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House of Fantasy – Elena’s Story

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“You’re sure you want to do this?”


“Read this form and then sign on the bottom.” The paper slid across the desk, pushed by perfectly manicured dragon lady red nails.

Elena took the form with trembling hands and scanned it. Yes… this was exactly what she wanted. No mercy, few limits, so many things so far over her boundaries. She wanted to hurt. To fear. Lance had left an aching emptiness inside of her that needed to be filled, he had left her calling her all sorts of names. Prude. Ice queen. Teasing bitch.

Now that he was gone she kept going over things in her head, over and over… she couldn’t go and ask him to do those things to her. She couldn’t bear to ask directly. Good girls didn’t do that. Lance had once told her about this establishment, this place where any fantasy could be fulfilled, even fantasies that involved being forced. He’d wanted to take her here, to explore to play… and she hadn’t been able to. More than that, she had ridiculed him, slapped him down for even suggesting such perversity. Their sex life had gone on a steep decline after that, every time he tried to initiate it she’d shoved his perverse desires in his face, taunting him with what he couldn’t have, until he dumped her. She didn’t know why she had pushed him like that, but now she missed him. Those whispered words of the things he wanted to do to her echoed in her mind and made her wonder what it would have been like to give in. Sheknew that she needed someone to break down the barriers that her perfect family and the high class society had put on her, she needed someone to force her into it. She’d sent the email and now there was no turning back, it was going to happen and she wouldn’t be able to say no.

The pen scraped across the paper, beautifully done script. Everything she did was beautiful, proper, prim.

“Very good,” the dragon lady said, pulling the signed form back. The room was so dimly lit that Elena couldn’t even see the features of the dragon lady’s face, but she thought that she might be smiling.

Then a strong arm wrapped around her waist like a band, and a clothe was over her face. She struggled for less than a minute before she felt her body go limp as she fell into blackness.


Elena slowly came awake with long, slow sure strokes of a tongue between her legs. She gasped and arched, and only then realized that she was restrained and gagged. When she opened her eyes she could see nothing, and her eyelashes brushed against some kind of clothe… she was blindfolded too. All of her senses were taken from her except for hearing and touch. Her arms were above her head, her legs spread wide and held in place, the surface underneath her was firm but not hard. Hands rested on her inner thighs, making small circles with small fingers, long nails trailing across her skin… oh my god…

“She’s tastes good,” a female’s voice came from between her legs. Elena pulled and thrashed against her bonds. Quickly she thought over the form she’d signed… no it hadn’t said anything preventing lesbianism. She’d just assumed that she’d be with a man.

“Does she?” the deep voice was very masculine and very amused.

Wet sounds below her sounded like the two were kissing. Elena groaned behind the gag, thinking about all the things that the form hadn’t covered, things she hadn’t thought about when she was reading and signing it. Why hadn’t she thought about those things?

“She does taste good,” the man said, obviously having kissed the girl who had just had her mouth on Elena’s sex. How awful. How perverse. And yet that didn’t make her body any less aroused. In fact, her pussy was aching for the woman’s mouth back on it. Her family, her friends, they would all be so appalled if any of them knew even a hint of what she was doing. They were all so strait laced that they could never comprehend that she wanted to beg a woman to eat her out.

“Finish her off,” said another voice, also deep, off to the side. Oh my god… how many people were there in this room? Elena squirmed, but she was held by more than the firm she’d signed. With the gag in her mouth, her voice couldn’t even be heard.

A sensuous slide of tongue up the center of her sex made Elena’s body jerk with reaction. The woman between her legs was a master at her craft, sucking the folds of pussy into her mouth, nibbling very gently, her tongue hard at work. With nothing else touching her body, nothing to see, all Elena could focus on was the suckling of her sex. The tongue wormed its way inside of her hole, soft and wet, not penetrating very deeply and making her yearn for much much more. Her nipples were tight on her chest, pressing upwards, aching for some kind of contact, but there was none to be had. Nothing to distract her from the soft tongue and lips of the woman…

Gentle fingers probed at her pussy, and Elena made mewling sounds around the gag in her mouth. It was so different from a man’s touch, lighter, more gentle, more delicate. She could feel the nails, but the woman was careful not to scratch Elena as she slid two slim fingers into Elena’s sopping wetness. Oh god, why did it have to feel so good? She’d never imagined that being with a woman could be so completely different. In fact, she’d never imagined being with a woman at all. Her world was all about being politically correct, staying on the straight and narrow, and never ever doing anything that could embarrass her family in their social circle. She’d never dared to imagine herself with a woman before. And now she had a woman’s fingers wiggling inside of her, a woman’s mouth licking and sucking her.

Elena’s body arched as the woman pressed on a spot deep inside of her pussy, sucking Elena’s clit into her mouth at the same time. The explosion of pleasure rocked over her, her hips humping frantically as she rode out the orgasm, the woman’s lips wrapped tight around her, finger tips stroking that same spot over and over. It seemed to go on forever, a release of everything in her life, spilling out of her in a wondrous wave of rapture. Her cries of pleasure were muffled by the gag, but could be clearly heard, her insides pulsing as she came. The woman lapped up all her juices, and the release of Elena’s clit allowed her to relax.

Then someone pulled the blindfold off of Elena’s head, and she could look down her trussed up body and see the woman standing between her legs. She was beautiful, and quite naked, long limbed and curvy with gorgeous black hair that was piled on the back of her head. Her lips were glossy with Elena’s cream, and as the woman looked up, she licked her lips lasciviously and then popped her fingers inside her mouth, licking the cum off. Elena’s eyes went wider than she thought possible. A man, balding and overweight came up behind the beautiful woman and carressed her from behind, grinding into her naked body even though he was fully clothed. The contrast between them was incredibly startling.

The man said something low in the woman’s ear, and she laughed seductively before turning and kissing him fully on the mouth. Then the two of them walked off, leaving Elena with the man beside her head that she’d barely noticed. Looking up at him for the first time she could see that he was attractive enough, although he had a scar on his cheek that twisted his mouth a little, and another on his chest that marred the perfection of his muscles. Lots of muscles. And he was completely naked, as was she, his cock was big and angry looking, thrusting out from a trim patch of hair like a thick stalk. Elena moaned low in her throat.

“You did ask to be forced,” he said softly, his deep voice sending reverberations through her as he stroked two fingers down the center of her chest, between her breasts and down to her belly button. “You want to be forced, to have your boundaries expanded, to be used without your consent and to have no choice. You signed a release that gave me very few boundaries.” His smile was now cruel and he brought his hand up to pinch one of her hardened nipples harshly. Elena gasped and tried to pull away, her nipple aching with the pressure bearing down on it. It hurt even more when she moved, because he didn’t release her nipple or even lighten up on the pressure and all she managed to do was increase the pain in it as she pulled. Panting, she stopped moving, quivering with the effort of holding still as the pinch stabbed through her. Only once she became still again did he release the throbbing bud, and she whimpered as the crushed nipple stood up and proud on her breast, reddened from his rough treatment.

Casually he reached over and pinched her other nipple, although not quite as hard. For some reason she wished that he would grab her breasts, give them som warm-up, going straight for her nipples seemed far too quick and the difference in sensation between her brutalized nipples and her untouched breasts was stark. Then she remembered that this wasn’t what she had thought she was signing up for. She’d expected some kind of rape play fantasy, where she could pretend to say no as the man made her do all sorts of things that she’d been too afraid to do with Lance.

“Not what you expected is it?” the man chuckled, reading the rising fear and unhappiness in her eyes. “And yet it’s what you signed up for.”

His eyes roamed over her body, violating her with his gaze. Elena was full of fear now. She’d already been raped by a woman, even if it had felt good that was so not what she had wanted, and now this attractive but horrible man was looking at her like she was nothing more than a piece of meat. She squirmed, unable to do anything else, hoping that he would realize she no longer wanted this… but if he did notice, he didn’t seem to care.

As he walked away to a table top across the room, Elena looked around and shook with fear as she finally noticed the many torturous implements hanging on the wall. Oh god… what had she signed up for? Why had she wanted this? This wasn’t at all like the fantasy that she’d thought she’d get… it was so much more real, so much more violent than she thought it would be. It had pushed straight past her boundaries and into a place she hadn’t imagined in her darkest nightmares.

When he came back he went to the center of her forcibly spread legs and pressed something thick and long into her pussy. Elena groaned as her walls stretched around the toy. He showed no mercy, he didn’t work it in slowly, just pressed it in with one slow push and left it up to her body to adjust. She wailed as he did the same to her ass, pushing open the virgin hole with a slickly lubed toy that speared her on its point and strained her tight anus to what felt like a breaking point. Her body jerked and quivered as the widest point shoved past her tight ring and the toy lodged solidly inside of her. Both of her holes clenched convulsively around the toys inside of them, trying to push them back out again. Her ass screamed as the toy pushed against it from the inside, far too thick for her to push back out without hurting herself even more than she already was.

Looking up at the man, tears and pleading in her eyes, she was horrified to see him smiling salaciously, fisting his dick as he watched her struggle. It was all turning him on even more, Elena realized. He walked around to where her head was, his smile growing broader and broader as she quaked with fear. She was so afraid that she forgot about the pain in her privates.

“You’re enjoying this,” he said, and Elena vehmently shook her head no. “Of course you are, look at how hard your nipples are.” He brushed his hands over the little points, and she wanted to scream at him that they were just still hurting from being brutalized. Angry sounds came out from behind the gag. Surprisingly, he gently squeezed the mounds of her breasts, rubbing her nipples between his fingers gently, and she felt her vagina clench around the toy in reaction, her ass did as well and this time it didn’t hurt as much as it had before. She moaned her denial, making him rub and squeeze harder as he took her sounds for encouragement.

No, she wanted to tell him, no I don’t want this anymore.

Letting her breasts go he reached around beneath her neck and pulled a little lever. Elena felt despair wash over her as her head slowly tilted downwards, her neck straining to stay up and then giving up with the weight. The new tilt of her head put her eyes right on level with his balls and she felt like vomiting. The man reached down and did something with her gag… suddenly she could breath through her mouth again but she couldn’t close her lips or teeth. He rubbed the head of his cock all over her face as she tried to turn away.

Grabbing either side of her face, the man pressed his dick at her mouth, and to Elena’s horror she realized that the gag had an opening for his dick to move through! She couldn’t even bite him or form any words, all she could do was make frantic sounds of denial that were quickly muffled as his dick passed over her tongue and nudged down her throat. Oh god… they must have done something to her throat because her normal gag reflex wasn’t triggering. Elena hated giving head because the back of her throat was so sensitive, but this man had pushed straight into it and nothing had happened… she didn’t know whether to be incensed or relieved.

Both of those sensations gave way to slight panic as he held himself in place and she realized that she couldn’t breathe. Then he pulled out, far enough that she was able to suck in air through her nose before he pushed back in again. He let go of her face and started playing with her breasts again as his hips moved, fucking her mouth. Elena’s tongue lashed against his cock, an automatic reaction, her throat muscles gripping him as she tried to scream, accidentally making the entire experience that much more pleasurable for him. Blood rushed to her head because of the angle it was at, and more blood pooled in her nipples as he began to pull on them again, squeezing her breasts in rhythm with his hips.

Then, worst of all, one of his hands moved away from her breast and the toys inside of her came to life. Elena’s body arched in protest, pushing her breasts up into the air as he renewed his grip on both of them.

Nooooo, this can’t be happening, she thought to herself as her pussy came to life, already sensitive after the orgasm the woman had forced her to. The somewhat rough handling of her breasts only increased her arousal and she struggled with those sensations even as she fought to breathe. She had to keep her eyes closed because of how his balls kept slapping against her face, and that meant that her other senses became that much more defined… the meaty taste of him in her mouth, the rolling pinches on her nipples, the buzzing in her pussy and ass, the painfully sensual stretch of both holes, and the sounds of his groans and grunts as he began to pick up the pace of his thrusts into her.

His hips shoved hard, knocking her head against the (thankfully) padded material of her declined head rest. Her throat worked automatically as he swelled up and burst inside of her, warm fluid going straight to her stomach. It was swallow or choke, and she swallowed for the first time in her life, a sadistic strangers cum. Her muted sobs only increased the pleasure for him as he came.

Then he pulled out of her mouth and pulled her head back up again. Elena breathed a sigh of relief for her aching neck muscles, even though she hated him for the churning nausea she had after swallowing his junk and for the soreness of the inside of her throat, she couldn’t help but be grateful that he’d pulled her head back up. It was very clear that he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to, and she thought that she might have passed out if her head had been left hanging like that much longer.

For a brief moment she dared to hope that this was over and her ‘fantasy’ could be considered fulfilled now, that he’d let her go. Instead he walked around to her buzzing pussy and pushed and pulled the vibrator in and out of her a few times. Elena shuddered and moaned, the sound drifting through the room because he hadn’t replaced the part of the gag that he’d taken out to fuck her mouth with. She still couldn’t make words without her lips or teeth, but she could makes sounds in her throat, and it was undeniable that her pussy was getting somewhat gushy.

The man returned to the table that he’d gotten those toys from and came back with suction cups. They were connected by a small tub that had a little rubber ball in the center of it. Placing the cups firmly over her nipples he squeezed the ball several times, and the cups immediately latched onto her skin. The vacuum of air pulled her flesh into the cups, her nipples looking engorged and distorted through the plastic of the suction cups. He squeezed again and Elena arched her back and let out a small, sharp sound of pain. One more squeeze and she shrieked, shrill and pleading. The man grinned at her, seeing the tears sparking in her eyes. When he stepped back Elena groaned as she realized he was going to leave this awful device on her. She shook her breasts to try to get it off, but like when he had crushed her nipple between his fingers, her movements only emphasized the painful sensation.

As he moved away and began inspecting the offerings hung up along the walls, Elena made pleading noises at him, which he ignored. Instead he picked up a whip with many flexible strands that were only about a foot long, made of a rubbery material. She couldn’t help but struggle again as he came back to her, his eyes getting hungry again as he looked at the distorted tops of her breasts. Her nipples ached on top of her chest.

Standing between her legs, the man moved the table yet again, pushing her knees out to the sides and raising them slightly so that her sex was vulgarly spread before him, her creamy thighs open and inviting. Then he locked the platform into place. Raising the whip above his hand, it landed hard on her stomach. Elena screamed and writhed as the many strands spread across her tender flesh, biting. She didn’t realize that he had actually been quite gentle with his strength, knowing that she wasn’t used to this kind of treatment. Having never had a hand raised against her in her life, this kind of blow was more of a shock to her emotions than physically painful.

She screamed, why are you doing this to me? But of course it came out as a long series of wordless shrieks. The man’s eyes glinted as he raised his whip again and it came down, this time on a creamy thigh. Elena thrashed against her bonds, not even caring that her breasts ached with every movement. The whip came down again on her other thigh, and she screamed and fought, absolutely enraged. When he pumped the vibrator in and out of her squishy wetness again it came as an absolute shock, and she shuddered and writhed. The pain that was glowing in her thighs and stomach somehow seemed to merge with the pleasure that the toy was creating. He twisted the plug in her ass as she clenched, the sensation was somehow erotic – at some point her ass had adjusted to the intruder and she hadn’t even noticed through the havoc of other sensations that he was creating.

Oh god… this was the kind of thing Lance had wanted her to do. This mingling of pleasure and pain. She hadn’t understood why he wanted to beat her, as she put it, and now she wished she had let him. Instead she was trussed up and at this stranger’s mercy, experiencing these things with someone who was raping her. Looking into his eyes she screamed at him again, and she saw that he knew she didn’t want the fantasy anymore and he didn’t care. Oh god… what if it was his fantasy to rape someone unwilling? She screamed again.

“Keep that up and we’ll put the plug back into the gag,” he told her. “I like listening to you make noise, but useless screaming does nothing for me.”

And he whipped her stomach again. Elena groaned in the back of her throat as he whipped her stomach and thighs, occasionally stopping to push the vibrator in and out of her. She sobbed, pleaded, and tried not to enjoy it too much when he pumped the vibrator. The places he was whipping her felt raw and hot, and the pleasure that was building at her core confused her as the man manipulated her body.

Suddenly he whipped the vibrator out and replaced it with his dick. Elena screamed as the thick shaft penetrated her, not because it hurt but because she realized he wasn’t wearing any kind of protection. As it thrust deep into her sopping wetness, she thought over the form that she had signed… no, she hadn’t listed a condom as one of the requirements because she had thought it was common sense. She had assumed. And now she was being royally and truly fucked. The fear rose in her pumped hard and fast, her breasts flopping with the force of his body rocking against hers, and the sharp throbbing in her nipples renewed.

It was obvious that he was after his own pleasure and was completely unconcerned with hers. His thrusts were hard and relentless, a thorough pounding that struck deep inside of her and stretched her insides over and over. The plug in her ass jostled around as they moved, and she was so close to orgasm from the vibrator that she couldn’t help but try and move her hips against his. But the position that she was in only allowed her to take what he was giving, her splayed pussy lips were utterly lacking as a buffer against his savage thrusts. When he leaned forward, his body partially draping over her, it changed the position enough that he hit her clit with his hips every time he buried himself inside of her.

Elena finally cried out in orgasm as she was ravaged, the heady mixture of pain and pleasure wrapping her body and shattering it. Her body convulsed around him as he continued the brutal shoving inside of her, she massaged her rapist with her pussy as she came, unhappy with her capitulation and relieved to find her culmination. But the man had already gotten off once, in her throat, and he hadn’t had the slow tease of the vibrator the way she had, his body kept moving just as hard and fast as she came down from her orgasm.

She sobbed, her sensitive and tender folds now being overly stimulated by his roughness, the rasp of his hair against her splayed parts, the brutal stretch of her muscles as he pounded into her. The buzzing in her ass was as relentless as his hips, both of them keeping her at a heightened state of arousal. Elena wriggled and clenched, her throat working with whimpers as she mentally begged him to slow down, to stop. But he just kept fucking her until all she could feel was the dick that was plunging into her, all she could focus on was the sensation of him parting her body, using her with a primal savagery that reduced her to nothing more than a fuck toy.

When he finally thrust fully into her and stayed in position, grinding against her used and tender pussy, his dick expanding inside of her, Elena gave in to another wave of ecstasy that billowed outward from her core. She sobbed as the painful, more powerful orgasm, ripped through her body, the pleasure forced upon her as his hard pubic bone rubbed against her clit, his swollen cock jerking inside of her, filling her with his seed. Her body felt raw, aching and completely fulfilled. She hated that he had made her cum, especially because she knew he hadn’t been particularly trying to. It had been obvious that if she hadn’t cum, he wouldn’t have cared. That she had was just a bonus.

He sighed and worked his hips against her, obviously enjoying the way she moved for him as he rubbed against her raw and raped soft spots.

“That was hot baby, I knew you’d enjoy it.” He kissed her beaten stomach and Elena whimpered. The vibrator in her ass was still buzzing, her pussy was sore and aching and her nipples were still throbbing in the tight confines of the suction cups. “What’s the matter baby? You want more?”

Elena shook her head violently, an emphatic NO, as he reached beneath them and twisted the plug in her ass. His hips moved again, making her jerk and clench. He laughed softly.

“Let’s make a deal baby,” he let go of the plug. “You willingly clean me off with those pretty lips of yours and I’ll take the cups off your nipples and maybe we’ll be done. The other option is that I play with your delightful body until I’m hard again and we keep going for sure.”

The desire to have her nipples free, the hope that maybe this would satisfy him – that she participate in her own rape – made Elena nod her head. He came around to the head of the table, soft cock glistening with their combined juices. The plug buzzed merrily away in her ass, but he hadn’t made that part of the bargain. First he lowered the head rest again so that her mouth was on level with his cock and then he reached behind her head and took the gag out.

“Please,” she started to beg, but he cut her off with a sharp tug on the tube that connected her nipples. She groaned at the flash of pain.

“Now, now, we have a deal. This is the time for sucking, not talking.”

His sloppy wet groin pressed against her face, and Elena opened her mouth… somehow it seemed less disgusting to clean him off than to get it all over her face. The man hummed his pleasure as her soft tongue laved against his dick, the sweet and sour mix of flavors filling her mouth. True to his word he released the cups on her nipples. The rush of blood back into her abused buds made Elena scream as painfully tingling sensation returned, her sounds of agony blocked by the soft meat between her lips.

“Keep sucking baby and I’ll make the pain go away.” The man rubbed her breasts with surprisingly gentle hands, helping the blood flow and easing some of the throbbing ache. Elena whimpered and continued to suck at him, tilting her head back a little more to lick some of the sloppy mess off of his balls. Not so much because she thought he’d like it, more because she didn’t want it in her face. But if he liked it and that meant this could be over now, then she’d do it. In the same vein, she reluctantly pulled his soft cock into her mouth, tongue working over it, sucking gently and then harder. Oh please let him say this was done now.

When he leaned over to gently suck a brutalized nipple into his mouth, Elena moaned. The sensation was soft and soothing, and went straight to her core where she was suddenly reminded there was a vibrator still buzzing in her ass. That produced another groan from her. Then he switched over and gently sucked her other nipple. She writhed a little and didn’t even notice that she was nursing on his dick the same way that he was nursing on her nipples, at least not until it started to grow a little harder in her mouth. Then she began to make noises of protest, which reverberated through his member, turning it into a small chubby in her mouth.

For a moment she considered biting down on him, but considering how cruel he had been to her beforehand, she didn’t want to risk it… but she feared that his growing erection meant that her tribulations weren’t over yet. So she stopped sucking, hoping that if she stopped then he wouldn’t get any harder. Immediately harsh fingers twisted her already brutalized nipples.

“Keep sucking bitch.”

Elena moaned and whimpered, writhing against her bonds with the pain. Reluctantly she began to suck again, hating herself for obeying his order but afraid to do anything else. His fingers continued to pinch at her nipples, his dick getting harder in her mouth as he began to thrust. Whatever they had put on her throat to diminish her gag reflex was starting to fade, she could feel her stomach muscles ripple as the head of his hardening nick nudged against the back of her throat.

When he pulled out she felt nothing but thankful, especially because it meant he stopped playing with her sore breasts. He pushed her head back into position and locked the lift in place so that she could look down at her poor body with the red whipping marks on her stomach and spread thighs, angry red nipples thrusting upwards from her breasts. The man walked away, going to the table again.

“Oh noooo, please,” begged Elena. “You said it would be over.”

He turned around, holding up a giant dong that had to be 10 inches long and at least 2 1/2 inches in diameter, complete with balls. Elena thrased against her bonds at the sight of it.

“No,” he reminded her, “I said I would take the suction cups off of your nipples and that maybe it would be over. Unfortunately for you I’m enjoying this too much.”

And with that he returned between her legs, ignoring her cries of pain and pleading as he began to shove the giant dong into her pussy. To Elena’s utter horror she realized she was still wet, not just with the juices from her previous orgasm and his cum, but because some part of her was responding to something that he had done. Something had unexpected turned her on. He flipped the end of the butt plub, increasing the vibrations in her ass as the dong shoved deeper. It felt like it was splitting her apart, it was so thick inside of her, digging so much deeper than any man ever had. Her throaty cries of “NO!” filled the room as she struggled against her bonds, straining to close her legs against the rubbery intruder. The man just watched avidly as she thrashed before him, held open and vulnerable by the restraints on her body, his dick obviously growing as begging words fell from her ravaged lips.

Finally the dong sunk all the way home and he twisted in inside of her. She felt stuffed, overly full, as if the toys in her body had replaced any internal organs. When she looked down at her stomach she was almost surprised to see that it was smooth and flat as always.

“Oh God….” she groaned. “Please, just fuck me and get this over with.”

“Oh, so now you want it?” He twisted the dong again, this time so that the balls were up towards the ceiling, and as he pressed it against her it rubbed against her clit. Elena closed her eyes, hating that even though she was uncomfortable from the stretching of her vagina that it still felt a little good when the toy pressed against her sensitive bud. It’s not my fault, she reminded herself. Except that… really it was, wasn’t it? She’d come here to have a fantasy of being forced to do things she would never normally do fulfilled, and while this fantasy hadn’t worked out the way she thought it would, it was exactly what she had asked for.

Elena moaned, giving up completely as she accepted that she had done this to herself and that there was no getting out of it until he released her.

She closed her eyes. “Yes, I want it, please just fuck me.”

Suddenly her ass dropped down, hanging the way her head had. The rest of her body was still held secure in its position, he had released the support from under her hips but nowhere else. Her eyes popped open in surprise, and then she screamed as he pulled the still buzzing plug from her ass, turning it off and dropping it carelessly to the floor.

“NOT THERE! NOT THERE!” she shrieked over and over as he grinned at her. Gravity was starting to pull the dong out of her, but as he lined up his cock at her virgin ass hole and began to push in, his body pushed the dong back into her as well. Elena’s body arched, straining against the intruder which was both thicker and longer than the buzzing plug that had been in there before. She’d almost gotten used to the sensation of it vibrating inside of it, it hadn’t bothered her at all anymore. Once again he was pushing past her expectations, forcing her into depravities that she hadn’t imagined. Her breasts flopped around on her chest as she struggled uselessly, crying out as he buried himself in her formerly virgin ass, his thrust pushing the dong fully into her as well.

The two dicks stabbed so incredibly deep that she thought she could feel it in her throat. He began fucking her, not quite as roughly as he had gone at her pussy, but not gently either. The dong moved inside of her with his every thrust, so that it was like two people were fucking her at once, both relentless and unforgiving as they ravaged her holes. Elena gasped and sobbed, she’d given up on pleading with him, it was obvious nothing was going to stop him from using her body as he wanted. Her ass tightened down on him, pussy clenching around the dong as she tried futily to push both of them out of her.

“Oh that feels good baby,” he told her, “massage my cock with your hot ass…. you have such a nice tight ass, I bet I’m the first one to ever fuck it. Am I? Were you a virgin before this?”

Elena didn’t answer and he gave her a particularly brutal thrust as he pinched one of her tender nipples, the pain shooting through her body as the cocks bounced inside of her.

“YES!” she shouted, her hands curling into fists, pulling at the straps on her wrists. “YES I WAS AN ANAL VIRGIN!”

He laughed, taking a long, slow, erotic stroke deep into her ass that made her groan because it didn’t feel entirely unpleasant.

“Then I’ll have to see if I can make you enjoy this,” he grinned evilly.

“Never,” she snapped back at him, her eyes blazing with fury.

With her ass hanging down the way it was gravity pulled on the dong every time he pulled partially out, only his body forced it back inside of her over and over, the twin dicks fucking her with his every movement. Then he put one of his hands on top of the balls of the dong, pressing the textured rubber into the top of her pussy and rubbing it back and forth over her clit. Elena gasped and wriggled, trying to escape the manipulation of her sensitive bud, not wanting to feel the sudden warmth that spread through her lower regions.

His strokes slowed, became more gentle, more sensual as he eased himself in and out of her ass, the dong slickly sliding inside of her as her wetness grew. Elena realized that her moans of denial were sinking into moans of pleasure.

“Noooo…. fuck you…” she said, tears sparking her eyes. She wouldn’t enjoy this, she wouldn’t!

“No, fuck you,” he grinned, burying his dick in her yet again. Her ass clenched around him, insides rippling around the intruder. As her movements became more graceful, more sensual and less struggling, he kept the dong firmly pressed against her clit, rubbing it against her as the dong bounced inside. Elena’s eyes closed in denial and then popped open again as the lack of vision only increased her focus on the sensations he was creating. Her holes had adjusted to the rape and she was getting wetter, more ready, her pussy gripping the dong as if it was a real dick. Even the discomfort of his cock sliding in and out of her ass was giving way to a warm heat that suffused her body, centering at her core.

Seeing that she was ready to cum, the man grinned at her and pressed the button on the bottom of the dong. Inside of her the dick jumped to life, and the balls vibrated hard, directly against her sensitive clit. Her scream of ecstasy bounced off the walls as she came, her body fully and flush with cock and pleasure, giving in to the rapture that he’d engineered for her. As she came his own thrusts became harder and more savage, spearing her hanging ass with his rough movements, her insides massaging and rippling as she convulsed. The dong slammed against her clit repeatedly, buzzing against the sensitive engorged bud and extending her orgasm as she was anally raped, her body thrashing with reluctant but undeniable fulfillment.

Then the man pulled the dong out of her, leaving her pussy grasping and quivering with the sudden emptiness. All of her focus when to her ass where he was now fully penetrating her, the hanging position of her body and the absence of the dong’s base allowing him to finally bury himself fully inside of her. The base of his cock was thicker than the rest of him, swollen even more where it met his body, and Elena cried out as he stabbed deeper and stretched her wider than he already had. The sensation, as she continued to come, was phenomenal, the discomfort and pain mixing with the pleasure until she didn’t know where one ended and the other began.

Now that she’d creamed herself while he raped her ass, the man went back to ignoring her and concentrating on his own pleasure, hard thrusts stabbing deeply into her bowels, finding even more virgin territory for his head to wedge itself into her. Her backside was hot and tight, squeezing as she writhed in unwilling pleasure. When he thrust home the hard planes of his body and his coarse hair rubbed against her spread and raw pussy lips and clit, she clenched down hard every time he slapped his body against her, her tightness gripping him and sucking on his dick.

Elena felt absolutely wrung out, her body was completely overwhelmed, and despite the fact that the stranger was now raping her ass, she could feel the over sensitive folds of her pussy responding to his body rubbing against hers. When he reached up and grabbed her breasts, roughly squeezing the soft mounds, his body leaned over hers more fully and ground even harder against her clit, and she wailed as his questing cock and kneading hands sent her into yet another intense orgasm.

She could feel him swelling up inside of her, his movements becoming jerkier and rougher, his dick getting harder and harder inside of her ass. When he pulled off her tits and grabbed her hips, she knew that he was going to come in her pillaged and deflowered ass. He thrust hard, jerking her entire body upwards as he plunged fully into her body, his cock jerking inside of her as it shot spurts after spurt of cum into her clenching asshole. Roughly he put his thumb against her clit and rubbed hard as he came, her body thrashing and squeezing in response as he forced another orgasm out of her. The painful waves of agonizing ecstasy swamped her, and as she felt the jets of cum shooting into her ass, she passed out from the overwhelming rapture.


Elena came awake slowly, aware of a low buzzing in her body. For a moment she was terrified that he was still here, that he wasn’t done with her, but when she tried to sit up her body actually moved. She groaned, her muslces quivering after being held in one position for so long. Her hair was stiff with dried sweat and she had no idea how long she’d been sleeping, but it must have been awhile for her hair to be dried like this. Considering the ordeal she’d been through, she felt a lot more rested than she would have expected.

As she sat up she winced, the vibrating butt plug inside of her jostling as she moved. Her hole clenched around it, making it bounce deeper into her and then back again. Next to her thigh, sitting straight up on a table was the giant dong and a bottle of lube. For a moment she just stared at the top items, her legs still spread wide with upraised knees in the position that the contraption she was on had forced her into. Then her hands darted out. Quickly she squeezed some lube onto one hand and took the dong in her other, spreading the slick stuff all over its rubbery length. She slid the lubed dong between her legs, rubbing its length down her slit and wetting herself with the lube… her pussy was so sore, but she could no longer deny that she got off on the pain as she began to push the dong into her body. Even though she couldn’t force herself to be as brutal as the man had been, she still cried out as its shocking size stretched her out all over again, sliding deep inside her and pressing her body open.

Her ass tightened around the plug as she began to fuck herself with the dong, rubbing her clit with the balls as she humped her hips up and down on the table, her moans of pleasure and whimpers of discomfort filling the room once again. She humped and rubbed, her fingers finding the switch that turned the dong into a vibrator, and she cried out with passion as her entire lower region began to hum and vibrate.

Despite her sore and battered condition, it didn’t take her long to work herself up to another incredible orgasm, her pussy protesting at the abuse the entire time. Gasping and writhing, her thighs closed around the dong, muscles tightening as she was finally in full control of her body, head thrown back in shuddering ecstasy.

When she was done she flipped off the switch and panted as she pulled the well used dong from her body. Carefully she slid off of the table, keeping her body turned so that the plug in her ass didn’t jostle. Looking down at herself, she ran her hands over her stomach where the whip marks had turned to a pale pink. Her nipples only looked slightly darker than usual, but she hissed as she touched her breasts, they were still sore and even her soft touch was too much for them. Using the table to prop herself up, she leaned forward and reached behind herself, closing her eyes and she gritted her teeth and pulled the plug from her ass with a pop.

Her legs quivered as she sagged, her body finally completely empty. Turning off the plug, she put it down on the table. Now that she could finally see the thing, she could see how cunningly it was put together, with joints and moving parts, all of it padded for comfort. Despite the abuse the man had put her through, things could have been so much worse. Liquid seeped from her ass as she stumbled to the door and she realized that the man had plugged her to keep his cum in her deflowered asshole.

Next to the was a pile of her clothes, neatly folded and stacked. She pulled on her underwear and jeans, eased her breasts into her bra and put the band around her back on its loosest hook, and pulled her shirt over her head. Slowly Elena made her way out the door and into the hallway, following the exit sign. As she passed by different doors she could hear the sounds of sex coming from behind every single one of them. This truly was the House of Fantasy, and even if she hadn’t realized what she was asking for, she knew now that she had found it. Hiding inside of her was someone who liked it rough, who didn’t care about social norms, and who had enjoyed being forced into depravity, who had gotten off on her own pain. Maybe deep down she had known that all along. Otherwise, wouldn’t she just have forgotten about Lance and his dark desires, wouldn’t she have moved on and never have come here?


As Elena stumbled out to the parking lot, her battered body still overwhelmed by the rape she’d signed up for, she was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice the dark shadow of an outline at the other end of the lot. There were plenty of cars, and she’d just been through quite an ordeal, so she could be forgiven for her self involvement. It wasn’t an unusual state for her, but this time she had good reason for it.

For a moment, putting her keys into her car door, she thought she felt eyes on her but she shook off the feeling and quickly got into her car, carefully settling her sore bottom onto the seat. Locking the door for security, she started the car and drove away.

If she had looked in the rear view mirror as she pulled out of the lot, it’s possible that she would have seen Lance stepping into the light, his green eyes stormy as he wondered what his ex was leaving the House of Fantasy in such a disheveled state.

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