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Independence Day

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It was the Fourth of July and my friend Neil and I had been celebrating the holiday at my apartment most of the day with a traditional cookout. As dusk approached, I suggested that we go to the local community college to see the fireworks display. Neil was game for it, so we headed out.

On the way, I asked him if he was interested in some female companionship while we were out for the evening.

“Are you kidding? That would be great! Who do you have in mind?” Neil was a bit of a geek and didn’t have much success with women, so he was chomping at the bit. “You know Pam Delancy? I’ve been out with her a couple of times and she’s a lot of fun. If she’s home, I’ll bet she’ll come with us.”

Pam was a horny little slut and I could pretty well count on the three of us having a real good time if she joined us. Pam gave one of the sweetest blow jobs that I ever experienced and was a tireless fuck. I didn’t think that taking on both Neil and me would be a problem for her. I pulled into the parking lot of a liquor store and called her.

“Pam? It’s David. My friend Neil and I are going up to the college to see fireworks and wondered if you would like to join us.” Pam said that she was just thinking about me, wondering what I was doing, and that she would very much like to go. “Maybe after the fireworks at the college we can set off a few fireworks of our own.” I said. She teasingly replied that she especially enjoyed the kind that went off when she was with me and looked forward to a hot summer evening. I went into the liquor store and got a couple bottles of wine and then Neil and I headed for Pam’s house.

When we got there, Neil waited in the car as I went to the front door and knocked. Pam answered the door wearing an old pair of jean shorts that showed off her long, tanned legs. As she smiled and turned, I could see just how short the shorts were. Her shapely legs ended at her perfect ass. The cheeks were full, firm, and so nicely curved, I could hardly wait to get my hands on them again. I remembered the last time I plowed her hot, tight pussy, her ass cheeks fit just perfectly into my hands. She also wore a halter top that barely contained all of her 36D tits. Her brown hair fell loosely over her shoulders and framed her lovely face with the large brown eyes and luscious lips.

At the car, she and Neil exchanged greetings as she slid into the front seat between us. As I pulled away from her house, she snuggled up against me and I felt her hand come to rest on my thigh. Anticipating the hot action that was surely waiting for us, I was already getting aroused. My cock was semi-erect from the light touch of Pam’s hand. The fireworks were beginning to seem like a waste of time. I would rather be fucking this beauty! But the build up that came from Pam’s teasing was going to make the rest of the evening that much more enjoyable.

When we got to the college, we made our way to the athletic field where everyone was gathering to see the fireworks. We spread out an old blanket and sat down to wait for the show to begin. I uncorked the wine, poured it into some paper cups, and we toasted the holiday. Relaxing, we passed the time chatting. Pam sat cross legged at my right and Neil’s left, wisps of soft pussy hair showing around her barely covered crotch. I could tell that Neil felt the same sexual tension that I did. Pam had several glasses of wine and it obviously lowered what few inhibitions she had. When she lightly licked her lips and tossed her hair back she looked so goddamn sexy I wanted to take her right there in front of everyone.

Neil was also getting aroused by the promise of what lay ahead of us that night and seemed barely able to contain himself. He kept adjusting the front of his shorts to accommodate his swelling prick. Pam noticed this and smiled sweetly at him.

At about 9:15 it was finally dark enough and the show started. Neil and I sat on the blanket craning our heads upwards toward the sky to see the splendid explosions of color. Pam lay back on the blanket with her head on my lap. With everyone around us distracted, she casually reached behind her head and gave my cock a series of gentle squeezes. I looked down to see her sultry eyes staring up at me as she ran her tongue around her lips again and I noticed her breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing. My cock swelled again, and Pam could feel each pulse against the back of her head.

The display reached its’ grand finale to the sound of many “oooh’s” and “ahhh’s” from the crowd. As the last of the explosions echoed in our ears, we quickly gathered up our blanket and the empty wine bottles and headed for my car, all of us anxious for the next part of the evening to begin. Pam was walking a little unsteadily, so she put her arm around my waist and leaned on me for support. Not to be left out, Neil snaked his arm around her waist and the three of us walked arm in arm to the parking lot. I asked Pam if she wanted to go back to her house for a while. She left no doubt as to what was to transpire when she said that fucking outdoors really turned her on and suggested that we go someplace where we could spread out the blanket again without being disturbed.

I knew of just the place. It was at the end of a rarely used dirt road and afforded just the kind of open air privacy that we were looking for. We climbed into the car and set off. Pam sat in the middle again. In her slightly intoxicated and ever increasing state of arousal, she blatantly stroked the front of my jean shorts causing my cock to swell against the zipper. After bringing me to a full erection, she reached over and did the same thing to Neil. From the look on his face I could tell that he was as turned on as I was. She only added to his excitement as she nuzzled and kissed him on the neck. She pulled her right breast out of her halter top and placed his hand over it, letting his fingers dig into the firm flesh. Her nipple was erect and stood out almost a half inch and Neil gently rolled it between his finger and thumb. She then unzipped his shorts and pulled out his fully erect cock. Lowering her head, she kissed the tip and licked up the precum juice that leaked from his member. Neil stiffened in his seat and I thought he was going to cum in her face at any moment.

We turned off onto the dirt road and drove to the end. I got the blanket and Neil carried the rest of the wine. We walked a little way through the trees until we reached a clearing. As I spread out the blanket, Pam removed her halter top, exposing her large, firm tits to the moonlight. In contrast to her tanned midriff and shoulders, her breasts were milky white.

Neil stepped up behind her, grinding his still uncovered cock into her ass while cupping her breasts in his hands. “You’ve got the most magnificent tits I’ve ever seen,” he said. She reached behind her and undid the button on his shorts. Quickly they ended up in a wad around his feet. She grabbed his swollen prick in her hand, and jacked it back and forth gently.

As I watched them, I removed my T-shirt and slipped out of my shorts and underwear. I pulled Pam away from Neil for a moment and unsnapped her shorts, easing them down over her shapely legs. After she stepped out of them I kissed her a deep, tongue dueling kiss as I tweaked her fully erect nipples between the thumb and forefinger of my hands. Neil quickly shed the rest of his clothing, leaving the both of us naked and Pam wearing nothing but a flimsy pair of thong underwear.

She took my other hand and rubbed my fingers against her dripping twat. “Do you feel how wet I am, David? I’m practically gushing, and it’s all because of what you and Neil are doing to me. You’ve got me so hot, I can barely stand it. I need you to fuck me and fuck me good. Can you fuck me good, David? I know you can. You always do. Come on, David. You and Neil fuck me until I can’t stand up.”

I removed my hand from her pussy and raised my fingers to my nose to smell her sweet aroma, then licked her pussy juice from my fingers as she watched me. This turned her on even more and her eyes rolled up into their sockets and she visibly trembled. Her breathing became short and labored. She turned around and dropped to her knees. Looking up at me she said, “Watch me David. Watch me suck Neil’s cock.” She took Neil’s throbbing cock into her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth over his swollen member. Neil had an average sized cock, about five inches long, so she had no trouble taking his entire length into her mouth and throat.

I stood and watched for a few minutes, stroking my now hard dick slowly at the side of her face. She took her mouth off of Neil’s throbbing prick and said “I want to suck your cock now, David. I want Neil to eat my pussy while I suck your cock.” Her voice was husky and deep.

She stripped off her thong and told Neil to lie down on his back. She knelt with her knees on either side of his head, straddling his face. Her pussy slit, covered by a fine wispy layer of pubic hair, nestled firmly against Neil’s mouth. His tongue snaked out and tickled her clit. She drew in a shaky breath of air and grabbed my hips with both hands, moving me into position in front of her so her hot moist mouth could get to my twitching dick.

Neil must have been doing a good job eating her dripping pussy, because she moaned and groaned all around my cock as she sucked it. She started bobbing her head slowly at first, and then with an ever increasing tempo, her shoulder length hair flying all about her face. I was so turned on after all of her teasing earlier in the evening that I knew I couldn’t last very long. I grabbed her head with both of my hands and rapidly began fucking her face. She clutched at her own tits, tweaking the nipples as Neil used his mouth to bring her to an orgasm that left her body shuddering.

I lost all control and fucked her mouth like it was a cunt, sinking my throbbing cock deep into her throat and causing her to convulse slightly with a gag reflex. I felt the familiar tingling behind my balls that signaled the beginning of the end for me. I grabbed her head tighter and fucked her mouth with a rough, furious rhythm. Just as she started to subside from her own orgasm, I pulled her mouth deep over my cock, pushing her lips into my pubic hair, and began pumping my hot cum down her throat. She swallowed furiously, but still some seeped out around the corners of her mouth and fell on her tits, glistening like pearls in the moonlight. She continued to gently suck on my dick until she had nursed out every drop of cum. She used her fingers to gather what had dropped on her tits and bring it to her mouth and flicked her tongue out to lap it up. She looked up at me and opened her mouth, showing me the cum that she still held there, then closed her mouth and swallowed. When she opened her mouth again, it was empty.

Neil was beside himself with wanton lust as he extricated himself from beneath her. He pushed her onto her back, lifting her legs in the air so that her calves rested on his shoulders. He positioned himself over her and pushed his cock into her hot, waiting cunt. With one quick stroke, he was balls deep inside of her. He was too far gone to concern himself with her enjoyment and fucked her fiercely, thinking only of his own impending orgasm. In just a few moments he thrust himself deep inside of her, held himself there as he groaned an unnatural sound, and shot his cum deep into her already sopping pussy.

Pam was begging for more even as Neil’s softening member shrunk inside her. She rolled him off, turned with lust filled eyes towards me, and said “Come on, David, it’s your turn to fuck me now. I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum.”

Hearing these words after the arousing spectacle of watching Neil fuck her so furiously and seeing the crazed look of lust on her face sent a thrill through my being that brought my cock back to a state as hard as it had ever been.

I told her to get on her elbows and knees as I came up behind her to fuck her doggy style, knowing that it was her favorite position. I rubbed the throbbing head of my cock back and forth over her sopping cunt lips and then, with one slow fluid movement, entered her, solidly burying myself deep inside her. This caused her to grunt loudly as if the breath was knocked out of her. She had already taken care of my initial animal lust with her magnificent blow job, and Neil had left her frustrated, so I was determined to make sure that she was well fucked before I finished.

I set up a slow and steady rhythm, only fucking her with about three quarters of my seven inch cock. She uttered a series of low moans deep in her throat that sounded like the wind in the telephone wires during a heavy storm. She rocked her ass back into me, trying to get me to sink my entire length into her quivering hole, but I teased her and held back for just a few more strokes.

Exhausted, Neil was laying back on his elbows on the blanket watching us fuck and finding it visually stimulating enough that his dick began to swell to life again. “Oh, God Pam,” I gasped. “Your pussy is so fucking hot and tight. Keep squeezing me with your cunt muscles. Use your pussy to suck the cum right out of my balls!”

Soon I could hold back no more and plunged the entire length of my cock into her. Now I began a deep fucking as she lowered her head to the blanket and raised her ass in the air, giving me total access to that magnificent pussy. She surprised me when she reached back between her legs and started to rub her clit. The added friction her fingers provided was bringing her ever closer to the climax she sought and I increased my tempo to help her achieve it.

As her orgasm exploded in her and her body convulsed under me, her pussy clutched all around my throbbing cock, creating a milking sensation that brought waves of pleasure washing over me. Then, she reached back a little further and cupped my swaying nut sack in her fingers and gently squeezed my balls. I could take no more and sunk my prick as deep into her pussy as I could while I blasted her with a second load of cum that was nearly equal in volume to the first one she had hungrily swallowed. We both pitched forward then, she lying on her stomach on the blanket and I pressing down into her back, my prick still buried inside her.

We took a moment to catch our breath and then she said that she wanted to take both of us at once, me in her mouth and Neil, with his smaller and more slender cock, in her ass. I rolled over onto my back as she crawled over me and slipped my softening cock between her lips and began a gentle nibbling and sucking, trying to coax it back to life again. Her pussy glistened just above my face. Neil, needing no further prompting, positioned himself behind her, scooped some of the cum juice dripping from her pussy onto his fingers, and applied it to his cock. He slipped a greased finger into her tight asshole, lubricating it. His entry was as smooth as butter and Pam let out a contented moan.

He fucked her for a good long time with his second hard on. She feasted on my cock the entire time, moaning and growling deep in her throat. I could tell from her rapid breathing that she was close to cumming again. I raised my head and swirled my tongue around the erect bud of her clitoris, Neil’s balls scraping across my forehead as he banged her tight asshole. As his thrusting rhythm began to increase, Pam and I both knew that he was about to blow his load deep into her guts. She increased her sucking on my dick as Neil pushed his cock as far up her ass as it would go. As I continued to tongue her cunt, Neil sighed and emptied his balls as he pressed tightly into her. It was just the trigger she needed to put her over the top again. My hard cock slipped from between her lips and she groaned deep in her throat as her orgasm shook her body and then left her limp.

When Neil finally pulled away, Pam looked at me and said “Now I want your big cock inside me again. I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum. Come on, David. I want you to fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!”

I was happy to oblige her and changed my position so that I was behind her with my cock pointed straight at her asshole, still gaping open and dripping from Neil’s furious pounding. She stifled a cry as my longer and thicker cock stretched her open a bit further, but quickly adjusted and began meeting my forward thrusts with her own backward lunges. She reached back and played with her pussy again and brought herself to two bone shaking orgasms before I finally felt the sperm swirling in my balls for a third time, making a headlong dash out the end of my cock to mingle with Neil’s cum already deposited deep in her asshole. I held her hips tightly in my hands for a moment as we both caught our breath, then pulled my slowly deflating manhood out of her dripping ass.

Immensely satisfied, we decided that we were all fucked out and should call it a night. We got dressed, packed up our stuff and headed for home. When I dropped Pam off, she gave me a deep soul kiss, sinking her tongue into my mouth, and thanked me for a wonderful evening. When we got back to my apartment, Neil got into his car and left without coming inside, but he thanked me profusely, saying that it was the best sex he had ever had in his life. Actually, it was probably the best fuck I had ever had, too. I sat up for a bit, reliving the whole experience in my mind and wondering what excuse I could use to meet up with Pam and her sweet pussy again sometime before next Independence Day.

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