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Hurricane and Home-made Wine

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Maddie Sturm gripped the front of her coat and held it tightly shut under her chin as she quickly walked across the Hurricane Box Company parking lot. It had been the coldest winter in years in Hurricane, West Virginia and Maddie couldn’t wait for spring.

Maddie shuffled gingerly through the newly fallen snow. She never tied her size five Timberlands, and she was trying not to get snow down inside them.

Stepping up to the large four wheel drive pickup truck, Maddie opened the passenger side door,

“Geez Louise Bubby, couldn’t you park any further away?!” Maddie playfully scolded the young man behind the wheel.

“Sorry Maddie. But you look like you could use some exercise anyhow,” Bubby Lundy teased back.

Maddie struggled into the tall truck and settled in. The climb up was hard enough when she wasn’t tired, but now, after fourteen hours at the box plant, it took what seemed like all she had. The one consolation was she only had three more years until she could retire. Maddie, and her husband Reg, had figured it out that by the time Maddie reached sixty, they would have enough in savings to buy a little place in Florida and retire. No more boxes for Maddie and no more cross country trucking for Reg. The most recent hitch in the plan was Maddie’s car breaking down. She was really counting on it lasting three more years as well. So now it was in the shop for two weeks and she had been riding with Bubby.

Bubby worked on the shipping dock. He had been there since he dropped out of high school at the age of fifteen, four years ago. He was extremely shy and backward around most people, but Maddie and his grandmother, Emily, had been best of friends when they were girls, so it was almost like he and Maddie were family.

They had gotten about five miles from the plant, traveling on state route five, when they were stopped at the foot of Miller’s Mountain, a long hill on the way home. Bubby turned on the cb radio and they heard the chatter between the other drivers that a eighteen wheeler had jack knifed two thirds of the way up the mountain and flipped onto its side, blocking both lanes. The one driver said the state trooper on the scene told him it would be an hour before they could get traffic moving again.

Maddie let out a groan, “Like today hasn’t been long enough!”

Bubby chuckled in agreement, “Speakin’ of trucks’n truckers, where’s Reg?”

“I talked to him at lunch time today. He was still in Cleveland and they were gettin’ hammered with snow then, so he figures it’ll be sometime Sunday afternoon before he gets home. So, I guess I’ll just sleep until then.”

They both laughed knowing Maddie couldn’t be that lazy. Even at fifty seven she could out pace any girl on her production line at work. She had, in her husband’s words “Aged Very Well”. If one looked closely at Maddie, one could see the faint ravages of time, but at a glance, even at a second glance, Maddie had held on to her simple good looks. Her dishwater blond hair had streaks of grey now, but not blatantly noticeable. A little makeup hid the few lines and wrinkles and she had always been of diminutive build, and that had always seemed to help the illusion of her appearing younger than she really was.

“So how’s your Gramma Em?” Maddie asked, making small talk.

“Mean as ever I ‘spose,” Bubby replied.

Maddie reached over and slapped him on his arm, “Don’t you be talkin’ bad about your Gramma!” she pretend scolded him, “Or she and I will whip up on you!”

“Me and her go way back,” Maddie said.

Bubby looked out of the drivers window and rolled his eyes. His grandmother said the exact same thing whenever she talked about Maddie, and he swore he had heard both of their stories a hundred times over.

Then after a pause Maddie said out of the blue, “Her daddy, your great grand daddy, made the best home made cherry wine I ever had.”

Bubby looked over at Maddie, a little surprised to hear a story he had never heard before. Also a little surprised anyone knew about the wine making. Everyone in his family made their own wine, but kept it secret as it was frowned on by the Baptist church they attended.

“Yessir, you can’t buy wine as good as your great grand daddy made,” Maddie said almost wistfully as she looked out of her window.

Almost forty years ago, in August, Maddie had gone to Em’s daddy’s farm to help with the haying. It was just something all the neighboring farms did back then, everyone would help everyone else. This particular day was stifling hot, too hot to work and all the boys had gone down to the creek to swim. Emily’s folks had gone to the house to rest and Emily had procured a quart of her daddy’s cherry wine and she and Maddie had snuck off to the root cellar.

It was cool and dark in there. The only light once the door was closed, aside from a few stray beams of sunlight that shone through cracks in the door, was an old kerosene lamp. Em took a long sip from the jar and then handed it to Maddie. Never having had a drink before, Maddie took a little sip and then puckered up her face. It was sweet enough, but the alcohol in it made her shudder. Emily just giggled and took another sip. Not to be out done so did Maddie. After about twenty minutes both girls were giggling and shushing each other to be quiet.

“Wanna know a secret?” Emily asked Maddie.

There was nothing Maddie loved better than a good secret, even to this day. “Sure!” she replied with a slight slur.

Emily motioned with her finger for Maddie to move closer, Maddie assumed Emily was going to whisper it to her. When her face was close to Emily’s, instead of a secret, Emily kissed Maddie full on the mouth. Maddie was so shocked she didn’t know what to do at first. Then she pulled back from Em, instinctively wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Maddie looked at Emily, there in the dim half light, and who she saw was no longer the girl she had played with dolls, climbed trees and swam with. It was another person, a woman. Something shook through Maddie’s very being. It wasn’t fear or disgust. It wasn’t love or lust even. It was excitement. The excitement of exploring something new, something not discussed in the small community of Hurricane. This was adventure.

Emily stood up, without a word, and unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it off her white shoulders and draped it over the small table next to the door. Maddie calmly stood up and walked over to Emily and kissed her, deeply, passionately, like a lover. Maddie had never kissed anyone before, but something deep inside her seemed to be navigating her in the direction she was now going. What transpired between those two girls in the cool darkness of that root cellar, may have been presented as evil from the Sunday morning pulpit, but was so natural and beautiful it couldn’t have been wrong. Passion guided their hands and tongues, and it was wonderful. For the next hour Maddie and Em were eternal lovers. Every touch, every taste, every caress bound them together forever. When they finally walked out into the hot, blinding sun, they were changed forever. They were now women. Women with a secret. And while it never happened again, and there had been no other women in either of their lives, the memory never failed to make either woman smile.

Maddie was pulled back from her revelry by Bubby nudging her arm,

“It ain’t cherry, but it ain’t bad,” Bubby said as he offered Maddie the wrinkled paper bag he had retrieved from under the seat while she was remembering she and Em as girls.

Opening the top of the bag, Maddie found a Mason jar. Opening it, her nostrils were filled with the delicious smell of strawberries. Raising the jar to her lips, she took a small sip. It was ambrosia of the gods! It was as good or maybe even better than the wine that Bubby’s great granddad made all those years ago.

“Oh Bubby!” Maddie said, “This is delicious!” and took another sip.

“Yeah, we had lots of extra strawberries two years ago, so me and Gramma Em made about sixteen gallon of wine. It’s just now gettin’ good. But it’ll sneak up on ya,” Bubby warned, “It don’t taste like it’s got much kick, but it’ll hit ya when ya ain’t lookin’!”

Maddie took another long sip. The wine made a warm path inside her and all of a sudden the night didn’t seem quite so cold. For the next half hour or so Maddie and Bubby chatted and laughed while they waited for the road to be cleared. Maddie, ignoring Bubby’s warning, kept sipping as she and Bubby talked. Then all at once her head was swimming. Bubby had been right, it certainly did sneak up on you. Of course not eating much all day didn’t help either,

Whoa, Bubby!” Maddie said, her slurring was just barely noticeable “You better take this, I think I’ve had enough!” With that she shoved the now empty jar back to Bubby.

After a few minutes , Maddie leveled out a little. She struggled out of her jacket and then leaned back against the passenger door and put her feet up on the seat after kicking off her Timberlands. She studied Bubby for a moment. The tall, shy boy was the subject of speculation among several women at the plant. The general consensus was that he absolutely had to be hung like a horse and a complete animal in bed. No one, as quiet and shy as Bubby, could be anything but a seething volcano of lust, when he wasn’t at work.

Sudden Maddie shifted around on the seat, drawing her feet up under and shifting next to Bubby,

“I sure wish you’d let me give you money for gas. You’ve been so sweet haulin’ my butt into work and home again all this time,” Maddie said as she reached up and toyed with lock of hair that peeked out form the back of Bubby’s cap.

Bubby chuckled, “Gramma Em would skin me alive if she knew I took money from you.”

Maddie licked her lower lip with the tip of her tongue as she stroked the back of her fingers over Bubby’s cheek, “Well…we wouldn’t want anything to happen to that skin… now would we?”

Maddie was now up on her knees, wrapping her arms around Bubby’s neck, “Uhh…Maddi…” Bubby started but was interrupted by Maddie’s hot, moist mouth over his.

She pressed her lips to his. He felt them move over his, as if she was whispering something as she kissed him, then the tip of her tongue brushed between his lips. Bubby had very little experience with women, but his lips parted of their own volition as instinct took over. Maddie’s velvety tongue snaked into his mouth, swirling and teasing his. He reciprocated, which coaxed a moan of approval from Maddie.

Bubby put his right hand on Maddie’s back and rubbed her in large circles. Then sliding his hand lower, he slowly slid it over her bottom. As he did, Maddie dropped her head onto his chest and tried to catch her breath. In truth, she was suddenly embarrassed. She had thrown herself at Bubby like a horny high school girl. He should be out with some lusty eighteen year old, not a woman who was best friends with his grandmother. But, at this instant, she felt like a horny high school girl. She was wetter than she had been in thirty years and she ached for Bubby. For the taste of his mouth, the stroke of his hand, for the passion that sometimes can only be found in the front seat of a pick up truck on a dark winters night.

“Bubby, I’m sorr…” Maddie started to apologize for stepping over the boundaries of propriety, but this time she was cut short by Bubby kissing her.

His hungry mouth covered hers, his tongue plunged into hers, his yearning twined with hers. Maddie pressed against him as they kissed passionately, feeling unable to be close enough to him. Maddie untucked her tshirt from her pants and taking Bubby’s hand, guided it inside to her 34C’s. She slipped her fingers under the bottom edge of her bra, pulling it up and off her breast. Bubby’s hand side slowly up her torso and over her rock hard nipple,

Throwing her head back, Maddie groaned through clenched teeth “Ohhhh…Bubby!” She gasped, “Those gloves!!”

Bubby wore those white canvas work gloves covered with brown rubber dots. The warehouse and shipping dock were cold this time of year so he rarely took them off. He had cut the finger tips off of them so he could sort papers and invoices easier,

“Oh! Sorry Maddie. I’ll take ’em off,” Bubby said as he started to withdraw his hand.

“No no!” Maddie said as she clamped her hand over his, “They feel wonderful!”

The sensation of all those little dots running over her sensitive nipples was driving her insane. Maddie reached back to unhook her bra when she noticed the cars ahead of them starting to move,

“Dammit to hell!” she spat, “The road must be cleared now.”

Bubby looked at her slightly dumbfounded, as if clue less what to do next.

“Turn down Walters Creek Road when you get up to it,” Maddie directed as she slid back down onto the seat next to Bubby.

Three quarters of the way up Miller’s Mountain was Walter’s Creek Road. It was just a narrow little road that ran for about ten miles back into the national forest and dead ended at a parking area.

“Now where to?” Bubby asked as he turned onto the dark, narrow road.

“About a mile and a half back, there’s a pull off,” Maddie said, her voice getting husky with anticipation.

Looking out the rear window to make sure no one was behind them, Maddie began struggling out of her jeans. She began giggling at the thought, the difference now between her and an eighteen year old high school girl, is that the high school girl would probably be struggling to keep her pants on, while Maddie couldn’t wait to get hers off.

As soon as she was free of her jeans, Maddie was all over Bubby, nearly making him swerve off the road. She was kissing and biting his neck and ears, licking his face, then dropping her hand into his lap she began rubbing him through his jeans. Not nearly soon enough, they were parked at the pull off. Maddie had Bubby pinned against the drivers door, raping his young mouth with her tongue. Wanting the feel of skin on skin, Maddie pulled her shirt and brassiere off in one motion, leaving her completely nude, save her socks, then she went to work on Bubby. Feverishly she tugged and struggled to get him out of his clothes quickly. Once his shirt was off, he cupped both her breasts with those wonderful gloves and thrust his mouth to one, sucking Maddie’s swollen nipple. Maddie shuddered and groaned as electric tingles zipped throughout her body.

“Bubby!” Maddie panted, “I can’t wait anymore!!” And her hands lunged for his cock.

The size of Bubby’s member was a blessing and a disappointment all at once. The disappointment being, it wasn’t the huge monster cock so many girls at the plant wanted to believe it was. It was a blessing because Maddie hadn’t had sex in ages, and forcing something huge in there now, would probably do more harm than good. But what Bubby did have was a penis about five inches in length and the girth was about as round as Maddie touching her index finger to her thumb, but it was a cock, nonetheless, and that was what she needed right now.

Maddie hooked Bubby behind the knees and jerked him towards her, then shoving him into a laying position on the seat, she quickly straddled the young man, grabbing his cock and guiding it toward her hot, sopping pussy. Maddie dropped her hips down and Bubby slid very neatly into her. Maddie gasped as he slipped in. It was wonderful! Slowly she raised and lowered her pelvis, reveling in the feeling of young cock inside her after such a long hiatus.

Bubby placed his hands on Maddie’s ass and began slowly rubbing her in big, slow circles,

“Gaddammit! I gotta get Reg a pair of them gloves!” Maddie groaned.

Then sitting upright, Maddie grabbed Bubby’s hands and put them on her breasts, “My titties Bubby!! Rub my titties with them gloves!!” She was practically screaming now as her climax was only moments away

Maddie put her hands on the roof of the cab as she thrust down on Bubby for all she was worth. Her pussy was on fire as she felt the muscles starting to contract of their own volition. She shoved Bubby’s hands away and thrust her hand between her legs and violently began rubbing her clit as Bubby continued to thrust into her,

“Watch me Bubby!” Maddie exclaimed in a panted shriek, “Watch me rub myself!” Maddie was out of control now as her orgasm gushed forward, “Watch me play with my pussy!!”

For the next several moments the inside of that truck was rocked with the sounds of Maddie screaming, punctuated with dashes of profanity. She bucked and moaned as she rubbed her swollen clit. Then as her climax began to subside, she started giggling and she began to slow her hips down. As she opened her eyes, she saw Bubby had one hand clutching the steering wheel and the other had a death grip on the back of the truck seat. His eyes were tightly shut and his teeth were clenched. Quickly Maddie dismounted him and in a flash her mouth was on his turgid member. She easily took it all into her mouth as she sucked it. Pressing her tongue against the underside of his shaft as she worked it in and out of her mouth she could feel his start to shudder and he spent his load.

Bubby seemed to cum forever, squirting his hot semen into Maddie’s mouth, so much so that it was dribbling out of the corners as he continued to rhythmically shove his cock past her willing lips. Finally as he finished, he began chuckling. Maddie rolled down the window and spit the mouthful of semen outside. Picking up the wine she took a quick sip, swishing it around a bit before she swallowed it.

The lovers shyly dressed, then sat quietly for a few moments in the awkward silence. Finally Maddie leaned over and kissed Bubby and smiled. Bubby grinned from ear to ear and gave her a quick peck back, then started the truck. Conversation was fairly sparse for the remainder of the ride home.

Stopping outside Maddie’s house Bubby said “Well…there ya go!” The same as every night he dropped her off.

Maddie got out, gathering up her coat, then blurted out, “You wanna come in?” Regretting saying it even before she finished.

“I reckon not, ” Bubby smiled. “But y’all have a good weekend end.”

“You too,” Maddie smiled back.

Then suddenly Bubby got out of the truck and trotted around to Maddie’s side, ” The Old Man always said ‘Walk’er to the door son’,” then he chuckled and put his arm around Maddie’s shoulder.

Once at the door they shared one more, and one last, long, passionate kiss. Maddie closed the door and then leaned back against it and let out a long dreamy sigh. She peeked out the curtains and watched as Bubby drove off into the night. Not even bothering to turn on a light, she went straight to her bedroom. She quickly stripped off and slid into the cold sheets, shuddering and giggling at the frigid chills that ran through her body. As she lay there, Maddie’s face was fairly beaming as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Basking in the memory of tonight, which brought a smile that last all weekend and a memory that lasted all her life.

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