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It Takes A Thief

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Once, there was a girl. She was a rather normal girl, with a sweet personality, but ordinary. The girl was responsible, pretty, if not quite beautiful with an unruly mop of auburn curls and piercing blue eyes. The young lady’s greatest pride was her academic grades at her school. Every semester she made Dean’s list, and the scholarships she won paid her way through school. She never caused a disruption and was a delight to her teachers. Life for her was simple, not complicated by boyfriends, or parties. She was completely ordinary, not noticeable in the least. Her name was Elizabeth.

Now as it happened Elizabeth was a very careful person, she looked both ways before crossing the street, washed her hands often, and always locked her dormitory door when her roommate was away. Normally she was meticulous about things like that, but this evening, her mind heavy from extensive studying Elizabeth forgot to lock the door. Perhaps it was fate. She changed out of her jeans and sweater and pulled an over-sized tee shirt over her body. After switching off the light, Elizabeth settled down to slumber, completely unaware of any danger.

* * *

A chilly wind blew back the long coat of the stranger as he looked up at the third story window, void of light. His boots gleamed dully as he took the stone steps to the entrance of the dorm. A passing student cordially held the door for the stranger, making him goggle as how easy it was to breech security on campus. Shaking his head with a grin he went about finding the room that matched the window he gazed at outside. It was very little trouble with the inhabitant’s name tagged on the door to each room they lived. The man chuckled softly; a deep rumble in his throat as he thought of the expensive security tax dollars went to in the state funded college. Just as well he didn’t pay taxes. Turning aside smugness at how easily his entrance was attained, he found the door of his victim.

From the black leather bag that he carried the man drew a crowbar. He braced it in the doorframe and was pleasantly surprised when he turned the doorknob easily, unlocked. The man did not slow to thank fate for carelessness. He opened the door without even a small whine from the hinges. Ah, so that’s where the tax money goes, he thought. He closed the door with a muffled click and locking it behind him. Checking both beds, to make sure there was no witness to bother with his eyes fell on the girl. She was sprawled on her back, one arm thrown carelessly in slumber over the side of the bed, legs win-milled, eyes closed tightly in the sweet innocence of repose. Her lips, like pale roses, were slightly parted as she breathed deeply.

First the man removed his coat and hung it neatly on the chair near the girl’s desk. Then taking a length of fabric out of his black bag he gently, as to not wake her, tied it around her mouth as a gag. Next out came the glossy black rope. The man plucked one dainty wrist of the young student and with leather clad hands tied the wrist to its counterpart. The sleek black rope, woven from luxuriant silk contrasted with her pale skin.

With the movement Elizabeth stirred. A low mumbled moan escaped her lips through the gag, as if she were dreaming. When the girl stilled the stranger efficiently tied her bound writs to the bed’s headboard, without as much as a peep from her. Slowly he pulled her comforter down off the girl’s body, leaving her creamy legs naked in only her sleep shirt and navy lace panties.

These were easily disposed of the man thought as he flicked open his pocketknife, admiring the moonlight glinting off the stainless-steel blade. Starting at the collar he lifted the shirt away from Elizabeth’s skin and cut a slit all the way down giving way to large, soft breast. Her chest freed, the man indulged in running his gloved hand over the heavy weight of the breast, enjoying the sleep-hot warmth of her skin, her nipple perked satisfactorily as the stranger thumbed it. With another two sharp flicks of the knife the sides of her panties were slashed. They came away slightly moist revealing a healthy patch of softly curling dark nest of hair, glistening with lubrication, even if the girl had not woken.

The stranger toyed with the idea of removing the gag from the girl since she miraculously slept soundly through his attention, even though it may not be the wisest course of action. He idly let his finger trace around her nipple, tightening it, and the traversed down her stomach to the verge of her mound making Elizabeth tremble and moan again, only slightly muffled by the gag. The sound of her made his cock twitch with lust. He loosened the gag from around the girl’s mouth, though did not remove it for safety’s sake. Softly he hovered his lips over hers, brushing them deceptively gently with his own, inhaling her scent.

Encouraged by her depth of sleep he firmly took both breasts in his hands, cupping their weight and fullness, drawing his thumbs over hard nipples. Elizabeth’s mouth gaped open with a gasp as her back arched. But still she slept, even as her horny body reacted under the stranger’s touch. The burglar was stunned, but also eager to explore how far her could go without waking the slumbering co-ed. Reluctantly he made his hands leave the flesh of her breasts, trailing down each side of her body. When they stopped at her hips, she bucked slightly, eagerly. The man sighed in desire and took a stiff pink nipple in his mouth, rolling it on his tongue like candy, pulling at it lightly with his teeth, and still the girl would not wake. Her body moved with desire, the shimmer of wetness shone between her thighs, and Elizabeth made small sounds of lust in the back of her throat. The stranger enjoyed the honest reactions he drove from the girl, there was no fear, no apprehension, and not a second of hesitation, just a body that wanted-no needed a good fuck. With a chuckle under his breath the man wondered what the girl’s dreams were about at this moment. He kissed the girl’s neck, and grazed his teeth on her hot skin. She moaned loudly, her lust was obvious now, but still the man held back from fulfilling her.

The stranger moved his hand down to cup Elizabeth’s pussy. It felt molten, so hot he was vaguely surprised he was not burned. Curious to see how wet he had made his sleeping beauty, the man pressed his finger into the folds of her vulva and withdrew it, dripping with the girl’s fluid. Her hips snapped up, reluctant to release his hand and the brief moment of pleasure they elicited. He wondered how long it had been since a man had pleased the captive, as her body mindlessly bucked and tried to retrieve the withdrawn finger that entered her. She nuzzled her pussy against his hand.

The stranger had to fight against his growing erection and his need to take the girl. Her pussy was slick and wet, no doubt ready to be entered and thrust into, but the burglar still wanted to torture her sleeping body a little first. He was in no hurry to wake the girl with his cock. The man fished a small glass vial of liquid from his case. When it was uncorked the heady aroma of cinnamon filled the air, almost overpowering. He rubbed the liquid over her nipples, rubbing it in briskly with his thumb and forefinger as the girl began to thrash and moan again under his ministrations. He knew the reaction well, and was satisfied to know that the potion still worked. The cinnamon mixture would cause a heating and tingling on the skin it came into contact with. It was always a pleasurable feeling, and if Elizabeth weren’t already in “the mood” the aphrodisiac would soon take care of her and make her horny as hell. Since the girl was already willing, or at least her body was, the juice would just amplify her desire and couple it with a sense of urgency. The man imagined with perverse glee how horny the poor sleeping student must be.

He reached down between her legs to smear the liquid onto her pussy and was blocked. The stranger tried to gently move her leg that must have rearranged itself during the girl’s lust induced thrashing. He nudged it to no avail, and didn’t want to risk being more forceful as to wake the student who looked so sexy with lips parted, naked, and asleep.

The stranger leaned down over the girl’s face and licked a delicate line over the shell of the girl’s ear, to which her body responded eagerly. He could swear the girl almost purred. When he let his warm breath breathe across her ear Elizabeth struggled her hands, as if she wanted to reach between her legs and pleasure herself. She whimpered mournfully in her sleep.

“Elizabeth,” the man said in a firm, but soft voice, directly into the sleeping girl’s ear, “Move your leg for me.” He didn’t expect this ploy to work, but something must been awake in the sleeping girl’s head for she quickly complied. She moved her legs, and even spread them a little into a comfortable, almost spread-eagle state. The stranger grinned for a second, and after checking to make sure Elizabeth was still asleep he spilled a small amount of the mixture into his palm and began to caress her pussy lips with the sweet-smelling stuff. When the pussy lips were good and coated he dipped his cinnamon-laden finger to the girl’s clitoris, and rubbed the cinnamon mixture on the nodule very generously. When the burglar finished rubbing the potion into her delicate skin he tested her sensitivity to the mixture by flicking his finger across her clit. Elizabeth erupted into a thrashing, moaning frenzy. She shivered violently, and sounds from deep in her throat, wordless and husky slipped through her lips.

Finally, the man could hold back no longer, the girl’s protests had fueled his lust and he needed to fuck her. He checked the binds that kept the girl’s wrists to the headboard. When he was satisfied by the security, he readied himself. The man loosened his belt and let his black khakis fall to the floor; he respectfully removed his boots and socks, and then unbuttoned the silk dress shirt he wore. Lastly, he slid out of the black leather glove, setting them on top of his leather case.

All the while Elizabeth moved on the bed in certain agony. When the stranger finally straddled her, her hips rose instantly to greet him, wanting his cock hard and inside her. The girl brushed against his member beseechingly, making it quite difficult to concentrate, a sense of urgency boiling the blood in his veins and he could feel his cock throb against her wetness. He lined himself up with the girl’s pussy below him, and entered her with delicious slowness, savoring how she enveloped and squeezed at his cock. The burglar drew out, and at once slammed his cock hard into the girl, waking her with a start, eyes wide in surprise. Before Elizabeth could scream the assailant clapped a hand over her mouth.

Her eyes were wide with stark terror as she looked up at the man astride her. Her eyes were wide with stark terror as she looked up at the man astride her. He was big, too big to fight, at least six feet tall. His skin was dark, in the low light; his eyes glinted black with lust. The realization swept over her suddenly that he was naked, and even worse so was she! Her body that welcomed him so fully before tried its best to throw him from her, she intended to punch, slap, claw; anything to get him off her! But despair rocked her when she felt how secure the roped planting her defenseless to the bed. And she was too well aware of the hard hotness inside of her. She couldn’t help a steak of red blush from painting her cheeks.

“There is nothing you can do, girl” the man said with the calm confidence of a burglar in control of the situation, expecting to be heeded to the letter. His voice wasn’t mean. It was a little cold, but it was a firm voice, and a voice to be obeyed. “Now, if you scream, I promise you will not enjoy the consequences. With her nod of acquiescence the stranger removed his hand.

“What do you want? Get out! Leave me alone! Why are you here? Please go!” Elizabeth’s words fell together as a tumbling high-pitched rant. And even as fear clenched her, her body still reacted to his, moving un and down ever so slightly, and clamping hard on his cock.

“Elizabeth,” the girl jerked as the man used her name, “You will not resist. Your body doesn’t want to anyway.” He emphasized the point by tweaking her nipple, drawing a satisfying sharp moan from her throat.

“No! Stop!” She cried out softly, willing her body not to betray her anymore. Elizabeth could feel how wet she was between the legs and she cursed her disloyal body.

“Relax, girl. Easy, nobody’s going to hurt you if you cooperate. Accept and submit to the pleasure.” His voice was iron and he began to thrust into her again. Elizabeth tried to fight the feelings in her body, but her will was weak, and wanted him. The sensitive skin of her nipples and Pussy felt hot and in certain need of satisfaction, her body began to move with his in earnest and he pushed his length into her with surprising speed and strength, slapping his balls against her ass as he plowed against her. His free hand found leverage by grabbing Elizabeth’s hip and pulling her to himself as he slammed his cock into her hard. His mouth was a hot, wet vice on her nipple.

Elizabeth found that she was kissing the man, passionately as he thrust his tongue roughly into her mouth, in time with the thrusts of his member. His lips were soft; his tongue insistent, her one stray thought was that she was thoroughly possessed. The man’s breath grew shallow as he grew close to orgasm.

“I’m going to come,” he announced before he bit into the soft flesh between neck and shoulder, receiving a hissed moan from Elizabeth as a response. She enjoyed the last few, deep urgent thrusts before her attacker came. When he finished with a groan he pulled away from her sweat soaked body that seemed to soak up the moonlight and glow. She watched as the stranger dressed, silently mulling the words she wanted to express.

Wordlessly the man untied her wrists, coiling the rope efficiently and setting it inside his bag. “What makes you think I’m not going to call the cops the minute you leave?” Elizabeth demanded suddenly, angry that she had been violated, angry that she had liked it, but even more angry that the burglar was leaving.

“If you called the police, then I would never return,” the man said patiently, and with that he left, closing the door gently behind him. Elizabeth was stunned; she stared at the door before once again sleep claimed her.

Elizabeth never locked her door again, always waiting for the cat burglar.

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