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Hidden Hungers

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Paul knew what everyone thought about his new wife. They all thought that Trisha had married him for his money. What they couldn’t understand or figure out is why he had married her? Paul’s private life was exactly that…private. Duke was the only person who really knew everything there was to know about him.

Duke had been best friends with Paul since high school and through their college years, he was Paul’s right hand man in his business.

Paul was forty nine when he married Trisha. He had those rugged good looks that most women fell for. He had played football in high school and college and still had the build of someone who was active in sports or spent a lot of time in the gym. He stayed fit because of his busy and hectic life, not because of hours spent in a gym.

Paul spent his time acquiring companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy. He and his staff would research the company fully before he would snatch the failing company out from under the current owners. He only bought out companies that he knew could make a come back with some skillful planning and hard work.

He very seldom fired any of the previous management, opting to retrain them in how he wanted the company to be ran now that he owned it. He would refit the company with the latest technology and equipment as his staff trained the old management members in how to run the company efficiently and profitably. Once he was satisfied that the company was heading in the right direction and making money he would turn the running of it over to Duke and his top management team. Duke would stay with the new company for at least another year before turning the running of it over to the top executives on his team.

Sometimes, as with this latest company he had acquired ten months ago he would buy it, get it back on it’s feet making a profit then sell it for a huge profit rather than keep it. Both he and Duke were anxious to finalize this sell then move on to other things.

Paul stood silently in the shadows watching his wife as she talked with the wife of one his executive managers whom he had just promoted to being president of one his advertising firms. He loved watching Trisha when she didn’t know he was around. She was the perfect woman for him and it had only taken him two ex wives to find her. He spied Duke talking to one of his engineers, then he saw him glance towards Trisha and knew exactly what he was thinking.

He had divorced his first wife after thirteen years of marriage. The only good things to come from that marriage were his son and daughter, both now in college. Carla had enjoyed living the lifestyle his money afforded them but as a wife she was a cold hearted bitch.

His second wife Shelly was a beautiful model he had met when she was hired by one of his modeling agencies. She had the most beautiful head of raven black hair he had ever seen on a woman and with her deep emerald eyes she was striking to look at. Just before their divorce he had been asking himself what had ever possessed him to marry her in the first place. Granted she was a beautiful woman, but women like that had never really appealed to him.

When they had first began dating he was sure she was going to be the woman he had been looking for all his life. It was her age that made him believe that. What he wanted and needed in a woman, he was sure, could be, and would be, at the right time found within Shelly.

The first year of their marriage had been hectic for the both of them. He had just acquired a failing plastics company and she was busy with her contract with Victoria’s Secret Magazine. She was traveling all over the world on long shoots with the magazine the first year of their marriage. Her beautiful face and body could be seen on billboards around the world.

As soon as they were able to spend more time together Paul realized he had made a horrible mistake in marrying Shelly. Before he had married her she had been more open and free about their lovemaking. She never said no to him when he made a sexual advance but she wouldn’t allow him to touch her other than to enter her and get his rocks off.

There was no foreplay between them. She was afraid he might leave a mark on her flawless skin in some way that would affect her modeling. If she had an assignment during the week he was never allowed to touch her until after the shoot. He filed for divorce in their third year of marriage.

He had asked her just out of curiosity why she had married him in the first place if she didn’t want a sexual relationship with him. Her reply hadn’t really surprised him when she told him that she felt it was a good career move. A model only had a good five years on the runway if she were lucky, after that she had better have the skills for some other kind of work or marry someone with money.

After their divorce Paul was very careful about the relationships he entered into. He was a very sexual man, he needed a very sexual woman in his life. One who could match his hungers as well as her own.

Two years ago he had purchased a small wire cable company in Michigan that was about to shut down. He and his team had worked hard to bring that company back to being productive and profitable. They expanded the plant, updated all the machinery and his team of engineers designed an efficient and well run manufacturing plant.

Trisha was one of the employees who worked there. He was working with Duke on a new line next to the one she was working on when he had first noticed her. Actually he only noticed her when he couldn’t keep his mind on what he and Duke were doing listening to the conversation going on between her and the other workers on her line.

They were having fun discussing another coworkers T-Shirt. The shirt was one of those macho types guys were always so fond of wearing. It was a Harley Davidson T-Shirt with big bold letters on the front of the shirt that read ” I work hard, ride hard, play hard and I stay…….”, the last word had been omitted but the meaning was clear as to what that final saying was.

It was Trisha who made the comment to the other women on the line that the last statement was false. ” Well girls we all know that’s a lie, there isn’t a man walking who can stay hard or keep it hard for as long as we girls would like them to.” The women on the line broke up into hysterical laughter giving her a thumbs up.

“Your right about that Trisha, they all think they are fantastic lovers, but in the back of our minds were are screaming is that all you got! Your done? I want more asshole, I’m not finished yet!” Which brought on another fit of hysterical laughter from the women on the line.

Paul had to see who the woman was that had made the comment that had the entire line laughing hysterically. Which one was she? There were six women on the line and he didn’t have a clue as to which one was Trisha.

No one on the production floor knew who he was, that was the way he wanted it. He didn’t want his employees to feel uncomfortable around him and to feel that they had to be on their best behavior when he was around. He had learned early on in his career that happy and content employees made the best employees. He always gave them a nice a raise when he got the company making a profit and their gratitude showed in their production. They always worked hard, carefully and he had never had an employee absenteeism problem that was as high as most factories.

There were two middle aged women on the line and Paul determined that it was one of the two who had made the comment. It sounded like it was made from someone who was older, wiser and had personal experience in that department. He decided he would invite himself into the conversation to see if he could figure out which one of the women it was.

” Oh come on ladies, not all men fit into that category. Some of us are a little more adept in that department.”

Trisha had seen him walking around the plant since the new owner had taken over the plant. He was a very striking looking man, loaded with sex appeal. She would bet a weeks pay that any woman he came in contact with fell for him. He was tall, with the build of a football player. His complexion was tanned showing he spent a lot of time outdoors. He had a head full of black hair that was spattered with bits of gray throughout and the bluest eyes she had ever seen on a man.

“Just ask most single or divorced women if they agree with you? If they are still single odds are they haven’t met mister right yet. If they are divorced it usually means the ex left them for someone younger, trying to regain his lost youth and make him feel like he is still a stud in the bedroom.. Or maybe the woman got tired of never feeling sated with their lovemaking and she left him. Then you always have the ones who most men feel have no sex appeal because of their size. The hubby leaving them looking for smaller, greener pastures.”

So this was Trisha he thought to himself. She wasn’t a raving beauty but she was nice looking and she had a wonderful smile that lit up her eyes. He guessed her to be in her middle or late forties. Her hair was the color of chestnuts and probably came from a bottle, but the color suited her wonderfully. He would bet that she classified herself to be in the class of the wandering ex husbands looking for smaller, greener pastures as she had put it.

Paul’s first wife had been overweight as well when he married her. Her weight was never an issue with him. He was never comfortable with small women, he always felt like he was going to break them in some way because of his size and that had surprised him when he had married Shelly. Besides he liked women who had some meat on their bones and didn’t look like a good gust of wind could carry them away.

“Ok, I’ll agree with you to some extent, but what about all the couples who are married and stay married? Are you saying that it is because all of the husbands are supermen in the bedroom,” he asked her?

“No, and probably half or more of them are just average in the bedroom. People stay married for a number of reasons and we all know that. Some for religious beliefs, some for financial reasons, some out of necessity, and some of them because they are truly in love with each other,” she told him.

“I just read an article in a magazine while sitting in my doctors office that said the two leading causes for divorce were sex and money, in that order,” one of the other women on the line commented.

“Trisha what about those special interest people that we all talked about the other day? They stay married because they fit each others needs, that’s purely a sexual need between them and to them they consider that being in love with each other.”

“That’s true Chad, but if one partner had one of those special needs and the other didn’t, sooner or later that marriage would end in divorce because the sexual needs of one wasn’t being met. Or that partner would look for extramarital affairs to fill their sexual needs.”

“What special interests are you guys referring too,” Duke asked?

“You know those people who enjoy different lifestyles, like BDSM, domination, swinging, etc.,” Chad replied.

It was nearing quitting time and the people began cleaning their area for the next shift to start.

“You working tonight Trisha,” this was asked by Chad?

“Yes,” she replied.

“Cool, we’ll see you later then.”

” Hey if you two don’t have any plans why don’t you stop down to Joe’s for a drink later. Trisha is one hell of a good bartender and if you get to bombed she’ll make sure you get home safe and sound.”

“You should know, I’ve taken your drunk ass home more times then I can remember,” she replied jokingly.

“Just where is Joe’s,” Duke asked him?

Chad gave him directions and the guys said they might stop by later just as the quitting bell rang.

It was almost midnight when Paul and Duke showed up at Joe’s. Trisha saw them the moment they walked through the doors of the small country tavern. Paul walked up to the bar and asked Trisha if Chad was still here. She pointed out the table to Paul then he and Duke made their way across the packed bar to where Chad was sitting with a bunch of friends and coworkers.

Paul made sure he sat where he could watch Trisha without it being to obvious. Duke had known that Trisha had sparked his friends interest earlier that day. Both he and Paul liked women who were straight forward and they both thought that was exactly what Trisha was.

Paul stood at the end of the bar waiting for Trisha to finish serving two guys at the other end of the bar. One of the men was openly flirting with Trisha and Paul determined that he must be a regular when he heard Trisha call him by name. The bar had started to thin out and a nice slow song was playing on the juke box so Paul could hear their conversation easily.

“Come on Trisha, come home with me tonight?” The man asking the question looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties.

“Now why would you want me to come home with you Jack? You need someone there to make you a strong pot of coffee when you wake up nursing the hangover I’m sure your going to have in the morning,” she asked him jokingly.

“It’s not coffee I’ll be wanting from you Trisha and you know it,” he replied.

“‘Come on Jack with all the whiskey in you do you honestly think you can give me what I would want from you,” she replied? “Just how long do you think you’d last before you passed out on me?” She was smiling as she pinched his cheek and turned around to see to her other customers.

“An admirer of yours I take it,” Paul asked her when she came to take his order?

“Jack is a nice guy and he asks the same question every week about this same time. Poor guy would probably have a heart attack if I ever said yes!”

“I’m sorry but I never thought to ask you your name today.” She held out her hand in an offer of a handshake when she told him her name was Trisha.

“Pleased to meet you Trisha, I’m Paul and my friend here is Duke.” Duke had just come up to the bar to get himself another beer when Trisha was introducing herself to him.

“Nice to meet you Trisha,” Duke said as he offered his hand in a handshake as well.

“So are you two staying on at the factory or just helping the new owner to get things straightened around and running smooth at the plant?”

“We stay long enough to make sure things are running smoothly and the plant is making money before we go on to the next project. The boss never has more than one iron in the fire at a time. He works hard to make sure the company he has just purchased is running smoothly and in the black before he moves on to something else,” Duke remarked.

Chad and his girlfriend wandered up to the bar to invite Paul and Duke to join them all at the truck stop for breakfast after the bar closed.

“We usually hang around until Trisha has everything locked up and make sure she gets to her car safely,” Chad explained to them.

“Why don’t you guys go on ahead and Duke and I will see that she gets to her car ok then we can follow her to the truck stop.”

With Duke and Paul’s help she had the bar closed and locked up in less than twenty minutes. The guys put all the chairs up on the tables for her while she counted the nights receipts and deposited the money in the bar safe.

“What do you think Duke,” Paul asked him as they were following Trisha to the truck stop?

“I like her, and I think there is more to Trisha then meets the eye.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more. Time for another change at work I’m thinking and it will involve our Miss Trisha. We’ll figure out how to go about it this weekend then put it into effect Monday,” Paul replied.

They pulled into the truck stop and parked next to Trisha. Duke was out of the car holding her door open for her before Paul had the car in park.

The truck stop was full with the late night bar crowds from area bars. Chad and his friends were waiting for them near the back of the smoking section in the truck stop. They had pushed two long tables together so that they could all sit together. Paul made sure that he and Duke were sitting next to Trisha.

“How long have you worked at the plant Trisha,” Paul asked her.

“Nine years come this July. I started working there shortly after they opened up,” she told him.

They ordered their breakfast and the talk around the table was jovial and full of laughter.

“Sheila was sure trying her best to get Paul’s attention tonight,” Chad’s remark had the whole table bursting into fits of laughter.

“Am I missing something here? Anything you guys would like to fill me in on,” Paul remarked smiling at the group of people around the tables?

“Sheila is our resident bar fly, when she is between men she is always on the lookout for the next available prey that is handy. Only the good looking ones that is, she wouldn’t waste her time on us average guys,” Chad replied.

” A man eater huh? Good thing I wasn’t interested or you guys might have had to put a missing persons alert out on me tomorrow,” Paul laughingly replied.

“You didn’t find our Miss Sheila attractive,” Trisha asked?

“I’ve been around enough women like her to know exactly what she is like. Materialistic, only caring what a guys bank balance is. Those type of women are pretty shallow and not the kind I want to be mixed up with.”

“So is there a Mrs. Paul or Mrs. Duke hanging around somewhere,” Trisha asked?

“No Mrs. for Duke and two ex Mrs. for me,” Paul replied watching Trisha carefully to see if there were any signs of censure from her.

“Oops, two strike outs huh?” Trisha was smiling when she made the comment.

“The first was a cold hearted bitch, we called it quits after 13 years of marriage. The second was a whole lot younger, and worried more about her looks then her marriage. That one only lasted three years before we ended it. If I ever marry again this time I will know that it will be the last time I marry and it will be for all the right reasons.

When Duke and Paul were driving back to their hotel after they left the truck stop their conversation revolved around Trisha. By Monday morning they had their plan well thought out and ready to put into action. Paul called Trisha up into the manufacturing office shortly before quitting time.

“Trisha we have a offer for you that will involve a raise if you decide to accept our offer,” Paul started out saying.

“The new owner is sectioning the plant into different departments. Each department will have a supervisor in charge of that department and there will be an assistant to each supervisor. The plant manager has recommended you for the assistant job in your department. We’ve been told that you can run all the machinery in your department and already issue out job assignments according to what needs to be produced that day to keep the lines running in other departments. Would this position be something you would be interested in,” Duke asked her?

“Sure, but I do have a suggestion for you guys if you’d like to hear it?”

“All suggestions are welcomed especially if it will make running the plant and production better,” Paul told her.

“Well, you need to move preparation back by receiving. All the supplies we use come from there. Plus, if you made a holding area for each line, preparation could stage the parts for that line according to what was being produced for that day. Then each supervisor could come to their staging area to get their parts for that days production. There would be no more trying to find the right cables or wire in amongst all the other cables made that day. That would save a tremendous amount time. Send down the next days wire and cable needs to receiving so that they can have all the parts needed at preparation the following day already staged and ready to go.”

“Trisha that is a fantastic idea! Duke get busy measuring out how much room we will need to move the whole department back there. Get Jim down here to start working on electrical. Once we get it mapped out and all the electrical put in we will transfer the whole department over in a weekend.”

For the next couple of months Trisha worked closely with both Paul and Duke in setting up her department. They had spent many nights sharing a late supper at a nearby restaurant when they had worked late. It was at one of these shared suppers that Trisha teased Duke about one of the employees infatuation with him.

“Come on Duke, what is wrong with Jane? She’s a knockout, even has some brains to go with those pretty looks of hers,” she teased.

“Just not my type dear, looks nor brains aren’t everything you know,” he teased back at her.

” Mercy! What is your type then? You guys have been here six months and I’ve not heard either one of you talking about a woman. Your not going to tell me that after two failed marriages for you Paul and none for you Duke that you two are gay!”

“Hell no we’re not gay! We both love women, enjoy the hell out of them in fact!” Duke answered back with conviction in his voice.

“And what about you Miss Trisha, you never talk about a man in your life and your always putting that Jack guy in his place when he makes a pass at you at the bar, are you gay,” Duke asked her?

“Nope, I like men, in fact, I too enjoy the hell out of them!”

All three of them were laughing uncontrollably at her answer.

“So what kind of man attracts you,” Paul asked her?

“One who smiles with his eyes, loves dogs, likes to laugh, still likes to listen to good Rock-N-Roll, blues, and is honest,” she replied.

“That’s the generic traits one looks for in another person, what about sexually,” Paul asked her?

“Well, if you can find the generic traits first then you go about looking for the more intimate traits your looking for in a partner. Just having some things in common doesn’t make for a good relationship unless your both on the same page sexually,” she told him. “Personally, I think that if couples were more open and honest with each other in the very beginning they would save themselves a lot of time and energy in the long run,”she added for good measure.

“What do you mean by that Trisha,” Duke asked her?

“Ok, lets say that one of the partners thrives on sexual intimacy. He or she wants that to be a big part of their everyday lives while the other feels that once or twice a week is plenty. One of them is happy while the other is miserable because they require more from the relationship. Better yet, let’s say one of them loves the BDSM lifestyle and the other doesn’t. Do you think they would stand a chance in hell of making any kind of relationship work when neither of them want the same thing? How long do you think it would be before that relationship ended in divorce,” she added?

“So your saying that they should talk openly about their needs and desires before entering into any kind of relationship, especially marriage is that right,” Paul asked her?

“People just aren’t that open Trisha and you know it as well as Paul and I do,” Duke said.

“Well they should be, maybe there would be less divorces that way,” she said.

“Are you that open Trisha with the men in your life,” Paul asked her?

She didn’t hesitate when she answered yes which pleased Paul.

“Look, I know it’s late but I’ve got those plans for the new staging area back at the hotel do you mind if we stop there Trisha and have a look at them before we call it a night,” Paul asked her?

It was a Friday night so none of them had to be at work the following morning which is why Paul suggested they go to the hotel in the first place. He wanted to carry on this discussion but in a more private setting.

They looked the plans over for the next hour and made some changes. Paul ordered a bunch of snacks from room service and another bottle of wine.

“Let’s take a break you two, my eyes need a rest,” Duke suggested.

“Trisha can I ask you a personal question,” Duke asked?

“Sure Duke,” she said.

“Earlier when we were talking about being open in relationships you said that you were with the men in your life. Did that include sexual intimacy, your wants and desires? I know that’s a pretty personal question and I will understand completely if you would rather not answer it.”

“I’ll answer your question if you both will answer the same question, fair enough,” she replied.

“Ok, it’s a deal, we agree.”

“First of all I think that couples entering into relationships or marriage should sign a prenuptial that only encompasses the sexual aspects they require in the relationship. To hell with how much money or how many houses a person has, it’s the sex that is important,” she told them smiling. ” If it weren’t there wouldn’t be that many divorces or cheating spouses now would there?”

“I’ve gotten the impression from you that both your failed marriages were in part due to sex or the lack of sexual intimacy in them. As for Duke here, I have a feeling that you need or desire something a little out of the norm sexually in any relationship you might have with a woman.”

“How very astute you are Trisha. So what is it that you require sexually from your partner,” Paul asked her.

“Simple………sex and lots of it. At least once a day, more if he could manage. Lots of foreplay and no quickies! I could be happy being sexually sated 24/7 with the right guy.”

“What if the man in question was as sexual as you wanted but he wanted a little something extra to make him as sexually sated,” Paul asked her?

Before Trisha could answer Paul’s question Duke asked her another question. “All right Trisha let’s say that your having this conversation with a man who your thinking of having a sexual relationship with. You tell him what you want and desire and he says he can fulfill your needs but needs a little something more from you, what do you do then,” Duke asked her.

“I’d ask him what he meant specifically,” she said.

“Ok, for instance or hypothetically let’s say that he tells you that he wants, let’s see, let’s say he tells you that he wants to bring another person into your sexual life on occasion what would you say to him if he asked you that,” Duke asked her?

“We’ve already decided that this is a person who I want to be with so I would tell him that if that is what he needed to make his sexual life full I would agree to it. I’m basically very shy when entering into a sexual relationship so he would have to let me get used to the other person before I could ever be sexual with them. If on the other hand he was speaking of a swinging lifestyle I would have to tell him that is not for me. I would never be comfortable enough nor would want a lot of strange sexual partners. I would have to at least like them and be comfortable enough with them before I could ever do anything of a sexual nature with someone else.”

“Ok boys, the same question, what about you two,” she asked them?

“Duke and I have similar desires and needs in our sexual wants. We both require a lot of sexual intimacy in our partners. Neither of us could ever be happy or content with women who didn’t feel the same way about sexual intimacy as we do. But, we both need a little something more in a relationship,” Paul explained.

“Paul and I are of similar build in the size department if you catch my drift. Small women are not able to handle men like us easily so we are both attracted to a more fuller figured woman.”

Trisha couldn’t help blushing at the frankness of Duke’s explanation as to the size of their dicks.

“Duke and I have been best friends since high school Trisha, there is nothing that we don’t know about each other. We found out early that we both share a similar need in our sexual lives. I enjoy watching another man with the woman I’m with, that keeps me hot and hard all night long. I enjoy making love to her after he has been pleasuring her,” Paul replied.

“I’m the same way Trisha, I enjoy being watched while I make love to her, and I get even more aroused when watching him pleasuring her after I have came in her. Nothing we both like more than to go down on her after one of us has came in her before we make love to her again,” Duke told her.

“Only trouble is we have not been able to share those kind of times as often as we would like Trisha, very seldom in fact. When we have, it was a one night type of thing and that is not what we want. Neither of my wives would have been so inclined even if I had been open with them in the beginning as you suggested all couples should be,” Paul said moving closer to Trisha as he spoke.

“You two are going to make some lucky woman very happy when you find her,” she said laughingly.

Paul moved close in front of Trisha and Duke moved in behind her before she knew what was happening.

“You said you could be happy in that kind of relationship Trisha, if your partner wanted someone else to join you on occasion, were you telling the truth when you said that,” Paul asked her touching her cheek gently with his fingertip?

“Yes, I was being honest,” she answered a little breathlessly.

Paul leaned down towards her and kissed her fully on the mouth. His tongue parted her lips easily as he deepened the kiss. His kiss had taken Trisha by surprise but her lips gave way easily to the mastery of his kiss.

She realized that Duke had his hands on her hips pulling her tight back against him, letting her feel the hardness of his arousal straining to get free from his slacks. He moved her hair to the side and began nibbling on her neck while Paul was kissing her. Her knees almost gave way on her she was so turned on by both of the men. Paul broke the kiss off long enough to pull her towards the bedroom where he quickly began kissing her again before she could come to her senses.

As soon as Paul pulled away from her lips, Duke’s replaced his. Duke’s kiss was every bit as passionate as Paul’s had been. It was while Duke was kissing her that Trisha realized he was naked. He must have undressed while Paul was kissing her. She could feel his rock hard cock pressing into her stomach.

Paul had his hands under her shirt undoing her bra in back, Duke’s hand was at her breast as he kissed her. When he felt her boob give way to the release of her bra he broke the kiss long enough to help Paul lift her shirt up over her head.

Trisha couldn’t think straight, she felt herself being pulled down onto the huge bed. Paul was laying behind her and Duke was leaning over her kissing her again. There was a hand at her breast now and one at the crotch of her slacks, rubbing her gently through the material of her slacks. Whose hand was where she didn’t have a clue, she was lost to the wonderful feelings these men were giving her.

She had one of her hands cupping the back of Duke’s head as he kissed her and she let the other roam around until she found Paul’s hard cock which she began to stroke. Someone was pulling her slacks down exposing her naked pussy to wandering fingers.

Duke broke off the kiss and lowered his mouth to her breast and began suckling on her nipple. She moaned in pleasure and then again as Paul moved to her other breast and began the same treatment. It had been a long time since a man had instilled these feelings in her and now she had two of them arousing her to new heights of pleasure.

Trisha had often fantasized about scenario’s such as this one. She had always fantasized of two men pleasuring her. She was no prude, far from it in fact. She just desired a relationship filled with sexual pleasure on a daily basis.

Duke left her breast and positioned himself between her thighs where he began an oral assault on her fevered pussy. Paul gave up sucking her nipple long enough to kiss her deeply before moving back to her nipple. Duke got Trisha off twice before changing places with Paul. Paul made short work of her pussy, he was an expert in this department she thought as he brought her to her fifth climax. Her clit was swollen and hard with all the attention the two men had given it.

Paul moved up beside her as Duke positioned himself between her thighs. This was the first time that Trisha had actually seen one of their cocks it was probably close to seven inches or more, long and thick. Duke entered her slowly easing his cock in with slow strokes. He had her legs pressed back into her stomach as he began fucking her. She moaned as his strokes increased, my god he felt good inside her was all she could think. Trisha knew it wouldn’t be long before he would make her cum.

Paul was rubbing her nipple between his fingers while he watched Duke fuck her. Trisha stole a glance at Paul and was surprised at the desire she saw there. He wasn’t lying when he said watching another man pleasure a woman was a real turn on to him.

“You like that don’t you Trisha, you like how Duke’s big cock fills up your pussy,” Paul whispered in her ear.

“I love seeing his big cock inside you Trisha, sliding in and out of your pussy, filling it all the way to the hilt with each stroke. My cock is rock hard wanting to be inside you when he is through, but first I must taste the mixture of your juices before my cock enjoys the warmth of your pussy.”

A few moments later Duke let out a loud howl as he filled Trisha’s pussy with his cum. As soon as he moved away from her dripping pussy Paul had his face buried in it lapping up the juices from their joining. As Paul moved between her thighs Trisha noticed that his cock was every bit as large as Duke’s. Trisha knew she was going to enjoy feeling Paul’s cock inside her every bit as much as she had Duke’s.

“I loved being inside you Trisha, and Paul loved it as much as you did as you clearly saw. Already my dick is throbbing to be back inside you,” he said kissing her again.

Paul had Trisha on the brink of another climax, she was clutching at his arms tightly as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her body. As soon as he came Duke buried his face in her pussy before fucking her again. All night the men took turns in pleasuring Trisha. It was around 7:30 the following morning before they all fell into an exhausted slumber.

Trisha awoke dazed and confused at first. Her body was on fire she was so hot, then it hit her that the reason she was so hot was because two naked bodies were curled up tight against hers. She was staring straight into Paul’s eyes so it was Duke that was behind her. Trisha felt her body grow even hotter and knew that she was blushing from head to toe from embarrassment.

“Don’t be embarrassed now Trisha, it’s a little late for that don’t you think,” Paul commented before kissing her good morning.

“Mmm…all that wiggling your doing is making me horny as hell dear,” Duke whispered in her ear.

Trisha knew that he was speaking the truth as the evidence of his desire was pressing hard into the cheek of her ass, while Paul’s cock was pressing hard into her stomach. “Guess it is a little late to be remiss about what took place last night isn’t it,” she commented.

She was trying to cool down their ardor before she got lost in the moment again. “Look guys I’m not even going to try to pretend that I didn’t enjoy last night, you both know that would be a lie anyway. Needless to say that was a first for me and I will admit that I enjoyed it very much. However, I never have been a woman who will sleep with someone just for the sake of having sex with them,” she was stuttering the last few words out as Duke let his hand wander down to her pussy. His finger entered her and began a nice slow finger fuck.

“Shhh….Trisha and let us make love to you again, we will talk later I promise,” Paul said as he lowered his mouth to her nipple and began sucking to her delight. Her nipples were her downfall and she just let herself get lost to the wonderful feelings of pleasure they were both giving her.

An hour later she was standing in Paul’s shower trying to figure out how all this came about. They had made love to her again before allowing her to use the restroom and take a shower. Paul had given her a robe to put on after her shower and told her to join them in sitting room of his suite when she was ready.

At some point one of them must have came into the bathroom because they had left her a new toothbrush and toothpaste on the sink. She looked for her clothes but couldn’t find them. She was positive the men had undressed her in the bedroom but her clothes were no where to be found. She had no choice but to join them while wearing nothing but the robe.

Paul had ordered room service while she was showering. There were scrambled eggs, ham and bacon, toast and muffins spread out on the table when she came into the room. She noticed that both men’s hair were wet, and both of them were clean shaven as well. They must have used the shower in Dukes room to freshen up while she was using Paul’s.

Duke came up to her and offered her a steaming cup of hot coffee, already sugared and flavored with a vanilla creamer they knew she liked from all their nights working late. Both men had on a pair of slacks, both barefooted and shirtless.

“Come sit down by me Trisha and we will have that talk you wanted,” Paul said motioning to a spot beside him on the long couch.

“Ok, but I want a promise from you first that you won’t touch me while were talking, I can’t think straight when you two touch me.”

Both men laughed but agreed that they would keep their hands to themselves for the time being.

“I meant what I said earlier, I did enjoy myself last night, you two are fantastic lovers. I will never forget the passion we shared, nor will I ever regret doing it. But as I said before I have never been one to just jump into bed with someone just for the sake of a few hours of pleasure. I’m trying to convince myself that it was the wine we drank, otherwise I’m sure I would have at least resisted a little at some point,” she told them smiling.

“Christ do you two have any idea how hard it’s going to be for me to work with you after last night?”

“Why should that make a difference Trisha, we’ll all work together during the day and at night we’ll make love to you,” Paul said winking at her.

“Look, I couldn’t handle being with you two every night until your time here was over and then you moved on to some other place. Believe me I was thinking about it in the shower, telling myself that I should just enjoy the moment and to hell with the time when you two left.”

“Do you think that now we have found you that we would give up so easily and let you walk out of our lives this easily Trisha,” Paul told her.

“You’re the perfect woman for us Trisha, you fill both our desires and needs and we fill your desires and needs. Do you really think that we would just walk away from you when our time here was up,” Duke said?

“What are you saying, I don’t understand what you mean,” she asked.

“We’re saying that when the time comes to move on to another job that you would be going with us, we won’t leave here without you Trisha, not now that we have finally found you. Neither of us would give you up without fighting for you, even if it meant that we had to play unfair and just keep you in a constant state of arousal to get our way,” Paul said jokingly.

“What happens if one of you find someone you want to marry,” she asked them?

“I have every intention of marrying you Trisha, no matter how long it takes me to convince you that I love you,” Paul told her.

Now she was really stuttering that statement put her in a total state of shock. “What if Duke finds the right woman and gets married, then what?”

“I’m not the marrying kind Trisha. Even if she were like you it wouldn’t be the same for me. I would not get aroused watching my wife with another man even if he watched us together, it just would not be the same for me. Having Paul watch as I pleasure you is my turn on. Knowing that he wants to take you after I have had you is what turns us both on. I love watching him with you after I have been inside you, fucking you, making you cum, hearing your moans of pleasure as he takes you, that is our turn on Trisha.”

“Watching Duke make love to you, filling you with his cock, spilling his seed inside you, making you moan in pleasure is what keeps me hard Trisha. The more we fuck you the more turned on we become, each feeding off the others desires and needs. Don’t get us wrong dear we have tried this a few times with other women but it wasn’t the same for either of us. Neither of us getting anything more from it than a sexual release.”

“That’s right Trisha, we couldn’t wait to get the lady in a cab and on her way home. It’s different when your in love with the woman, when you both care about her. Paul has been in love with you for months we have both been going crazy with desire for you trying to figure out a way to be with you without scaring you off. You have filled both our hidden hungers Trisha, and we have filled the hunger you have inside of you as well,” Duke said moving close beside her as he slipped his hand inside the opening of her robe to clasp a breast.

Duke parted the robe lifting a breast out and up to Paul’s waiting mouth. At the first touch of his mouth against her breast Trisha gave in to her desires. For the rest of that weekend the men made love to Trisha. None of them went to work that Monday, still full of desire for each other. Trisha’s body was not used to so much sexual attention, her clit was sore and she was weak from all their sexual play over the course of those first four days.

That was two years ago, six months after that weekend Paul married Trisha. The three of them spent their honeymoon on one of those private islands that cater to the rich and famous. Trisha was pretty sure she one of very few women who had two men making love to her on her honeymoon instead of just the hubby.

She was wrapped in her sleeping husbands arms, Duke had left their room earlier after the men had spent the past four hours making love to Trisha. The last thing she remembered before drifting off into peaceful slumber was just how much they filled the hidden hungers inside all of them.

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