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Honeymoon Island

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You hope that the weather will hold out a little longer on this well secluded beach of this tiny Gulf Coast island. The sky above is dark and threatening, yet across the Gulf we can see the reds, pink, yellow and purple of the setting sun. You can’t help wondering what I have in the picnic basket; you know it will be wonderful.

After we park the convertible in the deserted lot, we venture into the wooded trail area of the island to find a quiet spot for our little getaway. I take your hand and we walk hand in hand for a while until we get to a clearing on a small hill overlooking the Gulf.

I throw a blanket down over the mix of sand and grass, and begin to unpack the basket. As the items appear, you think that they are a little strange for a picnic, that is, they are not the traditional picnic foods. I pull out a bottle of very fine champagne, and many different kinds of fruits, especially juicy ones like melons, strawberries, and peaches. I pour you a drink and I toast to you, to your beauty and to the magnificent sunset we are watching.

The moment is almost spoiled by the swift breeze that moves across the Gulf and brings a fine ocean spray with it. We are only glad the water and wind are so warm. Anyway, I sit on the blanket with my back to an old log and have you sit between my legs with your back against my chest, so I can easily feed you some of the treats I have brought and can massage your shoulders while you sip your champagne.

You lean back into me and look up at the ominous sky, but I tell you not to worry about it and bring a cold piece of melon to your lips. You bite into the juicy fruit, and the juice drips down your chin and neck, painting your flesh, then down to your cleavage and is absorbed by your bikini top that you are wearing under a loose fitting button up shirt. After several pieces of many different kinds of fruit, your chin, neck and chest are very sticky as is my hand and arm. You suggest we go for a quick swim to wash off before the rain comes, but I stop you telling you that I am going to give you a bath instead. You look puzzled, until I whisper in your ear that I plan to use my tongue. With that I bring my lips to yours and we share a passionate kiss as our tongues hungrily explore each others mouths. I move my mouth to your chin, tasting the fruit juice and making sure I lick up every last little bit of the sticky nectar before moving down to your neck. I pay your neck the same attention as I did your chin which brings you a good deal of pleasure. I work my way down to your throat and just as I am about to get to your sternum, we are startled by a loud explosion over the water.

We realize it was thunder as a tropical, warm downpour begins. Your first response is to run for shelter, but I will not let you get up, I swing my body around and use my weight to pin you to the ground. You realize that resisting will get you nowhere, but you try anyway. I respond by pinning you down and tickling you until you begin to beg me to stop, but I do not stop. I keep tickling you, trying to break your feisty spirit. I tear open your blouse and begin to tickle you naked skin. Before long, the tickling drives you to tears, but I do not stop. Strangely, the tickling begins to be overshadowed by a stirring in your groin and a wetness in your pussy. The more I tickle, the hotter you get. I finally stop, only a few moments before you would have had a powerful orgasm. The rain has completely soaked us and I bring my wet head to yours and our lips find each other again. This time, there is almost no controlling your hunger. Having been so close to an orgasm, you are very hot and very very wet, both inside and out. As we kiss deeply, wildly, we hastily try to undress each other but we are hampered as the wet clothes stick to our skin and are hard to remove.

As we manage to pull away the clothes, we feel the warm rain on our skin and the water dripping from my body onto yours. By the time I have you stripped down to only your bikini bottom and you have me stripped down to my bikini briefs, it is dark around us with just a hint of moon showing thru the clouds and reflecting off the water. The rain continues to pour down on us. I kiss my way down your neck to your waiting breasts. I try to lick every drop of water from your heaving chest and nipples but the rain is determined to soak you. It is a losing battle but a good reason to lick and kiss your chest, neck and belly.

The combination of rain, licks, kisses, and the fresh smell of the ocean air intoxicates you and you place your hands on my soaking wet hair and urge me down lower on your body towards your soaking wet pussy. I happily and hungrily allow myself to travel lower, stopping to drink the collected water from your belly button. As I travel lower, I grab the crotch of your bikini bottom, letting my fingers graze your sex, and slowly pull the bottoms down, kissing every soaked inch as it is exposed to my mouth and to the warm sweet rain. Finally I get to the warm pink essence of your womanhood and my tongue begins a slow dance with your most private spots. I have removed your bikini bottom and have spread your legs wide for the dark clouds to see, for them to mix your juices with their pouring rain.

It feels as if my tongue is everywhere at once as I savor your wonderful taste mixed with the sweet rain and salt water of the Gulf. You are on the edge of losing control of your body and mind but manage to continue to hang in there until I slide two thick fingers into your never so wet before pussy. As my fingers penetrate you and curl to touch your G-spot you finally let loose with the orgasm that has been building for almost the last hour. The rush of blood and the heat of your body makes the warm rain seem to almost sting as it continues to pelt you as you lie naked on your back convulsing with the pleasure of orgasm. You look so beautiful there naked and wet that I can not wait any longer. I free my hard and throbbing penis from my briefs, kneel between your legs, place your ankles on my shoulders and slowly slide my meat into your waiting, quivering, pink hole of pleasure. I have never ever been inside a woman as hot, tight or wet as you are right now, but I still take my time squeezing my fat cock into you.

I slide in slowly, an inch at a time, but you thrust your hips, trying to speed me up. Slowly I continue. Before long I am deep inside you. I press hard into you and wait there a while, pressing my pubic bone into your clitoris. After what seems like forever to you, I begin to pump my manhood into you, long slow strokes from tip to base, tip to base, tip to base, tip to base. The speed is agonizing; you need it hard and fast. You reach down and start pinching your nipples, trying to compensate for my agonizingly slow pace. The only good thing about the pace is that you can feel every inch of my cock sliding in and out as it stretches you wide open.

In a soft whisper you begin to beg me to speed the pace, “fuck me baby, faster, fuck my hot little pussy, fuck it baby, so fucking good, please baby I need it baby fuck with your fat cock baby, please, I’m so fucking wet baby, fuck me baby please.”

It is very exciting to see such a beautiful woman begging to be fucked by my cock, using such filthy language, that I know I won’t hold out much longer… I speed the pace, faster and faster, pumping for all I’m worth, my daily workouts, paying off.

You say, “Oh yes baby, that’s it fuck me hard, oh gawd baby yess, do me baby, make me cum” Being close to the edge myself, I pump even faster, pounding your pussy like it has never been pounded before. I pull out and shoot a huge load of cream onto your tanned rain soaked belly and chest. Immediately after, with a few flicks of my thumb, you slide into another orgasm and begin to writhe around on the waterlogged blanket.

I realize that it is very late and the park patrol will be coming through to make sure everyone has left for the night. I gather all our things and throw them in the basket. I help you up and tell you that I want to carry you to the car. I have you hold the basket, then tell you to face me. I have you jump up and wrap your legs around me. Like this your sopping pussy is just above my penis. I shift around a little and manage to get my penis head at the opening of your love box. Once I do, I tell you how beautiful you look as I let you slip down a little, impaling you onto my still hard and ready rod. I carry you down the trail like this until we are about half way back to the car. Each step I take massages my penis with your pussy walls and has excited me to the point that I need to do something about it. I pin you against a tree and begin to pump my cock in and out of you again. As I stand there pumping into you, I kiss your neck and squeeze your breasts. It doesn’t take much more pumping for me to get close to cumming again. This time, I fill your pussy with my juice.

I am weak from the orgasm but I continue to carry you to the car, my penis still firmly inside you. We get to the car to find we forgot to put the top up and the leather seats are soaked. I sit you on the hood of the car. You spread your legs wide and I stand between them. My cock lines up perfectly with your entrance to your love tunnel (One of the reasons I rented this particular car) I slip it in to you and you press your breasts against my hard and hairy chest as I begin to rock back and forth inside of you. Our lips meet and our tongues begin to explore each others mouths. The rain continues to pour down on us as we continue to pleasure each other. You reach down and start to rub you clit, keeping pace with my fucking. A few more quick, hard thrusts finds you bucking with orgasm. I continue to fuck you through your orgasm, knowing it will be a long time before I cum again. I keep fucking you, hard and fast until you cum yet again. This time I pull out and ask if you think you can still walk. You say that you think you can still walk. I tell you then that means I’ve still got work to do.

I help you down off the hood of the car and walk you to the car door. I open the door and have you kneel on the front seat with your beautiful ass high in the air. Your face is buried against the leather seat. As you inhale, you smell the wet leather and your head begins to spin. The spinning begins to intensify as once again my cock slips into your silky pussy from behind. You have your legs together and that makes you even tighter. I waste no time with teasing and begin to pump hard and fast. My thrusts are so hard that they cause you to slide across the wet leather car seat, dragging your tits across the leather, until you bang your head on the driver’s door. I pump faster and harder now that you can’t slide any more.

Suddenly, I see some moving lights down the road and realize that it must be the patrol. I quickly pull out and hop into the car, naked. I start the car and prepare to drive away. You crouch down on the floor on the passenger side so they will not be able to see your naked breasts glistening in their headlights. The roof is still down and the rain continues to pelt us. The patrol stops alongside my side of the car. He rolls down their window and ask if everything is ok. I tell him, “Yes, thanks, I am just leaving.”

Apparently that wan’t good enough for him. He then asks why I have the roof down and why am I here so late. As he is asking, you notice that you have very easy access to my hard penis, sticking out inches away form you. You shift around and place your hot, wet lips around my shaft and begin to suck me off. I try to explain to the officer that I am not drunk. I tell him that I was swimming earlier and had car trouble, that my roof wouldn’t go up, that’s why I am here so late. I am basically babbling as telling him this is incredibly difficult as you are giving me the most fantastic blowjob I’ve ever had. He offers to try to help me get it up (the roof I hope) but I tell him I’ll manage.

Just as he is about to roll up the window and pull away, you let my cock slide down your throat. My head falls back and I moan involuntarily. Oh Shit! I realize we have been caught when the officer steps out of his car. I had not realized how big this man was while he was sitting in his car but now it was obvious. He could easily play pro football. He is a six foot two black man, broad and solid.

As he steps up to the car I hear him say, “Oh, dat esplains a lot,” as he looks down into the car.

He continues as he taps on the car with his nightstick, “You knows there is strict laws about this kinds of behavior, I’m a gonna have to takes you in.”

It is finally at that point that you lift your head and your eyes catch his.

“Gets out of the car, both of yous,” he orders.

I open the door and step out, trying to cover my hardness with my hands. You follow right behind me, one arm covering your breasts and your hand cupping your pussy. “Gets your hands behind yo’s necks,” he barks.

Immediately we both comply leaving ourselves very naked in front of this man as he begins to laugh.

“Sheeet, you call dat thing a deek?” he says to me. “Lemme show you all what a real deek look like,” he says as his hand moves to his belt.

In seconds, his belt is off and his pants are unfastened. He quickly drops his pants to reveal an impressive piece of cock meat. Even flaccid he dwarfs me and I am not easily embarrassed by my size.

“C’mere girl,” he says to you. “Don’t ya knows the darker da meat, da bigger da bone? Goes on and touch it, you knows ya wants to.”

As if in a trance your hand moves to his cock and begins stroking it. You jump as it jumps at your touch. All too quickly it begins to swell. It doesn’t really get much bigger but it certainly gets harder. It has to be at least a solid 11 inches long and more than a handful around.

He finally grunts, “Ya knows I might forgets what I saw if yous all are real nice ta me.”

It isn’t really a tough sell. You are already mesmerized and I am not too thrilled at trying to explain this to a judge. We both nod our heads in agreement.

“You, sits in the car, seatbelt on,” he says to me.

“You comes wit me,” he says to you.

Talking you by the arm, he walks you to the front of our car. He faces you to the windshield and stands behind you. He pushes you down on the hood onto your belly so that your face is right against the windshield, inches away from me. He takes advantage of the height of the hood like I did and spreads your legs.

I have no choice but to watch your face on the other side of the glass as he penetrates you. You have been well fucked this evening but in no way were you prepared for this. I can see that in your eyes. His long fat cock stretches you and I experience every inch along with you as I watch the pure lust in your eyes.

He treats you like little more than a rag doll as he plows away, holding your legs apart, pumping his hips, completely filling you all while destroying my car’s shocks.

You just look at me with your lusty, naughty eyes and smile as my hand wraps around my cock. You, you are so beautiful, right now more than ever. I watch as this man rocks your world and my hand pumps my cock. Your eyes move back and forth from my eyes to my pumping fist.

I can almost see the disappointment on your face as he pulls out. Amazingly one of his cum shots hits the windshield right next to your face while most of his seed spills over your back. Seeing you lick the cum mixed with the rain from the windshield while you stare into my eyes drives me over the edge and I begin to shoot my cream as you just smile at me.

“If yous is still heres in five minute, it’s yo turn boy,” he says to me with a ridiculous grin on his face.

You hop in the car and we pull away, glancing in the mirror at the rather large black officer with his pants around his ankles, huffing and puffing.

Once he is finally out of sight, I stop the car for just a minute to give you a kiss and to tell you how wonderful you are.

I drive you back to my place, wrap you in my robe and we settle down in front of a roaring fire, snuggling close, until the sight of your wet hair and wet body wrapped in my too big for you robe, somehow gets my manhood stirring again.

I sweep you into my arms and say, “I think it’s time we go to bed.”

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