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Last summer, I spent a lot of time talking with the neighbor girl across the street. She is about 28, married, maybe 120 pounds, around 5′ 10″ tall, long blond hair, fantastic body for a married lady. nice husband, and three small children. A wonderful family, to the casual observer. But as we became closer, she confided in me that there was something missing in her marriage, something she couldn’t understand.

Her husband was somewhat unimaginative in the lovemaking department, always the same thing, and she was turning to fantasy for excitement. By the time we got to be close friends, she felt comfortable enough to tell me that she had fantasies about being raped in her own house, by an intruder wearing a ski mask, and the guy forced her to engage in a variety of sex acts with him at knifepoint. The idea excited her, and she was ashamed that she could have these dreams when her marriage was otherwise great.

She and I talked at length about her fantasy. She explained in detail about exactly what happened, that she had accidentally left the back door unlocked, and that she suddenly woke up to find a guy sitting on her chest, with a knife in his hand. We discussed why she would have that fantasy, why she wanted something different in her life. I explained that it was perfectly normal to feel the way she did, that everyone has such fantasies, but very few people ever express them to anyone, and even fewer ever have their fantasy actually happen.

She looked at me with her big brown eyes, and held my arm, saying “Well, it’s a wonderfully exciting dream to have! I hope you can have a dream like that sometime…”

Nothing more was said about it for a few weeks, and we remained close friends. One day she told me her husband was going to be gone on a business trip for the rest of the week, and then she started talking about how safe our little town is, that she felt safe enough to leave her back door unlocked, and that her bedroom is the one to the left at the top of the stairs. As she said that, she stared into my eyes. Nothing more was said about it.

That night, I decided to make her fantasy come true. I gathered a small bag of toys, and at five minutes till one, walked over to her back door. I was wearing only a t shirt, jeans, and a ski mask. I had put on one of those voice changers. It’s the kind that kids play with, that makes you sound like Darth Vader. Just as I expected, the door was unlocked. I quietly slipped inside, creeping carefully through the kitchen. In the moonlight I saw a wooden block full of kitchen knives, and grabbed a large one. Knife in hand, I crept up the stairs, and through the open door to the left. She was sleeping soundly, flat on her back, the blanket up to her neck.

I jumped astraddle her chest, and held my hand over her mouth. She woke up with a start, and struggled.

I whispered to her, in a robot-like voice, “I have a knife, don’t make me use it! I’m going to fuck you, bitch, for the next several hours, whether you like it or not. Now, I’m going to take away my hand, and you are going to decide if I have to kill you or not. Either way, you’re fucked. You must be very quiet if you want to come out of this alive.”

I carefully started to remove my hand, and she started to scream. I covered her mouth again before she made a sound. It was time to show her I was serious. I held the knife in front of her face, the tip perilously close to a point right between her eyes. Her eyes got really big, and she stopped struggling.

I asked her, “now, bitch, are you going to fuck me without any struggle?” She shook her head yes, with a sigh of resignation.

It was now 1am, and we had at least 5 hours for uninterrupted sex before any of the kids would wake up. I would be gone long before that.

She was shaking now, tears rolling down her cheeks. I motioned for her to sit up, and she sat, moving to the side of the bed, her feet on the floor.

She looked very somber and resigned. She asked me to please close the door, and I did. I said, “You’re going to be alright, I’m not going to hurt you or your kids. We are going to practice safe sex, and I won’t leave any evidence behind. Understand?” She shook her head yes.

“Now, I want you to stand up, and strip for me,” I ordered, motioning with the knife.

She slowly stood, moving over to the middle of the floor, and very slowly started to peel off her long nightshirt, pulling it up over her belly, slowly up her chest, revealing her breasts, the nipples starting to harden in the cool air. She pulled it over her head, and tossed it aside, defiantly staring into my eyes. She wore only white cotton bikini panties now, cut high on the hip, held together with only a narrow band of elastic.

“Now stand in that doorway, spread your legs so your feet are against each side, and grab the door frame with your hands, arms spread above your head,” I ordered. She quickly complied, her eyes never leaving mine.

Her body was fantastic in the soft light from the hallway. Her breasts were not large, but were very nicely shaped, with large areoles, and her nipples were small. her long narrow torso flared into smoothly rounded hips. Her legs were long and slim, looking very smooth and firm, only slightly muscular. Her body was that of a woman much younger.

I bent to lick her left nipple, she shuddered as my tongue touched her. I held the knife point to her throat, and warned her not to move. My tongue circled her nipple, then my lips closed over it, sucking it slowly inside my mouth. I heard her moan softly. I kissed and licked my way over to the other breast, giving it the same treatment. She threw her head back, and I heard her softly moaning. As I sucked, her nipples got harder and harder, until they were sticking out nearly a half inch.

Her arms were still stretched out to the door frame, her feet against each side, her thighs apart. The knife still at her throat, I reached down and placed my hand over her mound and began rubbing her pussy through the soft cotton, slowly up and down, applying just a little pressure with the palm of my hand. She moaned softly, her head moving slowly from side to side, eyes closed. I slowly slid the knife down her chest, between her breasts, down her soft smooth belly, and slid the point inside the waistband of her panties. Sliding the blade around to the side, I then turned the knife so the blade was away from her, and quickly sliced through the elastic, on her left side. The cloth fell away, still supported by the other side, most of her belly exposed now. Keeping the knife in contact with her skin, I slid it around to the other side, and sliced that elastic as well. As soon as I did, the panties fluttered to the floor between her feet.

I slowly slid the knife around to the front of her belly, then lower, touching the flat of the blade along her skin, the cold steel causing her to shiver as it touched the wetness of her pussy lips. I slowly slid the knife up her body to her neck once again, holding it there, while my other hand carressed her pussy lips, sliding a finger between them, dipping it into her moistness. With a sharp intake of breath, she moaned quietly,”OH my GOD!” I slipped my finger up inside her, moving it around, exploring the inside of her pussy, always applying a constant pressure against her mound, and she continued to moan softly, almost a whisper.

My face was directly in front of hers. she once again opened her eyes, and our eyes locked together as I touched her intimately. I moved my thumb to touch her clitoris, as one finger explored inside her pussy. My thumb slid over it, then circled it, rubbing it up and down, as the finger inside her moved in all directions. The inside of her pussy felt like soft, warm, wet velvet as my finger probed and explored every crevice and fold. Almost imperceptibly, she began rocking her hips, in time with my hand, always moaning, and I pulled out my finger, keeping the knife at her throat, and backed away a bit.

I said “Now, keep your feet where they are, and take both hands and play with yourself. Make yourself cum!” I had relaxed the pressure of the knife point against her throat, and when I said that, her eyes flew open wide, and she shook her head no. She did not move her arms. I took the knife and scraped the point across her chest, above her right breast, and scratched her, drawing blood. “Now do it!” I ordered. She shook her head yes, and moved both hands to her belly. I sat on the side of the bed, just a few feet away, and watched.

“Give me a good show, now, and I won’t have to slice you open, bitch!” I said. “Cum for me!” She slid her right hand over her belly, lower, into her pubic hair, then slipped a finger inside herself. She looked me right in the eye, defiantly, as she played with her own pussy. I gazed back into her eyes. She moved her left hand up to cup her left breast, the fingers pinching her nipple, carressing her breast. She was getting into it, her right hand moving up and down over her pussy, one finger inside her hot pussy, sliding in and out slowly, then another finger joined the first. Her left hand was moving from one breast to the other, kneading and pinching her nipples.

She moaned, and her eyes got big, as her pace quickened, her entire right hand was getting wet from her juices. She started rocking back and forth, trying to keep her balance as she jerked herself off standing up in the doorway.

She started to groan, a muffled sound “mmm, mmm, mmmmmmhhhhh!!!! as she came, still staring into my eyes, unflinching, defiant.

“Go into the bathroom and sit on the counter” I said, and she turned toward the bathroom, dutifully climbing onto the counter, sitting there quietly. I turned on the lights, and said “Now, I’m going to shave your pussy, and you are going to help.” she pointed to the cabinet on the left, and I opened the door, and found a bic razor and can of shaving cream.

I told her to scoot over the edge of the counter, and she complied, spreading her thighs wide apart without having to be told. She lay back along the counter, her pussy next to the sink, and I began to spread shaving cream over her pubic hair.

I slowly and carefully began shaving her, being careful not to nick her soft velvety skin. I rinsed the razor in the sink a few times, and soon was finished. I grabbed a towel and wiped her pussy clean. She would have some explaining to do when her husband made love to her, and discovered her pussy was clean shaven. Bet he likes it!

“Back into the bedroom” I commanded, and followed her there.

I stood in front of her, and said “Now, I want you to take my clothes off, all of them” She began to undress me, starting with my shirt, then the jeans. As she pulled them down, I said “Now, suck my dick, and pretend to like it!” She made no attempt to protest, making her masturbate for me had broken her spirit, she would do anything I asked now.

She stayed on her knees, looking up at me with a disgusted look, but complying. The knife was still in my left hand, and I kept it pointed in her direction. She took my stiff cock in her hands, and slowly moved her lips toward it. “Touch it with your tongue!” I said, and she stuck out the tip of her tongue, and touched the tip of my cock. “Now suck on it, you know how, make it look like you’re enjoying it.”

She closed her lips over the head, sucking it inside her mouth, her tongue swirling around it inside her mouth. She sucked it deeper inside her mouth, her cheeks caving in. “I want it all the way down your throat!” I said, and she shook her head no, her mouth moving my cock from side to side as she moved, looking up with big eyes. “Yes, bitch! do it now!” I said, as I held the knife next to her cheek so she could see it. She took my cock deeper, gagging and choking on it, but going back for more. She deep throated me like a pro, sliding her lips all the way up and down my shaft, the head going down her throat, the muscles in her throat massaging the head of my cock each time she gagged.

“I want you to play with yourself, and make yourself cum,” I said. “put a finger in your pussy, now!”

She complied, slowly working it inside herself, apparently something she had some experience with before tonight. She stroked herself in time with her lips on my cock, then without further prompting, she inserted a second finger into her pussy.

“I’m going to cum and you’re not going to stop, you will swallow all of it, and lick me dry!” I announced. I grabbed her hair and held her head in place, pulling her mouth down hard on my cock, as I watched her eyes grow big in disbelief. Then in the next few strokes, I began shooting hot liquid down her throat, and into her mouth. As she swallowed, choking it down, she continued to suck the cum out of my cock. She slowed down, her fingers still inside herself. I said “Make yourself cum, now! DO IT!!!!” I pulled my cock away from her mouth, and she stayed there, on her knees, her hand rapidly shoving two fingers up her cunt, she began to moan, quietly, “Oh, oh, oh, OH GOD!!!!” as she reached her orgasm, my cum dripping from the corners of her mouth. As she finished, her body involuntarily shook, and she looked down, ashamed of herself.

I waved the knife toward the bed, “get on the bed, on your back” and she got up, and laid back on the bed. ” I want your feet on the floor, and your ass on the edge of the bed” I ordered. She scooted over to the edge, putting her feet on the floor, laying across the bed sideways, her ass just on the edge. “Now spread your legs wide apart, put your hands over your head.” I said, as I took a kneeling position between her legs. She laid back, eyes closed, hands stretched above her head.

I slowly began stroking the warm firm flesh of her thighs with the backs of my fingers, starting at her knees, moving slowly up her slim thighs, moving around the front of her thighs, and around to the backs, carressing the silky soft smooth skin, slowly working my hands up closer and closer to her pussy. My fingers now began to brush her smooth shaven pussy, gently, slowly moving closer to her moist core.

She softly moaned, “Oh…. Ohhhh… mmmmmmmm…”

My fingers parted her pussy lips, then slowly moved inside her. Using the index finger from each hand, I slipped them deeper inside her pussy, wet from her own juices. I moved my mouth closer, and closed my lips over her clit, sucking it barely inside, my tongue flicking it rapidly. She made a quick intake of breath, “AAAhhhh” My fingers were now pumping in and out of her depths, slick with her own wetness.

Licking her pussy was making my cock hard again, and I rolled a condom over it. As I licked and finger-fucked her, she began another orgasm, this one stronger than the first. She began throwing her head from side to side, quietly moaning, then a slow rocking motion of her hips, her pelvis rotating her pussy up toward my mouth, pushing herself onto my tongue.

She was lost in the throes of orgasm now, oblivious to everything else. She rocked and groaned, and I kept my mouth planted on her, continuing to lick and suck her pussy as she came strongly, almost violently. She struggled to keep it as quiet as possible.

While she was still cumming, her eyes closed, I moved to my feet, leaning over and sliding my hard cock inside her throbbing pussy, deep into her wetness. As she was thrashing around, my cock could feel the contractions of her orgasm gripping, milking, pulling it deeper inside her warm wet pussy. “OH MY GODDDDD!” she quietly said. I began thrusting in and out of her, all the way from tip to base, sliding my hard cock the full length of her hot wet pussy, and in a few more strokes, I began to shoot my hot load deep inside her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around me, locking her ankles behind by thighs, using her feet to pull me deeper inside her, her legs locking me to her, pulling my cock deep inside her.

She kept her arms over her head, just as I had instructed her to do. Then she cried out once again, just a quiet little gasp, her head rolling side to side, saying “oh, oh, oh, oh god, oh, oh!!!!” as her orgasm continued with renewed pitch, and I filled the condom inside her.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, she unlocked her ankles from around my back, and slowly lowered her feet to the floor, turning her head to the side to avoid looking at me in the dim light. She began sobbing. She was obviously ashamed that she had enjoyed being raped as much as she did.

“Now get up on the bed, on your hands and knees!” I ordered, as I pulled my limp cock out of her, and pulled off the filled condom. She quickly moved into position, burying her head in a pillow, her ass in the air, knees spread for balance. I climbed on the bed and got on my knees, as I rolled a fresh condom on my cock. I placed my knees between her legs, putting my hands on her hips, moving her ass back and forth, showing her the motion I wanted. her rounded hips flared into her long narrow back, her shoulders and head down against the pillow, her hair splayed out around her. Her wet pussy lips were exposed between her thighs, with her tiny asshole just above.

With one hand, I held my cock and rubbed it against her pussy, then slowly inserted it between her lips. The heat coming from her pussy was incredible, she was extremely hot and wet. Leaning forward and moving my hands to her shoulders, I pulled her toward me, shoving my cock into her wetness, only about an inch at first. Slowly back out, and in again, over and over, in a slow and sensuous motion, each time a tiny bit deeper. My cock felt the heat of her as her lips parted to take it deep within her, her pussy caressing every inch as it slipped deeper into her hot wet depths.

As my cock began to slip between her pussy lips, she moaned softly into the pillow, “OH GOD!!!! OH OH OH OH….. OHHHHH GODDDDD!!!!

Soon I was taking very long slow strokes, slowly all the way in, and slowly all the way out, then in again, all the way to the bottom. As I fucked her from the rear, I reached down to my bag on the edge of the bed, and picked up the egg vibrator I had laid there, along with the jar of vaseline. I opened the jar, and dipped the vibrator inside, covering the tip of it with a large glob of the grease. I then pushed the vibrator toward her asshole, as I continued to fuck her from behind. I used the vibrator to smear vaseline around her asshole, then placed the tip of it against her asshole. As I fucked her, I slowly pushed it harder, and forced the tip past her anus. The tiniest movements, in and out, a tiny bit deeper each time, as my cock continued to slide slowly in and out full length. The vibrator no more than three inches long, egg shaped, rounded on both ends, and was remotely controlled, wireless. It was not a lot bigger than the single size C flashlight battery that was inside it.

I kept a constant pressure on the vibrator, pushing it slowly inside her ass each time she pushed back against my cock as I fucked her from the rear. With one finger I pushed it completely inside her, and her greasy asshole went completely closed behind it. The only way to remove it was for her to squeeze it out.

With my hands on her hips, I guided her back and forth, her wet slick sheath sliding up and down my cock, as I filled her, and withdrew, time after time, in and out, never stopping. I reached down and picked up the remote control, and switched the vibrator on low. I laid the remote on her ass, in the small of her back, and put both hands back on her hips, my fingers circling her narrow waist. She immediately raised her head up off the pillow, and raised herself up on her arms, pushing back against me harder, moaning softly.

My cock could feel the vibrations, as her pussy squeezed me, pulsating. I fucked her in this position for a while, and she began to push back against my motions, increasing the exquisite pressure of my cock inside her.

I turned it to medium speed, and I could immediately feel the increased vibrations against my cock. She began to move faster, bucking back against me, slamming her pussy back toward my cock each time I began to withdraw. She threw her head back, softly moaning, trying her best to be as quiet as possible.

I flipped it up to high, and she went spastic, bucking and writhing beneath me, shoving hard against me, trying to get my cock inside her deeper. She became a wild woman, bucking and thrusting, unable to get enough of my cock.

I felt the cum churning in my balls, slowly working it’s way up to my cock, as she softly yelled out “Ohhhhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhh! Ohhhh, GOD!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh ggggggggodddddddd! I’m cumming!!!! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oooooohhhhhhhh GOD!!!!! OH, OH, OH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME…..NOW!!!!!”

And she pushed hard against me, stopping all motion, her pussy throbbing, milking my cock, pulsating, pulling my cock deeper inside her. My cock began shooting hot cum into her, wave after wave of the hot liquid, filling her. Her body was locked in position, shoved hard against me, as her pussy pulsated, milking me, as she was lost in the throes of what was probably the most intense orgasm she had ever known. I shut off the vibrator.

She held this position for several minutes, as the pulsating of her pussy gradually subsided, and my cock finally quit squirting hot cum inside her, and began to shrink. She collapsed to the bed, and I followed her, lying on top of her backside. I pulled my cock out of her, and rolled away, the remote control in my hand.

I pulled off the filled condom, and, rolling her over onto her back, I climbed astraddle her chest once again. She was breathing very hard and fast, covered with a light sheen of sweat over her entire body, she was satiated. I placed my soft cock to her lips, sitting on her chest, my legs pinning her arms down. She was too weak to move anyway, and had no choice but to take my cock between her lips, and suck it inside her mouth.

As she began giving me a soft, slow, sensous blowjob, I turned the vibrator on to low, and her eyes flew open wide, staring at me. She looked so helpless and innocent looking up at me with those big brown eyes, her mouth filled with my cock as it pumped in and out past her wet lips, her cheeks sucking in and puffing out as she sucked it in and out of her mouth. As she sucked, the vibrator in her ass continued sending sparks through her pussy.

I moved my legs and freed her arms, and she moved her hands to slide over my thighs, caressing my belly, and holding my cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. She tentatively moved one hand to my balls, carefully fondling them, weighing them with her cupped fingers as she sucked my cock into her mouth.

After just a few minutes of her sensous lips on my cock, it began to get hard again. When it was rock hard once again, I moved down, stretching out over her body, as she watched me, never taking her eyes off mine. After I rolled a fresh condom onto my cock, I bent down to kiss her lips, she turned her head away. I held her face with both hands, pushing her back, and kissed her lips, softly, gently. She tried to ignore me, but soon gave in, and kissed me back.

She began to give me a warm sensous kiss, and, as she did, she pushed me over onto my back, and moved to sit astraddle me. I complied, letting her sit on my belly. She looked down at me, staring me right in the eyes, and said in a throaty voice, “time for you to get fucked now, asshole…” She had grabbed the knife, and held the point to my throat, softly saying “don’t try to move, or I’ll kill you, you fucking asshole!”

With both her hands on my chest, her left hand holding the knife point to my throat, she moved down my body, straddling my legs. Her wet pussy found my hard cock, and she impaled herself with it, sliding over the full length of it in one fluid motion, burying it deep inside herself. Her mound was pressed against mine, my cock filling her, totally hidden inside her hot wet pussy. My cock could feel the gentle vibrations from the vibrator in her ass. Damn, I thought, where the hell is the remote? I felt the tip against her cervix, and she began a slow, soft, sensuous movement, back and forth, rocking, not sliding in and out, but forward and back, putting pressure against my cock, using it to rub her own clitoris.

Our eyes were locked together, both of us staring, unflinching, deeply into the other’s eyes.

Her thighs were spread wide apart as she sat on me, knees bent back, feet at her sides. She was leaning slightly forward, her hands on my chest, the knife in one hand, held against my throat. She rocked herself back and forth, never raising up, just the constant pressure of her pussy pushing against the top side of my cock. I had never been fucked like this in my life, and I was enjoying it immensely. She was masturbating herself on my cock.

With her free hand, she reached over to pick up the remote, and moved it to medium. The intensity of the vibrations seemed to double, and she was apparently enjoying this very much. Now she began to slowly lift herself up off me, sliding her pussy up over my cock, only a few inches, then slowly back down again, until the cheeks of her ass once again rested on my thighs.

She began to throw her head back, as she rocked and slid up and down on me, she softly moaned out ” oh, oh, oh!!!” Then she turned the remote to high.

That’s when all hell broke loose! She pounded her pussy against me, bobbing up and down, riding me, fucking my cock as hard and as fast as she possibly could.

Both her hands still rested on my chest, the left holding the knife, point against my chin. I didn’t care about that, I reached for her hips, guiding her movements, my hands sliding around her ass, pulling her pussy hard against me.

She looked into my eyes, and said “Fuck me now, asshole, make me cum!” “do it now!” she said quietly and firmly. She continued to slide her hot wet pussy up and down my hard cock, the juices making it glisten in the soft moonlight each time she raised up.

She said firmly “Cum NOW you fucking bastard! FUCK ME NOW!!!!! CUM INSIDE ME OR I’LL SLICE YOUR FUCKING COCK OFF!!!!”

This was too much for me, I couldn’t help but shoot my cum into her, filling her, and she, too, began to moan and buck wildly on my cock, as she began an earth-shattering orgasm. Squirt after squirt of hot liquid filled her, as she wildly rode my spasming cock. Both of us were covered with a sheen of perspiration, wet and slick.

When she finally settled down, she collapsed on top of me, then rolled off to one side, the knife still in her hand. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing heavily, and apparently drifting off to sleep, the vibrating egg buzzing away in her ass.

Not sure what to make of this turn of events, I thought it best to grab my pants and shirt while I was able, and get out of there. She didn’t stir, and as I left the room the smell of sex was heavy in the air. I was home before two hours had passed.

The next morning, she was outside with her kids, as usual, and I was not sure if I should talk to her or run the other way. She saw me and smiled, calling out her usual friendly “hello.” She motioned for me to come over as if nothing had happened, and whispered to me, “I had the most wonderful dream last night!” as she gave me a coy grin…..

She said “I wish I could have that same dream again every night for the rest of the week, and it’s only Tuesday! I can’t wait to see what I dream about tonight.”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see another knife quite that soon…

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