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Hot Tub For 3

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We are in the hot tub watching a movie. You are in between the two of us. We are close on either side. I reach out my hand under the warm water gently pulling your leg against mine. Jack pulls your right leg toward himself. This opens up your legs a bit. I slowly reach up your inner thigh a bit higher. You pretend not to notice what is going on, but your breathing quickens as you try to seem indifferent to what is being done to you.

My hand reaches your suit, and brushes your pussy through the fabric. You glance away from the screen long enough to give me a quick look of growing desire. Jack’s hand reaches up to your right tit and squeezes it through your top. You place a hand on my leg and grab my knee for support as a slight shudder runs through you.

I kiss your ear lightly. Jack and I slide the straps of your suit top off your shoulders and you cooperate by pulling your arms through the straps. Together we fold the top down so your beautiful firm breasts are uncovered. Jack quickly sucks your nipple into his mouth. I slide my finger under your suit bottoms between your legs and brush my finger over your pussy. You now make no pretence of watching the movie and you lay back to allow better access to your sexy body.

Your breath comes fairly hard now as I slip a finger inside of you. You gasp for a second as I enter. You body stiffens with that first hint of an orgasm that is slowly building up inside. As you relax a bit more, I eagerly slide a second digit into you. Jack is sucking and biting both nipples and caressing your tits. He kisses your neck as another spasm tenses your body. I’m so hard, I feel like I’m about to explode. You have a hand on both hard cocks and you pull on them to keep them that way.

I pull my fingers out, and slide my hand down the front of your suit. I begin lightly rubbing your clit in a circular motion, now with just a bit more pressure. You sit up just enough for me to know it’s time to remove your suit bottom. I slide them down your legs and down to your ankles. As soon as you relax form this, Jack unclasps your top, and it gets thrown into the middle of the tub. My fingers move faster and more firmly now as you really begin to breath deeply. A third wave of pleasure causes you to tense up again as you pull faster on our two cocks. Jack slides a couple fingers into you as I continue to rub your clit. Your breath comes faster and a slight mmmhhh escapes you. You are pulling on me hard enough that I am afraid I might come too soon, but suddenly a loud inhale marks the beginning of a shattering orgasm and you forget about pulling on the hard cocks in your hand as you concentrate on the pleasure you are receiving.

You begin to shake some and your breath comes in gasps as you come hard against our fingers. I feel your body as you begin to tense up very hard and let out a loud wail that builds. You inhale and then exhale explosively as an even harder wave of pleasure hits you. Your body is nearly out of the water as you press your pelvis against our hands. Finally, you beg us to stop so you can catch your breath. We hold you for a few moments, and as you turn towards me while standing in the tub, Jack slides his rock hard cock into you from behind, all in one easy motion. Your eyes go wide for a second as you put your arms on my shoulders for support. He begins sliding in and out of you as you take my cock into your mouth. You are enjoying the feeling of having cocks at both ends.

My cock slides in and out of your mouth as you sexily suck it. You make encouraging noises around my cock as you are getting fucked from behind. As Jack moves faster, his body begins to slap wetly against you, making a splashing slapping sound. You begin to tense with another impending orgasm, and momentarily pull your mouth off of me to catch your breath, but it is coming too fast and you have to grab on to me to support yourself as a second mind numbing explosive orgasm wracks you. You pull me tightly against you and I hold you up as your desire consumes you. Jack is sliding furiously in and out of you and cums deep inside of you with a final slap.

You fall against me as the last of your strength escapes you. But we are not done yet. After I hold you long enough for you to recover your breath, I turn you around so you are facing him, and I slide my now achingly hard cock into your sopping pussy. I love the feel of myself sliding into you. It is so hot inside. There is no friction in your cum filled pussy, and I easily slide all the way in. You are resting your head on Jacks shoulders as he helps to support you while I begin fucking you. Your breathing is ragged as I slide in and out, and a few whimpers and gasps are the only noises you make. My cock feels longer that I have ever felt it grow as I fuck you faster and slam harder into you.

I can’t hold out long with all the intense orgasms I have witnessed already. You feel absolutely fantastic inside, and as you just begin your third hard orgasm of the evening, I let loose a load of hot cum inside you. I feel as though I have cum a quart, as I hold you tightly against me till I stop shaking and can catch my breath. You seem to have caught a second wind from this last fucking and you climb out of the tub and motion us to follow you into the bedroom.

You lay down on the bed with your knees wide apart. I can see your pussy lips shine wetly in the subdued lighting. I can’t resist, and I quickly burry my face in your cum filled pussy. Immediately you close your legs around my face as my tongue hits your clit. You push the back of my head hard into you and let out a big moan that is suddenly partially quieted when Jack puts his hard again cock into your waiting mouth. I can hear you slurping wetly on it while I am slurping wetly on you. Your legs again tighten as yet another orgasm begins to build. I can tell you are getting very sensitive, so I move away from you clit and concentrate on sliding my tongue as far into you as I can get it. Your pussy tightens on my tongue and I can tell you are close to cumming again. I slow down some more as I don’t want to wear you out too soon.

Jack is beginning to make a few noises himself, as you work on him. You are cupping his balls and pulling him into your anxious mouth. He has his hand on the back of your head pushing himself into you. His balls are actually hitting you as you expertly slide him into you. I am momentarily transfixed by this show, but soon return to eating you out. I have given you enough time to calm down a bit, so I pick up the pace and press my tongue hard against your clit and lick for all I am worth. In no time you are nearly cumming again. I lightly bite your clit as you begin a long drawn out whimper or cry that turns into a full-blown scream. Your pussy spasms against my face and you nearly break my neck with the force of your orgasm. I am rewarded with a load of cum from you. I can hardly breath, but I keep licking for all I am worth.

After I finish licking you clean, I slide my now hard cock into you for the second time this evening. Once again, there is no friction and I easily slide all the way in. My balls hit home, and it feels like they are almost inside you as well. I begin slowly stroking as you resume sucking Jack’s cock that you momentarily neglected during your orgasm. I can hear slurping sounds from me wetly sliding in and out of you and from the blowjob you are giving Jack. We have to match motions to keep you moving in time for each stroke.

Jack seems to be getting near to cumming in your mouth, but pulls out first. He motions us to roll over, placing you on top of me, with my cock still buried in your pussy. In this position, you have an opening ready for fucking. Jack slowly slides his wet cock into your butt, we stop moving to allow you to accommodate the new addition. I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock as he enters. At first, you are not sure you can take both of us inside at once, but soon after he is fully inside, I can feel you relaxing. I begin to slowly stroke into you again. Jack does so too. You quickly learn that you love the feeling of two cocks sliding in and out of your two holes at the same time. You breathing already ragged begins to go in time with the motion. A sharp inhale during every push, and an exhale on every out-stroke.

Small noises begin to escape your mouth as we continue to fuck you. Each stroke elicits a little louder sound. Soon you are saying “YES!” with each incoming stroke, and grunting with each retraction. Jack applies some lube to his cock to make things easier for you, this increases your pleasure even more. By now my cock is soaking wet from you leaking on me. The only friction comes from the fact that you are stretched tight from accommodating two cocks. I am near to coming, so I stop and press my groin hard into you. Jack keeps on fucking you, and each motion of his makes your pussy rub against my hard, still cock. I can tell I will soon come, so I begin sliding in and out of you faster. I can tell from the sounds that you have passed into a continuous orgasm, which just won’t stop. The sexy sounds coming from you turn us on even more, and we both begin to slam into you faster and harder. You stop making loud noises and settle into a continuous whimper that changes pitch with each stroke. I begin cumming inside you and I let out a short yell, which causes Jack to cum as well. My rock hard cock twitches as it spurts more hot cum deeply into you. I can feel Jack empty his load into your rectum at nearly the same time.

You have gone silent and your body is stiff while you are in the thralls of your strongest orgasm of the night. Even after we stop moving, you orgasm continues. It is such a turn on to turn you on so much. Too soon, you are back in the world of reality, and our two cocks slowly loose hardness and inch out of you with a little plop sound. We remain in this position for a few more moments to regain our breath. Jacks pulls away from you and you roll slowly off of me, still trying to catch your breath. You lie down next to me, and Jack lays down on your other side.

We each pull a leg on top of us so you are laying there with your pussy spread wide open. There is cum leaking out of both your pussy and anus. I can’t think of a sexier sight, and I prop my head up to look you over as my cum leaks out of your pussy, and down to join with Jacks cum leaking out too.

I can tell I am done for a while as even this sight doesn’t get me hard right away. I ask if you are ready, and you smile and say “I think I need a few minutes first.” You try to get up to go clean up, but I hold you down and I get up and bring back two towels, one for you to clean up with and one to cover the big wet spot that has formed under you.

I lay down with my head against the inside you your right leg, facing you. From here I can inhale the musky aroma of freshly fucked pussy. I playfully lick your labia, and it makes you jump in surprise. You are still too sensitive to go again, and frankly I’m not ready either. Jack begins to lick and play with your left tit. We slowly come down and just enjoy being together for a while. I am so relaxed, I could almost fall asleep, but the thought of you being right in front of me is beginning to have an effect. A little more cum leaks out of your pussy, and I lick it up. I can feel the stirrings of my cock as I do this. It won’t be long now.

Meanwhile, our light ministrations have begun to have their effect on you too. You are no longer resisting, just laying there enjoying the feeling of having two guys exploring every facet of your body. We begin to explore further, lightly kissing wherever we happen to be. I finally end up at you neck and then I meet your lips where we kiss passionately. My tongue explores your open mouth, as my cock starts to recover a bit of its hardness. I kiss you hard as you kiss me back. You moan around our kiss as Jack is doing something to you that I can’t see, but it seems to be working well. Soon you have to break the kiss for a second to take a deep breath. I glance down to see that Jack is hungrily eating you out. Now I know why you have had the sudden surge of energy. You pull me back to you and kiss me more forcefully than before.

Soon, you are breathing hard again, I hold you tightly and you pull me close as you open your legs further to allow Jack better access. He is now eating you with a vengeance, as now you lock your legs tightly around his head while I continue to kiss you around your moans. I pull your nipples roughly and pinch then between my fingers. Soon I can tell you are having a little orgasm. This one is hardly over when another, more intense one hits you. I no time you are back at full throttle and cumming hard. You pull me so tightly against you that I can hardly breath. In the next moment, you have both hands on the back of Jacks head literally forcing him into you. He cooperates by licking harder right on your clit. When you hit your peak orgasm, you nearly knock all of us off the bed with the force of your spasms. Jack looks up smiling.

By now we are both hard again, and ready for some more great sex. Jack climbs out of bed and pulls you out with him. You wonder what is going to happen next. The answer is obvious when he bends you over the foot of the bed and slides his hard cock into you. I look on as he begins stroking into you. He has a hand on each side of your hips and he is pulling you into him as well as helping you to remain upright since your legs seem to be a bit weak at this point. You lay your head down on one side on the bed and look over at me and smile. I smile right back at you. I can tell you are having even more fun and pleasure than you had fantasized you would. You close your eyes and just enjoy the feeling of a cock slamming into you from behind. I jack myself off slowly as I watch the scene in front of me. Jacks pace begins to quicken and I can hear both of you starting to breathe hard once more. Soon he is slamming into you hard enough to move the bed and create a loud slapping noise as his balls slap against you. I have to hold back lest I cum just watching this. Jack begins to let out small “Oh God’s” as he nears climax. Then he is shooting his hot jism deeply inside of you. You can feel the hot splash as it hits the walls of your uterus. This hot flash leaves you feeling quite content and almost relaxed. You take a few deep breaths just enjoying the feeling, then Jack pulls his rapidly softening cock from you. You let out a dreamy sigh as it is withdrawn.

By now your legs a ready to give way, and you scootch up on to the bed. I pull the sheets down and you snuggle up underneath them. I quickly climb in and join you und there. My cock is rock hard from the spectacle. I roll you on your side facing away from me, and as I spoon up against you, my cock easily slips into your wet pussy. You let out a surprised gasp, and I simply let my hard cock throb against your spasming pussy. I hold you close and wrap my arms around you while pushing my pelvis against your butt, burying my cock as deeply into you as I can. I just hold it there while you recover a bit more. I love the feeling of being inside of you and holding you closely. When you seem to be ready once again, I slowly slide in and out of you with wet sounds. I wrap my leg around yours so I can push into you even father. The smooth sliding feeling is driving me crazy. My cock is pressed hard against your G spot in this position, and the head slides right across it with each slow stroke.

I nibble your ear as I squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples. A shiver runs through you as you once again feel that special feeling. I continue the slow loving thrusts as you start to feel your orgasm building. I can’t continue this fantastic agony for too long though, I have to fuck you hard before I cum. Now I can’t take it any longer, and I roll you over so you are face down. I pull your hips up to meet me and I begin slamming myself into you. I can feel my cock throb as it nears to eruption. Soon I am cumming into you. I can feel three separate pulses of cum escape from me, to be deposited inside you. With a loud grunt, I expend the last of my energy and almost fall down on top of you. We both laugh a second over that, then I let myself down onto you and you make a purring sound of contentment as we snuggle.

Jack climbs onto the bed and lays down next to us with a smile. I lay on top of you until my cock begins to subside, then I roll off to the opposite side of you from Jack. We are all quite spent by now, and soon all three of us are reliving the night of our dreams back in our dreams.

After a while, I wake up to the sound of the two of you fucking, he is taking you from behind, and you reach out and grab my cock with your hand while he quietly slides into you. My cock quickly responds to your touch, and I glance at the clock. It’s just past four in the morning; we have slept, at most, for a couple hours. As much as I enjoy the sensation of your hand on my cock, I roll out of bed to brush my teeth. As long as I am up, I grab three cold bottles of spring water. I am sure you must be as dehydrated as I am after this night. Frankly, I can’t believe you are ready so soon, not that you’ll hear me complain.

Just as I return with the water, I can tell Jack is finishing off his load. I wait to climb in bed until things quiet down a bit. I offer you both water, and you gladly accept. Now that I am refreshed, I grab your ankle and lift your legs up and spread them wide. If you were wearing hoop earrings, I’d use them now. With one hand on each ankle, I have you wide open for me. I slide straight in and right away begin slamming into you, there is no foreplay now, just awesome sex. Your wet pussy makes squishy noises as I jam in and out of it. I think you may just be full finally. I pull your legs up as I slam down causing a violent slap of skin against skin. Each time I pull back, a cool breeze assaults my cock from all the moisture coating it. Hot/cold, in/out, it makes for an interesting blend. The sensation apparently has a similar effect on you, as soon you are ordering me to “fuck me harder”, “faster”, “uhh” and “mmm”. I love the fact you are enjoying yourself so much. I want you to keep cumming for me all the time. I can’t take it much longer, even with as many times as I have cum in the past few hours, I am so turned on that I begin spurting cum inside you. I pull out in time for one last spurt to hit you right on the clit. This elicits a gasp from you, but you are unable to say anything, just trying to catch your breath.

Now we just lay together, you in the middle, one leg over each of ours. We sip our water, and Jack and I playfully run our hands up and down your legs, pinch your nipples, and occasionally run a finger over your exposed clit. As we lay there, a quiet calm settles over us. The only sounds are three people breathing, and the occasional rustle of the sheet as we move our hands around on your body. Not a word is spoken, and nothing needs to be said.

Nobody seems to know just when we all slipped off to sleep, but it is light out when we all wake up at nearly the same time. Of course, the way we are intertwined would have made it impossible for anyone to wake up without stirring another. With shy smiles we great the new day. I feel wonderful, not even tired! After I wake up more fully, I gently lift your leg off of me. I hop out of bed, followed by you two, and we brush our teeth so that we may great each other more formally with some kissing.

After a bit of hugging and kissing, we all get dressed and move on to our day. Each of us has a slight smile on our lips that day, and no matter what happens, it just won’t come off.

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