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Husband’s Fantasy

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I am a husband that has been married to the same woman whom I love very much for over 25 years.

However, I like many husbands have this recurring fantasy to watch my wife being fucked by another man and to watch her climax with wild abandonment. There is nothing I can imagine as thrilling than to watch your wife being fucked by another man or men, unless however if that person happens to be a hung, Black or Hispanic.

My wife is a very attractive woman 54 yrs young that stands 5’6″ with green eyes, frosted blond hair, 36C breasts and nice long legs I have often spoken to my wife regarding my fantasy and the truth is nothing gets me hotter than thinking of Lee’s beautiful face and body covered in CUM. Our sex life is good but predictable and unimaginative although she enjoys oral and anal sex and often likes dressing like a Slut/Whore. She is very sexy and absolutely breathtaking when dressed as a depraved slut in her black seamed stockings, sexy garter belt, 5″ open toe pumps and heavy whorish makeup. She enjoys having me watch her masturbate with her 9″ black dildo but she seems reluctant to live out my fantasy?

On many occasions, she has posed while I have taken pictures of her dressed as a Slut in her black seamed stockings and heels fucking her pussy and asshole with her large dildo and have even taken several pictures of her licking and sucking my balls while covering her sweet slutty face with loads of CUM. We watch interracial Porn movies together where black men with enormous thick veined cocks fuck and suck beautiful white women cumming in buckets over their face and body and I know she gets HOT and wet thinking about having a large black cock fucking her pussy and asshole. Lee adores oral and anal sex and I always remark to her that she could probably fuck the hell out two or three studs when she is sexually aroused. I have asked her when making love if she might ever be interested in fucking a well hung black stud and in the heat of lust she has openly admitted that she found it to be exciting.. We or I should say me, constantly mention swinging with another man while we are having sex but it is only fantasy talk because it never proceeds to anything and always ends there{with our love making}.

That is until recently!!

The Internet has really opened my eyes and has given me access to otherwise obscure information like –

Adult Swinging sites, interracial sex stories, stories about men who enjoy watching their wife’s engage in sex… An internet site that addresses Alternative life styles and focuses on adult sex for both married and single people. The site contains forums, stories, pictures and contacts for 3-somes, swinging…

I finally had the nerve to contact a member from my area. I contacted Mel {a 34 yr old large muscled, 6’2″ black man who enjoys swinging with married couples} and arranged a meeting between us to discuss the possibility of him joining my wife{Lee} and myself for a “3-some”. We met a week later and I brought the pictures of my wife dressed like a Slut and he brought photos of himself with another married couple. In his photos, the couples’ wife was sucking this huge black cock that was not only Big but very thick with enormous hanging balls{my wife has a fetish for big hanging Balls}. I asked Mel exactly how large his cock was and he responded rather shyly but proudly about 10” Long and 4″ Thick – Wow! was my only reply. The photos also showed him skewering the wife’s asshole and blasting the wife’s face and mouth with massive amounts of Cum juice. It covered her face, eyes, hair and dripped from her chin and as I looked at his photos, my dick got instantly hard imagining my wife taking that monster cock in her pussy and asshole. Pre-cum leaked from my erect cock as I thought of Lee on her knee’s dressed as a slut in her black seamed stockings adoring Mel’s balls and sucking his huge black veined cock with cum dripping from her face and mouth. I told Mel that I was really interested in getting together but didn’t know how to get Lee to take the next step and asked for his advice?

Mel suggested I take Lee to a local dance club Friday evening and asked if I could get her to dress Slutty like she dressed in our pictures.

Friday evening after dinner we smoked a joint and I talked Lee into going to the dance club. She knows I

like for her to dress provocatively so I easily convinced her to wear her short black slit skirt{which exposes the tops of her stockings and garter straps when she crosses her legs or bends over} and a sheer black blouse, which displays a good portion of her large breasts. Before she went to change clothes, we were playfully kissing, hugging and caressing and I took the opportunity to suggest she wear her long black seamed stockings, black garter belt, 5″ open toe pumps and of course NO underwear. I was pleasantly surprised when she returned looking incredibly sexy in her Slutty outfit. She seemed to like how lustful she looked because she had carefully applied whorish makeup to complement the way she looked in her heels and seamed stockings. As we were leaving the house, I commented to her jokingly that she looked gorgeous and sexy just like a “Slut-Whore”on the prowl for Cock at which she smiled and replied;

” I bet you would really enjoy that – Wouldn’t you?!”. On the way to the club I couldn’t help myself from stroking her stockinged thighs and fingering her shaved cunt – she was dripping wet and we almost didn’t make it to the club however, I was determined to execute the plan Mel and myself had designed which was to watch/join in her being ravaged by a huge black cock.

At the club my wife couldn’t help by notice several men eyeing her with lusty stares and this added to her excitement. She knows that men love to see women act and dress like wanton sluts and I told her that dressed like she was she could probably fuck whatever man she desired if she wanted to. The combination of drinking, the pot we had smoked, the slutty manner in which she was dressed and the lusty way men stared at her began to effect her libido and excited her in ways she never experienced before. The bar/club was crowded so we sat at the end on the bar, ordered our drinks and decided to dance to a nice slow tune. During our dance as we grinned, I told her how beautiful and slutty she looked and couldn’t resist caressing Lee’s sexy garter clad thighs. Returning from the dance floor, Lee playfully grabbed my crotch remarking how very erect my cock was? As we returned to our seats at the bar, Lee carelessly allowed her skirt to slide up her legs exposing the tops of her black stockings and garters. I couldn’t help from staring at her sexy exposed stocking thighs and my cock was in a constant state of arousal thinking of what the rest of the evening might be like if I could get my wife to take that “next sexual step” – “menage-a-trios” with a hung black stud!

Being an advid voyeur, I found it intensely exciting to think I was going to help Lee expose her exhibitionist side and hopefully bring out her submissive side as well. Lee had taken the first step by dressing like a Slut in public and needed a little coercing to give her the confidence and conviction she required to have her act like a submissive Whore!

Mel{my black AFF friend} came over to us at the bar and we began a conversation. I told Lee that Mel was a friend of mine from the gym I belong to and I could tell Lee was not only enjoying Mel’s company but found him to be sexy and attractive. After a few drinks, Mel asked Lee to dance and I was surprised to see that after a few slow dances, Mel began to grind his cock into Lee’s pelvis and her response was instinctive as she passionately rubbed her dripping pussy into his crotch.

As they danced longer, Mel started massaging Lee’s lower back and working his hands down over

her ass. By now I was really getting excited and from the look on my wife’s face, Lee was really enjoying it too!!

I watched Mel fondle Lee while they danced and was shocked when she allowed him to raise the back of her skirt exposing the tops of her black seamed stockings. She now began to behave and certainly looked like a Slut in Heat!!

Watching them on the dance floor really excited me and when they returned from the dance floor I could see my wife was also excited as her face was very flush and her erect nipples protruded thru her sheer black blouse. I also couldn’t help but notice the enormous protrusion from Mel’s pants that looked like he had a fucking bat in his pants. I seized the opportunity; I told Lee that I had to make an important business call and asked if we could return to the room. Then while staring at Lee, I asked Mel if he wanted to join Lee and myself for a drink while I made my business call. Although this announcement somewhat surprised Lee, she didn’t object and we left the club for our room. I must admit that me cock was bursting with excitement as I looked at how sexy and unbelievably Slutty she looked strutting in her 5″ heels with Mel at her side. With her heels clicking and her legs encased in shiny black seamed stockings, she exuded the epitome of Sex and turned the heads of many men when we left the club.

As we were about to experience my evening of fantasy, I was thinking of the great sexual encounter we were about to indulge in. I was actually going to witness, participate and take of pictures of Lee being

Ravaged by Mel’s enormous black cock. I felt confident Mel could transform Lee’s shyness into wild whorish abandonment. He would make my wife his submissive slut and she would revel in her new whorish role.

Everything was set! The room I had selected had mirrors on the ceiling and walls, I had several Viagra capsules, and Lee was feeling high with sexual excitement. I couldn’t stop thinking that this was to be my own personal porn movie with my wife staring as the slutty white bitch who was going to be treated as a submissive whore for a dominant black Satyr possessing an enormous cock with terrific staying power!

No one was disappointed with the evenings outcome least of all me wife! Well that evening Mel and I made my wife Cum like she was a Wild woman and transformed her into a Slutty nymphomaniac. She must have had 15-20 mind boggling climaxes.

Once in the room we had a few drinks and I hugged and kissed Lee feverishly while Mel poured the drinks. Although Lee didn’t know of our plans, she suspected something so I decided to begin our adventure immediately. As I kissed Lee deeply and caressed her she began to moan sofly while I removed her blouse and skirt. Meanwhile, Mel was busy rubbing his erect cock against her ass while exploring her stockinged thighs and breasts. I told Lee how much I loved her and assured her that Mel and myself would make sure that she would experience more pleasure than she thought was humanly possible. Her face flush with excitement and breathing heavily, Lee looked me directly in the eyes and asked me:

“Is this what I really wanted – Did I want to watch her fuck a black man”? I answered Lee’s question eagerly : “Yes! and reiterated to her that this is and has been my greatest sexual fantasy”.

She understood smiled and licked her sultry lips while moaning louder. I then asked Lee – “Would she find it exciting to suck and lick Mel’s huge black uncircumcised cock”?

And wouldn’t she like to taste and lick his large black CUM filled balls?. I told her that although Mel was extremely well hung, he would be gentle and she could allow him to do anything she desired and assured her that Mel and myself were to be her Studs for the evening. Her body began to tremble and she groaned loudly – Oooohhhh …! Mel had unzipped his pants and released his humongeous cock and in her excitement Lee wrapped her small hand around that large black cock and stroked it until it was hard as steel with bulging veins. She gasped at the size and thickness of Mel’s black horse cock and we were both amazed at the amount of pre-cum fluid that oozed from those large black balls. I told her that I wanted a remembrance of this evening and I was going to watch and take photos of her dressed in her slutty black seamed stockings and garter belt sucking Mel’s black cock and licking his large hanging balls until he covered her face and hair in Cum. As the evening was to progress, I took pictures of Lee performing many nasty slutty sexual acts with this big black cocked stud. Acts so raunchy that Lee surprised herself and shocked me! – but that’s getting ahead of my story…


After I removed Lee’s clothes we laid her on the bed dressed in stockings, garters and heels, I began to lick and suck her beautiful hairless pussy. I teased and sucked her wet clit while she feverishly squirmed and I tongued and fingered her tight asshole. Mel was busy teasing Lee’s breasts and nipples while caressing her face with his enormous black cock. Lee’s cunt was dripping wet and she moaned loudly as I watched in awe as my wife stretched her mouth to accommodate Mel’s large cock with the enormous head. She managed to swallow the head of his thick cock and tried to stuff her mouth and throat with as much of that fat black cock as she could handle{almost 8″ of hot thick sweaty black meat} before gagging. I almost came immediately as I watched Lee lick the foreskin of Mel’s cock as he slowly fucked her mouth and rubbed his huge cock and balls all over her face. Her saliva dripped from his ebony cock and hung from his big black balls as he rubbed it all over her slutty face. Her forehead, cheecks, nose and lips were dripping wet from Mel’s pre-cum jizz. Lee was really getting into sucking this large black cock and her saliva dripped from his cock and balls onto her breats like a water facuet!

Seeing how wet and excited Lee had become, Mel started treating her like a nasty slut and swore that she would have to Beg for his big black Cock.

Mel continued to jerk his huge cock while he fed it to Lee slapping her face and lips with that spewing monster and Lee simply moaned with whorish delight and intensified her licking of his big black balls. Her groans got louder and louder and Lee experienced her first organism when he began shouting these obscenities at her At the onset of her first mind shattering climax, Mel continued to call her a cock sucking Whore and really began to jerk that huge black monster. Lee’s climax was the most intense I had ever witnessed and must have lasted 30 seconds. Her entire body trembled uncontrollably as she grabbed me by my hair and forced my mouth deeper into her CUM-drenched pussy. She moaned loudly as her ass sphincter tightened around my fingers that were busy fucking her asshole. My wife was really into having this big hunk of Black Cock Fucking her tonsils and Mel had made her cum simply by making her suck him and Fucking her slutty face with his huge cock!”

Mel continued to jerk and Slap my wife’s face with his hard ozzing cock and as her orgasm began to subside he made her Beg for his CUM. Lee was now moaning as her face was Fucked… her throat swelling as his thrusts grotesquely stretched her checks and mouth.

“MMMMMmmmm… MMMMMmmmmm… MMMMMmmmmm. ”

“Slurppppppp… ” “Ahhhhhhhhhh…”

Mel was now sweating profusely while jerking his swollen cock furiously and taunted my wife –

“Hey Bitch, tell me how much you love this big black Cock” …

“And what my big black balls – You love them too – DON’T You”…

Mel shouted: “Tell me Whore!”…

Mel was close to cumming and while my wife continued to lick and adore his balls he smeared and drenched her face with his huge oozing black monster while continuing to verbally humiliate her:

In a very dominant tone, Mel shouted to my submissive wife:

“Lee, – Tell your husband how much you Love black cock – You fucking Whore!”…

“Tell him how much you love for me to Fuck your face”…

“You want me to CUM all over your face Slut?”…

“Is that what the little Ms. Whore wants!” …

“Beg me you fucking Bitch…!”

“Go on and tell your husband how much you want my CUM! ” …

With Lee still shaking from her climax she was barely able to answer but grunted like an animal in heat and

mumbled:”Please CUM all over my face”…!

“God, I want your CUM”!.. …”I want your CUM dripping from my face”… Ohhhhhhhh…

” I want to taste your CUM” … Aggghhhhhhh …

“PLEASE eeeee”…

Just then, Mel jerked his horse cock, gasped, and Exploded like a Volcano!

“Here it Cums – Slut!”…

GUSH… Gush… Gush…gush… gush… gushhhhhh…

He blasted Lee’s entire face and hair with several enormous loads of CUM.

The first blast hit her forehead with such force that it covered her forehead and splattered into her hair, the next two blasts plastered both her checks and dribbled toward her ears and the last three spurts completely soaked her eyes, nose and mouth. – Mel must have unloaded a quart of slimy CUM and Lee was covered in Mels white spunk with his cum even going into her nostrils and she loved it!

She moaned even louder experiencing her second organism within minutes…

Watching all this action was too much for me, I moaned while grabbing one of Lee’s stocking encased legs and rubbed and jerked my swollen cock against her shiny nylons. I yelled:

I’m CUMMing… I’m Cumming…. and furiously jerked my swollen cock until I shot a large load of cum on her black stockings and feet. My CUM landed on her thigh above her garters and spread to her feet encased stockings.

After I came I massaged my cum into Lee’s stockings and resumed tonguing her sensitive clit and asshole.

Amazingly, Mel never lost his erection after emptying his balls all over my wife’s face and made her lick and suck his black cock clean which she did with renewed passion. She rubbed that black monster all over her CUM laced face and sucked and licked it until Mel tore his saliva dripping cock from her CUM hungry mouth. Lee was being transformed into a CUM loving slut and she seemed to love it!

Mel told me to move from between her thighs as he had something big and hard that he knew she was waiting for and he then moved between her CUM stained stockinged legs and spread her thighs high and wide while he massaged her clit with his stallion cock for several moments before ramming all 10” up her soaking wet pussy. Lee was beside herself with a mixture of pain and unadulterated Lust and eventually shouted at Mel to fuck her until her cunt was raw. He fucked her hard for almost an hour stretching her cunt to capacity while pinching and biting her swollen nipples. I took the opportunity to pop my first Viagra while I watched Lee going ballistic and literally screaming in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her,

“I’m cumming. … I’m Cumming… I’M FUCKING CUMMING”!!…

” Fuck me all night”!…

” Use me …!! — Fuck Me like a WHORE”!!…

“FUCK ME eee… “!!



Lee’s orgasms rippled through her body like shock waves and her CUM was so intense that she actually Squirted CUM from her pussy!

Her climax was so violent that the CUM literally squirted from her engorged pussy as if she was urinating. Mel removed his cock from Lee’s pussy as her orgasim began and spanked her clit with that huge black Pole while her pussy squirted

Gush… Gush… GUSH…

a good five or six times all over Mel’s balls and cock.

With her climax subsiding, Lee turned to me and said in whorish tone:

“Honey, is this what you wanted? Look at your wife, Darling, ” she purred.

“Here I am dressed as a Slut in heat, my entire face covered in cum and my legs are spread wide and a big pricked Black Stud is Fucking my Cunt like a Whore!”

“Darling, look at his monsteous Black cock and see how easy it glides in and out of my hot wet white pussy. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Don’t you just love this? – This is what you wanted isn’t it? ”

” A Black stud Fucking your wife like a bitch in heat!” – Answer me {she screamed}

Watching my wife get the fuck of her life excited me beyond words and engrossed in unadulterated lust, I moved to Lee’s head and began to jerk and caress her CUM covered face with my cock before grabbing her by the hair and shoving my bursting cock down her throat. I fucked her mouth while Mel ravaged her pussy and we both discharged our CUM laden balls over Lee’s already CUM soaked face. As the CUM dripped from her face Lee licked and sucked our softening Spent cocks.

Before the evening was to end, Lee’s transformation into a Nasty Slut Whore would be complete. She would eagerly perform whatever depraved sexual acts Mel suggested – nothing was Taboo, the raunchier the better!

After a small break in which we had a drink and Lee freshened herself up, I couldn’t help but get aroused watching Lee “sexually strut” around the room in her black seamed stockings and heels with wet CUM glistening all over her face and breasts. Mel had told her not to clean the cum from her face and she actually seemed to enjoy the whorish way in which she looked. As Mel and myself rested we watched Lee sexily apply a thick layer of “slut-red” lipstick and reapply her eye mascara onto her CUM covered face. We lit another joint and had another drink and I could see my wife had lost all of her pent- up inhibitions. As Lee very provactively straighten the seams on her “Whore black seamed stockings” I knew that the evening was far from over and that Lee was prepared and eager for more and even raunchier sex – I then popped my second Viagra of the evening.

The change in Lee’s attitude and her now slutty demeanor soon affected Mel and he grabbed the baby oil and smeared it over his cock and balls. His cock gleamed as he jerked and rubbed it to erection while announcing to Lee that he was going to Fuck and stretch her asshole and that she would love it and beg for more. After looking at me and my also erect cock, Mel said to me while jerking his huge cock:

Hey Jr – “I think you will want to watch this!”

“I am going to ass fuck your slutty wife like a nasty whore, just like I fucked that wife in the pictures I showed you! ”

He then instructed Lee to lay back on the bed and masturbate for us.

As we watched my wife rub her clit and shove several fingers in and out of her soaked pussy, Mel continued to jerk his black cock while telling my wife how much she was going to love the ass reaming he was going to give her. Lee was quickly approaching another orgasm as Mel leaned between her thighs and began to suck on her clit and massage her asshole with his well oiled fingers. He then instructed Lee to raise her legs high with her hands and I watched in Awe as he slowly inserted that fucking huge greased cock into my wife’s tight asshole.

It took Mel an entire minute before he could get the engorged head of his cock inserted into Lee’s tight asshole and another few minutes before he was able to stuff her asshole entirely with his horse cock.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and was a little apprehensive; as my wife howled in pain as her asshole stretched to the breaking point and tried to get away from his black monster but Mel slowly continued to thrust his big shinny cock – In and out of her

ass… a few inches at a time… until he had “all 10” buried in Lee’s asshole and was making long strokes deep into her ass going where no one had ever gone before.

At first she screamed in pain: “GOD IT’s TOO BIG!”…

“Take IT Out” …


“It Hurtss.. ” “Your killing me…” “Agghhhhhh…”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh” …

But the pain was replaced by Lust and Pleasure;

Lee was beginning to whimper and became a wild sexual animal as he now relentlessly pumped her anal opening. She was moaning and shouting:

“Yessss… ” “Yesssss… ” “Oh, God yes. ” “Fuck my asshole. ” “Fuck me deep up my asshole with your big black cock”…

“Just please do it… do it… , shove it in my asshole please… Please…

Lee sobbed out loud, tears running from her eyes as she kept

softly begging. “I’m a whore… I’m a whore… fuck me… fuck my ass,…

Mel said looking at me. “Hey Jr” –

“How do you like watching your Slut wife getting the ass fucking of her Life?” “See how her tight ass hole is stretched by my big fat cock?” – I couldn’t respond…

Lee was now delerious with Lust, literally screaming in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her,

“I’m cumming… .. I’m Cumming…


“FUCK ME!”… “Fuck my asshole all night – Stud”… …

“God forgive me But I LOVE IT!” …

“Fuck me with that Huge Black Cock”… Agghhhhhhhhhhhh!…

” CUM all over me – Anywhere my ass, my face.. Anywhere!”… Ohhhhhhhhh…

“Drown me with your fucking CUM”…

“FUCK ME… ” “Oh MY GOD”… “Agggghhhhhhhhh…” “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh”…

Lee experienced multiple orgasms as Mel fucked and stretched her tight asshole. While Mel was stuffing her beautiful asshole with his thick cock, she begged me to fuck her pussy at the same time{DP}. Lee was in total bliss and wanted to experience cocks in both her holes. As I fucked her pussy and Mel stretched her asshole, I couldn’t believe how erect her nipples were or how much her body trembled. I could feel the enormity of Mel’s huge cock as I fucked Lee’s pussy and I watched as Lee’s climaxes engulfed her entire body. The scene was so hot it triggered my climax and I pulled my cock from Lee’s cum soaked pussy and blasted my CUM all over her breasts. Mel eventually yanked his cock from my wifes asshole and turned Lee on her back and began to fuck her breasts while pinching her erect swollen nipples.

Lee’s face was flush and her eyes were glazed from her intense orgasms and Mel used my Cum as lubrication as he roughly squeezed her cum soaked breasts between his swollen horse cock and savagely fucked her breasts. Mel groaned loudly

“I’m CUMING”… and shot a river of White Spunk over Lee’s already CUM soaked face and into her waiting open mouth.

I heard my wife gasp! and watched her slurp much of Mel’s CUM!! She adoring caressed her face with his spent cock and I watched as she licked and sucked that big cock and even drilled her tongue into his large peehole looking for more CUM!

When we had finished this evening, Mel had fucked and sucked my wife’s mouth, pussy and asshole and shot such large amounts of Cum on her face that I thought Lee was going to drown in the copious fluid It was a wild 3 hours, and between Mel and myself we shot 8 loads of cum all over my CUM loving wife. Much to my dismay and excitement I watched Lee shout obscenities at Mel to fuck all her holes and to use her any way he desired – the nastier and sluttier the better!. She begged Mel to fuck her pussy and asshole and she shouted to him that she was his slutty white whore and needed for him to spurt enormous Loads of his CUM all over her. When we finished with Lee, she was a beautiful CUMMY mess with cum dripping from her face and hair but she had the whorish look of complete satisfaction.

The most memorable moment:

Towards the end of our evening of lust as I was fucking my wife in her now “ebony-stretched” asshole, sucking her swollen nipples and playing with her sensitive clit, I noticed Lee staring at Mel who was watching us fuck while wanking his huge erect black cock with both hands. While I passionately fucked her asshole, I could see how much my wife was fixiated by that huge black shinny monster.

Her arousal was at the point of yet another Climax when Mel began to talk dirty to her again while masturbating his obscenely Huge cock with Both Hands. He commanded Lee to beg him to let her lick and suck his big black balls and with her climax eminent and feeling like a true submissive slut Lee eagerly complied and yelled to Mel;

“Please sit on my face so I can suck your big black balls” … PLEASEeeee …

She begged Mel: “God, I need to lick those big black balls!” …


As I watched in the mirrors, Mel positioned his ass over Lee’s face and sat his black sweaty crotch onto Lee’s face. She slipped his big balls into her mouth with Gusto and sucked and licked his baseball size nuts for all she was worth until they dripped with her saliva.

I fucked Lee’s asshole savagely as I witnessed her worshipping Mel’s balls and as her orgasm became more intense and got closer, Lee got raunchier and began to rub Mel’s butt and trailed a finger along the crack and tickled his sculptured black asshole.

Mel anticipating what was to come, put one foot up on the bed, hunched over her face and said “Yeah bitch, you got it… Rim and lick my asshole… ”

He grabbed Lee by the hair and pulled her head up and she proceeded to lick and suck his asshole!…

Mel continue to taunt my helpless Slut wife


“Go ahead Bitch you know what you you want To do “! “DO IT.. …!” – He shouted!

Delirious with lust, Lee obediently spread Mel’s black ass checks wide apart.

She exposed Mel’s pink asshole and while spiting her saliva into his asshole she began to Rim and tongue fuck his black hairy asshole. – What I observed in the mirrors was as raunchy as any porn movie I had ever seen, it was Nasty! and a sight to behold:

“There was this attractive middle aged white wife dressed as a slut in black seamed stockings, garter belt and heels behaving and being treated like the most depraved Whore in the world! – And Loving it!! –

She laid in bed with her CUM stockinged legs spread high and wide with her knee’s bent almost to her breasts and was being fucked furiously in the ass by her white husband while a young black stud was sitting on her face jerking his humongous 10″ black cock with both hands

The slut. totally consumed in Lust had saliva dripping from her chin as she passionately rimmed and tongued the black studs asshole until he unleashed a torrent of CUM all over the whore’s stockings and breasts”! – Fucking Unbelievable!!

Lee was climaxing almost continuously as she ravishly rimmed and tongued his asshole. As I fucked Lee’s asshole, I watched in AWE as she swirled her tongue inside his puckered asshole, meanwhile Mel looked at me while masturbating his cock with both hands and said;

“Jesus Christ will you look at this Fucking Slut”!! –

“Hey Jr, – Your wife is one nasty fucking whore” –

“You didn’t tell me she loves to rim assholes! … …

“I don’t ever want your Slutty wife to stop licking me asshole!!”

“I’ve fucked her mouth, pussy, ass, tits”… “She has licked and sucked my cock, balls, toes”

“and I have shot wads of CUM all over body, head and face and You tell me –

She even eats assholes”!!… DAMN…

“There’s no satisfying this Slut!… She can’t seem to get enough!!”…

Mel then turned to Lee while jerking his cock furiously with both hands and screamed:

“My God,… you’re the dirtiest fuckin’ slut I’ve ever fucked. ”

“Ohhhhhhh!!” What a nasty filthy cunt you are. ”

“Ohhhhh!!… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

“You’re a Nasty fuckin’ anal whore. ” “Ohhhhhhhh!!

“Make Love to my asshole with your tongue – Bitch”!…

“That’s it. ” “Lick my asshole you slut, c’mon, lick It good … ”

Mel continued to jerk his monstrous black cock with both hands and yelled as he shot several copious loads of CUM over her breasts and black stockings. As I watched Mel’s cum splatter all over Lee’s black stockings and drip from her breasts, I could not endure the excitement and I pulled my cock from my wife’s asshole and shot an enormous load of CUM over hervery wet face and onto her CUM matted hair!

My sperm fired out the end of my swollen cock head like water from a high pressure hose and I was thrilled to see the amount of jizm I was unloading onto my slutty wife’s already cum soaked face.

As Mel prepared to leave after the evening of Lust and Sex, he looked at Lee laying on the bed in her Cum soaked black stockings with CUM both caked and dripping from her face and remarked to us that he had a great time. He approached Lee and kissed her passionately on the lips and then turned to me and said he had never fucked a woman that was as slutty or nastier than Lee.

He asked me that with such a classy submissive whore as my wife, if we would entertain a gang bang next time with some of his hung black friends. He told us that some of them possessed Larger and even Thicker Cocks than his and assured Lee that they would take very good care of her!

He told Lee they would fuck her “six ways to sundown” and in ways she couldn’t imagine and would more than satisfy her desire for CUM. They would drench her entire body and face in puddles of sperm juice and would fuck her until she begged them to stop! I looked at Mel and then at Lee and she smiled while licking her red CUM stained lips and said: ” that if his friends possess the same size, stamina and can Fuck like him it was a very real possibility”.

Lee’s comments to Mel not only surprised me but greatly excited me. I looked at the smile on her CUM covered face and knew she was “Dead Serious”. The thought of watching Lee being treated as a white submissive CUM slut by several huge black cocks with CUM drenching her body and face was totally intoxicating!

I could visualize her being gang banged by several large black cocks dressed in her slutty black seamed stockings, garter belt and 5” heels with CUM dripping from her slutty face. The thought of watching Lee with huge black cocks fucking her mouth, pussy, asshole while she simultaneously jerked off other huge black cocks was devastingly Exciting!

God help me – but I could imangine:

Lee covered in sticky CUM submissively rimming and tonguing their black assholes after they depoisted their CUM all over her Their was my beautiful whore wife dressed in her slutty stockings with her face dripping with globs of CUM, her hair plastered with CUM having her asshole stretched by big black cocks while she submissively but eagerly rimmed their black assholes! – my thoughts although perverted were provoked by Lee’s lewd behavior this evening.


After Mel left, I licked and sucked her red swollen pussy and her extended asshole until she begged me to stop. I thanked her for making my fantasy become a reality and asked her if she enjoyed herself enough to possibly do it again in the future. While straightening the seams on her black stockings and looking at me with a seductive smile and dried CUM plastered all over her beautiful face and hair, Her reply was:

“She never in her wildest dreams ever thought she could do or behave like she did and surprisingly really had a great time”! Lee asked me if I had been offended by any of her lewd sexual acivities. My response was “Absolutely NOT”!! and I further explained thatI was totally intoxicated by her perverted actions with Mel especially when she tongued and rimmed his asshole!!

I knew that the pictures I had taken this night would provide the impetus for future evenings of

Raunchy sex and could possibly be used for another night of lusty group sex!

After that night our sex was more extremely exciting and very imaginative. We spoke often of this night when we fucked and while looking at the photo’s I took that night, Lee began to verbalize some of her fantasies. It became obvious to Lee that I was a true voyeur and my sharing her with other men did not diminish my love or feeling for her. At first I think Lee described fantasies that she knew would excite me however, that slowly began to change and she eventually confessed that if we were to have another swing sex session, she wanted a hung Hispanic to join Mel and myself for a night of unbridled Raunchy sex. This led to her open admission of having “dark sexual fantasies of hung Hispanic and Black men fucking her in every orifice ” She also elaborated on her desire to experience a cock in all her holes and her unspoken fantasy of having her studs shoot gallons of CUM all over her.

I have begun to correspond with another middle aged gentleman from AFF {Tony} who is hispanic with a very very thick cock{8+” by 6″} that claims he CUMS in enormous quantities and can CUM as much as Six times in a single night. Between Mel, Tony and myself we will provide Lee with more male sperm juice than she ever dreamed of. I have spoken to Tony about the Threesome we had with Mel and he said he would love to join us for an orgy. I have shared with Tony a few photos of Lee from our evening with Mel with her dressed as a cheap slut and behaving as a submissive Whore. Tony loved the pictures and commented he loved women who dressed as a Slut in black seamed stockings and heels. He said he would have no objections of having me taking pictures of Mel and him Double Fucking Lee until she begged them to CUM all over her face. He also stated that with my permission he would force my submissive slut wife to rim and tongue his asshole until he completely emptied his Big CUM filled balls all over her. Tony has given me photos of himself masturbating his thick large cock and the photos show the huge amount of CUM that he produces. Tony is good looking and stands about 6′ 3” and I plan to show Lee his photos. I am confident that Lee will allow me to orchestrate our little night of pure unadulterated SEX! I am confident we can not only satisfy my voyeur desires but can more than satisfy my wife’s slutty desires and once again transform her into a depraved submissive whore that could turn her climaxes into “Non stop Spurting Orgasms” to the point of absolute physical exhaustion. CUM to you Drop!

I guess my wife has become a “Submissive CUM-SLUT”. For me and my friends she will dress and act like the most slutty whore imaginable. She will wear the black seamed stockings, garter belts, 5″ heels and expose herself in public and occasionally will even indulge my fantasy by having Hung black and Hispanic men Gang fuck her.

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I was so excided wish it can happen to our life so exciding I love my wife in stockings