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Enlightenment of Mrs. Jones

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While waiting until it was time to pick up my son at school, I grabbed my laptop and got on the Web. When I checked my e-mail, I came across an unsolicited message from an adult site. I clicked on for the sake of curiosity. Then all these other sites kept popping up with pictures of men and women fucking and women and women fucking.

I was intrigued by the women touching each other. I remembered when I was young, the sight of women in underwear would make me blush and tingle down below.

In college, my roommate was always naked or scantily clothed. I liked watching her parade her perfect body around the room. Once I came home late from the library and found her and another girl naked, curled up together and asleep in her bed. They were so beautiful lying there. I could only imagine what they had been doing to each other. Even years later when I think about them, I get a pleasant heaviness in my pussy.

I had nothing but time on my hands so I began to do a little research. When my husband, a salesman, was away from home, I surfed the net for adult lesbian sites. Some of it was just trashy junk, but I did find some interesting sites. These were ones with beautiful models in provocative poses shot in good light. The images filled my entire screen. An angelic 18-year old in nothing but sneakers and socks with her finger in her mouth while an older woman’s fingers probed her pussy. I saw pussies close-up–all the little details of them. Some were wet and red after manipulation. Some even had rings or posts in them. I saw girls riding each other, sucking and tonguing pussy, inserting huge dicks and other objects.

I was mesmerized by pretty ladies with tiny tops pulled up over large, firm breasts and no panties rubbing themselves while girls on their knees ate them. Ladies in school dresses bent over to take a spanking or a fucking from a lecherous instructor. Beautiful oriental girls, small but with amazingly large mounds, screwed each other. Breasts were sucked and nipples pulled with teeth. Small women sporting humongous dicks lodged in the pussies of equally small women. Threesomes. Foursomes. A pussy in every mouth. There were thousands of pictures available. I joined sights using my credit card. I probably clicked on every thumbnail picture to get the bigger view. So many women. So much pussy.

My husband was delighted that I made more demands on him sexually. Secretly, I figured I could drown my little lesbian desires with more straight sex. Sometimes it worked. Most times not. Poor Ed would never know that many times when I was on top of him, he was a sexy woman below me and I was the one with the dick.

I read story after story in the lesbian section at Women wrote stories of doing it with their best friends, the neighbor’s daughter or even strangers. With teachers and close relatives. With maids and babysitters. Chance encounters. Planned seductions. Some even paid to fuck another woman. Some spent their fantasies atop women they created in their minds. Through these stories women could tell millions of others every little detail of what they secretly desired from another woman. Bottom line, it was all about the pussy. It was all so erotic and I was turned on all the time.

I exchanged fantasies with women in England and California, Hawaii and the Caribbean that left me breathless. They all shared what they did or would do with another woman. Even if they had husbands and children or boyfriends with whom they lived perfectly normal lives, they secretly fantasized about fucking other women.

I watched streaming videos of sexy college girls doing everything to each other. Hot cunt to cunt fucking. Two luscious asses bouncing against each other joined by a long red dildo. I felt heavy and tingly down south as I put on my headphones and listened to their dirty talk and soulful moans as they fucked. Oh, how they fucked.

There is nothing as erotic as one woman seriously kissing another. I have a special kissing picture file and a kissing video file that I look at almost every day. I love to see identical twins, their mouths locked, lying together on their bed. Or two cute, perky blonds with their nipples and tongues touching. It must be fantastic kiss and run your fingers through hair as long as your own.

Some of the pussies on the women seemed so big. Did mine look like that? I saw some that seemed to be almost hanging between the girls’ legs when they bent over. I have a special shot of one sucking, I mean actually sucking a large pussy from behind a bent over girl. What must it be like to do the same or screw one of those with my own? The thought is constantly with me.

I have saved hundreds and hundreds of thumbnail shots. They are all on my laptop, which I carry with me everywhere. Even though my husband never touches my computer, I always keep it locked when not in use. I click on and the pussies and breasts and perfect asses of women fill my screen. They are so beautiful. I am constantly aroused. Images of naked or partially clothed girls fill my head even when my computer is off. I watch in the car as I am waiting to pick up my son at school; in the parking lot at the shopping center; downstairs when my husband is waiting for me in bed.

When I was wired, pumped up, turned on to the max and really wanting some female loving for myself, the real thing came along. Erin was the younger sister of one of the moms. She plopped down next to me late one afternoon at my son’s soccer practice.

I married late so at 35 I was at least six years older than the other soccer moms with six year old girls and boys. They were friendly but not overly so. While practice was going on, I watched by myself and alternately used my laptop.

Out of nowhere, she came. “Whatcha doing on that thing?” She craned her neck to see my screen. “Oh!” she said.

I was looking at a stunning shot of a young woman in a Catholic school skirt, white unbuttoned blouse, one breast pulled from a lacy bra, squatting showing a fairly large pussy with a splattering of dark hair. I snapped the case shut. “You shouldn’t have seen that. Sorry.”

“No apologies needed. You seem to be having more fun than any of us. I like what I saw. The girl looked hot. She has a fantastic looking pussy. I think I may even look like that.”

Sweet mercy, I thought. I’d always secretly hoped for this. I wanted to find someone-a young woman-that I could actually have the chance of touching. “You look like that, I said raising the lid. “Your, you know, looks like hers.”

“Yes, my pussy. You can say the word. That’s what my ballet instructor said when she first saw me coming out of the shower. She said she hadn’t seen such a ‘wunderbar’ pussy since she left the theater in Berlin.”

“So you did it with a teacher?”

“Yes, I did it with her. She allowed herself the pleasure of fucking me only once a month. She said she didn’t want to break our discipline. By the time she took me, she had let herself become ravenous. Man, I miss her. She moved back to Germany and I gave up the dance. I’ve been hoping to meet someone else. Know any body?” she said smiling at me seductively.

“But wait. How did you get away with it? No one was suspicious?”

“Fraulein and my mom became friendly when she dropped me off. She told my mom that I had potential and asked if she could give me free extra instruction. Mom was delighted. She even baked her cookies. Fraulein put a Closed sign in the window after normal practice. Then she’d open me up with her tongue and fingers in her quarters over the studio. When my sister or my mom picked me up, they always said I seemed extra happy after my special practice.”

Maybe I could help her out. And I’d love to touch a live naked woman alone at least once in my life. “How old are you? Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I’m 18 and I date often. I even have sex. But my having sex with a woman has nothing to do with any guy. That is my secret pleasure.” She started coming on to me. “You’re beautiful. Even more so than my sister Elise over there. She’s the one in the red top. I told her about Frauline and she let me fuck her a couple of times when her husband had military duty on the weekend. She’s gotten scared now and won’t let me near her in that way. Pity because my sister was good. You look absolutely hot and sexy in that outfit.”

I am 5’7″ with shoulder-length auburn hair and hazel eyes. I was wearing a low cut green tank top, a matching short skirt and tennis shoes and socks. My husband believes my figure to be superb.

“I am always horny,” Erin said “I can give you all the pussy you need. You’d love to touch a real one, wouldn’t you? You could rub it and make it wet. I’d let you fuck your fingers inside me. Maybe even something else. Then you could try to suck all of it into your mouth. But that might be quite a job. You know why, don’t you?”

Sweet, sweet mercy! We chatted for a while, getting to know each other. Erin told me about one other encounter. “Some fellow cheerleaders and I were on a trip,” she began. “Pleading a headache, I stayed at the motel while they went shopping at a local mall. I turned on some loud music and began dancing around the room. Soon there was a pounding knock at the door. Thinking it was one of the girls, I flung the door open. In the process the sash on my short bathrobe loosened.”

A gum-chewing woman in a pink waitress uniform stood there. “I’m from next door. Now look, I’ll be needing to get some sleep…did you know your…damn honey, are you gorgeous or what? I could fuck you from nigh until Sunday.”

“Without a word I stepped back and let the woman come in to see what she had to offer. She quickly stripped her uniform and got in the bed I indicated. The woman licked and sucked me from head to toe, then ate me fast and hard. She came flailing her arms and cursing with my pussy screwing hers.”

“Honey, you have some fine shit and you know how to use it,” she said as she left with a smile on her face.

Erin cut assembly three days later and came over to my house. She was a surprise, but a welcome one. “Hi,” she said. “I can’t wait to get out of these clothes. You still want to see it, don’t you?” She dropped her backpack.

“Oh, yes I do.” I watched as she started to strip right in my living room. I’d donned a lounging dress when I came home after leaving the school. Naked underneath, I pulled it over my head.

She stood naked in front of me. Her pussy was indeed very prominent and beautiful. The hair above her lips was cut in a jet black strip. She really was a gorgeous girl with long black hair and green eyes.

“Come on Mrs. Jones. You can touch it. Please touch it before I go insane.”

I went to her and rubbed the heel of my hand on her wet pussy. Her head dropped back as she moaned deeply. “That feels good. Find my clit. You’ve seen it in your pictures, I’m sure. Rub it and make me cum.” My hand seemed to know what it was doing as it did her bidding. I looked into her eyes as she came. Then I led her into my bedroom to explore her further. I was amazed at what I had done.

“What a fine bed,” she squealed. “I’ll have something to hold on to as I fuck your face. Lie down on the bed and I’ll let you taste me.” She put her pussy in my face and held on to the head of the bed as she began to instruct me in pleasing her. “Lick it. Yes, just like that. Keep doing that. That feels wonderful. Umm, she likes your tongue, Mrs. Jones. Oh, man. That feels so good. Get… ready… for some juice. I…am…about…to…cum. Oh yes, yes.”

I was living another of my fantasies.

“Now open me with your fingers. Fine. Good. Now put your tongue in me. Don’t be shy. Just do what comes naturally. Oh! Oh! Are you… sure…you’ve never done… this before? You’re making me cum again. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” She was slowly gyrating above me while my tongue was locked in her pussy. Then as she screamed in pleasure in my soundproofed room, I took as much of that pussy in my mouth as I could. I sucked on her until she came again, fulfilling another fantasy.

Spent, she pulled away from my mouth and lay down on my bed. I climbed on top of her. I couldn’t let her leave until I could mount her and fuck her with my own pussy like in the videos. I think my sucking had made her even bigger. Her pussy was open and wet. Her large clit was waiting for me. I was excited and shaking as I fitted myself to her. I went on the ride of my life. Erin began to moan again as she rubbed my ass and screwed beneath me. Everything else ceased to exist except my impending cum. I rode her with everything in me and was rewarded with orgasms the likes of which I’ve never had with any man.

Then I leaned in and kissed her for the first time. Lord, what a rush. I pushed my tongue in her sweet, delicate mouth over and over. I sucked her tongue, nipped at her lips and ran my tongue over her teeth. And soon, as I couldn’t help myself, I was fucking Erin again. I reluctantly released her when she said she needed to get to her 11 o’clock chemistry class. When she sucked my pussy to orgasm before she showered and dressed, she said that was only a taste of what she would do to it. She and I were all pussied-up and raring to go about our days.

She came over once a week during her assembly time. I let her park her “bug” in my closed garage to avoid any talk. We fucked each other with our tongues and pussies and the strap-on that I bought on the Internet. I kept it hidden in the attic, but I cringed every time my husband went up there. It excited me to watch the 9-inch thick, yellow dick slide slowly past her black pubic hair and her large lips until it could go no further. I’d read in stories that women felt powerful wearing a dick. It’s true. I was pleased that Erin loved to stroke it and suck it or bounce up and down on it.

Those heavy, luscious lips were in full view whenever I prepared to fuck her from behind. She would be on her hands and knees, screwing her ass as I rubbed her large pussy lips. Then I would open her cheeks to watch the dick slide into her. I started very slowly. My momentum built until I was slamming into her. She’d put her arms and head on the bed and let me have my way. The harder I fucked her, the more she moaned and begged for it. This was how they did it in the videos.

I missed her on the days she didn’t come. When our time came, I was as highly sexed as she. When I closed the door on my other life, we went straight for each other, taking what we needed.

I hated it when she went off to college. But my affair with Erin opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Why had I never really noticed the cute checkout girl at the market who always rubbed my hand with both of hers when giving me my change? Had she always smiled at me so seductively? I’m sure there were others. I needed to let them find me. Now that I’d had fucked a woman, I knew I would want it to be a part of my sex life. Pictures and videos are good, but warm, smooth flesh is better.

Elise, Erin’s sister, invited me over for coffee for the first time ever. She was wearing a low-cut halter top and shorts. I looked at her chest as she bent over to pour. A pair of magnificent breasts threatened to spill from her top. When she handed me a cup, she caught me watching. Licking her lips, she said in a low sexy voice, “They’re beautiful, aren’t they? They loved to be sucked and fucked. Know anybody who could help me?”

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