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Ingrid’s Au pair’s Adventure

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Ingrid was a Swedish Au pair my Uncle and Aunt hired to look after my two young cousins for 12 months. She was very much a product of her country, blonde, blue eyed, leggy, pale skinned and with tits strained to explode from under the ultra-tight tops she liked to wear.

She was no blushing virgin that was for sure, I might have only been an 18 year old boy but I knew a slut when I saw one and Ingrid and had SLUT written all over her pretty little face.

All the same my Uncle and Aunt liked her and so did the kids and she was so enthusiastic about her stay in America you couldn’t help but find her appealing in a sickly sweet sort of way.

My name’s Mike by the way and I was staying with my Uncle and Aunt in Boston for a while as my parents were going through a messy divorce and they wanted me out of the house. To be honest I wanted to be out of the house too, because their continual bickering was getting on my nerves. I jumped at the chance to stay with Uncle Pete and Aunt Cathy.

My cousins were a couple of six years old pains in the butt but mostly I didn’t see much of them as Aunt Cathy is a real hands on mommy, and she likes to look after the kids herself. However this summer she was pregnant with her third child and needed some help, hence the hiring of an Au-pair who turned out to be the luscious Ingrid.

I noticed immediately that my Uncle Pete was attracted to Ingrid. Uncle Pete is a good father and husband but he’s not been getting his conjugal rights for some time what with Aunt Cathy looking like a beached whale with her swollen belly and constant morning sickness.

So as you imagine I was only marginally surprised when I came across Ingrid giving Uncle Pete a blow job. I had come early from a game of tennis. I had lost several sets and was feeling kind of grumpy. I had intended to go to the Mall with my friends but I decided to cut my losses and go home.

I knew Aunt Cathy was over at her sister’s for the weekend with the kids and wouldn’t be back until late Sunday evening. It was Friday afternoon when I quietly let myself in the house, relieved that my hormonal Aunt and brattish cousins would be nowhere in sight.

I don’t know why I didn’t call out when I let myself in. I normally do, but for some reason, this time I didn’t. I think I knew something was happening, I don’t know how but I did. Although my sexual experiences haven’t been up to much, I do know about blow jobs.

There’s a girl at school that is an expert on cock sucking and she gone down on me several times and given me a great blow job. The door to the lounge was partly open and through the crack in the door I saw my Uncle was leaning against the oak bureau that resides on the other side of the room. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily

I opened my mouth to speak, thinking he might not be well when I saw why he was breathing heavily. My eyes widened at the sight I was beholding and I almost laughed out loud. On her knees, in front of Uncle Pete’s crotch was non other than Ingrid. Her golden head was bobbing back and forth on his slick wet cock; I could see it sliding in and out of her wide luscious mouth.

I must say that for a 40 year old my Uncle is a handsome guy. I’m not being vain when I say I turn heads when I walk down the street as does Uncle Pete.

We’re both six footers, both nicely tanned, he looks ten years young than he actually is, I look at least twenty five, there’s not a grey hair on his head, I’ve got ash blonde hair to his brown, he runs eight miles a day, I play football, he goes to the gym at least three times a week as do I.

It was no wonder therefore that Ingrid was willing to put out for my Uncle. She was holding onto his hips for leverage and she was practically eating his balls with each hard thrust of his cock down her throat.

I felt a tightening in my pants and realised that I was getting a hard on watching the action.

At that moment Uncle Pete opened his eyes and looked directly at me watching him. He was momentarily startled and then a slow smile passed over his lips. Strangely enough I wasn’t bothered at being caught watching him with Ingrid. I wagged my finger at him and shook my head but I was grinning from ear to ear.

I backed away from the door and silently mounted the stairs that would lead to my bedroom. I wanted to jack myself off in the confines of my room, I’d leave Ingrid to get on with her job at hand and I certainly wouldn’t say anything to Aunt Cathy about Uncle Pete’s indiscretion!

Later that evening I was listening to some music on my stereo in my room when my Uncle came to see me. I raised my eyebrow at him and he grinned at me sheepishly.

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” he said, “I’ve never been unfaithful to your Aunt before but I’ve been gagging for a fuck for months, Ingrid is quite obliging if you know what I mean…”

“I won’t say anything to Aunt Cathy,” I said knowing full well why my Uncle was in my room and he looked relieved.

“You’re a good kid Mike,” he said smiling at me, “Ingrid’s a hot little bitch isn’t she?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“Look,” Uncle Pete said taking me by surprise, “Ingrid doesn’t want Cathy to find out about her and me, she likes Cathy and the kids, she’s real worried that you might say something, I said you wouldn’t but only if she was, well, willing to put out for you too, she’s more than agreeable, I think she has the hots for you too!”

“Oh,” I said and I began to smile, “Really?”

“She’s one great fuck,” Uncle Pete said, “Are you up for it?”

“Sure,” I said turning off my stereo, “I’d love to fuck the little slut.”

Uncle Pete grinned and slapped me on the shoulder.

“She’s a real slut alright,” he agreed with me, “She wants us both to do her at the same time!”

My heart pounded in my chest and I felt my cock begin to tighten in my pants.

Together we went to find Ingrid who was waiting for us in Uncle Pete’s bedroom sitting on the edge of the bed. She smiled at me.

”Hello Mike,” she said in her throaty guttural accent and giving me a deliciously wide smile, “I’m so glad you’re not going to tell on me…”

I turned to my Uncle.

“Are you sure she is up for doing us both?” I demanded, “I don’t want to get short changed here.”

“Ingrid could fuck a football team and still want seconds,” Uncle Pete assured me with a laugh, “Come on, let me introduce you to some of Ingrid’s finest assets, first stop her tits!”

We sat on either side of Ingrid who draped her on arm other my shoulder and one arm over Uncle’s Pete’s. She was wearing a tight fitting sleeveless t-shirt that barely covered her huge jugs.

Uncle Pete pulled the flimsy material over her tits to reveal what I already knew; Ingrid was not wearing a bra.

I reached for her left tit and began to fondle it. Uncle Pete did the same with her right tit. Ingrid gave a gasp and arched her back.

“Oh yes!” she purred in her guttural accent, “That is so niceeeeeeeee…..”

Ingrid’s nipples became two swollen mottled plums and I plucked at the one I had at my disposal, marvelling at how hard it became.

“She likes to have her tits sucked,” Uncle Pete said and he wasn’t kidding. Ingrid’s body bucked as we began to suck on her plums, crying out in pleasure and digging her fingers painfully into our shoulders.

I came up for air and gasped to my Uncle.

“I bet she’s real wet already!”

“Let’s find out!” there was a popping sound as Ingrid’s tit shot out of Uncle Pete’s mouth and he pulled up the Au Pair’s skimpy cotton skirt. Ingrid had next to no hair on her pale crotch, she shaved down below regularly but it was smooth to the touch, she obviously like to look good all over if you know what I mean.

I watched my Uncle’s hand slide between Ingrid’s legs, and they parted obligingly for him and his fingers were suddenly inside her, right up to his knuckles in fact. She was dripping wet down there, lubricated enough to be fucked right now so it seemed! She jerked against him and cried out as his thumb began to vigorously push against the swollen nub of flesh that was her clit.

“That is so good!” Ingrid gasped, “Oh God, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

“You do it Mike,” Uncle Pete said and I found myself taking up where he had left off, ramming my hand into Ingrid’s soaking wet cunt, “She’s got a real tight bum-hole I’ve been wanting to have a go at!”

“Oh no, I’ve never done that before!” Ingrid gasped writhing on my jerking hand, “Please Mr Robbins, please don’t!”

Of course we took no notice of her and Uncle Pete dragged Ingrid to the edge of the bed so her arse was hanging off it, spat on two of his fingers and rammed them up her anus and jerked them around inside her butt hole.

She screamed, as she was tight but Uncle Pete worked her ass with his fingers, holding her left shoulder with his free hand and forcing her back and forth on his fingers, whilst I hand fucked her between her legs. Ingrid’s face became contorted, not all of it pain but a combination of surprise pleasure and pain.

“OH GOD!” she screamed, “OH GOD!”

“She’s gonna come soon!” I yelled to my Uncle but just he laughed.

“Let her!” he said as he forced more fingers in her bucking bottom.

I grabbed Ingrid’s hand and pulled it down to her soaking wet crotch.

“Keep yourself going for now!” I ordered her, “There’s something else I want you to do!”

I didn’t give her time to protest. One good thing about tennis shorts they are so easy to get out of and it took me only seconds before I was straddling her straining face and open mouth, my circumcised cock sliding into her mouth.

She retched at first, but she used her free hand to guide me between her lips and fondle my throbbing balls whilst sucking, licking and slurping on my pre-cum cock.

“She’ll suck the cum right out of your cock!” Uncle Pete’s words rang in my brain and I thrust harder into the girl’s willing mouth.

I caught a glimpse of Uncle Pete’s head suddenly disappearing from view, heard him spitting and realised he had spread Ingrid’s legs as wide as he could and was partly lifting her off the bed which helped me slide further down her throat.

Uncle Pete was gorging himself on her virgin bum hole, spitting into it, forcing his tongue inside her, licking the creased ring whilst forcing more and more of his fingers inside the rippling protesting flesh so as to stretch it as wide as it would go!

I found this a real turn on and Ingrid despite her earlier protests obviously did too because she was bouncing up and down like a beach ball on an elastic rope on the edge of the bed.

She was gurgling as she sucked my cock, she had given up on rubbing her swollen clit, her sticky hand was gripping my bare buttocks, the little slut was practically trying to get my balls into her mouth along with my cock I’m sure.

Her eyes were bulging, her lips rippling over my cock and I would have dearly liked to come in her mouth and all over her pretty face but the thought of that wet, hot unused hole between her legs was too much of a temptation.

When I knew I was nearing my time, I slid out of her mouth with a satisfying pop.

She sucked in a lungful of air, my pre-juices dribbling down her chin and cried out.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

With her eager hands she started to guide me to that wet gaping hole between her legs. For an 18 year old I have a big and solid piece of meat when erect and Ingrid’s sucking and fondling had made me swell up to a full eight inches in length and the girth was at least four or five inches across.

The tip of my cock pushed into the well lubricated cunt and began to work itself deep inside her.

I made sure that I pushed against her clit, rubbing it at first with the tip of my cock and then with the shaft. This caused her body to jerk and cry out as waves of pleasure washed through her.

I drew her up so that her bottom was lifted off the bed because I knew that Uncle Pete had a treat in store for Ingrid very soon.

I think it really surprised her that my cock was so big. Ingrid’s ability for cock sucking has made her mouth and throat practically have elastic sides, so I don’t think she realised what she was in for when I started to push myself inside her.

“You’re too big!” she gasped panicking as she realised what she had let herself in for, “Please, you’re too big!”

“You’re going to get it all up you,” I promised the frantic girl, “And some!”

I rammed my cock further up her protesting fanny making her buck and screech and plead with me to stop. I added to her pleasure and discomfort suddenly by pinching her tits and squeezing her jugs with my free hands

Ingrid was in a quandary, she wanted me to stop but at the same time she didn’t want me to stop, her mind was saying it was too much but her body was screaming for more, not just more but lots more of what was on offer!

“You think I’m too big!” I gasped as I thrust in and out of her, “Wait until Uncle Pete gives it to you up your ass!”

Ingrid’s blue eyes went huge when my words sank into her pleasure addled brain.

“No!” she cried thrashing against me, “No!”

But it was too late to back out now; Uncle Pete was already on his knees, directly in line with her ass and he was already pressing his swollen cock into her stretched lubricated arse hole.

Ingrid let out a scream and her eyes began to water and bulge simultaneously.

“Nein! Nein!” she howled her eyes tightly shut but Uncle Pete was not going to be denied and I could feel him slowly forcing his cock into her straining and by now very over stretched arse hole. I could feel what he was doing because he was right behind me.

I pressed my mouth to Ingrid’s ear and whispered into it.

“No more the virgin ass!” I said and I felt her tits harden against my chest; the bitch was turned on by my words!

She liked being talked dirty to. I whispered more dirty words into her ear, telling her she was a filthy little slut who was getting it up the ass because she was a wicked girl for fucking her employer’s husband and nephew.

As I spoke I pumped harder between her legs, and then suddenly Ingrid’s eyes shot open and her hands clawed spasmodically on my back and she let out a choked gurgle and began to thrust frantically with me whilst shouting something in her own language that I didn’t understand.

”I’m all the way in!” I heard Uncle Pete shout behind me, “My God it’s fantastic, her arse is so damn tight, let’s get this train on the move Mike!”

Laughing I obeyed and we both rammed our cocks in and out of Ingrid’s two holes, and I made Ingrid’s juices flow even more by continuing to talk dirty to her as Uncle Pete and I fucked and banged into her bucking thrashing body on Uncle Pete’s marital bed.

“You’re going be filled up both ends!” I whispered the dirty words into her ear as I moved faster and faster inside her, “I can’t wait to see all my cum running down your legs, you’ll like that won’t you, you filthy little bitch, it’s what you want, isn’t it? Isn’t it?”

”Yes!” she screamed suddenly unable to contain herself anymore, “YES! I want both of you to cum inside me, fill my ass up, fill my ass up, PLEASE! OH PLEASE FILL MY ASS UP!”

Well we had to oblige didn’t we? It was what she wanted. I felt myself come in an explosion of an orgasm like I have never felt before but certainly want to feel again!

I couldn’t believe the waves of pleasure surging over me as the orgasm went from the tips of my toes, up my legs, through my buttocks and suddenly up to my balls and right through my cock. I shot load after load of spunk into Ingrid’s womb and at the same time she came as well, with a gurgling cry and a thrashing scream of pleasure.

It took Uncle Pete a bit longer to come but both Ingrid and my orgasm helped him get there as we sent ripples up and down the bed into his body and his gut wrenching bellow was enough to set Ingrid off again as he came and exploded a flood of cum right up her tight and once virgin ass.

“OH YES!” she screamed arching her back and banging her buttocks hard onto her Uncle Pete’s frantically thrusting cock, “OH YES!”

”Empty your balls into the bitch!” I yelled as I had made sure I myself emptied every last drop of cum into Ingrid’s still rearing body, “This slut is going is going to be a walking spunk bank when we’ve finished with her!”

Ingrid was gasping and sobbing with pleasure on the bed, as Uncle Pete finished emptying his balls into her ready and willing ass. Ingrid’s chest was rising and falling as she sucked in lungful after lungful of air, her orgasmic experience overwhelming her momentarily.

“It has never been like this before!” she panted over and over again as she lay on her spread eagled on her back and I rolled off her, my cock sliding easily out of her spunk saturated crotch.

Uncle Pete was grinning from ear to ear as he pulled out of Ingrid’s ass, a trail of spunk oozing steadily out of the crack in her ass.

“It’s going to be like this a lot from now on,” he promised the girl, “You’re here for 12 months, remember?”

Ingrid began to smile.

“I hope Mike gets to fuck me up my ass next time,” Ingrid said fluttering her beautiful blue eyes at me and I grinned at her.

“What do you think Uncle Pete? Do you want do her again, I mean she’s well lubed both ends isn’t she?”

Uncle Pete began to grin as well and Ingrid looked startled. She started to protest but I cut off her words by saying.

”You don’t want Aunt Cathy to find out, do you?”

That shut her up. She shook her head frantically and I smiled.

“Okay then, come on Uncle Pete, she can be sitting upright for this session, that’s it Ingrid, sit up and spread your legs, lift your butt up higher, that’s it good girl, let me get behind you, that’s it, hmmm, you’re nice and lubed up your ass, lots of spunk to help me get inside you, I’ve got another hard on already, what about you Uncle Pete?”

”Ready and able,” my equally randy Uncle piped up, and five minutes later Ingrid was sandwiched between us, me up her ass this time and Uncle Pete giving it to her up her dripping spunk filled fanny.

Ingrid really groaned, cried, begged, thrashed and bucked as I worked my swollen meat up her nicely stretched ass, her spunk filled butt helped make it easier but her eyes were watering like mad and she made protesting mewling sounds for a few minutes but these soon became mewls of pleasure as I began to thrust inside her butt vigorously and Uncle Pete did the same from the front.

Between us we tenderised Ingrid’s tits, we sucked, fondled, squeezed and pawed them, making her cry out in pleasure and pain. We tormented her by making her beg us to fuck her harder which we both did, ramming our cocks into her holes with reinforced vigour.

Uncle Pete came first, shooting his load into her cunt with a gurgled cry of pleasure. He slid out her fanny with ease and before Ingrid could protest I had forced her body forward so that her head was level with his cum soaked cock.

“Suck it clean!” I ordered her, “Every last drop! NOW!”

She obeyed and I thrust harder between her bum cheeks, my balls slapping her rump, my shaft well and truly up and fucking her ass. I was turned on by her golden head bobbing up and down on Uncle Pete’s cock, slurping, sucking and licking his cock and balls clean.

Of course that turned him on to, and he rose for the occasion for a third time and shot a load of cum down her throat which she gulped down without having to be told.

Eventually I shot my load up Ingrid’s ass, but not before she had come as well and her finale was to suck, lick and slurp my cock and balls clean.

She did an excellent job and for her efforts was rewarded with another load shot down her throat. I hadn’t been joking when I had told her she would be a walking spunk bank today!

Finally we collapsed onto the bed the three of us, totally exhausted but even more sated than before.

It was I thought to myself as I drifted off into sleep going to be a really great 12 months for Uncle Pete and me and one in which Ingrid would find out how stretchable every hole in her body could be…

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