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Roxanne, or Roxy, as dubbed by her friends, stood on the side of the road watching as yet another car sped past her. Her normally straight and dark hair hung in beautiful waves down her neck as the light misting in the air played with her ponytail. She held out her thumb for each car as it drove past, but hadn’t had much luck yet. She couldn’t believe her situation; stuck in the middle of nowhere, and in the rain.

The next car slowed, but then sped up and flew by her, mocking her helplessness. She fumed, biting down on her bottom lip which was red and swollen from her angry bites. That’s it, she thought, I am going to get the next car that comes by.

With those thoughts, Roxy pulled out her ponytail, letting her soft, chestnut waves flow down her back. She then rustled her fingers through her hair causing her waves to frame her round, dark face. Her skin glistened with rain sheen casting her dark blue eyes out as large and rounded.

She stripped off her jacket and stuffed it into her shoulder bag. The rain pounded harder now and you could see she wasn’t wearing a bra under her white tee shirt. Her nipples were hard and very pronounced against her tight, thin and white cotton t-shirt. Her breasts threatened to rip the seams of her shirt open as she bent over to unzip the sides of her tight long black skirt. The zipper went from her ankles clear up to her hips, snaking over her long and lean calves, stretched in appearance from her four inch sandals. The fabric pulled firmly against her sinuous, darkly tanned thighs, just barely hiding her lack of underwear.

The barely clad woman stuck her leg out in a pose that would make any man’s mouth water; her back arched so her breasts were thrust forward and nipples upward. She placed one hand on her hip and the other out in the direction on the road, demanding a ride. Her sulty mouth pulled back into a sexy smile, revealing gorgeous white teeth, as she watched the black pickup truck slow to welcome her.

The window automatically descended and she took a few steps to it. Leaning over into the vehicle, her breasts spilled over the door frame and into the truck, directly in front of its driver. His gaze fixed momentarily on her chest, he licked his lips and then slowly travelled his eyes up to her face to lock them on her deep blue ones, which now held the most promising look he had seen since high school.

“Where you headed to, sugar?” he drew out in his cowboy voice. “Need a ride?”

“Sure, but only if you aren’t planning to do anything bad to me.” She paused for a moment, looked him straight in the eyes and said “You wouldn’t do anything bad to me, now would you?” He grinned as she purred as introduction to him.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jackson. That there man in the back, that’s Alex. He dun past out almost right out of the bar, so I put him back there. I must of known what I was gonna find out here on the road” He winked at her, and she ran around to the other side of the vehicle, opened the door and hopped in.

Jackson drove off, burning from zero to sixty in no time at all. She slowly shifted from her seat to occupy the middle one, right next to Jackson. Her shirt was so wet that she almost appeared naked from the waist up, each one of her breasts being defined by the shirt with their dark skin and round nipples. They were hardening again, perked up, as if aware of what they were about to receive. She cuddled close him, running her hand from the outside of his thigh down to the inside, and over his already bulging crotch. She gasped and he moaned as she rubbed her hand over that same spot continuously.

“Honey,”he slowly smiled,”you think that’s somethin’? Well, I ain’t even hard yet.”

He started to slow the truck down, but she stopped him, demanding he keep driving, that it was that that was making her so hot, so wet: him driving so fast.

“I want to fuck you while you drive,” her voice revved in his ear.

“Heck, girl, you ain’t gotta ask twice!”

She continued to rub his cock, this time harder, squeezing it once in a while. He knew they had a long open stretch of highway and set the cruise control. He took one hand off the wheel and began to grope at her breasts through her shirt. Soon, she took her shirt off and his eyes flashed with pleasure. They were round and heavy, the fullest breats he’d ever seen, yet they didn’t droop at all.

“Suck my tits, Jack. Suck em good!”

She put her free hand on the wheel and put her eyes on the road. He moved both of his hands to her full rack and began to squeeze and knead them. He lowered his head at the same time as he clenched his fingers into their softness, lightly biting on the first nipple. It instantly hardened in his mouth, and he slowly drew his tongue around it, letting his teeth draw across its peak. Around and around, his tongue drew circles, until he just had to suck on it. He pulled with his teeth and then sucked with his lips.

She threw her head slightly back and moaned her pleasure, tightening her grip on his hard, throbbing cock, that was becoming bigger every second. She unzipped his jeans, pulling them to below his knees, following with his underwear.

Roxy could not believe her eyes; he was fucking huge! His penis had to be at least an inch and a half in diametre and no less than eight inches long. She gripped her hand around it and began to slowly bring it up and down, up and down, while he moved onto the next breast. As he sucked her harder, she pumped his faster; Up and down, up and down, faster, harder, slamming her fist down his shaft, to the base with enough force to make his balls tense up and want to blow.

She sensed his pending come so, wanting to draw it out, she slowed down and told him to put both hands back on the wheel. Doing so, he welcomed her face into his lap.

She gently flicked her tongue out over his head, causing his breath to draw in quickly. Her tongue slid down the underside of his dick and down to his balls, where she sucked them so hard he thought for sure they would be a hickey. A few times going up and down with her tongue, she came back to the top of his long hard cock and started to take him all the way into her mouth. She relaxed her throat muscles, letting his penis slide in with no problems. Before she knew it she had the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat and, couldn’t get enough. She began to go as fast as her neck could get her to, up and down. He grabbed the back of her head with one hand and forced her to go faster. Up and down, her bobbed. He started to feel it, that he was going to come, and she sensed it too. Suddenly, his balls tightened and his cock exploded in her mouth, shooting load after load into her throat, which she drank greedily. His groans and grunts filled the air in the truck as she deperately tried to swallow every last drop of his come.

Licking up around her face and his groin, she got every bit of it. He was breathing heavily now, and begged her to just let them pull over and she would have her turn.

“No. I want to ride you, much more than I want to be eaten out.” She grabbed his cock again, which was already starting to recover. She squeezed as she moaned out,” I want to have all of that big, huge, fat cock inside of me, and ride you while you drive this huge truck. I want to feel you inside me.”

With those words uttered, he didn’t hesitate to click the button and back his seat up, hitting cruise again, and put both hands on the wheel.

She fully removed his pants and underwear and threw them in the back. Then she swung one leg over to the other side of him, her skirt still on, but not in the way because on the undone zippers. He squirmed and tried to thrust into her but she wouldn’t let him in just yet. First, she pushed her breasts into his face and grabbed the back of his head, forcing him to eat them. He devoured each once, glancing once in a while at the road. Using his tongue, he made her scream, with the biting, pulling and sucking.

Roxy was moaning and couldn’t stand it anymore. “Oh God, fuck me now. Stick your big, fat cock into my wet, waiting pussy now. That’s it…ooohhhh…gooooddddd…”

His head was so hard and his cock so big now that all he could do was stick it in her. He thrust hard, into her wet and tight cunt. He pulled back, all the way out, making her groan in want, and then thrust back in, harder than before. She matched him, thrust for thrust, hump for hump; they were fucking each other’s brains out. She was pumping up and down, jamming her pussy on his long penis, and he was impaling her cunt with his hard cock, over and over again, harder ever hit.

She was screaming now, “Oh, fuck mmmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!! Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee….!! Harder, harder, yeah, fuck me harder. OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh..ahhhhhhhhhhh,….I think IIIIIIII ammmmmm goiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggggg tooooooooo ccccooooooooooooommmeeeee.”

Her felt her pussy tighten around his cock, just as he felt his cock tighten. He blew his load into her, deep. She felt his cock far up inside of her, felt his penis come and take over her insides. There was so much of his juice, that it was leaking out of her pussy. They slammed into each other a few more times, just to get a few more groans in, then she collapsed on top of him, panting and sweating.

He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t fucking believe that he just got his brains fucked out while driving, doing sixty! Goddamn, he felt on fire!

There was a rustling sound from the back and they both heard a slighty slurred voice say, “That was a great show. Now pull your swerving ass off the road, Jack, and let’s show her how good it can really be.”

The drunk in the backseat, Alex, woke up, and he was hard as a rock after seeing Roxy and Jack go at it.

Jack looked over at Roxy who was back into the middle seat again, as if to ask her permission. The grin on her face was all he needed to see. He pulled off the highway to the side of the road and turned off the lights. He backed up all the front seats back after Alex got out. Roxy got out of the truck with Alex, still topless, and ripped his shirt off of him right after discarding her own skirt. Alex pinned her to the side of truck and kissed her hard. The feel of his bare chest against her hard nipples and huge tits had her pussy on fire, juices already dripping. He put both hands on her breasts, squeezing them hard, while he kissed her harder. She undid his pants, causing them to drop to the ground, revealing no underwear. She grabbed his erection, hard in her hands and pumped it furiously, while he began to suck on her breats. She beat him off fast, and suddenly he grabbed her around the waist, and hauled her up to him, so that she could wrap her legs around him. She loved the way his long hard cock felt against her skin and she wriggled around to cause him to become, if possible, even more hard. He went back to sucking her breasts and she grabbed his face and pushed him to her.

Alex set Roxy onto the truck seat and slowly lowered his head down to her waiting, wet cunt. He flicked his tongue over her clit, and caused her to gasp, grabbing onto back of his head. She shoved his face into her pussy, and he set to work, biting on her clit, sliding his tongue in her crack, and sucking each of her lips individually. He moved to just sucking on her clit, and she was writhing and thrusting her hips into his face. He then shoved his whole tongue in her hole, flipping it around, tongue fucking every inch of her pussy. He put his fingers over her clit and fingered her as hard as he could. Roxy began to scream as her orgasm hit her hard.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck, Alex, fuck me, lick meeee, suuuuuuuuuuck mmeeeeee!”

Her body convulsed and Alex sucked up all of her cunt juice, as they flowed freely over his face. He then flipped her over, so she could ride him, and she reached down to his throbbing dick.

Jackson watched Alex and Roxy as he stood completely naked, whacking off his penis. He moved closer to the truck, to watch as he slammed his fist up and down, up and down his long hard dick. He could see them now in the truck, Roxy’s hand on Alex’s dick as she guided it to her juice-dripping cunt. He plowed into her, causing her to scream out in pleasure instantly.

Before he knew what was happening, Jack had walked over to them, and told them to slow it down for a minute. Roxy knew what was coming and she wanted it badly, therefore did as she was told. She slowed in humping and let Jack grab her tits to play with them, rubbing and gripping them, as if to hold on. He guided his dick to her ass and felt around. It was so wet from all her cunt juices that he didn’t even need to use his fingers to open her up, so he plunged right in.

Roxy screamed in pain, but then moaned in bliss. He was all the way up inside of her ass, moving around slowly. She nudged her ass back at him, wanting more, deeper thrusts, and he took the hint. He fired into her, and Alex resumed the fucking of a lifetime from the front. Roxy now had one full, large cock in her pussy and one oversized one in her ass, both pumping her so hard she thought that she might come right then. One orgasm rocked her, but neither man stopped, or even slowed his thrusts. She screamed her pleasures, urging them to fuck her harder, faster, to never stop. She began to pound back, grinding hard down on Alex’s big cock, and then shoving her ass as hard as she could into Jack’s dick behind her. It was the most amazing experience ever, having two dicks in her at once; she could feel both deep inside her, almost touching. She never wanted to let this feeling go, ever.

It seemed that they got deeper every time, ever pump brought more dick into her cunt and ass. She was going to go crazy, it felt so good.

“FFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck mmmmmmmeeeeee!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh …….. I am going to cooooooooooooommmmmmeeee …..OOOOohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy….”

She was screaming out loud and Alex was panting and grunting, almost ready to unload inside of her dripping pussy, while Jack just could not get enough of her asshole.

Suddenly, she felt her body tighten and her cunt muscles clench around the solid, big dick in her. Alex felt her pussy wrench onto his cock and it sent him into overload; he let go, letting a huge groan out and dumping all his come into her cunt. Alex felt her ass quiver and grip his dick, and that caused him to spill all his seed into her ass, alot of it leaking out. Both men gave her a few more pumps to get her over the edge too. She felt the wave of tightness flow through her, sending her blood pumping and heart racing. She screamed out their names in pure ecstacy, her body shuddering as the orgasm took her over.

She exploded and all of their juice mixed inside of her as all three bodies went limp and just lay there for a few minutes panting, out of breath. Jack could not believe his luck to have stopped for her, and she couldn’t believe that she had been fucked by two guys at once. There was no way she was leaving these guys until she had had her fill.

“So darlin'” croaked out Jack, his voice still laced with sex, “you never did say where you were headin’?”

“Well,” she huskily replied, “that depends where you and that big cock of yours will be.”

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