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I Surrender

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I realize I am a single mom. I am not too bad to look at, but everyone who I have dated that’s found out I have a three year old has fled. I was married. Jamie’s father, Jake, was your basic good-for-nothing-but-sex, and even then he was only good to himself. I really don’t think he ever gave me an orgasm, but he never failed to get his rocks off. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought it would make him happy. He refused to wear condoms, saying he couldn’t feel anything through them, and he never let me start the pill because he couldn’t stand the thought of me gaining weight. Maybe I should have been less assuming about the baby.

He wasn’t. He actually had the audacity to tell me to get an abortion. We were divorced before she was ever born, and he’s never seen her. Oh- by the way, I never really gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant, and quickly looked as if I had never had a child. Too bad for Jake, I actually look better now. Better looking breasts, I finally filled out, and now look even more like a woman…

I never finished high school. That was my biggest mistake. Jake was my ticket out of the one-gas station town, and everybody knew my business. I had several people tell me to ditch that bastard. At 17, I wasn’t listening. My father was an alcoholic, so when I asked his permission to marry, I made sure he was drunk. Mom was driven off long before. He had to sing papers from the clerk’s office, because I wasn’t 18 yet. Less than an hour after he signed, I was Mrs. Jake Kane. I was so stupidly happy. The only thing Jake did for me was get me to a different state and city, and he gave me my Jamie. I have nothing to thank him for because I figure all the bad things that happened in the 10 months that we were married kinda cancels the good.

I did get my GED, and I went to beauty college. I can now dye hair and wax eyebrows for a living. At least it pays the rent, and I always have such stylish hair. Much better than when Jake and I were married. He came around to the shop I worked at one day asking for a place to stay. I told him he needed to leave before my boss called the police for trespassing on her property. He tried to tell me it was a public place, but I told him that scumbags weren’t part of the public. He left, but not before he threatened me.

It all happened one day about 6 months after my encounter with Jake, I had the flu and didn’t feel like going to work, but I still took my daughter to the sitter’s. I had arranged with the sitter, also Jamie’s best friend’s mom, for Jamie to stay the night, so I could rest. If they needed anything, Sherry just lived a couple floors down. I heard a knock on the door, went to the door and asked who it was, there was no answer. I got on my tiptoes and looked through the peephole, and there was no one there. I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a cup of hot tea laced with Nyquil. On my way back to bed, the phone rang. I had caller ID because of Jake, but the read out said “Private Number.” I hesitated, but answered the phone anyway. I could barely hear the caller, and couldn’t tell who it was. Heck, I couldn’t even tell if it was a man or a woman. The caller did tell me to go to the door and pick up the package that had been left for me.

I had already taken about half of my tea, and was starting to feel the Nyquil kick in. I stumbled to the door, unlocked the 3 of 4 locks that were locked, and came face-to-box with a 4-foot tall box that was nearly as wide as my door. It took all of my effort to get the box inside. I thought it would have taken all of my effort even if I felt better. I thought about opening the box, but decided I should probably lie on the couch for a minute because I was feeling very dizzy and groggy. A minute turned into four hours. Good ol’ Nyquil, can always depend on it for four to six hours of nearly undisturbed rest. After trying to clear my head for a minute, I remembered the box. Just as I was going to the kitchen to get a knife to cut through the tape, the phone rang again. Goodness, I never get this many calls in a day. I thought it might be the sitter though, and didn’t think to check the ID box.


“You haven’t opened it yet have you?”

“No. Who are you?”

“Well, maybe you should open your present like a good girl, and I will call you back in a little while.” It wasn’t a question, but it almost sounded like a threat. The ID box said “Private Number” again.

Might as well give myself something to do. So I opened the box. Most of us have been into adult novelty stores and know what the novelties look like. Most look pretty cheap, and are too expensive for me to ever buy. Some of the clothes might look decent, but that’s about it. This box was full of leather outfits of all colors and “toys” of all shapes and sizes. At first I didn’t touch anything. I was shocked. Most of the things I didn’t even know what they were for. One by one, I took them out of the box. There were no labels and no tags of any kind, but I could tell they were all new. Jeez, here I am standing in bathrobe, holes everywhere, and looking at a small fortune in pleasure equipment. There was a bustier in red, black, and white. There were shoes in the same colors, all in identical styles, and all in extremely high heels. Stockings, masks, chokers, and more. I really didn’t know what to think. I also realized that I had that feeling in my gut and groins that I only got anymore when I watched the occasional X movie, or read the more erotic parts of my many novels. Everything was in the perfect size, and every piece was to her liking. I found every “toy” I’d ever seen on the web sites, or in the stores I occasionally “browse” in.

I had just been in the one just down the street with my friend yesterday. I had a headache and knew I was getting sick, so I really didn’t feel like looking around much, but I still went with my friend who wanted to get something for her husband’s birthday that night. Lucky him. I wondered around with Hannah and only commented on the slinky lingerie if asked. I really just wanted to go pick up Jamie and go home. Finally we were out of the store. I always feel like there are people watching me when I wonder though, but can never tell if anyone actually is. But, I do know the video cameras are watching.

Looking back to the box, I realized I had pulled everything out. There was a note taped to the bottom of the box. I had to pull the box down and crawl inside to get the note, since I’m not tall enough at 5’1 to reach the bottom of the box. When I had the note I took it to the couch to read, thoroughly expecting to have April Fool’s shouted at any time. It’s November. OK, so I really didn’t know what to think of this prank.

Dear Tammie,

You have now seen my gift. I can only tell you how thrilling it is to hear your voice, though we have never spoken personally before. You see, I know so much more about you than you would ever want to know. As for my gift, it’s yours if you accept. So much does ride on the acceptance of this “gift” though. About ten minutes before you received your call about the package at your front door, your daughter was playing in the park. Your sitter still hasn’t called you or the police because she’s sure Jamie just went home to check on you, since your apartment building is just next door. Maybe you should think twice about who watches your three year old.

If you accept the gift, you will know many pleasures I am sure you have never had before. You and your daughter will be moved to a “safer” location, and you will have your daughter. If you do not accept your gift, just put it outside the door. You may never find your daughter, though.

It’s just a gift, but one that once it’s accepted, you will never be able to return.

Yours truly,

P.S. Do not call the police. Call your sitter, see what’s happened is true. If you accept the gift, follow the directions on the back of the sheet.

That’s all. There’s no name, nothing for me to give the police. The note was even typed. I called the sitter.


“Hey, Sherry, this is Tammie.”

“Oh, hi, How are you feeling now?”

“Fine. Listen, is Jamie around?”

“Did you send her back down here?”

“She’s not been here since I brought her to you.”

“Oh, God, we’ve gotta call the police. I haven’t seen her for almos five and a half hours. I thought she just went home. Oh my God. Tammie I’m sooo sorry. (Sobbing on the other end of the line) She said she wanted to go see how mommy was feeling, I just let her go. I was trying to change Dyland’s diaper, and Johnny decided he needed to go to the bathroom in the bushes, and not number one, I just didn’t pay enough attention to her.”

“Listen. I have a note here. I am going to get my daughter back. I have a way. You can’t call the police, it says, so just leave it be. Oh, when I find my daughter, you can garuntee we won’t be using your services as a sitter anymore. Thanks for everything, Friend!” The word friend seemed more like a curse word to me, and I meant it to be.

I went back to the crumpled note on the floor. Sitting on the carpet, I read the instructions on the back. This is the only way I will get my daughter back, I know it is.
1. Take the oils and salts from the box into the bathroom.

2. Draw yourself a bath hotter than you normally would, I want your flesh to turn pink from the heat.

3. The manual, “How to dress like the slut you know you are” should also be in your possession. It isn’t very long, read it while you take your bath.

4. Shave.

5. Oil and lotion yourself as best you can, everywhere.

6. Dress in one of the complete outfits of your choosing.

7. Style your hair and make-up as usual.

8. Use your perfume. Spray on your chest and between your legs.

9. There will be a black car outside your apartment at 7pm. Do not be late; Do not eat anything before you leave.

10. For your modesty’s sake you may wear your black raincoat to the car, but you are to remove it when you enter the car.

11. The car will bring you to me.

I checked my watch, it was 3:30 already. I didn’t really know where to start, but for the list. I followed it to a “T.” I hesitated once though; I didn’t want to completely shave my pussy. It took me ten minutes to find that damn raincoat. I tucked my house key in the top of one of my high-heeled boots. I had to be able to get back in my apartment. At 6:58, I ran to the elevator. It seemed to take eternity to get to my floor. When I ran inside Old Mrs. Flemming was there.

“Are you going out, Dear?”

“I, uh, guess you could say that.”

“You seem to be quite excited about something, Dear.”

“I’m just running late, and I can’t be late.”

“You know my husband was like that too, God rest his soul. He could not stand to be late to anything. I even teased that he would show up to his funeral early just to be on time.”

“Look, Ma’am. I really need to go. We’ll sit down and have a chat in a couple of days.” I felt so bad about being short with her, but I really wasn’t in the mood to listen to her. I was 1 minute late getting to the car.

I stopped short when I realized it was a limousine waiting for me. This is just unreal.

“You’re late.” I saw who spoke those words and cringed. The man had to have been at least 6’3″ tall, and at least 300 lbs. All muscle. He looked as if he could double as a bodyguard as well as the chauffeur. He held the door open for me, and as I stepped in, he caught my jacket.

“Are you forgetting something?” Still holding the back of my jacket in his hands. I blushed.

“Can I take it off in the car? It’s cold out here.” I gave him what I hoped was a pouty smile, guys always fell for that kind of thing.

“No.” Nothing else, just no. Well, at least I had found some skirts to go with my provocative bustier in the box, or Mrs. Flemming would be getting quite a show. It was short and very tight however, so I really didn’t know how I was to step into the car. I let the Brute take my jacket and started to the open door.

When I expected the door to close, it didn’t. Instead the Brute climbed in after me. I had never liked these kinds of guys. Hell, even Jake had been scrawny. I like to look, but as small as I am, looking is about all I think I want.

“Who’s driving?”

He just smiled at me and said “The Driver of course.”

He handed me a glass of juice, after asking if I would like some wine. I rarely drink, because of my father, so I asked if he had any juice. It was cranberry juice, not my favorite because of how tart it was, but OK.

I handed the Brute my empty glass back, and he smiled at me. He was handsome. I tried to focus beyond the window, since it didn’t seem that I had a talkative companion. Everything rushed by in a blur. Soon, we were leaving the city in a direction I had never traveled before. That didn’t bother me much, obviously anyone who could hire a limo and at least two personal assistants could afford to live in the country if he wanted.

I started feeling flushed, and asked if they could turn the heat down in the car. The Brute just smiled at me. But he did as I asked. I laid my head against the seat. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I noticed was we were at a small airport. I tried to move, but I must have gotten stiff when I fell asleep. The Brute got out of the limo and held the door. Again, I tried to move. I couldn’t. He leaned in, still grinning, and grabbed my waist. How he kept me from hitting my head, I’ll never know.

I was being manhandled, and surprisingly, I liked it.

“Please put me down.” I tried wiggling, but that didn’t help at all.

“I need to get you on the plane, miss.”

“I can’t fly.”

“I know, that’s why we have planes, so you wouldn’t wear yourself out.”

“Was that a joke, or do you really think like that.”

He didn’t say anything to me, but I think he was mad, because he moved me from a somewhat comfortable position to sling me over his shoulder like a large bag of flour.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“This is what I was told to do, just as you were told to come with us and dress like this”

“Where am I going?”

“To Him.”

That was all he would say. Try as I did, he wouldn’t tell me anything else. Air rushed up my short skirt, making my pussy cold. There had been no underwear in the box, so I assumed I wasn’t allowed any.

I was carried up the stairs to the plane, closing my eyes aginst the felling of vertigo as the Brute carried me. I was surprised when he released me. I had been placed on a bed. What the hell kind of plane is this. I was still feeling dizzy, so I closed my eyes. I guess we went through take off fine, because when I came to, I was on the bed and the Brute was watching me again.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“Please, I’m so thirsty. I really hate flying. I hope you realize this.”

He handed me a glass, I didn’t care what was in it as long as it was cold and wet. I guess my flu had me worse off than I thought. I was so tired.

I handed his glass back to him, and he continued to smile at me.

“May I ask why you smile so much?”

“Because I know he will be pleased.”

“Excuse me?”

But he would say nothing more on the subject.

I roused a little when the bed moved with someone else’s weight. I tried to ask what was going on, but couldn’t.

“Miss,” I heard in my ear, “don’t get alarmed, I am not going to hurt you. I have to do some things I was told to do, so don’t fight me. You will only end up hurting yourself.”

I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t move if I wanted to.

I was rolled onto my stomach, my arms brought up behind me. Soft bracelets were fastened around my wrists, but they wouldn’t fall back to my sides, they stayed at my back. My skirt had bunched up around my hips more in my sleep, and was now being pushed even higher. So high in fact, my bare pussy was completely exposed. I again felt the tail-tell signs of moisture between my legs; I was so embarrassed. A large hand carressed my ass, firm but gentle.

“Yes, he will be pleased.” After a moment, I am glad you shaved your pussy, but it seems you missed a few places. I must correct that.”

I was moved back onto my back, now lying on my arms, I could see my Brute. He had removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. I had been propped on pillows so that I could see most of my shaved pussy, and he had placed a mirror where I could see the rest of my shaved pussy. I tried to tell him to leave me alone, but I realized I could not talk.

“How are you feeling?” he asked me.

I couldn’t form the words. “Ah, so it worked like he said it would.” I just stared. I was told to slip this stuff in your drinks, actually it was in your glasses before I poured your drinks. I never drank anything, if you didn’t notice. I was told it would make you extremely sleepy, but when you woke up you would not be able to move much, if at all, and you wouldn’t be able to speak. I was furious, but I could do nothing but stare. I felt like a giant human Raggedy Ann doll. This wasn’t fair. I needed to be able to take my daughter and run. Finally realizing that I would have to surrender to one who had taken my daughter, my vision blurred, and I felt my cheeks become wet.

“Don’t cry, you won’t be hurt, and everything will work out just fine. You’ll see.”

I cried the entire time he cleaned my pussy up. I was miserable, I was wet. He left the small room, and cam back carrying a bag of things. He pulled out what I knew to be a butt plug, a tube of lubricant, and a ball gag.

“I had a man go back into your apartment after I retrieved your house key from your shoe when you fell asleep the first time. I knew I would need these things, but I also knew you weren’t about to let me into your apartment. It was mentioned that you had never liked large men. I need to turn you back over now, so I get this in right. Your medicine will be wearing off soon, and we will also reach His landing field soon, so we need to hurry.”

I was turned over and I felt the cold lubricant drop onto my ass cheek. A large finger rubbed it toward my hole. More cold lubricant was added. He rubbed and massaged my hole, slowly pushing his way in. “I bet you’ve never dared to put anything back here, huh? Well, that won’t last long.” He chuckled. I hadn’t. He forced his finger harder into my hole, bringing it out for more lubrication and fucking it with his finger. He replaced his finger with the plug. It was black and menacing, but it wasn’t the largest one I’ve ever seen, so, I counted myself as lucky as I could. He continued to fuck my ass with the plug. It burned slightly, each time it reached farther into my tight hole. I heard a moan, and realized it was myself. I was getting so wet and ready. He pushed it in all the way, checked to make sure it was secure, and chuckled.

“Definitely, pleased.” I heard as he was walking away.

My Brute washed his hands and came back into the room. “I think you can move a little now, huh?” I wiggled just to see. The drug was wearing off, I was going to be OK. I realized I was being turned over, just as we touched down, it was a gentle landing, but it scared me all the same. My Brute lost his balance slightly and cursed. He landed on me, his cock pushing into my ass. I had begun to wonder if he was gay, since he seemed to serve another man, but soon realized he wasn’t. I gasped when I felt his cock. His face looked to mine, and he stopped grinning.

“Don’t tell him this happened.” It was most definitely a threat.

I nodded.

“Open your mouth. Go on. Ok, I’m going to have to help you open it then.” He was gentle as he opened my jaws, but he still had to force the large gag in my mouth. I stared into his eyes. Was that regret?

“Stop looking at me that way.”

I closed my eyes. I felt my head being lifted, and opened my eyes just in time to see the blindfold being lowered. My hands were going numb behind my back, and I wiggled to give them some more comfort. My ankles were caught in his strong arms.

“I should have had this done already.”

He bound my ankles like he had my wrists, leaving me completely helpless. He pulled my skirt back down as far as it would go and picked me up. He slung me over his shoulder trying to be indifferent to me.

I heard a new, but somewhat familiar voice: “Finally, she’s here”

I was carried through the cold not knowing where I was, and hearing people I didn’t know. I was taken in a warm building, carried up stairs, and taken through a maze of corridors. I was thrown onto a bed, soft and silky. My arms were released only to have them brought in front of me, and my blindfold was removed. I could see nothing. The room was pitch black. Someone lit a match, and then a candle. The candle came closer to the bed I was laying on. I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a man I knew when he was a boy. Although, he was not a slim and scrawny boy any longer. He was huge! He was at least as big as his bodyguard was. I was scared. Had I said something to this man, as a boy, and now he’s back for revenge. He sat the candle on the side table, reaching down to me.

I flinched.

“Don’t turn away from me, and don’t be scared. I am going to take this off of you.”

He took the gag away from me, and I was able to move my aching jaws.



“Where’s my daughter.”

“She’s asleep in her room I had decorated for her.”

“Let me see her.” He stared at me for a long time, but finally nodded his head.

“But I will carry you like you are, no chances of you escaping me.”

Before I could say anything, he picked me up in his capable hands and was carrying me through the large house. There she was, sleeping peacefully.

“Can I give her a kiss?”

As an answer, he moved me as if I were a doll, and adjusted me so I could give her a kiss, but he never put me down.

“Ok, Eric. Thank you.”

He took me back to his room, and placed the gag back at my mouth. The look he gave me scared me, so I willingly opened my mouth, allowing him to shove it in.

“I’ll never hurt you, or your daughter Tammie. But now that I have you, I can’t let you leave again. I was crushed when you married that ass hole and left. Yes, I know you are surprised, but here I am. And now I have you. You can’t leave. I can’t let you.”

I nodded, there was nothing else I could do. He had cared for my child like I would. He had built a room in his home fit for a princess, just so she could live there.

Gently, he took my fastened wrists and adjusted them so that they were spread above my head. I was so wet, I had to be soaking my skirt and the covers. He also adjusted my ankles.

“I spent a lot of time trying to get over you. Through that time I came to like certain ways of doing things, and every time I imagined you. I am open to other suggestions, but tonight, and for awhile I will have it how I want it. If you disagree, your daughter will get to visit her mommy like this. You wouldn’t want that, now would you?” I shook my head no, but I was having no problem with his suggestion. It had always been a secret fantasy of mine. He had always been a secret crush of mine. I was the town drunk’s daughter, I was from the wrong side of the town, and he was from the wealthiest family the town had. I thought he wanted to stay as friends, so I never acted on my desire. I wish I had, because he could have been Jamie’s father, I wouldn’t have minded that.

His hands traveled along my body, big and strong. Powerful. He unlaced the top I was wearing. “Do you know I watched you the entire way here? I had cameras in the car and on the plane, I watched every second of your pleasure, and your restless sleep. I have been hard for hours. And now, you’re going to feel how much I want you and have wanted you since you were thirteen years old, and I was fifteen. You are going to feel so good, you’re going to weep.” He sucked my nipple into his mouth as his hands rubbed my mound. “Mmmm, you sure have filled out since you had Jamie. She should have been mine. Are you on any kind of birth control?” When I hesitated, he became more insistent, “Tell me!” I shook my head no. Since Jamie was born, I didn’t like anyone enough to sleep with them. Actually I wish I could warn him that I should be ovulating. If he’s that upset about birth control, maybe he should know I am very fertile right now…

He had turned away, so I couldn’t see his face. His temper seemed under control now, and he began sucking my tits and rubbing my clit. My nerves were sizzling. I couldn’t control myself. When he stuck his finger in my hole, filling my pussy with my ass still filled. I came hard and fast. I was breathing so hard… I just had my first orgasm! I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even have his cock in me, and I had an orgasm… I began wiggling against his hand and he removed it.

“Sit still! I am still your Master.”

I shrank back he’d scared me again. I am so small, and he’s so much bigger than I am.

He had been wearing only a robe. “I just let you come, I could have stopped you. I decided since I had so much pleasure watching Ian bring you here, fucking you in the ass with your little toy and even him being turned on by my little captive, I decided that it was about time you had a little pleasure.”

He took off his robe, and I saw his cock for the first time. That’s not going to fit!!! I couldn’t possibly see how that monster was going to fit. It was thick and long, and I haven’t had a cock in nearly four years. Jake was certainly not that big. If he was five inches, he was lucky. This cock was at least 81/2 or 9, and it was massively thick. I think he saw my concern.

“You will be fine, I will go easy, but this is another reason I need you tied down. I want you tied down.” At that he kneeled between my legs, his mouth sucked my clit, and I saw every color of the rainbow. It was amazing. Then I felt his hand at the entrance of my hole, he had one finger in me and he continued to work his way up to help loosen me. He removed the plug, which made more room for his cock. He would need all he could get. Slowly he entered me, stopping occasionally to let me adjust. Finally when he was buried to the hilt, he groaned. Nothing had ever felt like this to me before. It was perfect. He quickened his pace, and sawed in and out of me. When he saw that I was not having a hard time with his size, he went faster and faster. We came together; never in my life would I have thought an orgasm would feel this good. It felt like my muscles were melting. I didn’t care. I was home. I was where I wanted to be.

“Will you and your daughter please stay?”

I nodded.

He removed my gag, “Let me hear you say it.”

“We’ll stay.”

Slowly he reached above my head, he slipped a ring on my finger, I looked up and saw it was an engagement ring. I was happy, and surprised.

“I didn’t say I’d marry you.”

“You’d better, because that is the only way you get to stay.”

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