some good porn. I can see by the light through the gloryholes that both booths are occupied. I keep glancing down at the holes to see if there is any activity while I finally find some hot clip of a blonde taking on two guys. Getting curious, I lean down to look and see if I can see my neighbor whacking off. I kind of slip on the bench and I reach my hand out to steady myself and in doing so, brush the hole with my fingers.

Damn, I think. I hope he didn’t see that. But sure enough. Two seconds later, here comes this cockhead through the hole. I mean, I can’t really tell him I made a mistake and I’m not interested. And damn, he is hard and leaking. He must be feeling like I am and his cock is good looking as it throbs there. Shit, I’m so horny I’m thinking of sucking this strange cock but maybe if I do he’ll at least suck mine in return. I reach out and start to stroke his cock. I hear a moan from the other side of the wall and feel his cock spasm in my hand. It is hot and hard and throbbing and all I can think of is how will this feel in my mouth. I lean down and start licking the head. More moans, more twitches of his cock in my hand. I like the taste of his pre-cum and the thought rushes through my head, “I wonder what his cum will taste like?” Shit, where did that cum from. I’m not gay I think to myself as I bend down further and take the head of his cock in my mouth.

Another deep moan from the other side of the wall and he starts fucking his cock through the opening trying to get more in my mouth. I love the taste and feel of his cock. The spongy head and the rock hard shaft. The sweet pre-cum oozing out and coating my tongue. It feels so hot and hard in my mouth and for a few minutes I just let him fuck my mouth like a pussy while I get used to the sensations.

I’m really getting into sucking this cock. I have never sucked a cock before. It is fascinating as I feel a blowjob from the other side. Then I begin to think, what do I like in a blowjob. I start to suck, I mean really suck, on his cock. Not just letting him pump my mouth. But sucking, sucking hard on his cock, meeting his thrusts and letting him know I love sucking cock. I work my way around a bit on the bench so I can get to more of his cock and balls. It’s kind of hard because the booth is so cramped. I have to lay down on the bench so that my ass is against the far wall. But now I can really reach his cock with my mouth and there are his balls hanging down. I pull them through the opening gently and begin to lick them. I notice there are two smaller holes on either side of the big hole in front of my and just as I am about to wonder what they are there for, his hands come through to guide my mouth back to his cock and then hold my head while he fucks my face. Oh this is so hot. I love the taste of his cock in my mouth. I can feel the different textures, the soft head, the rigid shaft with its veins. I flutter my tongue just beneath the head and hear him moan before he shoves his cock back in my mouth. I make the same motion with my tongue at the base of his cock and his hands hold me tight as he grinds his dick into my mouth. I suck hard, work my tongue and let him pump my face.

In the meantime, I must have been wiggling my ass against the wall because the next thing I know, I feel hands reaching through to try to find my cock and stroke my ass. I kind of gasp on the cock in my mouth and try to pull up so I can figure out what the hell is going on. But the guy in my mouth just holds my head and starts taking long strokes in and out of my mouth and I get so into what he is doing in my mouth I forget about my other end for the moment. I get so into sucking this cock again that I just let the other guy work my pants down lower so he can reach my ass and start stroking it… oh man that feels good! I know, I know, I should stop him now, but I can’t. I’m so horny I can’t stand it and between sucking my first cock and having my ass played with I’m going out of my mind. I start sucking hard on the cock in my mouth again and then moan deep in my throat when a lubed finger slides up my ass! 

Shit!! What the fuck am I doing?? I mean, I’ve had a girlfriend play with my ass before while giving me a blowjob, but this is different and I shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t let him do this but fuck it feels so fucking good! And my asshole is relaxing and letting him in. So I just moan and suck while he finger-fucks my ass. Oh god, when did he put two up there. Oh shit that feels good. I get into a rhythm of bobbing back and forth taking the cock at one and his fingers at the other. Mmm, I could do this all night!

Now he is trying to work my pants down. What? What does he want? Everytime I try to lift my mouth off the cock in front of me to figure it out, that guy just pulls my head back onto his cock and starts sawing away at my mouth. Finally, I kind of stand, bent over so I can still suck and he pushes my pants down and tries to get me on the bench. I somehow manage to step out of one leg of my pants and straddle the bench. I lay down so I can rub my incredibly hard cock against the seat. And now I am moaning again because he is fingering my ass in earnest while the guy in the booth in front of me has managed to get the head of his cock into my throat.

I whimpered a little bit when the guy behind me slid his fingers out of my ass but then I felt him reaching through the holes to hold my hips so he could slide his fingers back into my lubed and horny ass. Wait a minute… if he is holding my hips with his hands… ooooooh fuck. My eyes bulge and I am hyperventilating around the cock in my mouth as I feel this huge cock begin its journey up my ass!!!

The guy in front must have realized what was happening. He started stroking my head and pumping his cock gently into my mouth. He spoke his first (and only) words of the whole encounter. “Just relax. Let him in. Give him your ass. Let me take your mouth. Just relax and get fucked, bud!”

And to tell the truth, what choice did I have? And to tell the truth, it felt damn good! So, I took a couple of deep breaths and tried to calm down and relax and in a minute or two his cock was sliding back deep into my mouth. After a couple of minutes more the cock behind me started its journey again up my ass. I began to realize that I could rock back and forth in this position and take cock at both ends alternately. I would rock forward and take one cock in my mouth up to the base and then rock back and feel the other slide up to the hilt in my ass. Every so often, one of them would reach through and pull my head or my ass against the hole and then pound away for a few strokes. This felt especially good in my ass. This guy had a big cock that was stretching my hole sooo good. It felt fantastic when he would pull me back and bury it deep in my ass. Sometimes he would take long, slow strokes and other times he would jackhammer my hole. Other times he would shove it in deep and hold it there so I could squirm all over it and fuck myself on it. Oh god it rubbed my prostate so fucking good and I was rubbing my leaking cock all over the seat. He was master of my ass and I was loving it!!

Outside I wondered what they could hear, I mean, could they hear how I was slurping and sucking at the cock in my mouth? Could they hear the slick shooping of that big cock fucking my ass? Could they hear my moans and groans and grunts as I was fucked from both end??

Both of them picked up the rhythm now and were obviously trying to get their cocks to meet somewhere in the middle of my body. I felt the guy in my mouth begin to swell and twitch first and so I sucked harder trying to milk out his cum. I heard him shout at about the same time I felt the first jet hit my mouth. I couldn’t believe how I loved the taste. I sucked and swallowed and swallowed while he pumped my face. I loved the way it throbbed and twitched in my mouth. I couldn’t concentrate too much on that though because in just a moment or two I felt the cock swell in my ass and then he rammed it in deep and I felt him dumping his load into his condom. I fucked myself back onto his spasming cock and that triggered my own orgasm as I pumped my load out onto the seat under my belly. Both cocks slid out of me and were gone and I was left to clean myself up as best I could and somehow manage to get back to my hotel.

Holy fuck was that awesome! I had never done anything like that before. I mean I sucked cock, swallowed and loved it! Even better, I came while getting my ass fucked, and fucked hard and loved every second of that too! So now you can understand can’t you? It was all her fault. I mean, you can see that can’t you? Anybody can. Right??

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