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Hotel Entrepreneur

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Daisy is on her way to meet a client in the hotel. Technically she’s a maid, but she supplements her income by giving blowjobs to guests. Her housekeeping duties let her identify clients. She snoops around, looking for the magic recipe: only one set of (men’s) clothing, porn, condoms.

If she finds this recipe she leaves a little note saying there was a slight problem with the room and that they can contact her for a complimentary bottle of wine–she gets access to this by blowing the wine steward of the hotel restaurant once a week. When the guests contact her, she puts on an extra-skimpy maid’s uniform and hand-delivers the wine, being sure to bend way over while placing it on the dresser. At 5 foot 4, shoulder length brown hair with brown highlights, athletic body with small but pert tits and a nice ass, her act always attracts attention. After giving the guy time to sup the wine and watch her flounce around, she asks “Is there anything else that I can do for you? Anything at all?” while batting her lashes. Most guys make a pass at her. She then leans in close and sexy, says “$50 bucks”, waits for the confused nod, then drops to her knees and gets the guy’s cock out and into her mouth as fast as possible–before he has a chance to realize he’s about to pay for sex. She’s very good at what she does.

She does it for the money, but she doesn’t really need the money. Mostly she does it because she likes making money on her own, and she likes being a naughty girl. She enjoys the thrill of the hunt, of so turning on guys (even nice, married guys) that before they know it she’s down in front of them, sucking their cocks for cash. She usually has three or four clients a week; a couple on the weekends, one or two during the weekdays.

This week has been slow, frustratingly slow. She sucked off the wine steward on Sunday, as usual, but has not had a client all week. Now it’s Saturday and, due to a scheduling mixup, she hasn’t had a chance to scout out new rooms. She has only one client, and she’s on her way to his room now. At only one for the week she’s way below her normal amount. She considers. Maybe there was a way to get this guy to pay more than $50. She blushes as she thinks of the obvious way: to let him fuck her. She’d never done that for money, it was too much. Typically she doesn’t even let the guys touch her tits, or even see them without a bra on. Still, she bets she could make a lot of money if she let a guy fuck her. And it’d be very naught. Maybe she could do it. With no clients all week, she had to make a lot of money with this last guy somehow.

The guy is a little timid. He’s a first time customer but after drinking a little wine and watching Daisy bending over straightening up he quickly agrees to the proposition of a fifty dollar blowjob. Daisy, turned on from her naughty thoughts, takes control by audaciously performing a strip show. She sits the guy down and proceeds to peel off her blouse top, then her maid’s skirt, until she is dressed only in tight white bra, white thong panties, and black knee-high boots. The guy is flabbergasted. As she dances she looks around. He’s got a nice coat, nice luggage… this guys is well-off. She can work with this. She takes control.

“Take out your cock-let me see it.”

He does. It’s surprisingly big.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to.” That command given, she straddles the guy and rubs her pussy against his cock. The guy goes nuts, trying to slip it past her panties. She reaches back and pops off her bra; lets it slide to the ground. She smiles in wonder. Before tonight, a guy was lucky to see her bare nipples. Now she is topless, straddling a guy with her tits in his face. She loves the power. She pops first one, then the other nipple into his mouth and orders him to suck. Lightning races down her spine and she rubs harder against his cock. The guy moans. She smiles crookedly, flushed with heat. She feels her panties soak, shifts them so that they ride up her pussy. She cruelly drags her exposed wet pussy lips up and down his cock, coating it with her juice. It feels good; she wants the cock in her. She leans in close.

“I’m not going to fuck you.”

It’s just too much, fucking for money. Even as she reaches the decision, she’s surprised that she’s a little disappointed–turning this guy on has made her incredibly horny.

She slides down and considers the cock inches before her face. It’s slick with her juice. Knowing the guy is watching, she licks her lips. The guy moans and gives a startled twitch that causes the cock to slap against her cheek. Her eyes flash up, eyes narrow, and the guy looks terrified.

“I’m s-sorry.”

She glares, the cock-shaped glistening patch on her cheek notwithstanding.

“P-please…” he begs.

Her eyes snap to the cock that slapped her, then back to the man. She rises up on her knees until her lips are level with the cock head. Pauses. Opens her lips. Pauses. Then, never taking her eyes off the guy, lowers her mouth and begins to suck. Still maintaining eye contact she continues sucking, deepthroats, reaches to the dresser and takes his 50 bucks, then slides her mouth off his cock and abruptly stops.

“I’ve sucked you. This money is mine.”

“H-hey-” he begins. He is a new client.

She grabs his cock at the base and gives him a long lingering lick to silence him, like she was lapping a Popsicle.

“For another… 50 bucks, I’ll fuck myself in front of you. And…” if he goes for it she’s only up to $100 bucks for the week: not enough. What else can she offer? Her pussy throbs, making it hard to think straight. No, not that. It’s too much.

She stalls for time by licking him again, pops his cock in her mouth and bobs up and down three times. His cock is swollen, his nuts heavy. It gives her an idea.

“And… for another 100 bucks, I’ll let you jack yourself off onto me.”


She slowly slips his cock into her mouth, slides all the way down, pauses, considers. She assumed the guy would do it onto her leg or something–she hadn’t really thought about it. When she sucks cock for money she always makes the guy cum in her mouth, then she spits the cum into a washcloth. Guys have asked to cum on her tits or face, of course, but she doesn’t let them. Except once, because she was really turned on. Like now. She slowly slides up, popping the cock out with an audible pop.

“Yes,” she says, answering the unasked question. “–all over.”

She lies back on the bed, one hand moving to her tits, the other stuffed between her legs. She shoves the panties aside and slides two fingers into her eager, swollen wet cunt. She figures she could have asked for more money, but she is so turned on that she wants this as much as he does.


It isn’t a difficult decision.

She’s surprised by how excited she gets, laying naked, rubbing her pussy right in front of a guy who is kneeling next to her jacking himself off and ready to cum “all over” her. She feels very naughty, very turned on, an exebitionist whore. Her lips swollen from cocksucking just moments before, she’s now plunging fingers into her cunt, rubbing her clit, waiting for that splash of hot, hot…

She closes her eyes and howls in ecstasy as she cums, hard. Time slows, she feels the slow-motion splashes as the guy’s hot cum spurts onto her stomach, then more slow motion impacts on her tits–she cums again–and then a pause, the bed shifts as the man moves, a pause, and she feels gooey hot gobs slowly spurt onto her… face. She comes a third time, time resuming its normal flow in a rush, fingers crammed into her pussy as the guy’s sperm explodes onto her cheeks and lips. She finds herself opening wide and greedily gobbling his cock. Incredibly he cums again, hard–her cheeks bulge and cum leaks from the corners of her mouth. She sucks him until his cock stops spurting. The limp cock slips out of her lips, causing a small cum waterfall. The guy obviously enjoys that, so she swishes the cum in her mouth, then decides to give him a thrill. She sits up and smiles, letting the cum flow past her wet lips to dribble down her chin, hang in slowly lengthening drops from her jawline, and spatter onto her tits. She licks her lips and theatrically moans “Mmmmmm…” She loudly swallows the rest, astonished at the lust she feels, marveling at the wanton sensation as tiny rivers of cum tickle down her face and body. This is a big change from making guys cum in her mouth, then spitting into a washcloth. But she finds herself liking it, how naughty the cum makes her feel. The slutty feeling even somehow makes it taste good. She licks her lips again and sighs with satisfaction.

Daisy looks over at the guy, who is slumped against the headboard with an extremely satisfied look on his face. She wonders what she must look like: topless, panties shoved to one side, fingers glistening, tits hard, lips swollen, cum drizzled over her naked body like icing on a cake.

“For another 50 I’ll let you watch me shower.”

Pleased with herself, Daisy walks back toward her room. She’s up $250 for the week, the same as blowing five guys. Not bad; how much could she make if she did to every client what she did to that last guy?

She’s surprised that she’s still horny. “What I really need,” she thinks to herself, “is a hard cock.” She has a dildo back in her room. Her pace quickens.

She passes a door with loud music coming from it. Besides housekeeping and freelance cocksucking, her other job is to make sure hotel workers aren’t too loud. She bangs on the door.

“Hey! Quiet down in there!”

The door opens to a man, early twenties, dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt. Inside is only one other guy, sitting on the couch in front of the TV. He’s got a video game controller in his hand and there’s another on the couch beside him. Instead of a loud employee she found two hotel guest playing video games; the music was from the TV.

“Oh, sorry, are we too loud? I can turn down the volume…”

He stops as he notices the way Daisy looks at him. Hungry. Like a wolf.

Daisy says “Thanks.” The guys are cute. Even though her last client made up for the slow week, she could always use more money. Even as she thinks it, she knows money isn’t the real reason she finds herself saying “Hey, while I’m here why don’t I tidy things up a bit?”

She sweeps past the guy into the room before he can say anything.

“I’m Daisy.”

“I’m Greg” the door guy says.

“Tom” the couch guy says.

Daisy starts tidying up. She throws away empty cans of coke, picks up discarded bath towels, each time bending way over with her ass toward the astonished guys on the couch. Even wearing her standard maid’s skirt, she knows they can see the white flash of her panties. She picks up the last towel and takes it into the bathroom. “I’ll just hang these and straighten things up in here…” she says as she enters, then closes the door behind her.

“What am I doing?” she asks herself. “There are two guys out there. What am I going to do: blow both of them?” At the thought, she feels her pussy suddenly grow wet. She smiles, blushing. Sex is for two people–blowing two guys at once would be too much. She can’t do that. “Then why?” she asks herself, “am I taking off my panties?” She peels them off and stuffs them into her pocket. Sighs. “Maybe I can get them to come in here, one at a time. I’ll just wing it.”

She opens the door. “All done!” She says cheerfully. She notices that she’s interrupted the guys’ whispered conversation on the couch, smiles because she knows they were whispering about her. She makes a show of giving a final sweep of the room, and spots a corner of a DVD under a shirt. She turns her back to the guys and says “What’s this? A movie?”, then bends over to pick it up. She knows that this time, they’re not seeing white panties.

“Er…” one of the guys stammers, eyes locked on the bare glistening pussy revealed under the skirt.

She audaciously remains bent over, and reads the title aloud. “Girls Gone Wild”. It’s a softcore porn DVD. “Wow, I see commercials for this all the time, but haven’t watched it. Is it good?”

“Um…” the other guy stammers, likewise fixated.

She finally stands, walks over to the game machine, pops the lid and swaps the game disc for the porno. “Mind if I watch it with you?”

Greg and Tom look at each other, then instantly shift apart to make room on the couch. She squeezes between them; the couch is really only made for two. Both guys are attractive, and she wonders what’s going to happen.

The porno is full of normal everyday girls flashing their tits at complete strangers. They make out with each other and let guys grab their boobs in exchange for cheap “Girls Gone Wild” t-shirts. Daisy smiles smugly to herself. If those girls would just take one more small step, they’d be the ones making money, not the video producers.

She glances at her companions. The guys clearly can’t believe they’re watching porn with a hot girl in a maid’s uniform. A hot girl in a maid’s uniform who isn’t wearing panties. No, a hot girl in a maid’s uniform who was wearing panties but clearly took them off for their benefit. Daisy eyes the bulges in the guys’ pants. She notices that while both guys give her room on the couch, they also keep their legs pressed against hers, and one of Greg’s hands keeps inching toward her knee.

Daisy blushes, feeling turned on again. She realizes what she’s going to do, and blushes again. This is a turning point for her. But will she go all the way? She decides to wing it.

“Wow,” she says, “this video is awesome. That girl has really nice boobs.” Onscreen, a busty college girl squeals as an upturned bucket of ice-cold water turns her shirt transparent.

The guys look at her.



“Hey, are you guys hot? Is it hot in here? It’s hot. I’m just going to open my shirt–do you guys mind?”

They’re speechless. She takes that to mean that no, they don’t mind, and slowly unbuttons her blouse. She flaps the blouse open, cooling her skin and letting the guys catch glimpses of her nipples straining through her white bra. She leaves the blouse wide open. “Ah, that’s better.” She pauses.

Both guys make moves at the same time. Both go for her tits, grabbing the one closest, while leaning in for a kiss. She meets the guy on her left, Tom, with her lips and kisses him deeply, feels a full-body tingling as the guys yank down her bra and expose her tits. She feels Greg’s mouth close on her right nipple and he begins to suck. She grabs his head, holding him there, while her other hand fumbles at Tom’s pants zipper. She can’t get it; Tom drops her tit and frantically pulls at the mechanism. He breaks the kiss to get a better look at what he’s doing. On the TV, a girl at a bar lifts up her shirt to thunderous applause.

Daisy’s head is spinning. Her pussy is soaking but she tells herself that she has to stay in control.

“Guys… guys!” she gasps as Greg flicks his tongue over her nipple, and pulls his cock from his jeans. Tom finally yanks his own jeans down to his ankles, then takes Daisy’s hand and puts it on his cock. She reflexively starts tugging at it. She wants it in her, she wants it bad. Her pussy throbs. She struggles for control as Greg gives her nipple a little bite.

“Guys! Wait, wait…” the guys stop, surprised, then embarrassed to be naked and hard in each other’s presence. “Guys… I’ll blow you, each of you, for… $100 each.” She’s panting.

The guys are astonished, surprised at this mercenary turn of events. “What?”

“I’ll suck you off, I’ll suck you until you cum I swear I will, but it’ll cost you $100. Each.” She knows that’s not as good a deal for her as the last guy, but she’s too flustered to think of math right now and it’s better than her usual rate. Her hand continues to tug at Tom, and she moves her other hand onto Greg’s cock. They sit like that for a second, Daisy with her shirt open and tits hanging out, nipples swollen, while she tugs on the cocks of the two guys on either side of her. She sees that they’re a little embarrassed, and she’s never seen, let alone handled, two bare cocks at the same time either. She amends “One at a time, of course–while the other waits in the bathroom.”

“Uh…” says Tom.

“Er…” says Greg. Look, I, uh, I’ve never done this before… you know, paid for it…”

Daisy looks at Gred, then slowly slips off the couch onto her knees. She keeps her eyes locked with his as she slowly shifts before him, spreads his legs, and moves between them. She leans up and forward, using her palms to smush her tits on either side of his cock, then slides down until her nose touches the middle of his dick. She flicks her tongue out against his balls, sending a shiver through his entire body. She slowly lifts up, dragging her tongue along the shaft, until her lips are pressed against the tip.

“Do you want me to stop?” she whispers. She doesn’t want to stop.


Pleased, she daintily kisses the head of his cock. “One hundred dollars.”

“Okay! Okay! Just suck my dick!”

She looks up at Tom and taps Greg’s cock against her cheek impatiently. “How about you? Want your dick sucked?” She’s feeling naughty. She’s regrets that she said ‘while the other guy waits in the bathroom part’, because the idea of having someone watch while she sucked off a guy… her pussy throbs.

“Well?” she asks again, “Want your dick sucked?” Feeling audacious, she pops Greg’s cock into her mouth. Never taking her eyes off Tom, she quickly slides up and down, causing the cock head to audaciously stretch her cheek with each thrust. Greg gasps. She slips him out and says “Like that?” She notes that Tom unconsciously began stroking his dick while he watched her perform on Greg.

“Oh god, yes! I mean no. I mean… no, I can’t. I’ve got a girlfriend.” Daisy looks at him. That didn’t stop him earlier.

“You can watch me,” she says, “you can watch me blow your friend. You can watch as I fuck him with my mouth… if you pay me $50.”

Tom and Greg exchange awkward glances. They discuss the strange situation, debate the pros and cons, and come to a mutually satisfying decision in the way that only guys can:



Tom and Greg both look at Tom’s hard dick. Daisy somehow knows that it’d be weird for Tom to jack off into a napkin in front of Greg. Also, she could make more money. “And… for another $50, you can jack off onto me.”


Daisy smiles, remembering her escapade less than an hour ago. “All over.”

“Deal!” Judging by the way Greg’s cock twitches in her hand, that seemed to settle any weirdness.

Greg looks down. “Oh man, now fucking blow me! I’m dieing!”

She lowers her mouth and eagerly begins to suck. She is turned on, very turned on, feeling like a naughty whore as she blows one guy while another jacks off to the spectacle. She feels like a porno star for a private audience of one. Her nipples are rock hard. She takes Greg’s hands and shoves them onto her tits. He plays with them while she sucks; she deep throats him to the balls. He moans, low, and she pulls off and gasps for air.

“Oh man, oh wow, you’re good.” Greg pants, “I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you. How much to fuck you?”

Daisy blushes. She can see and hear Tom’s hand moving up and down on the couch seat beside Greg. Without knowing why, she says “Tom, it distracts me to have you sit there like that. Take a chair and sit behind me.” He does. Now she understands; she’s keenly aware of how her bare pussy is now pointing straight at him, under her skirt.

“How much to fucking fuck you?!” Greg asks again. She looks up at him as she licks his cock coyly.

“I don’t do that, I only do blowjobs.” As she says it, she wonders if the guys can hear how uncertain that statement feels. Or if they can tell how horny she is. “Well,” she thinks as she flips her skirt up onto her back, “Tom sure can see how horny I am, now. He’s got a perfect view of my swollen pussy.”

She grins at the naughty visual and starts sucking off Greg again, who is no fool and knows not to mess with a good thing. He leans his head back and closes his eyes. Daisy is a cocksucking expert, and can control when she’ll let a guy shoot his wad. Sometimes she makes a guy come quick, usually she takes her time. Right now she’s taking her time. She uses her hands, cupping his nuts and sliding along his shaft. As she bobs up and down she lets her whole body get into the rhythm, swaying her pussy back and forth for Tom’s benefit. Every once in a while she turns her head to the side, so she can catch a glimpse over her shoulder of Tom jacking off behind her. Her eyes lock with the guy, and her pussy throbs. She finds herself wishing she had her dildo.

She turns her attention back to Greg, slurping up and down noisily–again for Tom’s benefit. She sways and lets herself get into it, and suddenly realizes that her motion has caused her skirt to slip back down, covering her ass and pussy. As she reaches back to hike it back up she feels Tom’s hand lifting the skirt–but taking his time. His fingers touch her inner thigh, trailing his fingers up, until they brush the wet hairs of her pussy. As if in a dream Daisy finds her hand close on Tom’s. She hesitates, then stuffs his hand over her hot pussy mound. She feels Tom drop to his knees behind her and he slips two fingers into her dripping cunt.

“Mmmmm!” She moans around the cock in her mouth, causing Greg to moan back. She takes the cock out of her mouth long enough to gasp “Twenty bucks, Tom!”, then eagerly starts sucking again while thrusting her pussy onto Tom’s fingers.

“…what?” Greg asks, in a daze.

“I’m in for another 20” Tom breathes. The aroma of Daisy’s sex fills the air as Tom’s slick fingers work inside her. It feels so good.

“Are you fucking fucking her, man?!” Greg blurts, looking up.

“No…” Tom says. Daisy thrusts against him as she sucks, flush with heat. “Not yet.”

At that, Daisy cums, hard, pussy contracting against Tom’s fingers. She pops the cock out of her mouth and pants, pumping it furiously with her hand. She gradually slows, moaning, her breath coming in gasps, until she rests her head in Greg’s lap. She can feel her pussy dripping, still hot. She can hear Tom’s hand up and down on his cock. She can feel Greg’s cock throb in her hand. She licks it, looks up at Greg.

She slowly stands up, unwraps her skirt, and lets it fall to the ground. She turns slowly, undoes her bra, and lets that drop. Facing Tom, she steps outside of Greg’s knees and pushes them together, she then slowly, very slowly, sits down in Greg’s lap. He holds his cock steady. She pauses just as her pussy lips hit his dick, bent over, looking in Tom’s eyes.

“Two hundred dollars, each.”

“Deal!” Greg says instantly, thrusting up and into her. It’s like plunging into warm honey, and Daisy shudders with pleasure. But she stays where she is, so Greg pops out after his thrust.

“Each.” She repeats, still bent over, still looking at Tom.

He stands up, walks forward, puts his hand on the back of her head, and slowly slides his cock into her eager mouth.

“MMMmmmmmm….” She moans, dropping onto Greg’s cock as she begins sucking Tom. She writhes on the cock, feeling like a total whore because she also has a cock in her mouth. She enthusiastically blows Tom, thrusting in and out as she bounces up and down on, then grinds on Greg’s cock. Greg grabs her by the hips and pulls her down onto him, holding her steady as he revolves his cock inside. He slides his hand up and pulls her arms back, arching her back and making her tits shove out toward Tom’s waiting hands. Tom kneads Daisy’s boobs, then puts one hand on the back of Daisy’s head. “Keep her still, man…” he breathes, then moves his hips back and forth, slowly building up speed until he is truly fucking her mouth. All three hear the slap of Tom’s balls against Daisy’s chin.

Tom says “Okay Greg, let me see what I’ve been missing” and pops out of her mouth. Greg lifts Daisy up by her ass, she sways unsteadily, lets Tom turn her around before she drops to her knees. Greg holds his slick cock steady; she bends over and sucks it into her mouth in one motion, lifting her pussy to Tom behind her.

“Oh man, she’s sucking me off just after I fucked her!” Greg exclaims.

“Mmmm…” Daisy moans, then slips the pussy-flavored cock out long enough to say “I like it!”

Daisy’s head bobs up and down, but Tom isn’t in her yet. He must be having second thoughts. Daisy reaches back until she grasps his cock. She pulls it toward her, centers it, then pushes back with her ass until her pussy engulfs his cock in a wet sheath. Tom pauses, leaving it there while Daisy grinds her pussy in a circle. She then starts thrusting back and forth, fucking him. Soon Tom puts his hands on her hips, fucking her back with long solid strokes. His hands move up and cup her swaying tits, letting the nipples slip between his fingers. Daisy is fucked back and forth like a tug-of-war, each stroke of Tom pushing her mouth onto Greg’s cock, each thrust of Greg pushing her pussy back over Tom. The guys sense the rhythm and synch up; as she fucks them with her pussy and mouth she can hear them clap hands and whoop above her.

Daisy arches her back, changing the angle that Tom’s cock enters her. Explosions of heat flash through her each time his cock rubs against her clit. She pops off Greg’s cock, tosses her hair like a wild beast, and then descends to engulf it again. Tom redoubles his pace, really fucking her hard, his balls slapping her cunt with a wet smack at each stroke. He spanks her hard and she flushes, squirms her pussy against him, so he spanks her again.

“This bitch likes it! Do that again!” Greg gasps. Tom smacks her ass every other stroke, changing sides every once in a while, until her ass is cherry red. Her mouth tires so she pulls off and lays her head in Greg’s lap, pumping his cock with her fist and licking the balls while she gets rocked back and forth by Tom. Greg is mesmerized by Tom’s performance. “Damn, man, fuck her–fuck her! Yeah!”

Tom pulls on Daisy’s hips, pulls her off Greg’s lap and onto her back on the carpet. She spreads her legs and he jumps between them, throwing them up on his shoulders. She grabs his cock and shoves it into her cunt.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she yells. Tom thrusts, long, fast in and slow out, rocking her back and forth. Greg says “Oh man, oh man!” and kneels down beside Daisy’s head. She feels his cock against her cheek and turns her head, slips it into her mouth while still looking at Tom. She slides one hand up to tweak her jiggling tits while the other holds Greg’s cock in her mouth steady against Tom’s fucking. Her tits sway in tight figure-eights with each stroke. Greg grabs her tits so she lets that hand fall to her pussy, rubbing her clit hard.

She moans, her eyes close, she starts to pant around the cock in her mouth. “Oh man, she’s coming again! Oh man!” Greg gasps. She feels his cock suddenly grow large in her hand, grow still, twitch and her mouth is instantly full of cum. She yanks out the cock and Greg jerks it, spraying cum onto her face. She squeals as she orgasms, Greg’s cum spilling out of her mouth, pussy spasming, her body rocking back and forth and face getting splashed with warm cum as she’s fucked. She feels the gooey streams explode onto her, giggles wildly as one large dollop splashes onto her left eyelid, sealing it shut. Her other eye flutters open when Tom yells, pulls out, and slides over her hips onto her chest, wild-eyed. She grabs his cock with both hands and jerks it, releasing a thick rope of cum onto her tits. Consumed with a sudden thirst, she leans up and tugs him forward toward her mouth, spraying her face before closing her lips around the spurting cock. She seals her lips. Tom thrusts and she feel her cheeks bulge again–it’s too much too fast–she gulps Greg’s and Tom’s cum down her throat as fast as she can but there’s still too much. Her lips loosen with a sudden release of pressure that sends huge drops cascading onto her chin and her chest. She leans back, Tom’s cock popping out. A gooey strand of cum obscenely hangs from the tip of Tom’s dick to her lips. She whorishly sucks it in like spaghetti, ending with a French kiss on the deflating dick.

The guys kneel on either side, taking turns dipping their drooping dicks into her slick mouth so she can repeat the spaghetti spectacle. She then sucks out the last drops of cum, and runs her fingers up her body to her cum-splattered tits and face. Judging by the way the cocks twitch in her mouth the guys seem to like that, so she scoops up the cum in her fingers, smiles a one-eyed smile and says “Another ten bucks and I’ll lick my fingers clean…”



Daisy lies on her back, her fingers clean, her mouth slick with swallowed cum, her body still glistening. The two guys are collapsed beside her. None are at all uncomfortable with their nakedness. The guys lazily caress Daisy’s slick body and tits while she strokes and pets their spent cocks.

“Wow.” Greg says. “That was incredible. You’re a fucking mess.”

Daisy giggles. She stretches, feeling the drying cum stretch on her bare skin. “I… liked it.” She licks her lips and giggles again.

Tom looks thoughtful. Daisy asks “What’s up, Tom?”

Tom looks at her, eyes glittering.

“How would you like to make more than 10 times what you just earned?”

“How do I do that?”

“What you do best: fuck and suck Greg, me, and our 8 friends, next week.”

“That would take a long time, even… doubled up.” She giggles. Is he serious?

“No, you’d take us all at once.”

A shiver runs through her even as she feels the cocks in her hands twitch. She sucks cock to supplement her income, and she just fucked two guys at the same time for a thrill, but what he suggests is very naughty. She considers, pursing cum-slick lips.

“How much?” she asks.



He smiles. “Yes. We’ll be fucking you all at once. Well not exactly all at once–we’ll take turns–but think about it: you can blow two or three guys while another fucks your pussy, and…” he pauses, considers, then continues “and, er, two more play with your tits.”

Daisy gasps at the image. Tom continues.

“You’d be surprised how many men one girl can take at once. Trust me, I’ve seen it in porno. Since it’s a little extreme, I think you deserve a little more money.”

She considers. Until tonight she’s limited herself to blowjobs, sucking off lonely travelers for 50 bucks a pop. She liked the money and also liked being a “bad girl”. But a fucking gangbang? Before tonight, she rarely showed her tits to a customer. Before tonight she’d never fucked for money. She smiles. Before tonight, she never had two spent dicks in her hand, their cum covering her tits, mouth, and face.

She can hardly believe she is considering fucking ten guys at once. She can hardly believe she’d earn $3,000 in a single night if she agreed. She can hardly believe how turned on she is getting, thinking of almost a dozen men taking turns fucking her. Or, as the guy said, almost a dozen men somehow fucking her at the same time. She licks her lips again.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

Walking down the hall from her impromptu appointment, she smiles. She is really looking forward to next week.

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