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Her Last Cherry

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* Chapter 1 *

Jenna and I had been seeing one another for a few months and I couldn’t be happier. She is bright and thoughtful and she has a genuine concern for the well being of others. She wants to help make this world to a better place, and is studying to be a counselor for those who have fallen on hard times. She has a pretty face with bright blue eyes, long blond-brownish hair, wears glasses, and is around five-feet-four inches tall, a few inches shorter that I. She’s a bright, normal woman. A very special bright, normal woman.

Because we both have other obligations and busy life-styles, we live in separate residences and see one-another only two or three-times a week. But when we do get together, we make up for lost time.

The best thing about Jenna, as far as I am concerned, is that she is so sexual, and oh so sexy. She would say, if asked, that she was “overweight,” but to a man who’s mouth gets dry and who’s dick gets hard just thinking about the jiggle of ample silky feminine ass-cheeks and the wobble of mouth-watering 40C tits, her weight is perfect.

The sexiest thing about Jenna is, however, her mind. She loves to write erotic stories and to describe in detail her sexual fantasies.

Her stories reveal plenty about Jenna, how she adores sucking a rigid dick till her mouth fills with cum, slurping and swallowing to the last drop, licking the cock clean; how she gets off by displaying her succulent 40Cs, cupping them, her nipples like silver-dollar-sized sombreros, strawberry red, feeding them to her man so he can happily suck and nibble while she fondles his balls and strokes his throbbing shaft. She loves writing about the pleasures of being fucked, a hard cock ramming up her smooth, clean-shaven (bald as a baby’s bottom) wet pussy, faster and faster.

Jenna enjoys showing her stories to me, usually in an innocent way, as though she doesn’t realize that I simply have to fuck her after reading each one. “Uh here, honey, would you check this over? I’m not sure if it’s any good,” she’ll say.

“Oh sure,” I’ll answer, and my cock will be stiff by the time I get to the second paragraph, with her sitting by, watching me, the hint of a devilish smile on her face. Sometimes she likes to suck me off while I read one of her stories aloud, a guarantee that that she’ll soon get a mouthful of cum.

But until we met, Jenna had never experienced the joys of anal sex. She had endured a couple of inept attempts by her ex-husband to ream her ass and, though she often fantasized and enjoyed talking about being ass-fucked, she was understandably gun-shy. I would often finger-fuck her anus while doggie-fucking her, using her pussy juices for lubrication, telling her how much I’d love to shove my cock up her sexy ass and she would respond “Mm, that feels good Jim, but not yet, not yet.” And I didn’t push it. I wanted her to be ready.

Then, one day, she presented me with her latest story, one where she finally feels a man’s cock filling her “virgin ass.” We were sitting on her couch at the time and, upon finishing her very X-rated little tale, the only thing I could do was give her a long kiss and say, “get your clothes off, hurry.”

“OK Honey,” she said, grinning, and we both undressed and she turned face down on the couch and raised her gorgeous ass, her big trembling tits swinging, the nipples stiff and dragging on the cushions.

I stood, one foot on the floor, one on the couch and directed the swollen knob of my stiff cock to separate the lips of the pretty glistening hairless pussy, peeking from below the crack of her ass and began to shove it in. Her cunt was, as always, juicy and receptive.

“I loved your story, Jenna,” I strongly gripped her hips and rocked them towards me as I began to steadily thrust the glistening shaft up her lovely slick silky pussy, her juices already dripping, coating my balls” I spanked her ass-cheeks, leaving hand-prints on each milky white bun, “and I am strongly tempted to fuck you up the ass right now…”

“Oh yes, fuck me Jim, fuck me, fuck my ass, spank me, spank me, ” Jenna responded,

“But, ahhh, I have a better idea,” my lust accelerating, “I’ll tell you after I’m done, done ramming, ramming my cock up your cunt, your beautiful dripping cunt.”

“OK Jim, OK Jim, fuck me, fuck me, keep shoving your stiff cock up my wet cunt and fuck me.”

“That’s what I’m doing Jenna, I fucking you, oh I do love to watch your tits jiggle when I fuck you, your ass jiggle when I spank you. Are you my little slut Jenna, are you my little slut?”

“Oh yes Jim,” she shrieked, “you know I’m your slut, you know I’m your slut.”

And each time I drove my cock up her juicy cunt, my thighs smacked her gorgeous spanking-red bun. And her pussy began to make squishy, sucking noises,

“That’s it Jim, spank me, spank me, fuck me fuck me, oh, I can feel your balls bouncing off my pussy, fuck me fuck me, spank me, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she screamed.

“Cum you slut, here slut take my stiff cock up your cunt and cum,” I continued to pump her pussy, spanking her flaming ass, my balls swelling with cum, ready to explode up her cunt.

“I’m cumming for you Jim, I’m cumming…”

“Me too Jenna,” I cried, “me too, I’m shooting all my cum up your pussy, up your dripping hot pussy.”

“Oh yes Jim, I want your cum your hot cum, shoot it up my pussy.” I reached down to grab a handful of her long hair and pulled hard, causing her back to arch and her ass to jam against my cock and Jenny got her wish as my cock shot hot cum up her already dripping cunt, my ass muscles clenching and unclenching, my balls banging on the bottom of her soft, dripping cunt with each spasm…

We lay in one another’s arms until our senses returned, until our hearts ceased to thump, and we kissed. I loved the feel of her soft flesh, her generous boobs pressing against my chest. I began to fondle her tits slowly squeezing the nipples. She started to stroke my soft cock, sticky with cum and pussy juice, causing it to begin to stir.

“So,” she asked, snuggling in my arms, kissing my cheek, “tell me about this ‘better idea’ of yours.”

“Hm, what idea is that,” I teased.

“The one about fucking my ass, silly.”

* Chapter 2 *

“Oh, that” I finally answered, reaching down to finger-fuck her slick and sticky pussy, as she spread her smooth thighs to make it easier, “I was just thinking that the moment you break that last cherry should be a memorable one. One you will always cherish and remember.

“Mm,” she said, still milking my dick with her practiced fingers, cupping and caressing my balls with her other soft hand, “I’m sure I will cherish it, and I know I will never forget it. But c’mon Jim. What’s the plan, huh?” She was grinning in anticipation.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said, “sit on my cock and take it for a little ride and I’ll tell you.”

“Oh goody,” she answered, planting another kiss on my cheek, “What a nice way to listen to someone’s plans,” and she raised up, still gripping my stiff rod, straddled my thighs and ran the bulging head of my cock back and forth in the crack of her velvety wet, bare, swollen pussy lips a few times. She then inched her ass down until the bulb was firmly gripped between the crack. I then watched the glistening pink cunt-lips of her naked pussy part and swallow the shaft as she suddenly sat. And then she slowly began to undulate her ass, up and down, around and around…

I grabbed hold of her gyrating hips and tried to concentrate, no small feat with those gorgeous tits dancing, wobbling before my eyes and her smooth cunt-lips swallowing and sucking my rigid shaft. “The next time I’m coming over is next Tuesday, right?” I said.

“Mm, next Tuesday,” she murmured, her eyes half-closed, her ass still pumping, her pussy still sliding up and down my pole. ”

“And then, I’ll be back again next Friday…”

“Right, right,” she breathed in response, pumping, pumping…

“Well, pretty girl, mm, this, this is what I want you to do. Between now and then I want you to think about next Friday. I want you to, to savor in your mind that you are finally going to be fucked, mm, I love the way you ride my cock, that you Jenna are going to be fucked, fucked up that nice round succulent tight ass of yours. You are going to have this stiff cock that’s up your cunt now, mm, yes, it’s, it’s going to be shoved up that ass and it’s going to be done right, OK? On Friday, one week from today.”

“Your cock up, up my ass…done right,” she replied, picking up her pumping-rhythm a little, her generous jugs wobbling along, “Wait…” She suddenly realized what I had said, opening her eyes wide, “Next Friday? Why not Tuesday? Why not now?”

“And,” I ignored her question, “between now and Tuesday. I want you to pick up a jar of KY gel.”

“Um…you mean for my ass-hole I guess,” She batted her lashes innocently down at me, “can’t you just use my pussy juices honey? Just soak your cock up my cunt and then shove it up my ass? And why can’t you just fuck my ass now, like in my story?”

“Well, maybe I could, but for your first time we’d better be sure. I want to be sure you’re very, very ready. I want you to have some time to think about it, to relish, to anticipate it.”

“Well, I guess, if you say so” she said, dubiously “but why do I need the jar Tuesday if you’re not going to fuck my ass until Friday?”

“I just want to see it there, and I want you to know it’s there and what it’s for. It’s for you to think about, for both of us to think about. By Friday we’ll both be more than ready, mentally ready. Tuesday we’ll talk more about it.”

“Well why don’t you just bring a jar with you? Why do I have to do it?” she asked with a mock-pout, still sliding up and down my cock.

“Jenna, sweetie, I want you to take a little action in this endeavor. It might help clear away any residual fear. If you want me to ass-fuck you, it might help if you do one or two things to prove it. To, uh, boy is your pussy wet, listen, you can hear it suck my cock, uh…what was I saying…oh, when you buy the, the jar honey, you can tell yourself, ‘this is to help Jim to fuck me up the ass. I’ll cover his stiff-dick with it and he’ll stick a little gob in my asshole, and then he’ll fill my tight ass with his hard cock’…does, does that make sense Jenna?”

She closed her eyes again and began to slide her juicy cunt up and down my cock with more speed. “I guess so”, she answered, a dreamy smile on her face.

“So what are you going to think about this coming week,” I asked.

“Mm, your big thick stiff cock ramming up my tight ass,” she answered, her speech becoming more breathy, her tits bouncing and bobbing more wildly as her fucking-pace picked up even more, her wet cunt making louder and louder squishy sucking sounds, her juices covering my balls, my thighs.

“Tell me again,” I said, reaching up to tweak and stretch her nipples.

“Oh Jim, your big stiff cock up my tight ass, your cock up my ass, up my ass, your cock ramming my ass, ramming my ass, your balls bouncing, your cock my ass, up my ass, driving, ramming, Oh Jim I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming…” Her ass quivered several times and her pace slowed and she finally fell in my arms.

Jenna rested squarely on my chest for several minutes, her smooth sticky-wet thighs still straddling my hips, my cock still stiff up her pulsating pussy. “Mm,” I could feel her warm breath on my ear as she finally spoke. She wiggled her ass a little; “You didn’t cum.”

I stroked her hair, which was damp from her exertions. “Not yet,” I answered.” I kissed her forehead.

“Oh, I know why,” she squealed like a little girl ready for dessert, and raised her head to look into my eyes, a devilish grin on her face, “you knew that I was thirsty for a load of your yummy cum.”

She licked her lips and began to slide her body down mine, releasing my cock from her cunt, little kisses traveling from my throat to my hairy chest down my stomach until I could feel her warm breath on my rigid cock.

“Uh, yeah honey,” I choked out the little white lie, “I remembered you haven’t swallowed any cum today.”

“Aren’t you sweet,” she answered.

I lay in supreme bliss as I felt Jenna swallow first one cum-coated, pussy-juice-covered hairy-ball, and then the other, as she pumped my rigid-shaft with a soft hand. I moaned as she began to lick the shaft as though it were an ice-cream cone and then as she moved her lips to the bloated head of my cock and licked the pee-hole. And then she began to swallow the shaft. Her warm wet mouth moved to take in more of the stiff rod, inch by inch, until it was deep in her throat, her lips wrapped just above my balls. Then, while caressing my balls with one sweet, soft hand, she began to suck me off, moving her mouth up and down, up and down, milking my cock with her mouth, her lips.

“Oh, Jenna,” I moaned, “that’s it, suck my cock, suck my stiff dick with those lips of yours, your mouth, your lips, suck it honey, suck it suck it suck it… ” Though my eyes were half-closed, I could feel her eyes arched up to watch my face while she sucked and milked my cock, taking joy in the effect she was having. “Suck my dick suck my cock, Jenna Jenna you are my slut, the best slut, the best cocksucker, the best, suck it suck it I’m cumming Jenna, I’m cumming I’m cumming,” and I clutched her head and began to unload my balls and squirt cum in her mouth, fucking her mouth with each spasm, squirting, squirting squirting…”

I lay there on cloud nine, while Jenna moved back up my body and gazed into my barely opened eyes, licking her lips. A small trickle of cum was trailing down her chin. She leaned down and kissed me deeply, her cum-coated tongue filling my mouth. She then rolled off to my side and we moved into one-another’s arms and fell deeply and contentedly asleep.

* Chapter 3 *

I don’t really deserve Jenna. No, I guess I mean I don’t really deserve or expect to have her “forever,” as they say. Things are pretty great for now, but a twenty-year gap is too much for the long term. I want her, eventually, to team up with a man closer to her own age, someone who can appreciate her, while I step aside, grateful for the time we had together. I’ve been around long enough to learn that things change and romances seldom last forever and, even, that one can love more than one person at one time. So I’m keeping my eye out for someone, someone deserving, for when that time comes; that is, if Jenna doesn’t meet him of her own accord. But please don’t tell her I spoke of this.

She can be such an imp, such a tease. We were sitting in this little restaurant the following Tuesday and she had that look on her face, the mischievous one. “OK,” I finally asked, “what’s going on?”

Jenna, from her seat across the table from me, wearing a soft, pale-blue v-neck sweater with just a hint of cleavage, and a pair of jeans, offered her most innocent expression and replied, “What, honey? Nothing’s going on, honest.” She had placed a bare foot on my seat, between my legs, and was rubbing my cock with it, but that was her normal habit. My cock was usually kept at least semi-hard when we were together, even in public, by her clever little covert strokes and squeezes, so that wasn’t the cause of my suspicions. It was the twinkling coming from those baby-blues that made me wonder.

“Are you sure you’re not up to something,” I repeated my question while driving back to her place.

“You are so suspicious,” she answered in a mock-scold tone, squeezing my cock for emphasis

Later, we entered her house and Jenna sashayed over to an end table and she picked up something. She raised it so I could see it. It was a very large jar of KY gel. “Are you satisfied,” she said, a tiny smile on her lips.

She then took my hand, led me to the couch gave me a wet kiss, and pushed me back so I had to sit. She turned on her stereo, which was tuned to a soft rock station. She turned up the bass; the steady beat permeating the house. And she began to strip, every little move to the rhythm of the music. Now this was a little unusual. This must be what I sensed she was scheming about. She had always undressed for me while I watched, but she had never actually made a production of it. Even with our history of pretty uninhibited sex, she still had a shy side to her. So I was a pleasantly surprised.

Well, I was going to sit back and enjoy. Grinning, dancing, she watched my face, her cheeks reddening. She pulled the sweater over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her generous tits, her nipples barely covered by a lacy white bra.

“Am I your slut, Jim,” she asked, still smiling.

“Yes, Jenna, you are my slut.” I unzipped my jeans, took out my stiffening cock and began to stroke it.

Next came her jeans and for this she turned her back to me and bent straight down, swinging her ass, as she shoved her pants to the floor. Her creamy ass cheeks were fully revealed by the thigh high bikini white-lace panties. She stepped out of the jeans and turned to face me. She bent forward, unhooked her bra, freed her jugs and slapped the side of first one and then the other, causing them to wobble and swing, as they dangled in front of me.

“Oh Jenna. I am going to fuck you so hard…” My cock was in full throb.

She laughed and turned her back to me again, rolled her panties down, stepped out of them and, bending forward, her knees locked and legs spread in a vee, presented her bare ass to me. She then arched her back and reached behind and caressed her buns and then spanked herself, first one cheek and then the other, to the beat of the music, causing each milky globe to jiggle lewdly. Her pink bare pussy lips, already glistening wet, peeked lewdly and invitingly from between her thighs.

She then gripped both buns and separated them, revealing a pretty little pink puckered asshole. Then she turned to face me, grinning, and cupped her beautiful boobs, her succulent strawberry nipples stiffened with lust. She placed a nipple in her mouth and sucked. She then did the same with the other tit, her eyes locked on mine all the time.

“You’re blushing,” I teased, as she approached me, straddling my lap, her tits cupped in a delightful offering. I began to suck one then the other, nibbling lovely nipples.

“Well, I’ve never done anything like that before,” she answered with a giggle, while gently beginning to pump my shaft. Did you like it?”

Mm hm,” I answered, my mouth full of tit. I reached to finger her silky bare slick pussy. “Your cunt sure is juicy, Jenna. It sure seems hungry.”

“Then why don’t you feed this big ole cock to it, silly,” using her Shirley Temple, little girl imitation, squeezing my shaft for emphasis.

“Deal,” I agreed and pushed her up so I could stand and begin to undress.

“Fuck me in the bedroom, OK?” she said, that impish smile on her face again, “just give me a couple of minutes and come on in.” She went scurrying to the bedroom, her ass-cheeks quivering all the way, her breasts bobbing.

“Are you ready,” I asked, from outside the bedroom door. I could hear a faint buzzing sound coming from the room. I walked in, stiff rod in one hand, and there she was, posed in the doggy-style position, toes dangling off the side of the bed and with one hand she was working a vibrater up her ass. My cock jumped at the sight.

“See honey,” she said, “I’ve been training my ass for your cock. I’ve got it in almost all the way. Take it out for me, OK…and you can fuck my ass, I know you can. Aren’t you proud of me? We don’t have to wait ’til Friday.”

So that’s what this was all about. Jenna was trying to get me to change my mind about waiting..

“Oh, I’m proud alright,” I answered, as I approached her, firmly gripping her hips, and with one thrust I shoved my stiff cock up her cunt. “Let me play with this for awhile.” I then took charge of the vibrater, moving it in and out of her ass while steadily pumping my cock up her warm, wet pussy. My thighs slapping her ass with each thrust, “Do you like this, slut, my cock up your pussy and a vibrater up your ass?”

“Oh yes, Jim, I love it. But I want your stiff cock up my ass, please fuck my ass.”

“When did I say I was going to fuck your ass?”

“I know, you said Friday…but, but what’s wrong with now?” She was humping her cunt back on my cock as I continued to ram it in.

I pulled the vibrater from her ass-hole, tossed it aside and began to spank her white buns, while picking up the speed of the thrusts, my cock ramming up her cunt, driving to the beat of the music, thump, thump, thump, pump, pump, pump, “Because I planned on Friday to fuck your ass,” I replied, spanking, fucking, spanking, fucking, driving my stiff rod up her juicy pussy, still harder, faster, her ass changing from white to rosy to flaming red. “Are you going to be a good slut and wait till Friday?”

“OK, Jim, OK. I’ll be a good slut, spank me Jim, spank me. And Fuck me, fuck my wet cunt with you stiff cock, fuck me, spank me, fuck me…”

“I’m fucking you, slut. And I’m spanking your fuckable ass, the ass I’m going to fuck Friday…and you’d better cum, you’d better cum all over my cock, you’d better soak my balls with your cum…” And I continued to spank and fuck Jenna, riding her ass like a jockey at a race track, pumping, pumping, spanking, spanking, “You’d better cum because I’m about to shoot cum up your cunt you, hot juicy little slut…”

“That’s it Jim, fuck your slut…I’m cumming Jim, I’m cumming for you, shoot your hot cum up my pussy Jim I’m cumming, your slut is cumming…

“I’m cumming too Jenna, I’m cumming too…right up your wet pussy, I’m cumming…”

I pulled her hips tighter to my groin, and began to spurt cum up her pussy, my ass jerking, clenching, while I rammed my rod deeper up her cunt with each squirt of cum…

“You are so mean,” Jenna, later, pouted as we lay in one another’s’ arms. “Why do I have to wait till Friday for you to fuck my ass?” She was, of course, toying with my cock as she spoke.

“Because that’s the plan,” I answered. “Now let’s get a little sleep, OK? I’ve had a long day. And you have too.”

“Are you going to fuck me when we wake up,” she asked, kissing my cheek, still fondling my half-erect rod.

“If you’re a good little slut.” I replied.

“Mm,” she answered, in her little-girl voice, snuggling closer, “I’m your good little slut,” and we both dozed off.

When I awoke, my rod was stiff and deep in Jenna’s warm and wet throat, being milked and sucked with enthusiasm. She is a good little slut. A naughty slut, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

The next guy who gets her has no idea, yet, what it means to be supremely lucky. I envy him already.

* Chapter 4 *

Friday finally came and I awoke at home with a stiff hard-on, anticipating seeing Jenna later for her big night (our big night actually) and my cock remained at least semi-erect most of the day. I arrived around seven P.M., carrying a cam-cord and it’s stand, rapped on the door and turned the knob. The door opened there before me stood Jenna, wearing nothing but a grin and a pair of open toed very tall heels. I had see Jenna naked many times, but to have her suddenly appear like that, all nipples and pussy and ass and soft female flesh, accented by heels and painted toenails and fingernails and red lips and the most marvelous scent, whew. Luckily, I have a strong heart.

“Hey there,” I managed to say, setting down the equipment, “talk about sexy, talk about beautiful…” and I moved to embrace her. We kissed while I caressed her bare tits and cupped the silky cheeks of her ass and ran a hand over her smooth pussy. It was dripping wet. “Naughty girl,” I commented, “your cunt is extra juicy tonight. What have you been thinking about today?”

“You know,” she giggled, reaching to unzip my jeans, “I’ve been thinking about this cock up my ass. You’ve made me wait for it long enough, you old meanie.”

I stopped her before she could take out my cock, “Just a second honey, I’ve got one more trip to make to the car.”

“Wait a minute,” she responded, “what’s the camera for? Are you planning to film us…”? I figured she might have a little problem with the idea, but it was a big moment. I wanted it on film.

I kissed her lightly and explained, “Of course I am. I want us to be able to watch it together in the future. And I want you to watch it when I can’t be here. And I have to have one for me to watch at home. C’mon. It’ll be for our eyes only…one copy for you, one for me. Nobody else. You always said you wanted mirrors, this’ll be even better.”

“Mm, OK,” she said, her cheeks reddening a little at the thought, “just hurry and get what you need from the car.”

I was back in an instant, carrying the light-stand for the camera and a large plastic bag, completely filled but as light as a feather. “I borrowed the equipment from a friend of mine who is into making short films. You know,” I smiled as a thought came to me, “I could have asked him to come and shoot your first ass-fuck himself. It would have been a lot more professional.”

“You wouldn’t,” Jenna’s cheeks grew crimson at the suggestion and she slugged my shoulder playfully.

“Well, I would have,” I kidded, “but he’d probably decide to join in. Hey, maybe we could try that another time, he’s a pretty nice looking guy, only a few years older than you…” I was thinking about my replacement when that day had to come.

She smiled, still blushing at the idea, but asked, “what’s in the bag?”

“You’ll see,” I answered. “Now just wait here while I set up everything in the bedroom.”

“Hurry,” she urged me, posing like a star on stage, “can’t you see there’s a naked lady here who is hot to get fucked in the ass? And I already put the KY gel on the table next to the bed.”

So I hurried. And in a few minutes I came out to get her. I scooped her up in my arms and headed for the bedroom. Jenna planted a big wet kiss on me as we entered the room, and exclaimed “Wow,” when she looked up to see the camera rolling and the bed lit up and covered with rosebuds, my little surprise in the bag. “Nice touch, hon. You are so romantic.”

I gently laid her, on her back, upon the bed, amid the petals, and moved down to lick her pussy.

“Hon,” she asked, “Aren’t you going to fuck my ass? Not that I’m complaining, but I’ve been waiting a whole week, and you can see how wet my pussy is…how hot I am for your cock up my ass…and I’ve been practicing with the vibrator.”

“Mm,” I answered, “It’ll help relax your ass if you can cum first…” And I proceeded to suck her cunt and lick her clit, while fingering her g-spot.

“Well, ooh, ooh you know I never cum, I never cum, when you, you eat my, my pu, pu, pussy…oh Jim, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and her smooth thighs gripped my head and began to quiver, her pussy gushing juices on my lips, my face.

Jenna had never been able to cum before while her pussy was being eaten, but I had hoped that the fact that she was so hot and wet in anticipation of getting ass-fucked, combined with the presence of the camera and rosebuds, might finally do the job. Thankfully, it worked.

“Now, on your hands and knees little slut,” I stood and watched her as she rolled over and assumed the position, her head down, the toes of her high heels off the edge of the mattress, her fine ass raised in the air, her pussy lips slick from her juices peeking from between her moist thighs. While standing, I placed one foot on the bed for leverage, grabbed her smooth hips and shoved my stiff cock up her wet cunt and began to pump. Then I reached for the KY gel and gathered a huge gob on my middle finger and slowly inserted into her ass.

“Mm, Jim,” Jenna muttered in a throaty voice, ” I love your cock up my pussy, and your finger feels great, but I’m ready for my ass-fuck…with your cock honey. I’m ready…”

I gripped her hips and continued to doggy fuck her, still probing her lubed ass-hole with my fingers, “Are you sure you want it,” I teased, “If your so sure, tell it to the camera.”

“Oh you bastard,” she cried, and she raised her head towards the camera, and smiled at the lens, “Fuck my ass Jim, please fuck my ass…”

I gazed down at her satin ass cheeks, red buds clinging in contrast to the milky whiteness of her skin, “OK, I guess you deserve it,” I responded, and I removed the glistening, stiff shaft from her cunt, held her ass cheeks apart, and slowly shoved in the knob, watching as her little puckered ass-hole opened and began to swallow. “How does that feel,” I asked.

“God…it feels so…good,” she gulped, “Keep going.”

“Are you sure,” I asked.

She answered by shoving her hips back, causing my cock to disappear up her ass entirely, my balls resting on her ass-cheeks. “I told you I’ve been practicing,” she said, now fuck me, please Jim, fuck my ass.”

“Pretty please?” The truth is I was about through waiting myself.

“Ooo, pretty please, pretty please,” Jenna responded, jamming her ass back on my cock.

I proceeded to slowly withdraw and shove in my cock, her ass squeezing, milking, and I became lost in total lust, only aware of Jenna’s ass and my cock and the sounds of her begging for more, of the sounds of my thighs slapping her ass-cheeks my balls bouncing with each thrust, as I picked up speed. We both serenaded one another with grunts and squeals of pleasure for about 5 minutes when Jenna shrieked out to me.

“I’m going to cum, Jim, oh god, I’m going to cum…”

“Then cum Jenna, cum, cum with my cock fucking your ass,” I had never been so turned on in my life, “I’m cumming too,” I yelled, “I’m cumming up your ass…”

And we bucked and bounced against one another as Jenna came and I came and my hips had a mind of their own as they drove my cock harder with each spurt of cum until at last I fell on Jenna and the only noise in the room was the sound of our breathing and the hum of the camera.

I lay that way without a thought, breathing on the back of her neck, my cock softening in her ass, feeling her soft, smooth body beneath me and listening to her contented breathing. Finally she turned her head up to face me and we kissed.

“I liked that,” she said softly, “I liked that very much.”

“I’m glad,” I answered.

She wiggled her ass and my cock slipped from its depths. “Oh,” she mewed, making a mock pout, and in her Shirley Temple voice, “I’ll just have to get it hard again. I haven’t been waiting all week to get fucked up the ass just one time. And, mm, Jimmy I’ve been so naughty, letting you fuck my ass, so this time maybe you’d better spank me too. Let’s wash off your cock so I can suck it up nice and stiff. Aren’t you glad I’m your slut, Jim?”

And I smiled. She knew I was glad. So I was soon ass-fucking her again, spanking her buns crimson this time. And I kept the camera rolling.

A few weeks later, one Saturday, Jenna and I had planned to go out to a movie. I stopped by and she greeted me wearing a big terry bathrobe, her hair a little wet,

“I’m sorry Jim, I’m not quite ready. Just have a seat in the living room. Oh, by the way, there’s a story I just wrote by the easy chair. Read it and tell me what you think, OK?”

She disappeared towards the bathroom and I proceeded to the living room and sat in the easy chair and grabbed the stapled sheets of paper from the end table. I instantly became lost in another one of her fantasies while unconsciously reaching in my pants to adjust my cock, which had stiffened from reading her words.

The story was one about something we had kidded about but never elaborated on because she didn’t seem all that interested. It was a tale of Jenna and me and another man, a friend of mine who owned a cam cord; and of Jenna, happily with one cock up her cunt, doggy style, and another in her mouth. And her being ass-fucked and pussy fucked at the same time. And of Jenna fondling and sucking our cocks after each bout, making them nice and hard for another round…

My attention was pulled away from the story by the sounds of Jenna giggling. I looked over to the couch, and there she was totally naked, on her hands and knees, swinging her tits, wiggling her ass.

“You didn’t want to go to a movie anyway, did you,” she grinned, reaching around and running a palm over her smooth ass cheeks for emphasis.

“Oh Jenna you naughty slut,” I answered, tearing off my clothes, “I am going to fuck you so hard, I am going to fuck your cunt, and I’m going to spank your ass and I am going to fuck your ass…”

“Well why do you think I gave you that story to read, silly,” she laughed.

But wait. That leads up to another story, for another day. That is, if you’re interested.

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