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Homeless Louise

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It felt so very good to be really clean, squeaky clean as her Mom used to say when she was a little girl. Louise could have stayed in the hot biting shower for hours and let the wonderful water stream over her body. It had been more than a week since she had last showered and had the opportunity to wash her short brown hair. It was a wonderful public service that the church shelter offered to the homeless. She wished that she came in to take advantage of it every day as it made her feel so much better about herself.

She decided she was going to try and come much more often. As good as the water felt she knew that she needed to get out and make room for another person before she ran all of the limited hot water out of the tank.

As she toweled off another woman, who had the down cast look of the lost, took her place. She hoped that she did not look so forlorn and aimless to others who saw her. Louise helped herself to a clean pair of jeans and a sweatshirt styled top along with an almost new pair of jockey style underpants and tube socks from the stack of donated clothes that was piled there for them. She carried her old heavy blue hooded coat out into the dining area and saw her friend Albert talking with two older men that she did not know and had never seen before. Everyone was in an upbeat mood having availed themselves of the showers and getting clean clothes. She really wished that she and Albert were able to spend the night in the shelter but they were regular users of marijuana and could never pass the mandatory drug screening. If you could not satisfy the compulsory security rules and tests you could bathe and dine but not sleep on the premises. The rules were very strict on that matter.

Louise had graduated from high school the previous May in a small rural town in upstate Michigan. She had struggled for grades in high school so she had no prospects for college. It was a combination of not being the brightest person around combined with a very poor self-image and a total lack of direction and commitment to her studies. Instead of college she had gotten a dead end rotten job at the local Dairy Queen that she had absolutely hated from the very first day. A week after New Years she had finally had enough of her life and gathered up her few possessions and headed south. Her mother had died a dozen years before from breast cancer and her father was a perpetual drunk and really cared less about her than where he was going to get his next drink. She had spent her teenage years waiting on him hand and foot like some domestic slave, cleaning the house and doing all of the chores. He never laid a hand on her in anger or in lust and she was grateful for that but she felt she owed him less than nothing. When she told him that she was leaving he had wished her well and asked her to stay in touch. She wasn’t really surprised by his reaction and it just convinced her all the more that she was doing the right thing. She had a few hundred dollars that she had saved up which was enough to get her a bus ticket and food money for a while until she could find something better.

Growing up, from the age of eight, without a mother’s guidance she had developed into a tomboy at best. The girls at school made fun of her for her lack of femininity and the boys for the most part just plain ignored her. She stood five foot two and had more than a few extra pounds for her age. She wore a size twelve in everything. Her legs were stocky and she wore her hair chopped off around her neckline with no type of styling. Outside of a little lipstick and an occasional dab of perfume she did not ever use any type of cosmetics. In reality anyone who looked closely at her would have discovered that she was very definitely a female with her body maturing into being very well rounded in all of the right places. She had nice wide round hips a full but tight rear end and it took a solid DD cup bra, when she wore one, to capture and restrain her breasts. If she had known how to dress to her best advantage she would have turned many a man’s eye as she was definitely blessed by nature with a body that was built for a real man’s enjoyment and comfort.

Louise had met Albert in a park near the downtown area when she arrived in Atlanta on the Greyhound after an arduous tiring two-day trip. He befriended her and she felt some semblance of safety being with another person even though Albert was very slight of build and not at all imposing. Albert was in his late twenties and had been living in Georgia on the streets for more than a year and a half. He wasn’t real specific about his past but he let on that he had had some mental or as he called them emotional problems, been in and out of rehab and had gotten far away from his meddlesome family. He was from somewhere out west but he never actually told her exactly where because he was paranoid about having his family learn where he was living. In the two weeks they had been together they had become friends and he had shown her around town. Unfortunately he stayed constantly on a drug high and his very existence was centered on getting the next joint or fix. Because it had seemed the thing for them to do they had clumsily made love on one occasion in a deserted building. It was an exercise that was mutually unfulfilling and succeeded only in breaking her hymen and at last taking her virginity. If that was all that sex was about she wondered about the big deal that everyone made about it.

When she joined them Albert introduced her to the two men he had been talking with whose names were Phil and Randy. Both of the men were in their mid forties and had the wet haired look of the rest of the recently showered. The men looked her over, smiled and seemed a little on edge.

“Good news Lou,” Albert said. “These guys have a place not far from here where we can crash that’s warm.” He looked towards the two guys and they nodded acknowledgement. It was mid January and as moderate as the daytime temperatures might be in the south, at night the thermometer plunged to near freezing. There were posted warnings on the shelter doors alerting everyone that that night’s weather forecast called for it to dip below freezing with the possibility of sleet, ice and some snow. She was not keen on being outdoors in that kind of frigid mess.

“Ok,” she responded. “Works for me.” It was already getting close to dark and getting colder by the moment.

The four of them went into the dining area and got trays of food and sat down together to eat at the tables that were sat up with folding chairs on either side. Albert sat next to her and the two older guys were across the table. The food was simple but wholesome consisting of some kind of meat and macaroni casserole, bread, a bowl of fruit cocktail and tea. The rule was that you could eat as much as you wanted but it was not permissible to leave anything on your plate, as that was wasteful.

They were all famished but found time while they ate to learn a little about each other. Phil and Randy were both ex-cons who had the well-developed arms and shoulders of men who had spent a lot of time in the prison yard working with the free weights. Both of the men were under six feet and around two hundred solid stocky pounds. They had short hair and tattoos on their forearms and necks. All in all they weren’t bad looking guys though they were about the same age as her dad. They certainly did not look like the kind of guys you wanted to mess with or piss off in any way. They said that they preferred to live on the street rather than buy into some societal game where they had to always answer for their past in some sort of bullshit type of job. On the street people did not tend to judge you. She wondered about how long they had been out and about parole officers and such but was afraid to ask.

She notice that the two men spent a lot of time looking at her and few times whispered to each other and chuckled under their breaths. Once or twice she felt the solid leg of one or the other of them brush up against hers under the table and stay snug up against her until she moved away.

It was getting closer to being totally dark so they decided to go ahead and leave the shelter. Louise and Albert followed Phil and Randy to an opening near Underground Atlanta that took them into the viaduct area next to the subway. They had to push aside some cut chain link fence and crawl under a barricaded opening to get to the dark musky passageway. Phil pulled out a flashlight and led them through a maze until they reached an area that was remote and seemed to be near the subway track lines. Occasionally you would hear the loud rumble of a passing train making the ground shake and tremble. Louise tried to keep her eyes straight ahead on Phil’s back as she didn’t want to see the mice and rats that she could hear scurrying around on the wet concrete. They walked for a very long time going at least a quarter of a mile underground.

They reached a place where Randy stopped and then climbed up into an opening that stood about four and a half feet off the ground. He reached back down to help pull Louise up while the other two men boosted her from below up into the opening. Phil’s hands seemed to do more than simply lift her and roamed over her leg and rear end in the few seconds that he touched her. Inside it was pitch dark and had and eerily quite.

Randy struck a match and lit a candle revealing a concrete room that was approximately twelve feet wide by fourteen feet long. The other two guys climbed in to join them. The ceiling was only about four feet high so they had to sit or stoop. The only entrance or exit was through the hole they had entered which was in one corner. There were a few large pipes and some smaller ones that went through the room in one corner with access joints. Louise suspected that the pipes and openings were the reason for the room’s existence. The floor and some of the walls were covered with multiple layers of discarded worn carpeting that had been dragged inside. There were also some pillows and a number of blankets that were piled in a corner of the room. They were worn and a little dirty but seemed to be dry and warm. There was a smell of mold but the candles were pleasantly scented and soon she did not notice the disagreeable odors.

Phil and Randy lit other candles and then pulled a box out of a hidden recess behind one of the pipes at the ceiling and opened it. Inside was a very substantial amount of marijuana along with the papers to roll joints.

“You guys weren’t kidding,” Albert gleefully chortled. “That’s a lot of pot, where’d the hell you get it.”

Randy snickered. “A dealer stashed it not far from here in the tunnels when the cops were on his tail and when he came back to get his stuff it was long gone.” He laughed again. “Funny how that happened. The asshole went nuts and looked everywhere but had no idea what happened. Help yourself.”

Albert didn’t have to be asked twice and quickly rolled a very large joint that he lit from one of the candles and took a deep drag off of it before passing it to Louise. Phil and Randy both rolled their own joints and began to inhale in a more controlled and measured manner. The small confined space quickly filled with the sweet smelling smoky drug.

In very short order Albert nodded off and Louise covered him with one of the blankets. She kicked off her shoes and crawled up next to him. Phil blew out the candles and the small room got deathly black. The only sound was Albert’s gentle snoring and the occasional regular almost violent rumbling as a subway train passed underground somewhere nearby. She heard Phil and Randy talking in whispered hushed tones.

She had found out that she was very sensitive to marijuana and her relaxation from the drug along with the absolute darkness quickly relaxed her. Louise felt as though she was floating in the absolute darkness and slowly began to fall asleep. She was awakened by the feeling of a strong hand snaking its way under her sweatshirt and on to her full warm unfettered left breast. She lay motionless and did not move or scream. She quickly figured that it could not be Albert’s small hand and must be that of one of the other men. Gently the hand cupped her large soft tit and squeezed. Her nipple immediately hardened and the man allowed it to slip between two of his fingers and he rubbed it skillfully to a greater stiffness. Minutes passed while he gently massaged and kneaded her soft fat tit. She found it to be a very pleasant feeling and in her current drug induced state saw absolutely no reason to make him stop.

After a while, seeing that she was not objecting, he began to pinch her nipple and become quite a bit more aggressive in the way that he was squeezing her tit. Knowing that this was not a good thing Louise was determined to pull away from him but the combination of the effects from the large amount of pot that she had smoked and the tender skilled manipulation of her tit by the man were too enticing to make her resist and she continued to simply let him do what he wanted with her. It just felt too darned good to make him stop but it was an irreversible mistake.

She felt a movement below her and then hands reached up to her waist and unbuckled the clasp of her jeans and began to pull them down her hips.

That was enough to shock her somewhat out of her stupor. “No,” she said firmly but with a lack of conviction in her voice.

She was on her back and the man who was now even more aggressively massaging her breast with his left hand had grabbed her left arm and was holding it firmly up and over her head. Her right arm was lying pinned under Albert’s inert form and she was unable to pull it free. The man at her feet was incredibly strong and easily pulled the snug jeans off of her hips, down her legs and off.

Louise felt two hands begin to gently caress her legs from her calves to her full thighs. He rubbed her soft skin with strong fingers before reaching up and grasping the top of her underpants and pulling them easily down her legs and off of her feet.

“Please don’t,” she whimpered.

Letting go of her tit while still holding her arm over her head the man at her side pulled her sweatshirt up over her breasts and she felt the delicious feeling of his lips taking her hardened nipple into his mouth and beginning to suck. As he sucked on her tit his left hand reached over and took her other generous mammary in his hand and began to gently kneed and massage it.

“Oh no, please stop right now, I mean it,” she said in as terse a tone as she could. “Come on enough is enough let me go and I won’t say anything to anyone.” She felt the man at her feet push up between her thighs. His broad shoulders parted her legs and his strong hands pushed her soft full thighs firmly apart. She felt a wonderful sensation as his rough tongue licked over her quickly moistening salty wet pussy lips and then expertly flicked her rigid clit.

That was more than she could take and Louise screamed and twisted her body suddenly freeing her right arm and awakening Albert. She used her free arm to push down on the head of the man that was now making a feast of her cunt. She was surprised when Albert, having awakened and become aware of what was happening captured her free right arm in his hand and pulled it up over her head. She now had her arms held down firmly over her head and she was completely helpless.

“Relax,” he whispered in her ear as she continued to struggle. “They gave us some great stuff and a place to stay, they just want to enjoy you some Louise. You’ll enjoy it baby just relax. You’re a girl and were built for this.”

Albert kissed her cheek and then her lips in a much more sensual manner than he ever had in the past. The three sets of lips now concentrating on kissing her lips, tits and pussy were generating sensations that she could no longer resist. She gave in to their ministrations and stopped fighting them. Louise moaned as a tongue burrowed its way into her sweet hot wet cunt and began to fuck her. Louise was nineteen and in her entire life she had had sex only the one disastrous time with Albert. At that very moment she was feeling sensations that she had only imagined and read about in books. Warmth spread throughout her and she arched her back and moaned as the first orgasm of her life took control of her sending electric like currents of ecstasy shooting to every nerve in her now trembling body.

“Man the bitch just came all over my face,” It was Phil talking from between her thighs. “That is some sweet young pussy juice.” He licked her again and smacked his lips. “It has been a long time since I had anything that good. I swear I could eat this cunt all night long. But I have something else in mind for it,” he chuckled.

Louise felt him begin to pull up over her body. “She’s ready to give all of us some good fucking fellows. But I’m first,” She heard him bragging as he mounted her. She could feel his cock nuzzle into the cleft of her cunt and slide into her wet swollen vagina. He was much thicker and longer than Albert. Her legs were spread wide apart as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled himself tightly against her pubic bone. “My god she’s hot and tight, it’s like she’s never been fucked before.” He slowly pulled part of the way out of her before sliding even more deeply into her belly. Louise moaned, wiggled her broad rear and arched her back pulling him even deeper. She loved this new feeling tat had come over her and didn’t care if he knew how badly she wanted him to fuck her.

Randy moved up next to her head and she felt his erection come to rest across her lips. It seemed to be even larger than Phil’s. She had never sucked on a man’s cock but found the prospect, under the circumstances, suddenly wildly exciting. She could smell a male muskiness from the shaft that throbbed with his every heartbeat. Louise reached her hand up and caressed the bar like rod bringing a moan from Randy. It seemed to be as broad and thick as her wrist. She parted her lips and let his penis enter between slightly between her lips. Impatiently the man reached down with his large strong hands and turned her head towards him so that he could man slide his cock even deeper into her mouth. He held her firmly by the back of her head as she sucked on him gently. She let her tongue explore the invading shaft while her lips circled and tightened on the shaft. She discovered that when her tongue hit certain spots that his cock would jerk and his entire body would tremble.

“This little girl has a real, real sweet mouth Phil,” Randy said and then moaned. “My God that feels good she either has done this a lot before or she has some natural given talent.” He began to fuck into her mouth causing his large hairy ball sack to slap into her cheek on every thrust. As his excitement built over the next few minutes he became more and more aggressive. Louise was suddenly afraid of suffocating and panicked. She reached out to push him back so he did not choke her. Unfortunately for her his desire and need had taken over. He was entirely too strong and there was no way that he would be denied his release. He grabbed her hair in his fingers and shoved his cock deep down her throat.

“Relax baby, just relax and breathe through your nose,” he said in a shaky voice as his passion built and he neared orgasm. Louise tried to relax but she found that that just allowed him to drive his large cock even further down her tight throat. She started to gag and the reflex of her throat spasiming on his cock drove him over the edge and he began to shoot a huge load of his hot sweet sperm down her throat. She tried to swallow it but he had so much pent up spunk that it filled her mouth and spurted out her lips around his shaft. He fucked her mouth relentlessly until he was entirely spent and he began to soften.

“Man that was really something, it’s been way too long since I came in a woman. I don’t care what anyone in prison says there is no way a man can service you like a woman. Her mouth is yours junior if you want it, that is until I’m ready to use it again,” he said as he finally pulled his now semi soft penis out of her mouth. Louise trembled with both fear and excitement knowing now for certain that the men were going to use her again and again through the night.

Albert needed no urging, the sounds that Louise had been making had been driving him crazy and he was anxious to get a piece of her for his own enjoyment and release. He pulled her head around to his side and pressed his cock into her mouth. Louise did not resist and almost hungrily began to suck on his very much smaller but equally rock hard erection.

During the entire time Phil had been steadily and persistently fucking her pussy causing her to have one growing orgasm after another. Each time a wave had come over her she felt her body react more and more intensely. Reaching down he pulled her knees up and pressed them tightly into her tummy. “I’m going to slide my dick right inside this girls womb and plant me a baby there, ” he said as he drove hard and deep into her and picked up the pace of his rhythm.

Immediately Louise tensed and started to panic. His words brought the sensual passion and sensations that she was feeling for the first time to a new level of reality. These men were most certainly going to impregnate her and what would she do with a baby or how could she afford to get an abortion. She twisted and tried to pull away from them but there was no way she could move an inch and Phil misinterpreted her gyrations for her getting more excited from their fucking.

“This cunt is really getting into it guys, man she is one great fuck. Hell she’s bucking and fucking me like the best New Orleans whore.” He slammed himself into her soft yielding bottom and picked up his pace even more. His thrusts pushed him again and again up against her cervix causing exquisite pain like she never imagined.

Louise felt the biggest orgasm yet take control of her body and all at once she wanted them to impregnate her as much as they wanted to shoot their life making sperm into her fertile womb. She had seen how Phil reacted when she twisted and she began to move and rotate her hips to urge him on in his amorous sexual efforts. She found that when she tensed her previously unused inner muscles of her cunt that the man would groan and fuck her even harder. It excited her to have some type of control over what was happening to her and she began to tighten and squeeze her cuntal muscles on his invading prick milking him as he thrust into her belly.

His movements became more and more erratic and she heard him grunting and cussing as he pounded his body deep into hers. She felt his cock begin to jerk inside of her and he finally rammed it into the tender opening of her cervix, which sent a bolt of pain and pleasure throughout her body and a scream from her lips. She felt him anchored deep inside of her and then a warm flood of his sperm filled her. He pumped his hips and sprayed his hot life creating liquid into her womb as she fainted from the extreme never before felt pleasure.

She was not sure how long she was passed out but it was long enough for the men to have lit a candle and for Randy to have taken Phil’s place between her thighs. Albert’s cock was still in her mouth and she returned to sucking him as Randy’s shaft slipped in and out of her sperm filled cunt.

“Man you really left a load in this bitch Phil. Roll her over guys and let me be the first to take her cherry ass.”

Albert pulled out of her sucking lips and helped roll her onto her stomach. Once she was over he put his cock back near her lips and she greedily sucked him back into her mouth.

“This is one sweet rear,” Randy said as he massaged her large tight cheeks. Phil’s cum mixed with her juices had run into her crack and her asshole was coated with the slick substance as though it were covered in some store bought lubricating jell.

He placed the large swollen purple head of his cock up against her sphincter. Louise did not object, she knew her purpose was to be used as the men desired, not matter what. Her cry of pain when the head of Randy’s cock popped through the tight virgin muscle was muffled by Albert’s penis in her mouth. The slippery juices allowed him to sink his shaft deep into her ass and he immediately began to rhythmically fuck.

“Talk about tight fellows, man she is squeezing the cum right out of my dick.” Louise seductively wiggled her ass and Randy gave her a hard swat on her rear. “That a girl, you move that cute sweet ass and give me a good ride.” He held her soft hips in his hands and started pumping vigorously into her. He knew that since he had already cum in her mouth that he was good to go for a nice long ride, there was no way that he would be cumming again inside her anytime soon. His balls smacked into her wet cunt and slapped her swollen clit each time he thrust into her sending mind numbing wonderful sensations throughout her body.

Albert finally let go and began to spurt streams of his warm sperm into her mouth. She sucked it like candy and then licked his cock clean as he pulled away. Now with just the one man fucking her she heard herself moaning and crying out with pleasure as the pounding rhythm into her ass continued unabated.

“Swing her over on her side buddy,” directed Phil. “I’m hard again and I need some more of this young bitch.” Randy pulled her over on her left hip without ever allowing his cock to slip out. As soon as he adjusted his weight he picked up where he had left off with his deep thrusts into her ass.

Phil snuggled up against her and began sucking on her tits and nipples. His cock had regained its complete hard erection and was pressed between his gut and her soft belly. He kissed up her neck and then began kissing her lips. He could taste the sweetness of the sperm and cum that had already been deposited in her mouth by Phil and Albert. It was a taste that he had grown to know and enjoy from his days in prison.

By shifting his hips slightly he was able to slide his erection between her legs and into her wet slimy cunt. She was so wet that it took little effort for him to find where he wanted to be. He bucked forward and shoved his cock way deep into her cunt in one motion. He could feel Phil’s cock stroking in and out of her ass very near where he was imbedded.

“Oh Jesus Christ that feels soooooo good!,” the young girl squealed. She was pinned between the two strong older men who began a synchronized tempo with one pulling out while the other drove deep inside her belly and bowels. Phil began to kiss the back of her shoulders and the nape of her neck while Randy returned to massaging and pinching her large tits and nipples.

Louise had no idea where Albert had gone and could have cared less at that very moment, as she was being used and fucked in a manner that she had never dreamed of or suspected. In her entire life boys, much less men had not given her the time of day. She had never even been on a date or had a man pursue her sexually. She did not even think that one had ever turned around and given her a second look as she walked by. She had seen men do it numerous times to other girls and had on more than one occasion wished that it were her they were ogling. Now these two men were treating her like she was the sexiest woman in the Sport Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. Their comments and actions, not once, but over and over convinced her that they did in fact find her attractive and sexually desirable. For a woman who had never felt sensual at all this was way over the top, unexpected and extremely intoxicating.

The sensations and building orgasms were driving her absolutely insane. The marijuana and smells of cum and pussy were exhilarating to her and the men too were losing control and fucking her with a greater and greater intensity and vigor. Louise heard her moans turn to cries and then exhausted screams of passion, delight and pleas. She begged them to fuck her and use her anyway that they wanted. She wanted to do anything and everything possible to give these men what they desired and make them enjoy her and perhaps someday even love her. She twisted and turned between them, trying not to escape but somehow draw the pistoning shafts even deeper into her tortured hungry liberated passages. She clasped and tightened the muscles of her cunt and ass hoping to bring the men even greater pleasure. It worked and the kissing from the men turned to biting and chewing, they became unrestrained animals, which caused her enormous pain that she found exquisite.

Phil let loose first and drove his cock deep into her bowels as his hot cum shot into her ass. The feeling of his cock jerking almost up next to him triggered Randy who arched his back, growled and came inside her pussy with yet another heavy gush of sperm into her womb. Louise simply lay there and enjoyed the feeling of the cocks jerking and spasiming and the hot thick male liquid spewing inside her.

The three of them were totally physically spent after having fucked for more than two hours. The men pulled their softening penises out of her body and laid down next to her on either side. They pulled a couple of blankets up over their three naked bodies and they were all quickly in a very satisfied deep sleep.

At least three times during the long night one or the other of the two older men would awaken, mount her and quickly fuck her in the pussy until they came deep in her belly. She was so wet and lubricated that it was a simple matter of them parting her thighs and sinking into her hot slick cunt. Louise was in a semicomitose blissful exhausted sleep and while she was aware of the fact that one of the men had awakened and was screwing her she was unable to resist or respond. It was like a wonderful erotic dream that thankfully just wouldn’t stop.

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