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It was nearly quitting time. I was in the new Nurse Administrator’s office installing her monitor and had just finished checking it out when she came in. I had heard that she was coming but really hadn’t expected her to arrive until the entire new wing of the hospital had been ready. For a brief moment I wondered if I was on schedule but quickly dropped that notion.

When I had accepted the contract to install the electronics in the new facility, I had estimated eight weeks, this was only the third.

The nurses from the main complex had constantly interrupted me ever since my arrival but even with all that, I had managed to stay on schedule. Now to see the staff beginning to arrive and set up shop had me a bit edgy.

I was almost done when she walked in. I tried avoiding eye contact and was just hooking up the last connections when she came over and sat on her desk.

I couldn’t avoid looking at her now and my breath actually caught in my throat. Even though she was wearing one of those business suites women execs wear, her body was something to behold. I don’t think her waist was more then twenty-two or three inches and her hair was done in a sort of medium shag. Her hair was a dark auburn and as she turned her head the red strands glistened in the light. Her eyes were hypnotic; so light a gray green as to seem almost without color. I imagine she stood no more than five foot seven and that was with spike heels.

Her jacket covered a white satin blouse that was buttoned up to her throat but was snug enough to display breasts that I estimate to be nestled in a C bra cup. And she was making me nervous. I simply said, “Hi,” and asked if she belonged to this office.

She slowly smiled as if amused and answered, “Yes, I know I’m early, but I wanted to move into my new house before starting work here, and decided to check it out. Look, its almost quitting time, and being new here, I was wondering if you would invite me to dinner or something. I’m starved and really don’t know any good places to eat. It’s on me of course.”

It’s rare for me to lose my cool, but I almost did. I said,” sure, there’s a little Italian place a few blocks from here that you might enjoy. Nothing special, but its quiet and really quite good if you enjoy Italian food.” Standing she picked up her purse and looking at me simply said, “good, pack up and lets go.” Two minutes later we were on our way.

Over dinner we shared a bottle of wine and good conversation. She was easy to talk to and enjoyed flirting. I mean not really obvious flirting but she enjoyed using double entendres. Words that could be taken two different ways. She was cute in that respect and I was beginning to really enjoy her as I played the game subtly with her. Somewhere during that time she exchanged names with me. She was probably Irish because her name was Megan McAllester but she preferred to be called Meg.

Finally she looked seriously at me and asked if I would be able to help her unpack and set up her house. Apparently the furniture had arrived earlier but she needed someone to help her set it up. I said sure, I’m not doing anything tomorrow. She smiled again, then asked, “How about tonight? Every thing’s in boxes and the beds need to be assembled. Could you at least help me get a bed together?”

I had planned to do my wash this evening back at the motel, but figured I could do that later on Saturday. So I agreed and followed her car to her place.

She opened the door and we stepped in. The movers had placed most of the cartons in the living room along with the sofa and lounge chairs. Entering her bedroom it was the same. The mattress and bed parts were leaning against the wall. I imagine the kitchen utensils were in the kitchen and the bathroom things were in their proper places.

The house was hot. I figured the air conditioning was still turned off so I went to the wall and turned it up. Nothing happened. I tried to plug in one of the lamps but it too failed to light. The house had no power and I looked questioningly at Meg. “I called the electric company as soon as I got in town this afternoon and they said they would turn it on. I don’t know what went wrong.”

“Where is your circuit breaker panel?” I asked. “I don’t even know what one looks like,” she answered.

With that I went into the garage. Locating it, I opened the cover, and flipped the main switch on. “We have lights,” she called out. Then returning to the house I got the air conditioner going. Then I went into her bedroom, and began to assemble the bed frame and put the mattress on it. She had disappeared for a few minutes and returned wearing a pair of tight shorts and some sort of shirt that tied in front.

By now I was really sweating and my shirt was becoming wet. She handed me some bedding and we made the bed. Then we placed the bedroom furniture in place and set lamps where she wanted them. The nightstands were taped shut but when I went to help her un-tape them she insisted on doing it herself. I suspected the drawers held some secrets that she preferred to keep to herself.

By now it was well past nine and I began to place the furniture where she thought it would look best. The house was beginning to cool down just a bit but my shirt was still soaking wet.

I was getting ready to go back to my motel room when she suggested that I shower before leaving. By now it was getting dark and the house was becoming almost bearable.

The offer to shower sounded good but I would still have to get back into my wet shirt and jeans. Oh hell I thought, it would feel good to get cleaned up a little, so I nodded ok and went into the bathroom.

The next shock. The water heater had only heated the water up enough to take the chill off. I imagined there would be enough to at least wash off and cool down, so I closed the door, undressed, stepped into the shower, and pulled the sliding glass door shut.

No more that two or three minutes passed before the door slid open and she stood there, completely nude with a glass of brandy in each hand. “No ice yet, but this should do for now,” she giggled as she handed me one glass, then stepped in with me. I turned the tepid water off to save it, as we shared our drinks. Then she took my empty glass, slid the door open again and set the glasses on the floor and slid the door closed again.

During this entire five minutes or so, she said nothing and I waited uncomfortably for her to start a conversation but it never happened. She just stared into my face.

I suppose I knew that we were going to shower together even without her saying anything, but the close proximity of her lithe body to mine was having an embarrassing effect.

I turned to face the wall and began to lather up when I suddenly felt her warm hands spreading soap over my shoulders and back. Then she moved lower as she soaped my buttocks and the backs of my legs. I had expected her to stand up but her fingers again returned to my backside and her finger slid where it shouldn’t have. I held still, pretending not to notice. But she quickly withdrew it, stood up, and spoke for the first time.

“Turn around Blake. It’s time for the front.” Again she started to lather me from my shoulders down but by now I was really getting uncomfortably aroused and she knew it.

Kneeling down she arrived at my groin and wrapped her soapy hand around my erection and began to stroke it. It seemed like she was spending more time doing that then could ever be necessary, and I was beginning to tremble as she continued. Then she stood up and put her hand on my cheek and whispered. “I just wanted to see what you had. Did you enjoy my little survey?” I nodded and asked: “did I pass muster? I mean ….”

She didn’t let me finish my stupid question but answered, “more than I expected, and you’re circumcised too, I like that. More friction, if you know what I mean.” She was teasing me, and now I was determined to do the same to her.

“Your turn,” I said as I turned her away from me. And I began to rub my wet hands together making a frothy lather of soap before beginning to run my hands down her back and around her sides. Arriving at her bottom, I hesitated, and then did the same to her as she had to me. I slid my slippery index finger between the soft cleft where her cheeks met and drew my finger up and down. She held very still as I became more daring and gently nudged my finger into her tight little ring.

I had expected her to resist or at least say something, but instead she just moved her feet a bit further apart and leaned against the wall as I twisted my finger around then in and out of her ass. She was beginning to enjoy it, apparently because I felt her thrust her hips backward encouraging me to continue.

I stopped, drew my finger out, and continued down the back of her thighs to her feet. Now it was my turn… “Turn around Meg, it’s time for your front.” Without a word she turned and faced me. Reaching up she put her arms around my neck and tilting my head, our lips met. She dragged the tip of her tongue around the very edge of my mouth before forcing her tongue between my waiting lips. The kiss was torrid and deep but she kept swaying back and forth, dragging her hard nipples back and forth across my chest as we clung to each other. Then we finally broke our embrace. She looked questioningly into my face as if asking, why, but I had other plans.

“Lean back while I finish soaping you. The water’s running out and you’re only half done.” She smiled and leaned back against the tiled wall and waited. I began at her neck and shoulders and lathered her breasts. I have never seen such perfectly shaped globes and I began to run both hands over each. Her nipples were already erect, but became even harder and thrust out ever so much more, as I let my soapy hands caress and stroke each nipple. I was completely engrossed in drawing soapy circles around and round each aureole while rubbing her nipples when I felt her hand again on my shaft. Pretending not to become distracted I continued to torment her breasts.

Suddenly she gasped and moaned. “Stop. Oh god please stop. My pussies doing a dance and my knees are going to give way, sweetheart. No more please.”

I had her now and I was enjoying tormenting her. I stopped and began to finish washing her. Now kneeling in front of her I ran my hands over her hard tummy and down the front of her thighs, then down to her ankles. I had deliberately saved her clean-shaven puffy vagina for last.

Still kneeling I began to gently caress her engorged outer lips, then my finger move deeper between the slit formed by her labia. My face was mere inches from her pussy now and I could see her clit protruding from the apex of her inner folds. She had not lied when she said she was excited.

I took the shower head and washed her pussy, spreading her open with my fingers as the tepid water gushed into her hot opening. Then instinct took over and I closed the distance. My lips pursed as if sucking on a straw and they slid over the hard pink wetness of its head and drew it into my mouth. Her body trembled but she didn’t resist and again spread her feet a bit further apart.

I began to stroke her wet inner lips with my fingers held just beneath my chin. Within moments I felt her clit begin to gently contract and pulse. Almost instantly my fingers began to creep up inside her slippery vagina. I curled my fingers so that they could begin stroking just under her clit and she began to softly moan.

Her hands came down on top of my head and she began to slowly rock her hips forward and back, almost as if trying to force me to drive my fingers more quickly in and out of her convulsing pussy.

Suddenly she whimpered, “Oh my god, stop! I’m going to cum. Please, Not here. Not here. In the bedroom. I want you to fuck me but not here. Oh god I want to feel your hard cock pounding my pussy hard and deep, but take me in the bedroom.” Then between breathy gasps she again pleaded for me to stop. I had a mouth full of her warm, sweet, slippery flow and I released her clit, drew my fingers out, and stood up.

Her arms circled my neck for support as I took the shower head off its hanger and washed the two of us off. She was beginning to slump down at this point so I quickly opened the sliding door and swept her up into my arms and carried her into the bedroom.

Laying her down I went and got two towels from the bathroom. She lay there, her hair wet but still framing her face with a pixyish wreath of auburn hair, as those pale blue eyes watched my cock sway back and forth with each step I took.

Licking her lips she whispered in a breathy voice, “you can’t leave this unfinished, lover. You started something that has to be finished but I can be patient only to a point before I start screaming. Oh god how I need you to fuck me until I’m ”

I smiled and tossed the towels aside, then went to the foot of the bed and bending over began to suck and lick the toes on her left foot. She gasped and began to squirm. Next I did the same to her other foot. Again the same reaction. Now I let my hands glide softly up the tops of her legs to her knees and gently nudged them apart.

I climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her splayed legs. Then beginning at the soft inner sides of her thighs I began to plant wet kisses on each in turn. Now my kisses became wet sweeps of my tongue as I teased my way up each inner thigh. I was washing her warm tender thighs with my mouth. I moved ever so slowly upward, yet pausing frequently to nip gently at her warm skin.

Glancing up at her as I lapped my way up towards her wet vagina, I could see her kneading her supple breasts and occasionally tugging at their protruding nipples. I reached upward with my hand, intending to fondle her pussy, when I encountered that hard erect clit.

If possible, it was even more prominent and extended from within its soft protective covering. It was easy for me to hold it between my thumb and forefinger and begin to stroke its sheath up and down its length.

Mere moments after I had begun to caress it, she began to quake and tremble uncontrollably. Her soft sighs now became muted moans and she began to vibrate as she thrust her hips up and roll her buttocks back and forth. I could have continued and let her have her orgasm, but instead I took my fingers away and slid my hand under her buttocks and began to stroke her little opening.

She accepted my redirection reluctantly and drew her heels back, exposing her back side to me, but forcing me to edge upwards so I could continue my journey to her pussy with my tongue and lips. Her knees fell to either side, letting my mouth venture freely upwards.

I smiled and tossed the towels aside, then went to the foot of the bed and kneeled on the floor. Reaching for her foot, I began to suck and lick her toes. She gasped and began to squirm. Encouraged, I next began to move from one foot to the other, and got the same response.

While sucking each toe, and licking the bottom of her feet, I let my hands slide lightly up the top of her legs. I think she sensed my intention because she began to move her legs further apart.

When I couldn’t reach any further up her legs, I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her parted legs. Then, beginning at the soft inner sides of her thighs, I began to plant wet kisses, moving each kiss very slowly, from her knees upwards towards her steamy pussy.

Soon my kisses became wet sweeps as I began using my tongue as a brush teasing my way up each leg. I was washing her warm tender thighs with my mouth. I moved ever so slowly, sometimes staying in one place for long minutes, as she rocked from side to side with anticipation. Knowing she was anxious, I deliberately paused frequently to nip gently at her warm skin.

Glancing up, while continuing to lap my way up towards her wet vagina, I could see her kneading her supple breasts and occasionally tugging at their protruding nipples. Reached upward with my hand, intending to fondle her pussy, I encountered her hard erect clit.

If possible, it was even more prominent then in the shower, and now extended beyond its soft protective covering. It was an easy matter for me to grasp it between my thumb and forefinger and begin to stroke its sheath up and down.

Moments after I had begun to caress it, she began to quake and tremble uncontrollably. “Oh My God. It’s feels so Good, darling. More, don’t stop! I need more. Milk it more”

Her soft sighs now became muted moans and she began to quiver as she arched her back, and thrust her hips up and began to roll her buttocks back and forth.

I could have continued and let her have her orgasm, but instead I took my fingers away and slid my hand under her raised ass and began to draw my wet finger back and forth across the tight little opening.

She groaned in disappointment, but seemed to be responding to my new assault and drew her heels back, giving me easy access to her backside, but forcing me to edge upwards so I could continue moving my mouth up to her pussy. Her knees fell to either side, letting my mouth venture freely upwards.

“Oh god Blake, Fuck me. I need to feel your big hard cock deep inside my slippery pussy. I need it so much. Make me cum for you. Do it. Eat my pussy and let me cum in your mouth. Ooooh my dear baby, it feels so good……. Suck my clit! Suck me. Do something! I need to cum. Let me have it. Stop teasing and give it to meee.”

I decided that I had played enough and moved up to her pussy, spread her outer lips so her clit was completely exposed and again pursed my lips as if kissing and sucked it into my mouth.

She went crazy. She thrust up and began to gyrate her hips, forcing her clit to slip in and out of my mouth. I began to flick my tongue across its small but hard surface. Suddenly her entire vagina began to contract and expand. She was beginning to orgasm and now syrupy clear fluid began to ooze out with each contraction.

I began to plunge three of my extended fingers in and out of her slippery opening, curving my fingertips so they stroked the bulge just under her clit. Then it happened.

With one hard contraction she heaved up and began to shudder. She drew one long breath and cried out.

“Yeahhh, oh my god yes, yes, yess, I am, I’m cumming hard. Gimmeee it! Suck my pussy hard! More. Yess, oh dear god yess, its so good Blake. More! Don’t let it stop. Oh my dear baby, keep me cummmmmmmmmmminggggggg.”

Then with a sort of gurgling moan she collapsed and lay there panting. My mouth no longer held her clit and I had to draw my clustered fingers out of her contracting vagina. As I did, a stream of serous milky fluid oozed out behind my fingers and seeped down the cleft below her pussy coating her ass.

I was hornier than ever by now and as I lifted up to kneel I felt a bead of her sweet cum flow down my chin and drop to her taunt abdomen. She probably didn’t realize that she was still rolling her nipples between her fingers as she tried to catch her breath.

Now her eyes focused on me and she murmured, “Fantastic, Blake, that was the hardest and longest I have ever had.”

“Satisfied? I asked. “No,” she answered, “that was just the beginning. Now I need to feel that hard cock moving deep inside me. Come on darling, give it to me. I need it deep and hard! Go slow, I want to feel you sliding it in and stretching me wide open. Now give it to me. Here, let me open up for you.”

And reaching down she pulled her pussy open, making a soft, wet, sticky sound as she parted the swollen lips.

Holding my cock down, I guided it to the glistening pink oval opening at the base of her vagina. Slowly I leaned forward as the head entered, then I took my hand away and leaned over her. Her eyes stared into my face, but she was more interested in feeling my cock sliding in then actually paying attention to my smile. She was hot; I mean her pussy was like a hot slippery glove that swallowed my throbbing shaft.

“Yes, oh yes, that’s it. Slowly darling, I can feel your cock pushing at my pussy’s walls. Oh, it’s so good. Deeper. Go deeper now. Yes oh yes, you’re so big. Ohmygod, ohmygod, you’re good. More! I need it all now. I want to feel your balls against my ass. Yeah, give it all to me.”

I was completely inside her. I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her cervix and the way she was contracting made it feel like tight bands were squeezing my shaft. Oh god, I thought, She is good.

“Slowly, darling. Just move it in and out slowly so I can feel your thick cock tugging at my pussy when you pull out. Yes, oh yes that’s good. I’m going to cum again for you. Mmmmmm, so good. In and out baby, that’s the way.”

I did as she wanted, but though it felt good, I wasn’t getting even close to cumming. Oh hell, I thought, if she wants it this way, I can catch up when its time. After about fifteen minutes of this slow in and out stroking, I was getting frustrated. But then she slid her hand down and lay her palm flat against her tummy, and extending her index and forefinger, she pressed down on either side of her clit, forcing it to protrude.

“Now darling, lay on top of me and fuck me fast and hard. I need to be pounded. Drive that hard cock in… deep and fast.”

Hell, I was ready, and lowered myself onto her as she kept her hand between us. I realized what she was doing. My pubes were pounding her clit and she was gyrating her cunt around in circles, holding it against my plunging cock.

Now that I was able to begin and give her what we both needed, I began to draw back and slam deep into her body. She was wet, and with each thrust, a squishy soft sound filled the room.

Being considerably taller than her I felt her supple breasts pressing against me, my chin was just above her head and her mouth suddenly clamped down on my shoulder. Her free hand slammed down on my buttocks and her fingers turned to claws as she raked her nails across them. I was getting close and she was going crazy. I mean she was becoming really frantic. Her legs would spread wide and hover in the air, then slam down on the bed as she arched her back and thrust up. Her voice became breathy as she began to sob and moan, almost whimpering as her body began to convulse and jerk. Suddenly she managed to gasp high-pitched squeals as she began to sob barely intelligible short phrases in my ear.

“Close. Nearly there. Oh god it feels so good.” Then, almost as if asking a question she whimpered. “Cumming? Now. I’m starting. Holy mother I can’t stop it. Darling cum. Give it to me! It’s mine. I want it. Now fuck my pussy and shoot your cream in mee! I want to mix our juices. I want to cum all over your cock, Shoot, damn it, shoot now!”

I wasn’t able to hold back either and as she began to grind her pussy against me, gyrating and twisting her pussy tight against my cock she slid her hand out and wrapped it around my neck as she began to rake her curled fingers up and down my back. Suddenly I let out a low moan and began.

“Take it! Take me! I’m Gonna shoot! NOW I am too”

In gasped breaths she moaned, “unh, unh, fuck my pussy harder. Oh damn, shoot my pussy full of your cum, baby, Give it to meeeee.” Then, with one last heave she thrust her pussy against my cock, and gyrated her ass, grinding hard against me before collapsing under me.

With long slow gasps, she managed to put a sting of breathy words together. “Fan…tast…ic.., that was …the…hardest…orgasm…ever in my life. You’re a natural. Where did you learn…to…do…that…with your tongue? And my god I swear I could…feel your cock…beating against…my cervix.”

Now, spent and exhausted, I tried to roll off her, but she held me tightly, keeping my shaft trapped in her, but we managed to roll over, ending up with me on my back and her lying on top of me. Long minutes passed and we slept.

The morning light flooded the room and reaching out I found the bed empty. Getting up I searched for my clothes, but they were missing. Entering the room, she smiled at me and in that teasing voice, announced, “I’m doing a wash. The waters hot now and I put on some coffee. No milk though. Mmmmm you look good, want an encore? I shook my head no, and murmured, “maybe later. I have to get back to the motel and pick up my laundry.

She stood there in the doorway and smiled as she suggested that I check out and move in with her. I’m sort of a loner and I had been enjoying the company of three or four of the nurses over the past weeks. I really didn’t want to be tied down just yet, but after she assured me that I would have my own life, I decided to save the rent and move in.

Later, with clothes still warm from the dryer, I went to get my things and returned to her place. I had run some errands so I arrived after perhaps three hours had passed and when I did get back, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted at the door. When the door swung open, she was standing there nude and holding two drinks. Explaining that she always did her housework in the buff, I really began to wonder if I would be able to handle this sort of arrangement.

She smiled, came closer and as she handed me my drink, her free hand drifted down to my cock and she stroked the seam in my jeans. I came alive immediately, and as she continued to stroke, she just grinned and whispered, “Oh we’re going to be simply great together. While you were gone I went shopping for groceries and later I and found my box of toys and was just selecting one to play with. But now your back and, well, I don’t think I really need them, do you?” With that she turned and strutted into the kitchen with me right behind her.

Once there she turned, took my glass and set it on the counter. Next she reached up and stroked the back of my neck while rubbing her breasts against my shirt. Moments later I was nude and while I sucked on her nipple she held my shaft and began to let her fingers glide up and down its length.

Suddenly she backed away and looking into my face, quipped. “You’re doing it again. Look at my thighs. There’s a stream of my goo running down my left leg right now. Don’t you think you better lick it up before it drips onto the floor?”

I did better than that, I grasped her waist and sat her on the corner of the counter and as she spread her legs I lapped upwards from her knee to her pussy, catching the warm sweet fluid with my tongue. Within seconds my mouth was nestled between her swollen labia and as I probed her with the tip of my tongue, she began to slowly contract, forcing her clit to pulsate in and out.

She knew I would draw the glistening little smooth pearl into my mouth, and I did. She grasped my shoulders and in a breathy, muted whimper, moaned, “Fuck me now. Right here on the counter. Do it with me sitting upright like this. I can’t wait to feel that cock in me again.”

Drawing her forward so I could direct my cock directly into her dripping pussy, I began to thrust in and out. Her clit was tilted downward and my shaft rubbed back and forth across its turgid tip. She went insane. She tilted her head up as if staring at the ceiling and began to convulse and squirm. Her legs began to lift and drop with each thrust and suddenly she let out a long gasp and whimpered. “Yeah, It’s here. Take me now. Oh yes, yes, fuck, fuck, Oooh fuck me deep now!”

Almost as quickly as she had peaked, she went limp and hung on me, panting and gasping. I moved back and watched as her convulsing pussy oozed a series of syrupy thick droplets onto the counter. She seemed oblivious to what her body was doing until I lifter her off the counter and helped her lean back against the refrigerator for support. She stared, glassy eyed at the puddle, then looking at me as if asking, “did we do that?”

Then on impulse I scooped up as much as possible with two fingers and brought them to her. She opened her mouth and sucked them. I think it was at that point that she realized that I hadn’t cum yet. Regaining her balance, she went to the living room, and quickly returned with a cushion from the sofa. Dropping it in front of me she knelt down and began to massage my cock.

She was good. With one hand held under my balls and the other sliding up and down my now rigid shaft, she began to work me into frenzy. Finding me a little dry she swooped forward and wet my cock with her saliva. And again began to stroke my cock. She devoted most of her attention to the rim of my glans and twisted and turned her fingers around its sensitive head.

By now I was getting a shaky and leaned back against the counter as I watched her. I was beginning to leak a hell of a lot of pre-cum, and she used this to wet her palm as she began to stroke my throbbing shaft. Soon I began to lose control and as she paused, she looked up at me and simply moaned, “In my mouth. I want it in my mouth. I want to feel you explode. I want to swirl your cum around my mouth and then swallow you. Just don’t choke me, just fuck my mouth, but don’t get too crazy and make me gag.” Then she started again.

Four or five times she had me on the verge of exploding but each time she would stop. Then those pale blue eyes looked up at me as she whispered. “You’re ready. This time let yourself go.”

That won’t be difficult I thought. Then she began to bob her head back and forth, driving the head of my cock against the back of her throat. She was beginning to drool as her mouth flooded in anticipation. All the time she kept fondling and kneading my balls and suddenly I was lost.

I tried to warn her but all I could do was sob her name before I began to quake and shudder uncontrollably. Suddenly I cried out. “Baby, oh god baby, take it.” And in that brief moment I felt her suck hard, then I exploded. I tried to hold still but I began to make rapid short thrusts into her mouth.

“Mmmfffff.” Was her only response. I continued to spasm, sending jets of cum into her hot mouth. Her cheeks had been dimpled moments before, but as her mouth filled, she simply gave up sucking and just tried to hold it all.

Slowly my contractions tapered off and she drew her pursed lips back so she held only the head of my cock in her warm mouth. Then she grasped me tightly at the base of my cock, and drew her thumb up its underside, squeezing the very last drops into her mouth.

With a slurping sound, she released me and tilting her head up looking at me, and opened her mouth. I had to marvel at what I had done before she closed her mouth. Then she worked lower jaw back and forth, probably swirling the thick fluid around before swallowing. Quickly standing, she pulled my head down, pressed her open mouth against mine, as her tongue explored my open mouth. I was tasting my own cum on her breath.

It was probably then that I realized that this might be the one woman that I couldn’t walk away from. We both showered separately and returned to the living room to share another drink.

Looking thoughtfully at me, she made a startling proposal. “Let’s have an open house and invite the hospital staff. then we can make choices and sort of have tryouts so we can choose which of the single nurses we might invite in as another house guest. I guess she would be a sort of Playmate for us. I’ve always been curious about having a ménage a trois.

It sounded interesting, so that afternoon Meg went to the hospital and posted the invitation on the bulletin board.

When she returned, we began to work on the two remaining rooms. The guest room was set up quickly, but the last room proved to be quite unusual. She called it the “rumpus room,” and while setting it up, I realized why. Almost the first item I took from the carton was one of those “Sybian machines.” Meg looked at me and commented. “I even had a rubber cast made of my pussy so I can nestle it in me and really get a jolt with this thing.”

Other items were taken out and put in a cabinet along the wall. The center of the room contained what looked like a hospital bed, but it was also strangely modified in such a way as to resemble an examination table. It had a variety of controls that adjusted it. I just shrugged and finished putting it together. The room had florescent lighting hidden along the ceiling and the indirect light they cast was sort of a warm pink. The room obviously was intended for sexual pleasure.

Now that everything was in order, we sat in the living room and discussed what sort of choice we might make for a playmate. Megan convinced me that a submissive bi, would be better because, she confessed; “I don’t want some aggressive whore using you.”

That was the first time I saw that side of her personality. Enjoying a glass of sherry together seemed to make her more aggressive and though I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings by not taking her into the bedroom, I suggested that perhaps she would show me how her variety of toys worked. This would give me a breather.

She thought it over and taking my hand led me to the “Rumpus Room.” I plugged the Sybian in and she lowered herself onto it. Tossing me a remote, she directed me to control the action. I turned it on and it hummed very quietly as it began to massage her pussy.

Almost immediately I began to hear a sort of wet squishing sound as her body began to exude its slippery lubrication onto the gyrating machine. She seemed to press down more firmly on it, making more intimate contact, as she nodded to me to increase the speed. I didn’t know how much she could take but I did as she asked.

It wasn’t more than a minute before she was tossing her head back and sobbing for me to make her cum. Hell it was the machine that was fucking her, not me, but she kept calling my name and whimpering, “fuck me Blake, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes, yess, fuck meeeee!” When she came, she bolted upright, and with almost uncontrollable abandon, heaved herself off the machine.

There she lay in a fetal position and seemed to have a seizure as her body continued to tremble and shudder. Gasping for breath and in a muted voice, sobbed something about me cumming too. I turned the thing off and helped her to sit on the end of the table.

“Take your jeans off and stand in front of me, Blake. I want to watch you jerk your cock until you’re ready to cum while I watch. I thought it was an odd request, but I thought I’d try it for her. After about five minutes of this, I was well lubricated and my hand slid noisily up and down my erection, but I really wasn’t ready to cum.

That is until she lay back on the table, and while watching me, began to pump a rather large dildo in and out of her already swollen pussy. Watching her, was exciting. Then she suddenly began to thrust her pelvis up to meet the toy and she gasped. “Come, oh god, again. Come here! Closer.”

At first I couldn’t tell if she was going to cum or if she wanted me to move closer. Then it became obvious. She meant both, so I moved to within inches of her and watched her cum. That triggered me and I suddenly groaned out, I’m gonna shoot Meg. Here it comes!” And suddenly I began to send ribbons of milky sperm arching the short distance to her squirming body. The thick globules splattering on her hand and over her breasts.

We both finished at almost the same time, but as she lay on the table, panting, she reached out and took my dripping cock and rolling onto her side. Clutching my shaft, she thrust it into her mouth. My legs trembled and I can’t remember looking at a more passionate woman in my life.

The remainder of the day was spent ordering hor d’oeuvres for the party and setting up a bar. Then we cleared an area for dancing. I had some idea as to whom I would select if it were my choice.

A shy little girl named Nichole. The other nurses called her Nicki, and she would hover around me when I was working at the hospital. I know she was often sexually aroused because she couldn’t hide the way her hands moved to her crotch behind the desk at her station, then she would rush to the ladies room. She always returned with her white panties tucked away in her purse. I imagined they were soaking wet.

On Sunday they began to arrive at two in the afternoon and to my great pleasure, Nicki came alone. I pointed her out to Meg and before long I saw them dancing together in the corner. They made no pretense of their interest in each other.

After the others had left, both Meg and Nicki were getting a bit tight on the wine, and I found them in the master bedroom kissing. Giggling they grabbed me and tossed me on the bed while each took a seat by my side. Meg began licking my ear and neck and Nicki began to unzip my fly. This was going to be an exhausting evening if the girls had their way.

As usual, Meg was nude but Nicki had gotten only as far as her panties and bra. I stepped behind the two and unfastened the hook on the back of Nicki’s bra then stooped to fondle her ass before pulling her panties down to her ankles. As the two continued to kiss and lap at each other’s mouth, I slid my hand up the inside of Nicki’s legs and arrived at her wet pussy.

It felt like wet silk. She was so soft and smooth that I let my fingers work their way into her body. Suddenly they broke apart, and giggling, they grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed. Then each sat on either side of me. I lay back and as Meg began licking my ear and neck, Nicki began to unzip my fly, and unfasten my belt.

Almost as if ignoring me, they carried on a conversation while Nicki continued to tug at my jeans. Meg began, “wait until you see him hard.”

“Does he last long,” questioned Nicki.”

He’ll drive you mad if you let him, yeah, sometimes too long. Just let him do what he wants. He has a way of doing things that you won’t believe” “God! He’s big already Meg. Look at that,” Nicki went on.

I was getting edgy and I really wanted to go to work on Nicki along with Meg, so I sort of pushed Nicki back down on the bed and slid to the floor so I could get my face in her pussy. Meg went back to tonguing her and sucking on her nipples.

Nicki was beautifully built. I let my hands trail up the insides of her thighs. .Her legs spread further apart in anticipation. Arriving at her vagina I saw two soft rolls of pliant flesh, and they felt almost like warm dough to the touch. My tongue swept up their outer surface and I heard her moan. then her two hands were between her legs and she drew the two lips apart for me. She exposed two the two rose-colored petals that joined at the top and exposed a small pink pearl between their juncture.

A warm humid mist seemed to drift up, teasing my senses, and I extended my tongue and pushed it in. A pearlescent droplet that had formed, oozed from within the hot moist opening, and as my tongue probed and thrust in and out of her tender opening, she began to gyrate and twist.

Meg let go of her nipple with a slurping sound and put her lips to Nicki’s ear. “Want that big cock in you now honey? Want to feel him stretch your cunt wide open and feel it pounding against your clit baby?”

“Yeah! Oh god yeah, She responded. I want to feel that. I want him to do that to me.” She gasped. Then Meg nodded to me and I knew it was time to start.

Nicki was lying in the center of the bed with her head on the pillow. I wanted to raise her butt up so I could kneel and lean over her as I fucked her so I nodded to Meg to toss me another pillow. Folding it double I had Nicki put her ankles on my shoulder and lift up as I placed the folded pillow under her ass. Now her cunt was lifted so I could thrust deep and hard.

Since she was already dripping wet from my teasing mouth I had no trouble sliding in. And surprise one, she was tight, I mean really tight. Actually I thought at first that she was just contracting hard because she was afraid, but no, she was just small.

Almost as if we had rehearsed what we were about to do, Meg turned on one of her small toys, the silver bullet, and held it to Nicki’s clit as I began to stroke in and out. I knew that by going slowly and keeping my cock deep inside her as Meg played with her clit, the sensation would be more intense when she came. Surprise number two. She murmured a breathy sigh, than a muted moan that began to rise in volume.

Within seconds it had turned into a whimper as she began to tremble and convulsivly jerk up and shake as she flailed her arms. Her head rolled from side to side and she began to claw at the bedding. I watched in awe as the seizure continued and she began to squirm under me and heave up as I continued to ram my cock in and out. Meg realized that she was frenzied and uncontrollable, so she suddenly threw her body across Nicki, trying to hold her down.

“Yes! Oh dear god its good. Yeah fuck me. Fuck, fuck, fuck my pussy good! I want to cum now. Pleeese help meeeee. Oh, Oh, oh my god it’s cummmming! So fucking good Meg. He’s fucking me good honey. Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh, I am. I am.” And she arched her back and lifted Meg up as she started to contract and rotate her distended cunt on my impaling cock. “N,nnnnh, nunnnh, unnnh,” She whimpered before dropping back down.

Both Meg and I were sort of surprised at how hard she had cum and I was ready to pull out without even cumming, thinking she was spent. It was Meg who stopped me.

“Again Blake, fuck her again. Lets give the little whore a lesson in how to have fun. Leave it in her. You fuck her while I get beside you and plug her tight little ass. I have just the thing for her.” I was a bit reluctant but kept Nicki’s legs on my shoulders as Meg lubricated her vibrating plug and forced it into Nicki.

All Nicki did was moan a little when it was in and Meg turned it on. I could feel it vibrating my cock and it sort of directed the head of my cock upwards as I stroked in and out. I guess I was driving against Niki’s “G” spot because suddenly she again arched up and looking down I saw a syrupy globule of milky cream seep from around my shaft.

Again it began. The gyrating thrusting, the trembling convulsions and the frantic begging. Nicki began another shattering orgasm but now it was with abandon. She lay there with her eyes half closed as she met my thrusts with her own and as I felt the velvety resilient lining of her cunt begin to contract hard, she began.

Now both girls were giving orders. Meg would urge, “Give it to her Blake! Fuck her brains out. Let her have it. Shoot cum all over her, in her, on her, everywhere, Give her a bath in you cum.”

and almost as if listening to Meg, Nicki began to add to the muted commands. “Yeah, Oh yeah, fuck me. Do what she tells you. Fuck my cunt harder and give me that cum. It’s mine. I need it. I made it and its mine. Oh god, I’m, I’m gonna cum all over your cock and I want to mix with you. Shoot now damn it, shoot, shoot, Oh gimmmeeeee it now.

And I did. My god did I ever cum. It was long and hard and Nicki held my cock so tightly with her pliant pussy that I found it difficult to move in or out, I just seemed to hold still and pump my manhood into her thirsty body. Pulling out, moments later, Meg forced me out of the way and put her sucking mouth over Nicki’s swollen pussy and began to lap the droplets that were gushing out with each contraction. Than she fell to the floor and put my cock in her mouth and gleaned the last of my sperm by sucking and running her thumb along the bottom of my cock.

We needed no other. Nicki was our choice for the third member and once she saw the “rumpus” room she literally went crazy wanting to know how each thing worked and when she could try it. Mmmm, I thought, perhaps we had opened Pandora’s box. We would find out during the following weeks

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