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Hot Wheels

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The store wasn’t opened yet as I walked through my department, women’s clothes, to put my purse away in the back. Mary hollered out “Hey Jenny! How’s it hanging?” When I said ‘hollered’, I was being literal. There was nothing subtle about her. Mary is one of those chubby, and I’m trying to be kind, women who can no longer see between their legs because their gut hangs over everything down there. Never have been to her house, or double wide trailer, whatever it is, but I envision it is full of stray cats and dogs, and surely no man or husband or partner of any kind to be found or even a trace of a past one.

I’m older, not ‘old’, let’s just say I’m over 40, well not more than 10 years older than that. Age has been good to me. I’m still slim and shapely, tall and pretty, long gray hair, usually in a pony tail. Heads till turn, I guess hearts still pound once in a while. I like to think so. But quite a few miles on my chassis, some worn parts here and there. I use Jenny, rather than Jen or Jennifer. That is my one hold out to my youth.

This is a good department to work in. I love to look at some of the women that shop here. Oh my, there are some beauties too. Lots of regulars, know most of them by name. A little chit chat with them. Never have been so bold to try and meet any of them socially. Would like to of course. A few I use for mental imagery when I masturbate, something still I love to do. My fingers and I are real good friends, lovers you might say, even if the relationship is a bit one sided.

Sometimes a customer will need some help in the dressing room, usually picked up the wrong size. One morning a pretty woman, yes, yes, late 20’s, early 30’s maybe, asked me to get her a different size dress. When I returned, she opened the door and was naked from top to bottom. Her body was better than anything I’d seen in a porn movie; perky breasts, nice waist, fine hips. My pussy was shaking and dripping, almost puddling on the floor, guess that’s one problem with not wearing panties, as I looked at her.

She looked straight at my face. “Thought you would like this.”

I just stood there like a fool. My hand trembled over my crotch, I wanted so badly to touch myself. I really wanted to touch her too, but I was also afraid I’d get fired. There was not a speck of hair between her legs and that was exactly where she was touching herself now. I knew there were some cameras in this area, but none that could see into a dressing enclosure. I closed the door and stood in front of her.

“I can’t quite reach this part.” Of course she could, she already was. Her hand clearly between her legs and she was begging for me to touch her or she was just messing with my head.

I went for the gold. “Let me help.”

I placed my hand over her mound, a finger tip slid between the soft folds of skin. I don’t know who was wetter, but she was definitely very damp. She threw her head back as my finger ran across her clit, a soft gasp escaped her slightly open mouth, her hands rested on my shoulders for support, as I continued to flick her clit. Her fingers squeezed my shoulders very tight for a moment.

“Oh thank you …” she glanced at my name tag, “… Jenny. I think I’m ready to try that other size now.”

That kind of break in the day is rare, but not as rare as you might think. I live for those days. I always love to look, to get more memories. My life is made of memories like that.

Back from lunch that day, I strolled through the department to see if anyone needed help. Over by the dresses, I saw Kim. She was one of my more favorite customers and had been coming in maybe once, sometimes twice, a week for the last few months. Like all the others, I didn’t really know her, but we always had a nice conversation when she was here. Nothing substantial, didn’t know what she did, if she was married, where she lived, nothing much.

I walked towards her, waiting until I was almost by her before saying anything. “Good afternoon Kim. How’s my number one customer?”

“So nice to see you Jenny. I’m doing just great. Looking for a lightweight travel dress.”

“Most are gone now. I think you’ve found just about all that are left. Going on a trip?” Not such a stupid question, she might have just wanted that style for around town.

“Yeah. Something’s come up. Nothing big.”

“Hope it will be a fun time.”

“Think it will be. Don’t know how long I’ll be away. But I will return. I promise. Love our talks.”

She was sweet to say that. Gave me hope. We were about the same age and she definitely made my heart race.

“Let me know if I can help. Seems this afternoon we are shorthanded and swamped with customers. This morning was dead around here.” I glanced over my shoulder as I walked away. I could feel an extra thump in my chest. Later I looked for Kim and she was gone. I didn’t see her leave and I was saddened that she didn’t say goodbye, maybe I was with a customer. I convinced myself that was what happened. At least it made me feel better.

That night I had vivid dreams of Kim kissing all over my body, sucking my pussy, me sucking hers. They were all wonderful. I would wake up and replay them in my mind, making each one even better in the replay, masturbating as I watched. I must have had 3 or 4 orgasms during the night. Not a record, but a bit unusual for me. Even if I didn’t have an orgasm, I thoroughly enjoyed myself each time.

Over the months, the twenty-something woman returned a few times and entertained me in the dressing room. I don’t know why, don’t know who she was, never knew when she would be here, but she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. It was almost like the anonymity was a major factor for her, maybe for me too.

I hadn’t seen Kim since that day she was looking for a travel dress. It had been over 6 months and I’d almost given up seeing her again. That, for some strange reason, left a small hole in my being, my soul. I had grown fond of our short visits, don’t know exactly why. I’ve never been able to put my finger on ‘why’ one person excited me and another didn’t. She definitely excited me. I wished that we had tried to have lunch or meet away from the store. Sometimes the loss of a person makes them seem ever more special.

Suddenly one day, I saw her head moving past the tables of clothes. She seemed shorter. I hustled towards where I thought she was. Oh goodie, goodie, she was here. My heart raced at the thought. I had built up what probably was an unreal fantasy of the two of us sailing off into the sunset together, the perfect love. You know, the perfect end to a chick flick. I knew she probably didn’t feel the same way for me, in fact I didn’t even know if she liked women in ‘that way’. Maybe she was married. As I got closer, all those negative thoughts I’d never allowed myself to have, filled my mind. Was I about to get my heart broken?

I looked up and down the aisles of clothes. I turned a corner and saw her. My mouth must have bounced off the floor, I could have sworn I felt the carpet against my chin.

“Hi Jenny. It’s wonderful to see you again.”

“What …” Further words failed to leave my mouth as I looked at her, sitting in a bright yellow wheelchair, her short skirt laying flat on the seat in front of her hips. I walked closer and kneeled down in front of her, my hands resting on the edge of the seat. I looked at her hips, then up to her face.

“Love …” She had never said anything like that to me before. “… I’m just fine. I’m happy. Please don’t be sad.”

“I was so worried about you. I thought I’d never see you again.”

“I know. It was mean of me. I wasn’t going to come back. I didn’t want to feel like I had to explain this … to anyone. That’s why I didn’t say goodbye the last time I saw you. Eventually, I just had to try seeing you one more time. You were the only one I just had to see.”

“Oh Kim. I’m so happy you did. Let’s have dinner tonight and talk. I so much want to just talk to you. I missed you.”

Work dragged the rest of the day. I was useless. I managed to talk someone into covering for me so I could leave early. I rushed home, cleaned myself up, put on a skimpy dress, something that revealed a little too much of my charms. I felt sexy going out with Kim and I wanted her to see me in that way. I wanted her to not be able to resist me. I wanted to end up in bed with her tonight and I took no chances. My long slim legs extended way, way, down from my almost too short dress with the opening at the top unbuttoned enough to show a little cleavage between my smallish breasts. Hope she wasn’t a ‘boob’ kind of woman. I laughed at myself a little for even having such a thought.

I adjusted one breast, not that they were big enough to adjust much, letting my fingers linger for a moment, loving how it felt to touch myself. My God, I was way ahead of myself. I was making up all kinds of feelings for a woman I still didn’t even know if she would be interested in me in that kind of way. Oh I hoped she would. Been a long time since I’d had feeling like this.

We went nice restaurant I had picked, one of those dimly lit, deeply romantic kind with the dark red velvet wallpaper, where the waiters speak that funny fake French and wear tuxedoes. She had suggested we just meet there, that sometimes she had trouble getting into other peoples houses with her chair. I got there a little early thinking I’d just wait in the lounge, have a drink, and relax my nerves a little.

When I got there, her glass was almost empty. She was radiant and dressed very nicely. She held up her drink towards me. “You have a little catching up to do.”

The bar tender looked at me, I looked at him. “Whatever it is, give me one.” I could barely stand, my knees shook like a teenager’s on his first date. Nothing mattered anymore other than just being with Kim. Her lack of legs didn’t even matter to me. She was still Kim.

I sat next to her at the table. “Do you ever look marvelous.”

“Thanks for suggesting we meet. Guess I’ve fantasized about this for a while.”

“You’re so sweet to say that. Me too.”

“Ladies, your table is ready. I will have someone bring your drinks.”

We were shown to a semicircular, thickly padded, booth near the fireplace. Making reservations, I’d asked for this booth, knowing it was the most romantic one. I was glad it was chilly outside so the fire would be burning. I expected Kim to just stay in her chair, but she moved to the booth and slid next to me, closer than actually necessary. Nice. As much as I wanted to just sit and stare across the table into her face, oh what a face it was, the face that launched a thousand ships, I was excited by the fact that she had actually made the effort to sit real close to me.

As the waiter placed the opened menus in front of us, a young lady sat our drinks on the table.

Kim looked at me. “Remember when you were that young? Those were the days my friend.”

“Bet you broke all the boys hearts?”

“Actually all the girls hearts.”

Her hand was wrapped around her drink glass, just stroking the sides with her fingers up and down like a hard cock, the moisture dripping down her hand like my pussy juices down my thigh. I rubbed the back of her hand lightly with the back of mine.

“Me too.”

“Lets not do that to each other.”

“I hope not … Kim.”

She took my hand and rolled it over, placing her palm on mine, her fingers intertwined with mine. Lifting our hands, she lightly kissed the back of mine once.

“Are you ready to order or would you like a few more minutes?”

Kim looked up at the waiter and smiled. “Sorry. A special night. A few more minutes.”

My heart melted as I heard her say that. The glow of the firelight reflected off her face. Maybe others would not think of us raving beauties, but I could not get over just how lovely, just how gorgeous Kim was to me.

“Very well Madam.” Fake French is better than no French I guess. He turned and walked away.

We looked through the menus, discussing what we liked and didn’t, what sounded good and didn’t. So much to choose from. I loved to eat here.

The waiter was back, looking at us like this would be our last chance to order for the night.

“Filet Mignon is my favorite here. That and a nice Merlot.”

“You hit the nail on the head Jenny. Two of those please, medium, with bearnaise sauce, and blue cheese for the salad. And a nice Merlot. You can choose sir.”

“Very well.” He left.

Kim sat looking at me, her blue eyes had me locked in her spell. It was all I could do to keep from embarrassing myself by just jumping on top of her right now and yelling ‘suck my cunt, all night long’. I controlled myself and just leaned over to give her a small peck on the lips.

“I’m so glad you came back Kim.”

The waiter held the bottle in front of Kim before she could reply to me.

“That’ll be fine.”

He opened it and let her taste it.

“Very nice.”

He poured some for both of us and left again.

Kim raised her glass. “To the start of something nice.”

I clinked my glass against hers. “Yes it is.”

I felt her hand rest on my thigh, higher than just above the knee, as her lips briefly touched my cheek. Almost by instinct, I put my hand on her thigh, but it landed on her flattened skirt.

A smile filled her face. “I forget too.” She moved my hand, pressing it over the front of her hip. “There.” Her hand remained on top of mine for a second before moving back to my thigh, this time a little higher.

“I like the way you feel there.” I had never known or thought about what it would be like to be with someone with a body like Kim now had. She could have an eye in the middle of her forehead. I just wanted to be with her.

We just looked at each other’s face as we sipped the wine, filled our glasses, sipped more, ate our salads. We were both on another planet. The bottle was nearly empty when the main course arrived.

Kim held the bottle up. “Another.”

“Why yes, just a moment.” I found that such a quaint way to answer with a question, it made me smile.

After the waiter was far enough away, I mentioned it to Kim. We both giggled together about that and the funny accent.

The first glass of the 2nd bottle went down far too fast and far too smoothly. Usually it only takes me one glass to get a little silly, tonight I’d had 3 so far plus my drink from the lounge. Of course Kim was just as plastered. Good thing it was just a mile down quiet streets to my place. Only one small step into it. I felt sure we could get her chair inside. What did I know? I just hoped.

The waiter took my credit card. I looked at Kim, leaned towards her and gave her a kiss that lasted just long enough to say ‘I want more’.

“Oh Jenny, I’ve had a wonderful time tonight. This has been so good.” She squeezed my hand and held it, not letting it go.

“Do me the favor of coming back to my place.”


“Just a small one. We can find a way.”

“Or you could come to mine. I’m just a mile away.”

“In the Valley View Apartments?”


“Me too. #2125.”


“Oh my God, we’re neighbors! Just a few buildings apart.”

I parked in my usual place and walked, staggered, over to Kim’s, one building from mine. She was just getting into her wheelchair as I got there.

“Do they allow drunken wheelchair pushing?”

“Would that be a DWP?”

We had similar floor plans, even the same spartan decorating ideas. She had been in her place less than a month and still had boxes piled here and there.

I know we had the same ideas about what to do now, only she beat me to the bedroom and was just moving onto the bed when I got there.

“Damn Hot Wheels, that chair is fast.”

“Shut up and kiss me. I’ve got a major fire down below that needs to be dealt with real fast.”

I laid next to her, arms around each other, mouths locked together, tongues not to be untangled for some time, fanning those flames even more.

Her hands roamed over my body, mine over hers. I released her mouth, her tongue, turned, and began kissing my way down her front, over her clothes, my hand leading the way. I skipped past her breasts, time for that later. I knew where I wanted my mouth and quickly too. Skirt up over her hips, my fingers were rubbing her pussy lips just moments before my tongue parted them. I could feel her mouth feasting on me at the other end of the bed. I stopped just long enough to say “I love you down here.” before resuming my desert.

My hands pulled her skirt over her hips. Without legs, it was instantly off, and fell to the floor. “Opps.” I mumbled. My lips kissed across her hips, across the faint white scars where her legs used to be. I wanted her to know I didn’t mind, that it didn’t bother me. Patiently, I continued my kisses until I was again were covering her luscious lips, parting them, licking the delicious wetness, uncovering her overly large clit from its hiding place, sucking it between my lips, nibbling on it with my teeth.

She was urging me on. “Suck me, harder, yeah like that, more. She was out of control! I too was commanding “bite my clit, lick it, you’re good baby.” Then we both were racked with a marvelous simultaneous orgasm and a few aftershocks, maybe another orgasm or two before we slowed, then stopped.

We turned so we were face to face again, laying sideways across the bed, her body not reaching fully across, my feet dangling over the edge. We kissed for a while, nuzzled, cuddled, and just held each other close.

“Damn Kim! I was so horny. That was great.”

“Nice we both were. Hoping you would want me. Now we have that out of the way, maybe the rest of tonight we can just make sweet love and explore how wonderful it is to lay next to each other.”

“You said that so nicely.”

“Kim … you do feel nice against me.” My hand draped over her hip, touching all over where that leg had been.

“I’m glad. It feels good when you touch me like that.”

Between the wine and the love making, it was 10:30 when we woke up.

I looked at the clock. “Hope no one had to go to work.”

“It’s Saturday silly.”

“Oh yeah. So kiss me fool.”

“Gotta pee really bad.”

“Only if you let me watch.”

“Jenny is a dirty girl!” Kim moved into her chair and I followed as she rolled into the bathroom.

My finger dragged through her pussy as the urine splashed in the water. Done, I licked my fingers. “This was just to show you how special you are to me. I don’t want there to be anything we can’t share. Know that Kim. Don’t feel like you have to hide anything.” I folded up some toilet paper and wiped her. “Thanks for letting me be here with you.” I kissed her while she sat on the toilet.

For the rest of the weekend, we talked, made love, had sex, ate each other, also some food, and just started learning more about each other. Hours seemed compressed into seconds.

Sunday evening, I sat next to her on the couch. Both undressed, watching nothing on TV, holding hands. Acting like new lovers should.

“Will you watch me?”


“Yeah Kim. Watch me masturbate.”

“I’d love too. That is such a turn on. Should we take turns or do it at the same time?”

There seemed to be nothing one of us wanted to do or talk about that the other didn’t also. Real soul mates.

“Take turns.”

I moved closer to the arm of the couch and leaned my back against it so I was facing her with my legs spread apart. She did the same.

“You cheated. You didn’t spread your legs.”

“Good one Jenny. I may keep you now.”

As I dipped my fingers inside me, stroked my thighs, licked my fingers, flicked my clit a bunch, breathing hard, I could tell Kim was having trouble just watching. She had a finger tip rubbing up and down across her clit, slowly at first, but soon matching pace with me.

“That is fucking beautiful Kim. I’m so glad you can’t wait for me to finish.”

“You are such a tease, such a turn on. I’ve never been with someone that lit me up like you do. Have I told you that you have fantastic looking pussy. Your pussy lips are just gorgeous baby. So even, so neat. Oh, you taste so damn good too. You’re going to have a fucking hard time getting rid of me lover.”

“Oh darling … I … ah … here it is … ah, ah … oh fuck.” I panted and relaxed. “I didn’t know someone could just talk and make me orgasm. You are good baby.”

“Do you really have to go to work tomorrow?”

“Afraid so. What did you have in mind?”

“Well my bed isn’t messed up enough. Could work on that.”

“Temp me tiger, temp me. Heaven help me. I feel like a kid again. All I want to do is be with you Kim.”

“I’m glad. I’m pretty hooked on you already myself.”

The next month became a transition period as we consolidated our lives, our belongings, and I started living in her, well now, our apartment. It was a good time for both of us. Our personalities were so similar, our likes, interests, just everything. Almost like we were identical twins. I even let go of my apartment.

The days were torture. Time passed like all the clocks had been unplugged and the watches stopped. Fucking customers, forever asking for help. Get a life. Don’t bother me. Go away. But when I walked through that front door and saw Kim each evening, I was a reborn teenaged girl. My motor was roaring and my pussy needed taking care of. And Kim had the medicine for me. Her pussy wrapped around my tongue, and mine around hers. That was the ticket for both of us. I was sure the neighbors thought wildcats had moved in next door with the way we’d scream and moan through the evening and night.

Summer was at last here and we’d been together 9 months. We had celebrated being together every day and today was no different.

“Hey Jenny! Guess what I won?” She was waving an envelope and rolling towards me. I picked her up and held her in my arms. God was she light and nice to hold.

“First, how’s my little sex pot? Who loves ya baby?”

“You do.” Kim wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. “No one loves me as good as my beautiful Jenny.”

“Where we going?”

“To bed?”

“No silly. You won something.”

“Oh. … Yup. I’m holding a letter that says we have won … ta da … 14 nights in Jamaica plus air fair for 2. How’s that sound my favorite pussy cakes?”

“Do we leave tonight?”

“I wish. It’s at one of those adult only places. Just think of all the hot bodied tanned chickies we’ll get to ogle. Woo Hoo!”

“We need to get you one of those tiny thong bathing suits. You’ll make peoples eyes fall out.”

“Yeah, or just puke.”

“Good. All the more attention I can lavish on you stud muffin.”

“Oh yeah? Pussy licker.”

“Muff diver.”

Still cradled in my arms, I walked straight in to the bedroom and tossed her short body onto the bed, ripped her clothes off, and began licking her pussy.

“Oh you suck me so good, oh yeah pull my clit way out like that, yeah baby, yeah baby. The 60 second cum! All most there, yeah, yeah … Oh you’re good, real good. … Fucking good baby.”

I cupped my hands over her hips, where her legs used to be. “Damn nice not to have these in the way. Damn nice.” I kissed her all over her hips, ran my fingers though her ass crack, over her asshole, licked her pussy lips, teasing them as I nibbled and pulled on them with my lips, my teeth.

“There’ll be hell to pay if you stop now Jenny Lou!” Not my name, but she’d toss it in when she wanted to make sure to get my attention. “You better fucking finish this next orgasm for me!”

I kept sucking her clit like a small cock, a finger explored her pussy, pressed against that wonderful patch of skin, that spot in her pussy, stroked it more and more. Her hands, her fingers grabbed the sheets, pulling it from the corners of the mattress, holding it tight across her face, then in her mouth to muffle her screams, her hips were bouncing left and right. I held on with my hands now as I sucked her clit. Her fingers scraped across her chest leaving marks.

“Oh my God Jenny. That’s … that’s … oh yeah Jenny … oh yeah.”

“Was it gooood for youuu?” I teased knowing full well it was one of her best orgasms.

“Oh you are a gooood fucker. I write it on all the bathroom walls.”

“Wondered what all those strange phone calls were about?”

Kim forced me onto my back and held me down with her hand pressing against my shoulders. Her lips teased mine, first just pressing against them, then licking them lightly spreading moisture around, my tongue touching her lips here and there. She took her time. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to. I wanted to be her prisoner. I was hers now. She dragged her tongue everywhere, across my eyes, my ear lobes, she nibbled some, licked some.

I already burned like a person in the desert and she had just started. I tried to touch myself, couldn’t. Tried to touch her, she wouldn’t let me.

Minutes, felt like hours, as she worked over my face, my neck, with her mouth, still holding me down. With almost imperceptible movements, she worked her way down my throat, across my chest, stomach. I was trying to beg her to kiss my pussy, but she would cover my mouth with her hand, her mouth, then start again each time I asked or begged.

I ached, the passion overwhelming. I was desperate for release, to be touched all over my pussy. Everything else was very nice, I just wanted to be touched, kissed, sucked, there, my pussy, my cunt, there! Nowhere but there!

On the 3rd pass, now below my stomach, she kissed my navel and then skipped over my pussy and kissed my thighs, first the left, then the right. She teased me, letting her mouth hover over my pussy, my cunt. I could feel her warm, her hot breath blow on it. She was so close. Oh my God, please! Her legless hips were in my face, her body on my chest, her mouth between my hips and knees. I leaned down and tried to kiss her pussy, to urge her to kiss mine, but she pulled it away, threatening to start over with my face, taking even longer to get where I desperately wanted her to be.

Her face comes close to the goal again. I can almost feel her tongue lick to one side of my labia, then the other. Oh fuck you Kim! I’m going to cum all over your face as soon as your tongue touches my cunt, my clit. She does. Oh my God, she does. The electricity races though my whole body. I pull her hips against my face, almost biting into them as I convulse, spasm, shake uncontrollably. This is it. Thank you, thank you. Hell yes. This is it.

I fall back, chest pounding, heart racing, feeling darkness coming over me. I try to stay in this world. I try hard. Oh my goodness that was good. My hand holds my chest to keep my heart inside. I can feel my heart start to slow a little. I’m going to live. Yes, I’m still alive. Life returns to me.

“I love you Kim. I do. Always be here with me.”

The plane landed in Jamaica. It was so bloody hot as we got off the plane. My clothes were instantly soaking wet. Got Kim’s chair, went through customs, got one small suitcase, filled with bathing suits and a few skirts and blouses, from the carousel, down the elevator, and waited and waited. Melting even more. Eventually we saw a man holding up a sign with our names.

“We’re Kim and Jenny.”

He was from the resort and drove us there. Glad he was driving. I didn’t know all the correct beeps of the horn for sure.

We checked in. Our room looked like a hut with what appeared to be a grass roof. All the rooms were like ours, little huts under palm trees all over the place. A living room, bedroom, and bath. The air conditioner worked hard, almost begging to be put out of it’s misery. ‘hum, hum, shoot me, hum, hum, shoot me’. I was sure that’s what it sounded like. It was cool inside though. Nothing like outside. Plenty of space, more than I thought from the first glance outside. Wide doorways. Very accessible as promised.

I watched as Kim swung from her chair and launched herself in an arc, as if shot from a cannon, hips first onto the middle of the bed. She’s cute when she does that, but I do worry about her overshooting. I fell backwards onto the bed and landed next to her.

“Well pussy licker, what do you think?”

“Hey muff diver. I think you’re pretty fine. Nice ass for a lady without legs.”

“Good enough for you to eat?”

“Yeah, I guess? Want to check out the natives?”

“Only ‘yeah, I guess’? If that’s all, let’s get those band aid sized thongs on and go terrorize everyone.”

It was clear from the women around the pool, that we might have been silly to be concerned about the way we looked in thongs. Oh my God. I hope this is not everyone that is here. A few looked like chubby Mary’s from work, but in a thong. If anyone gets upset at Kim for showing her stumps, I’ll get my gun out. Oh my. Where’s the barf bag. Some of the guys weren’t much better.

I spread out our towels, helped Kim down from her chair. Sure, she can manage, but I love to do things for her even if it is faster when I don’t help.

The sun in the tropics felt nice on our aging skin. Already in Heaven. Right now I didn’t care if I died from skin cancer. Just loved laying next to Kim. We held hands, talked, looked around, acted like young lovers. Some man with the hotel knew exactly what I wanted and handed us each a very tall rum punch. Guess you can’t be in Jamaica without one in your hand, everyone seems to have one. Doesn’t take long before there are no cares in the world with one of these. Just one happy buzz.

Eventually, a few hot body women sit by the pool. I’m happy now. Good eye candy, real good. Tasty I’m sure. What a dirty old lady I am.

Hours pass, sun starts to go down, nice red glow in the sky, sailor’s delight they say. Dinner is set in an open air eating area. Wheelchair by a table for 2, saving our place, I cradle Kim in my arms to go thought the line. People stare, we ignore them. As far as we’re concerned, we’re the only people in this world. A server insists I let him get our food for us.

The food is great, but not what we normally eat, but still great. Not sure what it was, but remembered that most everything tastes like chicken. Didn’t look like chicken. Hoped it wasn’t fried shark penis. After dinner, we tried a place in the resort by the beach that makes burgers. Better. Now we’re full.

Sun is down now. Chair in the room. I carry Kim, love to have her cradled in my arms, one of her arms is around my neck, not very far from the room, to the ‘Swing Bar’ on a pier over the ocean. One with swings for seats, all hanging from long ropes around a circular bar. We take the last 2. Bar tender hands us two rum punches. Kim swings back and forth. People watch with amazement and fascination as her short black skirt flips up as she swings forward. Flips sometimes more than other times, revealing too much. No one minds that.

Two more drinks. By now, they go down like ice tea. Two more. We’re pretty looped. I wonder if I can carry Kim all the way back to the room. Not that far, but even a few steps now would seem like a hundred miles. Maybe should have brought the chair. Too drunk to think of just going back by myself and getting it. My arms are noodles, my legs weak. I laugh hard at myself as I stumble a little when I take my first step. Kim is flexible like Mr. Gumby as I try to pick her up. We are 2 silly drunks. Not that everyone else isn’t also.

“Would you like some help?” Some tall handsome American guy grabs my arm to keep me from falling.

I looked into his baby blue eyes. I slur my speech. “Sure. Might have to make a second trip for me though.”

He cradles Kim in one arm against his chest like a big sack of flour. She looks at him and mumbles “Not even a leg to stand on.” He holds my hand with this free hand as he leads me back to our room.

By our door, the smell of a joint wafts overhead. “Haven’t smelled that for a long time. Can’t do ….” Kim mumbles and her voice trails off, her head resting on his shoulder.

I opened the door and he lays Kim on the bed, her short black skirt flips back revealing her naked hips and pussy.

I sat down, more like I plopped down. “Thanks for the help.”

“See both of you tomorrow.”

“If I can get my sea legs.” Kim babbles.

The door shuts.

“Gotta be more careful about those drinks.”

We passed out on the bed.

A few knocks on the door. “Room service!” A few more knocks, louder this time. “Room service!”

The woman shaking my shoulder is a lovely very dark skinned person. “Ma’am? … If you want any breakfast or coffee, you need to wake up.” She shakes my shoulder again.

“What?” I stir a little. “What time is it?”

“9:30. Breakfast is almost over. We’re here to clean your room.”

I shake Kim. She moves a little. “Baby, we need to try and wake up. Days wasting.” I help her into her chair, run a brush through both our hair, and wheel her out the door, still wearing last night clothes.

The head, humidity, and bright sunlight blast into our eyes. Startled, she sits upright. “What happened?”

“Ten gallons of rum punch dear. Time for breakfast. Try not to look too brain damaged.”

She slapped her face a little. “I’m a live, I think. I kind of remember a guy carrying me back to the room last night.”

“He was very nice and helped both of us back. We might have become shark bait otherwise.”

“Shit! They got my legs!” She yelled a bit louder than necessary as I pushed her down the path. A few people looked at her with shock. No place for me to hide either, so I just laughed. So did Kim. Not sure everyone is up for her dry sense of humor.

Food on the tray, tray on the table, coffee cups in our shaking hands for a few minutes as we tried to sip the black liquid. I spread some butter on our toast, shake salt and pepper on the scrambled eggs.

“So you made it through the night?”

A head blocked the sun. Couldn’t quite see what it looked like. Then I realized where I’d heard the voice. “Oh. Hi! Thanks for saving our sorry asses last night. A real knight in shining armor.”

“You may not be ready for much conversation right now, but we’d like to join you if it is okay?”

We? I tried to focus a little. He was with 2 females, couldn’t see their faces yet, but I could see their crotches. definitely female. Real hard to focus, bright light, fuzzy head. You know the drill. “Sure pull up some chairs.”

“Brought mine this time so you won’t have to carry me again.”

“Not a problem Kim. … This is Patty, my wife and Connie her girlfriend. … Oh, I’m Robert.”

At last I was able to focus enough to see the 3 people. They all looked like there were maybe in their early 30’s. All pretty good looking. Not even a little orange hair, no Mohawk hair cuts, no whale bones through the cheeks. Nothing at all strange. The more I looked at Robert, the more I realized how handsome he was. A real Marlboro Man kind of guy.

Kim squinted, and moved her head slowly around. “Wow! The voices in my head have faces.”

“Yesterday must have been your first day. Takes a while to get used to those rum punches. Lots of rum followed by lots of punch.” Patty laughed. “I got pretty shit faced my first day too. Some of it is the heat.”

“Oh, only the first day? I remember you knocking on more than one wrong door the 2nd night.”

“Thanks for reminding me Connie. I’d forgotten I was the ONLY one that got drunk.”

“Girls, girls. Be nice. We’re supposed to be having fun.”

Kim leaned towards Connie. “Was that a joint I smelled last night? Fuck, that stuff used to make me so horny. Been a long time though.”

As I listened, I thought I heard a bit of a Australian accent. Both the women sounded the same. “You from Australia?”

Patty looked towards me. “Right mate. And you?”

“The States. We’re here for 14 days.”

“Guess I can rescue you for 2 more days. You’re pretty light Kim. Won’t mind that. Not at all.”

Patty slapped him on the arm. “Be nice.”

“Oh he was a perfect gentleman. Don’t remember TOO many inappropriate touches.” Kim laughed.

“Wasn’t quite sure how to hold you. Not as many handles on your body.”

“Just glad you didn’t mistake me for a 2 hole bowling ball.” We all laughed at that one.

Connie looked up and down at Kim. “You have a nice wit about you. Some like you don’t.”

Kim and I ignored the ‘like you’ part. “Thanks. Jenny and I are real lucky to have each other.”

“Speaking of fingers in 2 holes, Connie and I need to run back to the room for a while. Stop by for a smoke later if you want.”

“Bye girls.” Robert waved as they walked away.

“Unusual that a guy is that comfortable letting his wife have a girlfriend.”

“Oh they’re lots of benefits. Like both of you, they are real easy on the eyes. Know what I mean? An I get to watch a lot of times. Something they both enjoy.”

“You’re sweet.”

“They like to be watched?”

He looked around to see who was close by. “Hell yes. Both real show offs and Patty loves to go both ways, but I think she is very partial to Connie. Get my stones off.”

The next 2 days were fun, watching Patty and Connie, and Robert and Patty, all messing around. We smoked some good weed, traded stories, made lewd suggestive comments, just being wild and crazy for a while. Never traded touches, well nothing too sexual; well maybe a finger on a clit, a tit, or a cock, nothing much else. Just had a refreshing time. Robert was kind and carried Kim out into the ocean a few times and let her swim while he stayed close by.

The resort had a half day scuba experience where they showed people how to use the equipment in the pool, then went out for a few hours in the ocean. We enquired and a lovely woman, in a revealing bathing suit, smiled and explained she would LOVE to help Kim. We both looked at Rose, then each other, and smiled as we squeezed each others hand harder.

Half an hour later we were in the pool. Kim had a few extra small weights added to her belt help keep her hips down. Rose worked just with Kim and me while 2 guys worked with the rest of the class. I watched underwater as her hands held Kim by the hips, letting them slide around more than necessary just to support her. I think Kim was enjoying herself as well. We both quickly caught on to breathing, clearing our masks, going up and down.

One of the men with the dive shop carried Kim to the boat and helped her in after the others were seated. I think she enjoyed the extra attention. I could have sworn I noticed a few stolen looks, growing bulges in a few bathing suits, and a few tongues rubbing across the lips.

The ride out into the ocean was fun, wind in the hair, blue water, boat bouncing over small waves. We anchored in water that was turquoise, a little murky, with brightly colored fish swimming about. I was glad Kim refrained from any jokes about how she didn’t have to worry about sharks nibbling on her legs. Pretty sure some of the people didn’t do well in the pool, and now we were in 40 feet of open ocean.

Kim was placed on the edge of the boat, tank on her back, Rose in the water, and then Kim leaned backwards. She landed near Rose, sank for a moment, and returned to the surface with Rose pushing her up with a hand under her crotch.

“You okay?”

“Oh baby. After that, you bet! I’m ready when you are.”

Rose held Kim’s hand, pulling and kicking her legs. Sometimes Rose would give her a shove with a hand under Kim’s crotch, usually to help her go up, but I knew there were times she did it to cop a feel. I swam nearby, watching them together, both seeming very happy. I could not believe the amount of freedom I felt while underwater. The fish were so colorful, like a very large fish tank full of sport fish of many colors. We fed them pieces of banana and the fish would eat out of our finger tips.

Back at the bar, devoid of our scuba gear, rum punches in one hand, the fingers of the other intertwined together, we just looked at each other for a while.

Kim broke the silence. “God was that great.”

“It was better than I could have imagined. Looked like Rose had a nice time. Glad she was able to help.”

“Her hand was so gentle, the soft touches sent goose bumps all over me. I loved the feeling of being pulled along. She fingered me a few times, specially coming up. Very nice. I was amazed at the sensations in my hips as she pulled me though. The way the water pressed against my hips as it flowed over them, really heightened the notion that my legs weren’t there.”

“I loved watching you. You were so lovely down there. I mean down there below the surface. Hell yeah, you are so lovely ‘down there’ too.”

We laughed.

“Ready for a nap?”

We had a wonderful rest of the 2 weeks. Everyone was kind and helpful no matter what we needed, both the local people who worked there, and the other guests. It was a time that I would never forget. How I hated to arrive back at the airport. Back to ‘real life’. At least I would be with Kim and she would be with me.

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